Things I will miss about Vancouver: my house, the restaurants, easy access to fresh produce and seafood, the summers, Greek Fest’s spit-roasted lamb, great sushi, close proximity to terrific vacation destinations (Vegas, San Francisco, L.A.) and closer proximity to others (Hawaii, Tokyo, Hong Kong), going outdoors in winter and not freezing my ears off.

Things I won’t miss about Vancouver: narrow car lanes and parking stalls, outrageously high-priced public parking, the rainy season, cyclists.

These lists are a work in progress.

Today, I read Paul’s draft of the pilot.  It’s very good and, as is always the case with my writing partner’s work, very tight.  We’ll discuss tomorrow and I’ll give him my thoughts, then one of us will do a pass after which it’ll be smoooooooth sailing.  Oh, and I suppose he’ll have read my script and undoubtedly have thoughts on it as well (ie. “Great job!”).

Thanks to everyone who offered recommendations and references for the coming moves: ideal neighborhoods, real estate agents, even tiny little houses.  Come February 28th (or sooner) things are going to happen very quickly.  I’ve already lined up one (maybe two, even three!) friends to housesit while I’m away and already have a (sort of) game plan for transporting the dogs.  Rather than hire a moving company, I figure I’ll just pack the bare necessities into three suitcases (x 2 trips = 6) and pick up any necessary extras (ie. dog beds and corkscrews) there.  The big decision has been made (we’re heading east) but the equally big decision will come at year’s end when, circumstances permitting, I face a choice between moving rolling the dice and moving back to Vancouver, or staying put and shutting down my westcoast operations.  I suspect many variables will be taken into account.  How much will I miss Vancouver?  Will there be an opportunity awaiting me if I choose to return?  How much will I enjoy my Toronto experience?  Enough to settle down and call the city home?  Finishing up production on a show on the other side of the country is going to throw one hell of a wrench into plans for my annual Tokyo trip.  Not loving the prospect of a 13 hours flight.  Of course I could just go somewhere closer and nowhere near as enjoyable.  Suggestions?

Damn.  Whatever happened to just taking a year off and going to cooking school?


hal ehrlich writes: “I was noticing that you have been keeping a bit quiet about stargate lately.”

Answer: Have elected to remain silent on the subject until I hear definite word either way.

hal ehrlich also writes: “Are you still going to keep us informed on any news about the future of the franchise, or are we going to have to look at other places for any new news?”

Answer: Tough to say.  I’ll certainly know if we’ll be proceeding with more Stargate (or not) and will let you know – however, given that I’ll be moving on to another show soon, I’ll no longer be privy to the type of detailed behind-the-scenes Stargate information I offered in the past.

hal ehrlich also writes: “It seems to me that you are trying to move on in your life with this new show.”

Answer: I love Stargate (the franchise, the people, etc.) but, realistically, I can’t wait around for something to happen.  Another opportunity presented itself and I have to think of the the future.  The dogs gotta eat.

Narelle from Aus writes: “My tip on finding a decent suburb; the less shoes over power-lines, the better.”

Answer: Yeah, what does that signify?  I checked out Yahoo Answers and the responses varied: drug front, gang turf, murder, and – my favorite – “It means that somewhere on that Block, some poor kids is walking around without shoes.”

fsmn36 writes: “I can’t quite recall; are you joining a current show, or crafting a new one?”

Answer: IF all goes as presently planned (and, honestly, who knows?) we’ll be heading to Toronto to Exec. Produce a new series based on an established franchise.

cherluvya writes: “I am looking forward to finding out more details of your show. You are telling us…without telling us. *giggles* Do you get any input into cast? Is it set yet?”

Answer: Yes, IF things pan out (see above), Paul and I will be weighing in on casting.  In a few weeks, things will be moving very quickly.

Honza “Torp” writes: “At one SG Forum in the Czech Republic we debating about whether seederships mined raw materials themselves or not. Then, too, how puting Stargate on the planet, they land or send it from orbit?”

Answer: Can’t answer this one because we discussed several possibilities in the room.  We talked about doing a story that would offer details on the seeding process but, alas, we were canceled not renewed given the opportunity to pursue other interests like not working.

Anais a ecrit: “Aprés mes années d’étude je vais faire une formation de doublage VF”

Reponse: Felicitations!  Et bonne chance!

