I got up early this morning to tackle the rewrites on both scripts, a task that took me a little over three hours to complete.  Once done, I fired them off to the various interested parties, along with an email to Alex breaking down how I’d addressed his notes and, occasionally, arguing why I thought certain aspects of the script should remain unchanged.  As it stands, we’re a several months away from production and the scripts will undoubtedly go through a few more revisions before then, so there’ll be plenty of time to discuss and tweak between now and then.

On my way into work today, I dropped off the dogs at the daycare for a half day of exercise and a nail clipping.  I figure they haven’t had their nails clipped in a while and, with that post-flight weigh-in losing, every little bit of weight loss helps.  I then swung by a liquor store and picked up a bottle of wine for Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe Creator/Executive Producer Brad Wright.  Now for a foodie, you’d figure I would know a little bit about wine but, the truth is, I know even less about wine than I do about the finer points of golf (as opposed to Brad who knows a lot about both).  All I know about wine is that I like the German whites that most aficionados fine cloying, and disdain reds because they give me indigestion.  Armed with this information, I scoured the liquor store until I came across the upscale wine section where I selected a bottle by considering such important characteristics as bottle shape and general label appeal.


Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe Co-Creator and Executive Producer Brad Wright.

The wine was a thank-you gift to Brad because if it weren’t for him and Robert Cooper, today I would probably be raising stock for the lucrative camel milk market.  They welcomed us to the Stargate family with open arms (way back at the beginning of SG-1’s fourth season) and allowed us to learn at our own pace, accept increasing responsibilities, and, ultimately, thrive doing something we loved.  For that, both Paul and I will be forever indebted to them.  And so, as thanks for eleven glorious years, I gave him a nice bottle of wine.  Oh, and a promise to take him to dinner whenever he’s in Toronto.  As for Rob – If you can make Vegas, dinner’s on me!

While Brad and Paul had lunch, I took the half hour to finish clearing out my office.  Among the items I packed away were my books, that terrific blog calendar Chevron7 sent me, my People’s Choice Award, and –


A slew of digital dailies from my Stargate: Atlantis episodes.
And the red flag. Whenever a story session or notes discussion would take a crazy turn, someone would invariably wave the red flag to signal trouble ahead.

And that was that.  After eleven great years, our amazing run had come to an end and it was time to say goodbye.

But before we could get around to goodbyes, we had a mix to watch – to be more precise a Day 2 mix of The Hunt.  One of the things I loved about this episode is that there is so much going on – an A, B, C, AND D story, all of which allow all of our principals and supporting characters their moments to shine.  The mix was great.  We only had three notes: 1) Lose what sounds like a cat meowing during the Exterior Alien Planet scene, 2) The popping sound we hear when Greer adjusts his shoulders is so loud, you would think he’d just broken his own neck, 3) We want the sound of Varro snapping the magazine into his gun to be more present.

Then, it was off to post to approve some EXPLOSIVE visual effects shots and sequences for Epilogue and Gauntlet.  Oh, to those of you asking about the SyFy promo for the back half of season 2 – Yes, the promo does state “Every Destiny has an ending…” but, in all fairness, it should also add “…except in the case of Stargate: Universe because the final episode WILL end on a cliffhanger.”

On a completely unrelated topic – cool Stargate-related online videos – we walked into post after lunch and found Visual Effects Producer Mark Savela sitting, mesmerized, by the following fan-made video.  We stopped to watch and, in seconds, we too were thoroughly entranced.  It’s epic, expertly edited, and includes almost every awesome visual effects we’ve ever done.  Check it out –

JaapVSWDelta, don’t know who you are, but that is one bad-ass video!  Also, you misspelled “universe” in the closing rolling credits.

Anyway, we approved those visual effects shots, I chatted with Kerry, then said my goodbyes to the editors who happened to be there –


Ryan – he of the man awesome trailers.
Mike Banas, P.I.
Mike’s assistant – Ruby.

