Yesterday was the last day of principal photography on Stargate: Universe’s second season.  We marked the event with woodfire pizza, champagne, and, oh yeah, shooting those final scenes.

Cast and crew hanging out on set. Pictured left in the hat - Tio, whose fantasy football team my Snow Monkeys will be beating this weekend.
Executive Producer Carl Binder on set, ensuring production runs smoothly. And pizza is eaten.
Editor Rick Martin takes a break from the many days spent working on The Hunt.
Ashleigh drops by for pizza. And to criticize Andy's directing.
Kerry and Jen practice their "You're the best friend I ever had!" lament prior their post-open bar Saturday night celebration.
The crew had a choice between pulled pork sandwiches and woodfire pizza. The pizza apparently won by a landslide.
They actually brought along their woodfire pizza oven. I mean, how else are they gonna do it, right?
With special guest chef Louis Ferreira.
The Ferreira Special. May include nuts.
Jamil Walker-Smith calls it a night. And a season.

It’s been a great year and, looking back over the 20 episodes produced for SGU’s second season, I have to say I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished: great stories, grand arcs, wonderful character moments both big and small, set-ups, pay-offs, and more than a few surprises.  As much as I’ve enjoyed working on these episodes, I’ve enjoyed hearing your reactions even more.  So, thanks to everyone out there who has supported – and continues to support – the show!  You aint seen nuthin’ yet!


57 thoughts on “November 19, 2010: And that’s a main unit wrap!

  1. Great pictures!

    However, I noticed that Robert Carlyle is standing in the back of the picture in street clothes…

    … you killed Rush off didn’t you?!?!?!?

    Actually that would be a funny rumor to start-

  2. That’s it, I refuse to not have a season 3 of greatness.
    TV would not deserve my respect anymore if so.
    I will not tolerate to see one of the greatest and smartest show ever created replaced by some reality TV BS. Viewers need to wake up and realize how amazing Stargate Universe is or they will lose its greatness to mediocrity.

  3. Great cast photo, thanks for posting it for us! I am really hoping that season 3 will be commissioned! I think everyone I know is getting season 1 on DVD from me for Christmas this year!

  4. Ming Na Wen’s also in street clothes; they probably just didn’t have anything to shoot that day.

  5. Joe, just wanted to say thanks for all the great times. Since SGU premiered and since I’ve been a regular on this blog, I’ve been inspired to try things that I’ve not done for a long time–the biggest of which has been to start writing again. It has been a wonderful release for me, and it has helped me be a better teacher of writing to my two homeschooled sons. So, thank you.

    I’m looking forward to the last two eps of this half and the other ten eps next year. And I am hoping and praying for a third season. Hope everyone connected with the show has a wonderful break and hope you have a good time in Japan.

  6. …after 5 years, you’d think I’d be in EVEN ONE crew photo, but alas…no.

    *crosses fingers* c’mon next year!

  7. Joe, you have every right to be proud of this season, and this show. I was just pondering today if SGU may be the best TV show ever. Seriously. It just hits so many aspects so well, from acting to effects to the writing, everyone seems to be at the top of their game.

    Good work and I’m looking forward already to a season 3!


  8. Great picture, congratulations to the cast and crew of SGU! I especially like the Jamil’s Laker’s cap and Ming-Na’s…Picachu? Pokeman? Very cute, and I like the pensive “hand to the chin” I spotted down in front to the left, very The Thinker…hmmm. See, makes ya think.

  9. I find it funny that Robert Carlyle is tucked away in the back while Ashleigh sits next to Brian J. Smith.

    Anyway, I’m watching Malice now on the Space channel and really enjoying it. Awesome episode. These last few episodes have been spectacular. Season 2 so far has been superior to season 1 in almost every aspect. I really, really hope SGU gets picked up for a third season because it deserves it and I really want to see where these characters go next.

  10. Wonderful pix to end the season with. Can’t wait for Season 3!!!

  11. Thanks for producing such a great show. I’m looking forward to the rest of Season 2 and hopefully Season 3!

  12. @Lexxye: He’s in the back right corner 🙂

    Hi Joe, this feels so final…oy. Hope you’re back for Season 3, life without Stargate would just be a little sad. As much as this show’s had me up and down, I’m still watching.

    Hope you and Ivon have a blast in Japan; will be looking forward to hearing of your adventures 🙂

    Now, I have a craving for Cuban toast and cafe con leche, so I’m gonna sneak outta here while everybody’s asleep and get me some! It’s chilly out, perfect for dunking my bread in my coffee and watching the stars! Have a good weekend!

