Hey, Canadian Stargate: Universe fans!  Did you get a chance to watch last night’s post-SGU episode of Innerspace.  It featured special guest Robert C. Cooper who fielded a rapidfire barrage of fan questions on everything from directing to the furlings.  Ah, the furlings, those mysterious aliens, alternately loved and despised (I suppose it depends on whether you’re a fan or simply working in the Stargate writers’ room).  “When are we going to see the furlings?” was the question.  To which Robert replied: “I never get that question.”  He then went on to reveal that he is presently working on a furling spin-off series.  With a straight face no less.  The guy plays a lot of poker.  Which is something he’s good at – unlike, say, naming alien races.  As a matter of fact, his alien-naming privileges were revoked shortly after he came up with “the furlings”.  True story.

Hey, check it out.  Snow Day today!

Akemi is thrilled!  Me and the dogs…not so much.

So yesterday I was leaving the doggy daycare and rolled up to a tricky intersection.  I needed to take a left turn across two lanes of traffic.  On my right, all clear.  On my left, all clear except for a slow moving van inching up to take a right.  I crept up.  Right still clear.  Left still clear.  Tapped the gas.  At which point a speeding SUV, perfectly blocked by that creeping van, came streaking up to my left.  I happened to catch it from the corner of my eye and hit the brake just in time.  It zipped on by and away.  Had it been going a little faster, had I not hesitated, I would have certainly been demolished – along with my car.  I thanked my lucky stars, took the turn and headed home.  Then, some five minutes later, almost had another car merge directly into my driver’s side (for the second time this year: https://josephmallozzi.com/2010/06/17/june-17-2010-aw-resurgence-day-1-mailbag-day-872ish/

But of course that’s not possible because tonight is the SGU season two wrap party.  Yes, I’ll drive extra carefully.  And, yes, I’ll bring my camera to document the evening. And, finally, yes – I’ll post the pics as part of tomorrow’s blog entry.  While you’re waiting, how about a little…


Aaaargh! writes: “An analogy: if you read in the newspaper that someone got run over by a car you don’t think twice about it (causal viewers). If that person is your best friend, however, you’ll visit the hospital to be at his side every day (true fans). Are you having fun ? Why are you still visiting your friend if you’re not having fun ? Because now he needs you the most, that is what real friendship is all about.

I think this is *the* reason why so many people are angry, you’ve been trusted to take care of our good friend, the Stargate franchise, and you betrayed our trust. Not only did you rape and murder our friend, you’re offended that people don’t thank you for it.”

Answer: Aside from the fact that your analogy is both shallow and  offensive, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  A more appropriate analogy would be – after losing your girlfriend to a tragic accident, you decide to start dating her cousin.  This cousin reminds you of your ex-girlfriend but, very quickly, you realize that she is not enough like your deceased ex for your liking, so you start pestering her to dress more like her dead cousin, talk more like her dead cousin, and generally behave a lot more like her dead cousin. When she resists, you get angry and begin harassing her incessantly, stalking her online and wishing her dead as well.

Michael White writes: “I hope you read the comments because I had the strongest feeling to share this with you.


Answer: Great article.  Thanks for the link.

Ponytail writes: “Joe what’s wrong with you? No patented peace sign and no big grin. I must say, I’m a little disappointed.”

Answer: To be honest, I was holding my patented phony photo smile for what like forever, then relaxed – at which point the picture was snapped.

JYS writes: “also. I went to Meat and Bread on cambie today. Really good porchetta sandwich. they’re closed on sundays, but, i suggest trying it before you head to Tokyo”

Answer: As a matter of fact, I did.  And enjoyed the porchetta sandwich.  Great minds eat alike…

Meat & Bread’s porchetta sandwich.
And their maple-bacon ice cream sandwich.

Johnny writes: “Since there’s no DHD placed along with the respective gates, are we to assume the gates were only meant to be accessed from Destiny alone?”

