Before I get into my Stargate reminiscences, a little update on the V1 Jets front.  For the full preamble, check out my April 19th entry (April 19, 2011: V1 Jets). In short: I booked a flight through V1 Jets, followed their instructions and sent them a wire payment but, since the wire payment did not reach them in time, they cancelled my flight.  That was over a month ago.  Since then, I’ve been consistently frustrated in my attempts to not only get a refund but even any sort of information on the status of said refund.  Finally, fed up, I started complaining – to several consumer advocate groups and on this blog.  The day after my entry, I received a call from a representative of V1 Jets who proposed a repayment plan.  Relieved that this ordeal was apparently over, I asked him to forward me something I could review.  He did and, while I appreciated the proposal, it wouldn’t have seen me fully reimbursed until well into 2012.  I countered with an alternate proposal that would see me fully reimbursed, instead, five months after the fact – which I considered more than reasonable.  However I wanted to run any language by a lawyer before signing any agreement.  Whether it was the mention of the lawyer or the terms of the counter proposal (Seriously.  Five months interest-free return of the principle!), I received a curt and offensive email back.  Well, I’ve had it.  I’ve been patient, understanding, sympathetic, and open to discussion.  The company has responded with mild initial reassurances followed by giving me the run-around then topped it off with an attempt to bully me.  Enough is enough.  I was hoping we could settle this matter amicably but, apparently, that’s not possible.  So, Tuesday, I do something I should have done from the very beginning: make a call to the lawyers and have them handle it.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s move on to those Stargate memories.

Now, originally, I was going to dedicate a blog entry to each season but, as I started to go over the various years, the various episodes, and the innumerable behind-the-scenes events that shaped the production, I quickly came to realize that I’d be hard-pressed to fit everything into one entry.  I considered half seasons and then, ultimately, decided to just write and see where my memories take me.  I could cover an entire season in one entry or it may take me two, three, maybe more.  I’ll try to keep it enlightening and entertaining, particularly for those of you who followed the franchise from the start (or, at the very least, SG-1’s fourth season which is when Paul and I were welcomed into the Stargate family).

I got my start in animation.  After sending out about a hundred resumes seeking employment in the entertainment field as a script-reader, I received one heartening response for a little animation studio in Montreal.  At the time, it was called Crayon Animation and was in gearing up to produce an animated series based on The Busy World of Richard Scarry.  The show’s story-editor at the time, a terrific guy and talented writer by the name of Thomas LaPierre, talked me through it:  Based on the writing sample I’d provided, he was willing to give me a shot at pitching for the series.  I was to read the series bible, then send them ideas for stories to be used in the show.  If they liked an idea, they would buy it and send me to outline.  If I did a good job on the outline, they would send me to script.  And so, I studied the bible, came up with a couple of ideas, and sent them his way.  This resulted in my first script sale ever: “Patrick Pig Learns to Talk”.  It was a thrilling experience – and a lot of fun! – and the series quickly commanded my undivided attention.  I wrote several scripts for the series, then moved on to other shows Crayon Animation had in production.

The company grew, changed it’s name to Cinar Animation, and I was soon hired as their Manager of Animation Development.  For several years, I researched properties, developed shows for television, wrote bibles and scripts and, eventually, began story-editing as well.  The story-editing proved quite lucrative and, in time, I decided to leave the 9 to 5 office environment in favor of the freedom of freelancing.  I continued to story edit for Cinar, then Toronto’s Nelvana and their CBS Saturday morning line-up.

SG-1 Exec. Producer Michael Greenburg would always rib me with: "I don't know how they used to do things on Caillou, but this is Stargate..."

With my new writing partner, Paul, I made the transition to live action television with a writing-producing gig on a teen sitcom called Student Bodies.  Paul and I wrote fully a third of the 65 episodes produced and had a wonderful time with the cast, crew, and the show’s producers.  We shot the series in an abandoned high school and we would pace the empty corridors, running dialogue back and forth between each other before retiring to our office – a converted, carpeted classroom – to write.  Occasionally, the actors or actresses would drop by to say hi or challenge us to a game on the air hockey table the production had gifted us after wrapping the big “air hockey” episode.  It was a great experience and we knew how lucky we were.  I didn’t think it could get any better. Until the position on Stargate came along.