Kevin writes: “For some reason, It makes me fuzzy inside to know that Joe is probably moving closer to where I live in the US.”

Answer: Does this mean I can now look forward to the occasional home-cooked meal?

Allen P. writes: “I know the purpose of the pilot is to establish much of the foundation of the series, so should I take the time to write a bible for my series?”

Answer: If you think it’ll be helpful to you and your co-workers, then by all means.

Wintermute writes: “Anyway, what I really wanted to ask you was, do you read Iain M. Banks at all?”

Answer: Yes.  Consider Phlebas, The Player of Games, Use of Weapons, and Inversions are among my fave SF novels.

Narekke from Aus writes: “What do you think of the Kindle as a Reader?”

Answer: I like it a lot – and will no doubt make good use of it in Toronto.  The two drawbacks are 1) an inability to flip back and forth with ease and 2) the lack of a reading light.

Lloyd67 writes: “Hi Joseph, can you answer a few questions?”

Answer: All of your questions focus on the future of the Stargate franchise and, at present, I don’t have any of those answers for you.  Sorry.

irish pete writes: “Is it true that jason statham is on board for the transporter tv series??”

Answer: There’s going to be a Transporter t.v. series?  That sounds awesome.  Will definitely check it out (as should you).

Shadow Step writes: ““And I’m not sure what you’re suggesting at when you say “are we all being played?”. To what purpose? ” Getting as many as possible to watch the remaining 10 episodes on TV?”

Answer: Again – to what purpose?  The show has been canceled not renewed placed on permanent hiatus relieved of its broadcast duties.

58 thoughts on “February 16, 2011: Musings on the move! Mailbag!

  1. (sorry put on wrong date)
    Actually, lol, my husband (born in the Bronx) grew up in Philly, my sister lives in Medford, NJ and I spent almost 9 yrs “up north” in NJ/PA. Very aware of the accent differences just going from Cherry Hill to the shore and up to Jersey City.

    Wow, that’s hard Joe. You have all this going on, yet knowing you still will have so many decisions at the end of the year. For some people it’s not an issue, but it seems you stress (as do I) over change. Doesn’t help most of us KNOW you will do fantastic. 🙂

  2. The times they are a-changin’, it seems.

    Been a busy couple of weeks over here, thus explaining the lack of commenting. I do still read the blog every day though, and will continue to do so unto the end of time itself. I’m glad the deals are working out and you’re moving onto a new job that you like, though the fact that you’re moving to Toronto, the self-proclaimed center of the Universe, is a little unfortunate. 😉

    Anyway, I gotta get back to work. Good luck on all this quickly-happening stuff!

  3. Oh, and I see that AnneTeldy has returned for a bit in the last few days! Hi Anne! How have you been? I hope you’ve been well!

  4. Hi Joe, if you’re going to be weighing in on casting, you KNOW who I want in your super-secret established franchise, right? 🙂

  5. > Come February 28th (or sooner) things are going to happen very quickly

    Watch out…the baggage handlers at Pearson just went on strike. Welcome to Toronto 🙂

  6. Glad I don’t have your problems of deciding on how to go about moving from one side of the country to the other. You have my admiration for being mentally flexible enough to make the leap, and to embrace change. After a decade and more at the same job, it’s easy to want to kling to the familiar.
    Looking forward to the updates.When do we get the official word on what it is you’re going to be working on? And little details, like when the show will be airing?

  7. Okay on a more serious note…

    Does Brad Wright have a blog or could he perhaps get one?

  8. What? Forgoing your annual trip to Tokyo because the flight is a mere couple of hours longer?!!! Suck it up, buttercup! Just spring for one of the economy plus seats (wider seats, better leg rests, better food options) on ANA (or JAL) and go for it. From here in the Midwest they usually go the polar route: very cool (pun intended). And the trip is well worth the effort.

    It sounds like your other plans are coming together nicely. And I had no idea what shoes on power lines meant – what an innocent dweeb I am.

  9. “Of course I could just go somewhere closer and nowhere near as enjoyable. Suggestions?”

    Niagara Falls. Isn’t that suppose to be a beautiful and romantic destination and all that crap?

  10. Since you say you will not be privy to new SGU developments after your move, do you have any suggestions regarding other people “in the know” that we should be watching on Twitter, blogs, Facebook or web sites? Does Brad Wright post any where? Who is staying at Bridge that we should be watching for updates? Thank you for your time.

