Akemi took the day off so I was left to craft my own inspired oatmeal/fruit/peanut butter masterpiece.  Pretty impressive, huh?  Akemi took one look at it and made me promise I wouldn’t try to pass it off as one of her bento creations.  Personally, I think she was just jealous.

Long overdue gratuitous dog pics…

Jelly sleeps. HARD!
Jelly, undercover babushka.
Lulu dares you to take her toy.
Bubba and pal take their afternoon siesta.
Lulu and Maximus in "Two on a Bed".

One third of the way through the rewrite of my second script for Transporter: The Series, working out the moves for the big parkade sequence.  Also, checked out the slew of stills from the second unit shoot in Berlin.  They look awesome.  Looking forward to checking out the dailies next week.

An early blog entry today as I head home to take Bubba to the vet, his second visit this week.  Not sure what’s up but he’s not his usual excitable, tail-waggy, barksome self.  Lately, he’s been very quiet, very lethargic, won’t negotiate stairs or jump up onto the couch, and has been an incredibly slow walker.  X-rays and blood tests turned up nothing unusual.

'Sup, Bub?

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Das!

52 thoughts on “June 10, 2011: Assuming bento duties! Dog pics!

  1. Hello Joe, I have one Stargate SG-1 question for you :

    Are the people who made the Ascension (like Alterans, or like the people of Abydos) called : “The Others” or “The Ancients” ?

    Thanks for your answer ! 🙂

  2. Today’s comment is dedicated to Bubba! What’s wrong little guy? I hope he gets to feeling better real soon and they can figure out what is slowing him down. Get well Bubba!

  3. Joe, that bento creation was, uh, interesting. Yeah, Akemi was probably jealous. 😉 Loved the dog pictures and hope Bubba is okay.

    Have a good evening!!!

  4. By the way, Joe, your breakfast creation looks like the secret love child of Oscar the Grouch and Pamela Anderson*

    *Post-augmentation, pre-augmentation-reduction

  5. Is it just me or did the bento box look a little like, uh…….. boobs.

    I hope Bubba feels better soon and is back to his usual bouncy self!

    Hey, das – you got today’s blog dedicated to you!

  6. So sorry that Bubba is feeling down. I hope it’s just a little bug and he is back to normal soon.

    Akemi’s reputation is safe! The oatmeal looks pretty good, though. I’ve never tried it with peanut butter.

    Thanks for the dog pictures! Love the one with Lulu and her toy.

    Das: I remember all the trouble that Bank Of America gave you. Did you see this news item? http://www.digtriad.com/news/watercooler/article/178031/176/Florida-Homeowner-Forecloses-On-Bank-Of-America

  7. Nice Masterpiece you made Joe! I can see the ethical dilemma’s you’ve been through with the position of the cherry’s.

    I’m really getting enthousiastic about the Transporter story and im kinda interested in seeing some pictures! Pleeeeeease? 🙂

    Next week i’m gonna see if the DVDstore nearby got some Transporter movies. Only saw nr. 2 so i’ve got some catching up to do.

    Oh and a Stargate question…In Ripple Effect (one of my favorite episodes!) when the ‘bad’ SG1 team is leaving, the bad Mitchell turns around before the Stargate puddle and says to the ‘good’ Mitchell:
    ‘When the time comes, cut the green one’.

    Enlighten me please? 🙂 Can’t remember any reference after it and i couldn’t find the question/answer on your blog; Stargate Wikia isn’t helping either. Something about maybe an answer in the movies. Always bugged me a bit, lol. Not sure if a real story behind this cryptic remark really exists. Anyway; thanks in advance!

  8. @das, hope you are feeling better.
    Joe fingers crossed for good report for Bubba,poor baby. and ok you have the ingredients for bento box, but it is for sure missing the key ingredient,,Akemi’s imagination. nice try.
    Thanks for the doggy pictures.

  9. Oh, poor baby Bubba. My thoughts are with you sweetie and your doggy daddy. Our furry kids share so much of themselves with us, sometimes I wish they could just say what hurts, plain and simple. The “not knowing” is difficult.

    Please keep us informed on his progress. Jelly looks kissable in her babushka!


  10. @Lisa R

    Well er yeah it does. Main complaint I’ve seen from non fans was the lack of action in Season 1.0 and then the whole drama issues the show had.

    RF Origins pretty much has everything the average critic of SGU would love, and still rated badly.

    Really does bug me, does a show need to be family friendly to get a good amount of viewers on that network these days?

    RF Origins would of been a good solid series for the Syfy channel in the old days where good solid Science Fiction shows did well, same with SGU imo.

  11. Anyway Joe, great dog pictures, and good bento designs lol. What next, a laughing man inspired design? lol(You know from Ghost in the Shell SOC)

    Hope your dogs are okay, and best of luck on your script stuff.

    And by the way, are things going well with the Transporter in general?

