Hey, look!  It’s the new guy!

A.K.A. writer Steve Bailie, formerly of Primeval and The Bill, presently of episode #10 of Transporter: The Series.  Steve, who hails from Jolly Olde England (“Smashing kippers, wot?”) got in yesterday and showed up armed with a slew of good ideas.  Now, all we’ve got to do is pick one.  We managed to get some spinning done on his story but, unfortunately, every time we got started one of us would get sidetracked or called away on prep-related business.  And, as we draw closer to the first day of main unit photography, those distractions are just going to keep mounting.

Paul has had his hands full prepping episode #1, attending various meetings and location scouts, while Alexander forges ahead on his second script.  For my part, I’ve been keeping equally busy what with my advanced reiki classes and try-outs for the Glee Project (Carl Binder, you’ve been served!).  Oh, also finished a significant rewrite of my second script and plan to start addressing the network notes on episode #2 as soon as I receive the last batch.  Once that’s done, I’m going to help my writing partner out by jumping on the rewrite of his script, episode #5 while he works on the rewrites for episodes #4 and #8.  Whew!

Today, in addition to eating, I also found the time to call up actor Francois Berleand in Paris to discuss the Tarconi character – and, more importantly, practice my French (Attention!  Le zebre de ma soeur est sur le toit!).

Hey, look who got a haircut!

A gentle reminder to get your picks in for the Name Trevor’s Baby Contest.  The call for entries ends tomorrow then, on Thursday, I’ll present my three favorite names for you to vote on.  Name with the most votes wins!  Today, Trevor was all like “Hey, this is a joke, right?”.  A joke?!  The nerve of the guy.

My gal Jelly has suddenly slowed down considerably over the last twenty-four hours.  At the park this morning, she was barely able to support her back end.  I’m hoping it’s just a case of her overdoing it after returning to the apartment this weekend.  Just in case, I’m scheduling her for a stem cell booster.  In the meantime, I picked up some D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) air freshener.  It’s supposed to have a calming effect on dogs.  Haven’t seen any change in them but I certainly feel super-relaxed.

Finally, Bento Breakfast is back on…

50 thoughts on “June 27, 2011: Transporter: The Series Production Update! Jelly! Bento Breakfast!

  1. Hello, Joseph!

    First, it’s nice to talk to you (it’s strange to say “talk” when we’re actually writing and readin, but let’s pretend is the same thing). I’m a Brazilian fan of your work in SG-1, SGA and SGU (a good fan of science fiction).

    As many fans, I got pretty sad when I knew about the end of SGU. It was a very good series . Puting the series’ focus on the people’s relationships and feelings was a good thing – I saw things were going to this point, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but it was really good.

    So, here is the real reason I’m really here: I didn’t think it was fair to end the SGU the way it was – I know you and the Others must have had you reasons, but fan is fan -, so I decided to write some ideas.

    What I mean is, I’m kinda writing a “third seaon” for SGU. Not profissionally, of course. Just as a fanfiction. It doesn’t have the severity and the precision that a professional’s work would have… it’s just a new way – a fan’s vision of how could have been.

    I’m here to ask you something: I don’t know how is your life and even if you have a time for yourself, but if possible, could you read what I’m writing? I’d like to have your opinion – professional one, like “it’s really good”, or “it’s not bad, but you really need to put more things to have a good work”, or even “What are you doing? You’re ruining the show’s image!”.

    I don’t care if the comments will be positive or negative. I’d just like to have them.

    It would be great if you could do it.

    Thank you for your spent time

    Leonardo Faber

    PS.: sorry if I type something wrong. I’m still getting used to write in English.

  2. All that fruit, all that oatmeal…you must be very regular! 🙂

    Hope Jelly’s okay; such a pretty girl, that one. Have a good night, sir…and happy pooping!

    (Yes, I know…I have absolutely no class at all. 😛 But just think how good that makes everyone else look! :D)


  3. Welcome to the new guy Steve.
    Sorry to hear that Jelly has difficulties. Please share news.
    Great hair cut…but I was worried about the pannini press he seemed to be sandwiched in until it became clear he was lounging.
    Love the return to the bento breakfasts…so cool.

  4. Hi Joe, sorry to hear Jelly’s not feeling well. I’ve never found the D.A.P. to make any difference with anything, either. Tried it with Flannery to supposedly relax her with thunderstorms, didn’t work. Tried it with Jake for his aggresive tendencies, oh please. Meanwhile, we’re having FUN here with 4 dogs again. Poor Gumbo’s come back with many bad habits, and it will take time to get him back on track. By the way, Elway passed the 6 month mark seizure free! That’s the very best he’s done in 6 years. 🙂 Hope all gets better for Jelly, Joe, and have a good night!