  13. Joe what’s wrong with you? No patented peace sign and no big grin. I must say, I’m a little disappointed. 😐

  14. -Joe, thanks to all involved for a terrific season, looking forward to the next one! What a nice picture of everyone, reminds me of my high school reunion picture, but all these characters look so young. I spy you hidden on the right, back, nice try to make me do a wheres Waldo, I mean Joe.
    More foodie pics, the pizza looks delicious, hope it was. They really brought the oven to you, how cool is that! The dog tag(gift from crew) looks great around Carl’s neck. Nice gift.

  15. Well I hope that everyone will be well this holiday season and I hope that SGU comes back again for another year of progress.

  16. Ming-Na’s Tweet of Nov. 8:

    Tried posting this, but didn’t go thru. Check out my new “pet.”

    She is holding the same amigurumi doll in the cast photo. She just recently started crafting these.

  17. @With special guest chef Louis Ferreira.

    Lol love that picture. Maybe Destinys food problems could be cured by a Pizza oven and Col young could cook the food for the crew to relieve some stress?

    Nah that would be kinda odd, starting an episode with Young cooking Pizza.

    Bottom pic looks great!

  18. great job to you and the rest of the large crew. hope there’s a season 3..and 4…and 5…and so on

  19. also. I went to Meat and Bread on cambie today. Really good porchetta sandwich. they’re closed on sundays, but, i suggest trying it before you head to Tokyo

  20. Rob Cooper on Inner Space: “Varro has his eye on T.J. Col. Young has something to say about that. We will explore that (The triangle between the three).”

    “I’m developing a series exclusively about the Furlings”.

    Okay, Joe, a series about the Furlings? So, more Stargate?


  21. Cheers to all the SGU team and keep up the good work. It’s been a great season so far and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it. SyFy would be mad to not renew more seasons.

    Although, someone mend my broken heart re: Ginn.

  22. Is that Patrick Gilmore behind whatever-it-is that Peter Kelamis is holding up? Looks like Brody gets the last laugh!

  23. The picture of the crew is pretty cool. What a family!
    But the emplacement of people is strange…
    Robert Carlyle at the back ?!

  24. Oh, found you, Joe. But what the hell is wrong with my eyes that I can’t see Bobby? Thanks for sharing the photo, that is a lot of people working on Stargate.

  25. There he his! Your main man is on the back, not in the same row with rest of the main cast? You humble Bobby you.

  26. Nice group picture but I hate goodbyes, even if it’s just “so long for now, see you next year.” Fortunately, we still have a bunch of new episodes to watch and I’m looking forward to watching the rest of this season! I may also have gained you a couple of new viewers talking up the show in general and Robert Carlyle in particular at my local health club this week.

  27. Hey Joe

    Nice work on Malice. Congrats to all involved! And very nice to see Coop after on InnerSpace. I suppose it had been advertised all over but I don’t get to watch much live TV. Just Fridays for Sanctuary and, of course, SG:U.


  28. Great pictures! Now I’m hungry for pizza…

    Das: I don’t think you will need to worry about Mr. M., completely converting to ebooks. I haven’t played with the kindle much but my Sony ereader is great if you read ONE book from beginning to end. However, it’s not that great to switch books. You have to go back to the “home” page and then look at a list of books that I “bookmarked”, and so on. Mr. M., seems like the kind to juggle several books as the mood takes him.
    As for your eyes, if the ereader uses an elink screen, it’s easier on the eyes than a backlit computer screen. Elink looks just like a paper book and you can read it in directly sunlight.

  29. Hi John! I was rewatching season 1 on blu-ray and was wondering:

    1. In the episode “Lost,” the team comes upon ruins on a planet. Given the number of years that have passed, was the stargate placed there after the civilization’s extinction or before?

    2. Since there’s no DHD placed along with the respective gates, are we to assume the gates were only meant to be accessed from Destiny alone?

    Thank you and don’t ever let the Stargate franchise go off the air!

  30. Hey, did anyone catch MICHAEL SHANKS on ‘The Good Guys’ last night?

    Hopefully it will be a reoccurring role.. he was in charge of the Dallas PD Strike Force (ala S.W.A.T.)

    I think he tried to channel his inner Ben Browder! 🙂

  31. HI Mr M!

    Great snaps!!

    Great to see all the familiar faces.

    Looking forward to Season 3 already!!


  32. Okay now I have a few questions.
    1) You said that Destiny has a repairing drone. And if they can make it work again, that means they can build back the damaged ship parts?
    2) If they can recover the repairing module from the robot, are they gona make replicators to repair the ship?
    3) Are they gona kill Rush?
    4) Are they gona give the infected girl to the aliens?

  33. Hi, Joe!
    Yes, Ginn is a beautiful girl. We are all very saddened by her loss. Not just Eli. But, with Amanda? After all, its no less tragic loss …
    You hinted that Ginn may still appear on the show. That’s great. But, as we would like to Amanda also appeared in it. She is amazing and very charming, and very sorry that she was murdered. It’s not fair.
    Please, make sure that Amanda has returned …

  34. Sigh… I cannot wait for the decision about next season. I cannot believe they wouldn’t renew, I don’t want to think about it, and yet it is stressing me. And looking at the damned picture and all those people who are also waiting to hear if they have a JOB next year… man how hard it has to be. Would make a great present to hear before the new year for crying out loud.

