Home!  Just six months away!  Refuel!  Bella Gelateria!  A backyard for the dogs!  My own bed!  My home theater room!  Yep.  2012 is gonna be sweet!


Yet another Toronto weekend segueing into yet another week in Toronto.

Please keep posting your baby name suggestions for the Name Trevor’s Baby contest.  I narrow down the list to the three finalists this week and then the voting begins.  Our assistant is understandably uncertain about the whole contest so let’s put his mind at ease by offering up a name that would’ve made Moon Unit Zappa’s parents proud!

A quickie reminder to pick up/read/finish up July’s Book of the Month Club pick: Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire.  It’s a more-than-manageable trade paperback, the first volume of a terrific and unique series, so make the effort!  Author Jeff Lemire will be joining us the week of July 4th to field your questions.

Some news of note…

Next time you’re at your favorite burger joint and a customer says “This burger tastes like crap!”, he may be right: http://gothamist.com/2011/06/16/video_japanese_scientist_makes_and.php

13 quease-inducing dishes I would even hesitate to sample: http://www.cnngo.com/bangkok/eat/thailands-13-most-repulsive-dishes-242509

From the gang at Cracked.com, If Everything In Life Listed Side Effects: http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_215_if-everything-in-life-listed-side-effects/

Even people from Toronto complain about Toronto.  And with good reason: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/torontos-war-on-fun.html

Steve Eramo’s latest interview with Colin Cunningham (Stargate’s Major Davis): http://www.themortonreport.com/entertainment/television/mr-opportunist-interview-with-falling-skies-colin-cunningham/


DP writes: “How do you know the guy who parked half on the street is an -sshole?”

Answer: Yes, it’s possible he was rushing to deliver his pregnant wife to the emergency ward before she gave birth – mistaking a convenience store for a hospital.

dasndanger writes: “Quick question, I know you’re not a big drinker, but have you ever been a smoker?”

Answer: Nope.

Lewis writes: “What did Carl say when he found out that Rachel Skarsten was cast as Delia?”

Answer: He was delighted because, of course, he worked with her when she was just a kid.  When I told Rachel that Carl was involved in the show, she was equally delighted – but her mother especially so.  Carl, that old charmer.

34 thoughts on “June 26, 2011: Yet another entry.

  1. Home for how long though? Assuming The Transporter is a ratings success there will be season 2 or is this sort of an announcement you won’t be along for season 2? Or you are just going back for “vacation”?

  2. Speaking of the ratings for Season 2 of Transporter to happen, I have no clue what the expectations for that is, and that pretty much makes me sad, especially if I love the show, I don’t want another SGU event where a good solid show dies.

    If i was to guess, I would say 1 – 2 million would do it? Other HBO shows seem to get this, or a little over and get renewed.

  3. Opps, slight error there, Joe I’m guessing if Transporter gets over 2 million viewers it’l get renewed? Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones certainly did.

  4. Poop Burgers that are 10 to 20 times more expensive than normal burgers? Well forget it then! I’m not paying more for a burger in this economy. I’ll stick to the dollar menu. Wonder if he needs more of that active ingredient? I could send him some. Seriously, I think this guy has poop for brains.

  5. So getting back to the baby names, I have a funny story some might already know. I was born on St. Patrick’s Day and I was told that having me named Patricia had been considered an option (and I had an aunt by that name). However, my mother decided to call me Hilda. Her uncle’s wife was named Hilda. I hated my name; still don’t like it. My husband refuses to call me “Hilda”; prefers to call me other things. But since having a child with autism, I realized that the meaning of my name fit me: It means “Battle Maiden.” It was also a category 4 hurricane the year I was born and they retired the name. Growing up, there was a comic called Broom Hilda, so I would be called Broom Hilda or Hurricane Hilda, etc. The first initial of my maiden name was C, so in high school, some clever person took my first two initials of my first name, Hi and the first initial of my last name: C. Remember the fruity drink called Hi-C? The commercial that went along with it during those years said, “Hi-C, it’s good fun.” Yeah, they were a real comedian.

    I insist that Patrick not be called Pat, because I remember that Saturday Night Live “It’s Pat!” I introduce people to Patrick and I say Patrick and then they say, “Hi Pat.” I look at them like, “Excuse me, did I introduce him as “Pat.” I correct them and say, “No, not Pat, Patrick.”

    Also in trying to determine what name Patrick would be, it had to be 1) Irish (because both sides of Jeff’s family are Irish). 2) It couldn’t be a name already used. Ryan, Sean, etc. were already used. 3) When we picked a middle name, it could not form any acronym which would cause him endless teasing by peers. 4) After we took a first name, we ran through all the possible rhymes to see if there was anything that would cause him embarrassment. 5) We looked up the name’s meaning to be sure nothing could ever cause him embarrassment there.

    We were very, very serious about choosing a name for him.

  6. So, are you already planning how to get the dogs back to the west coast? And return again when the show is renewed? Never too soon to start planning after all.
    As for those links, I would guess you would be willing to try maybe 9 or 10 out of the total. Perhaps that could be a contest. Reward is bragging rights. You decide which items you cold bring yourself to try, we guess which ones. Whoever guesses the most, or all, right, wins. the other links were equally entertaining.
    Thanks for the link,s and hope that this coming week finds Toronto offering you some positive experiences.

  7. I would like to enter the names of my kids in the contest. My daughter’s name is Kyrie and my son’s name is Kyler. Hope all is well. Also, have you ordered anything form hotsauce world yet?

