Yesterday, I gave you my list of the Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities I Enjoy Watching.

Today, it’s the Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities That Kind of Get on My Nerves.  In no particular order…

Scott Conant (chef, restaurateur, guest judge on Top Chef America and Chopped, host of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle).

He’s like someone’s annoying boyfriend who shows up at your dinner party.  Technically, you’ve invited him into your home but, secretly, you can’t wait for him to leave.  To my eye, he seems humorless and self-important.  Of course, that could just be his onscreen persona. If that’s the case, then he’s done a masterful job of pulling it off.

Robert Irvine (chef, host of Dinner Impossible, Restaurant: Impossible, co-host of Worst Cooks in America).

His hokey onscreen persona feels as phoney as his resume.  I know most of these shows are scripted but his series in particular suffers from all-too obvious set-ups and cheesy pay-offs.  At times, it feels like I’m a watching vaudeville comedian do a cornball cooking sketch.  Andrew Knowlton (restaurnt editor at Bon Appetit, occasional judge on Iron Chef America).

He comes across as opinionated and arrogant but, unlike fellow judge Steingarten, lacks the humor to balance out those more unlikable traits.  Unfortunately, he also loses marks with me through no fault of his own.  He reminds me of someone I worked with.

Joe Bastianich (restaurateur, judge on MasterChef).

In MasterChef, it often felt like he was trying to out-Ramsay Gordon Ramsay.  The crystalizing moment for me came halfway through the competition when, less than impressed with a contestant’s creation, he elected not to sample it and, instead, tossed it into the bin.  If Ramsay had done it, most would have thought “Damn, he’s tough!”.  When Bastianich did it, I thought “Damn, what a jerk!”.

Matt Dunigan (host of Road Grill).

Clunky former football player Matt Dunigan presides over the kitchen with all the charm of, well, a clunky ex-football player.  The quick cuts to the crowd reactions are presumably intended to build excitement but, instead, just come across as incredibly cheesy.  Real painful to watch him try to pull off an Emeril Lagasse shtick.

Masaharu Morimoto (chef, Iron Chef on both Iron Chef and Iron Chef America)

Oh, how times have changed.  Back when he battled brash Bobby Flay for the first time, I was firmly in Morimoto’s corner.  Now, I just find him arrogant.

Lynn Crawford (chef, Restaurant Makeover regular, host of Pitchin’ In).

The premise of her show, Pitchin’ In, has fish-out-of-water Crawford roughing it in various challenging venues in her attempts to secure the freshest local ingredients.  Unfortunately, I don’t really buy Crawford as the challenged city gal, and the promo of her sidekicking passing sheep does her no favors.

David Rocco (actor, producer, host of David Rocco’s Dolce Vita).

I’ve tried to watch this guy’s show but every time I tune in, there’s something going on wholly unrelated to food or cooking, whether he’s hanging laundry, slowmo caressing his wife, or having a ponderous conversation about his brother’s dating status.

Brian Boitano (host of What Would Brian Boitano Do?)

I guess it’s supposed to be funny/silly.  I just find it silly/awkward.

Ricardo Larivee (host of Ricardo and Friends)

Larivee always looks like he just stepped off the set of a 70’s dance show.  The show is called Ricardo and Friends and, while he’s certainly Ricardo, the “friends” that inevitably show up to feast on his cooking at show’s end are actually actors.  I’m afraid he loses points for that.

Almost making the list…

Laura Calder(author, host of French Food at Home).

She always strikes me as profoundly unhappy to be doing the show.  Every time I tune in, it’s like someone has just stirred her from a deep slumber and rushed her onto the set.

Simon Majumdar (food writer, broadcaster, occasional judge on The Next Iron Chef).

To be honest, he only lands here on the strength of a quote from the last season of The Next Iron Chef.  He told one solidly built chef that he “looks like a linebacker but cooks like a ballerina”.  The quote was replayed ad nauseum.  Look, I get what he was going for but, really, how many ballerinas do you know can cook?  Hell, the few ballerinas I know barely eat.

Michael Smith (chef, author, host of such shows as The Inn Chef and Chef at Home).

