Still no definite word on the Stargate front.  Following a flurry of promising developments, things have gone unbearably quiet.  Not a bad sign just… no sign.  There’s an anticipation that good news could break any day now – but the longer the wait, the greater the challenge when the time comes.  To those holding out hope that this could mean a third season pick-up – alas, this isn’t one of the scenarios in play.  Nevertheless, as I said in a previous entry, if and when we finally do get the green light, Brad has some wonderful surprises in store for fans of SGU (as well as fans of the Stargate franchise in general).  I’ve got my fingers crossed for all involved, even though it’s looking more and more like I won’t be among them.

That on again, off again, on again, off again opportunity is back on again and it looks like Paul and I are close to signing a deal that would take us to Toronto for 2011 (and, possibly, beyond).  As things started to heat up this weekend, I fielded a call from my anxious writing partner who was amazed I wasn’t stressing out as well.  “My stress was front-loaded,”I told him.  If you’ll recall, it was only one month ago that I was assailed by a host of mystery ailments, from headaches to hives, that left me thoroughly vexed and confused.  In retrospect, those ailments weren’t so mysterious after all.  I’ve stressed out big time and now have made, if not peace, then a grudging truce with the situation.  I’m still bummed at the prospect of having to make the big move, ship my dogs cross-country, say goodbye to my life here in Canada’s greatest city and start anew in T.O.  What do I bring with me besides the dogs?  My car?  All my suits? Do I take my books, my booze, my ice cream maker?!!  On the positive side, I’ll be working on a great new, high-profile series based on an existing, equally terrific franchise (I’m a big fan of the movies).  It’s got a healthy budget and, most important of all, boasts some very kind, very talented individuals who’ll work hard to ensure the show is positively kick-ass.

But there’s still work to be completed on SGU’s second season…

Today, we went in and watched the Day 1 mix of Blockade and the Day 2 mix of Common Descent, taking a break in between to eat lunch and approve visual effects for The Hunt (revised) and Gauntlet (temps).  Watching those shows and snippets made me very proud of what we accomplished – and very sad that it had to end so soon.  Word is you’ll all get to finally see the back half, surprisingly sooner than later.  Official announcement to come.

I spent the rest of the day packing up the books in my office.  I stuffed eight boxfuls into the back of my SUV, and I’m still not halfway done!  I’ll pack up the rest next week when the ever-lovable Carl Binder heads back into town for one final round of mixes, VFX approvals, and schnitzel.

91 thoughts on “February 8, 2011: When one door closes another opens. This time, before you leave, remember to bring the keys with you!

  1. I’ll be the first to post tonight!!!

    Anyways…I am very glad at what you had to say about Stargate. hopefully it will be able to include SGU and possibly the other SG shows combined..
    I have a sneaky suspicion that you are working on a new Star Trek T.V. show..
    Your quote “On the positive side, I’ll be working on a great new, high-profile series based on an existing, equally terrific franchise (I’m a big fan of the movies). It’s got a healthy budget and, most important of all, boasts some very kind, very talented individuals who’ll work hard to ensure the show is positively kick-ass. ”
    This looks like Star Trek to me !!!
    That would be cool..
    I like that show almost as much as stargate, and if you became part of that show I am sure I may like even more.

    I am sad to see that even if SGU starts back up that you probally will not be invloved 🙁
    But I am sure that the show will be left in very capable hands, and who knows maybe it will be best the way things are going to work out for everyone after all.
    My fingers are crossed !

  2. Hey Joe,

    I am so happy to hear the deal is working out. Moving never EVER fits into “Looking forward to packing!” but we all seem to survive. It is just an added stress to have to work while doing so. Will you be assigning packing teams?

    I enjoyed seeing some of the Syfy Stargate Universe marathon. Was great to see Eli get the girl again…even if you guys killed her off. so many many great episodes. I loved seeing your and Paul’s names appear on the screen.

    Must be great to have a direction…hugs to you and the pups.

    Cheryl 🙂

  3. I know that feeling of having to wait as your career and life hang in the balance.

    While no answer would be horrible it’d be at least an answer… wait no… I’d rather keep waiting and get a yes answer. Though a sign on the how the process is going would at least make a person feel better. It would also help my fingernails which are being chewed to the point of bleeding. Must remember patience is important. Sorry for the rather cathartic comment.


