Well, damn.  Here I’d uploaded a blog entry last night, prepared to make some minor additions and post it this morning only to discover the breaking news of SGU’s cancellation.  The first thing to tip me off something was up?  The 50+ comments awaiting moderation on yesterday’s blog entry.  My initial thought was “Wow!  They really must’ve enjoyed that Tokyo Tower post!”. 

Alas, it’s true.  SyFy’s official twitter announcement confirms it.  Stargate’s run on SyFy ends with SGU’s second season. 

It’s disappointing but rather than dwell on the negatives, I’d prefer to focus on the positives.  I had a wonderful time working on the franchise, eleven great years, and this was mainly due to all the terrific people involved, past and present: my fellow writer-producers, the directors, editors, consultants, post and production personnel, the various departments from costumes to Visual Effects and everything in between, the cast and crew, our long-time supporters at MGM and SyFy, and all the fans who took the time to watch and, occasionally, comment (especially on this blog).  Thanks.

Anyway, I’ll have more to say on the subject in my next entry.  For now, if you’re interested, feel free to peruse the latest update on my Tokyo trip….

The other night, we went to Ishikawa for dinner.  A repeat visit for me.  Alas, there were other customers at the counter-seating so I didn’t snap any pics.  BUT I did snap THIS pic of Ishikawa-san once our meal had concluded and I gifted him a bottle of Canadian ice wine.  Apparently, he’s a fan…

As in several other places we've visited on this trip, Ishikawa-san and his manager saw us to the door then out into the street. As we walked away, I glanced back. They were still standing there, smiling and waving. Another ten steps. Still there, smiling and waving. All the way down the street, I hazarded another look before turning the corner. Smiling and waving.Afterwards, we hit a famous tea shop for - you guessed it - tea. Matcha for me.Ivon was thrilled to discover one of his fave rice teas.Moro-sand and Ivon in front of this cool art piece in the subway station.
I have never seen anyone more pleased with a tea purchase.

We ended the night…well, I’ll let you guess…

The next morning, we got together with Kokoro, a girl who helped us out by giving us directions when we were in Shinjuku.  The hotel recommended this casual teppanyaki place – Kobe Beef Kawamura. 

Our private room.
The beef, while well-marbled, met with Ivon's approval. Great.
Chef Hikaru Maehara spoke perfect English.
The beef!
Of all the teppanyaki's I've visited in Tokyo, I'd say this one was my favorite.
Teenie, tiny sardines.
Crispy fried beef fat for the rice.

Later, we took a stroll through Ginza.  Cold, COLD Ginza. 

Some of the stand-out signs encountered on this trip so far…

Ophelia's Odor. A terrific name for a shoe store.
Where lawyers and their clients shop?
Ah, nothing says Friday like a nice highball in a can.
Not sure what this guy is suffering from. Headache? Nausea? Diarrhea?
Ivon feels Japan is obsessed with rules and regulations. So we had to stop and snap a pic of this sign.
And this one.
Not sure. Moro-san snapped this one. Love it.

135 thoughts on “December 17, 2010: Tokyo Travel Day #11! Ishikawa! Kobe Beef Kawamura! Tokyo Signs! Oh, and Stargate!

  1. 🙁

    I freaked a little when I saw the update on GateWorld…I prayed and hoped that maybe some of those crazies that bash the show had somehow launched some evil, nefarious, Goa’uld type plot and faked everyone out.

    But your confirmation just makes me feel so depressed!

    I love SGU and will be waiting for tomorrow’s post on what the future might hold for the Stargate franchise.


    You’re right, over all, Stargate has had an AMAZING run. Still…I was hoping for longer.

  2. Hey Joe,

    I was totally disappointed to read about SGU’s cancellation. I was floored. I thought my fractured right ankle was the worst thing that could happen this holiday season. But guess I was wrong.

    And how could Syfy break the news on Twitter. Before you all were even givin the news. That was cruel and had NO CLASS at all. I am so glad that I get the SPACE CHANNEL. They at least know what real Science Fiction is.

    Other than that. How is the trip going?? And how is you four legged gang at home??

    HUGS and thanks for 11 years of the most amazing TV!!!!

  3. Joe…

    Did you say “Stargate’s run on SyFy…”?

    Dare we hope that there might be a new home for Stargate?

    Oh please!!!!! Pretty please!!!!

    *crosses fingers*


  4. Hi,

    Here is my question for the mailbag.

    Are there any plans for a Stargate Universe film, to help tie up the cliffhanger which viewers will be left with in the series finale, Deliverance?

    Also, here is my blog’s report on the cancellation of the series -http://abbaskarimjee.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/syfy-cancels-stargate-universe-after-two-seasons/

    Thanks a lot for a great two seasons and best wishes for the future!

  5. December 11, are you time traveling again?

    Ah well, still looking forward to the back half of Season 2 and the DVD sets. Right now, I fail to believe this franchise is done. Hope springs eternal!

  6. Hello Joe.

    I am sorry to hear about the cancellation of the series. Wow. A collective 17 seasons of work for many of the people you work with. Plot lines that may never see the green light of a production schedule… All I can say is wow… that is depressing.

    First, at the risk of sounding selfish, I have to say that I am very disappointed in SyFy’s decision (although I have to admit that the delay in them making the announcement made me suspect this was coming). With the conclusion of Lost, I looked forward to SGU every Tuesday, and now I don’t know what I can watch that will fill that need once Season 2 concludes.

    What does this mean for movies? Do you think that fans can look forward to movies that will wrap up the SGU story lines? …and what does this mean for the SG-1 and Atlantis films?

    Will you keep this blog going so that fans can follow your foodly adventures, as well as check in on the dogs periodically?

    Please do me a HUGE favor and thank everyone that you have worked with on Stargate these past years for the adventure they gave us! I know that I speak for all of us when I say that we really appreciate your hard work these past years, and wish you the best on your future endeavors.

    Best Wishes.


  7. I hope the news of SGU’s cancellation doesnt put a damper on you and Ivon’s Tokyo trip. Hit that water hole you guys have come to call home and drink to stargates successful run of many years on the air! 🙂

    I still hold out hope on the movies and anything stargate related that could come out in the future.

  8. Hi, Joe – Glad to read that you’re enjoying Tokyo and all the incredible food. At the moment, though, I’m not drooling over the delicacies; I’m feeling like a mule kicked me in the gut.

    I suppose I’m part of a minority here, but SGU was without doubt my favorite of all the Stargate incarnations, the original movie included. I cared about the characters very much, right from the start; it’s just the type of program I really love. I soooooo hoped I would get to see their whole story told.

    Well, life doesn’t come to an end; but damn, this is hard. . . . Having gone through it with Firefly doesn’t make this any easier.

    Thanks so much to all the cast and crew for a job superbly done. I wish for the best for everyone who contributed to making the show. – Bye; take care.


  9. Ridiculous that SyFy canceled SGU. Just ridiculous. Although I did think Season 1 started off a bit too slow, it found its stride later in the season, and every single episode of Season 2 has been great.