Damn, I feel guilty putting him on the list.  Smith is quintessentially Canadian – extremely laid back and soft-spoken – and maybe that’s what makes him hard to tune in.  He’s the Perry Como of the kitchen.

Tomorrow: The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities I Want To Love But Don’t/Want To Hate But Can’t!

No developments to report on the Stargate front, but I’m hopeful we’ll receive some news this week.

In the meantime, why not head over to Steve Eramo’s SciFiandTVTalk for a couple of SGU-related interviews.

One, with awesome Costume Designer Val Halverson:

Another with lovable writer-producer Remi Aubuchon:

Also, long-time Stargate Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela has been posting pics of SGU concept work over on his twitter, here:

Speaking of Mark Savela and the SGU Visual Effects team – congratulations to them on their VES (Visual Effects Society) nomination!

BCS Championship tonight.  Shoulda been the two best teams in the nation, Oregon and TCU battling it out, but the Tide didn’t show up for the fourth quarter of their game vs. Auburn so the Tigers get the ticket instead.

I’m sure Chris Judge will agree when I say –


66 thoughts on “January 10, 2011: The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities That Kind of Get on My Nerves!

  1. Well I don’t know of most of these people, except for Brian Boitano (for skating, not cooking), but Scott Conant, I’m gonna have to agree with you.

    We watch “Chopped” and he’s SUCH a pain in the ass. His inflexibility as far as raw red onions and fish on seafood go is kind of ridiculous considering they’re judging 1/3 of each dish on creativity.

    Cuz, you know, nothing says “creative” like doing exactly the same thing every time you use a particular ingredient.

    Still, with all of that said, Geoffrey Zakarian is even worse.

    And, while I’m picking on people who aren’t here to defend themselves, let me just say (much to the chagrin of Merv Griffin) that I’m weirded out every time by the size of Ted Allen’s head.

    Cree. Py.

  2. Scott Conant! He’s the guy who drives me nuts on Chopped!

    Morimoto? Arrogant? Really? On Iron Chef America? I’ve never seen him that way.

    Simon Majumdar. I have to agree with you on this one. I really disliked his attitude on The Next Iron Chef.

    I’m enjoying Robert Irvine so far on Worst Cooks in America. He seems not to be hiding behind his stage persona as much.

  3. I’m so out of the TV loop, I haven’t seen any of those people on a cooking show (except Morimoto, but as an Iron Chef contestant only).

  4. Aw my two favourites are on this list. I think Ricardo is *adorable* and my sister and I always love to watch him. Ok, maybe not so much for the cooking but for his cute Quebecois accent…

    Michael Smith is my other favourite. I guess I always liked that he’s in the Maritimes.

  5. I don’t even know what Iron Chef is, Gordon Ramsay annoys me and I have never heard of any of the people mentioned in your Food TV personalities that get on your nerves. Yet – even though I don’t know them some of them look a tad too smarmy.

    I’m off to turf my cats off my/our/their bed and then I am going to cuddle up under the duvet and sleeeeeep.


  6. In case the link doesn’t work for you… this is what space said.

    SPACE message Re: cancellation of STARGATE UNIVERSE:

    SPACE appreciates our viewers’ disappointment about the cancellation of SGU. Unfortunately, the show is simply not ours to save and continuing production is out of our hands.

    Our distribution partner has confirmed that the series will end, and the franchise will be given a rest for the time being.


  7. Hello there,

    As usual, a very enjoyable read, I know there are characters out there who host shows that drive me dotty as well! I say characters rather than people because I have a hunch they play whatever they’re told to do, and for better or for worse, they do it. They’re brave souls for doing it, none-the-less!

    Speaking of which, one of my buddies on Twitter is also doing her part with the #SpreadTheSGULove campaign. @MeriJewel has posted the details here: It is using the Shorty voting campaign to send the bigwigs at MGM the message how much the fans love Stargate Universe, and on her blog, it shows some feedback she received from them. Awesomeness on her part for taking the initiative!

    I will be posting on about other campaigns going on worldwide, as I find out about them, but given the speed of the internet, I felt giving this campaign a good push to become viral would be a fairly decent strategy.