  4. For a brief second, it said, “file not found”. I was in panic mode. What? No JM blog fix for the day? I felt like an addict.

    Congratulations on the Toronto gig! Looking forward to hearing what the franchise is, and more importantly, if it will be shown in the United States. I hate it when Canada gets shows that we don’t.

    What mode of transport are you currently considering for getting the dogs there? That must be so hard to leave a place you’ve grown to love.

    I had heard that the actor contract release dates were Jan 31 so it gets harder with each passing day to keep the SGU team together with them all pursuing new job opportunities. Hopefully even with that, if something does happen for whatever shape the franchise may take to wrap things up, they’ll be able to make some time to be a part of it.

  5. I’m confused. So you’re off to work on The Transporter series after all? That’s good. I mean as you post inside info about shows in all, and I love the concept of it.

    I don’t think many people would of heard of the transporter here. Well the movies anyway.

  6. Thanks for update.

    *cries a little* Hate to see SGU ending so early as well. It made me love Stargate again, and well. It was just one mighty fine tv show. I am disappoint in Americans. 😛

    Good luck in whatever you might do in the future.

    *cries some more*

  7. From the way you talked about it I pretty much knew a season 3 wasn’t it.

    Brad has surprises for us? Let me guess, we get to see the wrecking of the Destiny set on a live kino feed?

    Maybe I should hazard another guess: comic book deal? SGU characters battling Goauld in alternate realty tv movie?

    As for the Toronto project, I honestly thought it was Robocop but I remember you saying its not sci-fi. Cooper is part of it too? I can’t imagine it being a comedy so what is it? Harry Potter TV show? Lethal Weapon? I mean if its a movie franchise it gotta be either sci-fi or fantasy. Mad Max? If its a Canadian movie then I might have never heard of it. The Mighty Ducks? No I got it, its Jason Bourne isnt it? or could it be The Exorcist?

  8. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    My (wishful thinking) guess about Brad’s surprises: SGU finishes it’s arc with a mini-series or 2-3 movies and (based on the surprise for fans of the franchise) the SG-1 and SG-A movies finally being made. YES! *dreaming*

    About hal ehrlichs thoughts “I have a sneaky suspicion that you are working on a new Star Trek T.V. show..” <- THAT WOULD BE IT!

    What could be better? More SGU, SG1, SGA and FINALLY a new Star Trek show with Joe Mallozzi onboard giving us all the dirty little secrets from behind the scenes… oh please tell me it is Star Trek. Okay. You can't. I know. But I can dream, can't I?

    Star Trek is unlikely anyway as that has ALWAYS been made at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. So my guess is… Wonderwoman. With all the on and off that would fit…

    Can't you give us some more hints? ^^

  9. Congratulations on the new opportunity! Moving is never easy, but can be a good thing. You have some people there to help you get settled, and working with Rob has to give you a great confidence in the quality of the production. You may find it to be a great adventure.

    Tonight I was watching Bizzare Eats on the Travel Channel and he was in Philadelphia. Moromotto (Iron Chef America) has a restaurant there and was serving the dude fuji sperm and blowfish slices. I thought of you, Joe, and how if you get the hankering for that stuff, you don’t have to go all the way to Japen, but just to Philly!

  10. Didn’t Joe mention in a previous post that the new series he might be working on is not sci-fi related?

  11. Sorry for the double post, just found it in the February 2nd post.

    Quote —
    To all those asking, no, the super-secret show is not science fiction – nor is it any of the shows you’ve guessed yet.

  12. That would be interesting–if you new opportunity was a new Star Trek tv show. Well, whatever it is, I wish you the best at it.

    @PBMom: I’ve read several SGU star interviews essentially saying what you said–that they were pursuing new job opportunities. Made me sad when I read them. Hopefully, they’ll be able to participate in wrapping up the franchise–whatever form that might take.

  13. If it turns out to be an SGU movie, I really really hope that you aren’t going to try to cram everything that you wanted to do for the last 3 seasons into it. I’d rather see the movie cover season 3 and hopefully be successful enough to get a second movie to cover season 4, then season 5.
    If it’s going to be a miniseries, that would be great. I just hope it’s longer than a 2 episode “mini-series” like Farscape got. >_<

  14. I wish you best of luck in your new path.

    I wish the same for the other producers and all the actors of ex-SGU – the very best in the continuation of their career and in life.

