Well, damn.  Here I’d uploaded a blog entry last night, prepared to make some minor additions and post it this morning only to discover the breaking news of SGU’s cancellation.  The first thing to tip me off something was up?  The 50+ comments awaiting moderation on yesterday’s blog entry.  My initial thought was “Wow!  They really must’ve enjoyed that Tokyo Tower post!”. 

Alas, it’s true.  SyFy’s official twitter announcement confirms it.  Stargate’s run on SyFy ends with SGU’s second season. 

It’s disappointing but rather than dwell on the negatives, I’d prefer to focus on the positives.  I had a wonderful time working on the franchise, eleven great years, and this was mainly due to all the terrific people involved, past and present: my fellow writer-producers, the directors, editors, consultants, post and production personnel, the various departments from costumes to Visual Effects and everything in between, the cast and crew, our long-time supporters at MGM and SyFy, and all the fans who took the time to watch and, occasionally, comment (especially on this blog).  Thanks.

Anyway, I’ll have more to say on the subject in my next entry.  For now, if you’re interested, feel free to peruse the latest update on my Tokyo trip….

The other night, we went to Ishikawa for dinner.  A repeat visit for me.  Alas, there were other customers at the counter-seating so I didn’t snap any pics.  BUT I did snap THIS pic of Ishikawa-san once our meal had concluded and I gifted him a bottle of Canadian ice wine.  Apparently, he’s a fan…

As in several other places we've visited on this trip, Ishikawa-san and his manager saw us to the door then out into the street. As we walked away, I glanced back. They were still standing there, smiling and waving. Another ten steps. Still there, smiling and waving. All the way down the street, I hazarded another look before turning the corner. Smiling and waving.Afterwards, we hit a famous tea shop for - you guessed it - tea. Matcha for me.Ivon was thrilled to discover one of his fave rice teas.Moro-sand and Ivon in front of this cool art piece in the subway station.
I have never seen anyone more pleased with a tea purchase.

We ended the night…well, I’ll let you guess…

The next morning, we got together with Kokoro, a girl who helped us out by giving us directions when we were in Shinjuku.  The hotel recommended this casual teppanyaki place – Kobe Beef Kawamura. 

Our private room.
The beef, while well-marbled, met with Ivon's approval. Great.
Chef Hikaru Maehara spoke perfect English.
The beef!
Of all the teppanyaki's I've visited in Tokyo, I'd say this one was my favorite.
Teenie, tiny sardines.
Crispy fried beef fat for the rice.

Later, we took a stroll through Ginza.  Cold, COLD Ginza. 

Some of the stand-out signs encountered on this trip so far…

Ophelia's Odor. A terrific name for a shoe store.
Where lawyers and their clients shop?
Ah, nothing says Friday like a nice highball in a can.
Not sure what this guy is suffering from. Headache? Nausea? Diarrhea?
Ivon feels Japan is obsessed with rules and regulations. So we had to stop and snap a pic of this sign.
And this one.
Not sure. Moro-san snapped this one. Love it.

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I freaked a little when I saw the update on GateWorld…I prayed and hoped that maybe some of those crazies that bash the show had somehow launched some evil, nefarious, Goa’uld type plot and faked everyone out.

But your confirmation just makes me feel so depressed!

I love SGU and will be waiting for tomorrow’s post on what the future might hold for the Stargate franchise.


You’re right, over all, Stargate has had an AMAZING run. Still…I was hoping for longer.

Ann-Marie Sloan
Ann-Marie Sloan

Hey Joe,

I was totally disappointed to read about SGU’s cancellation. I was floored. I thought my fractured right ankle was the worst thing that could happen this holiday season. But guess I was wrong.

And how could Syfy break the news on Twitter. Before you all were even givin the news. That was cruel and had NO CLASS at all. I am so glad that I get the SPACE CHANNEL. They at least know what real Science Fiction is.

Other than that. How is the trip going?? And how is you four legged gang at home??

HUGS and thanks for 11 years of the most amazing TV!!!!


need to fix the date. unless u already did…



Did you say “Stargate’s run on SyFy…”?

Dare we hope that there might be a new home for Stargate?

Oh please!!!!! Pretty please!!!!

*crosses fingers*


Abbas Karimjee


Here is my question for the mailbag.

Are there any plans for a Stargate Universe film, to help tie up the cliffhanger which viewers will be left with in the series finale, Deliverance?

Also, here is my blog’s report on the cancellation of the series -http://abbaskarimjee.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/syfy-cancels-stargate-universe-after-two-seasons/

Thanks a lot for a great two seasons and best wishes for the future!


December 11, are you time traveling again?

Ah well, still looking forward to the back half of Season 2 and the DVD sets. Right now, I fail to believe this franchise is done. Hope springs eternal!

