Thought I’d kick off today’s blog with a little Transporter: The Series Q&A…

Lou Zucaro writes: “Also…please tell me that Tarconi is going to be in the series. I really like that character”

Answer: Tarconi WILL be in the series.  We’re all huge fans of the endearing Inspector played by the brilliant François Berléand.

Winst writes: “Joseph……what type of run times are you aiming for with Transporter scripts/episodes?”

Answer: We’re aiming for a little under 50 minutes an episode.

Winst also writes: “Any plans in place to have some fun with the opening credits for each individual episode?  …maybe something interesting, amusing and unique?”

Answer: We’ve talked about a variety of recurring themes and fun signature visuals for the show but have yet to sit down and discuss the opening credit sequence. Stay tuned.

Randomness writes: “Must admit though, the name Chris Vance was the last I was expecting from a series like The Transporter, but am happy he got the role.”

Answer: His audition was a home run, everything from his look to his mannerisms to his delivery.  We wanted someone who could do tough and charming, and Chris is both.  He’s got a terrific screen presence, as I’m sure you’ll agree once you see him in action as Frank Martin.

sparced writes: “Can’t wait to see the guy in action. I have to imagine you guys are sending him off to some seriously heavy martial arts training to fit the part.”

Answer: Yes, he is in training.  He also has the benefit of working with one of the best stunt coordinators out there in Cyril Raffaelli.

dioxholster writes: “I agree with you on this though, we were introduced to the character as a loner so seeing him now in a team might upset some fans. ”

Answer: There is no team.  In addition to his uncertain but ever-entertaining friendship with Inspector Tarconi (as established in the movies), we also established the character of Carla exactly because Frank IS a loner.  Looking back over the movies, it didn’t make much sense that a guy with a strict adherence to rules like “No names” and a desire to know as little as possible about the people he’s working for would work alone.  How do people contact him?  How does he screen them?  How is payment arranged?  The Carla character effectively acts as his agent, doing all that for him and then simply forwarding him the coordinates of his next transport.  Once the package has been delivered, the balance of the payment is made to one of Carla’s offshore accounts and she sees to it that Frank gets paid.  This set-up is a lot less complicated for Frank and requires next to no contact with the client.  His only contact is with Carla, someone he trusts, who simply supplies coordination and support from her office in Nice.

masterchief writes: “it basically says that Luc Besson will be showrunner of the series which will be produced by RTL, HBO, HBO Canada and M6”

Answer: It does?  Great!  I guess my work here is done.  Vancouver, here I come!

Ponytail writes: “It looks like Transporter: The Series will bring a “whole new breed” of fan to your blog.”

Answer: Hopefully, yes!

Michel Cardoso Teixeira writes: “I’m gonna follow the Transporter series as soon as it arrives in Sweden. I don’t think that particular type of TV-show would be something I’d ordinary watch if it wasn’t for you and your dedication to the fans (and the fact that you’re somewhat talented as well…:) ).”

Answer: Thanks.  Somewhat talented is what I strive for!  When the show does air in your neck of the woods, check it out (and bring your friends and family along for the ride).  I have a feeling it’ll fast become one of your favorites.

So, getting back to my Stargate reminiscing – I believe I was halfway through SG-1’s seventh season.  Michael Shanks had returned, Daniel Jackson was back, and it was just like old times.  Except, of course, for RDA’s reduced participation.  After many years on the show, Rick had decided to take a step back to spend more time with family and we were faced with the challenge of finding increasingly creative ways to write him out of episodes.  Easier said than done.  After the third “Hey, O’Neill says he’s stuck in traffic and we should just go ahead without him” excuse, you kind of begin to stretch credulity.  Still, I think we did alright as O’Neill’s diminished role allowed us to shift focus to the other members of the team.


The first part of our mid-season two-parter (Hey, remember the days when the 11th episode was the midway point of the season?) introduced a fearsome new enemy with an equally fearsome codpiece.  Yep.  Whenever the deadly super soldier strode onto the scene, all I could think was “I wonder if that’s where they keep it’s battery pack?”.  The idea of an almost indestructible enemy was a good one and, on paper, it certainly sounded cool but the finished product was more likely to trigger laughter than any feelings of foreboding.

Note: For what it’s worth, the Asurans were similarly/mysteriously well-endowed.


Enrico Colantoni guests as Burke, a former black ops buddy of O’Neill’s, and does such a formidable job that, for months later, we’re still talking about the fact we have to bring him back and give him his own team.  Like so many of the show’s creative good intentions, it never comes to pass – but things worked out for Enrico all the same.  Last I hear, he’s tearing it up on Flashpoint.

