Apple-Stuffed Game Hens with Rosemary Butter (source: The Fearless Chef). I know, I know. That one on the left is almost pornographic. I went off-recipe and let the hens sit in a buttermilk, garlic and chive marinade. The results were fantastic.
Scalloped Sweet Potatoes with Chipotle (source: Bobby Flay). I thought I’d screwed up because I’d forgotten to salt and pepper each layer but I it didn’t need it. An awesome sweet, savory, and spicy combo.
Sweet and Sour Cippolini (source: The Fearless Chef). I couldn’t find cippolini onions but the recipe suggested pearl onions as a substitute. In my opinion, they weren’t a very a good substitute. All in all, not a bad dish, but my mom makes a version that is far superior.
Salad (roasted red peppers, avocado, celery, cucumber, red onion, green onion, tomato) with Honey-Lemon Dressing. Meh. It’s salad.
Braised Short Ribs and Parsnip Mash. Love short ribs, but I never make them the same way twice simply because the recipe is in my head and I have a terrible memory. The only constant is port as my reducing liquid.
Brussel Sprouts. Once they’re steamed through transfer them to a pan, add a little olive oil, red chili flakes, and garlic, then finish them with a light fry. Bacon optional.

Next week, I shift focus to your recipes for the “I Make The Best Whatever” playoffs (Thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you?).

So, what else have I been up to these past few days?  Besides watching football you mean?

Reading and loving David Benioff’s City of Thieves.

On DVD, watching and loving Baccano.  Talk about a huge cast of characters.

On t.v., watching and loving Top Chef.  Anthony Bourdain is a great addition to the judge’s table.

Also, reading and enjoying your comments…

Mailbag –

ganymede writes: “How much you wanna bet that you’ve probably acquired an allergy to the Dogs…?”

Answer: Actually, according the tests I took when I was very young, I’m allergic to dust (who isn’t?), feathers (prefer foam pillows anyway), and cat and dog hair.  I’ve never had a reaction before though.

Winst writes: “I believe that you meant feeling like Popeye Doyle in the sequel…The French Connection *2*.”

Answer: I stand corrected!

Wondering Brit writes: “But remember that while people may or may not have liked SGU, no one can really take away from you what any of you achieved is all this – not to mention the DVD sales which of the years have been staggering.”

Answer: Much appreciated.

Echelon writes: “I was going through the news when I read that The Walking Dead fired its writers after its record breaking finale. Instead going into a second season with assigned scripts to freelancers. Something you should look into if you are so inclined.”

Answer: Great show but I have yet to actually sit down and think about what I’d like to do next.  A couple of opportunities have presented themselves and they’re very attractive, but after eleven straight years of working on Stargate, I wonder if it might not be a better idea to just take the year off and freelance.


40 thoughts on “January 8, 2011: Things I’ve been making!

  1. I think I’m allergic to dust, too…and feather pillows…but I LOVE feather pillows, especially old ones. I find that my head just rolls off of foam pillows, or the pillow scoots out from under my head during the night. Feather pillows don’t do that – they cradle your head and keep it all nice and comfy. Also, they smell really good…like old, musty chickens. 😀

    Aaand…what a coincidence, I cooked brussel sprouts tonight! I just diced them up, and stir-fried (sauteed??) them with a bit of olive oil, green onions, garlic and shredded carrots. I was actually going to cook up some bacon then cook the healthy sprouts in the very unhealthy bacon fat, but didn’t have time, so no bacon. They were very good…though not quite as good as the pot roast I made earlier this week, cooked with beer and onions, and served up with tatties and neeps. THAT was delicious!

    I haven’t done much today – just housework, napped a bit, read some comics, baked biscuits and made dinner, and seriously thought about taking my growing (albeit still small) fossil collection out of their old case, and arranging them in their new case. I have so many I want to display: some found at Calvert Cliffs about 10 years ago, some found along our shores over the last 20-some years, some bought, some gifted…but I just don’t have space to display them all. I have a chest full of fossils and other found bits; most are coral fossils, some shell fossils, and a few bones and mammal teeth and the like, some shark teeth. I keep my favorite (which I’ve shared here before) in the case with Nuada & Co…it’s the one I found a couple years ago up above Atlantic City. A small geode formed inside a piece of fossilized (agatized) horn coral – about the size of a quarter – and looking very much like a small stargate:

    I’ve always wanted to make that into a necklace, but – alas – I tend to put things off. 😛

    Have a good night, Joe – hope you felt better today!