  5. Please ask Trevor to consider “Francis” in memory of two WWII heroes and good men: Francis S. Lewis (CPT, US Army Air Corps) and Francis D. “Mack” McCarroll (MAJ, USAF ret., POW 1942–1945). Respectively, my father and father-in-law.

  6. Poor Jelly girl. You are such a good dad. I hope the booster helps her.

    Welcome to Steve.

    Trevor, poor Trevor. He really does not understand how this works, indeed.

    I’ve only come up with 1 new name: Insert symbol of your choice (here): The human being formerly known as fetus.

    That sounds like a crazy, crazy schedule. You are going to need a vacation at the end of it.

    So, are you seriously watching The Glee Project, because I am. If so, who is your current favorite. I liked the recent episode called “Vulnerability.” I’m thinking your sign would be CHOCOLATE.

  7. As a former substitute teacher, I am in favor of baby names which can be pronounced as read. Mawsrhaitieaorie is NOT how we spell Maria. That is how one spells “pretentious parent”.

    They also should fit an adult who is a professional earning a living. Cutesy-bum Sweetie-pie is not such a name. Neither is Bright, Chance, Destiny, nor any name derived from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (save Harry), nor Twilight, nor The Lord of the Rings, or even alien names from Star Wars/Trek/Gate. Unless your kid is destined to be a stripper, then go for Southern Justice CandyAss.

    Don’t trust a doc who says Urethra or Chlamydia are pretty names.

    Do not use a surname as a girl’s first name, we are sick to death of Madison and Mackenzie. A new spelling makes it no better.

    “Y” is no sustytute for “i” yn choosyng names for gyrls and bois. Don’t go there.

    I knew a girl named Douglas. She had issues. As did her sister Scottie.

    And yes, I am certain at least one reader knows one perfectly adjusted, beautiful child with one of those names. That kid may still grow up to kick mom’s tail.

    I nominate “Beatrice Merle”. What? Those were my grandmothers, and that was very nearly my name. Can’t bad-mouth a grandmama. Dad wanted “Robin” for me. Mom loved “Sandy” but our last name was Castle. (I do have a cousin, Sandy Stone, and a niece, Sunshine Castle) Fortunately mom was looped to the gills when they came in with the paperwork and I ended up with a correctly spelled, traditional name.

    Which I have shortened.

  8. Leonardo: Joe has mentioned many times that he cannot read fan fiction for legal reasons. Here’s a link to a clear explanation of why.

    II. http://www.screenwritinggoldmine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4593

    See Post # 2 dated Sept. 2010 from “Hollywood Scribe”

    “What studios, producers, directors, writers or prodCos are afraid of is a lawsuit from a writer. This happens so often it’s only very rarely news. If Cameron or anyone connected to him were to read your script and then you saw a scene, or a character or idea in the finished movie you might feel they took that from your script. Some writers would be thrilled – many would want some of the money the film has made.”

    There are plenty of fan fiction websites where you can post your work for fans to read and review. I read fics at fanfiction.net and find that community welcoming but also willing to provide constructive criticism.

    Best of luck and boa noite.

  9. Poor Trevor. He really doesn’t understand how this is going to work, does he? 🙂 Sorry that Jelly isn’t feeling well. Sending get well wishes.

    @Leonardo: Let me second Gilder’s recommendation for fanfic.net. I’ve posted some of my own stuff there, and I’ve met some nice people who have reviewed my writing and helped me out a lot.

    Have a good evening, Joe!!!!

  10. maggiemayday said: Do not use a surname as a girl’s first name, we are sick to death of Madison and Mackenzie. A new spelling makes it no better.

    Hope mine is the exception that proves that rule, Maggie. (Grandmother’s maiden name). 🙂

  11. Oh, Trevor, you have some reading to do, New Friend. Gotta’ read at least 300 blog posts before you can interpret Joe’s…well, it helps, anyway.

    Gentle Hugs to Jelly.

  12. I do understand the legal reason’s why show writers cannot read fanfic. But I wonder if you and other genre writers truly understand what a massive world such fic has created far beyond the few hours of Canon Show that end up on air? There are accepted “fanon” themes and conventions for the characters, long and vigorous discussions of everything under the sun that go on in the comment sections of the fics. Does anyone ever appraise you or other writers of the general trends that occur in the fic that spring up around a show?

  13. Yep your “breakfast” still makes me realize I still really dislike oatmeal!

    My entry to the “Name Trevor’s Baby” contest:
    Girl name: Olivia Jade
    Boy name: Benjamin Joseph

    I was in Toronto from June 8-10 and was surprised I didn’t run in to you… I mean Toronto is so small with no traffic issues at all! 🙂
    I’m coming back in Aug and would love a B-Day dinner cooked by you or heck drive 45 mins to me and I will BBQ you dinner or take you out to Hogtails (google this place ’cause it’s freaking awesome) real southern BBQ in my hometown!!