    Oh yeah, great pics, great work.

    Arctic: was he joking? LOL would love a Furlings series!

  35. I have been lukewarm on Season 1 (except for the last few episodes of the season) but Season 2 has been fantastic and Malice knocked it of the park. Of all of my favourite Stargate episodes (SG-1, Atlantis), none of them had me so riveted watching every SECOND of an episode like I felt last night with Malice.

    That was incredible story telling.

    It would be a tragedy if there wasn’t a Season 3 – this season and the new story direction outlined in the last 2 episodes is amazing.

    Best of luck on a Season 3 pick up – it’s deserved.

  36. Curious; I didn’t spot many Lucian Alliance in the pic; none that I recognize at least. I’m wondering if the last ep then is Lucian free? And I don’t see B.A.G., but then B.A.G. is an expert at keeping a low profile. Oh well, will have to wait until Left Behinders ep airs!

  37. Great pic! Has Mr Ferreira been sneaking up behind people and snappnig that clacker?

  38. All I want for Christmas is SGU season 3 commissioning, oooh-ooo-oooh, baby! Thanks for everyone for the great job, SGU changed the way I think of sci-fi, and I hope this is not a good-bye just a hiatus farewell 🙂 I’m waiting for the good news. (And I hope those nuts who campaign against SGU will be struck by a moderate lightning.)

  39. I just had to ask, why is Robert Carlyle way at the back not with the rest of the main cast?

  40. Congratulations on finishing up the season! Here’s to many more!! 😀

    Sweet photo! And what a coincidence; our department here at Caltech took a department photo yesterday too! My face was partially obscured, but that’s alright.

    We’ve seen nothing yet? But…but The Greater Good and Malice blew my socks off. I will run out of socks if the season continues to top itself! Where’s Colonel Young with his knitting skills?

    @ Arctic: I wouldn’t put too much credence into that. Rob Cooper does seem to have a very dry sense of humor, and Ajay and Teddy are big enough fans for such a joke to make sense.

    Then again, I haven’t seen the InnerSpace special, so who knows. I very much doubt a Furling series though.

  41. trying to find people in that last picture is like looking for waldo.

    a reminder:
    about your tokyo trip, if you’re looking for stuff for the weird food purchase of the day i had my brother ask about possibilities on an anime bboard he goes to;
    someone recommended ramune that comes in different flavors, like curry or wasabi. it’s usually available at village/vanguard (thats the name, it’s not 2 places) and there the chance to find a strange soft drink or 2 at 7-11 or family mart type places.
    brief research on ramune brings up more odd flavors;
    kimchi, octopus, chocolate, flaming, sour, sweet & mystery. the wasabi flavor is available at tokyu hands. there’s a store in the ginza area (marronnier gate)

  42. Didn’t like Malice much at all, some things that bug me…

    Where exactly was Simeon going on that planet ?

    What does he benefit from murdering all those people and taking the stargate to an alien planet he knows nothing about with little to no supplies.

    If they knew Simeon had intel about a possible attack on earth, they know there’s possibly going to be an attack on earth… so in effect are already prepared.

    Simeon left the ship, took a civilian that served no purpose and they send a huge team to retrieve them. He had almost no supplies other then weapons. They could’ve just left him to die.

    So are Lucian Alliance members still going to be allowed to walk around glowering at people with ineffective guards after this ?

    Last episode Young had a nervous breakdown trying to deal with nightmares involving Chloe and The Destiny. Based on that how could he give her access to the Bridge and be all ho hum about the other guys disagreeing with that?

  43. Coucou! ça va bien? moi oui! trés contente de pouvoir passé sur votre blog!!

    Merci pour toutes ces photos, j’aime beaucoup celle avec tout le cast réuni, j’espere pour vous et les fans que ce n’est pas la dérnière saison.
    Vous serai heureux d’apprendre que les ventes DVD de la saison 1 de SGU cartonne en France, peut être que la franchise convient mieux au publique français que les précédante.

    Gros bisou!!!

    ps: Quel sont vos projets maintenant? du repos je pense^^

  44. Does Jamil bike to work every day? (If so, that makes him like 100000 times cooler in my eyes!!!)

  45. Heya, i’m french…Just wanted to say thanks you for everythink! The ten last years with stargate was great! I have buy all DVD, i’m a real fan.

    I don’t want to see SGU ending for the season 2! I would like to pay for that show! You should make somethink where fan can buy each episode directly in internet, that’s would be great. I think audience doesn’t mean anythink at all.


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