The “I Make the Best Whatever” contest is off to a great start.  Check out yesterday’s blog for full contest details but, in short, I’m asking blog readers to send in a description of THE dish they’re known for  – be it rack of lamb, walnut cream cake, or those bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with almonds – along with an accompanying photo.  I’ll choose eight dishes from the field of entries and then have them go head to head for the title of “I Make the Best Whatever” Kind and/or Queen (along with some awesome prize to be revealed later at a later date).  Anyway, some very intriguing dishes to choose from already.  Among them:

DasNDanger’s Puerco Pibil…

I know, I know. I too figured she just read comic books all day. Who knew she could cook!

Jeff W’s Chocolate and Black Raspberry Cheesecake…

Now I don't usually mix fruit and dessert, but I might make an exception in this cake.

Alexander of Houston’s formidable-looking Brined Pork Tenderloin with Pourgouri Pilafi and Porcupine Ball…

If it tastes anywhere as good as it looks...

Mark’s grandmother’s Plum Jam Kifli…

I bet I could eat about a dozen of these before I even finished making them.

Keep those pics and dish descriptions coming.  You have until…well, let’s say the end of November – which fast approacheth!

Speaking of fast approachething – this upcoming week marks the final few days of production on Stargate: Universe’s second season.  It seems like only yesterday I was crying myself to sleep, agonizing over the script to episode #203, Awakening and suddenly, it’s ten months later and I’m crying myself to sleep, agonizing over what I’m going to wear to this weekend’s season 2 wrap party.  Wow!  That was quick!  Hopefully, we’ll hear word on the fate of the show before I’m Tokyo-bound in early December – but I won’t hold my breath.

Damn.  Looks like my Snow Monkeys are about to go down in defeat in week 10 of Stargate NFL Fantasy Football play.  The blame for this week’s loss falls on the shoulders of three consistent underperformers: Dolphin wide receiver Brandon Marshall, KC Tight End Tony Moeaki, and the Baltimore Ravens D.  Thanks for nothing, all.  I’m dumping the Ravens D and benching Marshall until further notice.  Would love replace Moeaki, but it’s mighty slim pickin’s on the waiver wire.


DP writes: “Do I have to decide between pumpkin bread and blackberry cobbler or can I do both?”

Answer: Feel free to submit both, but make sure to include a photo of each for the official selection process.

DP writes: “Will you be making all the recipes, Joe, or do we need to mail them to you? […]  Will you sample to pick the top 8 or go with what your experience says will turn out well?”

Answer: I’ll be making all the recipes and judging the finished products when the time comes.

kabra writes: “Contest sounds cool, can we enter more than once? Are there any specific categories???”

Answer: Let’s say a maximum of five dishes per person.  All entries should fall under the “delicious” category.

Alexander of Houston writes: “Your Braised Short Ribs sound pretty good. Do you deglaze and use the fond? I heard second hand that in Europe, specifically in Italy, some CIA students were turned sideways when their host chef threw out the fond after he seared some meat. I hate to say this, but what did you do (ie add) to your polenta?”

Answer: Yes, I use the fond and that’s not polenta.  It’s a polenta substitute = sweet potato mash.

Nadine Ramsden writes: “Speaking of recipes, any chance you could post Akemi’s recipe for the miso soup?”

Answer: Plenty of requests for this one.  I promise to post later this week.

KEK writes: “You’ve said before that you’re not to keen on ascended being as they seem to stray into the realms of fantasy rather than sci-fi at times, with this in mind can we assume that Destiny’s mission and the resolution will be purely scientific/natural in nature, and never supernatural?”

Answer: Not necessarily.  There are plenty of other equally opinionated writer/producers on staff.

Oreol writes: “Syfy is selling SGU props like the kino and the remote. Why? It sounds terrible for Season Three. Should we go in panic mode?”

Answer: Nope. writes: “The question I want to ask is whether is there any chance to get any schematics of Destiny?”

Answer: I’ll see what I can dig up.

adam writes: “Hey Joe, quick question, is there any news of a Stargate Universe Season 1 Soundtrack?”

Answer: Sorry, haven’t heard anything.

Brian C writes: “What is the total elapsed time from leaving the naquada planet to the last episode of SGU?”

Answer: I’d say about a year.

Greg writes: “what happens when they complete Destiny’s mission? Show ends?”

Answer: Yep.