After approving two different sets of visual effects in two different rooms, we headed across the lot to the does-not-meet-minimal-Earthquake-proof-standards VFX building to approved a third and final set of visual effects…


When the Big One hits, that building is coming down like a house of cards.
Bones greets us in typical fashion.
The gang at work. They have to finish up and clear out by this weekend because, next week, the offices will be teeming with children making sneakers for a nickel an hour.
VFX Supervisor Mark Savela considers a shot.
Krista hates having her picture taken.

I also snapped a few pics of their working environment…

Explains a lot, don’t it?

And with that, my business at The Bridge was done.  I loaded up by SUV and rolled off the lot for what could be the last time.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a Memories of Stargate entry covering my 11 years with the franchise, but the more I think about it, the more it looks like it would be a looooongis  multi-part posting.  Perhaps when my time frees up.


Mark bids you all a fond farewell. Hope to see him in T.O.!

Tomorrow, I shift focus to that series bible.  One more character breakdown to finish, about a half dozen episode springboards to type up and I’m done.

Then, it’s smoooooooooooth sailing!

84 thoughts on “February 23, 2011: A final visit to my Stargate stomping grounds?

  1. Seeing your empty office is very sad 🙁 Eleven years is a long time in tv. Thank you for all the memories and giving us a behind the scenes look at Stargate. I hope that one day soon we get some Stargate movies.

    I wish you all the best in Toronto and look forward to seeing your new endeavours!

  2. Any chance in hell of getting some of those dailies? Writing SciFi tv is something I really want to do and anything about the process of making TV would be really useful to me.

    Never hurts to ask right?

  3. Just a quick note that those rewritable DVDs can decay, so you should copy those bad boys to a hard drive when you can.

    Good luck with your new adventures!

  4. Yes, sad…very sad indeed. The vid is just awesome and also sad. This has been a part of our lives, our core fiber and now – we move on. And, wither thou goest Joseph, we go. Looking forward to the new Joseph adventures and foodie experiences!

  5. That’s it. The end of a chapter.
    It’s OK to be sad, and its expected but don’t be for too long (talking to Joe and rest of the crew).
    I already see on Twitter that BAMBAM is planning to see Mike Dopud on a different set on a different show 🙂
    My point: it’s a small world.
    I’ll miss Stargate terribly, but I am sure to hear about the cast and crew around and sometimes even together on different projects. There was a very special relationship in the crew and no cancellation is taking that away. So yeah sad and disappointed (maybe even bitter) but everyone got to move on. And you always need someone to tell you that kind of thing.

    Take care SGU crew and move on.

  6. A start to a very sad day for myself, too, Joe. I hate saying goodbye. I cried when The Flinstones had a made-for-TV movie after Pebbles & BamBam got married, had a baby, and had to say good-bye to Wilma & Fred and Barney and Betty.

    The office looks so empty and makes the end to SGU so real. While it still may live on in some form, it is an end of an era. Even having Ruby around would not cheer me up. And yet cancelled, no one is slacking off. No one is saying, “That’s good enough.” They want to give us fans the best of themselves regardless of the status of the show. That is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.

    While you are grieving that, today (Thursday) will be a terribly sad day for me. Patrick’s teacher, Kate, is leaving. She is moving on to an internship to help her with her thesis, and it is a truly noble cause (and ambitious). She connected with Patrick in such a way that no one has outside of Jeff & myself for a very long time and motivated him to excel, giving him back his self-esteem that the school district robbed him of. I don’t know if he understands that she is leaving. They have transitioned him with another teacher for the past 2 weeks and she has been around, but for the most part out of sight. The woman stepping in is equally wonderful. However, I think Patrick was in love with Miss Kate. I know I’m being totally selfish here, too, but I wish she could at least finish out the year with him. I hope once she is gone Patrick does not shut down and regress any. There is always that possibility.

    Do you know the story of the starfish adapted from The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley (1907-1977)? Short version: There is a boy on a beach throwing starfish into the ocean. An older man asks him why? The boy says, “The sun is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them in, they’ll die.” The man says to the boy, “But young man, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and there are starfish all along every mile? You cannot possibly make a difference!” The young man bent down, picked up another starfish, threw it into the ocean and said, “I made a difference to that one.”