    For the record, I an avid SGU anti-fan.

    For me, it was a bad show in so many ways, hence lacked viewership and hence canceled – can’t be simpler than that.

    But that’s behind us now.

    Once again, a genuine best of luck on your new road!


  15. Thanks for giving us some hope for SGU and the SG franchise. I have my fingers crossed for the SG1 movie 3. I’m so disappointed to hear that you won’t be involved in any further SGU projects. Does this mean that if any new movies happen (SG1, SGA, or SGU), that there’s no chance that you’ll take part in them? Is this truly the end of the road for you WRT to Stargate?

    OTOH, so glad to hear that the deal with the T.O. production has come through (or almost), and that you’ll be moving back east. The show sounds exciting. I’ve no idea what it could be (I don’t really follow the entertainment news much), but I believe you said that it’s not science fiction. I’ll be sure to watch and follow along with whatever you do.

  16. Hi Joe,

    Well, I’m terribly happy for you that what sounds like a great opportunity is taking off for you. Although thinking of you in Toronto instead of Vancouver is like thinking of Stargate Command at the Pentagon and not Cheyenne Mountain….

    Ahem. Anyway. Best of luck in the new endeavour and I can’t wait to hear exactly what it is, since I haven’t been able to fathom a guess based on the hints you’ve dropped. The only thing I’m going to assume, given that you’ve said it’s not science fiction, is that the network in question isn’t our beloved *cough* SyFy. So yay! No postage due this Christmas!

    I am rather miserable for us, on the other hand, that you’re not likely to be involved in (what I’m thinking of as) the Grand Finale of Stargate. Really? I mean…it’lll be like peanut butter without jelly…Fred without Ginger…you without chocolate….

    I’ll be honest, I originally came to your blog for Stargate, but I’m sticking around for Joe. Vancouver. Toronto. Timbuktu. If nothing more I’ve learned a whole heck of a lot about food that I never even dreamt of before. Codsperm. Who knew?

    Best of luck with all the decisions ahead of you. Moving is a pain in the mikta to be sure. I do have one selfish reason to be glad you’re heading East…you’ll finally be in the same time zone as I am and I won’t have to wait up so late to read your blog before heading to bed….

    Silver linings, right?


  17. Randomness: While I like the Transporter movies (with first being best), I don’t think I would describe it as “terrific franchise”, so I doubt thats what Mr. Mallozzi will work on. I mean, Transporter movies are pretty much guilty pleasure and a lot of it stands on the actor Jason Statham. The series will be a failure unless it airs on a premium cable where it can be less limited by censorship.

    On another note “great new, high-profile series based on an existing, equally terrific franchise” with “healthy budget” and “very talented individuals” sounds kinda like any number of series that pop up every year just to be cancelled soon after. Sorry to say that.

  18. Well, still wondering about Batman, though Treadstone would be great (based on the Bourne movies), but that’s probably an LA project. Can’t imagine what they’d be producing up there in Toronto. You said it wasn’t sci fi. Bond? Mission Impossible? Ocean’s 11? As you see, I’m leaning towards the international spy or heist genre…am I at least a little warm?

    I just hope it works out for you, whatever it is, but I gotta say that the suspense is killing me!


  19. How did Fondy get Stewie and Brie to Toronto? What if you get hired by a show I’m not interested in? Crap. Is this Toronto show one that’s already on, or a new one? I think you’d said, but I missed it. If it doesn’t involve cops, detectives or stargates, I don’t watch it. Not that I refuse to watch other shows. Those just seem to be the ones I gravitate to. Also, if it’s going to be on HBO or Showtime, just tell me now, so I can stop hoping. I don’t get those channels. Hey, how about a planet-hopping detective who used to be a cop and now solves intergalactic mysteries? I’d watch that!