Answer: That’s a safe assumption.

Elliot writes: “You said that Destiny has a repairing drone. And if they can make it work again, that means they can build back the damaged ship parts?”

Answer: Yep.  First up, the dome that will house the new hydroponics lab.

zaghy2zy writes: “I just had to ask, why is Robert Carlyle way at the back not with the rest of the main cast?”

Answer: Despite his celebrity status, Bobby is an incredibly quiet, and humble guy.  He passed on front and center for a more casual position amidst the rest of the crew.

PJR writes: “The Comic Project – Thanks for your response. I’d like to ask further: is the script format somewhat along the lines of a TV/film script?”

Answer: No.  It’s a very different format that requires some getting used to.

PJR also writes: “- and assuming (dangerous!) that ‘general structure’ you mention refers to plot/arcs, etc and not the script body – I’m wondering more about how through the brief you were given you see similarities and differences to the plotting/breaking/etc you do on a show like SGU, or Atlantis. Quite different animals or more similar, at least in essence, than we’d figure?”

Answer: I was referring to the format specifically.  Elements related to plot and story structure remain more or less unchanged.  The end of the first issue lines up naturally with the end of the pilot script’s second act, the end of the second issue with the conclusion to the pilot script.

PJR also writes: “Now you’re working both on episodes and comic story planning, I’m wondering how many pages a 45 minute episode might run on the basis of the standard 22 page/issue comic format – much more or pretty much there?”

Answer: It’s really story dependent because the two formats are so different.  That said, it’s looking like your average minute script will translate to two 22 page comic book issues.

37 thoughts on “November 20, 2010: Furlings! Snow! And the mailbag!

  1. I would never play poker with Mr Cooper, I bet he is good.
    I think I see sunshine in the first picture, so maybe the crap, I mean snow won’t stick around.
    GOOOOOOO Snow Monkeys! maybe this is a good sign!
    I want one of those ice cream sandwiches, yum!

  2. I’ve always wondered, is ‘Furling’ the real spelling? When I first saw the episode I thought it was ‘Ferling’, maybe because it’s not so Ewok-evocative.

  3. Hey Joe,

    There really are those of us that truly ♥.•*¨*✿LOVE♥.•*¨*✿ all things Stargate. I admire the talent of your writing team…so many years of magic…

    The show brings smiles, laughs, tears and even a knot in my stomach. I really want the franchise to last FOREVER!

    You bring light into a world full of darkness…don’t let those full of hate get to you. Those that love you (and Carl) will always be in greater numbers. Your creative gift speaks well of you both.

    Best to you Joe, and to Carl
    Cheryl. 🙂

  4. Joe:

    Actually, I was a bit disappointed that Rob Cooper wasn’t serious about a Furlings series. I wonder how many casual viewers may have assumed that he was serious as well. The thought of any new StarGate series, in addition to SGU is very provocative, no matter how unlikely. I do recall Brad Wright saying that there is no way he’d ever do two series at a time, ever again. Pity.

    Recently, I saw a Frasier episode, and for some reason, I immediately thought of you. Somehow, I think that kind of cerebral humor would be you. I could see you writing many episodes of that show. Do you think it likely that you would end up writing for a new show rather than an established series if you ever leave Bridge?

    What do you do with the pictures you take that don’t get posted on your blog? Do you keep them in a file or discard them? Mine usually just continue to sit in my camera’s memory card.


  5. Ah I love the snow, never too old to make a snowman. Mine never seem to last long without collapsing. Haven’t done in ages. I think it’s more the child in me. lol

    Speaking of the Gate network the seederships are laying. It’s reasonable to think that any alien species with enough knowledge could use the gates even without a remote right? Kinda like how Earth used the gate without a DHD by making a dialing program.

  6. I spy…yellow snow in the third picture with Lulu and Maximus. What is that building in the first picture? Garage, guest house, pool house, dog house, maid’s quarters, playhouse, neighbor’s house, detached office? Pretty little whateveritis anyway.