    It’s just so frustrating as a viewer when the plug is pulled way before it should be.

    Anyway, as you said, there have been many, many years of great Stargate-related entertainment, so there’s that.

    The meat at that teppanyaki place looks fantastic!

  10. I feel so betrayed right now about the cancellation of SGU!!! The show is pure gold and I love it from the bottom of my heart. Never was so involved in some peoples fate and the story like I was with Stargate Universe.
    The show and all people working hard on Stargate clearly deserve better than be yanked of the air just like that!

    I am sure you´ll move on after Stargate Joe, but is their not a slight possibility to end SGU with some real ending? I hate to see yet another entry go with no real conclusion to the story. I was looking forward to 5 Seasons or more, not just two! 🙁
    Destiny´s mission is big and way to cool for getting the axe, not to mention all the great actors involved like Robert Carlyle, Ming Na, David Blue, Jamil Walker Smith and so on. And all the other writers, producers and behind the sciences guys.

    SGU is a show for people who like quality and intelligent SciFi, see it go will hurt a lot. The show is a step in the right direction but hearing the news today was pretty upsetting for a lot of fans. Nice move from SyFy to announce it right before Christmas, my x-mas mojo is gone now.

  11. hey joseph,it me again.Let me the first one to saY:that Syfy are just big idiots will all due respect.Now we will be forced to watch grey’s idiotomy,private shitice or drop dead bitch.I am sad,I have 18,somewhat during my career as aprofessional I thought I would have work side by side with a stargate and all the powerful and good people involved with it,yet as you announced that would not be possible.Since I was just a kid,I dreamed to work with the Stargate Franchise,……………….is it the end of all related with Stargate? please answer me.

  12. I am so sad to hear of SGU’s cancellation. while I admit that I never loved SGU with the passion that I have for SGA or SG-1, I still enjoyed watching SGU and consider myself a fan. I thought the show was going in a good direction and I felt it was only getting better and better. I am sad for the stories we will never see.

    I hope that Stargate is not dead and that it will continue in some form. Maybe another show? or maybe the movies will be made now? I can only hope.

  13. Again another fun read….only on a sad day for all of us. I’m sorry to hear about the cancellation of Stargate Universe. First for the cast and crew. They are technically, unemployed. Second, the families of the cast and crew. Third the fans, who fell in love with the characters and story lines that we got to share together with each other. We all know the world will continue rotating as life itself will move forward. But I think it’s sad when the powers that be cancel one show while moving wrestling to the same channel. A sci fi channel with wrestling. I know wrestling is not real, but it’s not science fiction. I’m sorry…..just realized I was rambling about my anger over the ending of the Stargate Franchise. Please have a safe trip back and keep on writing!

  14. Im sorry to hear SGU was cancelled. The show has really picked up and now this. Is it even worth watching the last 10 epsodes or will it just hurt more that it all ends on a cliff hanger?

    Cant believe Stargate is now dead. Really hurts. Atleast when SG1 was cancelled we had Atlantis, and when that got the boot we had SGU. Now we have nothing and its very sad and right before christmas.

    Just wanted to thank you for all the years you put into the show. And have a Merry christmas and hope your dog is doing better.

  15. NO WAY! I am totally depressed, Joe. There was so much more for SGU. Syfy sucks, big time! How could they do this? Brad Wright is a powerful man. How could he let this happen? This is the worst news I have had in a long time. What are we going to do now? Stargate is over? I cant accept that. It cant be.
    I am going to cry myself to sleep. Enjoy your sushi!

  16. Sorry about the cancellation, Joe. Sucky way for everyone to find out, too.

    Great to read that Jelly is coming along well.

    & GBS to Das!

  17. So sorry to hear about SGU…hope it doesn’t put a damper on your trip.

    I’m looking forward to see where you go from here, as I’ve enjoyed your writing and humor. For now, enjoy your trip and have a safe trip home!

  18. I had been hoping for the best and fearing the worst, but today’s news was still just as sad and frustrating. One of the best shows, not just sci fi shows, gone. 14 straight years of Stargate on TV gone. And all the blame can go right to the jerks who run SyFy. They barely promote the show, they move it to a night with brutal competition from network tv, and they pair it with a show like Caprica that no one was watching or cared about. How many great shows have been canceled by this network…Farscape, Poltergeist:The Legacy, Atlantis, and now SGU. And how do our wonderful cast find out about this travesty…on Twitter. TWITTER! SyFy has no balls if they can’t even call the producers and let them tell the cast and crew that the show was going to be canceled. Some of the cast only found out when their followers Twittet sympathy messages. That is disgraceful. I would like to thank the producers, writers, fx crew, stunt crew, and especially the outstanding cast. R. Carlyle, L. Ferreira, A. Huffman, B. Smith, D. Blue, E. Levesque, J. Smith, Ming-Na, LDP, and the rest of the amazing supporting cast. They made this show into must see tv, and kept Stargate alive. I hope they all find great projects right away so that we can still see them on TV.
    This all boils down to what is becoming the slow death of sci-fi on TV. This antiquated system of determining how many people are watching has to be fixed ASAP. Everything should be factored in: DVR, TIVO, ITunes downloads, Amazon downloads, VCRs, ratings in other countries, etc. The Neilsens have got to go. They are not at all reliable in determining ratings. What shows are left now on TV: Dr. Who, Sanctuary, Eureka, and Warehouse 13. Very soon there will be no Sci-Fi at all, because no new show is given a chance to succeed. If they don’t pull in monster ratings in the first couple of weeks, they are gone. Something has to be done.
    I hope that the adventures of the Destiny crew can continue in some form, whether it be comics, or novels, or DVD movies. Stargate has to be kept alive. And the people in charge of SyFy have to be shown that wrestling and reality ghost shows and James Bond movies have no place on a channel that is supposed to be for Sci Fi shows!
    And thank you Joe for being our inside guide to everything Stargate all these years. From pics to videos to spoilers you have given all Stargate fans more than they could ever want in behind the scenes info. And please let us know what we can do to keep this franchise alive.

  19. Sad news about SG:U. I really loved the show. I thought the individuals working in front of and behind the camera did an excellent job. I will truly miss SG:U. It was my favorite of the three.

  20. I’m very sorry about the cancellation of SGU. Thanks to all who participated in creating many hours of TV entertainment.

    You guys look great!

    Thanks again for taking the time out to post these entries and take pictures for us.

  21. Well, I am completely hearbroken. I thought SGU had a pretty good chance for renewal, but obviously, I was wrong. Many thanks to the cast and crew for producing such a great show.

    A few days ago, you said something about everything changing this time next year (sorry, I’m too lazy to dig up the actual quote). Is this what you were alluding to? Did you know then? Or, was that in reference to something else, and you only just found out? And, if you knew earlier, why did some cast members only just find out through Twitter?

    Also, what happens now, both on the set and with your own future plans?

    I know you said that you would move on from Stargate if SGU were cancelled, but please tell me that you’ll continue your blog. It’s one of the things I really look forward to everyday.

