Well, here we are – the last day of main unit principal photography on Stargate: Universe’s second season.    And I say again: “Wow!  That was fast!”.
I walked into my office to find THIS sitting on my desk…

And check out what was inside…

Cool, no?  And perfect for my upcoming trip.  So it should come as no surprise that the individual who got me the kindle was none other than my Tokyo travel wingman, and Stargate: Universe Special Features Producer, Ivon Bartok.  It was his way of thanking me for getting him the plane ticket – which sounds a lot more impressive than it really was since I used air miles to book both of our flights.  His gift is much appreciated and I look forward to the many hours I’ll spend enroute, ignoring him while I read the latest issue of Salmon Monthly.

Also much appreciated – this being our last main unit day and all – is the hard work of our catering crew (led by Steve on mains and Anthea on desserts) who served up a true feast for lunch today. Prime rib, prawn, spanapaktawhatchamajobs, red pepper soup, cheesecake, and sundry etceteras!

A point of interest - compare my modest portion of cheesecake (left) with Ashleigh's softball-sized portion. Now I'm not saying anything. Just...noticing.

We watched Carl’s producer’s cut of #218, Epilogue this afternoon.  This one gets a 3-hanky alert.  You’ve been warned!

Hey, Canadian Stargate fans – make sure to tune in to the post-SGU wrap-up show, Innerspace, this Friday night when the show will be co-hosted by none other than SGU/SGA co-creator/co-show runner/Executive Producer/Writer and Occasional Director Robert C. Cooper.  Rumor also has it that he’s in the running to replace Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada.


Gilder writes: “Joe, are you going to check mail at Bridge for a few more weeks?”

Answer: The production office will be open for another two weeks as the producers come in to watch the various cuts and mixes.  I believe December 3rd is my last day before my Tokyo trip.

detanfy writes: “1) Is it possible that Destiny and not the Stargates is actually the ancients most important invention?”

Answer: I suppose it’s a matter of opinion.

“2) hows the anime going? Did you finally finish or at least watch Eureka 7? I remember you having some trouble getting into it, besides the slow start it picks up and really is an amazing series”

Answer: Alas, haven’t watched Eureka 7 past the first couple of episodes.  Haven’t watched any anime in a while.  Thinking of checking out Baccano.

“3) when are we going to see more Destiny specific tech? like the repair drone for example”

Answer: Coming soon…

“4) Is “Ursini” the official name of the Awakening aliens? if so what compelled you to reveal it on here?”

Answer: It is the official name and I was compelled to reveal it here because someone asked me.

“5) is your comic project going to be Marvel/DC or Image?”

Answer: One more guess.

“6) I really enjoy the supporting characters, Brody, Volkner, James, park and co. Please tell me you are keeping them around and they won’t suffer the same fate as Riley
also will we be seeing more of them? not centric episodes, just more awesomeness in general and learning more about them”

Answer: We all love the supporting characters as well – but no promises as to their respective fates.

“7) Does Destiny have any secrets you aren’t telling us tech-wise, specifically in the weapons department, maybe version 1 drone weapons?”

Answer: In all probability, yes.

Jordan writes: “When you started in the entertainment business, obviously you probably wanted to get any job you could but creatively did you want to work on a certain genre? Like science fiction, or drama, or comedy? I know any job you could get you had to do but did you start writing to work on something specific?”

Answer: I’ve always enjoyed writing humor so, ideally, that’s the type of show I want to end up working on.

Brian M. White: “I just have a quick question: where do you find these locations?”

Answer: This is a question for the lovely Heather who heads up our locations department.  This season, she’s been able to find us locations we didn’t even know existed!

Holloway writes: “Last of all as for Ms. Kennair’s remarks doesn’t that simply confirm in part what I was saying last season in that Greer was underdeveloped compared to most (or all) of the main cast?”

Answer: I don’t think so.  The same comment could have applied to any of our characters had they received similar back half focus.

Aussuu writes: “So if/when SGU is picked up for a 3rd season do you see it possible to come back to Utah for an episode?”

Answer: It’s certainly possible.  Rob Cooper and the cast had a terrific time on their last visit.

melnjohn writes: “Did you know in advance that Ginn would be such a fan favorite? In other words, did you create her to be so well liked, or did Julie Mcniven just come off that good in the character?”