As much as I didn’t love the super soldier, I was all over the zombies that stalk the jungles of Nicaragua (Vancouver woods with a little help from our Greens Department).  Speaking of tearing it up, Director Peter DeLuise does a brilliant job here with the action, particularly one shot that sees the Zombie Chalo blown apart.  The other guys felt it was too visceral (“Pretty damn goopy!”) but I didn’t see the problem.  It was a zombie after all, not a human being.  I mean, it’s perfectly acceptable to decapitate robots onscreen.  I think the same logic would apply.  I was overruled.

GRACE (713)

While I, admittedly, would have liked to see the Sam-Jack arc culminate in their finally settling down together, I wasn’t a fan of the dream flash in this episode in which the two lock lips.  My problem with it was not so much the content of the sequence as the fact that it was confusing – a hallucination within a greater hallucination.  That said, I quite liked the episode that, in its early outlining, jumped back and forth between Carter actually boarding the alien vessel and coming face to face with its crew.  In the end, it was decided the story would work better as a self-contained narrative.


Actor Corin Nemec pitched this story and wrote the original outline for an episode that brings back Jonas Quinn and explores his new life on Langara.  The original title of the episode was Turn of Events which, we couldn’t help but note, was a title applicable to every episode we’d ever done.  It would have been akin to titling an episode Off-World Adventure or Fourth Act Twist!  It was a lot of fun although one element in the story didn’t quite pan out – specifically, Jonas Quinn’s love interest, a fellow Langaran named Kianna.  On the day the first dailies came in, we were horrified to discover that both actors had unnervingly similar hairstyles that, as a result, made them look like they were related.  Which, in turn, made some of the romantic scenes a little…weird?


zenophite writes: “Still hanging on to the question of whether Rhona Mitra’s Kiva was originally intended to get more airtime in season 2…”

Answer: The plan going into the Incursion two-parter was to set up a difficult situation that would not be so easily resolved.  No matter how things resolved themselves, we wanted to have consequences that would shake up the shipboard dynamics – and that meant having some members of the Lucian Alliance remain on Destiny once the dust settled, initially as prisoners but hopefully, down the line, as new crew members.  At the time I was writing Incursion I and II, I had no idea who would be sticking around in season 2 with the exception of Varro.  After shooting the final two episodes of season one, we elected to focus on stories that didn’t involve the Kiva character.  And, bonus – her death allowed for an unnerving scenario in the season 3 premiere.

Lady A writes: “Does the fact that you did intend to try to restart the storyline in Season 6 mean that you were prepared to stop dragging it out and finally give a conclusive ending to the storyline as both Torri and the fans have wanted from the beginning?”

Answer: I beg to differ.  The reason we brought back the Weir character was in order to tell a story – potentially a series of stories – that fans of the character would enjoy.  While I think closure it certainly nice, I’d argue that fans would have preferred to leave the door open and seen the character make multiple reappearances rather than ending Weir’s story.  For instance, the scenario you pitched “Team Sheppard successfully rescues Weir and brings her home to Atlantis to recover and rejoin the team?” is not a conclusive end to the storyline but a continuation in a different creative direction.

In my mind, the original Weir was not destroyed (as the human form replicators would have us believe).  Her body was kept “on ice” somewhere to serve as a prototype for future study.  At the time I wrote This Mortal Coil, I imagined a future storyline that would have involved the team learning of Weir’s fate and launching a rescue op.  They would have retrieved her and, in the end, Elizabeth would have headed back to Earth for some R&R, leaving the door open for future guest appearances.

Greg S. writes: “I was wondering, what did you have planned for Earth and Atlantis 3 years later? Is there a new threat Earth is facing? Also, did Woolsey come to an agreement with the Langarans for gate usage?”

Answer: Had we gone with the “3 years later” scenario over m preferred “100 years later” scenario, then, yes, Woolsey would have negotiated for access to the Langaran gate which would have been used to mount a rescue mission.  As for the fate of Atlantis – had the movie, Stargate: Extinction, been made, Atlantis would have found its way back to the Pegasus Galaxy within a month of Enemy at the Gate.

dioxholster writes: “What happened back then? why did you disagree with Michael? He didnt like the script? I don’t get it, hes an actor, you a writer, what possible disagreement could happen?”

Answer: It’s not that uncommon.  Occasionally, the actor may disagree with the direction of the show or a particular character arc.  Other times, the actor may feel his character isn’t receiving enough screen time or story emphasis.

kimmy writes: “I wondered if you could convince Carl to do a spot on your blog to fill in questions about some of his episodes on Universe.”

Answer: I plan to.  But only after he’s finished his next script for Transporter: The Series.  First things first!

kimmy also writes: “why did writers: 1) choose such a devastating disease (ALS) for TJ”

Answer: Exactly for that reason.  The disease is devastating.  We wanted to put her in the toughest of situations, facing certain death at the hands of a disease that she knows, as a trained medical professional, is relentless and incurable.

