Today was a production holiday, so I took advantage of the extra day off to work on my quarterly tax installments.  Yes, sir, nothing says holiday like sitting hunched over a calculator for four hours, crunching numbers and assiduously documenting the results for future reward (a.k.a. the installment payment I’ll be making this weekend).

On the bright side, I did manage to get out of the house, do a little grocery shopping, and pick up a few things.  My haul pictured above.  I’ve heard great things about the Spanish language time travel film Time Crimes (Los Cronocrimenes) so I decided to pick it up.  Check out the creepy trailer –

Apparently, there’s an English language remake already in the works for those illiterate move-goer incapable of reading subtitles.

I also picked up a movie I saw the trailer for last year when I was in Tokyo that has finally made its way to dvd.  The intriguingly named Assault Girls

Girls, big guns, and cheezy-looking monsters.  How can this NOT be good?

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Also picked up the anime version of the movie Casshern which I picked up in Tokyo two years ago but have yet to watch because its coded for Asia.

On the book front – some graphic novels!  The Mark Waid-penned Irredeemable and one of my fave DC titles, The Secret Six, scripted by the wonderful Gail Simone.

They’ll have to wait of course as I am presently reading Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes and China Mieville’s City and the City.

On the t.v. front – Top Chef, F Word, The Office, 30 Rock, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.  And…that’s about it.  I have a slew of House and Detroit 1-8-7 recorded that I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to given my schedule of late.

I did a little podcast with the gang at SFSignal the other day.  That dog you hear barking throughout is Jelly, angrily reminding me that my little interview is cutting into her dinner time:

Hey, blog (somewhat) regular Kellie has produced a short film.  Check out the trailer here:

Looks like my Snow Monkeys are about to go down again tonight, bringing their record to a lowly 2-5.  Can I just say that I’m very VERY disappointed in both the Saints offense and Marshawn Lynch.


Sylvia writes: “Opps, meant to ask the name of the Korean restaurant please.”

Answer: Apgujung on Robson.  When they say “It’s spicy!” believe them!

Michael writes: “1) The show is primarily from the Icarus Base crew’s POV but will we see a POV from any of the aliens or see their homeworld(s)?”

Answers: At present, no such stories planned.

“2) Are we going to see more stand alone gate missions soon? With the run of the latest episodes, it felt like the Stargate was left out a lot aside from the the premiere and “Aftermath”.

Answer: Off-world hijinks abound in the next episode, Cloverdale.

“3) How many Lucians are on Destiny. It looks like 7-9 but I can never tell since some are red shirts/leather heads.”

Answer: About a dozen.  Give or take.

Paloosa writes: “How many more weeks of filming do you have left? How long after will you still have to be working? Do you know when the second half of Season 2 will air? And this has been bugging me – did Telford have a gun when he was left alone with the aliens?”

Answer: We wrap production on season two in about a month.  After that, there’ll be several months of post-production work (edits, mixes, visual effect approvals, etc.).  No idea when the second half of the season will air.  That’s a question for SyFy.  And, yes, Telford did have a gun with him on the seeder ship.  You could actually see it in a couple of the search beats.

E writes: “Are the TJ flashbacks from “The Hunt” already gone?”

Answer: Nope.  About five more minutes of footage have to be shot for The Hunt.  Once those have been assembled, I’ll edit them and then decide what I’m going to have to lose to ensure the episode is to time.

Simon writes: “1) You mentioned in the last mailbag that Brad and Rob may have something for a 4th Stargate series in case SGU doesn’t come back (which I hope it does come back!). Can you further inquire Brad or Rob about this?”

Answer: Uh, you’re reading way too much into what I said.  I said I had no idea if Brad and Rob had any notions for future Stargate projects.  I think it’s highly unlikely.

“2) How many episodes is Mike Duopd contracted for?”

Answer: Oh, like all guest stars Mike is only contracted when we need him – a.k.a. When Varro appears in an episode.   Provided he hasn’t been killed off.

