Yesterday, Akemi and I joined Alexander and Sarah for lunch at Terroni Restaurant on Adelaide Street.

Alex and Sarah putting up with the requisite pre-meal photo op.
Facing off against Akemi and me!

The pizza was fine, the pasta was cold, but the clear high point of the night was the surrounding decor.  Specifically THIS ill-advised piece of art (?):

I think this particular piece is called: "Making an example of potential collaborators". Enjoy your meal!

After dinner, I went home, worked out, watched part of the hockey game, grew disillusioned, then walked the dogs and started reading Charles Yu’s How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.  It wasn’t until this morning that I heard about the riots.  What amazed me was not so much the fact that these assholes would be stupid enough to loot and destroy property, but that they’d be stupid enough to pose for pictures or brag about it on their facebook pages.

Would love to see all three of these douchebags face charges.

As for the game itself – meh.  There’s no denying the best goalie and best team won.  Although Vegas had the Canucks favored to win last night (-160 to the Bruins +140), one has to remember that the guys who set the odds do so ever-mindful of, not who they think will win, but who the betting public thinks will win. In other words, people were putting money on the Canucks to win, no doubt betting with their hearts and making Vancouver a pricey favorite…much to the delight of Bruin fans who ended up making $40 on every $100 bet.

No doubt feeling the pressure to come up with consistently creative bento breakfasts, Akemi delivered this little culinary masterpiece this morning…

I didn’t have much time to appreciate it though because, today, we were off on another location scout for Transporter: The Series…

Alexander, rarin' to go!
Tim Owen, Location Manager by day, Sears model by night.
First stop = Creepy hospital location.
While the rest of the survey moves on, I'm prepped for surgery.

They're labeled now because I always used to get them confused.
Okay. Let's make it quick.

I'll take one from column A and two from column B. I would also request a sneak peek at the dessert board.
No hospital would be complete without a basement prison.
Tim Bider is locked up until he finishes designing the interior of Frank's house.
Hate to say it, but Alex seems quite at home.
The almost perfect spiral parkade ramp.
Alexander is Vitamin D deficient and, sadly, also lacks the ability to separate good food from bad.
We returned to the Production Offices late - and hungry. Awaiting us was THIS.
Pasta so offensively bad I wanted to punch the chef in the face.
Alex on the other hand...

I ended up tossing my lunch and going out for a burger…

My Gourmet Burger burger with tomato, lettuce, mayo, mushrooms, and caramelized onions.

That’s it.  I’m going to have to start going out for lunch!

33 thoughts on “June 16, 2011: That was one night I’m glad I wasn’t in Vancouver for! Dinner with Alexander and Sarah! Another class field trip! Lunch so bad I want to punch the chef in the face!

  1. See? I told you it was only a matter of time before Akemi would start to crack under the pressure. I’m just gonna sit back and watch.

    I share Alexander’s vitamin D deficiency. My doctor says it’s the worst such one she’s ever seen in a human being. I’m hopeful that most of her other clients are aliens or animals.

    Fortunately, I do not share Alexander’s inability to distinguish good food from bad. Not that I always opt for good, but I know the difference.

  2. Omar Khayyam: Better go hungry, than eat indiscriminately. Better be alone, than keep poor company.

  3. That is a lot of breakfast! Do you eat ALL of it?

    Lou Zucaro: Akemi is made of sterner stuff. She won’t crack! 😉

    Riots? I don’t get riots either. Most of the time in the U. S., they don’t even bring charges. Facebook is changing the legal world.

    Have a good evening all!

  4. I don’t get what gives people the right to act so violently/destructively just because of a sport, its like people lose all sense of objectivity, maybe its the alchohol or something, either way its the poor public that have to deal/watch these idiots and are the most affected.

    @Facing off against Akemi and me!

    You and Akemi make a great couple Joe, I’m sure everyone here would agree. Team Joe lol

    @we were off on another location scout for Transporter: The Series…

    Excellent looking locations, if not a little creepy, guessing these locations would be used when Frank is on a mission or is in trouble i.e been captured or something?

    @We returned to the Production Offices late – and hungry. Awaiting us was THIS.