But before Stargate, there were brief stints on Big Wolf on Campus, The Lost World, and other animation projects.  In fact, despite my work in live action, animation continued to be my bread and butter.  At the time, I was doing so well story-editing and writing animation that I actually took a pay cut to join team Stargate.

Now, to be perfectly frank, I didn’t know much about the series.  I’d watched one episode, an early series episode titled “Emancipation”, that I’d found so horrid it had turned me off the show.  Amusingly enough, the exact same thing had happened to Paul with the very same episode.  So, when our agent called to tell us Stargate: SG-1 was looking to staff for its fourth season, we were leery.  It was a great opportunity but the prospect of working on a show we didn’t enjoy didn’t hold much appeal.  But, in all fairness, our opinion of the show was based on a single episode and this was a great opportunity, so why not at least do a little research.  And we did, watching episodes, reading scripts, and both, eventually agreeing that, hell, it was, in fact, a really good show (with the occasional bad episode, just like any other series).  So Paul and I got to work and sent them production some pitches.  They liked a few of our ideas and we were given a contract to write an outline.  Same deal as my animation experience: if we did a good job on the outline, we’d be hired to write the script.  But – and here’s where this opportunity differed from animation – if we did a good job on the script, we would be invited to join the writers’ room for the show’s fourth season.

Brad and Robert admitted that, in retrospect, Emancipation wasn't one of the show's high-water marks.

An impressive three of the five pitches we sent clicked with Executive Producers Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, but the one they chose as our trial by fire was a story that would eventually become our second episode produced, “Scorched Earth”.  After several conference calls with Brad and Robert, and several outlines, we were sent to script.  I remember feeling somewhat ambivalent about the whole thing when Paul and I finished that first draft and sent it off.  It was a tremendous opportunity to work on the biggest show being produced in Canada but, on the other hand, it also meant uprooting and leaving Montreal (the only city I’ve ever known) for a new life on the other side of the country in Vancouver.  Apparently, Brad and Robert were on a flight to Hawaii (for what I believe what was the first of what would become a Stargate tradition: the post-season golf trip), with a single copy of our script.  Brad deferred to Rob and held his figurative breath for most of the flight, convinced that a bad script would ruin his vacation.  Rob finished reading the script, set it aside, and put Brad’s mind at ease: “It’s good.”  And, soon after, we were offered the staff positions.

Scene from Scorched Earth, our first script but second episode produced. That honor fell to fan-favorite Window of Opportunity.

We moved to Vancouver for the start of SG-1’s fourth season.  As we settled into our offices, Brad and Rob explained that the series would probably go five seasons (which would give the studio the magic 110 it needed for syndication) so, if all went well, we were more or less guaranteed two years work.  Two years of gainful employment on the biggest production in Canada!  I figured it couldn’t get any better.  How wrong I was.

In those first few weeks, we settled in and met the various cast, crew members, and production personnel who would become a part of our daily lives over the course of our extended Stargate run.  Two stand out looking back.  The first was Peter Deluise who sat in with us to talk stories for the upcoming season as he was making the transition from series director to series writer/director.  He was friendly, funny, incredibly animated – and Paul and I took an instant liking to the guy.  At one point, he was talking about some story idea he had come up with (a story involving something called an “Unas” which meant nothing to me) when, somehow, the topic of his father came up.  “Anyway,”he said, “my father – who is Dom DeLuise – said it was as big as a bread box…”.  I don’t think Paul and I even listened to the rest of what he was saying.  We simply exchanged looks, then threw them back at Peter and I said: “Whoa, whoa.  What did you just say?”  “My father, who is Dom DeLuise, said it was as big as a bread box,”Peter repeated, then continued on with his story.  It was such a bizarre and unexpected throwaway that I still remember it fondly.  Although Peter’s father, Dom, had done a guest spot in the show’s third season on an episode called Urgo (From what I hear, the cast and crew were in stitches throughout the shooting of Urgo given Dom’s propensity for hilarious improvisation), it wasn’t until many, many years later that I actually met the man.  He delivered a speech at his son’s wedding that brought the house down.

The fastest director I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Peter DeLuise would positively sail through the day.