“3) Will we see a Varro centered episode? Loving this character”

Answer: No Varro-centered episode planned.  Sorry.  But his story will get very interesting…

Thornyrose writes: “Do you get more or fewer dining companions with Ivon in tow? Will you two double your number of afficiandos, or will you be mistaken for a couple?”

Answer: Hmm, I wondered about the couple thing.  And, I don’t know whether I’ll have more or fewer dining companions with Ivon in tow.  To be honest, I’m thinking fewer. 🙁

JonmusE writes: “Just rewatched Awakening (love On Demand!) Did I detect a few bars of the Sg-1 theme during the gate factory scene?”

Answer: In fact, you did.  Nice catch.

Anais a ecrit: “Si la saison 2 était la dernière de sgu, seriez vous encore prés à travail sur d’autres projets de la franchise stargate? Hormis ça, quelle serait vos autres projets?”

Reponse: Non, quant SGU sera finit, j’aimerai concentrer sur mes propres projects.

Translation: No plans to work on future Stargate projects if and when SGU ends.  I’d like to focus on some personal projects I’ve had percolating for quite some time.

maggiemayday writes: “So you never venture far from Tokyo proper? No Daibutsu at Kamakura? No Nikko? Those are day trips. I understand why not Miyajima, and Fuji is a summer thing after all. Not even a trip up to Hakone for the osen? I guess temples and shrines are more my thing than *gasp* food. Although the food in Japan is indeed, trip-worthy in itself.”

Answer: Ivon expressed an interest in doing some temples and a day trip from Tokyo isn’t out of the question.  This trip will be a lot looser than the lost one where I’d booked every lunch and dinner well in advance.

dasNdanger writes: “Considering all the odd things you consume, if worse ever comes to worse do you think you could possibly eat another human being?”

Answer: Cooked or not?

hvn writes: “One question: can we expect another stargate centered episode like e.g. Lost ?”

Answer: The stargates will become a BIG issue in the back half of this season.

Rex Carter writes: “1) Does Atlantis have its own set of Earth made Ancient communication stones issued to them in the event they need them if they should leave Earth maybe?”

Answer: Given Atlantis’s present location – no.

“2) When Woolsey and McKay appear on SGU will we see a bit of Atlantis as they leave to go to the Pentagon maybe a shot of Atlantis floting in Sf Bay?”

Answer: Nope, sorry.  No flashes of Atlantis.

“3) Is Atlantis parked at the Treasure Island Naval Base or next to it now? i was thinking they are also so they can tap into the usa power grid if needed.”

Answer: Atlantis is parked in an out of the way place, somewhere the average citizen wouldn’t be likely to stumble over (or into) it.

“4) Is Rodney going to mention zpm power in any capacity while visiting Destiny?”

Answer: Nope.

“5) I think Destiny should be sent a puddle jumper to replace the lost shuttles if a power source can be found just for that and have it loaded with some basic supplies or at least takeout pizza for the Destiny crew?”

Answer: Yes, ideally a supply line from Earth would be much appreciated.  And will be a point of discussion later this season.

“6) Why is General Oneill wearing the black Icarus type uniform at the Pentagon or is the black uniform the new uniform for the sg teams as well also for Atlantis?”

Answer: Question for the costume department, but I believe it’s because that is the uniform of Homeworld Command.

“7) I loved seeing the Atlantis,Daedalus,SGC and other patches in Jacks office at the Pentagon had to zoom in to see them on the wall nice touch.”

Answer: Thanks.

8) I want to thank you for gating Telford to the Destiny very pleased to see him on board as himself in person at last hope he can come back to Destiny or with the Seeder ship later.”

Answer: I hope so too.  I’m a big fan of Lou Diamond Phillips.

“9) Can Dr.Rush now that hes learning to control the ship fly Destiny to meet up with the working Seeder ships and dock with them to power the Stargate to at least send anyone back to Earth that wants to go?”

Answer: Theoretically, he probably could use the power from the seeder ships to dial Earth, but realistically there is no way he’d be able to catch up with them.  They are WELL ahead of Destiny.  It’s the same answer I give those who ask: “Now that Rush has control of the ship, couldn’t he just turn Destiny around and fly it back to Earth?”  Again, theoretically, yes.  If they flew non-stop in FTL without stopping for food or water, they could probably make it back in approximately 50 000 years.