    I hope this hasn’t ruined your trip or the Christmas holiday.

  22. No! SGU cancelled? Just when I was starting to get a hang of things and work out who was who? So I don’t get to find out the entire story’s end? I was looking forward to finding out too. Maybe Mr M. will be happy to let us know in time? Please? Say yes?

    Ahhhhh. Sigh.

    Unfortunately, couldn’t watch the video you posted. Public places with no headphones… Interesting signs though 😛

    Well, I’m going home to bed. With no voice, there’s not much more I can do today, especially if I think I may collapse any moment. Horror. How am I going to walk to my car, not to mention drive home and pump petrol on the way if I’m so tired I can barely see what I’m typing. Please ignore any mistakes I may have tiped here. Hazard on the road beware!

  23. Sorry to hear the news about the cancellation Joe, all the very best for your future endeavours!

  24. Joe wrote, “The 50+ comments awaiting moderation on yesterday’s blog entry. My initial thought was “Wow! They really must’ve enjoyed that Tokyo Tower post!”.

    My first thought when I saw 81 comments yesterday was “Wow! Das has got a computer in the hospital now and she’s razzing Joe!”. 😉 (I’m not kidding)

    Sorry about SGU. I’m not dwelling on the cancellation either. I did that with SGA and decided never again…
    But I am very excited about your future Joe. I hope you keep blogging and I’ll keep reading. You are so talented, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Now. On to read this entry…

  25. PS: I should have “bolded” Das’s name. I know she only skims through but I wanted her to see my comment about her. HEY DAS! Look above! 🙂

  26. I think that last sign means Beware of Sword Slinging Gun Toting Ninjas On the Street. In other words, Entering Bad Neighborhood.

  27. Is there a PRAYER for a 2 hour wrap up episode? Does this put the nail in the coffin for SGU movie (and SGA)? Damn Joe, have had sinus issues, fever and headache all day then this. Damn. Did I mention damn?

  28. Nice pics.

    Any chance of a DTV or mini-series to wrap things up ala “The Ark of Truth” and “Continuum” or even Farscape’s “The Peacekeeper Wars”?

  29. Well I can’t say I’m pleased with the news in fact I am down right pissed. I think all of you put an amazing show together and I will really miss it. SGU brought me into the franchise and got me hooked and I will go so far as to say it was the finest incarnation if you ask me.

    I realize this brings to an end your fellowship with the franchise Joe and I’d like to personally thank you for your contributions to science fiction. It’s been a swell right.

  30. I feel that the signs are weird not because of the rules, but because they all have funny characters. I mean I think it odd for an somewhat comical character to be on a warning sign… or what looks like a warning sign. And the dude with the possible diarrhea… I’m guessing that pills for your liver will cure headache causing cramps??? O’ Japan your culture is so amusing to me. Note my Japanese grandma thinks the same.


  31. Oh and doesn’t that suck being cancelled and all… Oh well I’ll be happily enjoying the last of the second season.

  32. Also I want to say that I’d hate to find out information regarding cancelation via twitter. Like one doesn’t break up with someone via e-mail, twitter, or facebook one shouldn’t announce such important information in a similar way.

    Oh well… I’m sorry to find out about such news. As I said before I’ll still finish the series.


  33. Joe, I do hope that you accept Patricia’s invitation to be a guest at StarCon in June 2011.

  34. I must admit that I am very disappointed with Syfy’s choice to cancel SGU. I had hoped that they would at the very least give the franchise a season to wrap everything up. Considering the franchise has been on their channel for so long.

    It’s their loss, SGU was the only thing I watched on Syfy. Sorry I have no plans to tune in and watch wrestling or Scare Tactics….

    I find it odd, some of the reaction on GW mixed with some happy that it was canceled. As if it being canceled some how means that SGA is coming back. I would much rather have something rather then nothing, then again, everyone is different.

    I do hope you plan to keep up on your blog and let us know what is going on with your future projects.

  35. Wow, Ivon is a fashion icon. Blue sneakers, huh? He fits right in.

    Nice photo of the 3 of you. Thanks again for letting us get to see you.

    Hope Jelly girl is progressing a little bit everyday.

    @Das — Get out of the hospital before you get really sick.

    Today, Friday, the 17th is Patrick’s 15th birthday. Where does the time go.

  36. Ah you talk about tea… and matcha! I’ve grown quite fond of matcha. (maccha/matcha/etc.)

    Are there any particular kinds of thin (the “normal” kind) or thick (the “soup-like”) matcha that you like more?

    …and I’m still curious about the last question I asked on your blog entry from the previous day. 😉 (about SGU going to another network)

  37. …well, and I’m curious about the other questions I asked in the P.S., PPS, PPPS, etc. stuff from the previous entry also. 😀 (Well, the ones other than the one asking for you to confirm if SyFy actually did cancel the show.) …curious about the ones about future SG tv shows, future SG movies (on tv/dvd or in movie theaters), etc.

    And bring back some matcha for me! 😀

    (Or some matcha recommendations.)

  38. Hadn’t read about SGU, been so busy waiting (and waiting and waiting) for my daughter to arrive (she finally did tonight, only 4 hours late). I’m so sorry to hear it was cancelled, and quite frankly, I’m with some of the other people on here. SyFy has nothing to offer other than Sanctuary, and they do this? I must admit the show never totally grabbed me like the other two incarnations, but this was a huge mistake on SyFy’s part.

    Yikes, I hadn’t realized it’s almost 2 a.m., must get some sleep! Have a good night!

  39. Although I did not really enjoy SGU I am sad to see that it has been cancelled. 🙁

    SG1 and SGA were, at one stage, the only TV programmes that I watched each week.

    Wishing you all the best for the future – you have a family of hounds to feed.



  40. Very annoyed about SGU, it’s been getting better each week . still, quite interested to see Japan now though…

  41. Well, Good Luck to you and the rest of the crew and cast of SGU. I hope your future is bright!

  42. Just when I thought my day was crappy enough, I get online and check one of my favorite producers blog to follow his Tokyo trip and all of a sudden wham…I get kicked while I’m down!!!! SGU cancelled!!! Thought it might be a joke so I checked a few more sights and with every click of the mouse my strong dislike for the SCIFI channel (Yeah that’s right scifi NOT SYFY…whatever that means) grew. Two seasons really…at least I will no longer have to watch a channel that gets farther away from what made it a good channel anymore(Unless there’s a SG whatever on). So go on SYFY…what a joke…keep on rebranding yourself until you’re no longer the channel that gained an audience in the first place. Maybe in another year or two and you can drop the S from the channel name and just go with yfy…as in it’s iffy there will be anything good on there!! Enjoy your WWE, Ghost Whisper, Ghost Hunter’s, Ghost Hunter’s International, Ghost Hunter’s Academy….oh what was that, did you see that…oh sorry let me turn of my night vision it was just the ghost of a once great channel! Where was I…oh yeah…keep on airing your movies of the week, and NXT or Hollywood treasures (I guess Teal’c’s Jaffa uniform qualifies as science fiction…right?) and your…nevermind it’s late and I’m tired!