  2. I had all those allergy tests too ages ago.. My big problem is Softwood [& orchard] Tree POLLEN, then perfumes, bee stings… have numerous “sensitivities” too… However, I’m NOT allergic to DUST!

    If you could see my mutant population of DUSTBUNNIES…

    Anyway, the *nasty* thing about “allergies” that you should bear in mind… they can strike at ANY time! You can go for years without having the slightest problem with something and then, BAM!! that “thing” can sudden put you into shock!

    BTW, does diabetes run in your family? Cause your symptoms could account for that too…

    And/or as DAS suggested… “worms”… parasites… You do eat a lot of weird stuff… that’s NOT cooked!

  3. Hello!!!
    Comment ça va today? moi, tranquillement..

    Hummmm miame tout ça donne faim ! Même si il y’a beaucoup de choses que je n’ai jamais goutée^^!

    Merci pour ces Q&A!!

    A demain, gros bisou!

  4. So – you made all that food (I’m not a great cook) how many of you did it take to eat it all?


  5. “Echelon writes: “I was going through the news when I read that The Walking Dead fired its writers after its record breaking finale. Instead going into a second season with assigned scripts to freelancers. Something you should look into if you are so inclined.””

    Robert Kirkman Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Writers Weren’t Fired:

    Onto my favorite topic: Really hoping for a third season of Universe as soon as possible. So work it out somehow MGM and get the third season in gear. 🙂

  6. Hey, Joe!

    Which Bowl game has been your favorite so far?

    PS- sorry about Georgia losing their Bowl game, but hey they did beat Kentucky in basketball yesterday so its not all bad.

  7. my question is this: “After watching subversion and the scenes with Daniel in them made me raise a couple of questions: 1) does daniel still work for stargate command? or did he transfer over to Homeworld command? or is he now in atlantis?

  8. @das-

    I used to love brussel sprouts as a kid, until one day I saw an episode of “Leave It To Beaver” where he hated brussel sprouts and hid them in his pocket… from that day forward I subconsciously hated brussel sprouts just because the Beave did (oh, the power of tv and how it can influence us with the manipulation of imitation!). Like this one time I saw this guy Orlan on TV make a mini stargate out of a toaster, some copper wire, and household appliances… long story short, the fire marshal disapproved but the workers at Best Buy were more than eager to participate… of course I’m not allowed back in that store anymore…

  9. The pictures of the food were fantastic! Made me hungry as always. You might want to consider something with food next. I bet there’s some cooking show that’s just looking for your talents. 😉

    Have a good day!

  10. Dammit, so much for my resolution to not read your blog before breakfast! Hungry now. As usual.

    @das your fossil collection sounds marvelous. I have a big hunk of rock with shell fossils sitting on the porch. They’re all over the Utah West Desert, but we can only legally take invertebrates.

  11. You might want to see if your symptoms are related to wheat intolerance. This is not an easy thing to test for so it is more of a catch-it-in-the-moment kind of thing. I had amazing improvements to my health once I stopped eating wheat. Feel better soon.

  12. ok, add to grocery list,., going to store in a bit, so thanks for some ideas. food looks great. thanks. We could sumbit your name for a judge on Iron chef or Top Chef or where do they film, you could be in the audience. A trip to make on your time off,free lancing thing.
    Are you feeling any better today? Resting up I hope. Dogs are good nurses?!
    I went ahead and preordered John Scalzi’s new book, I think it will be good without know what it is about. I have read so many of his others and enjoyed them.
    I think I am a cook book/recipe collector, for a couple days I have been going thru recipes I have copied, cookbooks I have collected and trying to put them in some order. After a while I think I should have started organizing a few yrs sooner. So now I have the opportunity to try all those recipes I thought I might like. Some look pretty good and some I wonder why did I cut this out, I will never eat this? Some busy work, looking for the light at the end i need to go to the food network and find that Bobby Flay recipe,, thanks ever so much Joe,lol,. 😆

  13. I’m settling in for my last Sunday shift until June–hooray! Sunday at the police station is all custody issues and roommate disputes. I’m usually depressed by lunch and start daydreaming about having a trapdoor on the other side of the counter with a button I can press to get rid of the ones who just need to go away and grow up.

    Taking stock this morning, I have a very sore foot, but no other apparent injuries from my tumble down the stairs yesterday. I probably have a couple of really nice bruises where I can’t see, but I’m not so curious that I want to check on that.