  20. You did say that the new show isn’t sci fi, did you not? That rules out most of the movie series listed, Trek, SW, Transporters, etc. But it’s also heavy on the action, fast paced, and humorous? Not Lara Croft is it? Can’t imagine Indiana Jones having another go as a series, young or old. Just because you’re on pins and needles is no reason to torture us, you know. Most of us, well some of us, don’t deserve it.
    As far as the moving thing, what about putting most of your stuff in storage? Once you have a better feel for how long you’ll be in Toronto, you can make the arrangements to ship the things cross country, or have it disposed of somehow. And you can always (try to) con Asheigh or Ivon to keep the stuff piled in their homes. After all, who needs more than 18 inches to move through the hallway, or to use the shower/tub? The savings would allow you to ship the dogs first class with their own personal attendents.
    REALLY looking forward to when you can finally confirm your plans, when IMDB gives some hint as to what’s going on. Till then, thanks for sharing, and the best to Paul on handling the stress. Perhaps you can find him a present to take his mind off of the waiting. A Carl Binder doll(G rated version, not the X rated one), or a dartboard with story ideas on it for when he’s in a writer’s block. Just to let him know you care…

  21. Is the mystery project a tv adaptation of The Transporter movies? It seems to fit with the hints you’ve given – it’s not sci-fi, it has a lot of action and humor and a healthy budget ( reports that it will have about $4 million US per episode), you said you are a fan of the “movies” (which there have been 3 Transporter movies), people who will be working very hard to make sure it is “kick-ass”, and also reports that filming for this tv show is expected to begin early this year.

    I admit that I haven’t seen any of the movies for this franchise, but it does sound like it could make for an interesting tv show…

  22. Stress is a weird beast, isn’t it? Glad to hear that you’ve figured out what the likely trigger of all your ailments was.

    Toronto isn’t the worst place you could spend 2011 in. Lots of new restaurants to visit and you’ll be closer to your family in Toronto (even if the drive down the 401 is comparable to the flight time from Vancouver).

    Bring the dogs, your books, and throw a party to deplete your booze collection. And send me your ice cream maker. 🙂

  23. 🙁 I am sad no chance of 3rd season, sad you have to leave your beloved city, sad whatever/if becomes of SGU, you won’t be there. But I am happy things are working out. Will you sell your house there or hold on to it?

    I am confused on above guesses, since you said:
    :::::To all those asking, no, the super-secret show is not science fiction – nor is it any of the shows you’ve guessed yet.:::::

    I guess you could be tricking us, but I usually take your responses to be straight on.

    Whatever the show, I look forward to following it and you.

  24. I trust everything will work out with Stargate, even if it takes 10 years and several theatrical releases.
    But enough about that. I’m all excited for what this mystery project your working on is. I want to know it & see it. I trust you’ll reveal everything here on your blog if everything gets picked up & you start production?

  25. Well, I only wish it was a new Star Trek show, but you said it wasn’t sci-fi, so it’s got to be The Transporter. But wait a sec, didn’t you say it wasn’t going to happen? All this talking in riddles is making us dizzy, Joe! I’m really happy for you and hope you have an easy move (and transition) into this new chapter. How soon will you be leaving Vancouver?

  26. A big move like that is certainly tough, but with dogs, books, booze, and ice cream you will be good to go. You can survive anything and life will be happy. Good luck on the move and new opportunity. Sounds very exciting and wishing you best of luck.

    I look forward to the remainder of SGU episodes and whatever else may be coming down the road with Stargate. I am sad there is no 3rd season, but it is what it is. However, when one door closes another opens, and I can’t wait to see what kick-ass project you will be working on next. Good luck packing 🙂

  27. A quick Bing search and the fact you’re working with Alex leads me to believe Randomness is right; you’re working on a series based on The Transporter. I suppose I shall have to watch those movies now. Glad to hear you’re still positive about Stargate. I look forward to whatever you can give us and thank you.

  28. First yeah yeah yeah on the new project, it sounds cool even tho I haven’t a clue which one it is: “the movies?” And not fantasy or sci fi. Zut alors!

    If it is a kick ass project then I hope it’s include Bam-Bam’s super cool fight choreography.

    I still think you should add pockets to front of oversized coat and slip a pug into each pocket along with a chew toy.

    Cross country driving requires rental of one of those soccer mom behemoth SUV with heated seats (the Lexus is nice). You’d need a co-pilot to help pup wrangle.

    The train sounds the best; the Toronto-Vancouver train has fantastic sleeper cars; you’d have to go first class, otherwise it’s not worth it. I did this on Amtrak and it was like going back in time; real silverware at dinner, linens and helpful porters. I love trains travel; I know it’s slow but it’s so cool.