    Joe, sorry for the rant, I hope your trip is going well! Very disappointing and I’m just a fan. I can’t image what it feels like for those of you who have a vision for a story your telling, but will never get to tell it. Thank you for ALL the great years of Stargate, hopefully it’s not the last we see of the great name! So if I may a few questions…

    1.) Any chance of moving to a new network?
    2.) How will this affect the SG-1 and Atlantis movies?
    3.) Could ther be a possible two hour movie to wrap it up and give us the ending we deserve? (that was a hard one to get out of my mouth with out laughing! I know the answer but I had to ask)
    4.) Isn’t it a little cheap of YFY to compare warehouse 13 and eureka airing on Tuesday’s in the summer to SGU in the Fall going up against the major networks lineup?
    5.) What’s next?

    Once again thanks for the memories…I’ll have more questions, I’m sure!


  43. Dear Joseph,

    Don’t let SGU end without a fight. Move it to another station. There is a significant story there with the eighth chevron and Destiny.

  44. Wow, that bar is going to miss you two when you leave. You’re regulars!

    I’m terribly sad to hear the great Stargate franchise is coming to a close. Quite frankly, I don’t know what else I’m going to watch! The lack of good sci-fi is abysmal. The only other sci-fi show I watch now is Fringe. I miss the days of SGA and BSG (and Fringe).

    You’ve helped put together some amazing shows. I can’t wait to see what you do next. Maybe you can craft the next great sci-fi show for network! 😉

    In the meantime, long shot that perhaps it is, I can’t but hold out hope of an Atlantis movie. After all, it took 6 years, but there was eventually and X-Files second movie.

    Hope you and Ivan have a blast on the rest of your trip.

  45. Hey Joe,

    It’s the first time i leave a reply on your blog, because i want to thank YOU and also everyone, who workes or worked for the stargate franchise. I’m very sad that Stargate Universe will not get a 3 season, but will end the last episode with a cliffhanger now or? Will you and “Paul Mullie” leave the franchise after the end of SGU? What’s your opinion about the future of the stargate franchise?

    I want to say again: Thanks for all the great years and of course i will visit this blog again and again in the future. 😉
    I hope you still have a good time in Tokyo.

    Thanks Joe,

  46. Hello joseph…

    I am really sorry for this cancellation … pfff
    This series is very important to me … and many others …
    Will we still have an end?

    And other films? Extinction and Revolution?

    Many of us are really disappointed with this new … : (

  47. Absolutely gutted about SGU, it was a great show and for them to cancel it just as we’re getting to know the characters and the secrets of the destiny is really rough.

    Hope you’re still enjoying your trip to Japan despite the news. Amazing country, been three times myself and got hitched in Kyoto last Christmas Eve!

    That poster guys product is called ‘hepariize dorinku’ I think it might be something to do with hangovers 🙂

  48. H Joe,

    I was really sad to hear about Stargate Universe, as you say, Stargate’s run ends on SyFy. But with that said, what would be the chances of moving to another network?

    Best of luck for the future!

  49. Joe, is their enough story told to where there can be a 2 hour movie to wrap it all up?

    Since you wont be working for Stargate anymore, will we still be able to ask you questions about the show?

    Sucks i never got to find out if the show ended with Rush Ascended and travels back in time, to where the Alterans notice him and cause of Rush they create the ORI religion.

    Good day Sir!

  50. Knowing that the network has not renewed the show, might the producers try to get the show another season via another network?

    I was with you on the hoping that such a scenario wouldn’t even enter the equation. I am now hoping that the producers can collaborate with another network on bringing us SGU’s third season.

    Thank you again for your time, it’s greatly appreciated!

  51. This sucks, the best Sci-Fi franchise/series out there. *sniffle*

    Maybe we can dream of a possible 2x2hr hour (two part) DVD,
    where we see the amazing end of SGU with Atlantis and SGA and SG-1 teams helping out.

  52. Hey Joe,

    I have been so very sad since I read the tweet from Syfy. What a disappointment they chose to tell the cast and crew through Twitter. I can’t come up with a reasonable reason WHY they would do it that way. I guess they don’t have any class…you guys deserved better.

    You *¨*•.★ROCK*¨*•.★ and I will support you in any of your future endeavors.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  53. Well, this is unfortunate. 🙁

    If it isn’t possible to do any kind of wrap-up episode or SGU movie, maybe someone could write a book or something? I know Atlantis books have been written, although I’ve never gotten around to reading them. I’d just like to know more about the microwave background radiation “message.”

  54. I’m saddened beyond words because of cancellation of SGU. 🙁 Looking forward to you addressing it in your next blog entry.


  55. Wow! I’m shocked… I never thought they would cancel the show. I can’t imagine what reasons there could be to cancel a show like this in it’s first stages, especially because you guys have done so well and really pushed the storyline to become so interesting. And I was so looking forward to the character development of many of the characters.
    Excuse me for being rude, here, but THAT…
    Just plain SUCKS!
    I’m so sorry for you, but I will be looking forward to your new projects.
    well…first, gotta cope with that :/

  56. I shall miss Stargate Universe. It was getting so good too. 🙁
    I really wanted to see where the story would go. Hoping for a movie or something to end the story.

    What really makes me mad though is that there are a handful of people out there that are celebrating the cancellation in the hopes for better chances at stargate movies or atlantis renewals.

    I’ve been watching stargate ever since i was little and i’ve kinda grown up with it so not having it anymore feels so strange and wrong. 🙁

    All the best for the future and I shall always be a stargate fan!

  57. Mr Mallozzi.
    This would not be arranged with television SkyOne that bought the rights to broadcast and recording SGU and filming could go on, think about Thank Your faithful fan from the Czech Republic.

  58. Hi Joe,

    Been avoiding your blog to avoid spoilers, which sucks cuz I really enjoy reading your daily brain dump. Had to drop by to let you know I am so sad SGU was canceled. I am watching it via DVD, so I still have all of S2 to watch (yeah!), but it sucks that’s all I get to look forward to (boo!).

    My sadness prevents me from finding a better way to end that previous sentence pre-boo.

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Take care and rock Japan like you’ve never rocked it before!


  59. Well, ….at least have a great time in Japan. Plus, it’s good news that Jelly is doing so well!

  60. The way Sci fi cancelled Universe was appalling, but i have to admit i have been expecting it.

    I have watched all Universe Episodes to date, and have enjoyed them to a point.

    You guys have tried to do something different, and it hasn’t worked out.

    Eureka and warehouse 13 have all been renewed, caprica has been cancelled this has to be seen what the sci fi fans are looking for.

    May be its time for Stargate franchise to take a break for a year and then come back with a new series which see’s a mix of Sg1 with Altantis and drop this space opera in space format.

    Stargate is the best sci fi franchise we have seen in many years.