Bryan M. White
Bryan M. White

Hello Joe.

I am sorry to hear about the cancellation of the series. Wow. A collective 17 seasons of work for many of the people you work with. Plot lines that may never see the green light of a production schedule… All I can say is wow… that is depressing.

First, at the risk of sounding selfish, I have to say that I am very disappointed in SyFy’s decision (although I have to admit that the delay in them making the announcement made me suspect this was coming). With the conclusion of Lost, I looked forward to SGU every Tuesday, and now I don’t know what I can watch that will fill that need once Season 2 concludes.

What does this mean for movies? Do you think that fans can look forward to movies that will wrap up the SGU story lines? …and what does this mean for the SG-1 and Atlantis films?

Will you keep this blog going so that fans can follow your foodly adventures, as well as check in on the dogs periodically?

Please do me a HUGE favor and thank everyone that you have worked with on Stargate these past years for the adventure they gave us! I know that I speak for all of us when I say that we really appreciate your hard work these past years, and wish you the best on your future endeavors.

Best Wishes.



I hope the news of SGU’s cancellation doesnt put a damper on you and Ivon’s Tokyo trip. Hit that water hole you guys have come to call home and drink to stargates successful run of many years on the air! smile

I still hold out hope on the movies and anything stargate related that could come out in the future.

otros ojos
otros ojos

Hi, Joe – Glad to read that you’re enjoying Tokyo and all the incredible food. At the moment, though, I’m not drooling over the delicacies; I’m feeling like a mule kicked me in the gut.

I suppose I’m part of a minority here, but SGU was without doubt my favorite of all the Stargate incarnations, the original movie included. I cared about the characters very much, right from the start; it’s just the type of program I really love. I soooooo hoped I would get to see their whole story told.

Well, life doesn’t come to an end; but damn, this is hard. . . . Having gone through it with Firefly doesn’t make this any easier.

Thanks so much to all the cast and crew for a job superbly done. I wish for the best for everyone who contributed to making the show. – Bye; take care.


Lou Zucaro

Ridiculous that SyFy canceled SGU. Just ridiculous. Although I did think Season 1 started off a bit too slow, it found its stride later in the season, and every single episode of Season 2 has been great.

It’s just so frustrating as a viewer when the plug is pulled way before it should be.

Anyway, as you said, there have been many, many years of great Stargate-related entertainment, so there’s that.

The meat at that teppanyaki place looks fantastic!


I feel so betrayed right now about the cancellation of SGU!!! The show is pure gold and I love it from the bottom of my heart. Never was so involved in some peoples fate and the story like I was with Stargate Universe.
The show and all people working hard on Stargate clearly deserve better than be yanked of the air just like that!

I am sure you´ll move on after Stargate Joe, but is their not a slight possibility to end SGU with some real ending? I hate to see yet another entry go with no real conclusion to the story. I was looking forward to 5 Seasons or more, not just two! sad
Destiny´s mission is big and way to cool for getting the axe, not to mention all the great actors involved like Robert Carlyle, Ming Na, David Blue, Jamil Walker Smith and so on. And all the other writers, producers and behind the sciences guys.

SGU is a show for people who like quality and intelligent SciFi, see it go will hurt a lot. The show is a step in the right direction but hearing the news today was pretty upsetting for a lot of fans. Nice move from SyFy to announce it right before Christmas, my x-mas mojo is gone now.

Michael A. Burstein

Sorry about the news. At least you’re in Tokyo, right?

(Yeah, I got nothing.)

Antonio Chavez

hey joseph,it me again.Let me the first one to saY:that Syfy are just big idiots will all due respect.Now we will be forced to watch grey’s idiotomy,private shitice or drop dead bitch.I am sad,I have 18,somewhat during my career as aprofessional I thought I would have work side by side with a stargate and all the powerful and good people involved with it,yet as you announced that would not be possible.Since I was just a kid,I dreamed to work with the Stargate Franchise,……………….is it the end of all related with Stargate? please answer me.


I am so sad to hear of SGU’s cancellation. while I admit that I never loved SGU with the passion that I have for SGA or SG-1, I still enjoyed watching SGU and consider myself a fan. I thought the show was going in a good direction and I felt it was only getting better and better. I am sad for the stories we will never see.

I hope that Stargate is not dead and that it will continue in some form. Maybe another show? or maybe the movies will be made now? I can only hope.

woody woodward

Again another fun read….only on a sad day for all of us. I’m sorry to hear about the cancellation of Stargate Universe. First for the cast and crew. They are technically, unemployed. Second, the families of the cast and crew. Third the fans, who fell in love with the characters and story lines that we got to share together with each other. We all know the world will continue rotating as life itself will move forward. But I think it’s sad when the powers that be cancel one show while moving wrestling to the same channel. A sci fi channel with wrestling. I know wrestling is not real, but it’s not science fiction. I’m sorry…..just realized I was rambling about my anger over the ending of the Stargate Franchise. Please have a safe trip back and keep on writing!