59 thoughts on “November 14, 2010: The “I Make the Best Whatever” contest is off to a delicious-looking start! That was fast! And the mailbag!

  1. Just wanted to say last episode was the best yet, I loved it soooo much. Great work.

  2. OH Joe.
    Please don’t tell me you watched the Texans at Jaguars game, I am a little ashamed. The end was terrible. In an attempt to intercept a pass number 29 of the Texans ended up spiking the ball right into the Jacksonville receiver’s arms during the Last SECOND of the the 4th thereby breaking the tie. The look on Glover Quin’s (29) body language was heart breaking. Poor fella.

    Sweet potato mash, interesting, very interesting. Where I am from I guess the general term for the orange fleshed potato is sweet potato, everywhere else would be yam. Yeah I think that is why the color confused me.

    Man I am nervous, I will put a look out for some other dishes, prepare them, then post a picture.

  3. What? Moi??! Read comic books all day??!

    HA! A lot YOU know, smartypants. I take NAPS, too!!! 😀


  4. @ Sparrowhawk – Hmmmm…ya any good at dustin’ and vacuumin’, too??

    And Sparrow, I got Reliquary today, and started reading tonight around 7. Took a few breaks, but I’m already more than a third way through. God, I do love this Pendergast fella! Sometimes he reminds me of Zenith, and sometimes of Elric…the latter especially in this book (and D’Agosta makes the perfect Moonglum! 😆 When you get to the scene, I think you’ll know what I mean).


  5. Somethings been nagging at me ever since I started to re-watch SG-1… You know how the Stargate will close if there is not a constant radio signal or something going through it? Well it got me thinking, if that’s true what’s to stop the gate from just closing the second it opens? We’ve seen this happen a few times.. To name a one, Atlantis-“The Prodigal” where Mckay uses the gate to destroy Michael’s Puddle Jumper.. So was it just never explained that there is a radio thing that broadcasts as long as it wants to or..? Now that I am thinking about it, maybe the Earth gate because it uses our own power instead of a DHD is different in the sense of as long as we are pumping power in to it and don’t cut it off it’ll stay active. But if that is in fact the case how does it explain other gates when it’s an incoming wormhole from a gate with a DHD. Do you know any possible reason??

    Anyway I’m sooo excited for Tuesdays episode. I find that I get excited Monday for some reason and watch the clock and then realize it’s Monday :/ You’d think that’d make me remember really well on Tuesday, but strangely it doesn’t. I always forget. Thank you DVR 🙂

    That reminds me, question 2: If I’m DVR’ing SGU, but also watching it live.. Like recording it, but watching it live. Like not pausing it, then does it count for both or just DVR’ing it? I’m willing to bet it counts towards DVR’ing it and if that’s the case, let’s say I DVR it at 6:00 and then watch it live with out recording it at 9:00, will it count for both then or what? Hopefully that all made sense lol. Just let me know if it didn’t and I’ll re-word it..

    Anyways, have a good night/day. 😀

  6. I couldn’t find any other place to contact anyone from the show Stargate Universe. I just wanted to say that I heard about “low ratings” and I just wanted to add my input. I think the show needs a little more action via a constant enemy like SG-1 had with the gouald and Atlantis had with the wraith. I’d hate to see the show go off the air or anything like that b/c I’ve always loved stargate. Just letting you know the consensus around my house. lol …. Oh, also, more Julie McNiven, she’s hot! 😉

  7. Hey Joe – if you’re going to post some recipes, would you please post Ivon’s Pulled Pork recipe, from a couple of weeks ago, if you have the time? I would really appreciate it!!

    Thanks so much!!


  8. Dear Joe,

    I too shared the dissapointment from the last season of the F Word…however if you enjoyed the concept you should check out his new show Ramsay’s Best Restaurant. It is of the exact same concept and I am really enjoying it.

    Also, TOP CHEF Just Desserts is freaking insane but totally worth it. Do check it out once it premiers. I am very excited for Top Chef All Stars premiering on December 1st. My girls Carla and Tiffany better go to the top!

    As for your contest please enjoy the following entries:

    1) Chocolate chip cookies. Simple yet completely divine.

    2) Short rib lasanga (picture to be provided in the near future)

    3) Chocolate and peanut butter bread pudding (picture to be provided in the near future)

    Cool? Thanks Joe.