  29. Shoot, Rail Canada says only guide dogs can be in rooms and regular pets (including rodents for some reason) have to go in baggage, which doesn’t make much sense if you have a sleeper car to yourself.

    I wonder if they’d ever make an exception if you have your own sleeper car. In baggage they don’t even offer air conditioning, just heat. So if you’re traveling in summer then you pet could be “exposed to high temps”. Not good.

    THat charter flight is looking real good.

  30. Joe it sounds very exciting (except for the moving part). Can you say if your new show is on regular TV? In other words, will I be able to watch it here in Texas without HBO etc?

  31. It did seem for a while now, that there would not be a season 3 on SGU, but to have that confirmed is devastating. Like the world has ended.

    What are they planning? A movie maybe? Of course I would watch it, but a season is 20 x 45 minutes = 15 hours. A movie is more or less 2 hours. I loved the slow pace of the 1.season, I loved the faster pace of the 2.season too. But a movie never has the possibilities of a series. Just no time for details – and I am a stickler for details. And of course I did not count on just a 3.season, but a 4. and a 5. at least, possibly more. Even 2 or 3 movies can not nearly make up for that.

    What if some of the actors will not be available any more? That would be horrible.

    You talked about the franchise in general. Is whatever is planned possibly going to be a cross-over? Even more horrible.

    I am very, very grateful to you, that you shared those news with us – at least that gives me some time to get over that disappointment, until it is finally announced what they will do.

    And I wish you the best with your future work and with the move to Toronto. You are so positive and optimistic, I am sure you will do fine.

  32. @ Deni – Ahhh…Transporter…I hadn’t thought of that. Yeah, that would be good. 🙂


  33. Glad you have work but sorry you have to move. I like your house. I liked The Transporter movies too, but I’ll have to be sold on watchability of a TV series, if this is it. It would need to be Cranked.

    I would not put my pets on a plane unless they could be in cabin with me. Forget cargo. I would do all I could to drive or take a train if that weren’t possible.

  34. Cool to hear SGU’s returning sooner than expected, my guess is late Feb or early March.

    Looking forward to hearing some more from your new project, still can’t get my head around what it actually is mind you.

  35. @Rafael – Quite interesting guess.

    I’ve had the ‘File Not Found’ message as well. Had to navigate around a bit to get back here. Glitch probably.

    Well, SGU has been off the air for so long now that I’ll take it anyway it’s available. Rest of season 2, TV movie, video game, fried, poached, steamed, anything is fine.

  36. Joe, you are an evil man. I think you are enjoying stringing us along, playing out all these little hints; your cat to our mice.

    I’m glad you have this opportunity. I would encourage you that you could like Toronto as much as Vancouver, but then I would be a hypocrite because I still don’t like Texas better than Georgia.

    *ducks rotten tomatoes thrown by all the other Texans*

    A friend of mine came across a very interesting piece of information. It was a production list from a Teamsters union, and one of the projects listed was a Stargate production. Any enlightenment?

    Sooner is better than later. I just hope that Syfy doesn’t treat SGU the way they did with the last episodes of Caprica. I’m not a BSG fan, but I thought that was a smack in the face for loyal fans of the franchise.

  37. Sounds like I’d better get a small, overdue package off to The Bridge. Or rethink the whole thing until you’re settled in TO.

  38. Good to learn that Mr M have a new gig. But maybe defer moving to Toronto a bit.

  39. @DXH
    Alex M. Rumelin is the exec producer/show runner of The Transporter. Kinda said this days ago but I guess some people missed that comment.

    I think it’s kinda cool personally and wish Joe and Paul the best of luck. Only thing I will say is, It’s been reported the show will have a hugeish budget, so we all gotta watch the show. So they have more seasons lol.

    Anyway I personally can’t wait till they start production. I wonder who they will cast?

  40. Looks like SGU in the current incarnation is not likely to continued. It doesn’t seem feasible to re-assemble the large SGU cast. It would be interesting to see what Brad W come up with to wrap up SGU.

    Guess it’s time for new smaller cast for any new Stargate franchise show, hopefully not too far off.

    My thoughts on the airing dates of the remaining SGU episodes. They might get the Caprica treatment if Skiffy (AKA SyFy) think they can get better ratings with something else to reduce negative advertisement revenue. Skiffy have to gave extra free ad time if rating is below the promise level to the advertisers. IIRC More likely as Skiffy keeps delaying when SGU will return.