    That young boy was Kate and Patrick was the starfish.

    It’s going to be a long and sad day. I know how sad leaving The Bridge must have been for you, too. Big hugs.

  7. Ouch. Not an easy entry to read, probably not an easy one to write. Thank you.

    But now… Onward and upward, right?

  8. Ouch…the shot of your empty office makes my heart hurt — it’s really over.

    Thank you for all the years of great story telling – it’s meant so much!

  9. Thanks for answering the question about the openness of SGU’s ending. I’m sad that’s the way it’s going to end, but then again I’m sad it’s ending.

    Thank you again for the behind the scenes look at production and writing on Stargate. I look forward to reading about your future projects.

  10. I’ve said it several times before and I’ll say it again, many thanks to you and the Stargate casts and crews for everything you’ve given us. I was a latecomer to the franchise but once I was in, I found it gave me more excitement than any show since ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’. Your departure feels like the start of a sad process of seeing Stargate slip away. I’m glad I had the chance to visit Bridge Studios when it was all there and those memories are among the best I have as a writer on TV. Everyone was open, welcoming, down-to-Earth and enthusiastic. Can’t beat that!


  11. Damn, Joe…that video ROCKED!

    But now I’m all bummed again. 🙁

    I think maybe I’m PMSing.

    I need more Todd.

    Lots more.



  12. Wow, I am not all that into special effects but that’s one great compilation!

    Sigh. Sad. But hey, we still have you, you have us. It ain’t over “buttercup.” Just taking a new path and your fans will be there to enjoy it with you. That gives me comfort.

    And to whoever started the damned buttercup… thanks. I have had that song (build me up buttercup) stuck in my head for a week now.

  13. Hey Joe,

    Last day always seems sad…even though it means there is a new beginning around the corner. I have always loved the pictures you have shared. These might be my favorite of Mark. Still…it is hard to believe this week is the end of production. I feel lucky to have been in touch with so many on Twitter…which I will continue to follow their new endeavors as I will yours.

    I saw this commercial…found it on YouTube. I am sharing because “I want one!” Hope the link works. It is so clever..worth a watch.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

    P.S. On my phone..so who knows if any of this makes sense. I love how it guesses what I want to say.

  14. This post has officially made me sad and nostalgic, now. *sniffles*

    Thanks to everyone involved in 17 seasons of Stargate. I’ll miss it a lot.

  15. Thank you for all the great work that you have done on Stargate and thank you for going the extra mile and reaching out to the fans.


  16. Yeah…I’m just gonna repeat what everyone else said and say: this is sad.

    And indeed, that picture of your empty office, after seeing it filled with books, busts, you, and various grovelling coworkers, is just depressing. All those years of working on Stargate, and for us, all those years of reading about you working on Stargate, have come to an end.

    I think that last picture of Mark really hit me. You’ve said time and again that the best part of working on Stargate was the people and, yes, it’s a small world, but it’s no longer certain that you’ll see these Awesome people again.

    And for us – and I know this will sound selfish – it’ll be a long while before we see the familiar pictures of the crew at The Bridge goofing off or being forced to eat weird stuff by you. I mean, when’s the next time we’re going to see a Carl Binder Intense Stare[tm] on this blog?

    I think what makes it worse though, is that every one of these people will experience this very same thing in the next few months. Every one of them will leave behind a job that they’ve enjoyed, and that they’ve been working on for years on end – for some, the entire 14 years of the TV franchise. And what makes it EVEN worse (yes, it does get worse) is that they’re not leaving because the story is over – they’re leaving because it’s being cut short. That’s just such a bitter pill to swallow.

    I hope, I hope hope hope that something good comes out of this. I hope Brad can pull a miracle out of his butt…head. Out of his head.

    Oh yeah – Awesome video. Superb editing skills right there.