  9. im really starting to like season 2, but if my math is right then a 304 with fully loaded 302 bay of supplies and a zpm powered hyper-drive could get to the Destiny fairly easily say about a half a year to a year. Im a space ship nut cant be helped. On a similar note is there anyway we could get a copy of Destiny’s operating system for our home computers, a linux kernel maybe?

  10. I also made a Pound Cake from a recipe I got off Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee and my family said it was one of the best pound cakes they’ve had.

  11. I don’t have a lot of time to cook, but I think it might be in my future with all the great recipes here. Looking forward to seeing who the winners are (how can you pick only one?!?).

    I’m really enjoying SGU, but dang it, I wish Syfy would give you a decent lead-in. How can they honestly determine the fate of your show when they’re airing old episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation the hour before it? That just ain’t right.

  12. Joe, thank you very much for trying to help. At first I was scared you would throw me out of an airlock because of some production secrets without even reading my post to an end 🙂

    I’m gonna anxiously wait for any word (or picture) from you


  13. When it comes to cooking, my specialty is reservations. If I lived in Vancouver, I would instead offer my services as an impartial judge, but, alas…

  14. I do have a great cheesecake recipe, but in order to submit the picture I would have to make it. Since Jeff hates cheesecake, that would leave me and only me with a full-sized cheesecake.

    Can we post recipes if we don’t have the picture and it still count? This cheesecake is destined to harden arteries. It’s very cake like though (like a New York cheesecake), and I think I remember you like your cheesecakes creamy.

  15. @Ponytail:

    Give me that cheesecake recipe now!! I want it!! Now!!

    That’s the usual reaction I get! 🙂

    The recipe’s too long to post here, so I added it to the Flickr comments…see:

    If you have any questions, you can email me at the email address in the comments on the linked Flickr page.

    Let me know how it turns out!



  16. So, last episode of SGU would be accomplishing the mission? Okay. Here’s a question. Whether the series finale happens in a year from now or three years… given how it ends, would it be possible to make an SGU movie after the series? How conclusive is the ending?

    Yummy pics! 🙂

  17. Joe, I’ve got a pastry question. 😀

    When you make puff pastry, how do you keep it crisp, crunchy & fresh past Day 1? (I do use a filling, but it’s minimal.) When I stored it in a zip-lock bag overnight, it was soggy the next day. *shudder* The second batch I put in a tin container, separated by layers of foil. Those were only “OK” the next day, but were chewy and nothing like Day 1. Before I attempt the hours that go into the recipe, how do you preserve the Day 1 texture of puff pastry?

    Or should I just forget about it, make it, and declare immediate open season on grazing until we all resemble the puff pastry? 🙂

  18. Oh, and by the way…I would love to see DasNDanger’s Puerco Pibil recipe…that looks absolutely delicious!

    I have a pulled pork recipe that I do in an electric smoker (which my son said I should post), but I doubted that Joe would have a smoker that could smoke for 12-hours (at least I haven’t seen him post about smoking anything), so I went with the Cheesecake instead.

  19. Hi Joe,

    Interesting contest going on. The only food I know how to cook is of the really boring uber-healthy and easy-to-prepare variety. It wouldn’t come close to the niceties already going up. 😉

    Anyway, a couple quick questions about ships in SGU and one about the mission.

    Beyond Destiny (or “the Destiny”) we know that there are multiple Ancient ships ahead of it, collecting data, resources, building and planting stargates. We’ve seen one of the seed ships.

    Are there any scout ships ahead of the seed ships?

    It seems like there’d be a scout ship in the front, which collects data, designed in a different way then the other ships. Then the seed/seeder ships. Then Destiny.

    With exception to the seed ship with Telford and the “Awakening” aliens, are there any ships (possibly with different purposes) behind Destiny or is Destiny in the back of the line of ships?

    Regarding that really interesting mission, or what we know of it so far from what Rush told Young, it seems like that Intelligent Design or that Message might not necessarily have to be located at the point in space-time from which our universe was created.

    Is it possible the source(s) or creator(s) of the Message has/have actually moved, no longer being located at the point in space-time where the or our universe was created but, rather, located somewhere in space (and time) closer to Destiny?

    Kind of a weird question but if it is or was a form of intelligence, it’d make sense for it to be “mobile”, capable of travelling both space and time, and to not remain rooted back at the “beginning” (or “end” (or both)).

    Thanks! 🙂

    Sean D.

