I’m Tokyo-bound today.  But here’s a little something to tide you (actually, me) over as I leave the pooches behind for a while.

Jelly goes to town on her mallard…

Bubba, ready for bedtime…

The always cool Maximus. If some ever casts for a salty pirate dog, I think he’d be perfect…

Lulu in “Get that camera out of my face”…

And an interview with yours truly over at Steve Eramo’s site: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2010/12/stargate-universe-writers-room-joe-mallozzi.html

Okay, I’m just going to enjoy myself.  Next year, everything changes!

See you all in Tokyo!

36 thoughts on “December 6, 2010: Travel Day!

  1. Please keep my dog Mulle in your thoughts, as I just had to rush him to the vet where he is being observed through the night. I´m worried sick about him. It could be as simple as an ear-infection (crossing fingers) but also as bad as a stroke…

  2. Bon Voyage Joe! (pronounce like Bugs Bunny)
    Have fun storming the castle!
    and so on and so forth..

    Cuddles, kisses and pats to Jelly.

    (What? You thought those would be for you and Ivon too? Nope.)

    Will be thinking of her and hoping for the best. I think you made the right decision.

  3. Joe Wrote:
    Okay, I’m just going to enjoy myself. Next year, everything changes!


    Notice that I seem to be automatically thinking negative things happening to/about the show. I guess that some would call it “being conditioned”. Please tell us that the changes will be good with the show and that we’ll like it… or please tell us that the change is for you and it’s good too! Safe trip, you two…

  4. Many thanks for the lil ones vids – YES, we do need to have something to tide us over during your absence.

    Hugs and good thoughts and vibrations for Jelly!
    Have a great trip, and rember, we want to know…:
    a- Jelly’s condition
    b- your condition
    c- Ivon’s condition
    d- all the cool stuffs you’ll dine on and enjoy

    Bon Voyage!

  5. “Next year, everything changes.”

    Hmmm… care to elaborate? I hope this isn’t a bad thing!

    Anyway, have a safe trip!

  6. Hey, Joe!

    How long of a flight is it from Vancouver to Tokyo?

    @ Joan001

    I think Joe is saying that next year is NOT going to enjoy himself… should make for some interesting daily blogs (more rants, less raves)! 😉

  7. Hey, in this week’s comics Batman is travelling to Tokyo… the exact same time that Joe is …coincidence???

    Does this mean that Joe is really Batman??

    Is Ivon Robin??

    Or are they both evil masterminds concocting a global plot??

    Tune in next time, same Bat blog, same Bat time!

    (I get the feeling that if Joe was Batman that his utility belt would be filled with condiments and sake)

  8. @MightyStarGazer: From what I understand, strokes are pretty rare in dogs, and when they do have them, most of them recover quite nicely. My Greyhound had one a few years ago, and within a few days was very much back to normal. We’ll keep you in our thoughts!

    Hey Joe, bring me back something, too, ok? Some of those green tea Kit Kats would be nice…:) Have a great time!

  9. Safe journey. Have a sake or something(maybe more tasty) for me. Looking forward to the pictures and commentary.
    Puppy prayers for all of them, and many hugs.
    Hope you remembered what ever it was you might have forgotten???

  10. What does Lulu mean by “Get that camera out of my face”…? You tell her to get out of your chair and stop finishing your scripts for you.

    Joe wrote, “Okay, I’m just going to enjoy myself. Next year, everything changes!”

    I’m betting next year Joe is a married man!

    @ MightyStarGazer (Mia) – adding Mulle to the Pets Needing Prayer list.

  11. Have an exciting-in-a-good-way flight, Joe! And also Ivon, of course!

    We’ll be thinking of Jelly down here on the ground, and also Mia‘s Mulle. I’ll cross my fingers too for him! Hope it’s nothing too bad.

    That video with Jelly was great. I especially loved seeing Bubba just standing there and watching. It reminds me of one of my favorite doggie pics you’ve posted, Joe – it’s this one:


    Loved the photobombing; both hilarious and precious!

  12. I know how hard it is to leave the kids with someone. As good and reliable as they are, you still wonder if they’ll get the same love and attention that they would were you there.

    I have 5, and it gets harder each year to go on vacation. Sounds like you have a good one. Best of wishes for Jelly from my brood, to yours.
    Truman, Peggy, Mike, Pix, and Chunky Butt (no, that’s not her real name, but it suits her).

  13. Joe,
    Have a great time in Japan! I look forward to your daily, detailed and picture filled culinary reports from the land of the rising sun.

  14. I leave for a little bit and you are off on another adventure !
    My best wishes and prayers for a safe , interesting and fun trip. Please take pics of Maneki Neko . I love them , but they are not to be found here.


  15. Awwwwww! Love your doggies! 🙂 Maximus looks like an old man. LOL! 😀 Lulu is like, “Whatchya lookin’ at?” Jelly is really going to town on her stuffed animal. Bubba’s yawn made me yawn. 🙂

    Enjoy yourself in Tokyo. Have a safe trip.

    And….uh….what you mean…next year everything changes??

  16. Aw…. Sweet pictures, Joe.

    Have already watched them twice. Jelly having Duck à l’orange, Bubba feeling rather blasé, Maximus doing his Ed Asner impression, and Lulu guarding the blog command center (?). Your babies are in Christine’s capable hands.

    Looking forward to pix & resto reviews. You two guys in Tokyo might be like babes in Toyland, er, boys in Babeland. 😆 Ivon, guard your wingman.

    ‘Cuz what would we do without our daily Joe?

  17. What is it that power’s the seed ship Stargate’s? is the power coming from its ramp platform?

  18. @Joan001

    I was thinking the same thing. Seems Joe knows something about the fate of the show.

  19. Thanks for the awesome dawg vids Joe…is Maximus always that exciting?

    Next year, everything changes!

    Hmmm….so by everything you mean EVERYTHING?

    Are you giving up writing to pursue a career as a shopping centre Santa?

    Are you going on the alphabet diet?

    Are you moving to Japan to live in one of those capsule hotels?

    Are you spending a year in bed meditating?

    Are you going to get a cat?

    Are you becoming a mountie?

    Are you writing a cook book?

    Are you changing your cologne?

    Are you growing a beard?

    Are you….

    I hope it’s good changes…

    I trust you touched down safely…what’s the weather like? I checked the USGS for earthquakes near Tokyo…seems like you’re in the clear.

    Cheers, Chev

  20. WEEEEE!!! You MADE it!!!! *does happy dance*

    @ for the love of Beckett – I never laugh at myself, only JOE! 😈


  21. I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts about Mulle, but alas, it ended badly. He was to sick, and I had to let him go today…

  22. MightyStarGazer (Mia): so sorry for your loss.

    Mr. M.: have a great trip!

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