  17. I’m just rewatching episode 10 and a funny question came to be. Do earth weapons really work in vacuum?

  18. Hey, thanks for a hell of a lot of great entertainment these past few years! To you and all the cast and crew of SG.

  19. Was there a song playing in your head as you looked into the empty office and closed your door for the last time? It would seem like a fitting closing scene to the end of your Stargate story.

  20. Joe, I saw people talking about the Stargate Universe sets being struck on March 10th, they pretty much provided evidence to support this too here.

    (You need adobe to view it, at the bottom of the page)

    Pretty much says clearly the Stargate Universe sets are being wrapped up(Struck) March 10th to November.

    End of an era? Depressing.

    Do you know anything about this? Or have you heard anything? How could they do something so horrible?

  21. Expanding on that, apparently the *SEAS* part was meant to say *SETS* as the page has had a recent update in that section Feb 23rd. Obviously a typo on their part.

    Unsure if the rumors are true, or if people are misunderstanding the information.

    I’m not really sure what to make of it myself.

  22. Wow, that was a awsome video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

    brought the universe all together nicely,

    loved seeing atlantis “cranked” up, thats Stargate’s legacy right there….

    Ancients-made replicators,made wraith, didint stop the ori and killed themselves out with swine flue

    Taur’i- met the gould, took down the gould, the lucian alliance…
    met the replicators, to down the replicators,
    met the ori…(bad times) took down the ori
    (good times)

    Found the lost city of Atlantis (Good Times)
    Lost a bunch of people across the universe of Ancient Vessel Destiny (…Very Bad Times)


    so the Ancients weren’t that great were they… i just wish they didn’t create syfy!

  23. I’m not one to enjoy leaving a place be it school, work, or a home. Damn that sentimentality.

    Good luck to every one at the Bridge. May we all find an open door that leads to our dreams.


  24. so sad. I am so sad to see this wonderful crew breaking up. I can imagine how sad you must be leaving a job you loved working with people so wonderful and hard working. I am sorry that it had to end.

    I am glad that your talents will be used to make another show. I am hoping that you can help put some of these talented people to work along with some well-loved actors. I would make suggestions, but you know who you want to audition. I know you will make good choices.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  25. Jeez, now I’m depressed. How forlorn those shelves and desk look, without the neat rows of books and action figures. And how cruel to tease us with a picture of those dailies. I’m glad you have a new production to help engage your time and interest(not to mention the securing of a revenue source) as you make your farewell. I hope that future chapters await the SG franchise, even if we have to suffer a few years of drought in that regard. Meantme, thanks for the pics and looking forward to seeing how your move goes.

  26. Let me just repeat everyone else and say how sad it is to see your empty office. But, I do like what Randomness had to say:

    “As one door closes. A new door opens.”

    Looking forward to seeing what’s behind the new door.

    Oh, and one more thing, that was one kick-ass fan video!!!!!

    Have a great day!!!!!

  27. Have fun in Vegas! Looks like weather will be ok for your trip, well if they can really predict weather. I hope at the new job, the people will like having their pictures taken and that your food options will be wonderful, and it will be a dog friendly place also. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  28. Coucou 🙂 ça va ?

    Oh la photo de votre bureau vide me rend triste, il y avait tellement de vie avant..ça doit vraiment vous paraitre étrange, surtout aprés 11 ans!

    Moi j’ai une préférence pour le vin rouge, en même temps j’ai vécue 10 ans près de Bordeaux, c’est normal^^!

    Merci pour le lien de la video, elle est vraiment réussite!

    Gros bisou!!!

    ps….bon, alors cette chaussette?!? lol 😉

  29. Wow Joe… That video and the image of your empty office finally did it for me. 13 years. No more Stargate. Thank you, everyone. I’ll miss it every day.

    Stargate meant a lot to me and my family. Each incarnation became our official “favorite show”. Now it’s gone. *sigh*

  30. Oh my gosh, it really is over, isn’t it? *sob*
    Seeing your empty office really brings it home. My thanks to you, Paul, Brad, Rob, Carl, the cast, crew, and everyone else involved with Stargate for 11 great years.