“2) why didn’t Young allow any of the descendants to stay aboard Destiny as crew replenishment?”

Answer: I think he was concerned about resources, being able to feed and provide water for the extra mouths.  Perhaps the timing wasn’t right.  Perhaps it was a matter of fairness – being able to offer crew positions to some but not all of the descendants was to difficult a decision.

“3) Since the Novans knew there planet was dying, wouldn’t they have managed to take copies of their history over time to their new ‘expedition’ planet? Aside from on the ships I mean.”

Answer: Presumably if they’d had the time to make those copies, yes.

Penny writes: “Also lived Michael Welch as young O’Neil was always hoping he would make a return. Did you ever have a story idea as to how that might have happened?”

Answer: Having him return wasn’t the problem.  He may be a teenager, but he’s still got all the skills and savvy of our Jack.  It would have been a simple matter of being faced with a situation that required Jack’s expertise – and making the original Jack incapable of offering his assistance.  What, exactly, that “situation” was is the question that stumped us.

majorsal writes: “you’ve stated recently that when mgm decides to continue the stargate franchise, you don’t believe it’ll include our sg1/atlantis/sgu mythology.

is this still true?”

Answer: Yes.  Again, this is simply my opinion.

majorsal also writes: “there’s some shows that you just know is ready to go (i’m there with ‘house’ right now), but this is not the case with sg1/atlantis/sgu. their stories are not finished. they need closure. we need closure.  please, what’s your opinion?”

Answer: I agree.

libkat writes: “What was the part you were going to write for Ben Browder on Atlantis? (I had read gossip somewhere that he was the original frontrunner to play Sheppard, but the Farscape mini-series intervened.)”

Answer: True.  Ben would have made the perfect John Sheppard as originally envisioned in the Atlantis pilot – a Southern cowboy with swagger.  The fact that he was shooting the Farscape miniseries took him out of the running.  As for the part I’d written for Ben – that of Colonel Dillon Everett in Siege I, II and III. Needless to say the character’s arc would have been significantly different had Ben been available to take the role.

Dr. D writes: “Do you know of anyone at MGM who might have a blog or offers Q&A?  Any word yet on if/when Brad and Robert will offer a Q&A?  Any recommendations on blogs to visit?”

Answer: First, congrats on the doctorate.  Second – no knowledge of any MGM-related blogs.  Third – no idea if and when either Brad or Robert might come by for a final all-Stargate Q&A.  Fourth – As for blogs you should visit, I highly recommend the philosophical musings of Jocelyn TestesHarder over on  Her site (and accompanying twitter account) is replete with brilliant insights (ie. “You remember that guy who was always flipping the bird, even in his online profile pictures? He died as he lived.” and “It’s my turn to make the snacks for my daughter’s class this week. I just hope they like 4-day-old Papa John’s pizza crusts.”

Escyos writes: “1. I heard somewhere that Lord Yu, despite being stabbed through the chest by RepliCarter actually survived and is still out there. Kind of fits with what Osiris said in that he simply refuses to die. Do yu (lol) think that he is still around?”

Answer: He was one of my favorite system lords so I’m going to sat yes.

“2. Whats Teal’c up to these days, is he Jaffa President yet?”

Answer: Or the Jaffa equivalent.

“3. Was Destiny, and the seed ships, built on Earth, in orbit, on the moon, mars, nearby etc?”

Answer: I would imagine they were built on Earth, way back when.

“4. Is there anything left by the Ancients elsewhere in the solar system, perhaps a moonbase?”

Answer: Definitely not a moonbase.  With the city of Atlantis presently sitting there, it might get a little crowded.

James writes: “Reminder about the SGU soundtrack.”

Answer: Already sent.  Awaiting a response.

James also writes: “Your love of anime is well documented; what series are you following at present?”

Answer: Haven’t started one yet.  I’m eyeing Gintama vol. 2 but also considering Darker Than Black.

dasNdanger writes: “I have this image of Joe and his date going back to her apartment, where she excuses herself to change into something ‘more comfortable’. As soon as she disappears down the hallway…”

Answer: I wish to subscribe to your fan fiction feed.

53 thoughts on “May 21, 2011: Transporter: The Series – Your Questions Answered! More Stargate: SG-1 Season 7 Memories! Another Stargate-centric Mailbag!

  1. I liked Grace, I think Amanda did a wonderful job, and loved the little girl too. The singing stuck in my head for a while… The kiss, meh, didn’t really think about it either way.
    I was hoping that the team had not come upon an unbeatable enemy in the super soldier, I should have known, nothing was impossible for the team.Great fun. Now I have to go back and rewatch for that piece you talked about,,lol..harumph…

  2. I love hearing all this stuff about the beginning of a new series. Hubby said we could get the Transporter movies off of Netflix so I could get more of an idea of what it’s about.