  7. Heh. We haven’t even had a frost yet (though might on Friday). The leaves don’t finish falling around here until the end of November, beginning of December, so we normally have a long autumn, and this one has been exceptionally mild, with most temps in the 60s. Still, I like snow and look forward to winter. It means I don’t have to do yardwork anymore. 🙂

    I expected today to be very productive, and it was just the opposite. Didn’t get a thing done outside of normal daily chores. I DID, however, take a nap, and now I’m all showered and ready to curl up with Agent Pendergast (since, it seems, Mr. Das is totally engrossed in a LOTR video game 🙄 ). I’m starting the third book – Cabinet of Curiosities – which has about 150 pages more than the last one. Let’s see how I do. I’m excited about this book because it’s the first one where Pendergast is the main protagonist.

    I’m really liking this ‘larger than life’ hero – it’s exactly the sort of character I like. I guess it’s because I grew up loving those well-defined detective-types that just jump off the page or screen, like Columbo, and Poirot. I think I’m gonna have loads of fun with this series…if I don’t read all the books in the first month. 😛

    And Joe – don’t be a fool. Snow = cuddling! 😀 With the dogs, of course. 😉

    Have a good evening, sir!


  8. Rain and snow equals bad drivers so be careful; and maybe consider getting an Escalade or an armored truck to protect yourself from the nutters on the road.

    Just think, that guy who drove his car through a wall into the DMV office had just passed his test before he stepped on the gas instead of the brakes and smashed into the building.

    Finally broke down and saw Up; yep, I cried a great many salty tears. It is the Brian’s Song of kiddie movies but good.

  9. Yes I really liked the ex/ ex cousin comparison as well, that really does make alot of sense in a sick sort of way but thats how some people are sadly enough. Good luck with the snow and I hope that you make the most of it. I wish it would snow but it just rains and freezes instead “oh boy!” Good thing i have a four wheel drive truck.
    At any rate I was wondering how everyone was feeling about there being a third season, I hope that it happens and that everyone can continue doing a great job on this unique stargate series.
    Also i have one last quick question for you Joe, I’m not sure if you read all of these or not but I was wondering if you get requests for people wanting to send you a “new idea” or a “partial script” that they have made up as something to spark a new path in the stargate story.
    Well take it easy and I hope to hear back from you or anybody else whom reads this as well.

  10. Hey Joe — thought the girlfriend/cousin analogy was right on the money. Your pictures look like what I used to see all the time when we lived in MI. Boy, am I glad we don’t live there anymore. 😉 Hope the wrap party went well!! Looking forward to the pictures.

  11. I’m not sad that we haven’t seen snow yet. I’m still sick of it from last year. Working outside seems to do that to you.

    The worst part of the first snowfall is that it always seems that PennDOT gets caught off guard. Late in the season, when the roads are well cindered and salted, it’s so much easied to drive in the snow.

  12. For the mailbag (copy-pasting a old comment):
    Have you read the Lost Fleet series of Jack Campbell??
    IDK because I dont see it in the previously read books.
    Also “Containment” of Christian Cantrell its very good, and its a short story, if you want more reading. Well thats just what I like in the genre.

    Also about Destiny: Does it have its own manufacturing section of the ship? I asking because BIG ships got their own Lathe/CNC where they make their own parts if needed. I wonder if the ancients made a molecular assembly, that would even help to make medicine and stuff.

    If you dont know what I am talking about:

  13. Joe, have fun at the party and be safe on the roads.

    Robert Picardo on Supernatural! What a pleasant surprise and a great performance.

    @das: Still reading Reliquary – Pendergast is on his way to Hell’s Attic.

  14. Howdy Joe,

    More good blog reads, good mailbags too.