  20. Hi Joe,

    I’m intrigued by your hints about other strongly opinionated writers regarding the Ancients, ascension, etc. I’d love to hear some stories about some of the arguments (ahem) enlightened discussions in the writers’ room when it comes down to deciding what kind of technology/supernaturalness/deus ex machina to introduce into the show. I have a feeling there may have been some objections to things like Zats or Ronon’s stunner.


  21. Hey Joe,

    I don’t have a great recipe, but I’ve been meaning to ask if you’ve ever had macaroons from the Confiserie Spruengli in Switzerland? In my humble opinion they are the best I ever tasted. They call them Luxemburgerli. Here’s their website
    And a blog entry I found (not mine), but pretty much describes my feelings and accompanied by photos:

  22. DasNdanger said:

    @ chevron7 – Sausage Surprise? Isn’t that code for a blind date with a transvestite?

    Das, you have no idea how much that made smile…thanks for the comment…it may very well be but hey I was 15…LOL

    Cheers, Chev

  23. Elminster writes: “@Joe – What’s Canada’s ratings for SGU? I have a feeling that the number of viewers from Canada, England and Australia would out-perform the USA’s.”

    Answer: SGU does very well on Canada’s Space channel averaging about 350 000 viewers per episode, which is all the more impressive when you consider the fact that Canada has roughly one tenth the population of the U.S.

    Certainly not Australia. It’s on PayTV in Aus and not a lot of people have that…SGU got 22,000 viewers last week for The Greater Good (74th out of the Top 100 Pay TV shows for the week), But then the top performer that week Hannah Montana only got 53,000 viewers.

    Next year SGU will be making a return to free-to-air TV in Australia. They tried it out last year but stupidly put it on in December when everyone was busy with Christmas preparations. Channel 10 yanked it after only 3 weeks and kept it aside until they launch their new digital channel.

    I feel pretty helpless here. I can’t even share my SGU Season 1 bluray with other Aussies to gather interest because it’s Region A and no-one else can watch it. I participate in the SGU Awareness Campaign, tweet it up when SGU airs, share posters and other graphics that I make to support the show I don’t know anyone with the precious Nielsen box – do they even exist? I think the ratings system sucks and I want to create a better system….end rant 😉

    Cheers, Chev

  24. Catching up….

    Joe said:

    By the way, with regard to those creative head shots I displayed in a previous post. Yes, the Indy Volker was compliments of our very own Chevron7. Not to be outdone, actor Jamil Walker Smith (SGU’s Master Sergeant Ronald Greer) put his own photoshopping skills on display…

    Thanks heaps Joe 😀 That was about 4 different layers put together and I’m ecstatic with the result.

    I’ve got a few ideas for my next Photoshop project, although when I get home I need to do some more graphics for the SGU Awareness campaign…oh and your birthday present…haha

    Maybe I should do a Joe & Ivon hit Tokyo image before December.

    Jamil – that was seamless….loved it!!! LOL

    Cheers, Chev

  25. I managed to scrounge up those mailbag questions from the other week:

    Questions for mailbag Joe:

    1. What was your fave show as a kid? Have we talked about this before?

    2. Was about your snow monkeys but you’ve gioven us an update..I just lost another game…that’s twice now to the leader of our competition.

    3. Do you like horse racing? Ever go to the races? This was before our Melbourne Cup so it was on my mind.

    4. Did you see the Tiger video I sent? Not Woods…the tiger attacking the guy on the elephant.

    5. Would you ever go on The Amazing Race yourself? When I was watching I thought of the ultimate team..if they had foursomes….you to do the food challenges, BamBam to do the crazy physical challenges and the driving, Ivon to ask for directions/help/general schmoozing (especially at the airport to get us awesome seats) and do any drinking challenges and me to do puzzle challenges, plot against the other teams and research each leg…lol

    6. Did everyone have the choice to inform their loved ones about Destiny and some chose not to? I’m wondering why Eli never told his Mum, why he always kept pretending he was passing on messages, in comparison to Camille who told Sharon.

    7. What period of time on Earth has passed since the start of the show? When will the SGC give them up as missing?

    8. Why wasn’t Telford mentoned in Pathogen and in any other episode lately? I know he hasn’t been on the ship long, but surely someone other than me cares.

    9. How do you choose the writers for the movies? Like if they go with SGU movies in the future, how do you choose the writer? Would you all pitch ideas or would Brad and Rob have a long term plan of the story arc that would be covered in Season 3, 4 etc or movies?

    10. How’s your Japanese progressing compared to last trip? Akemi surely must have helped, you must miss her (this was when she was back in Japan). When is she returning? We miss her too.