Answer: I’m not surprised because Julie McNiven is a wonderful and very charismatic actress.  You can attribute to popularity of Ginn to two things – the character on the page and Julie’s ability to interpret that character in a way that resonates with viewers.

nate writes: “1.) How much time had past between The greater good and Malice? Was it just a few minutes or hours?”

Answer: The action is continuous.  Think of it as one, long episode.

“2.) Are there any episodes coming up that reveal new areas of Destiny? You mentioned the dome room being repaired at some point…”

Answer: Yes and yes!

“3.) I may be mistaken, but didn’t you imply in a recent mailbag that Ginn isn’t really dead? Was that just to keep us in suspense or is there more to come from Ginn in the form of a vision for Eli, like Rush and his wife?”

Answer: Did I imply she wasn’t really dead or did I imply we’d see her again?  I don’t recall.

“4.) Why has no one thought about going back to the seed ship for Telford, since they can plot a new course and control destiny?”

Answer: Given the circumstances in which they left him and the time and distance that has passed, it would seem unlikely to many that he’d still be there.

“5.) So, is everyone on board with the mission of Destiny now?”

Answer: Sure looks that way.

Paddy writes: “Are we ever gonna get Camille on an offworld mission… every one has to chip in right??!”

Answer: Yes and yes.

Ben42 writes: “Do those bison/velociraptor hybrids have a name?”

Answer: Lenny, Phil, Margie, Loretta, and Maurice – those were the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

PJR writeS: “On the comic project were you given a strict pagination per issue, and so per story (whether told in one issue or across a few)? Hence, the structural breakdown to page-turns and frames per pages, etc.. Oh, and have you sorted an artist yet?”

Answer: We were given a script guide that covered formatting and general structure.  We’re operating under the standard 22 page/issue format.  The first story arc, which encompasses the potential two-part series premiere, will be comprised of four issues.  I’ll be doing one more pass on it tonight, then sending it my editor’s way in the morning. Hopefully, I’ll hear word on potential artists next week.

dioxholster writes: “You said North Americans have similar tastes but clearly not, I think someone had a point when they said SGU feels too Canadian. I think its valid, and it became very apparent with how you guys approached the sex storylines.”

Answer: Sorry, haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.  Are you suggesting that Americans are more prudish when it comes to sex on television?  Really?

Audrey writes: “So what’s up with Varro lying to Young and co., when he says he knows nothing of the attack on Earth? In Pathogen we see him have a talk with Simeon, and its sorta implied that they all know about it.”

Answer: No, I think it’s pretty clear in that scene that he and other Lucian Alliance members are offering Homeworld Command information while Simeon is offering disinformation.  The Alliance, as the name implies, is made up of various factions.  Simeon and Ginn belonged to the same faction, the group planning the rumored attack on Earth.

Viv writes: “Most network shows wrap in late March early April for shows that will air in May.”

Answer: And we’re about to wrap up in late November on a show that already started airing in late September.  It really depends on the series.  Shows like ours, that include significant VFX, will require more lead time.

Viv also writes: “But, your doubt aside, what sort of feedback would cause creative shifting for Season 3, or do you feel that it already is what it is?”

Answer: At the end of every season, we’ll look back and take stock, discuss what worked and what didn’t from a creative standpoint, consider what the fans responded to and what didn’t work for them, receive input from the studio and network, and move forward.  Suffice it to say that provided we get that third season pick up, season 3 will see some shocking, monumental developments.

52 thoughts on “November 18, 2010: The Final Day of Main Unit Photography on SGU’s Second Season!

  1. Nice Kindle!! And the food looked pretty good too. You’re lucky I was working on a bag of M&M’s, or I would have been jealous. 🙂 Have a good night!!!

  2. Looking forward to the next ep – and season!

    The Comic Project –
    Thanks for your response. I’d like to ask further:

    – is the script format somewhat along the lines of a TV/film script? I recall seeing an original some 20 years ago for the launch script, possibly, of The Missionary Man [Preacher Cain] that followed such (by the way, Frank Quitely worked on it), and so wondered.

    – and assuming (dangerous!) that ‘general structure’ you mention refers to plot/arcs, etc and not the script body – I’m wondering more about how through the brief you were given you see similarities and differences to the plotting/breaking/etc you do on a show like SGU, or Atlantis. Quite different animals or more similar, at least in essence, than we’d figure?

