Well, not actually a comic haul.  More of a trade paperback haul…

I’ve come to prefer collections over single issues and these were a few of the titles I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while.

Chew: Police detective Tony Chu uses his cibopathic abilities to solve crime, deriving psychic sensations from whatever he consumes.  As a foodie, how can I NOT check this one out.

Secret Six: Gail Simone’s awesome re-launch follows a team of calculating yet colorful and charismatic villains who take on the missions those other super groups would never dream of tackling.

The Walking Dead: Enjoying the series on AMC?  Well, check out the comic book that inspired it.  It’s even better.

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale: In this Pultizer Prize-winning work that took thirteen years to complete, the author uses metaphor to tell the tale of a Jew living in Poland under Nazi rule.  Considered among the greatest graphic novels of all time.

All quiet on the Stargate front as the cast and crew head their separate ways to work, enjoy the holidays, and await word on a potential third season.  Meanwhile, post-production continues (as Kerry, our post-production coordinator will frequently remind us) with Day 1 Mixes of Deliverance and Twin Destinies, and a Day 2 Mix of Alliances on deck.  And, given the way the schedule looks to be playing out, I’ll probably be receiving delivery of the Day 1 Mix of The Hunt at The Imperial Hotel in mid-December.

Today’s weird food purchase of the day comes compliments of blog regular Laura who spotted a package of Astronaut Ice Cream at the U.S. Space Camp gift shop and thought of me. Thanks, Laura.

My Snow Monkeys managed to eke out the closest of victories last weekend, beating rival Tio’s Juice Monkeys by a measly six point margin.  Still, a wins and win, and this puts my Snow Monkeys at 5-2 since starting the season 0-3.  Tough match-up ahead this weekend versus Ian’s Lightning.  I’m not enamored of either of my QB match-ups (an underwhelming Matt Schaub at home against an improved Titans D, and Matt Ryan at home against a tough Packers D), but will go with the hot hand and start Ryan.  My RB starts are no-brainers: Houston’s phenomenal Arian Foster will be picking up slack this weekend by running up and down that field, while the 49ers Frank Gore will rebound off a disappointing game last weekend to trample the Cardinals on Monday Night.  My kicker, the Titans’ Bironas, is battling a groin injury but should be okay to start.  I hope. Not loving either my TE (Balitmore’s Heap) or Defense’s (Ravens) chances this weekend and hoping the wide receiving corps will pick up the slack.  Donald Driver and Santana Moss have been slowed by injury while Seattle’s Mike Williams is nursing a mystery injury of his own (that, if rumor is to be believed) could keep him out of action beyond this week.  That leaves me with four candidates to choose from.  Who should I start?  The Cowboys’ Dez Bryant (has been on fire but is up against the #1 ranked pass defense in the Saints), Percy Harvin (despite nagging injuries, migraines, and having Brett Favre as a quarterback, he consistently puts up the big numbers – and the fact that they’re playing the Redskins’ porous pass offense helps), Danny Amendola (Sam Bradford’s go-to-receiver will be up against a cranky Broncos’ D in Denver), and Steve Breaston (ever dependable even with Anderson throwing to him).  Or, I could snap up a couple of the receivers I’ve been eyeing on the waiver wire.  Thoughts?


Snow Monkeys Rule!!!


Nathan writes: “The kind of aliens that would put people back with their friends and kind of family, knowing they’d just die. How horrible is that!?!?”

Answer: The aliens didn’t know they would just end up dying again.  They assumed they had “fixed” them.

Ponytail writes: “If they are all dead now, either the baby is too or it was never there.”

Answer: Considering Caine had no knowledge of baby Carmen, the latter theory seems to hold more weight.

Jason writes: “So the events in tonights episode directly contradict T.J.’s vision. However, her vision had a strong sign/prediction suggesting it was true (the nebula). Will this ever be resolved in the series, or is it left to the viewer to decide?”

Answer: Well, given Destiny’s ability to detect cosmic phenomena (see next episode), one might assume the ship fashioned the vision in a way that it would appear true to T.J. in order to spare her the pain of losing her daughter.  Either that or there’s more to the vision than everyone assumes.