  11. Awwww…no more Tokyo adventures? I’m gonna miss those. 🙁 I hope you will still blog in Toronto. Even though there will less Stargate stuff, I still like reading your blogs. I find you very fascinating, and I’ve become very fond of you doggies. 🙂 I love how you love food, and try new exotic foods. I wish you all the luck in your move. Hope that your all your doggies get there safely. Hope we hear more about them. Love your doggies! 😉 I wish you all the best for what is in store for you in Toronto. May you be successful and happy in whatever you do. God bless you, Joe. And, have a safe trip. 🙂

  12. “The show has been canceled not renewed placed on permanent hiatus relieved of its broadcast duties.”

    Relief of duty didn’t stop SG-1 from blowing up two Ha’tak-class vessels, thus saving the world, and by the way, what ever happened to that other Stargate? If these things require a mark IX to destroy, then surely they can survive the destruction of a Goa’uld mothership. Unless you are saying that Ha’taks detonate with the force of a mark IX. So it would stand to reason that Earth currently has three Stargates (Alpha Gate, Apophis’ Gate, and Atlantis’ Gate).

  13. Gah! I want to know what this new show is that you’re working on. Will you let us know even if things fall through?

    I really wish you all the best of luck (even though I don’t believe in “luck” :P), Stargate or no Stargate.

  14. Hey Joe,

    That is a lot of decisions you are making. I say in one year you report back on how you did on making them. Our lives sometimes lead us down unexpected paths. Ones that sometime bring about our greatest joys. I can’t help but smile when people are caught in a cross-roads…so many ways to go…so many things to choose from.

    You have chosen well…I love that saying. I always hope the year following BIG decisions that I will say that to myself…which by the way I have.

    I do love hearing about your process in all of this. I am sure I will love the new show too…and I will look back and remember this day when I was still guessing what it was. You are a bright spot…in this world and in my life. Thank you for always thinking of us.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  15. Quick suggestion about finding a good neighborhood: Ask the police…after you’ve softened them up with donuts, or something. And whatever you do, never trust a realtor.

    Quick update: I have finished Ghosts of Manhattan! 😀 Started reading tonight at exactly the midway point and couldn’t put it down, finished it this evening. I really enjoyed it, a lot. Will save further comments for later, however, since I know others have yet to read it.

    Quick nod to the lovely Scottish deerhound who won Best in Show at Westminster. What elegant lines! I almost got a tear when the judge so passionately described how she’s so like the breed was a hundred years ago. He seemed genuinely honored to have judged the pack as a whole, and the deerhound specifically.

    Quick question: Are you keeping your place in Vancouver, then? If so, will you rent it out until you figure out where you’re going to settle?

    Quick observation: You may be further from Tokyo, but you are now closer to Paris. Jus’ sayin’.

    Quick invitation: Come down to Jersey – I’ll treat you to funnel cake, pizza, boardwalk fries (with vinegar!), and Kohr Brothers frozen custard…followed by a quick spin on the Himalaya! Woo! 😈


  16. Quick PS: How’s Secret Six coming along? Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about ‘Doll…


  17. What purpose ? MONEY – they are not in it to be nice. Previously canceled shows have been yanked rather than shown because, apparently , ratings matter even for non returning shows.

  18. Joe —

    Have you seen the Kindle cover with the built in light? I have one for mine and it is wonderful. Runs off your kindle’s battery.

  19. I think that this production would be well advised to get your imput into casting. Your decisions on casting, especially on SGA, were right on target. While many actors could do the lines, it takes the right look and the right personality to make the part unique. And the actors on Stargate sure have that distinction that makes them so memorable. and lovable too.

    I recommend New York for your trip. NYC certainly has all the fine dining you can desire. Unique neighborhoods with unique dining experiences can be had. Museums are abound as well as many entertainment options. Plus I am sure there are any number of people you know who live there who would make fine dinner companions. There are as many crazy people on the street to take pictures of as well as unusual buildings as Tokoyo I am sure. The many times I have been I hear more languages than English. touring the UN is a must to get the true international political scene. A bonus: you can take a cab there and get lost too!