  12. @Randomness, I was just asking a question about what you meant. I wasn’t trying to be mean or snarky. If it appeared that way, I apologize. I didn’t watch RF: Origins so I really didn’t know. I do agree with your comments. I have watched other original movies on SyFy, and those really looked like the network didn’t spend a whole lot of money on them which was what I meant by my comments on the production values. I might try and find it so I can get a look-see. Are you going to watch Falling Skies on TNT? That one looks really good. My husband and I are looking forward to it. That is the only other network that I’ve known that has done sci-fi decently. Did you watch Babylon 5 in the 90’s??

  13. Wait. What? A dedication??! WhatIgodonow?? *reads yesterday’s comments*

    Oooooooh. Maybe I should pout more often. 😀

    I do appreciate the dedication, Joe (SEE??! I didn’t call you a silly name or anything…yet 😉 ). While we were out of town, dad – back home – ended up in the hospital with possible pneumonia. I say ‘possible’ because he has some serious lung issues, and they’re never really sure what his problems are. See, back 10 years ago when he had that MRSA infection around his heart, it ate away his sternum, which means his ribs are just kinda floating, which means that he has a lot of trouble taking good, deep breaths. So he caught mom’s bronchitis, and because his lungs are already compromised it’s cause additional problems. He’s okay – I mean, breathing well, but they wanted him in hospital just to check everything out. Needless to say, I do appreciate coming home and seeing boooooobieeeees! I mean, a dedication. 🙂 Thank you.

    (I just showed your creation to Mr. Das, and he said it looked like googly eyes. Sometimes I wonder about that boy… )

    @ Everyone from yesterday – Thankies. 🙂 1. I had a big spider on my kitchen floor last night, Beckett. Mr. Das put it outside, but I’m worried that it was a brown recluse – I’ve never seen this particular spider before. It was a big one, so I didn’t bother getting too close to check it out. *shudder* 2. To never have loved is just emptiness…to have loved and lost is painful. I prefer the void to the hurt. And yet…I keep seeking things out that end up hurting me. Methinks I’m a tad masochistic at times. 😛

    Thanks again, Joe…but next time – ya know – no more X-rated bento boxes, k? Thank god you didn’t have any baby carrots and cherry tomatoes just lying around… 😉

    @ Bubba – Feel better, buddy!

    @ Akemi – Slap Joey for making naughty creations! No…scratch that. He’ll probably like being slapped… 🙄


  14. @ Tam Dixon – KARMA!!! That’s just about the best thing, ever. No one deserves it more than Bank of Whores.

    Ya know, I really need to stop calling them that…gives whores a bad name. 😉


  15. @Das: Geez, get your mind out of the gutter already, wouldja?

    Hope Bubba’s ok, please keep us updated! A big kiss to him. 🙂

    Now, back to the hockey.

  16. Hello Joe,

    Congrats Das. Best wishes to Bubba. And hugs to the rest of the gang.

    Keep us in the loop about Bubba.

    Best wishes,


  17. Definitely keep us informed on Bubba’s progress. Hope it’s not too seroius. And Akemi needs to work out an arrangement with you. She won’t write any of your scripts, and you won’t make any more bento figures. Mind, your effort wasn’t really Bad, just….not up to her level of expertise. Hope you’re able to enjoy a good weekend, without too much worry about your four legged buddy.

  18. Oh, I KNOW you won’t, Deni. 😉

    @ Joe – I’ve been meaning to ask how your mom and sister are these days. Are they glad to have you closer to home? Hope they’re both well!


  19. There’re a bunch of blogs where bento-making moms record their adventures. I’ve perused them, but I get overwhelmed.

  20. quoting Sparrow_hawk:
    Is it just me or did the bento box look a little like, uh…….. boobs.
    not just you. it was the first ting that came to my dirty mind.

  21. Hey Joe, I also would like to know about that line in Ripple Effect
    ‘When the time comes, cut the green one’.

  22. I am ashamed of all of you. They looked like EYES not boobs. What the hell kind of boobs are you folks looking at? LOL. Actually I am surprised I didn’t see boobs too.. must be late.

    Hope he is okay. Is he eating alright? Post soon on Bubba please. 🙁

  23. Here’s a question for you, Joe. Now, I know you don’t see movies until they come out on DVD (usually), but as I’ve recently discovered a love for X-Men via First Class, I wondered about your thoughts on Marvel as a great comic book connoisseur. What were your favorite issues of X-Men (I figure you must have read some at one point)? Did you read the ones written by Joss Whedon? And ultimately…DC or Marvel? (I’ve admit, I’ve always been a DC fan – Hellblazer, Superman, Watchmen – what’s not to love?)

    The pups are cute as ever! Sorry to hear Bubba’s not feeling well.

  24. Hey Joe,
    I see you posting pictures of your dogs.
    How about cats ? Did you ever have a cat ? What do you think of ‘them’ ? 😉

  25. Hello Joe:

    You haven’t whined, er, commented about the weather in T.O lately. I hear it’s very tropical. For once, I’m very happy where I am in sunny and mild Alberta. My sister’s dogs are terrified of rain, and thunder and spiders and cats. They are two very large and friendly Border Collies. Any suggestions to help them conquer their fears?