    You don’t have to answer them all…just pick your faves….please?

    Cheers, Chev

  26. 1st Congratulations to Carlyle for winning that Gemini!!! So well deserved and what a fine acknowledgment of his talent! And I am so proud and happy to see someone carry the #SGU flag at the gemini! I really enjoyed following the cast on Twitter the whole week-end and seeing them on Innerspace.

    I am also so fascinated by Louis Ferreira.
    What an incredible person! I have never seen an actor’s personality being so far away from his character. It’s really a shock to see how extravagant and extrovert Louis can be in real life and how reserved and grave Colonel Young can be. Is it always easy to work with him (I heard about crazy golf car races O-o) or is it just a switch for him, he becomes Young at the moment the camera starts shooting ? All the SGU actors are fantastic, but Louis is coming out as not being his character at all. You know for instance Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones, the character is in him. I don’t see Young at all in Louis which is amazing. I can only think of Gary Oldman (with Louis) that can be so far away from his role.
    I am knocking very very hard on wood because I want to see “more” this and this SGU family (you know what I mean).
    Take care.

  27. Hey Joe,

    I’m pretty excited now, I am making my first visit to Vancouver and am arriving this Friday. I’m from New Zealand so it’s a pretty long flight!

    I’ve got a few things organized to do, I’m there for 6 nights (going to the USA after). I’ll be by myself, so will be a good adventure. I’m going to 3 Vancouver Canucks games 🙂

    I’m planning on visiting Romers Burger Bar as per your suggestion.

    Anything else you suggest I must do in Vancouver?

    Keep up the good work with Stargate and all!


  28. Oreol writes: “Syfy is selling SGU props like the kino and the remote. Why?”

    SyFy is not selling SGU props. It’s merely a contest to win some SGU gadgets of which I bet there are multiples layin’ around in storage. SyFy doesn’t even own those things, the production studio, MGM, does. Right?

  29. Is there a relation between Destiny’s mission and the beings who made the solar system seen in “Faith”?

    And will the differences between FTL and Hyperdrive be elaberated on further??

  30. I Should. Not. Read the Blog. Before Breakfast.

    Unfortunately, neither my life nor my kitchen is squared away enough for competition level baking/cooking. Coca-cola spare ribs? Raspberry bavarian? Pepper Sable cookies? Spicy Carrot-ginger soup? Oh, and then there’s my unfortunate tendency to stray from the base recipe and not write down the modifications. And yes, I too make killer cheesecake. Perhaps this spring would be a good time for cheesecakes on parade?

    Perhaps by the holidays I will have dad’s house, and hence my life and my kitchen squared away. The I can do a mean Buche de Noel.

    Would it be cheating to use a picture and recipe I made last summer? I know I have a picture and the recipe for raspberry barvarian. I make it when the berries are growing outside my back door.

  31. What day/time should I be there for the judging?

    JeffW: how do you feel about bigamy? 😀 (just kidding but your cheesecakes look awesome!)

    anneteldy: hubby is big time computer geek. He says there are different versions of HTML, so not all HTML code will work on the same way. Try using the symbols instead of the brackets in code.

    Loving my new Win 7 Phone but having Raynaud’s is not good with a touch screen. 🙄

  32. @archersangel:

    oooo! that chocolate and black raspberry cheesecake looks like it should be illegal in 17 states.


    With all the TransFat laws going on the books by the food police, I think it is! 😉

  33. Quelle belle idée que ce concours de recettes.

    Hier soir on a regardé le dernier épisode “The greater good”. Enfin ! tous savent que Rush conduisait le vaisseau. Il était temps! Excellent jeu d’acteurs entre Rush et Young.

    Mais le fond diffus cosmologique (ce résidu du big bang à quelque -270 C) est très très très loin: 13 milliards d’années-lumière c’est loin …Le Destiny doit vraiment voyager “faster than light”!!

    À suivre

  34. This looks like a competition I can get behind!

    I was looking for an excuse to make my famous cookies today…

  35. anneteldy: symbols canced each other out on example I put in. I meant use these < :D.

  36. Hey, sorry about last posts to Anneteldy, my brain isn’t working well today. Reread yesterdays and finally sunk in. Caught a cold from son and it’s going to be a long week 🙁 .

  37. @Tammy Dixon:

    JeffW: how do you feel about bigamy? 😀

    Monogamy is cheaper! 😀

    (just kidding but your cheesecakes look awesome!)