    – Now you’re working both on episodes and comic story planning, I’m wondering how many pages a 45 minute episode might run on the basis of the standard 22 page/issue comic format – much more or pretty much there?

    – You mentioned the first story arc, saying it encompasses the potential two-part series premiere, and will be comprised of four issues. Sorry, I’m not quite getting that – could you explain more? As it’s structural, I’m really interested!

    – Story arcs – What of the others, and how many? Do you mean A,B,C arcs running in parallel (TV-like), or instead you mean the overarching prime mojo arc of the tale?

    – Final pass and drop in post to ed: then, all wrapped for you? No production stage input? When is the first issue due out?

    – At what stage are your follow up stories/issues?

    – word on potential artists: looking forward to learning more. Do you get involved in choice in any way?

    Thanks – looking forward to learning more about the craft on the project.

    best, P

  3. Hello Joe.

    Thank you for answering my question. Any chance we could get a Q&A with Heather about location scouting?

    That Kindle device will come in very handy on your flight. Any good books planned for the trip?

    Best wishes,


  4. 1) This is a long winded question but I’ve been in this discussion about how some other fans don’t think this Lucian Alliance should be any trouble and my theory goes like this…

    “Well, the Lucian Alliance has changed a lot since SG-1. They tried the mafia organized crime structure with absolute power centralized and isolated to Netan and his Seconds. But Netan failed thanks to SG Command.

    So this structure was perceived to be weak and led to the decentralized leadership of regional groups loosely affiliated with each other which in turn was really ruled by a hidden layer of tribes, clans, and bands (like how Ginn and Simeon were part of the same clan, yet were part of Commander Kiva’s faction). I can’t help but notice this is all similar to how Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are evolving after the US’ Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns started.

    And you have to consider, they are humans just as smart and resourceful as those from Earth. Now that there’s no constant threat of Goa’uld, Replicators, and Ori to literally destroy the progress of their civilization in seconds; they’ve begun to naturally evolve and science, technology, mathematics, etc. and are flourishing. And the Lucian Alliance recognizes this and forcibly recruits the best and brightest to their cause. Plus they are scavenging technology much in the same way SGC did back in the beginning, reverse engineering what they can find.

    Plus, it’s a human vs human conflict; it’s a very different, and polarizing in a way, conflict compared to megalomaniac super villains that the Goa’uld, Replicators, and Ori represented.

    I think the Lucian really has come to represent the flip side of the Tau’ri. They both want to power to control their destinies but carry it out in different ways.”

    This sound about right or is there some factual errors in here?

  5. Saying goodbye to people who have become family is difficult. But I AM CONFIDENT. TRULY CONFIDENT that SGU will have a season 3. I look forward to my Christmas present (the announcement).

  6. Yes, an e-book reader! I love my Sony ereader and I’m sure you will love your Kindle as well.
    BUT There are a couple of things I don’t like about ebooks, so far. One, ebooks are more expensive than they should be and two, the restrictions ereader makers put on their devices. I would like to purchase an ebook anywhere for any ereader!
    Borders has an ebook section now, for epub and pdf’s. I’m not sure what formats Kindle supports but everyone I know with a Kindle loves it.
    Also, check with Narelle, she knows the best ebook places.
    Warning: shopping/buying ebooks can become addictive!

  7. Eureka 7 is one of the best animes of all time, The gekko-go kinda reminds me of the Destiny aside from bridge location. Also glad to hear about the Dome room being fixed I always thought it would make a beautiful garden, put some trees, bushes, and other plants that grow food put a couple of benches in there and then you are outside while inside.

    Now for a mailbag question

    You said that you doubt that the adrift seed ship Telford is on is in the same place. However it is known that there is a subspace link between Destiny and the Seed Ships, could Destiny find where that ship is through the subspace link.

    And a note from me

    You make awesome work and I enjoy SGU most of the time, but some episode need to be a little more SG1 a little less BSG if you know what I mean, don’t get me wrong drama is great but these are SG personal they make a habit of a little less talk a little more well you know. SGU also has a established canon, now while they don’t have access to alot of things from it, there are things like, why did the Lucian Alliance not have zats with them? according to canon they used goa’uld tech. I know lethal weapons give a darker feel than non lethal but it leaves the older fans scratching there heads going thats not right, new fans don’t need it explained because the Lucian Alliance are aliens and thats what they use, while older fans know that the LA use these kind of weapons and kind of expect it. I guess all im saying if im saying anything at all is don’t think you have to go back to SG1 or SGA but please you and the other writers don’t forget the canon and the roots of SGU.