46 thoughts on “October 25, 2010: My recent haul! Notable links! The mailbag!

  1. Secret Six is one of my favorite titles right now. The other two are Chew (which I highly recommend) and the current Doom Patrol series.

    If you haven’t read it yet, the Chew: Omnivore volume 1 collects the first 10 issues (first two storyarcs) of the series.

    Also you can find the first two volumes of Doom Patrol in trade now as well (“We Who Are About to Die” and “Brotherhood”).

  2. Hey Craig,

    Thanks for the recommendations. I checked out the first couple of issues of Chew and, while I found the series interesting, it didn’t really grab me. Of course, that may well have been a result of having to wait a month between issues. As for Doom Patrol, I do like Keith Giffen, so will definitely pick them up.

  3. Just wondering, Did the actress who plays Eli’s mother also appear as Catherine Langford in the SG-1 episode “1969”?

  4. As someone who got repeatedly burned by Marshawn Lynch last year, I feel your pain. Here’s hoping the Snow Monkeys manage to fight their way back up the standings. My team, the Vicious Furballs, is currently 5-2 though it’s been close more weeks than I would like to admit. Good luck to the Snow Monkeys!

  5. Joe,
    It sounds like you’re having trouble fitting everything you’d like in The Hunt. Could you push for an Extended/Director’s cut on the DVD for the episode, and possibly more episodes? That’s the thing I most want to see on future DVDs by far!

  6. In response to this:

    “Lewis writes: “Before being assigned to Icarus, were Young and/or Telford members of SG teams?”

    Answer: Nope. As far as we’ve discussed, they were on off-world assignment together at some point in their past but no mention of whether or not they were on a specific SG team.”

    In “Earth” I believe, O’Neill is talking to Young and says something similar to “You resigned your position as SG (team?) leader…” If Young wasn’t an SG team leader, then what does this mean?

  7. Answer: Cooked or not?

    Yeah, I thought so. 😉

    RE: Danse Macabre – Recently read that one. It was good, but a little too Ragdoll-lite for me. 😉 The real fun starts right after, with issue #19 – some really great stuff in the next arc. 🙂

    Have a good night, sir! Thankies for answering my question, you sick bastard, you! 😀 (I wouldn’t want you any other way, ya know. 🙂 )


  8. Thanks for the info! Telford with a gun poses some interesting scenarios. I personally feel that he would off himself, if he had the chance.

    Any video of you actually feeding the pups? And now that Jelly has her mojo back, does she muscle the others out of her way?

  9. Did anyone else see the Sanctuary ratings? What we all assumed was the prime timeslot hasn’t worked out it seems. 1.8 million down to 1.38 million after 1 episode *Shrugs*, even SGU did better on a friday lol, hope it doesnt drop more. Great show.

    @they could probably make it back in approximately 50 000 years.

    Kinda makes it seem like the best course of action for the crew is to just push forward. At the end of the day its a big universe, there could be a race of people out there kind enough to solve the issues faced. Or a cosmic phenomina..

  10. Hello,

    You see that SGU has difficulty in going up in audiences, why not adding a little more action in the series and in eliminating the useless dialogues and scenes* ?

    *( camille wray and sharon lol )

    (Sorry for my english)

    in french :

    Vous voyez bien qu’SGU a des difficultés à grimper dans les audiences, pourquoi ne pas rajouter plus d’action et supprimer les dialogues et scènes* inutiles ?

    *( camille wray and sharon lol )

    Thanks you Joe, we love SGU !

  11. Hi, Joe
    Haven’t seen Assault Girls yet, but I know Mamoru Oshii wrote and directed, so it should be an awesome movie.
    I love his ghost in the shell movies, best scifi anime movie ever.