    The Chiefs are in the playoffs today, and we’re supposed to get 6 inches of snow tonight, so maybe no one will come to visit me today! I’ve got cases of traffic tickets to log in and number, four reports to write, and warrants to file. I think I’ll just turn up Johnny Cash and ignore the lobby. Sound like a plan?

  14. Okay…now that I’ve had some sleep, some food, and some coffee…I have re-studied the game hens, and pondered over your comment. My conclusion? You need a female, NOW. Preferrably human. 😉


  15. Wow, all those dishes look so good! Good grief Joe! Is there anything you cannot do?

  16. The food looks great! Especially the game hens – I love ’em, but I have to get the exhaust fan replaced before I cook them. Otherwise they seem to set off the smoke detector!

    Did that sweet potato dish really cook down by about half?

  17. Joe, you did say that in the new year “everything changes”. Whatever the changes are, I hope it is in everyone’s favour.

    RE SGU: I don’t know how, in the face of the success of the Stargate franchise, that SyFy no longer will offer it, but will offer wrestling…. something wrong with this picture. Why does it all depend on what SyFy chooses to do? Why does the bottom line depend on numbers that are skewed, while at the same time ignoring the downloading & DVD numbers? Why does science fiction not have their own category instead of being lumped in with “drama”… something wrong with this picture too.

    RE SGU actors & crew: Wondering Brit is right – nothing can take away the accomplishments in this series. You all have much to be proud of…. and I have to say, it is because of SG1 and SGA that I am finally aware of the abundance of current Canadian talent…

    RE Illness: I’m just surfacing from the last 2 weeks of illness and don’t know if I’m truly over “it” – it was not fun. Joe, I hope you get your health problems sorted out favourably, if not, then manageably.

    RE Changes: I really want SGU to continue – there has to be a way without relying on SyFy. There are so many possible alternatives and I hope that the decision does not rest with one person saying “no” just because they can. Full marks to Brad Wright for trying and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

    All the best to everyone for the new year.

  18. Das, if you are allergic to feather pillows, your risk serious reactions. Please get rid of them, really. Continued pushing allergens is bad for your immune system. Did I mention get rid of them?

    Okay Joe, I want all the things you posted. Now going to have to look up the recipes, add your changes and put on fridge to make.

    Actually, they didn’t FIRE all the writers.

  19. Hey Joe,

    Love seeing your food show-n-tell. You must be feeling better if you are creating all those yummy dishes. Monday..I am actually going to the grocery store. I haven’t been in my apartment for over eight months…so most of the contents of my fridge would belong on your weird food list.

    Yesterday I actually did cook and made spicy thai noodles…well okay…and a grilled cheese. Beaver has a cheese factory…with cows roaming the nearby acreage. They have every kind of cheese you can imagine. I didn’t go in the back to see them make the cheese…which is available…but I still like pretending food is just food and doesn’t really come from where it does. Since I now live in this little town..I guess I might wander back to see one of the towns biggest attractions and blog about it. Oh…by the way…the cheese is to die for. They make their own ice cream as well..haven’t tried it yet.

    I am allergic to metals..which I thought just meant I had to wear only the good stuff when it comes to jewelry. But no..found out that “added” minerals to food make me very sick. What I thought was a bad stomach turned out to be an allergy. Most cereals are out..but hey…I found out that Rice Krispies doesn’t have the added allergies and somehow find my cereal talking to me in the morning makes me smile. I know..I am far too easily entertained.

    Give the pups a squish for me.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  20. *drools a little*
    Mmm…my parents make those brussels sprouts (minus the chili flakes). Anyone who claims brussels sprouts are gross needs to try them made that way. Thank you food channel. 🙂

  21. @das: finished latest Pendergast (CD) – you’ll be relieved to hear that there is no personality change, but there was one interesting and slightly unnerving encounter with dear Aunt Cornelia.

    Now I am taking a break to read the BotM selection!

    And I need to learn how to make biscuits that don’t turn out like hockey pucks. I’m really a pretty decent cook, but just haven’t quite got the hang of biscuits.

  22. Hey Joseph Greetings from Wyoming,

    Those dishes look mighty tempting and might bring out the Chefboyardee in me soon if you keep posting more of them. O wait maybe Chefboyardee is the wrong chef to bring up here… maybe Emeril instead? Okay who am I kidding I’m just a draftsman maybe Chefboyardee is my speed. 🙂

    I wanted to add a few words here about your Stargate work. I see there was only one comment before I started writing this so I will try and squeeze it in so you might notice it.
    What I want to say is from a fan… Joseph, you guys have done great with the series.
    That goes from SG1, SGA, SGU and the movies in between.