    I am very positive about Stargate Universe, as not only do I know it rocks (and yes I will send homemade Valentine cards from Winnipeg once I get back, travelling on an STC bus with WiFi at the moment) but it is the FIRST science fiction series I have ever been able to sit down with my mother and watch. She is 70 years old, and is as adement about keeping the show on as I am. She wears her SGU cap as much as she can too (I wear mine everywhere, hence why it is no longer black but a dark grey now), and we both give props to the series whenever we can drop it into the conversation.

    Take care, and looking forward to more blogs from you!

    Marjorie Roden
    Contributing Writer, WHR

  8. Have you seen any of Australian MasterChef.

    Its leagues above and beyond American Masterchef, its rare we do TV better than you guys but you really stuffed the masterchef thing.

  9. Interesting. So if someone’s not on either list, does that mean you basically tolerate them without much judgment? I’m thinking of the Bobby Flays and Rachel Rays of the scene.

    Also, tangentially related to cooking, I managed to stop by Decadence du Chocolat in Shibuya the Sunday before my return. Fantastic! I went for the 12 count macaron box, and assembled flavors like pistachio, citron, earl gray, chocolate and vanilla. I had no idea macarons could be that amazing. I know you favor the pistachio, but I have to admit the earl gray and the basic chocolate nearly had me weeping. Now I’m annoyed that I won’t be back until New Years and have to wait that long to get back there. But when I do, I will for certain try some of their other chocolates as well. It was well worth the $30 price tag for those treats.

  10. Does Major Davis’ above comment, which I also read on their facebook page, mean that all efforts to revive SGU are dead? Or is there still progress being made on that front?

  11. Aside from Morimoto (which I disagree with), and Irvine (which I completely agree with), I really haven’t watched enough of the people on this list to form enough of an opinion. Here are the ones that bother me:

    Rachel Ray – I swear that I can smell the cigarette smoke through my tv whenever she talks.

    Giada DeLaurentis – I don’t have a problem with her per se, but I friend once mentioned that her show is equivalent to food porn; with the cheesy music, her clevage (not that there is anything wrong with that), and the sensual way she reacts to her own food. I can’t get that out of my head.

    Alton Brown – Funny, entertaining, interesting, but aside from a couple of recipes, his food isn’t very good. Whatever you do, don’t make his BLT salad.

    The Neely’s – My wife always says that they’re always about 30 seconds away from dropping to the floor for a quickie… Kind of disturbing.

    Emeril – He had a sitcom. Bam!

  12. Okay, I understand not really liking Chefs Conant or Irvine. I’ve never seen Chefs Knowlton, Bastianich, Dunigan, Crawford, Smith, or those guys Rocco, Larivee, Majumdar, or Calder. And who cares what Brian Boitano would do anyway? But Morimoto? NO WAY!

    (Wait a minute. That’s more than 10! That’s like 11,12,13!!)

    But Morimoto? Masaharu Morimoto?? Oh you are way out of line on this one mister! You take that back!!

    If you now find him arrogant, perhaps it is because he came to America and it spoiled him and made him into a typical pompous Westerner. When he was on the original Iron Chef he was (and still is) my hero. He and that show was full of honor and dignity. All the Iron Chefs were noble individuals. When I first tuned into Iron Chef America, I saw the American Chefs throwing salt over their shoulders into the pan and flipping food really high up out of the pans. Just showing off. Maybe Morimoto has learned from the American Chefs? I still love him. Morimoto could whip your favorite American Chef any day. With one hand tied behind his back! On crutches! Blindfolded!

  13. In regards to the comment Space made.

    The distribution parter they mentioned is most likely Syfy.

    They never had the main broadcast rights so they are accurate when they say that the decision was never in their hands.

  14. Very interesting list, but there’s a mistake with Ricardo Larivee’s file foto. That pic above is actually of Jeff Conaway in Taxi.

    I’m worried my coworkers were replaced with pod people during the xmas break. Iron Hunt is seriously good; wish I had The Boys at work to scare the pod people away from my cube.