    Maybe you should convince the hubby to try his hand at cheesecakes? I started baking cheesecakes about 3 years ago (I was Mostly a grillin’ man before that), but I wanted to do something for my wife for our anniversary. So I tried a simple cheesecake recipe, built on it and modified it, and now I end up making at least a dozen a year to keep up with family and friends’ requests.

    If he’s worried about baking not being manly enough, have him look at the ingredients…there’s around a cup of butter in this bad boy! If Tim “the Toolman” Taylor made cheesecakes, this would be it!

    Thanks again for the complement…and I hope your cold gets better.

  38. I don’t think you’ll like my recipes; they are not Libra-friendly according to my Libra sister. You’ve been warned! Okay, my Very Fast Imitation Sancocho: I don’t have the patience to go the market and carefully select the right chicken, then have it’s neck wrung before I go on to harvest my own herbs, so here’s the quick way to make a delicious sancocho:

    Mince a little garlic (2 cloves), onions (1/4 cup chopped), parsley and devil weed aka cilantro and roast in a sauce pan with a little olive oil; toss in slices of polska kielbasa (enough for 2 servings) and add some white pepper and paprika. If you have shrimp, toss them in now.

    Once the bold sausage oils have mingled with the gentle olive oils and the onions are sweated you can pour in a can of plain ol’ Campbell’s chicken soup (low salt) and yes, a can of water (see? I know it’s low rent but it is tasty).

    Stir that up and let it simmer for a few minutes, then add: 1/2 cup of gnocchi, 1/2 cup of cabbage, and a firm ripe plantain cut into medallions; the plaintain should be a nice yellow color, not too dry but not so ripe that it’s mushy. Toss in a 1/2 cup of chickpeas or sweet peas if you prefer; the bean of your choice.

    Let it simmer until the plantain turns a bright pretty deep yellow and the gnocchi are nice and fat, prolly another 5 to 10 minutes.

    Serve with Whole Wheat Grilled Cheese sandwiches, made with lots of butter and Gouda cheese.

    Okay so the other recipe is for Cold Udon Salad, which I’ve already bragged about in other posts but again, it does not sprechen die Libra:

    Slice up different veggies but keep them separated; no mixing: chives, tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, and also some bean sprouts. Cut up some very pretty Surimi like imitation crab; in Japan we used these very pretty pressed fish that came in star shapes, cute and tasty.

    Warm some ready to eat Udon noodles with peas, strain them and put them in a bowl. Stir some soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and a dash of pepper and salt onto the noodles and stir it up.
    Arrange the veggies on top of the noodles in neat rows, so that you get pretty colors onto top of the white noodles.

    If you want to throw caution to the wind sprinkle a little tiny bit of the Udon powered packet of flavoring (those mysterious little foil packets packed with msg) onto the noodles.

    Sit and admire the presentation, then stir everything up and much it down. Then take a deep long sleep, because for some reason the combo of rice wine vinegar and heavy carbs will make you sleep like a baby. Not good for work lunches.

  39. Yikes, I don’t have pics, I will take myself out of the prize thingie for now, maybe over tgiving I will get cooking again!

  40. Lou Zucaro (from Friday!)

    Yeah, that was my (badly-worded) point – the show hasn’t lost anything by putting the leads together. Chuck & Sarah still spark, and it hasn’t become a daytime soap. I don’t know why so many shows are so afraid of going there – a relationship is as interesting as the show wants it to be.

    On to food! Yes, publish that cheesecake recipe – the world can never have too many! 🙂 My family usually demands Lemon (lemon cheesecake topped with lemon curd, sprinkled with walnuts), and work usually asks for Cappuccino (just a nice dense cheesecake made with espresso (ground, not brewed) and a chocolate crust, gussied up with chocolate curls/choc coffee beans/whatever’s on hand. Mmm!)

  41. Hey there, this recipe isn’t that fancy I got it from Rachel Ray’s 30 min meals and I think its great. Only takes around 30 min to make.

    Lemon, Garlic roasted Chicken with Rosemary

    Some boneless skinless chicken breasts. I use boneless, skinless chicken thights I just like them better.

    Douse chicken in roast pot with olive oil couple, couple tablespoons.