    I hope that gets through moderation I’m not trying to bash you or anything but its just some thoughts that I have.

  8. hey joe

    got a mojor question thats bugging me
    hypothetically if SGU made it to its 5th season and syfy gave the producers an oppertunity for a 6th would the producers be willing to introduce a new mystery or plot after resolving, fulfiling the planned series finale?, like u did in SG1s season 9-10 or would they say no..the series has to end

  9. Let us know how it goes with the Kindle for you, have thought about getting one and will value you opinion. happy reading.
    Hard to think about shooting being over already, and your trip is almost here. Have a wonderful time!
    Good luck on artists for the comic book.
    and thanks for more pictures of food, always a fun thing.

  10. Awww….man!!! I can’t EVER get a freaking break w/ the mailbag. I think it’s an evil plot of yours Joe.

    Love the Kindle – Ivon’s a sweetheart for doing that. I’m sure mine must have gotten lost in the mail 😉 & you’re sweet for getting him the ticket…it was return wasn’t it?

    Thanks for your hard work on Season 2 of SGU…I’ve got Malice tonight – yay!!

    Got my fingers crossed for Season 3

    Cheers, Chev

  11. “Rumor also has it that he’s in the running to replace Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada.”

    That would be so great if Rob were the new host! I only wish you weren’t kidding. I’m not a Don Cherry fan.

    Oh, and I am so envious of your new e-reader. Wish I had one. What an incredibly thoughtful gesture on Ivon’s part (although you getting him a free ticket is equally generous, air miles or not).

  12. Man love that food… is that the norm? I mean no greasy fried foods, ‘chicken’ nuggets, dried up sausages or that sort of thing?

    It all looks healthy , too healthy haha (excepting the cheesecake of course).

    Now I need to google to find out what a ‘kindle’ is.. I’m guessing it’s all digital books captured in an electronic device. I can’t see you listening to audio books… you’d fidget too much.

  13. SGU feels too Canadian? What does that even MEAN? I thought it felt kind of alien, what with that spaceship and aliens and all. Are they being too polite?

  14. BAH! Kindle.

    Gimme ink and paper any day. Something very sexy about a book…cradling its smooth cover in my hands, absently fingering its pages, just taking in that warm, pulpy scent that you can almost taste on your tongue…aahhhh…gotta love it! Helps to have a glass of wine, or a good single malt whisky, by your side, too. 🙂

    When I read, I need ‘atmosphere’. When I was younger I could only read on the beach – and only Agatha Christie novels. I read everything she ever wrote, mostly during the summer, on the beach. I read some other mystery writers during my early years of marriage, but soon lost interest. No beach, no atmosphere, no desire.

    A few years ago I started reading historical age of sail novels…those were best read when I had occasion to dine alone in a particular nautical-themed restaurant in town. Perfect setting.

    Now I’m slowly but surely trying to transform my living room into my dream ‘library’. I call it that loosely since most of the books are in a different spot – so it’s really my living room-cum-reading room. I still need to paint the walls something other than their boring creamy color, but it’s getting there. Lots of wood and dark reds and other warm colors…except for those nasty walls. 😛

    Weird thing is I’ve always loved books – but was never an avid reader. I worked in a library for 4 years and loved every minute of it, and I’ve always surrounded myself with books, ever since I was a kid. Reference and non-fiction, mostly, like books on Native Americans and ships and astronomy. Until recently I’ve always preferred facts over fiction. I guess in my old age I want more escapism, or something. 🙂


    (Joe, gonna drop you a quicky e-mail)

  15. @ chevron7 – You and me? Same boat, different tide. 😛 I always miss the mailbag, too.


  16. Comic publisher…hope it’s Antarctic Press…would give you excuse…ahem…business reasons to visit San Antonio.

  17. Can’t see the pictures! Is it my computer’s fault? 🙁 Sigh.

    I’m thinking of getting an iPad, but I’m not sure yet. Could just be a waste of money. Anyway, I prefer paper and ink books where I can smell the paper and not get sore eyes from staring at a screen.