  41. Hi Joe. I’m happy to hear you will be gainfully employed again. Sorry it has to be in Toronto but I bet you will adjust just fine and you will have the new gang converted to foodieism in no time 😉

    Your encouraged remarks about SGU and the franchise sound great. I truly hope something good will happen soon. 🙂

    And, today is my birthday. So I’m enjoying a lovely day at work. What else is there to do? 😛

  42. I don’t know if joe mentioned this before, but will the production that joe is currently speaking about be shown in the US or is it a canadian only production?

  43. This time, remember to take the keys with you before you

    Why??? You’re going to return?? 😀

  44. @ T’loc:
    If it is Transporter, which it almost certainly is since Alex is committed to the project, it says filming in Europe and Canada in this article. I hope to heck we get to see it. There is so much we don’t get from Canada, it is insane.

  45. Hm, I think I know what it is, this new project. Are the movies in question from ’85 and ’89?

  46. @t’loc

    As far as I know/understand. It’l be shown worldwide.
    Obviously you’l need to wait until Joe can confirm everything(as in the details) regarding the show.

  47. Joe,

    I am sorry. Sorry it took me so long to pay attention to the names that roll across the screen before a show starts. Sorry that it took a cancellation to notice you and give you credit where credit is due. And sorry that I didn’t have a chance to give you accolades when you were there in the trenches of the show(s) production.

    If it is any conciliation I will no doubt think about you and your work as the final 10 episodes roll across my screen from Syfy’s broadcast. Whether the show miraculously is saved from extinction at that point, given a movie or it will be D.O.A. after the last show – I will still add these shows to my collection because they are some truly outstanding pieces of work in a TV series. But unlike others in my collection I now have names (more than just actors and actresses) and faces to attach to them.

    I hope that your endeavor fully materializes in Toronto and you are no longer on a yo-yo. No one deserves that.
    Looking forward to the future of seeing your work on it and giving you the kudos I am sure that will be in order.

  48. Woo Brad got a surprise for us.

    I hope it includes revenge against Syfy, served cold.

  49. okay so not science fiction… the first and only thing that comes to mind is sci fi… then dr Quinn medicine woman.
    I really have no idea.. must admit if its transporter, then I don’t know what its about… never saw the movies. but I will be looking at what you are up to;)
    And I really am on the edge of my seat… really nerdy… wanting to know what happens to SGU and what other goodies there are 😀
    thanks for keeping us up to date

  50. Oh, dear. Joe, not sure even you could handle this:

    Slaughterhouse Christmas Special

    Fast Food Sushi Epic

    Meatball Deathstar

    Breakfast of Booze

    Massive Meat Log

    Greatest Sandwhich Ever

    Death of the Double Down


  51. Dogs, books, booze. Entirely in that order. What else do you need? Congrats on the new show. Hope everything goes well. And tell us, daggone it. We want to quit guessing.

  52. SYFY – STARGATE UNIVERSE – NEW Episodes Resume March 7, 2011

    Mar 7 10:00 PM Deliverance
    Mar 8 12:00 AM Deliverance

    Mar 14 10:00 PM Twin Destinies
    Mar 15 12:00 AM Twin Destinies

    Mar 21 10:00 PM Alliances
    Mar 22 12:00 AM Alliances

    Mar 28 10:00 PM Hope
    Mar 29 12:00 AM Hope

    Yippee! Interesting to see they (SyFy) have AGAIN changed the night from Tuesday to Monday. Will being paired up with Being Human have any effect on the ratings?

  53. Ugh. I have Castle on Monday nights. I really hate SyFy. 😛 (Unless, of course, Castle is in repeats by then – then it may work.)


  54. Scyfy is becoming a low budget cheapass channel.
    I used to like it a lot when it was producing things like Dune and the children of Dune, but it has turned to shit. Hopefully great channels like AMC will rise above the cheap shite level standard set by Scyfy.
    You can keep your stupid wrestling Scyfy, you no longer deserve my respect, attention and market share. Canada Space is what Scyfy could have been. They promote well their products, didn’t shift schedule around and respect their public and don’t vomit on it like Scyfy does.