The other stand-out introduction was to the man himself, Richard Dean Anderson (aka MacGyver).  Although he had popped his head in to say hi when we first arrived, it wasn’t until I’d settled into my office that he actually swung by to say hi and welcome me to the show.  I remember I was working on a script, my back to the door, my pug Jelly (she must have one at the time) at my feet, when Rick stepped in and re-introduced himself.  We started chatting and I was momentarily distracted by something on my computer.  When I turned around, he was gone.  I barely had time to be register surprise when I glanced down and realized he hadn’t left – he was lying on his back on the carpeted floor of my office, playing with my dog.  That simple act endeared him to me so much that, years later, no matter what the script critiques and changes requested, I had nothing but respect for the big-hearted guy.  As I’ve often said: “People who like dogs are generally good and kind, while people who don’t like dogs are jerks at best and serial killers at worst”.  Rick was – and continues to be – a dog guy, to the point that we nicknamed him “the dog whisperer” before Cesar Millan claimed the title.

The original Dog Whisperer.

Whew!  That’s it for today.  In my next entry, I tackle the individual episodes that made up the show’s fourth season, and some of the interesting behind-the-scene decisions, developments, and fallout!

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  1. That was a fun read! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I hope the lawyer has more luck than you. Five months is more than reasonable.

  2. A shame you had to get lawyers involved but sometimes it’s the only way for justice. Love the above StarGate info, Thanks a lot. 🙂

    We know from history that in about 10-20 years, someone will be re-making (or hopefully continuing even sooner!) the StarGate franchise. Just like lots of other TV shows and movies: BattleStar Galactica, Hawaii-Five-O and so on… they are even remaking Logan’s Run:

    I just hope I’m still alive when the next StarGate comes out. Anyone have a spare stasis chamber I can use, to put myself on ice until the next StarGate is released? Where’s the Ancients or Thor when I need them? LoL 🙂

    Just found this also:,0,6612447.story

    Maybe the BBC will take over or be a partner with MGM in the StarGate franchise? and the BBC-SCIFI Channel sound great to me. 🙂

  3. Hey Joe

    It’ll be great to hear you reminisce about the seasons. I bet it will take you a week a season to tell us everything! I, personally, can’t wait until season 8 to hear what you have against Moebius.

    Take care

  4. Ok, my opinion of RDA just jumped several notches. ALways respected the guy, but he’s never been one of my SG favorites. It’s funny how the little things show what makes the man.
    Best of luck on going after your money. Sounds like they are in pretty tight financial straits. Pity they didn’t have the sense to just fess up to you from the start and try to negotiate in good faith. Hope your lawyers are part pirhuana.
    The next few(dozen?) posts should be informative and entertaining. Thanks for taking the time to look back on the last decade and share them with us.

  5. You didn’t know Dom DeLuise was Peter’s father?? OMG, everyone knew that! With those big stars, I’m always wanting to see what their kids look like and what they decide to do in life.

    I have had my eye on Richard Dean Anderson since he was in the short lived TV show Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. He was such a cute brother! And MacGyver was a “never miss an episode” show for me. I loved the easy going character he played (and his hair!) and always thought that he must have a personality like that in real life too.

    Great blog tonight Joe! Really enjoyed reading it. Kinda like your bio. I look forward to continuing reading about your journey up through the Stargate years and chiming in here and there.

  6. thanks that was interesting, i was always curious about how you started. but you were so picky, come on it had stargate in its title, how bad could have it been? Emancipation was awful but hardly the worst episode. How about the one with the chicks against the dudes? or the one with teenager who got sick and was yelling at Frazier? those were really bad.

    one thing though, how did you meet Paul? Was he with you in college or something?

  7. Repayment plan, hey? WTF did they do with the money for a service they never delivered? Make ’em pay your attorney’s fees, too! Such insanity. Sounds to me like they’re going under.

    Gotta love RDA, my kind of guy! Have a good night, I’m off to bed early!

  8. “Scorched Earth” is actually a favorite…one it’s Daniel centric and the whole morality issue and two it introduced me to Brian Markinson. I’ve enjoyed his work since and he’s one of the actors I’m always spotting for “Seven Degrees of Stargate.”