  18. Joe,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Now that you’ve wrapped up production on Season 2, can you tell us if we can expect to see Amanda Tapping as Carter sometime this season (even if just a cameo?) I hope so!!

  19. Mr M none of the pictures show up for me earlier either. Then they just pop up. Have no image download problems with other web sites. So, I conclude this is a wordpress issue. Before you attempt to reload the images tomorrow, wait to hear from people on the blog if they still see nothing after refreshing this web page. If anyone still see no pictures after refreshing. drop Mr M a message about it/

    My guess on your comic publisher is Dark Horse. Do I get a no prize like in the old Marvel usage?

  20. Well, thank you for the answer. I was hoping you’d give their species a name but I usually enjoy reading your humorous take on things and this is no different.

  21. Hi !

    Last week I got the SG-1 10 seasons box! So started to re watch from the beginning, and got some questions. Now, I know you where not involved in the beginning, or, didn’t see your name at least. But you might know the answers anyway, or maybe could ask around?

    1. Thor’s Hammer: Was it decided here, that the asgards was supposed to be a big part of the Stargate world? Or did it come in Thor’s Chariot, 5th race or even later? Same goes for the Tollan and Tok’Ra, was it decided from the first time that they appeared, that they should be recurring. And at the same time, the Alien from Fire and water, that lost his love, Omoroca, was he supposed to reappear? It sounded like that in the end.

    In the Torment of tantulus, when we got to know about the 4 races, was it decided there that it was Nox, Asgards, Aincents and Furlings, or did that come after a while?

    Whell, turn out quite long, but what I was woundering is, how much from season 1 and 2 was planned to be a recurring thing? Was it planned, or did it come after a while, that it would be fitting to use the Asgards more and not, maybe the Nox, or, introduce the Furlings etc.

    rehards Peter

  22. I would love to see you writing comedy again, I think its by far your strongest genre – Window of Opportunity in particular was just comedic genius.

  23. Wouldn’t it be weird if any Stargate Sg 1 member make a cameo appearance on universe and met Varro since you know he play a bounty hunter that tried to kill them in the past?

  24. Ooh, I hope you’ll tell us what you think of Baccano once you finish it. I went through the whole series in only a few days and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  25. Hey Joe

    I see 4 pics and there were 4 pics when I posted yesterday.


  26. Jovanna: I got the Sony ereader because my eyes are so bad. My Sony ereader enlarges the print and the elink screen is so easy on my eyes, MUCH less eye strain than a paper book. (some of the newer color ereaders would be hard for me to take because they are backlit and aren’t using the elink technology)
    I understand why you might not want to give up paperbooks though. I felt the same way at first but age sucks!
    Das: yes, I do miss book smell but having an ereader doesn’t mean I can’t read paper books.

  27. Brody and Volker have like the ultimate bromance. Those two are ALWAYS paired together on-screen (so much so that it feels weird when one is missing) and even if your off-screen pics i rarely see the two apart.

    But why is that though? Was it a conscious decision to pair them together or is it just their chemistry that makes it ‘work’?

  28. Joe,
    I’ve loved the last three episodes, I’m sucked in for sure now despite the Tuesday time slot.

    My only criticism with Malice were that those cow/dinosaurs appeared to be grazing, but since they were in the desert, it would be hard for that many big animals to get enough nourishment from just scrub plants.

  29. I’m wondering if any merchandise i.e. action figures will be made based on SGU?

  30. Hi,

    I don’t know if you have any control over this, but can you get itunes to upload new episodes sonner? The latest SGU episode aired on Tuesday and it won’t be on itunes until Saturday… I think more people would buy the episodes if you can get them online sooner 🙂

  31. Kindles are fracking awesome. Yes, paper and ink books are still wonderful and I still read ’em but on a trip especially a long one? Kindle wins hands down. It has tons of features too. Congratulations!

  32. Looking forward to Season 3 and enjoy the Kindle. You can get a lot of classic works that are now public domain for free.

    You may have already answered this: are we ever going to find out what happened to Palmer and Curtis? I thought that was going to be addressed in Visitation but it looks like that’s Dr. Caine’s group.

  33. Das, if you want to remain an ebook virgin, don’t let anyone put a Kindle in your hands. I understand they are extraordinarily addictive. People who are dead set against ebooks wind up converted in very little time.