    Started to read some Dark Horse comics started with Joss Whedon stuff need some recommendations if/when you can. Response here or shoot me an email.

  14. Since Trevor is kinda pale and a red head, I thought his baby will be the same. So here are some names suitable for a red-headed baby:

    Rose, Ruby, Rusty, Scarlet, Crimson, Wine, Magneta, Garnet, Lava, Burnt Sienna, or Sangria. Middle names for a pale baby: Pearl, Ivory, Isabeline, or Magnolia.

    I can’t believe he thinks this is a joke. Tell him, we don’t joke around on this blog!

    Hope Jelly is just having an off day and gets to feeling better with rest. I know the feeling.

  15. D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone), what is that dead fish? Dogs love dead fish.

    Nice breakfast. Papaya is very health. It this dish of a Carmen Miranda theme?

  16. Oh, wait. Are you looking for silly baby names, not serious ones? ‘Cause I’m a bit too stressed out lately to come up with imaginative stuff. I mean, I have MY weirdo choices that are serious to me (like, I would so name a kid Mantis or Spyder…), but to come up with a ridiculous name for someone else’s kid? Well…it’s just not coming to me.


  17. “Attention! Le zebre de ma soeur est sur le toit!” – Uh, “My sister’s zebra is on the roof”, huh…and you wonder why you have nightmares.

    For names, how about what my grandfather, a surgeon, used to call me…”Pat secundus, the ever loving jelly bean”. Secundus is latin for “the second” since I was named after my Aunt Pat. Try living that one down.

    For a boy… come to think of it, that name also works very well for a boy…

    My sister had a friend called Veronica Peon (pronounced Pee-on). Needless to say, the school teacher never called her by her last name first. How about that name?

    Speaking of my sister, her name is Sheila Ann Stewart. Her names were chosen by her two older sisters (I chose Sheila). My sister chose Ann, and wanted that name to be first. Keeping in mind your comment about how name initials can have a negative effect, my parents wisely chose Sheila Ann Stewart, instead of Ann Sheila Stewart.

    Stories about my brother’s name, Charles, are no nearly so colorful. 🙂


  18. Sticking with my previous “car” names – let’s add in “AUDI”…

    You know, I have a very distant cousin whom I’ve never met, named HADRIAN… I’ve always thought it was a cool name…

  19. Hey, Joe!

    Wondered if you’ve had a chance to catch any episodes of “Falling Skies” by Spielberg yet?

    Colin Cunningham is one of the main cast members. His ex-con character John Pope steals the show!

  20. This morning I told Joe that I had seen some names I liked, such as Jack and Sebastian. “No,” Joe chortled, “those won’t be making the list.”

  21. Really, Joe, I do hope you plan on selecting original, non boring names for the final three.

  22. To go with the modern theme of turning a seemingly normal name into something you can’t work out how to pronounce by the spelling…
    Le-a (Ledasha – Yes I did see this as a real name somewhere – “What do you mean her name isn’t Lea?…”)

  23. @Lewis: My husband and I have been watching it, and we love Colin’s character. That scene with him saying he could cook on Sunday and then having everyone taste it was hysterical!!!! Can’t wait to see more.

  24. Hugs and kisses for Jelly. Poor girl. Hope she get through okay.Give her lots of TLC, and lots of belly rubs. 🙂

    Love Akemi’s bento breakfasts. Makes me want to be creative with my food. 😉

  25. Hey Joe! Not to be impatient, but is it possible to give us a heads up when you are going to return to the SG1 review so we can ask specific questions that you may or may not choose to answer?

    I don’t really have questions for the beginning of S10 that aren’t answered later in the season, but I do have a bunch of questions for 200, Memento Mori, The Quest part 2, Bounty, Bad Guys, and Family Ties.

    The 2 biggest of those are:

    In Quest part 2, was there any intention to follow up on the SG1 team closely resembling the Knights of the round table in S11? After seeing those bits, I really wanted there to be some sort of time travel thingy where they actually ended up being the knights of the round table. While satisfied with The Ark of Truth (or at least thankful that the storyline got resolved) I am still disappointed that this issue was never addressed.

    In Family Ties, is there any further insight you can provide about the Jasec/Sam exchange about “the lack of support from this network of planets – Eureka!” that won’t potentially burn any more bridges than the script did originally? I’ve always been of the opinion that they give the most support (ie best timeslots/more promotion to their NBC productions developed shows that they get syndication/DVD profits from.

    Perhaps if the above is close to true, you can answer the question “Wasn’t SG1 awesome?” with a Teal’c like “Indeed”

    Hopefully you can ruminate on those issues before you do the writeups on those episodes.

    Again, thanks for all the insight and behind the scenes stuff! It’s totally like awesome Dude! 🙂

  26. @Gilder… a family surname is one thing, a random trendy surname as a first name is just silly.