  20. Two things, first I loved the crossed out sections of your post today. Second, I was just wondering if you could give some advice as an experienced writer. I am currently going to college for computers, and I have had to take some English courses while doing it, and all of my English professors have told me that I have a real talent for writing, and that I may want to consider trying my hand at writing instead. As such, I have been thinking about maybe writing a Science Fiction book about an idea I had years ago. What I was wondering is, how do you suggest to go about the making dialogue, and how much information of the technology in a SF book is a good amount? I have read many books, and it seems that it is sometimes difficult to know when you have too much information on these made up techs, and when you don’t quite have enough. Any suggestions?


  21. Hey Joe,

    If you have the option, make the transportation your main character uses, the 2011 Audi A8 .. it appears to be a damn nice car. I hope you and Paul enjoy the new series. To bad your moving to Toronto though … it’s so darn cold from what I hear.

  22. I first learned about the shoes over a powerline as something you do when you graduate college. It could be a bad sign, but the rumor it’s a bad sign is what encourages people to misuse that which is otherwise just good old fun.

  23. Thanks Joe for making me laugh with your last post, with your answers on “canceled not renewed” strikeouts, and with the answer on the Transporter series.

    BTW whatever you will do next, Stargate series or not, I will certainly check it out and you’re absolutely correct that you can not wait forever on something that possibly is never going to happen soon.

    I wish you good luck with the new series!

  24. Joe just remember, You can’t judge a neighbourhood by the neighbours.

    Why not turn your annual tokyo trip into an annual europe trip. A couple days in each country, they have some pretty damn good food selections over there.

  25. @Deni
    @you KNOW who I want in your super-secret established francise

    Personally I think someone like Mike Dopud or James Bamford would be perfect in the main role in Transporter, both of them kick butt, not to mention Bamford would do his own Stunts, thus saving them money.

    Come on, make it happen, either of them. They would be perfect in The Transporter, hope you bring either of them on the show Joe.

  26. @Oh c’mon, you’re never going to tell us who was gay on Atlantis?

    Wasn’t that Carson Beckett? Forgive me if I’m wrong. I thought it was strongly hinted at.

    @Sue Jackson

    Considering The Transporter has a much higher budget than SGU, you could imagine being a part of that show would yield higher salarys thus what Joe could do is go to 2 different countries in a 2 week period.

    What you should do Joe is grab a flight to a country you’ve always wanted to visit, stay there for 6 days, then get a flight to Tokyo on the 7th day, as long as you go to a country close to Tokyo i.e between 6-10 hours away, you should be fine.

  27. By the way Joe, sorry about my attitude a few days ago. Haven’t had much if any sleep in days and am only really just recovering now. Looking back it seemed like I was kinda PMSing at you and people lol

    But anyway, I’m sorry. I wasn’t angry at you or anything. If I came accross like that. I’m sorry =/


  28. Living approximately in the middle of nowhere a 13 hour flight to anywhere sounds just about right to me, but never mind me. I’ve got a few screws loose. I actually like airports and airplanes. Especially the big ones. I watched every single Mayday (Air Crash Investigation over here) episode under the Sun and I still love flying. It’s partly due to the deeply rooted knowledge that if the show was called Road Crash Investigation they wouldn’t want for subject matter for thousands of seasons.

    If the 13 hr flight sounds daunting I recommend air sickness pills administered every 4 hours. I have to. I get severe air sickness. (And I still love flying. Go figure 🙂 Flight food food will taste better and time will flow faster but on the downside you will end up reading the same page over and over again for an hour. 🙂

    @Graham – Dr. Weir of course 🙂

  29. Decisions, decisions. Always stressful when you’re making them, but then, you can relax after they’re done. 🙂 I’m glad things have come together for you, and I look forward to telling everyone when they come together for me and hubby. (He’s still looking for employment, and we’ve decided we’re open to going anywhere.)

  30. Coucou!!!! ça va bien?

    O_O ohh je n’avais pas réaliser que vous alliez déménager aussi rapidement…sa change tout mes plans de vacance, non vraiment! si j’avais décider de partir à Vancouver en 2012 c’était à 60% car vous y habitiez, 20% pour stargate, 20% pour le paysage.
    Je crois que je vais donc changer de destination!

