Look at ’em.  So easygoing and laid-back.  Little angels they appear to be.  Certainly not the type capable of something like…


I’m baffled as to who the guilty party is.  In The Big Red Chewing Gum Incident, Jelly’s cinammony breath was a dead giveaway.  In the Mystery of the Missing Curry Fusilli, the fact that Maximus was suddenly incapable of fitting into his hitherto roomy harness proved his undoing.  And in the Case of the Disappearing Chocolate-Covered Almonds, Bubba’s eyes whispered “Innocent.” while his explosive diarrhea screamed “Guilty!”.  In this case, I’m not sure. Although I have to say Lulu’s lips have never looked more lustrous.

Three links to three different Stargate-related interviews for you to check out, compliments of Steve Eramo over at SciFiandTVTalk:

A chat with Alexis Cruz: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2011/04/sci-fi-blast-from-the-past-alexis-cruz-stargate-sg-1.html

An interview with Kavan Smith: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2011/04/stargate-atlantis-eurekas-kavan-smith-wants-to-hear-from-you.html

And a sit-down with the lovely Carl Binder: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2011/03/stargate-universe-writers-room-carl-binder.html

We were back in the office today to give/get notes on the outlines and one pagers for episodes #3-8.  It ultimately fell on me to tweak the one sheets, reformat them, and then send them out.  As much as I enjoyed the experience, I must admit to enjoying the experience of passing these duties on to an actual script coordinator even more.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Casa Loma for a little location scout after which I’ve got a slew of auditions to check out.

Hey, did I mention I’m working on Transporter: The Series?

No?  Well, I’m sure you already figured it out.

44 thoughts on “April 7, 2011: The Mystery of the Chewed-Up Chapstick! Stargate links! Pre-Production Update!

  1. Hello Joe.

    Congrats on the official announcement. Hey, I hope Akemi’s family is okay after that new earthquake. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family/friends.

    Best wishes,


  2. “Transporter”, huh? …Well, so much for that whole LIFE imitating ART thing, otherwise, you’d still be in Vancouver and “commuting” to Toronto! hmm?

  3. There are white hairs, so I’m thinking Lulu is innocent in this one. They look adorable lined up there on the couch.

  4. Oh, TransPORter: The Series, not Transformers: The Series. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. Bill Cosby once said that parents of only children don`t really count as parents…they never have to figure guilty party is. Being a father of 3, I can recognize the wisdom of those words. 😉

  6. The pups look absolutely adorable and innocent. There must be some other creature gnawing around. I’d check for poop pellets.

    I finally saw Seizure. It was great, and seeing McKay made my day. The writing, acting and directing were all spot on. It would have been fun to have seen some verbal jousting between Eli, Rush and McKay, but then that would probably have taken 10 pages of dialog alone. It just kills me that SGU won’t be going into a third season, and that the franchise could be ending.

    Well, tomorrow I’m going in for schnoz surgery. Seems that I broke the beak at some point in time. Evidently using my face to occasionally block spikes during numerous volleyball games in my youth had consequences. Although for the life of me I don’t ever recall a “my nose!?!” moment. Anyway, I have a severely deviated septum, polyps and something about turbinates.

    I’m taking five working days off to recover, whether I need them or not. And if successful, I’ll finally gain back at least some of my sense of taste and smell. Some other bonuses would be no more unending headaches, no jittering eyes, no dizzy spells that make me stagger around like I’m drunk without the actual booze. I mean seriously, how fair is that?

    Looking forward to seeing how Transporter develops, and catching up on the movies. I think it’s fantastic that you’re involved in it’s birth. Life is sweet!

  7. @Hey, did I mention I’m working on Transporter: The Series?
    @No? Well, I’m sure you already figured it out.

    This would of been a secret if you kinda blanked out Alexs name, or his face Joe lol, think laughing man from Ghost in the Shell SAC.

    Thats the thing, he was connected to The Transporter, it was like, widely known everywhere well to those who actually knew where to look/who to ask, had you kinda hushed about his name I would imagine everyone on here and elsewhere not having a clue.