  12. My friend jumped on the SGU bandwagon from Air but is generally uninterested in SG1/SGA.

    When i heard the “stargate theme” in Awakening at the gate factory scene i smiled. Even though its technically the SG1 theme its only been used twice in SGU (i think once in Air in the opening sequence and in Awakening), so each time i hear it i perk up and silently applaud Joel for sneakily squeezing that in. I told my friend and he didn’t recognise the significance.

    Will we be hearing it again at any point this season? And will we be hearing anything that YOU particularly enjoy from Joel this season?

  13. Yesss, some TJ and ‘gate talk in second half of season 2 made my day a little better. Thank you. And no-no, no need to discuss post-SGU plans. It’s not going to happen any time soon, k. *thinks happy thoughts*

  14. “5) I think Destiny should be sent a puddle jumper to replace the lost shuttles if a power source can be found just for that and have it loaded with some basic supplies or at least takeout pizza for the Destiny crew?”

    Answer: Yes, ideally a supply line from Earth would be much appreciated. And will be a point of discussion later this season.

    My answer would have been. YES, but the puddle jumper would have to remain in the room as there is no way out.

  15. Properly prepared, H. Sapiens Tartare can be quite tasty. So I’m told. Not like I’ve actually tried the dish. Which I understand is illegal in many places.
    I also have realized you can use Ivon’s presence to your advantage. With your grasp of Japanese, which I am assuming Ivon does not speak, you can show him off as the first successful human/chimp brain transplant recipient. Or as a native born Japanese stolen at birth by white slavers, surgically altered to match his adoptive parents’ features, and tragically raised far from his homeland. I’m sure you can come up with alternative stories. All of which can serve to attract all the company you could desire on your travels.
    I envy your ability to walk into a video store and find foreign-language movies. Nothing better than the big box stores here. fare such as you’ve indulged in require internet orders down in this benighted regions. Or a 3-4 hour drive to one of the urban centers of the midatlantic region. Appreciate you sharing with us though. Especially Assault Girls. On my list of must have.
    Well, you managed a perfect post. We have Jelly on the podcast, books, videos, Stargate tidbits, mailbag. Any more would be like adding whipped cream to a creme brule, or gravy to crispy duck. Thanks for taking time away from yoru mathmatical enterprises to share.

  16. Joe

    Since you are putting some of SGU on DVD. You could put SGA Extinction on DVD then. Like I said you could draw SGA addicts like me to SGU if you would Guess star Joe Flanigan and The actor who plays Todd I cannot remember his name on SGU.

  17. 1. If ratings don’t improve (which god I hope they do because I absolutely love this show) In your opinion, would syfy look at moving it back to friday before canceling it, or do you think that would be the end?

    2. If worst case means cancelation 🙁 Do you think syfy and MGM would at least give the franchise the respect of tying everything up with a nice maybe two hour tv movie or mini series? Again just looking for your proffesional opinion.

  18. Note on Varro: I hope he stays and somehow manages to become one of the “leader” on the ship. Out of all the personalities on the ship, to me he comes across as strong and with scruples and stands out as leader material. He may be flawed in the sense of where he came from and he might have a “history” much like any of the leaders, past and present, but his whole demeanor shouts, “leader”, head and shoulders above the current leaders on the ship.

    He’s an “O’Neil” in the rough – I hope that it’s recognized and that “someone” doesn’t decide to kill him off because they think they might get higher numbers…. trust me, not a good idea….

  19. Joe, can Telford use the seeder ship to gate to earth? I know it doesn’t have a gate of its own, but it makes them so why not right?

    And, I’m not complaining but the whole Chloe/Eli thing has been closed now in a very abrupt way, I know he was more concerned about his mom in that episode, but I thought maybe he shouldve been more involved with the chloe issue, its not every day that hes friend gets infected or is mutating. Maybe I missed something.

    the “try the carrots” line was funny and wouldve been good if we heard simon or however, say it instead of having us guess. The reason, is because as viewers we assumed the worst especially after volker’s response so in the end it felt alittle too “asking for trouble” kinda thing when instead it couldve been played in a subtle way. Knepper character could be himself not trying to cause trouble, makes what he thinks is a quip remark and BAM! gets a reaction he didnt expect from Greer. Volker shouldve not been so mad, he couldve been more civil in his reaction, but thats nit-picking really, I loved the episode as a whole.
    The chloe/rush thing is a turn of events I didnt anticipate. Its amazing how Rush can be mysterious, sinister, funny and even caring; and its all the same character. The viewer ends up liking him no matter what he does, hes too interesting not to like. This season started out very strong compared to the last one, to me it feels like SG-1 season 2 when the ball really got rolling.

