Well, it looks like my fate for 2011 has more or less been decided.  A few formalities need to be addressed and then – well, the mad scramble begins.

A different scramble of sorts began days ago as we face our two script/one bible February 21st deadline.  It may seem daunting but, hell, I wrote a record three scripts in two weeks back in my SG-1 days (Morpheus, Memento Mori, and Counterstrike) so I know I’m more than up for the challenge.  Making matters somewhat easier is the fact that this is the type of show I love to write for: fast-paced, action-driven, and humorous.  Paul suggested we partner up to write the script just like the old days – in the same room, running dialogue back and forth between us – but I have a feeling that approach will just slow us down.  I started work on episode #2 and have already hit the 13 page mark. I’m thinking we should compromise and write the scripts in the much the same manner we co-wrote in the middle of our Stargate run – not together and not separately, but a little of both.  One of us leads with a first draft (and that would probably be me since I’m a faster writer and tend to fall into a nice, prolific rhythms) while the other one follows (and that would be him since he’s a perfectionist; great at rethinking and tightening).  I’ll pass off the first act to him once I’m done (which should be sometime tomorrow) and, while he’s rewriting it, I’ll forge ahead with Act II.  If we adopt this strategy, I feel confident we’ll be able to hit that February 21st deadline AND get some feedback from our various interested parties before delivering to the network.  After that, if all goes as planned – and I don’t see why it wouldn’t – that’s when the real anxiety will set in.

Heading into the office tomorrow to find out what’s what, watch a couple of mixes, and start bringing my books back home – wherever home will be for the foreseeable future.

After months of playing email tag, I finally had a phone conversation with author Jeff Carlson (Plague Year, Plague War, Plague Zone, “The Frozen Sky”).  Very nice guy.  Very nice ANd very busy.  We discussed a possible collaboration.  Hopefully, if I have time, we can make it happen.

2011 is looking less and less like the laid-back, easy-going year I was expecting it to be.

52 thoughts on “February 7, 2011: My 2011 looking decidedly busier!

  1. Methinks a busy Joe = a happy Joe. 🙂

    Have a good night, sir – and wishing you smoooooth sailing on those scripts!


  2. Okay, now I’m not sure if I would want to be a writer or not :P.

    I don’t know what the status is with SyFy and SGU, but I’m trying to get people to tune into tomorrow’s marathon to bump the ratings enough for renewal. If you wanted to, you could post this video that I made for SGU 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtHusm7Yzd4
    Fine if not.

  3. @that’s when the real anxiety will set in.

    Wouldn’t that be the exciting part? You know if people give the thumbs up.

    Best of luck on your mysterious show scripts. Hope it works out.

  4. @Bailey

    If I may use an overly Teal’ced out phrase, indeed. I am so confused.

  5. @Tenacious D
    No phrase Teal’c has ever uttered or other people have used because of his utterance of it can ever become overused.

  6. @Chris – Nice video, i shared it around with some friends and websites. Hopefully a few people notice it 🙂

  7. What is this Superbowl, people on the other side of the planet speak of?

    Is it a massive croquet match or is that’s from Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next stories?

    Could it be that it’s a gastronomic food-eating contest to see who can reach the Superbowl level?

    Maybe it’s lawn bowling. Who goes for national lawn bowling anyway? (Not that it isn’t interesting in itself, I just find it dull)

    Superbowls aside (really, can bowls really sport capes and fly?), I hope the scripts agree to behave and egest from your brain as smoothly as the creamiest icecream.

  8. Hi Joe,

    Could you please give us a clear idea of where SGU stands right now and what your hopes are for the foreseeable future?


  9. Sounds like you are up for some busy times, Joe 🙂

    Finally got around to watching ‘Visitation’ tonight. What a fantastic episode and a real slow burner. Particular kudos to Jamil Walker Smith for that great scene with Chloe. If SOMETHING isn’t done to keep SGU alive or finish it off properly, I’m gonna eat the remote control.

    One year ago today (February 9) SGU Season 1.0 was released on Blu-ray. If any readers here haven’t watched it in that format yet, do so soon. It’s how the show should be seen (after you’ve watched it live on TV, of course). Hopefully we won’t have long to wait for S2.0. MGM needs to know that we want that on BD, too!

  10. @ Stuart:
    I believe that when Joseph Mallozzi goes to the SGU office Tuesday (today), he may learn more on the fate of SGU, hopefully.

    Best wishes Mr. Mallozzi on your future projects which sound very interesting. 🙂

  11. @Stuart I don’t think we need to ask him that as he states that everytime he hears something new and he said he might know something when he goes to office to watch a new Day 1 mix (forgot which episode though).

    Mr. Mallozzi I am happy that you don’t need to worry about work but I am wondering: Does this mean you will not continue to work on SGU if it continues?

  12. Well, then, you see…. one door closes and another opens.. or reopens… (keeping fingers crossed)

    Make it as good as you always have…. (and don’t forget Varro) 🙂

  13. But busy is good right? I mean it’s better than sitting around in your PJs eating leftovers from last year’s chocolate party and watching The View isn’t it?

    Good luck with your scripts. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and have to get up to write it out?

    Cheers, Chev

  14. Glad to hear that things are picking up for you, Joe. Much luck on the scripts and will look forward to hearing about the project when you can tell us.

    Have a great day!!

  15. @maria said yesterday:

    Also, you were at Ivon’s place? Where the heck did the guy get all of those comfy chairs? (And how much did they cost?) Either you guys are getting paid even more than I thought, or he must’ve stolen them (Just kidding ;b).

    It’s Rob C’s house, and I believe Ivon’s house-sitting (correct me Ivon if I’m wrong and you’ve bought the place).