    In my second week of my TV fast; trying to watch less and get more done. I’m strictly a laptop girl, ‘cept for the occasional peek at the Weather Channel. I don’t miss the distraction of blaring commericals. Big test will be when my Luthor season 1 dvds arrive on that little red envelope.

    Made a sort of Lancashire Hotpot today, with stuffed chicken breast (baby tomatoes, dried cranberries and keilbasa in the stuffing) and potato slices and baby carrots on top, baked in olive oil. Very tasty, though I confused the Cayenne with Paprika and it came out a bit hot.

  15. Whoa…there’s a few really hot guys there on your list, Joey. Jealous, mebbe?? 😉 I don’t know any of them, so I youtubed the hottest of the bunch – David Rocco. Something about him reminds me of Tyler McClendon
    …which makes me think this Rocco fella would make a really hawt sympathetic Wraith. 😉 But I digress…

    Anyways…like I said, I youtubed David Rocco…and now I need a cold shower. His show – obiviously – will only appeal to women, and gay guys. Joe – I think it’s safe for me to say – you are definitely straight.

    I think.


    Have a good evening, sir!


  16. @ for the love of Beckett – I’m an Eastern White potato – what kind are you?? 🙂

    @ Sparrowgasthawk – N’awlins BBQ shrimp and ginger beer? Sure it’s Joe’s fault? Sure you aren’t just craving something a little bit paler, and ‘honeyed’, from The Big Easy?? A little dish called Delicious Aloysius, perhaps?? 😉


  17. Don’t know any of them outside of Brian and well I only thought he skated.

    Forgot to add one to my favorites yesterday — Jamie Oliver. Watched Naked Chef and enjoyed it.

  18. Interesting list! I agree with you about Ricardo Larivee, David Rocco, Matt Dunigan, Robert Irvine, Brian Boitano, and Laura Calder. I really dislike Irvine, Boitano is too much of a joke to watch, and Calder comes off as… pretentious? Boring? Cold? I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but she doesn’t have the warmest personality.

    I actually like Michael Smith, but the “quintessentially Canadian” chef is actually an American who emigrated here. He seems laid back and likeable enough.

    You didn’t mention Ina Garten. Yea or nay? I find her quite likeable.

    What about Rachel Ray, Giada DeLaurentis, and Bobby Flay? Like or no like?

  19. you can make ‘bitch’ out of ‘Bastianich ‘

    Just sayin’ hahah

    I had a gawk on youtube and that Laura Calder seems to attract the men’s comments with her ( o Y o )

  20. Hey Joe,

    I have no idea who ANY of them are! *raises hand* I SWEAR I do NOT watch TV I do not like. But I have seen a few food shows…so maybe I will recognize someone on your list tomorrow. *giggles* Not likely though…you really are my #1 ♥ஜ☆FOOD♥ஜ☆ master. Why do I need to see them…I have you?

    *smiles* You always do make me smile…and today I needed one. This Monday may go down on my list of the TOP 10 worst Monday’s of my life. I do enjoy reading your Top 10 lists. Create and blog more of them. *raises hand again* I swear I WANT to know. *giggles more* I love you Joe…just the way you are. *sigh* I like coming here to read your blog at the end of my day.

    Best to you Joe *raises hand AGAIN* I swear I mean this EVERY time I type it.
    Cheryl 🙂

    P.S. Not to be a nudge..but I DEPEND on you for my photo fix for Carl and Patrick show-n-tells. I am hoping since you aren’t officially going to the office anymore that you will still post pictures. I may have to create “creative” wallpaper in your “comments” until you SHARE!!! Look in your files or something. More Carl and Patrick..well maybe not in that order. *giggles* I love them both…AND you of course.

  21. I’ll say it again, coming to your blog while hungry is not a good idea!

    Question: Do these Lucian Alliance characters have names?

  22. re Morimoto. First, is it possible you have a certain bias? I seem to recall that in one of your earlier Tokyo jaunts, you ate at his establishment, and that you gave it less than full marks. Don’t know if I’m hallucinating, demented, or just flat out wrong. But if I’m correct, could that experience be affecting your opinion? Second, given the dishes he turns out, I simply can’t see him on the list. A visual feast., no matter what the food tastes like, he dominates the visual catagory.