    And, seeing as we’ve had no news about SGU’s future (either in the form of a movie or miniseries or whatever), as well as no news about the SG1 movie, I guess things are not looking good. I still have my fingers crossed, and hope that Brad can still pull a rabbit out of the hat. I’m sure he’s still working on it, I just hope that everything works out in the end!

    My only consolation is that at least we’ll be in the same province! We’ll be in the same timezone, and I’ll be able to catch your blog entry before bed instead of waiting ’til the next morning.

  31. Wow! 🙂 Thanks for sharing that music video tribute to Stargate! Truly epic! 🙂

    Makes me kinda sad that there’s no more Stargate. 🙁 Looks like the journey has ended. It’s been a really great ride. Gonna miss Stargate.

  32. Wow, that was weird and sad. I’m going to miss all of it so much. I was up last night watching “Covenant” for the umpteenth time and only then noticed the “Captain Sheffield” bit for Charles Shaughnessy (yeah, I’m kinda slow that way). He looked like he was about to lose it laughing. Who came up with that one? It’s all in the details… Thanks to all of you for all of it!

  33. Dear Joe,
    That entry was very upsetting.

    So where does Stargate productions stand at this point?

    Your blog gives the impression that it is shutting down and everyone is out of work. Is there anything positive to report?

    I certainly hope that Brad et al. are not done.


  34. Aw, the empty office, a kick to the gut that is. Plus I was listening to Feist’s “La Même Histoire,” so was feeling extra melancholy — until I got to the kick ass fan video — wow. That was like so cool; I want to watch the eps all over again!

    You can still watch SG1, SGU and SGA on several stations in my town, old and new. New fans are being made every day so I’m certain we’ll have more SG down the road.

    I’m plotting to take a day off Monday to make another valiant attempt at slaying my feature script. I so envy the 45 page limit for teleplays. I keep cutting pages, then having to write new stuff, so no matter what I keep coming out at 182 pages when I need to be under 120. I think I’ll have “182 pages” tattooed on my forehead to motivate me, ugh.

    The fan vid is motivating me to check out a good con this year; thinking Dragon Con or Shore Leave; like the laid back pace of Shore Leave, but nothing can beat the wall to wall magnificence of Dragon-Con.

  35. Yeah, I’m not terribly keen on how SyFy tries to paint a picture that SGU’s last episode was an intentional ending-point. Its why I have little love for them anymore, and unfortunately won’t be tuning in.

    These characters you all have crafted have become something like friends. They come into my living room once a week and share with me their lives. Its a huge investment on ‘serious’ fans in that not only are we committing our time to watch, we’re getting emotionally entangled in it as we connect to and relate with the characters. When a series ends, it can sometimes be like having a group of your friends all perish in a freak accident. There is a bit of a mourning period, and that you have viewers who go through all that is a testament to how successful you’ve been in your craft.

    With that being said, if/when I get word that SGU will be getting a proper conclusion, I’ll be more than happy to reinvest myself into the story… As it stands now, though, I’ve made my peace with it and just do not find it worth making any additional investment into a story that won’t be concluded.

    Shame, as it’s a terribly good story.

    (I’m likely to still pick the full season 2 up on DVD, just to round out my collection though. MGM hasn’t screwed me out of a good story on repeated occasion, so I figure they deserve some love in the form of my hard-earned dollars.)

    Now if I can just scrape up enough cash to buy all the pieces of the Atlantis Stargate that are out in the wild…

    (It would be a neat lawn ornament.)

  36. @pg15… since the offices are being turned over, I think everyone is done with the work there, not just Joe… unless Brad pulls off said miracle. 🙁

  37. This blog, made me cry. Seeing the pictures, video… Stargate. One thing a lot of us have in common and love, that series.

    I want to believe, it is not your final visit to Stargate.

    I wish all the best on your future endevaors, and cannot wait to see them in action.