    My favorite Season 7 eps of this set were Evolution 1 and 2. Cool stuff! Didn’t care for Grace that much. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the hallucination stuff.

    Listen, I had a question. You’ve told us several of the ideas that might have made it into Season 3 scripts for SGU. Were there any scripts actually written before the cancellation? I’m thinking you’re gonna say no, but I have a reason for asking. If you don’t want to answer, that’s fine. Just curious.

    Thanks for all that you share in your blog and for making me laugh. Have a good night!!

  3. joe said: “While I, admittedly, would have liked to see the Sam-Jack arc culminate in their finally settling down together, I wasn’t a fan of the dream flash in this episode in which the two lock lips. […]

    as an s/j shipper, i LOVED that ‘grace’ kiss!! :p it was steamy, romantic, and heartfelt all at the same time. yeah, a dream within a dream was ‘whaa’, but the end result was HOT! :p

    and as for your first sentence… that fact *still* stings!!! 🙁 fans AND the characters were deprived of that pleasure…

  4. Does the viewer need to watch the transporter movies in order to understand the tv series that you are producing?

  5. I’m assuming Transporter is going to be more episodic and we’ll get a fairly self contained story every episode.

    Which do you prefer writing more, episodic or serialized?

    Which type do you prefer watching?

  6. Hi Joe,
    I have a few questions about Transporter: Since Luc Besson is very much involved in the project, have you met the guy yet? Is he pitching stories with you? Will he direct some episodes???
    And also, are you considering hiring French actors for some of the roles???
    Thanks for answering! Good luck with Transporter, sounds already awesome!!

  7. @I’m sure you’ll agree once you see him in action as Frank Martin.

    Absolutely Joe, he is one impressive actor.

    I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect with the series, but you now have my complete and utter faith that you’l do it well, so my expectations will be somewhat high.

    @Answer: Hopefully, yes!

    Lol maybe more people who like anime?

  8. had the movie, Stargate: Extinction, been made, Atlantis would have found its way back to the Pegasus Galaxy within a month of Enemy at the Gate. Interesting, I’ve read SGA Homecoming recently and the authors (Jo Graham, & Melissa Scott) returned them in six months. I would have loved to read your script or even better, had seen the movie.
    Ben Browder would have been a good Sheppard but Joe Flanigan acquired a loyal following. It worked out.

    I loved Claudia Black in Farscape. What turn of events made her a regular in SG-1? I also enjoyed her SG-1 character but it was odd NOT seeing her teamed with Ben Browder. To me, they made such a great screen couple. I suppose if you would have teamed them up again as a couple, it would have been like watching Farscape but in another setting.

    Michael Welch was pretty awesome and I’m sorry we never saw his return. I would have loved being a teenager again, had so some much life knowledge. The mistakes I never would have made and all that. It would have been interesting to see what the young O’Neil would have done differently.

    Thanks for the memories!

  9. Hey Joe,

    For what it’s worth: I’m sorry for what I wrote yesterday (or how I wrote it). Though I’m still against RTL, I can see that it sounded a little rude.
    Thank you, for publishing this entry so “early” (still almost 2 am here – but that’s okay)! Yesterday, when I wrote the worst comment ever, it was almost 5 am. I was so tired, you wouldn’t believe it (which, in retrospect, could be the reason why I posted it at all …).

    Today, I actually have a question about Stargate again. Didn’t you want to write all about Stargate: Extinction? I’m dying to know all about it!!

    Thank you, for taking the time to read the comments 🙂

    Have a good night, Joe!

  10. I thought of an upside to you living in Toronto! I live in the Eastern time zone, and with you posting earlier it means I often get a chance to read before I turn in (instead of waiting till the next morning).

    Oh wait. Yep, that’s only an advantage for me. Not necessarily for you. Ah well.

    Evolution I&II are favorites of mine. I liked seeing the team having an adventure here on Earth now and then. Thanks for pointing out that Nicaragua was actually Vancouver. I probably should have realized you guys hadn’t flown down to Mexico to shoot the episodes. Maybe I just got so caught up in the story that I didn’t think about it.

    One of my favorite moments – besides Burke blowing up the zombie – was the look on Daniel’s face when Jack showed up in the middle of the jungle.

  11. Hi Joe,
    Is Transporter: The Series going to shine light on the character of Frank with regard to Jason Statham’s appearance in the beginning of the film Collateral? There has been a lot of talk that Statham was playing Frank as a nod to the Transporter franchise by delivering a package to Tom Cruise’s character. Is delivering packages like in Collateral be a key part in the series or will the packages be more action-packed?