    The other would be Alessandro Juliani, whom I just saw in something – oh yeah the remake of Riverworld…it was the other day….

  9. I was reading you post for today and I hear my kids break into a discussion about “The Busy World of Richard Scarry” and how great that show was. They I scroll down and I hear, “I love Caillou!” At this point they asked me what I was reading. I explained who you were. The are both Stargate fans. My seven year old said, no wonder we liked Stargate!”


  10. Holy cow.. why should you have to wait 5 mins, much less 5 mos? Sue their sorry asses.

    Very good blog. While I have known some jerkwads who like dogs, I sure give most dog lovers special places in my heart.

    Speaking of dogs… plug for a rescue, who is in NY but has helped chows all over the country.. desperate needs now with over 100 chows dumped into rescue:

  11. by the way

    I wish I was that dog in that picture with RDA. As Carl would say, “lucky dog…”.

  12. Yeah, sue the bastards.

    I love Cailou. It’s one of my daughter’s favorite shows.

    I didn’t know that Scorched Earth was the first episode that you and Paul wrote. That episode had so much deep meaning to it. To come in to an established franchise and pull that out to write? No wonder Brad and Rob wanted the two of you.

    Great stories. More please?

  13. First of all, sue those jerks! ‘Kay, that’s out of the way.

    Fun blog tonight! Really enjoying the reminiscences. “Scorched Earth” was one of my favourite eps. I think I fell in love with Daniel in that one. What took me so long? Oh, right. I was late to the party and caught up in reruns. “Emancipation” gave me the ughs.

    It seems like I’ve always loved RDA, since McGyver. The image of him on the floor with Jelly just makes him perfect.

    I would also like to know how you met Paul. Did you guys hit it off right from the start?

    Looking forward to more memories. 🙂

  14. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,
    Thank you so much for this entry 🙂 and the promise of those to come. I have decided to break out my 10 year box set and watch each episode on the day you reminisce about it… That will make this that much more fun!

    I am sad & happy at the time, so if I forget to express my appreciation for your work, let me tell you now! You and Paul are amazingly talented and your contributions to the Stargate franchise has been immeasurable!

    THANK YOU for:

    – Letting us fans into your world giving us an understanding of what it means to be an Executive Producer and Show Runner for a hit show.

    – Teaching us how an episode is scripted and produced from beginning to end.

    – Sharing so much of the “behind-the-scenes” that we felt as if we were there watching in some cases.

    – The honesty and integrity in which you handled the haters and malcontents who sometime invaded this blog.

    -Sharing your adventures in food exploration and widening our individual horizons about how food can be sensual and exciting in taste and appearance.

    – Giving us so much of yourself when you clearly did not have too…

    This show has meant so much to me that a simple “Thank you” does not begin to express my appreciation.
    Pat 😉

  15. Hey, Joe!

    Stargate mailbag question:
    If season 3 had come to fruition were there any particular characters from the other Stargate shows that had been discussed for a guest spot… or even repeat guests like O’Neill or McKay?

    Stargate ? Part Deux:
    If there was any Stargate character from one of the other shows that you would have liked to make an appearance on SGU (no matter how bizarre the circumstance it would require to explain that character’s presence) who would it be?

    I’m thinking Vala. I could see a situation where there’s a mishap when Young uses the stones to send a report back to Earth and he and Vala switch bodies… however she’s offworld undercover posing as a arms/space craft dealer trying to infiltrate the Lucian Alliance so Young is stuck trying to find a gate so he can get back to Earth to figure out the stone mishap but also finds out about the Alliance plotting a second attempt to re-take Destiny; while Vala takes advantage of her new surroundings & host. Somehow I can see Louis Ferreira doing a great take on Vala, and Claudia Black would be hilarious bossing everyone around on the ship.

  16. Hi Joe:
    Scorched Earth is also one of my all time favorites, and it was actually the first SG1 episode I watched.
    What a coincidence it was your first episode that you wrote !
    I am going to really love your next upcoming blogs with all of your stargate stories !
    Thanks for everything again !!!

  17. Ouch, sounds like V1 Jets spent your money, have a huge cash flow problem and can’t pay you back right away.

    Hope you get it sorted out before they go bankrupt.