    As everyone else has stated, Thank You very much for all your hard to work into the Stargate Franchise. It will be missed, thats for sure.

    And hey; Miracles happen…. Its all we can hope for…

  38. Wow! So sad 🙁 Great pics of the crew. Brings back my memories of when we closed STTE. Very emotional. I wish the best for all the SG crew in their future endevours. And look forward to a posting of a reunion, should one occur.

    I’m so glad I had a chance to visit Bridge Studios. That glorious experience will ever be embedded in my heart and soul.

    I thank you sir for your wonderful blog and the time you spend posting pictures, answering questions, keeping us informed on all things Stargate and the various tom foolery that goes on in you life 😉

    My best to you in Toronto. Cheers to a bright new adventure and our memories of good times past 🙂

  39. Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow, still as one door closes, another opens

    Thanks for all the Stargate , Stargate gossip, trivia and assorted tidbits

    All the best for your future career 🙂

    Rich S

  40. *reads comments*

    Joey, you get the Debbie Downer Award of the Year. If you’re misery, I sure hope you love the company.



    PS: This new show BETTER be good, or you’re screwed. 😉

  41. Hard to believe that it seems to be over… too sad.

    Many thanks to everyone and I wish the cast and crew of SGU the choice of many open doors. It was short, but the quality of your work is undeniable and will continue to be seen by many. You were all part of an outstanding franchise.

    Thanks Joe – it has been a roller coaster ride, but I’m not above begging for more. I hope that Brad Wright hasn’t given up. I would like to see more SG1, SGA and SGU movies, especially a continuation from the SGU cliffhanger.

    And thanks for including us in your Stargate family.


  42. @Joan001

    I feel the same way. I hope somehow the Stargate name can be saved at this point with a 4th Series, even if MGM has to get in new producers. Stargate deserves to live on forever, it was such a great francise.

    Everyone involved with all 3 shows have done an amazing job on them, in each respective show, just a shame it’s all done, over, complete(Well not complete literally as SGU has a cliffhanger) but you know.

    It’l make watching the final ten so sad.

    I feel sorry for fans of the shows that have to remove the sets. it must bring a tear to their eyes to see their favorite show being taken down piece by piece.

  43. And thus, the Sixth Age begins. While the end of the Fifth Age was a whole lot worse than the end of the Third, here’s to the new age filled with wonder, beauty, and 60% more awesome.

  44. @Stryse

    I’d come over to your place just to see the Atlantis Gate if that happened.

  45. “I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a Memories of Stargate entry covering my 11 years with the franchise, but the more I think about it, the more it looks like it would be a looooongis multi-part posting.”

    Or a book? You could write a book about what it was like to work on Stargate.

  46. *wave*. Hi, all. Haven’t made time to read or make comments this week. Catch you all later or on FB /Twitter.

  47. … and I hope that an SGA movie is still being discussed. Gosh, I really miss all the teams. Although, to be fair, SG1 did have 10 years and 2 films.

    SGA ended much too soon and now SGU. The powers in control of these things do not command respect, do they?

  48. Hello Joe!
    I noticed Brad in one of the pics..Well you guys must have discussed something about either SGU or the future of the franchise.
    Last we heard you guys were waiting to hear something “any day now” …well time has passed a bit and you have not said anything about it.
    So can I asume nothing happened, or can you tell us any info you might have wether it is good or bad ?
    I know you said you would not say anything speculative anymore. So do you have any news at all ?
    I just dying to know something!
    It really is a sad time being a Stargate fan these days.
    But I do try to remind myself that all of the other great Sci-Fi shows did eventually get restarted at some point.
    Star Wars ,Star Trek and many others with new incarnations and movies.
    Also it makes me sick seeing that promo that SYFY has been running about “every Destiny has an ending” ????
    Yeah right!!! yeah maybe after a few more seasons, but no this Destiny…Season 2 ends in a cliffhanger!!
    It would have been nice for them to let you guys know it was in trouble of getting cancelled before you finished shooting , so you could have given the show somewhat of an ending for season 2, but left it open for a return of the show..Kind of like what you guys did with Atlantis!