Mimi writes: “Even more appropriate: your gf goes away for no discernible reason (It’s not you, it’s me?), but her uncle tells you this cousin with the same last name might be nice for you based on past interests. But you discover your time with her is dark, unfunny, and lacking in the empathy and fun you had with your ex. This gets expressed in various ways–some polite, some not, but definitely recurring two years in. The uncle says this is what you have, and you can either date her or go away. But first they’re going to beg you to get your family and friends to date her so she has more friends and will continue to hang around. The reasonable side of you says, fine, keep her around, I just don’t have to date her. But the main part of your heart keeps hoping your gf will come back at least for a short holiday so you can have some closure to the relationship. Because while the gf and the cousin share a last name, it’s by marriage, not blood.”

Answer: And then you proceed to stalk the cousin, call her names, and wish her dead.  The end.  (P.S. “The reasonable side of you says, fine, keep her around”?  The REASONABLE side?).

Valaur writes: “At the end of ‘Visitation’, we see that Kane in fact does live to tell the tale rather than die like his fellows. Or does he?”

Answer: He doesn’t.

Valaur also writes: “You have mentioned before that SGU was brought forward to the network knowing what the end game was going to be. Based on ratings of course, what is the furthest extent that you’re willing to go to tell Destiny’s story? 6 seasons? 10? 4?”

Answer: Ideally, five seasons.

Shannon writes: “Why does sci-fi always revert to the Deists (I won’t call Caine Christian because technically his particular faith is never revealed) being touchy feely flighty types?”

Answer: I didn’t find Caine to be either touchy-feely or flighty.  He was a clearly a man of science whose outlook was informed by his faith.  Like you, his beliefs did not preclude him from accepting the logic of science.  Ultimately, when faced with an inexplicable otherworldly scenario, he chose to trust in God rather than the mysterious god-like powers of benign aliens.  And, in the end, even if the latter explanation proved more likely, he remained steadfast and strong in his faith.  I found that admirable rather than a show of weakness.

Star Platinum writes: “With the discovery of Destiny’s bridge by the rest of the crew, will there be any more of those great scenes by Rush/Gloria & Franklin?”

Answer: Rush turned off the neural link in Trial and Error.  If he or anyone started seeing Gloria or Franklin again, it would be cause for concern.

51 thoughts on “November 24, 2010: Comic haul! The return of the Weird Food Purchase of the Day! Snow Monkeys go for their sixth win eight games!

  1. A question bugs me a lot:
    Is there an AI on Destiny itself ? Will we see it if so ? Will it talk directly or its a more empathic indirect process ? Nice progression in the ratings BTW. Knocking on wood.

  2. Yay, you got the ice cream! (although you put me as Lisa, it’s Laura, but that’s okay) The kids would always buy the ice cream but the only thing I tried was the freeze dried apple. Carl’s reaction was awesome! I loved the reactions and comments. Defiantly gave me some good laughs today.

    Not looking forward to SGU’s hiatus 🙁 It is by far my favourite show on tv. Hopefully Space will do a marathon over Christmas again 🙂

    I found Christopher Moore’s Bloodsucking Fiends at Indigo for 10 bucks and will probably read it over the holidays. Maybe one day I’ll read one in time to ask the author a question.

  3. Re: Caine/Faith

    Fair enough – I did feel the scene with TJ at the end was very well done. I also admit that I tend to oversensitive 🙂 Thanks for responding.

  4. Answer: And then you proceed to stalk the cousin, call her names, and wish her dead. The end. (P.S. “The reasonable side of you says, fine, keep her around”? The REASONABLE side?).

    I think it is time for the family to gather together for an intervention and send you off to a nice mental facility where you can finally learn to let go of things you cannot have and accept what you cannot change. Now, The end. 😀

    Valaur writes: “At the end of ‘Visitation’, we see that Kane in fact does live to tell the tale rather than die like his fellows. Or does he?”

    Answer: He doesn’t.

    And thank you for not showing his death too. It was clear he was dying again and showing it would have ruined the tender time he spent with TJ.

  5. @The aliens didn’t know they would just end up dying again. They assumed they had “fixed” them.

    You could also argue that they were nice enough to drop them off at Destiny, they could of just left them at any random point in the Universe. However It is kinda er creepy that someone could be watching you on Destiny, i.e knowing the exact movements of the ship to drop off the shuttle and its passengers.

    But if they were evil they could of just destroyed Destiny by now right?

    Assuming SGU is renewed for Season three eventually, is Remi still involved with the show? His scripts are incredible.

  6. OH and Happy Thanksgiving! Now, I’m off to make banana cream pie and broccoli and rice casserole.

  7. “Answer: Ideally, five seasons.”

    And for those wondering why five seasons (or with memory issues as I’m sure Joe has mentioned it before on his blog)…

    5*20=100 which is the ideal (for some reason) syndication number.