    I would like to think MGM once it has got it self organised to green light SG1 and Atlantis may be a Universe Movie..

    Then go from there..with a new series..

  61. Bonjour!

    ….j’ai appris la nouvelle pour sgu, c’était prévisible mais bon ça fait parti de la franchise, donc je ne peut pas y restée insensible =(…

    J’espere juste que ça ne sonne pas la fin des autres projets stargate notamment des téléfilms…!

    maintenant qu’allez vous faire?

    En tout cas j’espere que cette annonce ne vous gâchera pas vos vacances.

    Sinon moi, demain je rentre pour les vacances chez mes parent (au bout de 3 mois!)..ça va me faire du bien.

    Gros bisou,

  62. Hello

    Very sad about SGU’s cancellation, and finding out via Twitter.

    Is there anything you think can be done to save it? This was the last true scifi space show around and the premature cancelation is just seriously depressing.

    Thank you


  63. Joe, one of the things that I will miss about stargate is your writing, so thanks for sticking around all these years. SGU was the quintessential sci-fi and something that great didn’t deserve to be on a channel like syfy.

  64. I’ll save my Stargate comments for when you do a primary post on it. For now, more on your tokyo adventures. First, that marbled beef looked to die for. About 2 years of eating that should drop the fittest athelete from clogged arteries i figure. But the taste is probably worth it. As far as cold, that applies pretty much everywhere in North America from what I can see, so you’re not missing much. And I do hope you are not taking too long to walk to the street corner and make the turn; that would be cruel to do to restraunteurs who have given you good service. Now, if you were displeased at the food, that’s another matter…
    so, how much longer before you’re back? And have I mentioned those glasses give Ivon a Clark Kent sort of look? Just saying, have you peaked into his luggage for any red and blue outfits? Thanks for sharing, and do try to enjoy the rest of the trip.

  65. Hi Joe,

    I’m a long term watcher of the various Stargate series’ and have to say I am distraught and disappointed in the cancellation of SGU. It averaged over one million viewers per episode in the US alone and had plenty of viewers abroad. Sure, I may not know the facts and figures and the politics behind such decisions, but I feel obliged to inform you that myself and a hoard of Stargate supporters do not respect or approve of the cancellation of this fine enterprise. I reluctantly followed the SGU series after the cancellation of Atlantis only to discover that another management decision was made seemingly made without consultation or concern for the devoted followers of the franchise. It will be sorely missed, but ultimately has left a foul taste in my mouth due to how this matter has been handled.

    Disappointed, but appreciative of the journey,


  66. Hello,

    Joe I hope Stargate franchise could exist with another channel than Syfy.

    It’s cool to see some pics of you (finally lol) and always nice food pics !!

    Visit Japan with your trip is really awesome (Please do the same around the world and come to France lol).

    Anyway I’m dissapointed for SGU cancellation (Some American people doesn’t recognize when they watch a great show apparently… Sad, really sad…

    Especially for the rest of the world who love Stargate franchise.

    I don’t blame Syfy for the cancellation they are no choice if american audience doesn’t like SGU.

    Thanks for all your work and all dreams you give me with Stargate, it was a great adventure!


  67. Wow…just crushed. Again.

    I’d like to give a hearty FUCK YOU! to Syfy, and an even heartier THANK YOU! to everyone @ Stargate. I’ve watched and loved your shows for the last 13 years. I love you all.

  68. I hate it when series end like that. Is there any chance that the ending of SGU will be reedited so that it won’t end on a cliffhanger? Anyway, looking forward to your next project, I’m sure it will have great scripts (as long as you remember where you leave your notes 😛 )

  69. I’m so sad about the cancellation of SGU. 🙁 I really wanted to find out the true mission of Destiny. Joe, you said you need at least 5 seasons to tell the story. How will you close/continue to the story? Will there be a DVD movie to tie up the story? Or…will they be just left stranded on the Destiny? Please, tell us you will somehow continue the story.

    Mmmmm…that kobe beef looks mighty yummy! 🙂

  70. Tokyos amazing, just got back from amsterdam…. you should try it lol and not just for the smoke, amazing culture conversations music gigs, didnt take any pics of the food but hey… i ate a lot.

    You must be pissssssss$$ed that you found out via your blog. What happens now?

    They got chuck back on the air. How do we do it… i mean c’mon people. I live in england and am ready to go to war with the False gods “syfy”

    Dose anyone have the time? I dont mean potitions. I mean us…. a stargate… a few nillion angry stargate fans in sgc gear at all the headquaters around the globe…. i want stargate back!

  71. I’ve been really enjoying the Tokyo images, Joe. I’ve been there before, many years ago, and it brings back great memories. 🙂

  72. Hello Joe, My name is Vojtech Gabriel from the Czech republic Im biggest stargate fan ever and this day is very sad for me. Lets go over it and please tell us how ste stargate franchise will continue…a movie? SGU?SG1?SGA? any plans for 4th series? Books? Comics? Something? or is this just end? and when the show is cancelled can you tell us about The end what you have for fith season of SGU? Where will those great people working on SG continue? Is it possible that they move to another SG show?Or work on creating new? What will you do now? We all love you. Those are sad days for all of us. Thnk you for your work on SG it stays in our hearth.

  73. It can’t be true……

    DAMN SYFY BULL! Cancel SGU!? c’mon!

    Joe, while you’re in Japan, why not work on getting some foreign funding to incorporate cutting edge Japanese technology into the show for a showcase on SGU?

    I’m sort of tongue in cheek saying that…… but there has to be a much WISER network willing to pick up SGU….. one that actually understands programming and can promote!

    My best wishes go out to the cast and crew! What a fantastic product seeing a WAY TOO EARLY DEMISE…. garbage!

  74. I feel a letter writing campagin in my future…..

    What makes me upset as a fan is that SyFy used a tweet!! REALLY!! They didn’t even give (as far as I can see) a heads up to anyone since David Blue’s agent found out through the internet!! Not classy!! Joe how do you normally find out such things back in the day before twitter, and social media?

    I told my sister in a text on the way home from work last night and I’m pretty sure I heard her yell all the way to where I was.

    Remind me why I will still come here and read your shanagins?? oh yeah cause it’s you and you do more then just SGU.. hehe can’t wait to hear what your plans are after you get back and have relaxed for the holdiays. Are you going to Montreal for Christmas??

  75. Man this is… well just plain crap. Im really more fucking pissed then anything else…. Ill have more coherent thoughts later…

    Thanks so much,
    Major d

  76. Joe,
    sorry about my curse filled post yesterday. I wish nothing but good things for the future of both the cast & crew of SGU.

    Maybe if we’re lucky and have whatever various deities we believe in like us extra, MGM will decide to greenlight the 2 Stargate films that you guys are sitting on. And maybe allow you to write a film ending for SGU.

  77. This really sucks. Any chance of pitching it to say AMC? They have stuff like mad men, Walking Dead, and breaking bad which are all amazing shows. We have got to see this story end. Syfy hasn’t really been relevant in years, even with BSG for anything other than the Friday night Sci Fi slot.