  23. I get totally grossed out by chefs who consider their main purpose in life is to make life miserable and embarrassing for those under them…

  24. Um, there are more than ten “food personalities”? I think my salad is schizophrenic…

  25. Hi Joe I was sorry to hear about SGU though I was not a fan of the series like I was of SG1 & SGA I had started to see things in season 2 that made me want to keep watching.

    Without going too much into blaming people how much of SGU’s Problems was timing? It is an historical fact in the entertainment industry that during periods of Recession & war people seem to prefer comedy/glamour/action & adventure to gritty realistism dark story lines seeking escape from the darkness around them. If you look back at what shows/films etc. were a success in their time frame I think you will find what I say has a basis.

    One last thing in hindsight do you think it would have been better to have catered a bit more to the established SG fanbase given the current situation?


  26. @das: What?????!!!!!!!
    Busted. 😉
    Delicious Aloysius. mmmmmmmmmm 😀
    But I still hold Joe responsible for the ginger beer.

  27. I try to ignore the chefs I dislike. Guy Fieri makes it hard, love where he visits but he really grates on my nerves when he tries to cook or makes stupid comments about someone else’s good cooking.

    I think the F Word is the best all around cooking show I’ve seen in recent years. Ramsay cooks, does a bit interesting personal stuff, has hilarious guests both cooking & contributing segments & gives regular people the chance to cook his recipes in his kitchen.

    Of all the cooking competitions I think Top Chef has featured the best “unknown” chefs, I really like most judges especially Tom C, although lately the challenges have been getting ridiculous.

  28. Hi Joe

    Could you possibly send me your email address as I have a proposal for you. (I assume you can get my details from my comment entry)

    This could possibly be a way to rescue SGU and create significant extra revenue for the TV network.



  29. Hey Joe,

    Is there anyway to see those pictures from Mark Savela’s twitter page WITHOUT having a twitter account. I would like to see them but I don’ t have a twitter account and refuse to be apart of that world! Why can’t people just have a daily blog instead of an up to the minute status report? All kidding aside, I would like to be able to check them out.

  30. @drldeboer

    Really? You think the Top Chef stuff is getting ridiculous? I completely disagree.

    On “All Stars”, I’ve really enjoyed some of the challenges. The first one, having to re-make the dish that got them kicked off, was really cool.

    I also thought the “tennis match” one where they put one dish by one person on team against another from a person from the other team was also fun.

    And last week, when they had to make something in less than the time that Tom made his dish was fun, too.

  31. @ Sparrowgast – 😆 Methinks you lost your composure there for the first time in like…forever. 😀 Notice I had to switch things up a bit for D&L’s page…didn’t want them to think YOU were the crazy one. 😉

    Also, the more you drink absinthe, the better it gets. Ya know…just sayin’.

    ~ Deirogenes

  32. Ok Mr Malozzi, I have to ask. Many, many a time, you’ve chastised fans for posts about ‘gate staff and cast, stating that while dissenting opinions politely expressed were ok, personal attacks were not. (And I’m fine with that, BTW.) Now how is the above post any different? While mildly entertaining, it’s basically a series of personal attacks on character & performance etc. Seriously, what gives? (Other than it’s your blog and you have the right to post as you see fit.)

  33. Hey guys, if any of you guys have a twitter account show your support for #SGU and vote @MGM_Studios for a #television nomination in the shorty awards!

    Lets show MGM how much we support Stargate and SGU!

    Thanks so much guys! 🙂
    Major D Davis

  34. @Major D Davis

    You did remember me posting here previously that Skiffy (AKA SyFy) have a veto on future broadcasts of SGU and that they probably wouldn’t let someone else re-launched SGU.

    By the way, the Space channel is a re-broadcaster. They have never produce an original show. Unless Bell Globe Media decides to fund original programming, don’t expect Space to pick up SGU or any other defunct show. Not likely. since I guess the Space channel’s annual operating budget might be equal to a single episode of any hour long show.

  35. @Major D. Davis

    At the very most I don’t think a network like Space could afford to subsidise the cost of SGU that Syfy put forth. And it would be kinda unreasonable for people to expect them to rescue.