    I have been a fan of the Stargate series for less than two years now. I think its important to remind you that there are more new fans out there all the time (and its fresh to us). Someone told me about Stargate and now I’ve in turn turned my wife onto Stargate and she has become a fan too.
    I will say I was saddened to find out about SGU’s cancellation and I am very hopeful that you guys are able to carry it on out to its completion. I think its also important to let you know that this is some of your guys best work yet ever. To not see this to its completion has got to be bothering you. Well I know its bothering me because this show has got a lot of depth to it and a lot of potential. Like I said before its some of the best stuff you guys have done (and may be the best stuff you’ll ever do with this franchise).
    If I could mention something exactly about your guys work in SGU….
    Your character development is outstanding.
    I look and see your characters motives and actions and I can see how viewers can be drawn into them. Being thrust into an unknown area surrounded by a hostile environment, foes, pressure and not knowing if you are ever going to get home brings out the “best” in people.
    Being a “reservist” in the armed forces and being sent to war overseas has given me a view into people’s psyches and your portrayal of many of these feelings in these characters are dead on.
    People under pressure like that don’t always act professional, they make mistakes, they worry about their self preservation, they worry about people at home, they get mad, afraid, anxiety ridden, bored, curious, they find moments of happiness where they can, somewhere along the way they manage to grow up a little and they try to get the job done of keeping themselves alive, not getting hurt and hoping today will be the day they get to go home. (Sorry for the run on sentences and such- hey I said I was a draftsman not a writer). 🙂

    I mention about the character development because the story arcs emerging are great, but this series has also has some meat to it with the characters. Please don’t forget it or disregard it when it comes to making season 3 (when and if you get a green light).

    Please keep putting out the good stuff. Keep finding a home for SGU because there are fans out there (check all the Facebook pages for Stargate Universe – one is at over 180,000, another one over 60,000, another 11,000, another at 6,000 people and still more pages).
    Many fans have not found about the cancellation yet and we’re all going to be blue, but hopeful with guys like you and Brad hanging in there for us.
    By the way before all this cancellation talk… yes I thought your guys work was so good I did buy all the DVDs of the series recently.
    (Well except for SGU which I was hoping someone would buy me for a great Christmas present, instead of that dang blasted new shirt every year). It didn’t happen so I took a gift card and treated myself to SGU season 1. Looking forward to buying season 2 and then 3 and then 4 and then 5 and then……

    P.S. – could you please make sure to mention us an update ever day about SGU, or every other day or every once a week (okay if it isn’t much trouble how about just once a week). We’re all in limbo here wanting to know and do something to help. Thank you.

    -A fan (who doesn’t know how to write that well).

  23. Joe,

    I am interested to know the extent of your cookbook collection.
    Have you ever read any of the Herve This books?
    I have some good recommendations for you, if you are interested.

    Brussels Sprouts Variations
    Steam, saute quickly in butter, add heavy cream (or light cream), nutmeg, white pepper and kosher salt

    Special thanks to Das for mentioning my post! Your comment made me laugh. 🙂


    PS. I am thinking about SGU and all of you everyday and saying a prayer for all of you and the show. I so hope that Brad is successful. The franchise deserves to end on its own terms. Not to unceremoniously cancelled by a network that specializes in ghost stories and other low brow pseudo-scifi entertainment. In fact, now that I think of it, you guys are way too good for Syfy. Maybe a more respectable network will pick the show up.

  24. Hey Joe,

    Quick question!

    Though we know where SGU and Extinction stand, what has happened to Revolution? Is it still making progress, or has it been shelved like Extinction?

    Thanks so much,
    Major Davis

  25. A lot of very good looking food there.

    I’m loving Top Chef-All Stars as well.

    Cold and wet here in Houston today. Wednesday we expect lows in the 20’s with highs just in the 40’s. By Saturday we will back up to 71. Typical Houston winter weather — 30-degree temperature changes.

  26. You must be feeling better to cook all that yummy food!

    Eyelid twitching is definitely stress. You haven’t had any relatives sentenced to jail time lately, have you?

    Hope all is cleared up soon! Probably as soon as you decide which job to take.