    I admit I know next to nothing about his work, and thus have no expectations as to how his episodes will turn out, hopefully his episodes won’t dissapoint me like Lindas did on SGU.

    Ye know, one thing that concerns me about the show your working on is the budget, I assume there is some kind of expectation as to how high the ratings have to be to get renewel? Il’d hate to see the show not get that..

    Thus why I’m a fan of little productions more, think Sanctuary and the way it can get mediocre ratings in the grand scheme of things and still get renewed, budget shows also have some really good upcoming actors/actresses in them.

    Anyway, happy to see you got Mike Dopud to audition? I only mentioned you should hire him like a million times.. Hope you give him a part anyway.

    By the way, I know you mentioned the Silent Hill film Joe, are they still filming in that studio? Filming is still going on for that film in various parts of Canada, sounds like they’re sticking to a really tight budget, and filming out of order? I assume to get everything done in one location before moving to another to cut costs..

  8. Hi Joe.
    I (like most others) am loving the final few episodes of SGU. The series just keeps on getting better and better. It’s a pity that it’s going to come to an abrupt end soon.

    Related to that, this blog post highlights some of the real support for the show that the antiquated Nielsen system can never reflect.


    Do you think networks will ever catch up to the 21st Century? If so they seem very slow to change.

  9. Hey Joe,

    The pup stories had me smiling. When my children were growing up we started holding what was called “Candy Council”…the basis was…any child could say something he had done…that he shouldn’t have done…and not get into trouble for it. If the child did…they got to choose one candy from the huge pile in the middle of the floor. Yes..everyone sat around the candy.

    This might seem strange…but as a parent there are sooo many mysteries that happen and EVERYONE says they that didn’t do it. At first we thought WOW…this is going to be great. We had mysteries from years ago showing up. We played it for years and never tired of hearing the stories the children would tell.

    One story was the missing “four pounds of hand dipped chocolates” that my husband bought and put in the freezer. His plan…to eat one everyday as a treat. Well, by the next morning they were all gone. He put all 6 kids through a lineup and asked for a confession. He searched all of their rooms. No candy.

    During Candy Council…some 3 years later…Chris admitted that he had done it. The entire family about died. Chris..OMG…he was only 5 at the time…but he took the bag..hid it in the living room under one of the side tables…and would daily come home from school..lay on his belly…and enjoy a yummy delight that he didn’t have to share with his FIVE sisters…or Dad.

    Still makes me giggle.
    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  10. Your working on the series based on the awesome movies called The Transporter?? Really!, You don’t say?? How’s that working out for you??

    (ok I feel the need to put this little disclaimer: I’m being sarcastic, you don’t know me but I have a very dry sense of humor filled with TONS of sarcasim)

    On a completly unrelated note LOVE the picture of the 4 amigos!! Too cute.

  11. What a shocking and surprising announcement, “Transporter: The Series” you say. I had no idea. I am shocked and happy.

    And how dare you blame those poor innocent dogs for what you obviously are doing when you sleep walk. Bad Joe.


    PS – Thanks for the Stargate links.

  12. Transporter: The Series? NO WAY! Congratulations! You were so tight lipped about it, this comes as a huge surprise!

    Happy Friday!

  13. Question about SGA

    Recalling the computer tablet that Rodney McKay walked around with everywhere, I don’t remember hearing about tablets 5 years ago. Was the idea of the tablet copied from a BETA mention in a computer magazine or has reality copied science fiction?

  14. It would be too convienent for Lulu to be the criminal. And I’d be concerned at the idea of the doggies intentionally taking turns in behaving badly. Just imagine the slow, steady progression of activities they would commit as they literally double dog dared each other onwards. At least they are bad at hiding the evidence.
    You’ve mentioned the show, but how about the network? Is that still a state/company secret? And looking forward to hearing about the auditions. It will be fun to see which SG alumni manage to get roles, whether recurring or guest spots. And to see what other talent we’ve not yet seen in our favorite shows. I almost envy you your job, as it seems more like fun than work much of the time. Except the whole moving cross the country thing. Ah well. Thanks for the pics, the dogs look absolutely too adorable.