    Looks really really really bad Joe. Production office needs a new chef, someone that can make the food look like it isn’t mass produced, re heated garbage lol

  5. Who chooses the catering company for the production staff? The facilities or the producers?

  6. Eww…that pasta really looked nasty!

    And I thought food on locations sites (etc) was supposed to be good…

  7. I don’t get riots either–just an excuse to behave poorly and destroy things that don’t belong to them. Agreeing with you, Joe. I hope they’re able to press charges.

    Interesting food and location pictures. Akemi did well with the bento breakfast.

    Listen, have a question for either you or Akemi. My son who will be in the 9th grade in the fall has expressed interest in learning Japanese as his foreign language. Since we homeschool, it’s my job to find the resources that we use. Any suggestions on a good program??

    Have a good evening!!!

  8. What a cool looking parking garage, without the cars and dressed like a futuristic office or a villain’s lair it would look quite cool.

    Rioting, the act of the truly lam. I’ve spent many a night listening to the sirens and screams of idiot rioters; you have to ask how their parents feel sending ’em to college to light squad cars on fire. Not rioting for freedom or for civil rights, but over the score of a game on TV, sad.

    The book sounds interesting, will have to check it out. By the way, not sure if I mentioned this before but I’m still annoyed that Tom Cruise is in talks to play Jack Reacher; it’s the perfect role for Jason Momoa. Lots of people have suggested Ben Browder for it too, as would Neil Jackson and Mike Dopud.

  9. “Thank You” to Alex and Sarah for putting up with the requisite pre-meal photo op. We have to see EVERYTHING ya know.

    Chef Akemi has given me some good ideas. Never thought before to make little shishkebabs out of grapes. That would save people from groping all the grapes when getting some. And I thought that pasta salad looked good. As long as I don’t have to cook it – I’m good.

    Well, our Dallas Maverick fans have been perfectly behaved since winning the NBA championship. They had their victory parade this morning thru downtown Dallas. Everyone had a great time and acted like professional fans, which made it a wonderfully memorable day for all. Take note all you canuckleheads.

  10. I’m very disappointed on how the people acted in Vancouver, as a Fellow Canadian and I appalled.

  11. The guy in the 2nd picture was arrested!
    I am so happy so many people are working with the VPD to ID all the jerks in these photos.
    I am so disappointed in Vancouver, a few jackasses ruined Vancouver’s reputation in front of the whole world.

  12. ‘Dem’s some big blueberries. That’s it. I’m getting blueberry bushes.

    I think Akemi likes you. I downright LUFF my husband and kids, but they’re lucky if I peel their boiled eggs. Little faces ain’t happening.

    That art is WRONG!

    My grandma made the worst pasta ever. She would simmer tomato paste WITH the overcooked spaghetti in one pot. She cooked great w/in her own ethnicity, though. If you tried to punch her in the face, she’d probably have been amused at something interesting to do. She was the feisty mountain woman stereotype.

    But I can eat very bad food. I’m frugal like that. And somebody ate all that pasta. I think I could get along w/ Toronto folks if they can eat bad pasta. That means they can put up with a lot so they might put up with me.

    Is that a pair of baby-pulling forceps? You do know Stargate propagated horrible childbirthing concepts. I can’t think of one childbirthing scene where the woman wasn’t on her her back and those characters didn’t all have the excuse that they were exposed to too much American TV. Don’t make me link my pics of how it’s done.

  13. Would love to see all three of these douchebags face charges.

    me too. supposedly there’s a web site where officials are putting up pictures of people involved the the rioting/looting for people to identify them.

  14. @ DP: lol childbirth and missionary style.

    Happy to hear of the douchebags’ arrests, hopefully many more to follow. Thugs come out with opportunity.

    Just noticed Transporter is on my InDemand so am planning to watch it this weekend to prepare for the series!

  15. Joe, things have been a bit crazy for me the past 24, but I just wanted to jump on and say one thing: Akemi is beautiful. I really don’t know why she fell for an old fart like you. 🙂 😉


  16. Regarding the surgical equipment picture–is Frank going to be having a baby any time soon? Looks like a Smellie forceps to me (or a close relative).