    I assume this means that if SGU hits 100, that means the studio can sell 100ep packages to various networks. which either means 5 years of content, or almost half a year to a year with workday airings depending on frequency.

    And as far as overall story arc goes, 100eps should be enough even for the most epic story.
    I’m guessing that ideally episode 5×20 will conclude the mystery (or most of it) of the “structure”.
    And leaving a few open threads for brand new possible adventures. (and who knows, maybe a few more new seasons of SGU? *grin*)

    Let’s face it Joe, you’ll be stuck making Stargate franchises episodes until you are 110 at least!. *laughs*

  8. “Rush turned off the neural link in Trial and Error.”

    Ah. Well, that disallows one of my theories, anyway.

    Looking forward to seeing where you guys take us next.

  9. “Vince Kwan is set to make his triumphant return to the Stargate universe”, you said.

    Do you call that TRIUMPHANT?

    So you brought Mr. BAG back for about 5 sec., and it was not even him but a revived version, and not even with his briefcase?

    You got to be kidding me!

  10. I have really been enjoying SGU. I love the tone and the big themes. Up until last night I would have pegged the obelisk/planet beings as the creation message beings. However Caine’s monologue would seem to conclude that as great as these beings were they lacked the ability to re-create the soul. It would seem then that as capable and as advanced as the obelisk/planet beings are, they are not as capable or as advanced as the creation message beings. Am I correct in believing that these entities are in fact different and that one is superior to the other? Are the obelisk beings also aware of the message and Destiny’s mission? We have Humans, “Blueberries”, “Ursini”, “Obelisk”, and presumably more to be seen, is this cosmic Amazing Race?


  11. Awesome trade paperback choices. Chew and Secret Six are two of my favorite monthly series right now. Walking Dead I just got into because of the hype around the tv series. My local comic shop (LCS) had a deal on where you if you bought the first three Walking Dead trades you’d get the fourth for free, so I took advantage of it. The first trade started off slow but by the time I got to the second trade it really got rolling and it was a very intense read.

    Maus I’ve never read but its one of the most highly regarded books in comic book history.

    Hope you enjoy your purchases.

  12. 5 years does seem to be a theme with Stargate… If I remember correctly, Showtime had 5 years, then Sci-Fi had 5 years, and then Atlantis had 5 years. I like the idea of a definite timeline… basically what JMS did with Babylon 5.

  13. Gotta be honest with you Joe, I didnt care for Visitation until the 50th minute of the episode when they started to explain what was going on. Other than that, I did find it very dull and boring. However, I will give credit where credit is due, those who do like the slow development of the episode were not disappointed. I did love how everything came together. I just didnt like how it took 48 minutes into the episode to come to fruition. that being said, i have enjoyed the past 2 episodes. I just had to be honest though with the last episode.

    Keep up the good work.


  14. Oh, i must add, that i believe in the beginning of the season, when TJ talked to Caine and the others, she was actually brought to the after-life, where she saw her baby was being taken care of, but didnt realize that the people she was seeing were dead. therefore, she originally thought what she was seeing were ppl alive, but alas dead which would hold true since her child died.

    just had to say that lol

  15. If Rush’s visions of Gloria and Franklin were caused by Destiny’s neural link, and that TJ’s vision seems to have been Destiny’s doing, is it safe to say that Rush was either lying or mistaken in saying that Destiny isn’t sentient, or have a consciousness of her own?

    TJ’s vision seemed to show compassion and creativity in creating the narrative. She couldn’t have known that Caine et al would return. Rush’s visions seemed to challenge his assumptions and second guess his actions. True, Destiny seems to be using the mind of the person having the visions to craft said visions, but they seem to show some level of character or personality.

    Perhaps I’m anthropomorphizing decisions the ship made on purely logical, mission based criteria, but could it be that Rush is still deliberately misleading the others regarding Destiny’s cognitive abilities? Has he even told the others that he saw Gloria and Franklin during his first few weeks alone on the Bridge?

  16. I can’t believe you guys never heard of or had tasted astronaut ice cream before! I remember when I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania, every year our school field trip went to one of the museums in Philly or DC and everyone always raced to the gift shops first to buy it.

    The person that sent it to you should have given you instructions. You’re not really supposed to chew it. You’re actually supposed to let it melt in your mouth and when you do, it tastes more like real ice cream. I think the whole experience was ruined for you because you chewed it. Someone may have to send you more so you can taste it properly. 😉

  17. @Mr M

    How did you manage to get the folks(AKA suckerss) in the room to sample the “ice cream”? Or did they each lost a bet with you?