    Well, looking on the bright side, I can now cancel my cable TV subscription as SGU was the only reason I had it. I’ll start getting my shows via iTunes or Amazon unless SGU or some form of Stargate returns. This is the same feeling I had after the end of Enterprise, just when Enterprise was really starting to kick ass with the last two seasons, they pulled the plug. I’m in shock, no real sci-fi on TV anymore. I am flabbergasted. For the first time in my life there is no more space based sci-fi on TV.

    What a shame.

  78. I usually dont get involved or post anything, but this is just terrible

    SGU was just coming into its own and actually becoming great, syfy must realise that there is still a fanbase for stargate, ive seen every single episode of every series including the original movie(Special pyramid edition) and im sure there are thousands of people who are the same as me

    I hope there is a way to keep the stargate franchise going, there are groups all around the web campaining to keep it going and yet syfy just ignores their fanbase

    Heres hoping we will still get the 2 movies we were promised and maybe an SGU one to finish that up

    And maybe theres another channel out there which will buy up the rights stargate and give us all our weekly stargate fix

    I hope you have a great time on your trip and i hope stargate will live on

  79. Really? Twitter? No class at all…but then I already knew that when they changed to “SyFy”.
    I’m really sad to hear the news about SGU — it was just getting into some great territory and I was really looking forward to the characters reaching that next level of development..
    Thanks for so many great stories over the years and all your interaction with us hoi polloi 🙂 I hope you will get a chance to tie up the loose ends on SGU, and that we will continue to see you here with food/dogs/book selections!

  80. One of the problems with being a writer — not that I’ve ever reached your level of success, Joe! — is that whenever I watch a movie or a television episode, I almost always tend to rewrite it as I watch. I can’t help myself. And Stargate Universe is one of the few shows that ever pulled me in and engrossed me to the point where I rarely, if ever, did that. And never while I was actually watching it. The characters, the acting, the direction, the effects, and especially the writing, everything just always came together and kept me hooked.

    In a nutshell, Stargate Universe reminded me of what it was like to be an out-and-out fanboy again.

    Thanks for your great work on SGU and the rest of the franchise, and for your blog. As disappointed as I am with SGU’s cancellation, I can’t wait to see your future projects.

  81. Just want to say *A MILLION THANKS* to all the great people that’s worked on Stargate, 1 of my fave scifi franchises *EVER*!!!!!!!!

    Heard there was a Plan B concerning SG-1 & SGA, guess now would be a good time to pull it out.
    Watch out for crazy metro people Joe.

  82. What happens with the 2 planned Stargate Films? Or is there a chance for our german friend Roland Emmerich to move Stargate back to success?
    I think he is the only one who can save Stargate from “death”.
    The success of the series is based on his film, thats my personal opinion.
    I also think it’s time to bury old disputes with Roland, 10.000 BC shows that he still seems very much enjoying the Stargate idea.
    I wanna see an succesfull Earth attack. The consequence would be the disclosure of the SG program.
    That could clear the way for an entirely new kind of Stargate series in which the Stargate program is open.

    Sorry for my bad english (Google translating)


  83. Gee with Universe gone will there be any real sci-fi left on the network. Seems like most of their shows now are leaning much more towards fantasy than real Sci-Fi.

  84. Hey Joe,

    This is my first time posting on your blog, though I have been following it since I started watching SGU.

    I just wanted to thank you and the entire cast and crew for all the great entertainment you have provided us fans with over the years. SGU is the reason I started watching Stargate, and although I now love all 3 series, SGU will always be my favorite.

    Its a shame it had to end before its time, and I am still hoping that you guys can find some way to give the story some kind of resolution or even move it to another network.

    I wish you and all those involved in with the stargate franchise all the best in the future. Thanks again for all these years of great TV.

    Mat P.

  85. It´s no correct end´s the SGU on end of Season 2. It´s just started up and SyFy just ends it. SyFy starting act like Fox with Firefly!!! Only reason why the rainting fall down was that change from Friday to Tuesday. I hope that raiting get´s up in second part of season 2 and Syfy order a 3 season.

    PS: Sorry for my English. 🙂

  86. Thanks for SG-1 and Atl and all the films those two series spawned. It’s a shame, since SyFy’s slot sucked for SGU. But I think most people agreed that it was never as good as either of its two Genesis’s (or Geneses…does that word have a plural?). Sad, but if you think about it, almost expected.

    SGU was getting really good, too…rats.

  87. Not a big fan of SyFy right now. I know I have no right to be angry (it wasn’t my show…all I have to lose is an hour of entertainment each week), but I feel like SyFy is the ONLY one to blame for the low ratings. And if that’s the reason SGU got cancelled then, well, what did they expect? THEY moved it to the same timeslot as Dancing with the freaking STARS and NCIS:LA, two of the biggest ratings-pullers each week! Did they seriously NOT expect the ratings to fall significantly?

    Best of luck to the cast and crew, the latter of whom all have to look for new jobs now for the first time in (for some) 13 years!

    I look forward to seeing what Our Esteemed Host does next! 😀

  88. Whoops… I guess it got rid of my <> tags. Haha well I guess you can tell where the [rant] begins and where it ends [/rant] anyways…

  89. Well, shit. SGU cancelled. Announcing on twitter that a lot of people are fired before telling them is pretty unproffessional. What I was going to say has been covered above.

    So from me, thanks for everything you’ve done, looking forward to see what you get up to next and please thank everyone you bump into. It was a great series that deserved the time needed to finish the story. Hope it hasn’t put to much of a damper on things.

    Wishing you, Jelly and everyone the best.

  90. Firefly, Farscape, SG-U….I’m starting to think that whenever I get into a sci-fi show, there’s some evil television exec that gets wind of it and cancels it right away.

    Sorry to hear about the cancellation, Joe. Kindly keep your the food blog going-some of us live vicariously through your culinary exploits!

  91. I giggle at the fact that looks like a ninja with a gun.

    I’ve a single question, Mr. Mallozzi: What will you do now, career-wise?

  92. Hi Joe !
    At first I wanted to thank you for the great work you all did on Stargate in generall 🙂
    And even if I very much enjoyed seeing Robert and David at SGU …. well …
    So, what does all this mean for the SGA fans ??? Is there a chance you’re going to make the movie ? Or did everything die off all together ?

    Greetings 🙂

  93. In happier news, I made a Mallozzi-worthy breakfast concoction that I meant to tell you about: scrapple and seared foie on a toasted brioche roll with black truffle butter.

    Very unhealthy…but very delicious! Though it definitely lacked something in texture. It needed “crispy”. Maybe bacon next time.

    I know you’ve never had scrapple…it’s a PA/NJ thing. But maybe Chef Rob can whip up a batch. It’s pork (mainly). I know he’d love it. Slice it, lightly dredge it in flour, fry on a lightly oiled pan until crisp.

  94. Thank you so much for your wonderful work! I really enjoyed inviting the Stargate family to my house every Tuesday night!