    4-6 (however you like) garlic diced/crushed

    Zest and juice of 1 lemon

    Salt & Pepper

    1/2 cup of white wine

    Chicken Broth – how much depends on how much chicken I use around cup – 1.5…

    Montreal chicken seasoning

    Mix it all up and make sure the chicken is nicely coated with all the ingredients then roast for 20 minutes at 450 F ( check if its done) mix it up abit more, and let it sit for another 10 min in oven turned off with just latent heat.

    I usually make that with some roasted potatoes. Cut up into cubes douse with olive oil, salt, pepper, and Green Beans with red whine and mushroom sauce.

    Cook green beens seperately. In sauce pan cook couple cloves diced garlic with chopped button mushrooms, add red whine, beef broth let it sautee. Then add green beans to this once they’re done.

  42. JeffW: Great story! My hubby is food phobic, though. Anything “different” is declared suspicious and therefore, an enemy. We have been married 17 years and I got him to try Chinese food for the first time, two years ago. (he loves it by the way) He wants to eat healthier but “seeing” the veggies freaks him out. Over the years we have come to a truce on cooking. We have a “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell policy” and I mince the veggies, so that they are barely noticeable. 😀 Works for us. I’ll make that cheesecake (thanks for the recipe) and invite friends over 😀 . (Hubby only eats artificial fruit items, like pop tarts 😉 ) .

    On the other hand, hubby is a computer geek, so all of our computers purr.

    Thanks for good health wishes, on my way to get Rx’s filled…….

  43. @Jenazz:

    My family usually demands Lemon (lemon cheesecake topped with lemon curd, sprinkled with walnuts)

    That sounds good! I use a little bit of lemon juice in the recipe, but I haven’t done a lemon cheesecake…I may have to try that!

    @Tammy Dixon:

    I sympathize with you Hubby…we’ve got 5 PC’s networked in the house (not counting the work Laptop) plus a few networked scanners and printers. Some days I feel like the Geek-squad rapid response team.

  44. @ JeffW – OMG!! 😯 Look at how long your Cheesecake recipe is! That must be a labor of love to make that. Joe should do a great job with it. I am marking this date post and will make it sometime after Joe gets done with his contest. Thanks for posting it!! 🙂

    @das – – I’m with Chevron7 on your “sausage surprise” comment! I must have giggled for 10 minutes after reading it. 😆 And what did Joe tell you, young lady? There may be young kids reading this blog. 😆

  45. JeffW:

    I am stealing your recipe and I’m not giving you credit. 🙂 (Sis requested two pies for Thanksgiving, “something lemon & something berry” – I’ve decided this qualifies!)

  46. Hey

    First I would just like to say the last episode of Stargate Universe “The Greater Good” was amazing!!! Robert Carlyle did a phenomenal job in my opinion.
    I wanted to pick your brain about something that I don’t fully understand. I don’t know if you have seen the show Battlestar Galactica (new) or its spin-off Caprica and just wanted to ask a question in general about these television shows on SyFy. Do you think networks or studio executives have any reason to be surprised when a show does badly because they only run half the season and then make the viewers wait six months to a year for the conclusion. It seems logical to me that viewers might loose interest or forget about the show in the time between, and furthermore since there is such a big gap between airings people might forget crucial peaces of the previous episodes and feel disconnected from the story. Is there a purpose to this?

  47. @Jenazz:

    I am stealing your recipe and I’m not giving you credit. 🙂

    That’s what the Internet is for! 😉

    I predict several Food related comas in the near future…:-O


    Thanks! Most of it is filler for cooking dofusses like me! 😀

  48. Hey Joe, you should have dinner or something with Gordon Ramsay some day, maybe snap a few shots, ask a few q’s and describe the meals you eat and post here on the blog!

    Now given that Gordon is damn busy,
    it is still possible to make it happen,
    you just have to make him an offer he can’t refuse. (get your mind out of the gutter people).

    Here’s a few ideas:
    You could Challenge Gordon, he’s very competitive and hates not to win.
    You could offer Gordon a chance to eat something that few gets a chance to eat.

    Or you could also just tack on a dinner after a business meeting,
    a meeting about Gordon designing a Stargate “otherworldy” menu, who knows, SyFy might even want to get in on this in some way, and I’m sure that Gordon would like a chance to make some futuristic and otherworldly dishes.

    *shrug* But this is just my mind idling ideas around as usual, I’ll just crawl back to my corner of the web again…

  49. Andrew

    I hope you enjoy Vancouver, I have never been to Canada and I hope you enjoy yourself here in America.

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