    However, if you find you can’t avoid the siren call and fall victim, and you enjoy mystery novels, I’ve got a couple out in Kindle format…

    Just sayin’…

  34. I understand that LDP as a guest star has limited availability and can only appear in a certain amount of episodes. But just for the plot of the show, the fact the crew doesn’t even reference going back to check on Telford is not logical. Young didn’t vent the air from the gate room when the LA came onto the ship to spare Telford’s life, but now Young is not even willing to try to go back and look for him?

  35. Hmm. Have you tried downloading any books to your Kindle yet, Joe? I don’t know if you have to be in the States or not to do it, due to territorial restrictions on the books. I’m with a small press that got world English rights, but most of the big presses in the States just get US English rights (or maybe North American English rights), which means they might or might not be able to sell to you in Canada. Gah! They make this stuff more complicated than they need to.

  36. @ Pepper Smith – Oh, no worries about that, no plans of ever buying one. I don’t like gadgets and I really don’t like to read from the screen. In fact, I have a whole disc-load of Zenith the Albino stories that I’ve barely touched because staring at a screen bugs my peeperorbs. IF I’m interacting (such as posting on a blog or forum), then that’s different because my attention is focused, but I don’t actually read most stuff on the computer – I just scan. If I want to read something of any length, I print it out on regular paper. So, I guess that’s really saying something about how distracting a computer is to me. 😛 Reading has always been a problem for me because I AM easily distracted, but I am doubly distracted trying to read from a computer screen. That’s why sometimes I make several comments on one of Joe’s blog entries – I scan, pick and choose, then come back, scan again…scan through comments, read as many as I can…rinse, and repeat.

    @ Tammy Dixon – Oh, I have no problem with OTHER people having e-readers. Just Joe. 😀


  37. no not prudish. Canadian movies portray sex differently than american ones, you mustve noticed this. Even though its risque, its always bland and never erotic, just tedious like turtle sex. You guys depict it differently and thats that lol. Whatever the case, viewers like to watch others have sex…but these characters need to be in their own bodies, thats what I gleaned from all this. When the show went one as if it werent a problem that was probably the last straw for many, kinda overshadowed the character stories. Thats not my views of the show though, I like that this show opened my eyes to the possibility of having sex in someone else’s body haha.

    Btw, do you actually like walking dead still? I think its dumb. Especially episode 2. They managed to make zombies boring.

  38. Damn, your blog entries always manage to make me hungry.

    Thanks for the hanky alert for “Epilogue”, I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂 After all, I saved the tissue boxes that were left from season 1 finale (I was so sure something was going to happen to TJ) and used up during “Intervention”.

    Not sure what to say about the season 2 wrapping up. Congrats? 🙂 I’m sure I’m going to love this season to bits. Fingers crossed for season 3.

  39. Hey Joe

    I was looking through some of the things you have read and I have read most of those books as well. One I didn’t see was “Soon I Will Be Invincible” by Austin Grossman. I think you might like it.
    Glad to hear this season went well, I really hope we get another one.

  40. I’ll need new readers before I can Kindle. Even if I bump up the size, the screen bothers me. My nephew has an ereader of some kind, which since he is going to be on a sub, makes a lot of sense space-wise. I hope when he gets his newest toy, I will inherit the older technology. Hand me downs rock.

    Random story: I was shopping with my friend Genius and my sailor nephew who is on leave. We’re a goofy lot at the best of times. We passed a sign advertising iPads on sale. I giggled, because I was carrying a feminine hygiene product in my pocket. They asked and I explained. The plot was hatched. As we exited the store, I reached into my vest pocket, and in one smooth motion, unwrapped that rascal, neatly slapped it on the sign with a backhand swing, and kept going. Did not break my stride nor look back. epicwin! Although by the time we reached the car, we were laughing so hard we could barely walk. You had to be there moment. Good thing I didn’t get caught, we were on a military base …

  41. e-readers rock, although trying to get any work done aside from reading can be a challenge… good luck!

    Tokyo is fantastic, especially the food!

  42. I have to agree, I hate publishers who charge the same price for a e-book as a printed copy. I have no problem with people making a profit but…

    That is why I prefer Baen Books, no DRM, 4 formats, just no PDF because Jim Baen didn’t like it. Plus they sell books at a reasonable price, plus offer a number of first books in their series for free, like any good crack dealer.

  43. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Congratulations on completing another season’s production.

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