    Mom did geneaology, so I know my family surnames back to something like the 15th century on the Danish line. A little heavy on the Scottish names, Campbell, Stewart, McGregor, Ferguson, Lindsey, Bruce, Brown (which was used when McGregor was banned for a while). And Houghton, Mitchell, Clifford, Soars, Sheffield, Longworth, Nordstrom, Jorgeson, Peterson, Nielsen, and so on (back far enough the surnames change each generation). I like “Ferdinandoson” from the mid-1600s. I’m thinking Spanish shipwreck in Denmark, hmmm?

  27. –waving hello to Trevor–
    no worries mate, Joe will take care of it.
    ps…keep watching the name list for alternates.

  28. Das: that was what I was thinking about all that oatmeal (being regular). Plus, that is a whole lot of food! 😀

    Maggiemayday: Ok, that was hilarious! Seriously, we have a lot of ethic people in Memphis, TN. Made up names are very common here. I worked with an Uretha! NO KIDDING!!! Uretha is a very nice person. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but it was hard keeping a straight face.
    There is an urban rumor in Memphis that someone named their kid “LemonJello”. It was pronounced La-Mon-ja—lo. There are a lot of people that stuck a La in front of their names here, so the Lemon Jello story is certainly possible.
    I’m sticking to “Stormy” for a girls name. A girl named “Stormy” would be strong, unpredictable and mysterious…..

    So,…… Trevor has known you very long? 😉

  29. Hugs to Miss Jelly, sorry to hear she’s feeling poorly. NYC has some great vets, here’s an article about hip replacement for pugs:


    What a beautiful breakfast, lucky you! Haven’t had papaya in a year. My grandma’s papaya tree that grew higher than the second story of her house; she used a broom with a bent hangar contraption to pluck the ripe ones off the tree.

  30. Interesting; the video clip accompanying the NY Times article is hosted by Vincent Mallozzi; it’s kismet.

  31. The funny thing about the naming contest is that T-rev will not use the winning name. His wife/girlfriend will pick the name she wants and develop a seething loathing for Joe, his blog, and us commenters/fans.

    But, as they say on Earth, “C’est la vie.”

  32. For me, names are a domain commanded by the parents, for better or worse, hopefully better of course. The old saying “you can call me Ray…” just ask Ralph Fiennes.


  33. Gilder’s right. I call a moratorium on naming children Madison and MacKenzie.

    And why is it always sisters named that? And why do their mothers think saying “Madison! MacKenzie!” every 20 seconds at the pool won’t cause entire generations of pool patrons to experience psychosomatic deafness? Or worse – drown in their attempts to keep their ears underwater! 😮

    Those name are a public health nuisance! Think of the children!

    Don’t worry, Trevor, Joe wouldn’t pick those names just because his commenters have railed against them. That would be too predictable.

  34. Best wishes to Jelly! I hope your sister was able to get her zebra off of the roof.

  35. My fingers are crossed for Jelly….

    I would like to nominate my childhood nickname that my Dad gave me….

    Skinny Malinkny

    I’m actually not sure of the spelling of the second name, since I never actually saw it written down *grins* So I will allow you to take liberties with the spelling. I’m thinking that it may need an E, after all, generally an E makes all the dfference…

    *whispers* psssst…. psssssst… Trevor….(yes you Trevor)…. two words…. reverse psychology… you shoulda said, “absolutely not Jack or Sebastian” and you might have had a chance but now…. all hope is lost… I am sooooo sorry….


  36. @ maggiemayday – Love tracing my geneaology, though my sister has done the most since she has all the free time. I’m 1/4 Danish on my dad’s side (my paternal grandfather was 100% Danish), and 1/4 German on my mom’s side (maternal grandfather was 100% German), with a healthy dose of Scottish on my maternal grandmother’s side (Macbeth) along with some West African (my g-g-g-grandmother was a slave), and a little bit of everything else on my paternal grandmother’s side (English, more German, French, more Scottish). One of my ancestors is Rev. Archibald Stobo from Scotland, and he has quite the history! Very interesting read if you ever want to google him. He’s the first ancestor of Theodore Roosevelt’s mother here in the US (I’m related to Roosevelt through him on both my great-grandfather’s and my great grandmother’s sides).

    So, I’m basically a mutt. 🙂

    @ Tam Dixon – Great minds??


  37. Poor Trevor. Where is the fun is really nice names, you know?

    @Happy birthday to Profmadmax

    I’m thinking “Jelly” would be an awesome name, too.

  38. Bailey said: Does anyone ever appraise you or other writers of the general trends that occur in the fic that spring up around a show?

    Joe has blogged about this, as well. Type “fan fiction” in quotes in the search field at top of page at WordPress “standard site”. Search is apparently not available in the iPad version of WordPress.

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