  8. Joey, dahling…that was not a mailbag, that was a postcard. 😉

    So, what’s this about going home in 2012? Is your gig up with Transporter then?


  9. Dining on red herring tonight? 😀

    Baby names: How about Trent for a boy or Trina if it’s a girl?

    Had a great birthday today. Friends, family, phone calls… Lunch at Puccini’s (modest, but good) and dinner on the grill at home. Chicken marinated in herb and garlic seasoning, and red potatoes in olive oil, rosemary, and garlic. Yum!

  10. 1. I will never eat anything from Thailand. 😛

    2. Joe, here’s a mirror, better start eating that frozen pizza. 😉

    3. I will never eat anything from Japan. 😛


  11. Boy: Michael Boone
    Girl: Grace Elizabeth

    I googled “best name ever” and it was no help at all. Information age my foot.

  12. Yikes! Sounds like you’ll never be pried loose from Vancouver ever again no matter what happens with Transporter.

    I know how you feel about the segueing. Woodland Hills itself isn’t awful, but I’m not anywhere near the hills of home. I can’t even see them. And knowing that the rest of whatever career I have will be there is utterly depressing. I can’t even find a store to buy lotto tickets and dream. A small mercy is the mall with the AMC theaters within walking distance. I’ll eventually stop whining, but it’s going to take awhile.

    Baby names:

    Boy: Micah
    Girl: Molly

    May the traffic gods be with you this week.

  13. Bonjour :)!! Comment allez vous Joseph? 🙂 Moi super j’ai passé un très bon week end!! J’ai mangé pleins de bonne choses, et il a fait un temps magnifique!

    Alors pour le prénom:
    Garçon: Gabriel
    Fille: Rachel

    Et vous, si vous aviez des enfants comment vous les auriez appelés?

    Bonne semaine!
    Gros bisou!

  14. Hi Mr M!

    Well, after years of watching the Maestro in action, I have finally taken the plunge! I have joined WordPress and set up a blog…due in no small part to the excellent blog you have here Mr M!

    You can check out the pre-blog blog at:


    Hope to get started (in earnest) this Friday.

    Thanks again for the inspiration!


    PS: Package is on its way tomorrow!!

  15. After watchng a movie in my friend’s new house (with movie room), I can understand why you want to go home. Movie rooms are cool! I hate to clean house and I don’t like having strangers come in. So I’ll probably never have a movie room.

    Happy Birthday for the love of Beckett!

    I’ll be sure to check out your blog Shirt n’Tie!

    Baby names: I still think the coolnest name for a girl is “Stormy”. I would loved to have been named that but I’m stuck with Tammy. No flair, no dazzle and dripping with Southern flavor 🙁 .

    PBmom: love your name sotry Hilda!

  16. Sorry for spelling errors, this new blog format is screwy. All the boxes (guest, login, etc.) superimpose themselves over my print.

  17. “Mailbag:

    DP writes: “How do you know the guy who parked half on the street is an -sshole?”

    Answer: Yes, it’s possible he was rushing to deliver his pregnant wife to the emergency ward before she gave birth – mistaking a convenience store for a hospital.”

    It’s these sort of comments that I come to this blog for. Very funny answer! 🙂

  18. I got some names for ya…
    Chondrichthyes (“Chondi”)
    Escherichia (“Esher”)
    Or just name it Win.
    (…middle name Ing, of course)

  19. Hey Joe!
    If it’s going to be a girl I’d suggsest Michelle or Emma,
    but if it’s a boy then Michael or Joseph!


  20. Good luck to Shirt’n’Tie on the blog! Was hoping you’d start one so I could keep up w/ you. (Am not on Twitter every day.) Glad to hear that you’re practicing again.

    Thanks to Ponytail, PBMom, Tam Dixon, and Deni for the good wishes. Admitting to having a birthday makes them a lot more fun. 🙂

  21. @for the love of Beckett,, Happy Birthday to you!
    AND Joe, 2012 is really closer than you think. Happy thoughts!!

  22. Joe I think Trevor should do what some parents are doing now-a-days. Let the kid decide. Do not name the baby. Let the baby decide what it wants to be called as it grows up. If they have to, call him “Son” or her “Daughter” (or “Hey You” for the generic version).

  23. I guess Joe would rather spend the 2012 “end of the world” fiasco in Vancouver than Toronto.

  24. I keep forgetting for the love of Beckett & profmadmax, thursday is my birthday. June is a busy month for birthdays. Hubby keeps asking me what I want to do on June 30th and I’m sure a look of confusion comes over me for a few minutes, until I remember what he is referring to. 😀

  25. Thanks for the Link Joe. Pom chop a-han Thai Mak mak ( like Thai food very much). Although there are some on that menu I would not touch. I guess some people like caviar, steak Tartar, Sushimi or that steak medium rare quite a bit so I would not be too judgmental. Satore is great stuff, love it in southern curry. I have not had the red ant larva but some really like but digging it out can be a pain, literally. Durian is a tropical fruit found through out s.e. Asia. Despite its smell I still cannot stomach it. Given a choice between that or mango on sticky rice, go with the mango! Some of those dishes are born out of some desperation of choice and others just the obtuse. As the writer states even most Thais will not eat some of that. Joe, you missed the link to the beauty contest. Things that make you go Hmmm.

  26. I just loved the label on the fridge in the lab. It passed by quickly, so I had to go back a few frames at a time… “SHIT BURGER”… I wonder what the Japanese actually says? Perhaps it loses something in translation.

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