  55. Ah, that’s much clearer!, Joe. Now we know better what’s in process. 🙂 Still crossing my fingers for you until it’s a done deal. Sounds like great project to work on.

    Now you just need to talk Paul down, like he talked you down right before you guys left for T.O. 🙂

    @ dioxholster Great photos on your web site. How are you able to get online? Please stay safe.

  56. Question: If this SGU thing happens along with the other series in the franchise, the writing for the new Movies you did will be Axed? I’m interested if SGU goes the Direst to DVD movie route

  57. Sorry Bud,
    The Scottish pessimist in me is almoast starting to balance the massive chip I was born with on my shoulder with the pessimistic weight I now have on my other shoulder with the horrid dread I have of never seeing any new Stargate SG1,SGA or SGU’s ever again.
    Soon I fear I will be completely negatively balanced 🙁

    I am a new show, Stargate Depressed SGD

    Nevermind Chin-up lol

  58. Congrats on the new job opportunity, Joe. I hope it goes well for you!

    I’ve never lived in Toronto full-time, but I have visited a few times over the years. My favorite place was the Ontario Science Center. Like a great big playground for geeks like myself (and probably non-geeks too). 🙂

  59. Good Luck Joe with your future! Hope you enjoy wherever life takes you and whatever food ends up on your plate. 🙂

  60. @das – I could go for some of that Slaughterhouse Christmas Special!


  61. @ Elminster – I could just go for all the bacon. Lots and lots of bacon…right before I have a massive heart attack. 😛 I think those guys are Canadian…which might explain a lot. 😉


  62. Joe, I hope you get a good professional mover to haul your stuff. and good luck with the packing. Its only fun when its all over. Best wishes and pug hugs~

  63. Hey Joe, another way to make Stargate fans happy will be to cast Stargate alums on your new show. Just sayin’.

  64. @ Joey – So, I’m working my way through Ghosts of Manhattan, and the name George Mann is bugging the hell out of me. So, I flip to the back page where it tells about the author, and lo and behold! Mann is the editor of the Sexton Blake Anthology book I have sitting right here. Though the name was familiar.

    I’m enjoying Ghosts, though it was a bit hard getting used to his prose style in the beginning. Although I like detail, this is a bit more than I’m used to. Now that I’ve found the story’s pace, however, I’m moving right along (well, moving as best I can considering distractions, and the early nights I’ve been keeping lately). I do like the pulpy feel of the story, it’s one of the things I love about the Sexton Blake stories, though some Blake stories have the added benefit of Monsieur Zenith the Albino popping up every so often. I’m also enjoying the steampunkiness of Ghosts – that’s all a bit of fun. 🙂

    Have a good night, sir!


  65. @Sheryl Berwick

    Show has already been revealed on the comments section.


    Personally I think you’l find ex SGU cast members appearing on shows like Sanctuary, or maybe Eureka.

  66. Hello Joe,

    I hope all is going well for you, I have been busy with school as of late, but did FINALLY get a chance to write up my own blog for I’ve been told the blog will be posted sometime later tonight, so I will post a link to it once I get one myself. I shall be sending out my Valentines’ postcards to help “Spread the SGU Love” either tomorrow or Friday after class.

    Take care, and I will add more later!!

    All the best,
    Marjorie Roden
    Contributing Writer

  67. What are the chances of turning the planned material into a series of novels?

  68. Hi JOe!!!
    Now that we have a date for SYFY to play the remaining episodes of SGU, I am very glad that they are going to play them weekly . I am also glad they are moving to monday along with Being human which is actually doing really well. I think they are getting around 3 million viewers which should help out SGU quite a bit.
    I wonder what SYFY is going to think if SGU gets alot higher Nielson ratings than season 2.0 ? Normally a show will get renewed if it gets over the 1.5 to 2.0 illion viewer mark.
    So if this happens what would happen if SYFY decides they want to order season 3 after all ?
    Maybe this could be the reason to air the shows a month earlier than planned. Maybe they want most of the actors to still be availible for a season 3 to go into production right away.
    But you know what … If you guys end up pulling off something real good for what you guys are currently working on, maybe you could just tell SYFY ” Sorry , we have other plans with Stargate ” !
    That would be great if you guys feel confident eneough to do something like that.Also do you know if Space Canada is going to follow the same schedule as SYFY for season2.5 by starting it early ?