    However if you look at the comment for what it is. They still want Stargate Universe, you know if a third season magically appeared.

    I wonder why no one from MGM has tried to sell the show to other countrys? Lots of people have TVs, it’d bring the cost of having the show down and maybe they could go back to Syfy with a lower fee. Syfy clearly love Stargate but the figures the show got meant they wern’t making money off it.

    As much as I want to see SGU Season 3. I think my expectations of seeing it have pretty much dropped to zero, oddly enough I feel more dissapointed to see SGU go than SG1. Mostly because to me SG1 had a decent enough ending and damnit. SGU needs one!

  36. And I have no idea who any of those people are…well except for Brian Boitano but that doesn’t count….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Giving y’all a flood update:

    The Brisbane River broke it’s banks today

    More Flood news with videos

    So far 10 people have died and over 90 are missing.

    There’s a planned power outage starting soon.

    I’m in Melbourne so I’m OK, but thinking of everyone affected by the terrible floods.

    Donate to the Flood Appeal


  37. I don’t know most of the people on your list, but…

    While I can see you could find Morimoto arrogant (and kind of agree), I generally find his arrogance to be inoffensive compared to, say, Bobby Flay or Todd English, who I just find grating. After dining at his restaurant in NYC, I have to say that Morimoto has earned his arrogance in a big way.

    I do watch Dinner Impossible, but more for the challenges themselves than for Irvine. The episode at the Magic Castle in L.A. was amazing.

    Other TV chefs on my can’t-stand list include Sandra Lee, Marianne Esposito, Rachel Ray (like her ideas, hate her show), Gordon Ramsay (too shouty), Chris Kimball, and Michael Chiarello.

  38. BTW Joe are you up for judging short scripts for a regional script development project? No more than 10 pgs per script, and you’d be reading the semis and finals, rather than everything. Let me know and I’ll send you the website with a list of the other judges and contact info for the organizers.

  39. @Zucaro, agree some have been pretty cool. But some, well, seems like they are running out of ideas. Guess it doesn’t help that I strongly dislike half the remaining Top Chef All Stars 🙂

  40. @ for the love of Beckett – Now the question is, are you boiled, roasted, fried, baked or mashed? Me? Well, I’m half-baked, of course. 😛


  41. Oops, I stand corrected. I do know the guy from Masterchef. Jeff and I used to do his face to each other when he was on. You know, that blank stare showing no sign of emotion either way?

  42. Emirl Lagasse.

    Once upon a time he was a joy. Way, way back he was an occasional star of the Great Chefs series. He was quiet, confident and an amazing cook.

    I’m sure he’s still an amazing cook but he’s so loud and obnoxious that I cannot stand to watch him. Too bad. Maybe it’s just overexposure? I feel the same way about so many TV chefs. Love them for a year or so and then never want to see them again!

    Hmm. Makes me wonder how I’ve managed to stay married for 38 years!

  43. Wow, who knew there were so many Food Personalities on TV!?

    Well, obviously you did…

    I think that should be your next career move, something to do with food, you love it!

  44. Wait! I might take that back. Perhaps something you love to do for fun and relaxation shouldn’t be your job. You might start to hate it after a while. 🙁

  45. That Laura Calder is kinda hot looking for TV cook, she should have a show with Giada De Laurentiis. Yeah she looks bored but that probably like her tv persona thing.

    @Montrealer, Randomness

    If Syfy had a contract that prevented SGU from going somewhere else, than wouldnt have Joe said something? SGU’s premise alone could attract new investors. On a side note, there is this weird new wannabe network channel thing for sci-fi that wants to compete against syfy:

    heres what they say:

    “The Syzygy Network is a new cable network coming in 2012. This network will be entirely dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy fans.

    We will diligently hunt down the most obscure scifi from around the globe and bring it to the network, as well as airing well-known titles. We’ll bring you new programming as funding allows, including our own productions and those of other companies.

    We’re already working on partnerships with other producers, production companies, artists, writers, and organizations to make this all a reality.”

  46. Quick question as well….

    We’ve heard a lot about SGU’s and Extinctions predicament, is Revolution in the same boat? Has any recent progress been made on the Revolution front?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.