    So I finished writing my dissertation. 😀

    I’ve gotta say, it’s not exactly “Latin for the Novice”, by Joseph Mallozzi, Ph.D., but it’s still quite an accomplishment. 😉

    Question about your new project, you may have mentioned this and I may have missed it but I’m curious if there might be some more specifics…

    What’s the premise of your comic book?


    Sean (soon to be Dr. (hopefully!)) D.


  15. Damn! I spent ages composing a comment only to have the free WiFi reset when I hit submit. I knew I should have copied before hitting submit…got lazy.

    Anyhoo I will try to remember:

    I am hoping to find the following photos of the wrap party in tomorrow’s post:

    Ivon sporting his Leafs cufflinks
    BamBam giving the peace sign
    A group shot of Peter, Patrick and Ivon re-enacting the watermelon in the face scene from The Amazing Race
    Carl doing something funny to Ivon
    Ashleigh doing something evil
    Joe doing something evil to Tio
    Rob smashing cake into Brad’s face
    David tweeting up a storm
    Brian getting kissed by both Elyse and Julia
    A group shot of my VFX guys sporting their famous mo’s – Chris, Seth & Justin
    Louis playing a prank
    Lawren doing some weird challenge
    Andy with a tie around his head
    Paul riding Joe’s coat-tails….LOL…j/k…it’s the other way round
    Kerry plotting her next musical date with Joe
    Jen without a cardigan
    Ivon and BamBam drunk phoning or tweeting webgurl
    John calculating the cost of this shindig
    ….and a surprise guest

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Thank-you to everyone that has worked on SGU this year. Thanks for your creativity, hard work, late hours and generosity in the time you’ve given me. I really appreciate it.

  16. Love the snow pictures and the dogs. Thank you again for sharing your day. I’m about to write up my Malice post review with more than 30 pictures attached to it. I just had so much to say about it. You can never shut up someone from NY. Many have tried. Many have not been able to. Say hello to Akemi from a nice and semi-warm Texas.


    Awwww I feel so bad for you, especially given the fact that we’ve had snow for about a month now. So I do feel really REALLY bad for you….. Seriously…

    Yup Robert C. Cooper would make a very excellent poker player. He IS hard to read…

    @Ponytail – garage is my guess….

    Hope you had fun at the party!!

    P.S. – MAN that maple bacon ice cream sandwich looks a treat. Two of my fav flavours…..

  18. @ Sparrowhawk – Ah, Hell’s Attic. 😮 😯

    I’m looking forward to your feelings about the man when you come to a certain moment between him and another character. Not to give anything away, but it involves Pendergast whispering in this person’s ear.

    I’m 120-some pages into Cabinet of Curiosities. Very interesting read for me. I didn’t know that these ‘cabinets’ eventually evolved into natural history museums. (I wikied!) My house is basically a cabinet of curiosities with all the little bits of stuff I’ve picked up on the beaches and in the woods. When other teenage girls were worrying about make-up and boys, I was back in the woods, poking at critter scat and digging up old bottles and animal bones. I really missed my calling. 😛 Mom didn’t let me keep everything, but that’s okay. Wherever there are fields or beaches or woods, there is something free to discover. So screw the mall, I say, and give me a shovel and field bag any ol’ day. 🙂


  19. Hey hey from a fan down under!

    For the mailbag:

    The Stargate puddle effect in SGU is much more silver in colour and a lot less blue, it often reminds me of the puddle from the original Stargate feature film. Is this intentional or a coincindence?

    Also, I have a second question because I’m weird and pay tooooo much attention to minor details like this, but who’s job is it to choose the typeface used in the opening/closing credits? the big change in font and placement of the credits between SG1/SGA and SGU was a little jarring at first (lovin’ it now though).

  20. @Das – have you heard David Suchet doing his Poirot voice/accent in a commercial for chocolates (Godiva I think). It took me a minute and then I’m “hey that’s sounds a bit like a little Belgian fellow with an egg-shaped head….” Then I was all “Heyyy wait a minute that IS the little fellow with the egg-shaped head, exercising his little grey cells.” Kinda funny and kinda weird/surreal all at the same time.