    Sorry about all he bitching , but I am really starting to get very upset about what is going on with the SYFY situation.

    Good Luck with your move!
    Will we be getting daily blog updates while you move ?

    Take care!

  49. Also …..How can I put up a picture on my Avatar ?
    I dont see anywhere to do it on your blog ?

  50. Stargate has always been a favorite show at our home, although SGU took some getting used to for my wife. She didn’t like SGU at first because the story and the characters were so different from what she was used to with SG1 and SGA, but I was hooked on SGU from the very beginning and so were our boys.

    I’m disabled from an injury to my spine and I don’t have the mobility to get out and enjoy many of the activities that I used to enjoy. And since early last year, I’ve been having problems with my liver, my spleen, etc, which have become more serious. Watching SGU was one of the few activities that I looked forward to and truly enjoyed so very much even though I didn’t like the day + time it aired. I’d watch it live by myself on Tuesdays because my wife works two jobs and wasn’t able to watch it live. Years ago, my wife and I used to look forward to our Friday evenings together watching SG1 and SGA, so I’d also record SGU and we’d watch it together on Friday evenings just like when we used to watch SG1 and SGA. My wife finally became hooked on SGU after watching enough episodes and we’re feeling crushed after learning that SGU was cancelled.

    I liked all the SG shows very much, but SGU became our absolute favorite for so many reasons. Put simply, SGU was brilliant! Like SG1 and SGA, SGU became part of our lives and to hear that its ending leaves us feeling sad. We wish all of you involved with SGU the very best and thank you so much for an incredible journey and a very enjoyable experience that we’ll never forget.

    I wonder how many viewers would be willing to pay $1 for each new episode to keep SGU going? I know for sure that we’d be willing to keep SGU alive and see new episodes at $1 / episode. If there’s a large enough audience that’s willing to pay $1 per episode to keep SGU alive with new episodes, the numbers could add up quickly.

  51. Joe – Would you please write a Stargate behind the scenes tell all book? I love juicy gossip and stories. Who was doing what to who … you know wink wink.

  52. i got way too emotional reading this post :'( thank you for years of entertainment, and good luck with the new show.

  53. @Mr M

    Sad to to see the passing of an era.

    Will this blog keep up it’s daily posts?

  54. there’s still fans waiting on the 3rd sg1 and atlantis movies. there’s still life in this franchise. there’s still excited and interested fans! 🙁

    stargate sg1 is *still* my favorite scifi show of all time. i watch eps on netfilx every day.

    the franchise is NOT dead, because fans are continuing to show interest in it. continuing to love it.


  55. Randomness said, “It’ll make watching the final ten so sad.

    I feel sorry for fans of the shows that have to remove the sets. it must bring a tear to their eyes to see their favorite show being taken down piece by piece.”

    I kind of wish we all lived in the same city and got together somewhere to watch the final show together for a proper wake… with beer…. give it a good send-off…

  56. Wow. About the only thing not depressing about all that is the question mark on the title instead of a period. It is pretty sad to see the empty office – marks a real transition for sure. I hope you do well in your new endeavour. You know we’ll be following!

  57. Wow Joe, shutting down the office is very sad. You keep mentioning that you stop and chat a while with your fellow co-workers as you are packing up and leaving, but you never mention anyone crying. Any tears around there or is everyone ready to see what is around the corner?

    Btw, Lulu yesterday – she is the cutest little thing! Do you think dogs know how cute they are?

  58. ***sniffles***

    Well, on the bright side, the whole art department can go to Burning Man now.

    Thank you. Thanks everyone.

  59. Most will agree, its impossible not to get emotional after this post.
    Thanks for posting the amazing SG pics and making us feel as if we were there the whole time..

    I hope it won’t take to long untill its back. For sure, with such a huge fanbase, something like SG could never be permanently stopped.