    Thanks 🙂

  69. Hello Joe.

    Wouldn’t the Transporter be a French Project? I think Luc Besson is French, and thus be a foreign production?

    I guess I was wrong about the established franchise involving Joe, David, Robert, Jason, and Rachel. Too bad. Please keep us in the loop if that project does every come to being…

    Best Wishes,


  70. I hope SYFY is paying attention. Since the announcement, I’ve not once had any desire to even be on that channel. It just isn’t worth my time or my commercial participation seeing what they are doing with it.

    Something is seriously broken over there. Too many young executives trying to prove something to each other maybe to be like the seniors. I don’t know. All I know is SciFi needs to come back, and with a vengeance.

    SciFi on SyFy

    Enough with the stupid games. SGU needs to be put back, in it’s best and well known Stargate time-slot, it needs to be allowed to finish, and then on to the next story in that universe. Good SciFi oriented original movies need to be made again.

    Has Vancouver become too expensive to make such things? Is that why they are going more for the cheap slushy programming? I remember when SG1 moved there from LA years ago to save money since it was less tax, no ridiculous union rules, etc. Has that changed?

    Worse is the lack of communication of a channel that once was catering to a people that is very open about their desires and wants in a SciFi based channel. They seem to tell us what to watch rather than the other way around.

    Ratings shmatings. I know there were enough for SGU to continue. They moved it to torpedo it. They need more WWE.

    That is essentially it. The conclusion I have because of the wishy washy excuses they give rather than simply having an open forum and asking us what we really want. In this age, it is so easy and would be a boon. Shame on those programming executives for not knowing their channel and audience.

    No Cookie!

  71. Truthfully Joe, I’ve avoided reading your blogs because of what this blogged said. And though this isn’t your latest one, after reading this one just now, I feel a bit stronger to say good luck. You’re aces mate; even if I feel you should be asking for donations from the fans to not only save our franchise, but the future of mankind: Every syfy show, specifically Star Trek, has inspired technology and egged the next generation to behold the impossible and embrace the unbelievable. Dancing with dimwits, Glee, and CSI (though I’m partial to CSI) can’t, and won’t do this; especially Glee, I hate that show, I hate it with a passion, and hope everyone associated with it has diarrhea for weeks and weeks and weeks, with lots of stomach cramps for good measure. I hate SYFY, and I’ve stopped watching their dreadful network. When they play SGU, I won’t watch it, I’ll just wait for the DVD and order it from Amazon so that hopefully, MGM feels enough green to do a Movie.

  72. I’m loving the Sparty Prequel, even tho I really adore Andy Whitfield and I’m sending good thoughts his way for a speedy recovery. Blood and Sand is so much fun; John Hannah and Lucy Lawless are so loving to each other and yet such scandalous swingers. I hope they’ll be in the next season, can’t imagine Sparty without them.

    I finally watched Micmacs last night, I love Jean-Pierre Jeunet, it was very charming, but my favorite is still Cite des Enfants Perdus. Very cool steam punk vibe in Micmacs.

  73. Just heard on Space Channel that we’re seeing the last of Stargate Universe. I have been loving this show so much I feel like I’m going to go through the same withdrawal I felt when X-Files ended. LOL

    I am glad to hear that you may be on to a fascinating new horizons, but if there’s anything a fan can do, I’d still like to see SGU continue. Seems like we were on the beginning of a fantastic new journey.

    Well, onward and upward!

  74. If you are no longer involved with the Stargate franchise who can we go to for our behind the scenes/insider information on all things Stargate?

  75. Hey Joe-
    I know, y’all probably won’t do another Stargate Series, but it would be nice. But .. maybe someone should consider doing a “prequel” series. Before the ancients were, ancients. That’s one series that could extended for millions of years 🙂

  76. Ok i got a qustion here big SG1 & SGA fan but im getting sick to death of stupid companies sayin yes or no to makin a new film or series in the long run people will end up buying the whole series if they where fans, but couldnt you guys set… up like a donation page where fans could donate money to keep the movie or series alive??? cose seriously these companies dont know S@#$ and fans like me are getting over havin there shows cancelled… There are other contries besides America that love SG like Europe and Australia + NZ Which mind you gets to watch everything last…golbal realease would be nice..

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