    This is why i charge everything to a credit card no matter what.

    Hope it just comes down to a simple letter from the lawyers to get V1 jets off their asses.

  18. I remember back when you were writing for BWOC. For some reason something about bubblegum and a foreign exchange student stick in my memory.

    I also remember a proposal you made with art by Dan Turcotte. An underwater themed animated show – and that was before SpongeBob! Too bad it didn’t take off.

  19. Hi Joe

    season 4 was a great season. My favourite things from that are :-

    Window of Opportunity – terrific fun episode, lots of amusing references “in the middle of my backswing!”

    Your first dvd commentary with Peter Deluise where he made you sing the theme tune lyrics that you had written 🙂

    I do really enjoy rewatching the episodes with the commentaries, I know the perhaps may have been a drag to do, but as a fan , they are gold. So interesting to hear from the people who wrote, acted and directed the episodes.
    And of course if they were Peter Deluise ones, he is almost as funny as his dad – whom I loved – Urgo blew me away 🙂

    Exodus and Chain Reaction were great , little touches in them such as the reply Lotan gives after he is asked about what it was like going outside “Not good”

    And of course the invention of Martin Lloyd as a character brilliantly cast and played by Willie Garson


  20. Thanks for this insightful post! I am looking forward to reading more of it!

    And I hope your lawyer kicks some a**, this is unbelievable.

    Maybe one should try to start a company dedicated on salvaging TV shows that where chopped off in the middle like SGU is now.
    They could try to step-in as co-financer for great shows that didn’t get the ending they deserved. This of course has little to do with a desire to make money but with a desire to see great stories being told to their end.
    Wouldn’t it be great if someone like Richard Branson did something like that? Are there no really wealthy Sci-Fi fans willing to do something like that? I know that I would if I had the cash.

  21. Thanks for sharing. I grew up with stargate so its interesting to hear all this. Cool. Cool cool cool.

  22. Joe:

    Regarding the “V1 Jets” situation, considering where you’re at with that now, it might be a good idea to handle it 100% through your attorney. Let the lawyer handle all of it for you. My advice is that before you decide to do (or to not do) something, that you seek the advice of your attorney. You could potentially put yourself into a bad situation if you do something or say something that might end up having some kind of negative outcome. Even if you have the best of intentions. The shady nature of those “V1” people is enough of a red flag to take a step back and refuse to have any more direct contact or communication with them. Let the lawyer do that for you. I wish you the best of luck with that. It can be a frustrating thing. Another thing, and you probably know this already: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Best of luck, I hope to hear/read good news on that front in the future.

    Sean D.

  23. Joe, I’ll have to read the bit about your journey to Stargate later today, but I did read the re-cap on the V1 Jet thing. Whoa. My only guess is that they are in dire financial straits, which is kinda scary for you. You’re doing the right thing, I believe, by going through a lawyer. I feel really bad now for ever suggesting a private jet. 😛


  24. Thank you so much for writing about this. So interesting!

    Seriously, really great.

  25. You didn’t like Emanicpation?? What were your reservations about the episode? I kind of liked it….I thought the most of the guest actors did a great job the idea behind the story was good.

    I LOVED reading this entry I felt like a fly on the wall, felt like I went back in time and saw it all in my head. That happens when I read as well. When I pick up a book or read anything it’s like a movie in my head. Does that happen to you?

    I can’t belive they V1 Jets can’t just fork over the money you gave them… I’m unsure what the issue is. Did they already spend in on a crazy weekend in Vegas?? I think you allowing them FIVE freaking MONTHS to repay what is rightfully yours is incredablly generous of you. Those people are CRAZY!!

    Thanks for continuing to share your past journey and taking us with you for your future journeys.

  26. Joe,

    Did you ever “aquire” any props or souvenirs from the show? If so what were they? And what ever happened to that model of Destiny that was used for your story visualization? I would love to get my hands on a copy of it.

  27. Hey Joe! Awesome plan for giving us behind the scenes scoop on Stargate.

    One other comment: Please differentiate between those that don’t like dogs, and those that like them but can’t get near them due to allergies. I mean, I like dogs and all, I just prefer being able to breathe.