SyFy Sucks
SyFy Sucks

Im sorry to hear SGU was cancelled. The show has really picked up and now this. Is it even worth watching the last 10 epsodes or will it just hurt more that it all ends on a cliff hanger?

Cant believe Stargate is now dead. Really hurts. Atleast when SG1 was cancelled we had Atlantis, and when that got the boot we had SGU. Now we have nothing and its very sad and right before christmas.

Just wanted to thank you for all the years you put into the show. And have a Merry christmas and hope your dog is doing better.

Nicholas T.
Nicholas T.

NO WAY! I am totally depressed, Joe. There was so much more for SGU. Syfy sucks, big time! How could they do this? Brad Wright is a powerful man. How could he let this happen? This is the worst news I have had in a long time. What are we going to do now? Stargate is over? I cant accept that. It cant be.
I am going to cry myself to sleep. Enjoy your sushi!


Sorry about the cancellation, Joe. Sucky way for everyone to find out, too.

Great to read that Jelly is coming along well.

& GBS to Das!


So sorry to hear about SGU…hope it doesn’t put a damper on your trip.

I’m looking forward to see where you go from here, as I’ve enjoyed your writing and humor. For now, enjoy your trip and have a safe trip home!


I’m just so… sad.


Um….. December 11?

Tim Gaffney
Tim Gaffney

I had been hoping for the best and fearing the worst, but today’s news was still just as sad and frustrating. One of the best shows, not just sci fi shows, gone. 14 straight years of Stargate on TV gone. And all the blame can go right to the jerks who run SyFy. They barely promote the show, they move it to a night with brutal competition from network tv, and they pair it with a show like Caprica that no one was watching or cared about. How many great shows have been canceled by this network…Farscape, Poltergeist:The Legacy, Atlantis, and now SGU. And how do our wonderful cast find out about this travesty…on Twitter. TWITTER! SyFy has no balls if they can’t even call the producers and let them tell the cast and crew that the show was going to be canceled. Some of the cast only found out when their followers Twittet sympathy messages. That is disgraceful. I would like to thank the producers, writers, fx crew, stunt crew, and especially the outstanding cast. R. Carlyle, L. Ferreira, A. Huffman, B. Smith, D. Blue, E. Levesque, J. Smith, Ming-Na, LDP, and the rest of the amazing supporting cast. They made this show into must see tv, and kept Stargate alive. I hope they all find great projects right away so that we can still see them on TV.
This all boils down to what is becoming the slow death of sci-fi on TV. This antiquated system of determining how many people are watching has to be fixed ASAP. Everything should be factored in: DVR, TIVO, ITunes downloads, Amazon downloads, VCRs, ratings in other countries, etc. The Neilsens have got to go. They are not at all reliable in determining ratings. What shows are left now on TV: Dr. Who, Sanctuary, Eureka, and Warehouse 13. Very soon there will be no Sci-Fi at all, because no new show is given a chance to succeed. If they don’t pull in monster ratings in the first couple of weeks, they are gone. Something has to be done.
I hope that the adventures of the Destiny crew can continue in some form, whether it be comics, or novels, or DVD movies. Stargate has to be kept alive. And the people in charge of SyFy have to be shown that wrestling and reality ghost shows and James Bond movies have no place on a channel that is supposed to be for Sci Fi shows!
And thank you Joe for being our inside guide to everything Stargate all these years. From pics to videos to spoilers you have given all Stargate fans more than they could ever want in behind the scenes info. And please let us know what we can do to keep this franchise alive.


Sad news about SG:U. I really loved the show. I thought the individuals working in front of and behind the camera did an excellent job. I will truly miss SG:U. It was my favorite of the three.


I’m very sorry about the cancellation of SGU. Thanks to all who participated in creating many hours of TV entertainment.

You guys look great!

Thanks again for taking the time out to post these entries and take pictures for us.


Well, I am completely hearbroken. I thought SGU had a pretty good chance for renewal, but obviously, I was wrong. Many thanks to the cast and crew for producing such a great show.

A few days ago, you said something about everything changing this time next year (sorry, I’m too lazy to dig up the actual quote). Is this what you were alluding to? Did you know then? Or, was that in reference to something else, and you only just found out? And, if you knew earlier, why did some cast members only just find out through Twitter?

Also, what happens now, both on the set and with your own future plans?

I know you said that you would move on from Stargate if SGU were cancelled, but please tell me that you’ll continue your blog. It’s one of the things I really look forward to everyday.

I hope this hasn’t ruined your trip or the Christmas holiday.