  12. @Darker Than Black.

    I watched Darker than Black years ago Joe and fully reccommend you watch it, it’s more a show you need to watch when you have a few hours spare here and there as the show is basically split up into arcs that carry over some plot points. It’s basically *insert title for the arc here* then Part 1, 2, 3 ,4, till it finishes, then repeat till the finale.

    You won’t like the anime much if you dont watch each arc till the end.

    Season 2 is also licensed but not released yet on DVD, I pretty much think this is one of the best animes released in recent years.

    Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but Blood+ is also a very good anime series, with a good amount of the music being done by Hans Zimmer. It was released by Sony in Boxset form, may be hard to find, but its a very good vampire anime.

    And Durarara!! as you love Baccano is another anime you need to watch, as its based in the same universe. Different story but has cameos from several, annoying characters..

    Basically Isaac and Miria appear in Episode 11 of Durarara.

  13. Thanks, Joe…so glad to hear Tarconi will be a part of the series. Are you close to casting him (or have you already, but just haven’t announced it yet?)

    Also…holy moly…how on earth is Cyril Raffaelli not in a full body cast all the time. That guy’s crazy! But, hey, it’s good for all of us that you got him because the stunts should be pretty spectactular!

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to officially express how much I dig Amanda Tapping. Beautiful, great as Carter, and so sweet and charming in person. The kind of actor that gives actors a good name. I’m just sayin’.

  14. Those clips of Cyril Raffaelli are fracking amazing. There are times when I can’t even open a car door and get inside without hitting my head, arm or leg… LoL. 🙂

    “particularly one shot that sees the Zombie Chalo blown apart. The other guys felt it was too visceral (“Pretty damn goopy!”) but I didn’t see the problem.”

    I think the same about terrorists and pirates. They should be blown apart, after they have been tortured for all the information we can get out of them.

    “I imagined a future storyline that would have involved the team learning of Weir’s fate and launching a rescue op.”

    So many awesome storylines that we may never get to see. 🙁

    For the few of us who never watched any of the Transporter movies yet, would it be better for me to watch the movies before the series comes out? Or watch the series for a while first and then the movies? Wondering chronologically speaking, what order is best? Thanks again for all the great info. 🙂

  15. Joe,

    Thank you on the congrats on my earning the doctorate. I’m still curious what the topic of your hypothetical dissertation would be. 😀 Something involving writing? Cooking? Pugs? Other? Of course, the hypothetical dissertation would have to have a very lengthy title and subtitle. That is, a dissertation other than the one we saw entitled “Latin for the Novice” in SG1.

    RE: MGM blog/Q&A/etc. – hopefully there’s something or someone out there somewhere with MGM who can offer some SG Q&A.

    RE: Brad & Robert Q&A – another hopefully for that, too.

    RE: blogs to visit –, really? Funny stuff. (And interesting.) Though, her last entry was 4 months ago. Yet, then again, her twitter page is loaded with a ton of frequent updates, many of which I can see are filled with very “interesting” (sick but funny) thoughts….

    FilthyRichmond Jocelyn TestesHarder:
    “Piss is only half bad through the Brita filter”

    The 4-day-old Papa John’s pizza crusts -as-school-snacks is hilarious.

    Though, her crusty comments about various extremely gross sexual subjects, which I won’t repeat in here, are definitely among the sickest (and funniest) of her tweets.

  16. Hi Joe,

    I must say that season 7 is one of my favorite seasons from Stargate SG-1… on Grace episode Amanda Tapping did an amazing job and the episode showed exactly Sam’s problems and how she is totally insecure inside… THE kiss between Sam and Jack was mind blowing! yes, i jumped out of my couch (lol) like OMG that didn’t happened well in fact it didn’t happened at all ! at the end in the infirmary scene was heartbreaking i think Col. Samantha Carter is such a strong character … hidding feelings for so long, poor Sam just saying…

    so, what do you think SG-1 is doing now that Carter is commander of the Hammond?

  17. I liked the kiss hallucination even though it was within another hallucination. She was coming to terms with moving on and her mind said “just let me have this one fantasy moment” and then she stopped herself, said no, not to indulge herself anymore, to really really let go. To me, it was a very powerful, heartbreaking moment.

  18. Joe,

    Thanks for answering my question about BB on SGA. It’s interesting to me that “As for the part I’d written for Ben – that of Colonel Dillon Everett in Siege I, II and III. Needless to say the character’s arc would have been significantly different had Ben been available to take the role.”

    I’ve always felt that the performance of the actor who did wind up playing Everett in Siege was one of the few real clinkers in SG history. His accent sounds so false and his dialogue so ADR’d that it is lifeless.