  47. Can you add Paula Dean and Rachel Ray to that list? Ugh. If it’s not Betty Crocker or Paul Newman…

  48. I normally don’t post random storys I’ve found online but found this one amusing.

    A UK airline by the name of Easyjet put 10 tonnes too much fuel inside their aircraft. They asked 30 people to leave or be arrested if they didn’t(As in not leave the plane).

    Said plane was unable to take off the ground because of the weight.

    Kinda mad huh? Could imagine the 30 unlucky passengers being kinda angry, who wouldn’t be? You get on a plane with a ticket you paid good money for and get told to er leave.

    Anyhow that Australia news is kinda heartbreaking. Lots of freak weather incidents occuring worldwide, it’s easy for people to jump on the MUST BE GLOBAL WARMING bandwagon but really, could be anything.
    Some places get extreme heat, some the cold, some flooding.
    Most annoying thing I’ve been caught in personally has to be hail stones. Ouch.. Like you’re randomly walking somewhere and out of the blue a ton of small ice ball things drop from the sky lol

    Still think I’ve seen everything on my travels. Earthquakes, storms, blizzards, nothing surprises me much anymore in that regard.

    Hope everyone in Aus is okay though.

  49. Oh and Joe do you think you can mention MGM and the shorty awards tonight… REALLY trying to get the word out and get people to support MGM/Stargate on this one. Here’s the link if you need it again. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.

  50. Hi Joe,

    Hoping to hear (good) news about SGU too. I don’t think I’ve refreshed your blog this many times since the day you posted the cut scene from Trio….

    Being in this limbo is hard enough for fans; I can only imagine what it must be like for you and the rest of the production staff, not to mention the cast and crew.

    Sending good vibes your (and Brad’s) way!


  51. @drldeboer

    Well, true, that wouldn’t help at all. I’m kinda bummed that Kevin from a couple seasons ago wasn’t there. I really thought he was going to win that year. And Ed from last season. Where are those guys?!

  52. ROFLMAO… I so want to write this guy and say :
    Someone sent it to me, thought a joke but it may not be:
    39 | M | Curious | Single
    Seattle, Washington

    I only like asian women. If you message me, you better be asian. I don’t like it when my inbox is full of white girls.

  53. @kabra: Oh yes, those two (Paula Deen and Rachel Ray) are the worst! Between the EVOO, the “sammies’ and the “yummo” (I turn it on to torture my son when he comes over), and Paula Deen with her “maynayse” and butter, y’all, just shoot me. 🙂 What I don’t get about Paula Deen, with all the BS about Americans being obese, why would the Food Channel actually endorse this crap?

  54. @Zucaro
    I agree, I’m still not sure about the criteria used to pick the All Stars. Maybe thats why I’m mad about/dislike some of them 😉

  55. I don’t know which episode it was but Knowlton was adding his 2cp as a judge on iron chef and Steingarten totally cut up everything he said. Knowlton had no comeback whatsoever and just stared straight ahead and ate his dish.

    Irvine, I can’t stand shows which set ludicrous time limits and get angry when things don’t go as planned. Besides most of what he makes looks totally unappetizing.

    Dunnigan I watch to see when one of his veins busts loose and blood shoots all over the bored looking audience. I swear one time he almost had roid rage when this kid took a bite of the sandwich he made and the meat fell out on the ground.

    Morimoto, whenever I see him I think back to the time he went up against Flay on the original Iron Chef and got angry about Flay jumping up on his cutting board and cheering. It was like he had nothing else to complain about and just picked that particular thing out of spite.

    Smith, the wife and I used to watch. The guys a frikkin giant. We always laughed at how he leans into the camera constantly. Whats with his angry looking wife all the time ?

    The other ones I just sorta skim over if I see them on. You ever see “Wild Chef” with the two crazy french dudes ? I read an article recently he dropped out of some quebec event because he refused to take fois gras off his menu due to animal rights activists.

  56. Just watching a chopped episode and love u… MMMM raw red onion 🙂 (sarcastic tone). Also I hope u make your best thing I ever made- seafood pasta for holiday!

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