    Merci pour ces encouragements, je suis très motivé pour cette exprience, mais bon je doit d’abord finir mes études de communication, c’est important aussi;)

    Bisou 🙂

    ps: voyons le bon côté des choses, il n’y aura plus que 6313 km qui vont nous séparer maintenant 😉

  31. Ah oui ofaite, je voulais savoir quelque chose…

    Toujours pas dans l’optique de créer votre compte Facebook?

    J’espere que vous y réfléchissez, ça serai tellement génial :).. bien mieux que twitter!

  32. hey joe

    i couldnt help notcing in some of your answers for example

    Answer: Can’t answer this one because we discussed several possibilities in the room. We talked about doing a story that would offer details on the seeding process but, alas, we were canceled not renewed given the opportunity to pursue other interests like not working.

    the we were canceled not renewed part was crossed out. is this a mistake or is this telling us something in a subtle way?

  33. @das… did you hear me SCREAMING when it won? About 10 of us talked and said no way it would win even though it should after it took group (was screaming then too but only neighboring states could hear that one). And wow, yeah, what a class act the judge was!

    ::::::What? Forgoing your annual trip to Tokyo because the flight is a mere couple of hours longer?!!! Suck it up, buttercup! :::::
    I was thinking the same thing, lol, but didn’t want to jab at him til he got this stress of moving over with.

  34. Joe,
    Have you ever read any of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett? If so, which one is your favorite?

  35. I’m going to miss your SGU tidbits, whether it’s something that pans out or not 🙂

    I think I’d have a hard time moving anywhere that I didn’t have easy access to decent sushi.

  36. Who knows, maybe instead of going to Asia on your breaks you’ll go to cooking school in Italy and Paris. We East Coasters are more than used to the 13 hour Tokyo trip (stop in Portland, change to mega jumbo plane, sleep the rest of the way and walk out like zombie with extreme bed hair then cram into a shuttle van for two more mind number hours until you finally get to a bed, at which point you can’t sleep.

    So it can totally be done but perhaps look to the Continent for vacation pleasures. And you can go to DC in a heart beat now anc check out the food, I really like the Carlyle:

    And you can dine at the rooftop bistro of the Hotel Washington; view is spectacular (see Gene Hackman in No Way Out) and I think the food is great, but maybe it’s the view that makes it taste great; they have a good happy hour with great drinks:

  37. Moving is always such an adventure. As a child, I was uprooted every two or three years and hauled cross-country. I have no idea how I got stuck in Utah. Gee, green jello and tater tots are delicacies. You haven’t lived until you’ve staggered around after ingesting a four pound Mormon Muffin with whipped honey butter. Every casserole recipe, and there are thousands, contains at least one can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup. Cream of Celery is too exotic.

    Well, we did invent fry sauce.

    Suck it up, Buttercup, indeed.

  38. Hey Joe,

    I wish you and Paul ALL THE BEST in Toronto. The east coast isn’t too bad.

    But when I want to visit Hawaii I end up staying in California a couple days so the trip isn’t so horrible. Maybe you can do the same?

    Also, are you having to fly all the dogs out there? Are they small enough to fly in the cabin with you? We flew Annabelle down from North Carolina when we rescued her and it was traumatic for her. Why is dog transportation such a problem still?

    I love the Transporter. If you’re working for that show that’s going to be fantastic.

    It seems Toronto is the new Vancouver which was the new Hollywood. So I guess that makes Toronto the New New Hollywood. (Who fans hopefully get that reference.)


  39. I just wanted to thank you for your brillant blog. It inspired me to learn about WordPress. I use your blog to plot trips to Vancouver. I drool over your food photos and ‘aww’ over your pup photos. You combine most of my favorite things- dogs, food, Vancouver and Stargate- in one well-written spot. Again, thanks.

  40. Sending luck for those tough decisions!

    The two drawbacks are 1) an inability to flip back and forth with ease and 2) the lack of a reading light. I can’t help with 1 but for 2, I use a little clip-on book light.

    Narelle: interesting about shoes over the power lines. Two indicators for a “bad” neighborhood over here: A large breed dog tied to the front porch. Junked cars/trucks parked on the lawn.
    Once, we were looking for a neighborhood, we pulled into the complex and someone was dressing a deer in front of their house. We left and looked no more in that area 😉 .