    That ice cream is an acquire taste. IIRC it’s some kind of dehydrated stuff. It’s not that bad, especially when you try it in the middle of the winterly waste on a military exercise with no open fire allowed. None of my buddies voice any complaints about the shoe leather as Carl puts it at the time.

    I am told the ice cream taste quite different in zero-G condition. Maybe it’s even true.

  18. @Rhonda

    Mr M & company ate the ice cream like biscuits witout reading the package label. Tsk, Tsk.

    Someone should have realize that the only way to rehydrate the ice cream is by infusing with water or saliva in your mouth.

  19. Hey Joe,

    Your food choices are always fun…I’ve had that…well…stuff before. Makes me shiver to even think about biting it. Kinda like the fingernails on a chalk board thing. ewwwww Carl…shoes….that is bad.

    I love your analogy. Very well done. Liked the ending.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl :o)

  20. Ha! I’ve had the freeze dried ice cream before, but in backpacking food guise. Yeah, it wasn’t great – the taste was sorta okay, but the texture was just unpleasant. But the bigger question is – when did Carl eat an old shoe to compare the taste to? Now THAT I would like to see!

    Oh, and Thanksgiving to all you ‘Murican folks!!

  21. So are we to assume that their lack of ‘soul’ is he reason they died again, or what that just Caines theory? Seems like this is a worrying trend if it’s the latter…

  22. So… Carl states that the icecream is like ‘eating a shoe’ then he says ‘it’s like the insole’.

    Carl- please inform us of when you ate a shoe.


  23. 😆 @ Carl and the Weird Food! “It’s like eating a box!” “It’s like eating a shoe…the used insole of a shoe…”


    Makes me wonder when he last chowed down on a funky ol’ insole… 😉

    Best line?

    “What flavor did you try?”


    RE: Depths – Oh, that’s a good one! 🙂 I’m all caught up with Secret Six, and I canNOT wait for you get to issue 19! There’s one more trade out after Depths – Danse Macabre. The arc after DM (starting with #19) is just about my favorite so far, but I might be a wee bit partial. See, it has two great Ragdoll moments…one dealing with reflective thought, and one later in the arc where he takes a stand. Won’t say more than that, except – HURRY UP!!!! 😀

    Oh, and JOEY! … Ye didnae answer me wee question aboot Japan an’ whole grain rice! Yer jist a daftie sometimes. Ya see, Joe, you ARE my expert on these things, my very own Wikijoepedia! I have no where else to turn, and…and you failed me. 🙁


    *peeks out between fingers to see if it’s working*

    *sniffles harder*



  24. Coucou!!

    Merci pour cette super video, c’est un grand plaisir de vous voir!! Je ne sais pas ce que vous mangez mais ça a l’air très spécial lol…j’adore la réaction de Karl! ^^

    Pleins de gros bisous!
    Anais 🙂

  25. @Joe Video:

    Watched this video with my son (who always has to buy Astro-Ice Cream when we visit various Aviation Museums)…I sympathize, Joe! Carl’s reaction was hilarious!


    You’re actually supposed to let it melt in your mouth and when you do, it tastes more like real ice cream.

    I had to laugh at this! It’s kinda like sucking on styrofoam. 😉

    As a kid, I used to get the Astro-Ice Cream at the Air and Space Museum, take it home, mix it with Milk and put it in the freezer…came out a little like a milkshake. Not a good milkshake mind you, but a little like a milkshake…

  26. Nathan writes: “The kind of aliens that would put people back with their friends and kind of family, knowing they’d just die. How horrible is that!?!?”

    Answer: The aliens didn’t know they would just end up dying again. They assumed they had “fixed” them.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    A few folks on other forums made similar comments. I should go and let them know that their theories were correct. 🙂

    I love the explanation though. These aliens got the big details right, but some of the smaller details wrong.

  27. Happy Thanksgiving but I’m not sure if you guys in Canada do thanksgiving or not. Love the ice cream, I have never had any but I have heard of it from a friend of mine years ago.
    Ok I have a great recipe for you from I chef on PBS named Rick Bayless. I have made this for about a year now on and off and everyone that has ever tried them loves them so heres a good recipe to try. Its Mexican food by the way i hope you like that.

    Oh and a stargate question:
    Most of the ship was never explored or at least not yet, are there going to be any surprise stasis pods or anything like an ancient or two hiding somewhere on the ship?