  26. Hubby said if those are boobs, they’re from some mutant alien. 🙂 He also thinks they look like googly eyes. He wanted to know WHO thought they looked like boobs. I didn’t tell. 🙂


    I would like it noted that Sparrowhawk was the first one to say the ‘b’ word.

    So much for me being the biggest perve on the blog. (Lou doesn’t count since he used big multi-syllable words with hyphens and everything, making him sound more like a doctor than a pervert. Plus, he’s holding a baby… 🙂

    @ Airelle – Alas, not feeling better. 🙁 I’m feeling better in some ways (not so snotty/congested), but now I’m hacking up green crap, and my tummy is a tad dodgy. Had to cancel plans for today – just going to stay home and rest. It’s raining for the first time in about three weeks, so I’m sorta glad that I get to stay here and enjoy it. 🙂


  28. The bento first made me think of the Google Eyes of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (all hail), but then immediately dismissed that as improbable and headed straight to boobies. Hmm. Lots of comments about seeing boobs here. There has to be money in that somehow…. ooh, new show. Breakfast Boobs in Space!

    Hugs for Bubba.

  29. Question: So you write /block the chase and stunt sequences yourself as the episode’s writer? Not all shows do that. How detailed do you get and did you do the same on Stargate?

    (My favorite is still the fact that the script of the first Lord of the Rings movies read “they run down some large stairs” which then turned into the whole huge battle of Moria.)

  30. @Lisa R

    Oh, you didn’t do anything wrong, that was me voicing my displeasure over RF Origins failure on the network than anything.


    Anyway, nope didn’t watch Babylon 5 in the 90s, I’m not that old lol.

  31. @Randomness: That’s okay. Just wanted to make sure. I guess I’m probably one of the older ones on this blog. lol At least, that’s what my 14yo says. 🙂

  32. Googly eyes. Yep, that must have been what Joe was going for with the bento box.

    @:Lisa R: One of the older ones? Mebbe, mebbe not. 😉 I watched Babylon 5. I also watched Star Trek. The original one. And I can remember Flash Gordon. In black and white.

    @das: I’m glad you noticed! I think you’ve rubbed off on me. I like maggiemayday’s Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I think Lou has the best description. I hope you feel better soon, das. Get some rest and enjoy your rainy day!

  33. Randomness: Old? Well, I guess I am. We are re-watching Space 1999 & Babylon 5 on Netflix. If anyone gets bored and wants some real Sci-fi, these shows were pretty good for their time.

    Das: I’ve been pretty sick as well. Caught something from hubby/son and it went immediately to bronchitis. Green goop? Sounds like what I’m getting over. I hate being sick! I’ve missed a whole week of swimming laps and karate class.

    I’m mixing up a strawberry rhubarb pie. Yumm!

  34. Joe, I’m afraid your breakfast looks like something out of Red Dwarf. LOL! I think Akemi is safe in the bento design department.

    Hope Bubba is okay – he does look snaggly. Lulu has got to be quite a character. And babushka Jelly … what a hoot!

  35. @Lisa R

    Lol, I’m only in my mid/late 20s. I feel old however.

    Anyway I’m sorry I think that came out wrong, the old thing earlier lol

    I thought my age was kinda obvious as I love anime, anyway I’m happy that I have done enough with my life and have a lot of minions.. cough followers, on twitter :3

  36. @Sparrow_Hawk and Elminster: Glad I have company. 🙂

    Sparrow, you do have me beat on the Flash Gordon though. My husband probably could tell you about that one. I’ll have to ask.

  37. Anyway Joe, mailbag question when you next do.

    Have you had a chance to watch Spice and Wolf yet? Season 2 is out in August, its a beautoful series, and has a pretty good story too, I think you and Akemi will enjoy it.

    Also how are your Japanese skills coming along?

    Code Geass has 2 movies in Japan on DVD/Blu Ray, they basically cover Season 1 and 2, and have some new footage here and there, they’re Japanese only with no subtitles, but if you want to watch Code Geass abridged, its something you might want to pick up from Japan next to you go Joe.

    Also how are things coming along on the Transporter?

    And lastly any plans to get Chris Vance to do a blog appearance? Please?

    Anyway I guess thats it from me today, well on this entry, think I’ve commented a lot lol

  38. @Randomness: No worries. 🙂 I have a 14 yo and a 11 yo, and the older one says I’m old all the time. I’m used to it. He was impressed though that I managed to do lawn mower mainteanance by myself this morning. (Hubby is out of town for his interview.)

  39. Just back from holiday and thrilled that James Moran answered my question!

    I too am a big Tom baker fan,but David Tennent was so good in the role that he took over the top spot in my affections…just!

    Love the pictures of the dogs Joe, and hope Bubba is going to be okay.

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