  28. Thanks Joe, this is going to be a fun read.

    @Sg1efc That’s interesting about BBCAmerica getting the rights to BSG. I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about how BBCA is developing a stronger base of scifi programming than the SyFy channel.

  29. Aaahh….the memeories! 🙂 Thanks for the memories, Joe! The first time I watched Stargate SG-1 is when it first came on syndication. I think Brief Candle was my first episode. I was attracted to the show because…well…RDA was on it. (Big MacGyver fan here! Loved Jack O’Neill :))

    I do remember Emancipation. That was just embarrassing. I have vowed never to watch that episode again. I always skip it when it comes on.

    But…I remember watching an episode called Torment of Tantalus. What a great episode that was. Still one of my favorites. That’s when I noticed a wonderful unknown actor, Michael Shanks. I just remember watching him in such awe. Such a brilliant actor. He nailed the episode dead on. Then…that’s when I started loving Daniel Jackson. Michael really made that character mulit-dimensional. I love how at first he started doing James Spader’s character, and then tranformed Daniel into Michael Shanks’ character. I just love how Daniel just grew and developed over the years. From a timid, naive geek to a self assured, confident, courageous, stong guy.

    Love to reminisce. 🙂

  30. Take your time, Joe. No rush. You keep writing and we’ll keep reading.

    As to the repayment from V1: I hope your lawyer can get things settled and that the company doesn’t go into “Chapter 11” before you can get your money back.

    @das: You see? Nothing scares Joe. He didn’t even blink. Either that or he didn’t even read what I posted.

  31. I feel like this is an episode of This is Your Life and we’re going to have these voiceovers from your past.

    I’m thinking of everyone that works on there someone that doesn’t like dogs ‘cos Sooooo many of the cast and crew are owned by dogs.

    I really liked Scorched Earth as well for the moral dilemma. Bravo!

    For all SGU fans on Facebook you might like to contribute to the following comments on your fave SG1 episode…funny how everyone loves the same episode

    Cheers, Chev

  32. Your V1 Jets ordeal is totally unacceptable. For them to keep your money after they cancelled your flight immediately after wiring the money is pure fraud. They used the Federal Banking system to commit fraud, not to mention involving the international banking system. I’d call the FBI. I’m pretty sure the person responsible can do jail time for this. They need to do, whatever they have to do, to pay you back now. Get a loan from their bank, from a relative, sell property – whatever. This situation is ridiculous.

    Also, get an American Express card. That card goes everywhere, doesn’t it?

  33. Hi Joe,
    I really like this blog entry a lot. I’m looking forward to reading more about your Stargate memory entries. I think what’s on the screen of a great show is only half the story. The other half is what is going on behind the scenes. So keep bringing them on Joe. 🙂

    The V1 Jets thing- ooo that gets to me. You know if someone doesn’t use someone else’s service that business should be required to give back their money- immediately.
    It shouldn’t take lawyers involved to get people to do the right thing. >:(
    Make sure your lawyers straighten them out and get them to “fly right” so the next guy/gal unknowingly coming behind you doesn’t get “taken for a ride”. (Okay, okay sorry for the puns). 🙂

    So this is your background leading up to Stargate eh? So I think some thanks and “how could you?!” are in order.
    My wife and I love The Busy World of Richard Scarry! She uses some of the stuff in her class room and our kids love them. Now onto some grumbling about Caillou…. how could you Joe?! What did I ever do to you?! For about 5 years I worked for the Public Broadcast Service on the daytime Master Control shift. For 5 years I witnessed that kid throw one temper tantrum after another. *Sigh*. Then my oldest daughter found out about Caillou and someone gave her a Caillou doll. She watched show after show and that doll had to go everywhere with her (including the tub). It was Caillou this and Caillou that. I guess it could have bad though- it could have been Barney she fell in love with (O the purple inhumanity of that)! For some reason I felt compelled to run the weekly Emergency Alert System Test (on Tuesdays) on Barney’s song. 🙂 …..But I love dogs! Doesn’t that even things out on my moral scale? 😉