  60. @Joan001: I completely agree. Hubby and I were talking about this the other day as a matter of fact. We plan on toasting each episode and then are going to do something special for the final one–maybe a nice bottle of wine–to toast to all of the good memories. Our kids have grown up with this show, and the younger one still likes to play with my Stargate key chain.

  61. I’ll need to print out a reminder for the baby-comforting advice. Teething is around the corner.

    Hmmm, something more sentimental to add … well, it’s not “bye” for me and I still have EXPLOSIVE visual effects shots to look forward to so, I just say “safe travels” to you.

    And I just know that red flag is going to screw up my cool dreams. I only realize a dream was not the coolest story evah after I’ve been awake a while. Now, that red flag is going to show up and spoil it mid-space battle.

    That red flag’s going to be pointing out all the plot holes – I don’t need to know how the ninja turtles got there! They’re just cool. All right? And no red flag means I can dream them even cooler than they already are. Or, I could before, anyway.

  62. Aw Joe, I have a huge lump in my throat reading this entry. So very sad INDEED!!!

    Please tell Mr Wright that we are still hoping he pulls off a miracle. Anything he could share about his efforts thus far would be greatly appreciated.

    I will miss the Stargate entries, but I look forward to reading about your adventures to come! Go forth Joe, with a smile and a hungry stomach!!! There’s gold in Toronto for a foodie like you and now that you will be migrating there, a whole new restaurant scene awaits.


  63. Hey Joe hows it going?

    i have to admit that this was one of the harder blogs to read. its very sad that you are leaving SGU.

    but hopefully all things will work out for you

    goodluck on the new project

  64. Ok im about to tear up… this is very sad. 🙁

    Anyways, I’m just going to ask the question that’s on everyones mind. Is stargate over yet or not? Has MGM really not made up their mind yet?

  65. I’d like to offer Mike’s assistant “Ruby” a job at my house. I can pay free room and board, toys, bones, free medical and dental benefits, a pension plan, sign-on bonus, and lots of love and attention. She is such a gorgeous girl. Please let her know of my offer as I would like to “hire” her away from Mike.

  66. Okay, you gotta tell us about the food in Toronto once you get situated, because as the son of a foodie, I can tell you that short trips aren’t enough to get the lay of the land.

    Also, I was so pissed off about the SG drama that I forgot to ask about that one frittata you posted about a few weeks back, and as you have gotten yourself out, now’s my opportunity. My mother, the foodie, has been trying to make good frittatas for years and always over-vegetables them. What’s the secret to good balance on such foods?

  67. Very sad indeed, but thanks for sharing the ending with us. 🙁 I guess I need a new hobby!

  68. That “SG-Diamond Eyes” fan vid link you posted was just awesome! A great tribute to the Stargate universe and ranks one of the best SF mashups I’ve seen… Incredible edit and synch worthy of John Hudgens work (He put together all of JMS’ convention panel intro vids, the tributes to deceased B5 actors – Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas – and did some for Star Wars conventions too).

    Well Joe, it looks like the time has come for us Stargaters to leave the room… Thanks to you Brad, Robert, Carl, Paul, the directors and all the rest of the Gate crew for all the hard work and dedication to one of the best SFTV journeys ever. Thanks to you for allowing us fans to share in your experiences both on and off set. The best of luck to you on the new series… I’ll be watching.

  69. If we can’t get TV series and movies can we novels.

    For SGU at the least an official in-continuity book series. I’ve heard someone suggest a comic but sometimes those can be iffy and not look like the actor… AT ALL.

    Something official and all major changes are approved. Sort of like the Star Wars Universe everything gets approved by Lucas, ESPECIALLY the big stuff

  70. There is no word to express my sadness.
    Yesterday i was looking at the last episode of SGU in the train coming back from work.I was very excited to discover if season 3 was already released on screens so i googled it and then…
    i learned the sadest news o fthe year for me: the franchise is cancelled.

    I just cannot understand why studios did not even let you the opportunity to make one last episode in order to give a decent ending to the franchise.

    This is a sad day.

    Elisa a.k.a miss bruleur de graisse

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