  41. I was watching SyFy the other night and saw a promo for the second half of SGU to begin Monday, March 7th at 10pm

  42. Hi Joe.

    As I’m writing this reply, I’m at the billy Bishop airport (Toronto City Center airport) where I’ve spend two days…

    Now that I’m heading back to Montreal, a smile is growing in my face… Thinking you’ll soon be moving in TO makes me wonder…

    Since I’ve been to Vancouver in the past, I kind of know the area as well (even went to refuel on your advise : delightful by the way)

    So if I have to compare the 3 locations, on a business front, Toronto is the place of opportunities, Montreal is good too, as for Vancouver, I can’t tell… On the living side, I know we both have our idea (you be in love with Vancouver and I with Montreal (well, Laval in my case)

    But Toronto… Not for me…. As I was taking the taxi, the driver told me that just in the GTA area, there are over 8.5 millions persons… So traffic is a way of life over there… NO THANK YOU…

    At 44 years old I’m still a club guy and Toronto doesn’t offer me much choice so again… Mtl…

    On the restaurant side, I guess the 3 towns can offer a wide variety of choice.

    Good luck on your new project… I hope I’ll still be a fan of that new show as much as I’ve been in the last 15 years (at least) with SG1, SGA and SGU….

  43. Question: Will we ever see a collaboration Joseph Mallozi/Steven Moffat ??
    That would bring down the house, 2 of the best writers of 21st century :OO

  44. HI Mr M!

    RE: Holiday destination closer? Cough cough IRELAND!!! We need those Canadian dollars you know!!!
    Seriously, come see the place where they made the Princess Bride…..go on!!

    Best from Ireland


  45. Ahhhh, I go away for two months and miss EVERYTHING!!! I’m student teaching now, so I have about fifteen minutes of free time per week and haven’t had time to blog in FOREVER!!!

    Congrats on the new job, Sir Mallozzi! I shall miss the Stargate posts, of course, but look forward to hearing about your future adventures! 🙂

  46. Oh, a spin-off! Dare I hope it’s the new Castle spin-off I’ve heard is in the works? 🙂 (Of course that’s not filmed in Toronto, so doubtful. But a girl can hope!)

  47. Joe,

    Why don’t you visit Korea? The food is better here than in Japan! I have many suggestions on what you should eat. I’m currently dieting and it is very sad that I will not be able to enjoy the delicious restaurants for a few months.

    Have you ever eaten Korean food, and if so, what has been your favorite dish?

  48. If Jason Statham is going to be in this Transporter series and if Joe, you are on it, when I first moved into our house in 1992, the people who lived right behind me were Patty and Kenny Armstrong. Who are they? Olympic divers. Kenny went on to coach Laura Wilkinson to Olympic gold. Patty and Laura scored a bronze in synchronized platform diving in the mid-1990’s. After Kenny & Patty started having kids, they moved to a bigger house, but we still stay in touch via Christmas letters. They knew Jason from the diving circuit before he became an actor. Pretty cool. I remember talking to them about it at some point, but I honestly don’t remember everything they said. They were really fun neighbors. We all had our houses built so when we first moved in, no one had fences up yet — we were all waiting for each other to do it so they would bear the full expense.

    Sounds like you have a great game plan. The end of the month is coming up very, very fast. And yet you still have time to share some love with us by continuing to post. You’re the best.

  49. Hello Joe:
    Hopefully I get this comment intime for you to answer it before you do another mailbag…
    Anyways, I saw a short preview of SGU season 2.5 off of Space channel.
    Man o man from what I saw it looks awesome.
    It looks like you saved the best VFX and CGI (Are those the correct letters? ) for the back half of the season.
    It is such a shame that these are going to be the last 10 episodes (at least for now). It seems that the show is really getting going now . The backstories and character developments have all been done, and now the show is reaklly starting to get the story going. I can somewhat see quite a bit of seeds you planted along the way during the earlier episodes starting to unfold. It looks like the blue guys are somehow going to save the crew ?
    Who would have ever thought that ? It seems that the show is just getting its legs going , and now what ?
    What a shame…. I really hope that Brad and Co. get some sort of deal done to finish the SGU story.
    One question I have is knowing that the show was cancelled back in late Decemeber and you still had several episodes that were being edited and going through the VFX process , was there anything that could be done to somehow put closure to things. I know all of the scenes were already shot, but I wonder if things could have been done using Visual/Special Effects to change things up a bit ?
    Thank you!

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