    I loved Enrico Colantoni in Evolution. I’d only seen him before as the only good thing is a US sitcom he did. His ironic ass kicker was a revelation. And any episode that features Daniel bicep porn is a good ep. in my book.

    Avenger 2.0 pointed out how much the success of the comedy in The Other Guys was owed to John Billingsley.

    I spent all of Fallout wondering why Langara had no hair products industry. Jonas could have made a bundle if he had taken formulas for mousse and gel with him when he left Earth.

    Am I the only person who thought that the little girl in Grace was the future/possible Carter/O’Neill offspring? The blue eyes with curly brown hair felt so obvious to me, even though I’m only a casual Jack/Sam shipper.

  19. @ tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog) – DO NOT WORRY. Transporter: The Series is in great hands. Robert C. Cooper is awesome!!, and he has brought his best boys with him to work on the series too – Paul Mullie, Joseph Mallozzi, and Carl Binder. It should be the best show you have ever seen on German broadcast. MARK MY WORDS.

  20. *puts bag over head* I didn’t notice an intentional reduction in RDA in season 7 until it was pointed out in DVD extras. Was it that smoothly done? That much talent to fill the gap? Enough explosions to distract me? I’m still trying to figure this out. If I could miss that, what other extremely important aspect of life am I not registering?

    Um, I thought the similar haircuts in Fallout were intentional, a visual way of saying that Jonas had reintegrated into his society well enough that he would take on their new fad. Not so?

  21. libkat said: Am I the only person who thought that the little girl in Grace was the future/possible Carter/O’Neill offspring? The blue eyes with curly brown hair felt so obvious to me, even though I’m only a casual Jack/Sam shipper.

    yeah, the girl they picked could very much have played their daughter. she even used one or two of jack’s phrases. :p

  22. Thanks for all the little bits of info and memories, for all your shows! I’m glad fate intervened and Ben ended up on SG1 because I really, really liked him as Cam Mitchell. And I loved Joe F as Sheppard, I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role. The chemistry between Joe and David H was unmatched on any other show I’ve ever watched. So cool!

  23. While I loved Chris Vance in “Mental” I would have really loved to see Jason Stratham be the lead in the Transporter series.
    1. Was there any attempt made to secure him for the role?
    2. Will the series be available on Itunes?
    3. Do you think if it does well the next season will the more episodes (20)?

    Now for the Stargate questions:
    Disclaimer: I’m a huge Sam/Jack shipper
    1. Was there any attempt to “ship” Cam and Sam together? (I’ve heard there was supposed to be a kiss in “Ripple Effect” between them and you nixed it plus the cookies and kiss in AoT)
    2. Why didn’t Jack get got at least a mention in “Unending”? (he was the star of the show for 8 years and Daniel’s, T’s and Sam’s best friend)
    3. Why wasn’t Sam/Jack confirmed in “Continuum”?
    please be sincere:
    4. Do you think Sam/Jack would have been confirmed in the 3rd movie or ever?

  24. Thanks for answering my questions. Always make me feel fuzzy knowing my questions have gotten through, On that note:
    1. Did the Jaffa retake Dakara after the Ori were defeated and rebuild, or move somewhere else?
    2. When the Ancients ‘reseeded’ the galaxy with life following the plague, did they reseed simple life which would evolve on its own, human life (which was only on Earth, except for one possibel exception), a series of different species of animals and plants, or did they just chuck a bunch of anything out there and hope it would all end up good.
    3. Is there a large fully functioning Stargate network in the Asgard galaxy, or just a few gates here and there?
    4. If you could redo any episode with an unlimited budget, which would it be and what would you change?
    Thanks again!

  25. That Cyril Raffaelli guy is one awesome fella. Stuntman is really a cool job, looks like your actor is in bestest hands =D

    Back to SG1:
    Season 7 is my most favourite season, but the episodes I like most in it have not been named yet. Can’t wait to hear your memories about ’em 🙂

    Btw, are you a fan of the Scream trilogy which has now produced it’s fourth movie? Srlsy, the best horror movies ever made. Just watched the fourth yesterday (I know I’m always late with that…)

    Thanks for keeping us up to date 🙂

  26. Answer: I wish to subscribe to your fan fiction feed.

    Great! I hope you like stories about Sheppard brushing Todd’s hair! 🙂

    Okay – my latest weird dream…

    I had this dream that my grandmom’s old house was infested with ‘turtle bottle bugs’. What’s a turtle bottle bug? Well, I’ll tell ya…it’s a BIG bug that bores inch and a half, perfectly round holes in wood. They have voracious
    appetites, and can eat a house in a matter of weeks. What do these bugs look like? They’re big – rodent-size, with a speckled brown and beige flat body shaped just like a stink bug, but with long, fine needle-like spikes jutting out around the edge of its exoskeleton. Oh, and it has a face exactly like a squirrel. 😕 My subconscious has far more imagination than I do. 😛


  27. hey everyone, posting while I’m on the bike…trying to catch up on what everyone’s been up to. I joined a 24 hour gym…it’s been fun…also doing Paleo…that’s been enlightening.