  27. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    Thank you for posting those outstanding images of the cuisine that you prepare. This is my first comment on your culinary skills. Rest assured that my mouth was watering looking at those tasty meals!

    I too am a cook having been in the restaurant business and movie TV series location catering business in San Francisco at a four star place called the Lake Merced Boathouse. As general manager in my younger days, LMB was only a stones throw from the Olympic Club (golf) and the world famous Cliff House over looking Ocean Beach. I often worked in the kitchen with the chef’s on creating new menu treats and specialties!

    When the television industry began its migration to Vancouver in the mid 1980’s, I left the restaurant and catering business although I wish I had moved to Vancouver! Who knows what would have happened? Maybe I would have opened a 4 star and location catering business in Vancouver and we might have met!

    Speaking of making things, WHR has launched its news coverage regarding Save SGU campaigns by various groups around the world. Named “Share the SGU Love” and “Spread the SGU Love” the campaign is using the Twitter hash tags #ShareTheSGULove and #SpreadTheSGULove. A tweets from your pups at @jelmaxbublu would be great (my pet @Adria_The_Cat is often found at the keyboard tweeting! 😛 )

    Our editorial effort will be conducted by several senior members of our staff including @ArticGoddess1, @MarjorieRoden (both of Canada and contributing writers) and myself. Others have expressed interest depending on their writing schedules.

    On a related topic, other news agencies on the Internet have also been contacted by WHR to ramp up support for Stargate Universe, MGM and Bridge Studios. The response has been very good.

    This will be a positive support effort dedicated to all at MGM and Bridge Studios as a news reporting campaign effort. We will support any proactive campaign that is positive in nature. We will not support campaigns that have been part of attack strategies towards any person, place or company.

    The actors, creators and crews will be ongoing focus in future of the “As The Wormhole Turns” editorial series. ATWT was launched last month just prior to the cancellation announcement to encourage fans to behave. As you are aware not all fans behave with proper decorum in their presentation and deportment.

    The great news is that the feedback (mostly on Twitter where we operate to interact with the fandoms) has been decidedly positive.

    All news reports about “As The Wormhole Turns” that will focus on Stargate Universe for the foreseeable future can be found at:

    Additionally, even though we have a number of interviews we feature on the four (4) WHR domain splash pages on a rotating basis, management has decided that all four will instead feature exclusive high quality videos of Stargate Universe interviews (courtesy MGM Studios) at Comic-Con 2010 and the entire SGU panel hosted by Robert C. Cooper courtesy of Comic-Con!

    WHR will feature these videos over all others on the four splash pages through the return of Stargate Universe. The SGU videos can be viewed at: – David Blue – Robert c. Cooper – MingNa – Comic-Con 2010 SGU panel

    In closing for now, WHR wishes you the best of luck in finding a new home for Stargate Universe. It is a superb production with excellent writing, direction, special effects, acting and so much more! We remain hopeful!

    We also wish you the best in your adventures in the kitchen! 😉


    Kenn of WHR

    Wormholeriders News Agency
    World-wide with 29 reporters from UK to Asia pacific

  28. The year off sounds so good. It’s what all writers are working towards; being able to write full time at your own pace without having to go into an office.

    Many great authors are former tv writers, my fave being Lee Child.

    Mind you, most of the shows that are out today do not have long legs like Stargate did.

    It would be cool to do a mini, like Children of Dune.
    I am watching Rome season 1 for the umpteenth time and still loving it, Ray Stevenson and Polly Walker are tremendous, in a huge cast of exceptional people.

  29. @ Debra – I only have one pillow – it’s my security blanket, as it were. I don’t sleep on it every night, only when I’m having trouble sleeping, or on vacation. Ever since I was sick a couple years ago, I use a saline nasal spray several times a day – especially first thing in the morning, and right before bed. I’ve been fine ever since I started using it.

    @ Sparrowhawk – I haven’t started reading CD – I’m trying to get caught up on comics and stuff, and I needed a bit of a breather – A.X.L. had me plumb worn out by the end of WoD! Also, with only two books to go, I want to pace myself a bit because soon there will be no more Aloysius until August! Waaaaah!!!