    Biohazard! That is Jeff’s nickname for me.

    @Lou: My level was 10; it’s now up in the 40’s after 2 years of therapy. And now my nephrologist wants me off of it because he thinks it is elevating my calcium level. He didn’t know me when I got every bug in creation, both viral and bacterial in the forms of flu/pneumonia/bronchitis/upper respiratory, etc. I told him I’d get back to him on that one.

    A prison in the basement? Sounds like a hospital for the criminally insane or something of that nature. Creepy INDEED.

  17. Joe,

    I was wondering if you had any comments or thoughts on Sanctuary’s ratings now that it has no Monday night competition on the networks. The ratings have rebounded to their Friday Night levels now that the major networks aren’t airing new scripted series.

    My guess is the same would have happened for SGU, had it not been up against the competition it was.

  18. Doubtful that the majority of those IQs-of-Roadkill are even from Vancouver! Or, even knew WHO was “playing”! They probably thought that there was some G8 summit going on…

    ahh… *WHERE* are those INVADING SPACE ALIENS when you need Them, eh?!

  19. “I think this particular piece is called: “Making an example of potential collaborators”. Enjoy your meal!”


    as for the riots, im confused, strange thing it is.

    “brockkkk! take this down!!! its evidence!” haha, I think facebook has some benefits.

  20. Hi Joe,

    In my last trip to Toronto, I Had the pleasure to go to Terroni, Had the pizza, I must say it was great. Have you had the chance to try the Keg Mansion in Toronto ? Its so nice, they have those small closed up section where there’s 4 or 5 tables only and its more private. Very nice, the meal too of course.

  21. 1. How long does it take Akemi to make those? As a ‘must have breakfast’ person I always take the time to make something so I’m jealous of your mornings. I know a lot of people who don’t bother with breakfast and Akemi comes up with something beautiful and thoughtful each day.

    2. Rioters. An example of the definition of douche.

    3. WTF with the ‘art’? (and autocorrect changed art to AT&T. If what I hear about AT&T is correct, that sentence could have still been applicable yet highly out of context with any part of your blog).

    4. Where’s your checked shirt?

    5. Transporter looks fun to make. Love the locations.

    6. Hey! Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

  22. Baby forceps and a basement prison? WTF is going on here?

    Is Akemi up at dawn to make her creations, or is much of the prep work done the evening before? I’m lucky if I put my toast on a pretty plate instead of a paper towel in the morning. And I’m in no rush.

    Bad Pasta. It isn’t even a good grunge band name.

  23. The Vancouver police chief is slandering anarchists, blaming us for the riots. Am I supposed to believe he thinks anarchists hate involuntary governance AND shop windows? I guess stupidity would be the most positive intent I could assign him. If he knows he’s lying, he’s trying to manipulate the public during their painful moment to spread ignorance and hatred.

  24. N/m, I was being naive in my fury. It’s just a standard, “we have an enemy now, we’ll all have to make some sacrifices”-style power grab. Song as old as time and I fell for the diversion. Sheesh.

  25. Lame hooligans! I lived in Amsterdam for many years and saw my part of riots with so called football (soccer) fans. Can’t say i enjoyed them, friend of mine got injured when she got in between the police and the lamo’s.

    Hope they catch them all and make them clean out public toilets for years!

    Nice locations by the way; i’ve said it before but i’m really getting excited about Transporter. Keep the pictures coming! And good luck getting a new cook 🙂

  26. Looks like The Bridge will be busy Joe, what with all the Stargate stuff being sold off over the weekend, speaking of that, it just goes to say that MGM doesnt wnat to pay for the props/sets to be stored there anymore, what with no new Stargate productions occuring. That said a lot of people seem rather depressed about stuff being sold, think it removes all hope of new Stargate in the future, however as you know, if any Stargate series comes, its not as if it’l need random SG1 props, Atlantis props, or SGU ones.

  27. Dear Joseph, I became absorbed by Stargate universe here in Britain. I loved the characters and how they grew. I feel its sad that we never find outs what is going on in their futures. If the story is inside you why not produce it as a book. Therefore completing the story for the die hard fans.

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