    I’m planning my Canada’s a bit overwhelming…there’s so much to do. I want to do the wildlife thing and one of the train trips…you got a must see thing in Vancouver Joe?

    That stunt demo looked pretty damn impressive…what style of fighting is in The Transporter? I’ll confess to not having seen the film.

    Is TO being kinder to you Joe? Have you checked out the famous Bagel shop?

    I wanted to tell you how much I loved Gauntlet…hard to believe y’all didn’t know…I cried bunches…do you ever cry writing it or are you a bit removed?

    Cheers, Chev

  28. Ok you probably aren’t going to believe me and I wouldn’t, I’m from Ireland and were the only thing we can buy is the DVDs, and I was wondering when did u come up with the concept of SGU because I was like 13, I wrote a very similar story to that of SGU and I was just thinking did u copy u or
    did u secretly copy me <—- I joke of course, I wrote it in 2006 If that helps

    Ps – sorry for the bible above me and I also wanted to say to another person who contacted you call "dark north" or something.seriously mate give the writers a break id love to see u work so hard and still come out with in my opinion such fantastic episode because I've watched ever single episode if SG-1 SGA and SGU.

    P.s.s – sorry Mr. Mallozzi for blabbering

  29. Hiya Joe,

    Since we are going down memory lane, I just remembered one thing about SG-1. Was there any discussion of Loki, the renegade Asgard appearing again? I just loved the idea of an evil/villainous Asgard and kind of wish he appeared more as a regular foe for the team. Was nice to hear him being mentioned in Atlantis though so that was nice.

    And speaking of “Grace”, was there any plans to see the mysterious aliens that attacked Prometheus? They seemed quite powerful from what I can remember.

    Take care Joe!

  30. @das: I had to google ‘turtle bottle bug’ to see if it actually existed. You do have a very vivid imagination. 😉

  31. @das: What?! Sounds like your imagination is working overtime again. And the bugs must be leftover from the termites in the garage, but the squirrel faces is an interesting twist. And sign me up for the fan fics, too. 😉 I love your Todd and Shep stories. 😀

    I’m kind of lost on most of this Q&A stuff, since I wasn’t watching SG1 at that time. But I am enjoying your behind the scenes, Joe.

    As for the anime – you should definitely catch up with Gintama! They are on season 4 now. I haven’t seen Darker than Black yet, so I can’t comment. I think it depends on whether you are in the mood for silliness or something more serious and mysterious. I just finished watching Eden of the East – which I liked a lot! But I’m sure you’ve seen it already.

  32. Hey i was just wondering if there were any plans to revealing what happened To Curtis and Palmer For Air part 3

    If so what were they?

    and if not what are your personal opinions?

  33. Since transporter the series is running on hbo/cinemax what rating is the show going to have is there going to be nudity as in many of there shows I.e true blood/rome/hung.

  34. Hi Joe!

    Your discussion of Evolution Part II reminded me of something I’d once thought of: could the Ancients’ creation of the technology that would lead to the Sarcophagus have been meant to counter the Wraith aging effect originally? I always thought that Colonel Everett would’ve just been put into one, for example, as Earth got more access to Goa’uld tech.


  35. @Sparrow_hawk

    There are 2 Eden of the East movies that come after the main series, the first which is called Eden of the East King of Eden is out now, and the second is out later this year, both follow on from the end of each other, and are really good actually.

    The King of Eden movie pretty much has Saki trying to find Akira Takisawa after he prevented the missile attack on Japan, and pretty much answers a few of the questions from the main series, like what is Juiz, and how much can she/it do. Plus more depth to the other Selecao.

    Being non spoilerific there.

  36. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to enthuse a little about your new show! I am sincerely excited to see a TV series for Transporter movies is being made, actually if I recall correctly, I haven’t been so enthused about seeing TV conversion of a popular movie since Stargate!
    I have seen some of Chris Vance’s work in shows like Supernatural and Burn Notice (which I got into after watching Michael Shanks episodes). So I will be interested to watch what you and Mr Vance will do with with Frank Martin. All in all this could be the start of another fan experience for me!