    @cherluvya … what a wonderful quote!

  95. I’m sooooo unhappy to hear about SGU’s cancellation – I really love the show and am completely wrapped up in the story, I can’t believe I won’t get to know how it all ends!

    Thank you SO MUCH for the great TV you have given us, and pass on my thanks and best wishes to all of the cast and crew and staff!

  96. Extremely disappointed by the cancellation.
    Shame on Syfy,
    and thanks to all the Stargate Universe cast and crew for creating my favorite series.

  97. Wow… just wow, I didnt expcect this at all, SGU canceflled? WTF first Caprica now SGU? Atleast Caprica got to show us a montoge of clips that left us with a feeling of a proper series finalie, will Universe give us that? Can Universe be made into a 4-hour miniseries or 2 movies? One dealing with the destinys mission the other with a proper senies sendoff?

    I know such questions are far from your mind at the moment, dealing with the financial/carrer questions the cancellation of SGU rases (which most “anti-sgu” fans seem to forgetabout), but perhaps in a few months you can give us SGU fans an answer to to this.

    Honestly, I don’t want another Stargate series, I dont see how one can work with Atlantis and SGU”s different formulas being cancelled. But unlike some readers, while a non-stargate series might not interest me, I wish you and the rest of the SGU staff well on what carrer choices y’all make.


  98. What a crying shame. Thanks for all the great stories, Joe. We’ll look forward to seeing your work elsewhere in the future.

  99. Soo with Stargate Universe cancelled, any chance we’ll actually get the promised movies?

  100. I’m real sorry to hear about the cancellation. You guys should be proud, you really produced a great show and it’s a shame it wasn’t able to live out its natural life. I look forward to the next stuff that you’ll be doing.

  101. Hi Joe,

    I am sorry that Universe is gone. Yes, we’ve have eleven years of the franchise, but I’m greedy! I want more, and the loss of SGU is a stab in my little geeky heart.

    I’d like to thank you, the writers, the producers, everyone from the top to the bottom, and the awesome actors who’ve worked on Stargate over the years. You guys have always connected with us fans, making time for us through blogs and on Twitter, interviews on Gateworld and so on. And it’s been appreciated.

    I wish you all the best for 2011 and the future. I don’t believe sci fi is dead – it can’t be while the fans are still here, still making noise.

    You’re all awesome.

    Misa x

  102. G’day Joe

    WELL! THIS. JUST. SUCKS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting the sack just before Christmas. Told hubby it was reveled via twitter and he said, “good on ’em.”

  103. damn, damn, damn!! I hate this news about SGU!

    Cast and crew are way to awesome for such an end. I want to see Destiny, I want to see Rush, Eli, Young, Greer, TJ, Chloe, Scott, Wray and all the others continue this great journey and end it properly.

    Brad and Rob, all writers and producers, have created such a rich world with many different layers and three individual cool shows. Stargate does deserve better treatment from SyFy or whoever made this decision. Did they don´t take into account how much odds where again Universe from the beginning. TBTP must be blind and deaf. At least a third Season should have been possible and I am sure affordable.

    Please tell the fans the last word not have been spoken yet?!

    Don´t let these damn, childish haters win. Sad people with no real life at all.

  104. Soooo…?

    elephant in the room… kinda:

    will you put the efforts on the SG1 + SGA D2DVD’s (or whatever medium) in overdrive, now that you have the time?

    3 Series now without one proper final end is kinda hard to chew down. ( …from the Fan’s Point of View. )

    If there is ever going to be another SG Series (or Movie?) we need some kind of closure first.

    PS: sorry i couldn’t help with the ratings but i don’t have one of those fancy nielson boxes and i don’t think the ratings of SGU in germany would be of much intrest to SyFy anyway.

    I wasn’t the biggest SGU Fan but i’d hate to see the whole Franchise to go down because one Series wasn’t working out.

    Star Trek came back on the big Screen after Enterprise was cancelled, Stargate can’t be over just because one Series failed…

  105. Hello Joe: This is not the end of Stargate… nothing this well constructed will stay “bone-yarded” for long.

  106. Yes it’s truly unfortunate to see it cancelled now. I thought with the mid-season break it was really hitting its stride.

    Well, what do you expect from a network whose idea of Sci-Fi is Wrestling and Ghost Hunter.

    I hope it lives again as a film to wrap up the story or even better the series finds a new home on another network.

  107. Hi Joe,

    My condolences about SGU. It was a different kind of Stargate, but definitely found it’s pace with the second season.

    Here’s to hoping for at least 2-3 movies in the gate universe to keep you busy and wrap things up for the franchise =)

    It seems like it was just yesterday we were watching the SG1 movies and you were giving away flocking, and now this…all good things I guess.

    Good luck on your future endeavors, I’ll continue to look forward to your blog whatever you find yourself doing =D

  108. Joe, I am saddened by the news of SGU‘s cancellation – my heart goes out to you, and to everyone who worked so hard to make what turned out to be one hell of a show. {{{hugs}}} I’ll leave it at that for now, the rest can wait until your home and settled from your vacation.

    @ Everyone – Thank you SO much for your well-wishes. I read them all, even those not in bold. 😉 Heck…it seems I really DID have something wrong with me afterall. 😛 I have diverticulitis and it appears I caught it in time, before there were any major complications. First hospital stay, and I actually enjoyed it! But after 4 days away, it does feel good to be back home.

    @ Sparrowhawk – I just wanna give poor Aloysius a big hug. 🙁


    PS: Joe – last I looked, the date was ALL wrong!! You been drinkin’ again???! 😉

  109. Hay Joe, I know I haven’t wrote in a while, well in a couple years but hay I’ve still been here just busy dealing with my little Adria Nichole getting into everything. I have a couple questions and I’m betting that others have picked up on the same thing. Could this quote mean something? Perhaps a much needed fresh start somewhere else?

    Stargate’s run on SyFy ends with SGU’s second season.

  110. I think I would miss the Star Bar most of all.
    I hope the well marbled beef was as good as it looked!
    @das , hope you are all better now, take care.

  111. First time writing here, and i’ll be quick.

    How could SyFy do this? Via Twitter? Ending with a cliffhanger? The (possible) death of the franchise? No, no, no. This can’t be happening! I’ve been following the show ever since SG-1. I begged a friend of mine to let me watch the show at his place, since i don’t have cable (or whatever). They are still running season 1, with season 2 starting soon. Today i woke up with a bad feeling but i wasn’t expecting this. I mean… come on! I was even thinking to get cable just to watch some sci-fi show, SPECIALLY Stargate Universe but now… no cable. Ever!

    A big *beeeeeeeep* you to SyFy for doing this like this. I mean, the story isn’t even going to be finished, unless they come up with something to wrap up the story in the end of the season: re-shoot some episodes, a dvd movie, chaging networks, finding a new home, i don’t know…

    Sorry for talking like this but i’m still pretty upset with all this. I might not be making much sense with what i’m saying, since i’m pretty sad and nervous about all this.