    Thanks and enjoy.

  28. Wow, did I really miss so many days? Yikes. Good choices for Tokyo, although I’d have to tag along to give final approval. Not happening this century, mmm?

    Does Destiny haunt your dreams as Foodie Hell?

  29. Hey Joe, i was looking at some old sg1 episodes and in an episode called ‘demons’ (season 3) the writer is carl binder. Is this the infamous moustache wearing, german supporting rogue that we all love/ hate/ are indifferent to?

  30. Forgot to post yesterday and tell Ashleigh how cute her parents dog is. thanks for sharing.
    Love the video,wfp, nice reactions, get them all to try some more stuff, great fun!

    —–maybe spoilers—-

    I liked the Tues episode, again, thanks, kept me busy trying to figure out along with the crew, why they came back, and the previews didn’t give that much away. So it was good for me. dark and serious and tender moments, great acting. I would probably not do the hypnotize thing, and maybe cluck like a chicken, terrific job.!

  31. I watched this week’s episode and I have to say it was intense. Solid acting all round, and I thought it was brilliant to have those who returned be as much in the dark about those SuperAliens as those on Destiny.

    What I loved even more is that despite being a Sci-Fi show, you kept the drama and the mystery going by focusing on the human element and not giving much away in terms of sci-fi reveals. I really love it when things are not clearly answered and the characters are are clueless as the audience and I get to make some theories in my head about what’s going on.

    So, just for my peace of mind, what exactly happened to Caine? Is he dead, or still alive? He was still alive when the light appeared, but then he says he remembers his death. So, what’s going on there?

  32. Tasting the Astro Ice Cream, you reminded me of the judges on Top Chef. That face is usually accompanied by the remark, “Interesting.” Apparently, in chef circles, that is not a good comment.

    Hmm.. Carl has been eating some interesting things:
    boxes, shoes (especially the tasty cut of insole), leather. Does he also eat nails for breakfast? Is he entering one of his tasty shoe leather recipes into the contest?

    Loved Remi’s writing of the episode. I was feeling a lot of sympathy for Chloe (which I haven’t felt for several eps now). It was good to see EL have some material other than Woe is me; I’m going alien. And loved the use of Kinos for this episode.

    Have prepared and eaten our Thanksgiving feast. We’re all feeling a bit like the stuffed turkey.

    You’re probably right about Joe and Pendergast. He probably wishes that we thought of his fingers as slender and graceful and his voice as mellifluous. 😀

  33. @ avabird – Not to mention the tall, slender build and cat-like grace! 😀 I suspect, however, that they share similar tastes in food; both love fine dining…and Pendergast does like to pamper himself.

    I’m almost finished Cabinet of Curiosities, so I took a little break since I don’t have the next book in the series yet, and I need to milk Pendergast as long as I can right now. Ya know, it’s sorta like when you’re running out of chocolate, and you can’t get to the store because there’s a blizzard outside, and so you have to make that last bit of chocolate last as long as humanly possible. That’s where I’m at right now. Didn’t expect to breeze through a 600+ page book so quickly – sort of caught me off-guard. 😛

    So today I sat down and started to read Michael Moorcock’s Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles, and I’ve been giggling ever since. What a great sense of humor that man has! The book is a real treat! It reads more like a Moorcock than a Doctor Who (I’m guessing, based on what I know of Mike’s work), and that makes it all the better for me. I would never have read a Who book otherwise.

    I’m off (I think) tomorrow – so I might just read Who all the way through before getting back to Pendergast. I am really loving this unorthodox manifestation of an FBI agent – not as much as Elric – but close (the broody, tortured type always win out!). I love Elric on an emotional level, whereas Pendergast hits the spot on an intellectual level. That said, it is VERY easy to think of Pendergast as another manifestation of ‘Elric’ in a different universe, just another facet of the Eternal Champion.

    Okay, shutting up now. 😛


  34. OK, I did make a dish for Thanksgiving dinner.


    Ambrosia salad, a tradition on our family’s holiday tables. Mother made it with fresh oranges and shredded coconut; sometimes she added mandarin orange or tangerine sections.

    I cut up three large oranges, layered with unsweetened coconut flakes and sweetened dried cranberries. Foolproof.