  37. @tidusspear08 Don’t apologize — your comments on RTL are hilarious! I believe they co-produced Michael Shanks’ worst movie of all time, Sumuru. So we’re not completely unfamiliar with their skills. Joe probably isn’t allowed to comment, though. 🙂

    To Joe, there were many great fan fics that dealt with Jack Clone. My favorite had him go nearly crazy with missing his work and his team-mates, so Daniel, Sam, and Teal’c asked the Asgard to clone them, too. And they all grew up together again, fighting bad guys along the way. Too smarmy? We could have helped you come up with something!

  38. The Atlantis theme has a chorus singing in the background. There has been a fair amount of folk who really want to know what they are singing. Care to share, officially?

  39. @Sparrow_hawk

    By the way, forgot to mention but the movie was released with the Eden of the East Air Communication recap movie too, subtitles only, but its a good way to pick up any important plot points you may of forgotten before watching The King of Eden movie lol

    Incase you get confused, it was released in America in a Blu Ray/DVD combo pack, basically you get 1 x King of Eden Movie on DVD, and on Blu Ray, + the prequal film.

    Oh and if you haven’t seen it already, pick up Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, its strongely hinted that Eden of the East is the prequal to that.

  40. Picked up my dvd set of season 2 today, i really really feel that the sgu should have been given a 3rd season nothing esle to say.
    I wish tremendous success to joe with his new project, i believe that once it seen how great a writer he and the other former stargate writers are maybe who knows somebody may choose to start up the franchise sooner rather than later.

  41. @ das – RE: your “turtle bottle bug” dream – it means you have anxiety and fears and are worried about something/someone. There are obstacles you must overcome and deal with (bug), yet you are hoarding (squirrel face) and holding on to something like a pointless empty relationship or endeavor. Your defenses are up (spikes/sharp needles) to protect your emotional self. You long for unconditional love, security, old fashion values (grandma’s house). You called it a “turtle”? Means you are faithful and loyal. You take things slow and are sheltering yourself.

  42. dasNdanger writes: “I have this image of Joe and his date going back to her apartment, where she excuses herself to change into something ‘more comfortable’. As soon as she disappears down the hallway…”

    Answer: I wish to subscribe to your fan fiction feed.
    dasNdanger did good, if kind of disturbing, work.

    libkat–Avenger 2.0 pointed out how much the success of the comedy in The Other Guys was owed to John Billingsley.
    i agree.

    Am I the only person who thought that the little girl in Grace was the future/possible Carter/O’Neill offspring? The blue eyes with curly brown hair felt so obvious to me, even though I’m only a casual Jack/Sam shipper.
    i never noticed that. i thought the girl was some sort of representation of carter as a girl.

  43. This is an old school SG-1 question:

    Were the Ori aware of Pegasus as well as the Milky Way did they have any plans on sending a crusade there as well? I’d imagine if they knew about Atlantis they may very well have wanted to see it destroyed.

  44. Is Transporter: The Series going to be in the same continuity as the three films (continuing on from the movies), will they be a separate continuity (like a reboot), or will it be a mixture (ala SG1 and the original Stargate movie, taking some movie elements and ignoring others)?

  45. “James writes: “Reminder about the SGU soundtrack.”

    Answer: Already sent. Awaiting a response.”

    Yeah! 😀

    Sweet! Thanks for doing that, please let us know when you get a response 🙂

  46. James writes: “Reminder about the SGU soundtrack.”

    Answer: Already sent. Awaiting a response.

    THANK YOU! Joel’s website has been very VERY quiet. So anything you may hear please pass on.

  47. Hi, nice to read your post is very good to see all this information after so much time of the cancellation of SG franchise.

    Q: In a new movie or Arc, shouldn’t the Earth (USA & Allies and the maybe the Jaffa Nation) begin to take down the Lucian Alliance?

    Q: Did you ever think about an Arc about the Jaffa Nation or even a spin-off after the Ori’s Arc?

    Q: I always thought that instead of the midway station you could have left just a Transmission Satellite to communicate with the Milky Way and maybe later create the midway station, so the show could have had more time before creating the station and destroying it (it was obvious the need to isolate Atlantis inside the show to keep it attractive)

    Srry so many questions.

    All my family here in Costa Rica enjoyed a lot so many years of SG-1 and SG Atlantis i have bought all the DVD’s of the series and the movies, there’s is alot of support around the world

  48. Long time listener, first time caller.

    If it matters at all to anyone, the idea of a Stargate Universe score release appeals greatly to me, as well. One of the very best parts of this truly excellent production was the superb score, which is often [intentionally, one presumes] obscured by something apparently known as “dialog.”

    A release of the score – particularly a digital release, on, say, the iTunes or the Amazon – would present minimal expense and might thus provide significant return. And it would please me, which I know is very important to everyone.

  49. June 2, 2011: I know you & Das were yanking each others’ chains above, but seriously, Joe, are you now ethically /legally free to read SG fanfic?

    *waves at Das*

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