    Please, Joe, please try to keep us posted about developments about the fate of the franchise. I’ll be watching SGU until the end, as everyone else should, to at least try to show SyFy that they made a mistake… or something.

    Greetings From Portugal

  112. Hi Joe, So sorry to hear about SGU being canceled. As a fan of Farscape and Firefly I have to say it still shocks me the unprofessional ism that SYFY has demonstrated over the years and continues to demonstrate.

    The Execs at SYFY owe everyone on the SGU cast and crew an apology for not telling you before they announced it to the world. That would have been the professional and polite way to announce this. Your cast and crew have demonstrated a consistent level of professionalism that SYFY can only hope to learn someday.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors. Please keep writing this blog – I want to keep reading and hopefully watch more of your creations on the TV or the web.

    And have some okinomiyaki for me… I miss living over there 🙁

  113. I am really quite sad about the cancellation of SGU. Stargate has been a big part of my life since I discovered it back in 2002.

    With your daily blog, seeing the actors at cons, the behind the scene stuff, chatting with my friends about it & reading those on Twitter it has become a daily part of my life. So many great friendship have been made and I have had alot of travel adventures too. The friendships will last and I plan on doing more travelling but It is just sad to think that this could be it for SG1, Atlantis & The Destiny Crew’s adventures throught the STARGATE. Hope spring enternal for DVD movies.

    I hope you guys can all get together and have a decent farewell party.

    ((((((((((((((((HUGS CAST & CREW))))))))))))))))))

  114. @Das

    Sorry, with everything that’s been going on in my life, and then the new yesterday, I just found out that you were in the hospital, and wanted to send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    GET WELL SOON!!! 😉

    Best Wishes,


  115. I can’t believe it. If it’s true, the best way I can see is suggest the franchise to Sony or somewhere else. There’s nothing like Stargate, clever and sophisticated.

  116. Thanks, Bryan and Airelle. Feeling lots better, though now I have heartburn. 😛 Must be the transition from Jello to…ya know…chocolate. 😀

    Hey, Joe…forgot to thank you for the blog dedication – very much appreciated. I really wanted to stay in hospital just to see what sort of rescue mission you had planned, but then I remembered I was sporting an open-back hospital gown, ratty underpants, and a three-day old mustache. I figured it was best to get the hell out of there before you came a’calling and got all disillusioned…it’s best you keep thinking I’m a beautiful leggy blonde with big boobies. 😀


  117. Crying. I’m 38-years old cynic man can’t stop the tears of disappointment. Feeling of heavy loss struck me.

    RIP, SGU.

  118. Hi Joe,
    I’ve been mostly keeping up with your Tokyo trip, except the past couple days (traveled myself from New York to LA, without internet access) – I must say, Ivon must be a brave man for willing to eat with you! Glad that Jelly is on the road to recovery as well.
    Imagine my surprise when I finally got onto a computer in LA to find out that SGU was canceled. I’ve really enjoyed the past season and a half and am looking forward to the last 10 episodes. I really hope there’s some way for the story to continue in some form, but if not, it’s surely been a wonderful ride. Thank you to you, the cast, crew, writers, and everyone on the production for all the work you’ve put into making a great show.

  119. Alas, indeed.

    If this would’ve happened first season, I would be more devastated. Firefly devastated.

    A couple questions:

    1) Do you think the fans could pull a ‘Farscape’ if we worked together? And even if we could, would you be interested in wrapping it up that way?

    I have a feeling that the show’s direction would need more than a miniseries to wrap it up. (At least the way you wanted to do it.)

    2) With the cancellation of SGU, will there be a better chance of finishing the SGA and SG1 movies?

    (Hmm, apparently a ‘couple’ means ‘three’ from where I come from.)

    I loved the new direction you were trying to take with SGU. It was becoming my favorite out of all three. I’m sad to see it end. At least we got 2 seasons.

    (The main thing that gets me? The fact that I’ll never see if any of my theories were correct. Oh, wait….)

    3) Will I ever get a chance to see if any of my theories are correct?

    It was a good run. Thanks for the memories.

  120. I just heard and am very upset. SGU is my favorite thing on TV right now. (Hell, I pay actual money to download the eps off iTunes!)

    My one ray of hope is the thought that some other network might possibly pick it up. (Heck, SG1 started out on Showtime, didn’t it?) (And Medium bounced around for six and a half seasons.)

    So I keep my fingers crossed and pray to the gods of TV and good sense, and in the meantime, we still have a half a season of new episodes coming.

    Thanks to the cast and crew for all their good work, and may they find fun and future success!

  121. I really like SG:U, its by far one of the greatest scifi series, but really, you people took a lot of weird choices, you killed two of the most interesting female characters in the series gods know why, you made lt james dissapear almost completely even knowing she was one of the mains reasons people watched it, (yes because of boobs, it is no news that scifinerds like boobs). You made lt johansen boring, also crazy. keep focusing on Camile, i still try to understand why someone should care about her, if anything she got of exiciting was that she was a lesbian and thats not even outstanding nowdays, maybe i had to pay attentio to those long and boring scenes she was in, but never did, tho in the latest episodes she was getting more interesting.

    and the secret of destiny? just boring

    but then the series has a lot of great things, tension, awesome Young and Rush relationship, side characters that you cared about.

    but then again you took eli, a failed nerd cliché (again a very common scifi consumer), made him come to peace whit his mother, give him an awesome girlfriend, and then you took that away. don’t really know where you wanted to go whit that. you really though your nerdy fans would enjoy that?

    i guess this is not going to be published, but i hope you at least read it, because i really enjoyed this show, and im sad it doesnt have the time to progress, and overcome this things whit some kind of resolution.

  122. Personally I’m not upset as I saw it coming from the first episode of Season 2(When the ratings appeared) it was more a make or break for the show on Tuesday.
    I’m upset for everyone that was involved in the show. I feel your pain.

    Just I would rather be the positive one and wait and see what comes out of bridge in the near future. A lot of talented people work there so I have faith you guys can pull out a new Stargate series, or even something completely different.

  123. For the record after the first season, I said to myself if the ratings don’t improve to an average of 1.4 or better this show will be history. I know you wanted to do something different and possibly some of the new techniques could be carried over to a new Stargate series. I hope that you and I mean all of the producers, writers and other operators will consider a new Stargate series. For what its worth I would suggest doing a series more like the SG1 and SGA where you have characters that banter more with each other and the script are somewhat more light hearted or to put it another way more in line with the writing done in the first two series. O’Neill’s remarks, Rodney’s whining were all good stuff. Chemistry between Jack and Sam, Daniel and Vala, Shepard, and Elizabeth, and Shepard and Teyla were great story movers, and fans enjoyed watching, and hoping ether more would happen, or the characters would keep themselves in check and not overtly admit anything was going on. The new camera work used in SGU could be keep and would be a good thing. In any case Please try to keep SGU going or bring on series nuber three for all of the many, many fans of each and all elements of Stargate.

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