  15. @AmmoMonkey

    Stargate Universe’s social status on the internet isn’t something that can directly be converted into money by Syfy/MGM to pay the bills. If they can’t monetize it to help pay for the production, what use is the internet chatter for these companies?

    Nielsen ratings are directly rated to Syfy’s advertising income. Don’t plan on that system going away anytime soon.

  16. I think Lulu was framed! Her lips were always soft and supple. You’ve just been too stress to notice until now.

  17. I picked up chicken today and copying your Chicken Piccata recipe. It looks good!

  18. @AmmoMonkey

    Though I agree the series keeps getting better, the Amanda Perry stuff in the last episode made me cringe, I think they were better off left dead, and the episode in question should of focused more on Earth/Langara..

    Just ugh.. the episode was really let down by the Perry stuff, you had Mckay, you had Woolsey, but Rush and Perry got a lot of the screentime, you even had Lou Diamond Phillips.

    I personally would of added a scene or two to the attempt Earth made to dial Destiny, maybe Earth calling Langaras bluff and dialing Destiny anyway, just ugh again the Perry stuff *Cringe*…

    Also Mckay needed more screentime, wasn’t a fan of how his character was degraded in that episode, last time I checked Mckay wasn’t that much of a perv in Atlantis. Also Mckay needed some more walk around Destiny time, maybe sit him infront of a console in the Apple core..

  19. You know, I’m sorry for hating the Remi/Linda episodes, Joe they just didn’t work for me. Though I think Remis efforts were far better than Lindas, I enjoyed the parts that didn’t make me want to stop watching.

  20. LOL… At the age of 5, my cousin and I took some of all my older sister’s chemistry set (things in there you’d probably have to have license for in today’s world) and put in the clorox bottle. Long story short, nothing left but elastic when put in dryer. My mother assumed bad bleach or detergent, got more. (This was before the age of sue-happiness.) I didn’t confess til I was about 16 or 17, lol, Cheryl.

    Joe, sorry, not much sympathy. I have Basenjis. When asked the cost of a basenji, one breeder responded “I don’t know, what’s your home furnishings value?” While SOME can be left uncrated, it is so not the norm the rest of us salivate with envy. They have tiny razor blades in their mouths. Many use this type of leash as they can cut through one in a nanosecond so you have to have chain so their snakey little heads cant twist around and cut them when you blink:

    On the other hand, Basenji owners learn to be incredible house keepers, or get rich enough to replace everything, often.

  21. “Hey, did I mention I’m working on Transporter: The Series?

    No? Well, I’m sure you already figured it out.”

    Yeah, it wasn’t hard to figure out. 🙂


  22. Awwwww…your baby doggies looks so sweet all sitting on the sofa. 🙂 Yeah…dogs know when they did something wrong. They’ll have their head down and tail between their legs. Then…they’ll give you those sad puppy eyes in which it makes so much harder to get mad at them. Dogs really know how to tug at your heart strings. 😉

    Transporter: the Series…huh? Cool! Can’t wait to here more! Will it be on Sci-Fi?

  23. Hi Joe,

    Cool blog entry.

    So the title of the new show is officially “Transporter: The Series”… okay, cool. “TTS” …interesting. I’ll probably just get into the habit of referring to it as simply “Transporter”.

    Here are some interesting (and somewhat truthful, somewhat bogus) pages I came across that you might like to read.

    “5 annoying trends that make every movie look the same”:


    And I’m particularly curious what your thoughts are in response to the following page.

    “5 things TV writers apparently believe about smart people”:


    Here’s the list of just the 5 things, regarding the TV thing:

    Only Know Six Languages By Age 30? You’re A Failure”

    It’s Okay To Be A Dick, As Long As You’re Smart”

    All Complex Problems Are Solved by Sudden Epiphany”

    Government Agencies Are Full Of Walking Supercomputers”

    If You’re Smart, Life Is Damn Exciting”

    Anyway, interesting article on the TV writers. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that article, considering you’re a highly successful TV writer. 😀

    Okay, have a nice day!

    Sean D.

  24. I’ve lost several tubes of chapstick to Cheetah in the last couple of months. Also two pairs of slippers, a pair of flip-flops, a Wii controller, a soaker hose, and the rope to the boat anchor. She tried to drag an afghan outside through the doggie door, but got stuck halfway. She tried to drag the anchor rope IN through the doggie door. She has no shame.