    Looking for news about the ending of SGU I found an article recently about the lessons we could learn from prior great show cancellations. After reading it I would say if you guys are all about writing some books and/ or comics about SGU to keep it alive, I’m on board! Please keep us in the loop also of what other Stargate veterans are up to too. Maybe someday we might see Stargate rise again.!5792884/10-lessons-about-life-after-cancellation-that-stargate-can-learn-from-firefly-and-star-trek

    When my wife watched Emancipation she just about stop watching Stargate when she saw that episode. I’ve got to admit it wasn’t one of my favorites. But she stuck through it and I am glad she did because we are now just starting to watch season 7- we love it. She was glad to see Daniel come back but very sad to see Jonas leave. She said she wants to know what happened behind the scenes to bring Michael back and what did Corin do when he was told he wasn’t coming back as a regular.

    I thought Scorched Earth was pretty cool! As someone stated the dilemma thing was good. I would’ve liked to see the team revisit that planet a season or two after the conversion to see what it was like and what the aliens were doing. Window of Opportunity was some funny stuff! I love seeing how some shows do the Groundhog Day effect. I am looking forward to watching Revisions again and of course Camelot.
    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!

  34. When someone hoards your money and offers you a “repayment plan” that is just plain crap. They should have wired the money back asap; in their own words it only takes a day. Sounds like they lied about not receiving the cash in time too.

    You should hire a forensic accountant to look into the wire transfer; since you can’t believe anything they say they could have been lying from the jump.

    Thanks for Caillou by the way, my nephew spent many hours watching it as a kid and ended up dropped out of high school. Naturally I blame Caillou and his anti-establishment leanings.

  35. BTW when you google “V1 Jets Complaints” the very first listing that pulls up is your blog page of Apr 19!

    V1 Jets is seriously damaging their reputation by trying to rip you off, if they ever had a rep to begin with.

  36. The “1” in V1 Jets stands for “first in suckage”.

    Blog = +100. Thanks.

    I am home, healing, and about to depart on a leisurely road trip to NM to deliver my brother’s things we found in dad’s house to my SIL. My surgeon is horrified (I came thiiiiiis close to surgery on Tuesday). I told him, no worries, I’m not driving, I’m sitting on my ass, loaded up with antibiotics and painkillers. Sheesh, whatta wimp he is.

  37. Joe, Ditto what Patricia Lee, Rich S and Sue Jackson said.Honorable mentions to all other posters.

    I frequently abandon current TV and film fare for the comfort and security of my full DVD sets of SG-1, Atlantis and the films as they are true quality entertainment I shall never tire of. Also, I can forgive the very occasional lower quality episode and yet, still find something to like in it. Camera angles, guest actors, background scenery, props used, etc.

    I’ve really enjoyed my daily dose of Stargate with Mallozzi. I look forward to continuing with a daily dose of Stargate reminiscences, the case of the absconded money via V1 Jets, news of Transporter: The Series, puppy cams and foodie gold.

    And while I have only enjoyed cats as furry family members, I love dogs too! People who can grok another species on a deep level are usually good people.

    You are a wonderful writer Joe. Thanks again for all your efforts.


  38. Oops, also include, the SGU Season 1 DVD’s. I do hope there are plans for commentaries in the SGU S2 DVD release. Can you confirm that Joe?

    thanks 🙂


  39. Thanks for the memories. : ) I love how open you have made yourself to the fans.

    The first ep I saw was Shade of Grey. Despite having RDA in it, I just didn’t care for it. It was until later on when I got to see more eps that I fell head over heels in love.

    I was wondering how soon into your work on STARGATE did you realize that it had such a “lively” fanbase? What were your first thoughts on the fandom & what inspired you to become involved in it? Did you ever get any advice or words of warning about becoming so involved?

    My best memories of Stargate is not a particular episode but of discovering, in 2002, an amazing group of people at GATEWORLD. Then after chatting online, for about 6 months, it was decided that we would fun for us to meet up in Vancouver. So 3 were from England, 3 from the US and Me from Canada all meet up for the first time. Some would think that sharing a hotel room with people you have never met before would be awkward but it was amazing. The second best part was that Michael Shanks showed up as the surprise guest. I think you could have heard the SGUEEEEEING all the way in the Pegasus Galaxy. 😉 We had so much fun we had to come back for GATECON 2004.