    Cheers, Chev

  16. Joe sounds as though your going to be busy, busy, busy!
    I was kind of wondering you guys all worked together to make a script. Nice!
    Does this mean the Tornoto thing has reached a deal yet?

    @ Chris

    Pretty good vid. I have tried to share it with several of my friends and posted it where I can. Besides the crazy ratings system its still good to wake people up and prime them for the new SGU shows in April.
    Concrete words (from the powers that be) of what is going on with Stargate Universe would really help. 🙁

  17. Good to see that you’re going to be busy with this new project, though I am still wondering how SGU will have it’s loose ends resolved..

    At Jovanna, Lawn Bowls may appear dull from a spectators point-of-view, but try playing it, you might like it then..

  18. Hello Joseph ! How are you ?

    Question :


    • Have you considered the idea of doing a final season 3 directly to DVD? International sales could be very interesting.

    ——————(SGA – SG-1)——————

    • Again, is there any news about SG1 and SGA movies?

    ——————(Robert C Cooper)——————

    • If you have contacts with Robert C. Cooper, you know something about his project? Stargate something?

    Thank you very Much Joe, and sorry for my very bad English.

  19. Hi Joe –
    Congrats on the projects!
    If you need an a talented, but unknown, untested (on a big scale anyway) fresh voice music composer…. I’d love to send you some things! I’m sure the networks love going with untested, unknown talent on major projects! LOL
    Keep up the great work.
    And thanks for all the food ideas!

  20. Help! I checked your blog obsessively for days now and I am so confused about your last post! What is the status of my favorite show, SGU?! PLEASE, pins and needles are not good for my butt!!

  21. @Das: That video was hysterical!!!! I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.

  22. @lloyd, your english is fine. But I don’t think a season 3 direct to dvd is an option. That is 100% out of pocket cost.

  23. Hey Joe,

    Keep a close eye on your blog for SGU news, also interested in this ‘Super Secret Project” that’s fast-paced, action-driven, and humorous and an established franchise. Can you give us more on this?

    An ROB COOPER! Will definitely check it out if all goes well for ya.

  24. Busy 2011 sounds fabulous for you! Can’t wait to see what the mystery project is. The Prisoner? Nah, that’s not funny. And it’s not sci fi. Triple hmmm.

    2012 may turn out to be a Y2K bust, but keep working now so that you can afford to build that zombie-proof storm shelter.

  25. Joe, I think you like being busy so I am glad you have something to keep you occupied. Best of luck with the new things. work = rent paid, dogs fed.
    @das, I saw that vid on the news, they didnt show the whole thing, thanks, very funny.
    @chevron7, leftover chocolate,,not likely..

  26. Is it two scripts and a bible you two have to write?

    It’s not the same workload as writing 3 scripts for an established show. There’s a lot more work starting from scratch. I did that workload in about that time-frame once, but the challenge was easier -> I didn’t have to be any good at it. 😛 (Not having Wi-Fi on your laptop helps.)

  27. @Merced

    As much as I hate to say it, since Paul Mullie ans Joseph Mallozzi were great writers and I liked their episodes worked, so did new blood for Star Trek.

  28. I’m just wondering if Robert Carlyle has made any comments about the cancellation… I haven’t seen any, but I’m not everywhere…

  29. Well, that was opaque. And it raises questions. But you sound happy, so Yay! 😀

    Well, it looks like my fate for 2011 has more or less been decided. A few formalities need to be addressed and then – well, the mad scramble begins.
    A different scramble of sorts began days ago as we face our two script/one bible February 21st deadline.

    1. Is the first Mad Scramble (A) unrelated to the Toronto Mad Scramble (B)?

    2. What project is Mad Scramble (A)?

    After that (two Toronto scripts + bible), if all goes as planned – and I don’t see why it wouldn’t – that’s when the real anxiety will set in.

    3. Has the Toronto D-Day/Decision Day just been delayed, until the completion of the scripts & bible? Is that the “real anxiety?”

    After months of playing email tag, I finally had a phone conversation with author Jeff Carlson (Plague Year, etc.) [snip] We discussed a possible collaboration.

    3. Is possible Mad Scramble (C) co-writing a novel with Jeff Carlson? If not, what?

    Hope there’s more good news today from Bridge Studios. 🙂

  30. Hello Joe.

    A few quick questions for the mailbag:

    1. What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

    2. Someone else mentioned the Season 2 SGU Blu-rays. Any news?

    3. secret project for an established series involving both US and Canadian personnel… Hmm… These personnel wouldn’t include a lead actor who went back home to California and a cast in Canada who were involved in a great series that ended after five seasons?

    4. Any news on how SGU will continue? DVD movie?

    5. Can you give us details on what Rob has been working recently? -Sounds like a work in progress for an upcoming pilot.

    Best Wishes,


  31. Hope the fruits of your intensive labor pay off big for you. You deserve it. While you cannot reveal what you might be writing for, will this possibly also require a relocation and a dog-moving issue, too?

  32. A really strange item is that the Local Union Production List has “Atlantis Stargate V” starting production on Feb 19th 2011 and running thru October 10th. I am sure this is a mistake of some kind, but this listing just appeared today and was originally dated 2008. Then they changed the dates to 1011. It looks like they copied the old information. But something’s afoot….

  33. Alright its tuesdy night …
    What’s the news on SGU ??
    Inquiring minds would love to know any new news 🙂

  34. I hope that some good Stargate news comes tomorrow cuz that’s my birthday and more SGU would be the best present ever. Although my Tauntaun sleeping bag that arrived today is pretty awesome!

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