  25. I have a question about Seizure Joe for the next mailbag.

    Why was Lt James (Julia Benson) in that episode? She had no meaningful lines and was mearly there to make Mckay look like a perv with that scene where he apparently looked at her breasts before her face..

    I’m finding her character pretty pointless at the moment, like Wray, had SGU got the numbers it deserves and recieved a third season, would the Lt James character get more lines that are more you know, meaningful? Like she belonged in the show..

  26. Hey Joe, I assume The Transporter will be available to watch in the UK. Any idea when this might be?
    Also, frustrating news about SGU. If the third season of SGU fails to be produced, will this signal the the end of the Stargate franchise for good?

    Best wishes, Ian.

  27. Your 4 little sugar muffins look so cute, sweet and innocent. It was not them. I think you need to look in a mirror or maybe Akemi has an obsession…? It’s always the one you least expect.

  28. I think it would be super cute if you made the pic of your dogs on the couch your blog banner!

  29. Any chance that syfy would reconsider that cancelling sgu on a scale of one to ten 1=absolutely not 10=yes.

    Will they ever make destiny into a video game?

    How would you end stargate universe on the fifth season if you had the chance?

  30. Hey, Joe, guess what?? They have it in masculine blue, too!


    I just happened to be in a shop in town, and there it was… and just couldn’t resist. (Come to think of it, this might be the shop I saw it in before, and not the Asian store.) I sorta bought it to cheer me up, but it’s not working. My big kitty is not well, at all. Had her to the vet today, and she has an intestinal blockage. If I don’t see some sort of improvement tomorrow, I will probably have to take her back. She won’t eat (understandably), not sure if she’s drinking, she’s vomiting (though not today), and she has bloody stool. The latter is what has me upset, but the doctor doesn’t think there’s any rupture…yet. Ugh.


  31. Thank you to Joe and everyone else who wished me well for my surgery. I’m back at my sister’s house in Edmonton after my longer than expected visit. There were a couple of complications, so they kept me inside for a bit longer. But, now I’m free and leaping around…well, maybe more like creeping around. Pain! Pain!
    I’ve been to Casa Loma once before on a trip to Toronto with my sister (the same one). It’s a beautiful estate type house, but has no air conditioning, since it was built around the turn of the century, and anyone who knows how hot and muggy Toronto summers can be, would not want to suggest a visit during a heat wave. If you choose it for a location shoot, Joe, do not film there during the summer months. Your cast and crew will thank you.
    I’m so glad for you that your dogs are settled in their new home and that the gastronomy reputation that Toronto has, does not disappoint.
    Best wished to everyone.


  32. Glad you are on the mend Patricia.

    Note.. I don’t feel so ashamed now for suspecting Akemi over those innocent dogs.

  33. Check out the Blistex Herbal Answer lip balm; its pale green but goes on clear and smooth, I’m addicted to the stuff. It has Aloe, Chamomile, Avocado, Jojoba and Shea so it’s super rich but more natural, smells like pears or fresh cut grass.

    Transporter the Series? Hm, I had no idea!

  34. Hey Joseph!

    I was linked to your blog through friends of friends while surfing around and you are awesome! Way to enjoy life and the little things. I think that is so great. And so difficult in the middle of the whirlwind that is our careers. Its refreshing to read a producer rant and discuss food and dogs! haha Good for you!

    I thought maybe you would appreciate this. I made a short on my iphone last fri…If you need a giggle in between all those serious audition tapes!

    Hope to cross paths some time in the future!

  35. Hey Joe,
    just watched the Hunt and BRAVO! love it. I thought it was a very good ep. but then again i have loved all of SGU. have been a fan of all the SG Franchise. but i must say a very good show.

    so my only question is this

    the step sideways that you mentioned when answering my question earlier in your mailbag. has it now stepped back on track and headig forwards yet? or sitll no more developments again i know you cant give much away but a nice short little answer would do,

    these little tidbits give me hope and something to hold on to that the show wont die!

    thanks Joe

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