  21. As your resident scientist who has worked for a few years in a research laboratory focused on the cosmic microwave background radiation, I’m obliged to point out that seeing circles is like finding patterns in the static of old sk00l tvs. (Literally, just like it — a percentage of that static IS the Cosmic Microwave Background!) Penrose’s circles are theoretically neat, but the experimental data still has enough +/- variability that we can’t even get the cosmological constant nailed down enough to figure out if we’re an open or closed universe.

    From a scifi point of view, it’s a neat avenue to jump from. From a science point of view, it needs far more data to be taken seriously.

  22. @Freeman and others

    Sadly, I think SGU will not be renew with the current ratings for demi-season 2.0, regardless of what ratings are for demi-season 2.5. Skiffy (AKA SyFy) will make a decision with ratings from 10 episodes of demi-season 2.0 with firm numbers, not undefined ratings from future episodes.

    In case anyone have missed my previous Nov 17th post. The ratings for the latest episode Malice is (1.025 million viewers, 0.7/1 HH, 0.4/1 A18-49; from the TV by the Numbers web site). The numbers have been holding stead around this level for the last few SGU episodes.

    If the ratings in the remaining episodes dipped below the last show’s level to below 900000 viewers then SGU might suffer the same fate as the defunct Caprica with the remaining episodes airing in a marathon format after being pull from the schedule to meet contractual requirements.

    Guess the fate SGU will be clear on December 1st after episode 2.10 aired.

  23. Hello Joe !

    A new Stargate spin-off ? by Robert C. Cooper ?

    Seriously ?

    Wow ! please answer, Joe.

    Thank you !

  24. BTW said:

    Also, I have a second question because I’m weird and pay tooooo much attention to minor details like this, but who’s job is it to choose the typeface used in the opening/closing credits? the big change in font and placement of the credits between SG1/SGA and SGU was a little jarring at first (lovin’ it now though).

    Yeah my widescreen TV doesn’t like the placement of the credits..I only ever see one third of the names. I mean I know who the actors are but it kinda defeats the purpose of credits doesn’t it?

    Also, does anyone else hate when the credits of other shows/movies go by too fast or when they split the screen to advertise an upcoming program? I like to watch the credits.

    Cheers, Chev

  25. Thanks for the snow pictures Joe…your house looks so pretty w/ snow. If you ever sell the house you should sell it during snow season.


    1. Why don’t the dogs like snow? They seemed to enjoy it when Lawren was looking after them.

    2. I keep calling the alien creatures from Malice alien buffaloes. What animal were they modelled after?

    3. So you always tease Rob about the Furlings. I want to know the creative decisions of the other writers that everyone teases them about….yes including you – is it Alt timeline-Sam&Daniel in Moebius?

    Cheers, Chev

  26. Poor guys…they had to get their feet wet/cold. It reminds me of working at the humane society. When it’s raining or cold, I have to push the dogs outside to do their business. When I look out the window, they are huddled next to the door waiting for me to open up.

    It’s warm here and I’ve been doing some gardening. I still have petunia’s blooming!

    Be careful out there with the crazy drivers. It is hard letting my 15 year old son practice driving. I trust him but I don’t trust everyone else out there. Just last week, I saw two cars full of teens drive side by side. They were driving close to each other so they could slap hands with the passengers of the other car. I pray my son is never that stupid.

  27. Considering Brad Wright had said he wouldn’t do 2 series at once again I’m not so sure SGA getting canceled was a ‘tragic accident’. Especially if others were pushing to do something new/different. Which is certainly understandable, creatively.

    I’d given up on SGA – I was casually watching smatterings of season 5 (really disliked Michael and the much overused characters, thought other regulars were sorely underused) – and was not fussed when it was canceled.