  35. ***SPOILER ALERT***
    Joe said: Ultimately, when faced with an inexplicable otherworldly scenario, (Caine) chose to trust in God rather than the mysterious god-like powers of benign aliens.  And, in the end, even if the latter explanation proved more likely, he remained steadfast and strong in his faith

    I would agree with you, Joe, if “I don’t want to die” had been followed by “But Lord, Thy will be done.”.

  36. Speaking of exploring the ship – don’t they have beaming technology and if so, will they discover it?

  37. Continuing last comment.

    Alternatively, Caine’s line could have been “I’m ready, Lord.”. That, IMHO, would have shown his faith to be steadfast and strong.

    But then I remember that Jesus asked, “Lord, if it be Thy will, take this cup from me”.

    With apologies to Carl for second-guessing his dramatic choices.

  38. I disagree with that characterization of Caine. He was never a man of science or logic, all of his choices and responses in both Faith and Visitation seemed to be constructed on his system of belief.

    As a religious scientist myself, my first reaction would always be to suspect the explicable before the inexplicable. It’s not a challenge to the faith of any reasonable believer to accept that not everything you dont understand is de facto divine.

    It also struck me as odd that he was so interested in Rush’s Big Bang Message. He obviously was hoping it was something miraculous…but even if it was, the miraculous is by definition inexplicable, while Rush’s goal IS to explain it. Rush could only have disappointed Caine and challenged his faith by succeeding.

  39. @He was never a man of science or logic

    Did Caine not stay behind because he thought any race advanced enough to create a planet could potentially get them home?

    That’s sound logic to me.

  40. Okay Joe, here are alot of question marks for you. The Destiny messing with their minds thing needs a little clarification. You said that Rush turned it off, so its safe to say no more hallucinations? And did Destiny have anything to do with Scott’s priest in desert thing or Greer’s father? And how come Destiny seems to do the same thing that bug in Pain did to the crew before? What were the ancients thinking! Was this their way of “psychoanalyzing” the crew for long trips? So Destiny AI is like the onboard psychologist? Mmm, wheres franklin?

    And those smart god aliens, why didnt they ascend? They wanted to help those dead people by returning them to destiny instead of earth? Since the shuttle isnt equipped with a wormhole drive or something then the aliens mustve passed it through some supergate teleport thing and someone should give them a sarcophagus lol. They had them alive temporarly, and the humans died once they tried to remember their past…thats weird. And in the same order, as though it were important to someone that they die the way they were supposed to. I think that means those smart god aliens are rebelling against something or at war with someone.

    SGU is introducing them the same way SG-1 intoduced the asgards so it makes me wonder if they are similar. Why did they build that planet though. Ad do they land their ships on the obelisk? i hope not haha. You know what, what I dont understand i just assume its a weapon, so the whole planet is a superweapon. Thats all i can say. Or long ago they just built it so one day they can be there but later forgot about it.

  41. Love the food video. See what happens to such a refined palate that is used to fine-quality homemade ice cream? The chemical stuff just will not do. But you better stock up. You know 2012 is just around the corner and you’ll need freeze-dried food like that to survive–assuming, of course, you survive the earthquakes, supervolcanoes, and mega tsunamis that will ravage the Earth. But just make sure you bring it to your secret underground (and hopefully fire-proof, water-proof) lair:


    With the haunting song, “Say Your Last Goodbye” playing in the background.

    To my US friends, Happy Thanksgiving.

  42. Hey Joe

    I’ve often wondered why you haven’t done a ‘Japan Trip’ with your Sis?


  43. Ohh.. Thanks for clearing that up Joe.. I just ASSumed because you’d think if they were advanced enough to build a solar system, then they would know their technology was flawed. But anyway, I’m glad they didn’t know. That’d be depressing.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good one!

  44. Ah, you’re confusing me with the scenario I was trying to explain for the other side. I’m reasonable enough to say that if I don’t like I show, I just won’t watch it. I don’t launch some campaign to torpedo it. Based on everyone you’ve met and talked to and e’d with and heard from, aren’t there any “reasonable” fans who aren’t watching it?

  45. “Rush turned off the neural link in Trial and Error”

    While this does makes sense, how does, at the end of the episode, Rush have the converstaion with Franklin where he congratulates him on stopping the simulation?

  46. Another theory on the faith aliens returning our crew…

    Maybe they knew these people had died far, far from their home…. and that no one would ever know their fate… but they had a chance to let that fate be known to someone (Destiny’s crew); and took the opportunity to give people some closure on that.

    Kinda touching, in a way, to let someone know what ultimately happened to them. Granted, not the best news, but at least people like TJ can have some closure about it.

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