    We still stay in touch and most of us meet up at least once a year.

    The CURSE is one of my all time fave eps. Great Daniel stuff & Osiris was the BEST Goauld ever!!! She was so bad ass. I would have loved it if she could have become the regular Bad Guy.

  40. @ Sparrowhawk – Trust me, Joe notices. He’s a supervillain, which means he just saves the information he gleans from here to use against us later. I’m pretty sure most of us here will show up in a script in some form sooner or later; you as the well-mannered, well-travelled and well-read intellectual, and me as a loud, obnoxious tramp with a penchant for evil albinos. 😛


  41. Awww, what a lovely post.

    Sorry about the continued difficulties with the jet company.

  42. @ dasNdanger who wrote,
    “…and me as a loud, obnoxious tramp with a penchant for evil albinos.”

    Isn’t that “a loud, obnoxious tramp and teamster with a penchant for evil albinos.”? 😉

    @ maggiemayday – glad to hear you are doing better and out of the hospital. Sorry to hear you are not heeding doctor’s orders. Bad girl! You sound just like my family. They drive me crazy doing whatever they want to do after surgery. Once my Dad had foot surgery and was told to stay off his feet and keep his leg elevated. He got in his electric wheelchair (that he bought just in case he ever needed it) and went outside to his garden to work. He came back in with dirt and mud caked all over his toes and bandage. He is so stubborn!

  43. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    I’m sure that you’ve been asked thousands of times, but could you please tell us about Revolution? It would be a waste to have so much work put into something and never have it shared with anybody. Thanks!

  44. Sorry about your ordeal with V1Jets. They picked the wrong person to mess with.

    Now, on to the memories. You worked on Caillou?? That was my older son’s favorite show when he was younger. He’s 14 now, but he had a Caillou doll that he carried around for years.

    favorite S4 eps– of course, Window of Opportunity, one of my all-time favorites–had all of the elements of Stargate that I love. I also liked Upgrades, Divide and Conquer, Scorched Earth, and 2010 (which was the very first Stargate ep I ever saw on Showtime). I watched the rest of them when I got the S4 dvd set as we didn’t get to watch on tv regularly until SciFi picked it up in the sixth season.

  45. “We started chatting and I was momentarily distracted by something on my computer.”

    PORN!! 😀

    “As I’ve often said: …while people who don’t like dogs are jerks at best and serial killers at worst”.”

    Erm…Flanigan…? *shifty eyes*


    Joe, all kidding aside, thanks so much for sharing your journey to Stargate with us. Having worked like you did on so many ‘light’ productions, I think I can appreciate where your sense of humor comes from even more than before. Now I would love to see you work on shows like Castle, or some of those rather fun USA productions. I think I like it better when you make me laugh than when you make me seriously pissed off. 😉


  46. @ Ponytail – I was actually going to say ‘with a penchant for albino teamsters’, but changed my mind. I probably should have gon with my first choice. 😉


  47. Hi,

    If the Stargate Movies are canceled, can we read the SGA movie script ?????

    We want to know the end of the stories.

    Gods help us ^^

  48. hey joe, this is a good one:

    why werent you involved in stargate infinite? since you did animation before and since SG-1 was below your standards lol, you couldve made stargate infinite worth watching. Or were you guys against the idea from the start?

  49. They probably got used to scamming people so much, they haven’t realised who they scammed. I hope your lawyers make those corporate bastards pay big 😛

    Anyway, were you smoking weed or something when you wrote “Scorched Earth”. That episode was insane! Brian Markinson’s acting probably helped too, but it was very obvious that episode was quite an unique 1 compared to others. (very memorable)

    just wondering, did you have the same trouble when you moved to vancouver?

  50. @Gen
    “That’s interesting about BBCAmerica getting the rights to BSG. I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about how BBCA is developing a stronger base of scifi programming than the SyFy channel.”

    Cool, I really hope they do expand their sci-fi shows, would be especially awesome if they took over StarGate Universe. 🙂

  51. Loved this entry Joe. You could write your Stargate Memoirs and I’m sure we’d all buy it.

    @Ponytail: I’ve been “in love” with RDA since he was Jeff Webber on General Hospital (I think that was even before Seven Brides).

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