    I tried SGU. Really. I liked some characters for a few eps. But not most, or the pacing (I was humming music from 2001:A Space Odyssey at one point). Even the characters that I liked, I stopped liking, except two. And they weren’t the ones that got the focus.

    In all, with both shows, I didn’t bond with most of the characters enough to warrant slogging through stories I didn’t like in the hopes I could see ones I did. I did that with S1/S2 of Stargate Command, with quite depressing results. SGU comes from mostly the same people. Why would I be willing to put myself through that again if I’m not drawn to the story and characters right away?

    I’d still be watching if I had liked SGU early on. Honestly; I stopped watching Voyager mid-way through because of the horrible writing, but picked it up again later when I was told it improved. The difference was I liked the bulk of the characters and was willing to try again – though I rather wish they had had more interpersonal conflict. There can still be conflict without one or both (or more) people being horrible sacks of poop.

    Babylon 5 did interpersonal conflict well. Londo and G’Kar hated each other, yet for most fans, both were favorites and likable – but just made horrible, flawed decisions. Rush and Young… not so much. To me.

  28. Joe,
    Malice was a good episode but I feel it couldve been better. You hyped it way too much I thought it was gonna be a game-changer but it wasnt the strongest of the season, even though it got memorable scenes. But thats just my opinion, most did love it. The weird thing is, it couldve easily been a great episode if a few elements were avoided. Like the intro with young talking to the science guys. really? did that have to be there? comon! I want to know what the purpose is to resolving tensions so quickly at the end of episodes or in this case, right in the beginning of the next. Thats one thing people have been complaining about. You guys love to sucker punch the audience with that, its like “take that viewer!…thats the punishment you get for investing in the characters!”

    How do you expect viewers to tune in the next time when they realize none of the tensions amount to anything in the end? So that scene was not my favorite, and it set me up for being too critical of the episode as a whole. I thought that was gonna be fixed in season 2 but i guess I was wrong. I think the episode wouldve been better had it started with Rush on the desert planet after going through the gate, and it wouldve fit Cooper’s theme better too. Even though I like Cooper’s work, lately he seems to channel other genres and seems to rebel against doing a traditional stargate episode. When he directs he gets to do all the “different” episodes, why is that? And he never directs it in the regular stargate style. But his tendency for western theme works in Malice and I liked that, much better than Vegas, which I didn’t like at all for obvious reasons. Its a non-complicated episode, and it shouldve started with Rush on the planet, the viewers wouldve gotten it.

    There are other things that didnt work. For instance, Simeon placing that proximity mine on her back was so unrealistic of him to do. One would expect he kept her with him as insurance. Why would he think they would leave him alone? He wasnt aware that they know have control over the ship? And if that was the case, why did he take her with him in the first place, to attract them to his new location? But I guess it was worth it just to see Rush try to diffuse it, that was cool. Missed opportunity though, there couldve been scenes of Simeon and Park. And later scenes with Rush and Park, instead of her calling it a day. If they were all stranded that wouldve worked as having all military on Simeon was a little too Cops & Robbers and not much of a focus on Rush’s revenge.

    I like the premise, Exodus with Talion, perfect combo but the plot felt forced along the way, trying its best to leave the inevitable Rush Vs Simeon alone scene. This couldve been fixed had Destiny left them or somehow the crew where unable to gate to the desert. Like in Air pt3, all desert, no switch back and forth, thats what Cooper wouldve wanted I think. It wouldve been challenging I understand, who would Rush talk to? and how wouldve the plot moved forward? I got no answers 🙂 As for Simeon, it was disappointing how underused he was, why pay for top actors when their role is limited to a couple of lines and an inevitable death scene? I had hope that this episode will show us more of him and show a dialogue between him and Rush. Instead he was only there to have Rush kill him. Anyway you get the point. Overall I dug the episode, for having that last scene, it was effective, nicely shot and the whole episode depended on it so its all good. The other great scenes was Rush diffusing bomb and Rush with Scott, oh man that was good bit for developing characters.