    Okay…back to my fossils and arrowheads. 😀


  30. A cold snowy day here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. A perfect day to curl up with BOTM selection The Iron Hunt and do some serious reading. Pretty intertaining book so far…

  31. Show Joe: the Foodie Freelancer! The Food Channel’s newest reality show!

    Joseph Mallozzi’s Weblog takes it on the road in the first ever “unscripted” show about scripts and food! What were your favorite Joseph Mallozzi-scripted TV episodes in 2011? See where it all began as Joe invites the writer’s room into the finest restaurants in New York, LA, Vancouver, Montreal, and Tokyo. Watch Joe pitch over finer food than you’ll ever get to smell, much less taste.

    Hmm… my pitch ends on a bitter, jealous downturn. I’ll work on the bitter part, but being jealous of you is the show’s hook. That stays.

  32. Back in my place of residence after three lovely weeks home and playing catch-up with all things internet related. I hope you get better soon! Best of luck on deciding what to do this coming year as well!
    Though perhaps not financially lucrative a year of rest sounds very pleasant, just imagine how many books you could read…on that note my top books (in no particular order)

    1. The Red Queen by Philippa Greggory – I still don’t like Margaret Beaufort, but this book was fascinating, Greggory makes a bunch of historical figures come to life – again.

    2. The Greatest Night by Elizabeth Chadwick – another brilliant historical writer.

    3. The Alexis books by Gail Carriger – steam punk at its finest.

    4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – definitely not just for children, they were a very creepy picture of the future.

    5. The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger – wonderful!

    6. Fire; Graceling by Krisitin Cashore – her kingdoms are intriguing and fun.

    7. Tales of the 500 Kingdoms by Mercedes Lackey – romance, in a fun way. There is little magic as intriguing as ‘the Tradition’ that rules the lives of her characters.

    8. Map of Love by Ahdaf Soueif – this should be a must read for anyone who’s read ‘Exodus’ by Leon Uris should have to read this very different view on things by this Egyptian author.

  33. Hi Joe,

    Questions about SGU, clarify answer to old question:

    *Dr. Rush seems determined to resolve Destiny’s mission, and in a sense, achieve as close as possible the power of the aliens from “Visitation”. It does not seem that he learned from the survivors of Eden, in that if he could bring back his wife, he could replicate her body, memories but perhaps not her soul. How likely is it that Dr. Rush could sacrifice the rest of the crew for his obssession with “Destiny”?

    **Old question I asked about alternate means to fund SGU. Your answer was that directly asking the audience for production money was not feasible (i.e. raising contributions). However, is there some reason that raising donations cannot work in general, or is it specific to MGM’s ownership of Stargate franchise? It may be naive, but it seems that a group of producers could launch a company, produce a modest internet pilot and then sell, say memberships to a “Wormhole Xtreme club”(bad example? 🙂
    and people could buy memberships at $50 or whatever they want to give, until $X million is reached to produce the next season: control is then in hands of producers, not as much network/advertisers.

    ***Dramas in Scifi: my hat is off to you guys for the high quality of SGU and being able to shift gears to a different style of storytelling. Some of the episodes of SGU reminded me of big network dramas (Grey’s anatomy, Lost) in the relationship struggles, politics and infighting and use of a pop music montage. When I talk to friends not into scifi,I learned I enjoy scifi for the escapism (seeking new worlds away from my worldly concerns) and the action (seeing things get blowed up real good!). I also like my values, stereotypes about characters being challenged, and a good drama does that. However, I can’t see a good marriage between mainstream relationship/tv dramas and scifi’s spaceships and alien cultures. Is there a way to marry the too and achieve mass popularity? I don’t think so, judging by the later seasons of Battlestar and its spinoff Caprica.

    Thank-you in advance!


  34. Hey Joe,

    Just wondering if any news on SGU has come to light, I have been waiting ever so patiently to learn about the show’s future, and the franchise likewise. Has anything come up? Even a tiny speckle of hope?


  35. Hey Joe, sorry to hear you are feeling bad glad you went to the doctor, hope everything is ok. I know I have missed a lot here, been kinda busy but in a good way.

    I am so sorry to hear about SGU, I may not have been the biggest fan but, it was still part of the franchise and it’s sad to see it end.

    All the best to everyone!

    Oh I had a question, we were watching a movie ” Away We Go” and one of the characters stated that people in Montreal put gravy in their french fries. Is that true? They are potatoes so why not?

  36. They announced the cancellation during the hiatus, after filming for S2 was done.

    So how do you intend to tie the series off and not leave it hanging? Creative editing? Does Destiny just randomly blow up at the end of the last episode?

    Just wondering what writers do in this situation 🙁

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