  29. Haha nice work on that analogy Joe. It’s funny how, similar to your foie grais buddies, the SGU bashers hide their identities under false names. It seems the internet is on the right track becoming a place where people are worried about their anonymity and are more conscious about what they say.

  30. Das and Sparrow hawk,

    Love those books! One of my favorite series. And, das you’re right about it might only taking a month to read them.. Love all the twists and turns in those stories.

    Have you read those books Joe? They are written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Hey, maybe you could get them for your kindle!

    PB Mom — It’s very warm and humid up here in the north. Mid-70s, humidity like Houston’s typically is. But by Thursday the high is going to be 40. Big change.

    It’s amazing to me how people can watch the same show and have such differing opinions on the quality. Well, you know the saying about opinions.. Everyone’s got one just like everyone’s got a .. well, I hope you know how that one ends. ;D

    Loved the cast photo. Was fun to try to spot everyone. Ashleigh knows where the good seats are. Joe — with your chosen placement were you trying to convince us that you are also humble and quiet about your celebrity?
    Did you notice how we spotted Robert Carlyle right away, but then we all had to look for you?

    At least we were looking for you. 😉

  31. Forgot to mention the snow! We love Snow Days! But hope we don’t get as many this year as we did last year. My doggie and cats don’t like snow either. Got the doggie a snuggie for this winter to help her stay warm.

    BTW, Joe, how do you guys come up with the names for the alien races? Random names pulled out of a hat? Lottery? Your favorite aunt with a beard’s name? Throwing darts at a map?

  32. Well that sucks. I just realized that because I record SGU it is counting me for recording it rather than watching it live even if I am watching it with out pausing it. Sighhh. That means I’ll have to set am auto tune thing for it at 6 and then record it at 8. Foo-ey. Oh well. I am usually home Tuesdays anyway so I’ll just set an alarm on my phone so I know to go up and watch it.. Looks like the ratings could use a little boost so I want to do my part..

    Anyways awesome response to that person who had the analogy.. I read it and I didn’t really find it offensive. I mean he/she could’ve just started cussing and what not and told you off, but they chose to put their thoughts in to an analogy instead of just being plain rude. I will admit I like yours better though. As I’ve said before, I liked SGA more than SGU.. But that is no reason to as you said stalk you and tell you off and what not. First of all you had nothing to do with it so I don’t see why people feel the need to pester you about it. Sorry :/ Well at least I’m not one of them 🙂

    I hope it snows tonight!!! That would mean no school which would be nice. I’ve found it got a lottt harder to get out of bed now that my room is ALWAYS freezing. Oh well. Gotta do what you gotta do I suppose..

    I’m really excited for Tuesdays episode! Isn’t this the one where the people left on that planet in “Faith” make a surprising return?? I can’t wait. And we’ll see BAG. XD It really seems like you guys haven’t done enough with the names. I can’t remember who said it, but a while back they were saying they could name just about every person from SG-1 and SGA, but on SGU they knew like 5 names. I agree with that. I’m not sure if it’s because the characters just aren’t as interesting or if it’s just cause their names aren’t used as much or what… Hmm. Who knows. I guess it doesn’t really matter in the long run. I have to admit I have learned a lot more names this season. It has been a lot faster paced which has helped. 🙂

  33. Hey Joe…

    WOW snow! And im still in short sleeves here…. lol..

    Dont know if I posted this before but the last few eps of SGU have been stellar.. 🙂 There better be a season 3.. 🙁

    Couple SG questions if thats cool. 🙂

    1) Given recent developments, are you still confident about a renewal. I know theres a lot more to it then numbers, so fingers crossed!

    2) Any more rumblings on the movies front? Any more updates/progress?

  34. Snow in Vancouver is always a great thing, even if it makes the drivers all a little mental 🙂

    Your girlfriend/cousin analogy? Dead on, as usual 😀

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