  20. Los Cronocrimenes does look super creepy! I’ll keep an eye out for the Spanish version, as remakes are, well, not so much and I ain’t afeared of subtitles.

    Varro and an interesting story line! That has me hooked (who am I kidding, of course I’m hooked!) because while Varro sure seems trustworthy, there’s just something slightly off. Maybe I’m just paranoid. Known to happen.

    Possibility of a supply line from earth? Interesting!

  21. You know what I like about foreign films? By the time a recommendation gets to Ohio, you know it’s a pretty good one.

    Funny how animals know what time it is. I had a cat who would jump on my face at 5:59 every morning. She hated the alarm that much. She also thought my Tourette’s and REM when I was asleep was a good reason to attack me so I didn’t have her long. (At least she wasn’t subtle about it like humans are.)

  22. I’ve seen enough time-bending thrillers to know better, but, in the spirit of fun, I’ll act surprised to discover whose face is behind those bandages in Los Cronocrimenes.

    I wanna’ see what happens when a real person stands in the bridge and Rush thinks it’s just in his head.

  23. Thanks for the tip on Cronocrimenes, it is happily nesting in my Netflix queue. Secret Six sounds good too, will have to make a trek to the comic book store. The one near me is all light woods with lovely lighting, the most elegant comic book store I’ve ever seen.

    I had to by new threads for a shindig next month; apparently somebody snuck into my house and shrunk all of my clothes. Plus I gotta throw together the right shoes and other trinkets to look presentable. J Crew’s website has amazing clothes, but they are very stingy with the discount coupons.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this or were the one who recommended it but it has the right marriage of cute and violence that is sure to brighten your day. I especially like when Pooh and Barney gang up on poor Shrek, despite Shrek wielding a baseball bat.

  24. Mr M

    So you have pick up the “Assault Girls” DVD. Did it indicate on the case if it’s only a dubbed English version? Was thinking of getting it. But not really interested in another badly dubbed DVD, rather like to view it sub-titled with the original audio.

  25. Before I forget, and I know I’m late in mentioning but some thoughts on Pathogen.

    Personally I thought the episode was average more than anything, along the scale of 5/10 at most.

    Loved the Eli and his mother story to me that was the more important part of the episode, Carl really did a good job showing the human side of Eli.

    Throughout Season 1 and mostly in Season 2 many different aspects of Elis personality and well what makes him, well you know unique have been shown.

    This episode to me shows a more human side to Eli, the way he essentially has put on a brave face throughout his time aboard Destiny, the way at the end of the day whats on his mind more than anything else is his mother.

    I liked the way Eli struggled in telling his mother about where he was, and what he was doing, you could see the way it kinda made him feel heartbroken the whole situation he was in, and the way his mother reacted.

    I thought it was mostly good the way his mother was allowed aboard Destiny, if only because it puts her mind and Elis mind at ease, it helps her to you know recover emotionally. Sure both characters at the back of their minds have doubts that they’l ever see each other again but this scene if anything was more touching.

    This is one reason why I think DB is such a good actor, he really showed the human side of Eli in this episode and to me he had the best performance out of any of the cast on the show to date.

    Anyway another thing I liked if anything was Varro, he showed he had the courage to stand up and be a leader amongst the Lucian Alliance members still left, he isn’t stupid, he realises he’s half way accross the universe. Telling lies and trying to retake Destiny in his mind would obviously be kinda stupid.

    Liked the way he interacted with Simeon, if anything it proves that Varro is played by an amazing actor. He has easily placed his worth in the show and in the cast. Too bad he didnt start off as recuring.

    Now moving on to what I really hated.

    I really disliked the Wray relationship moments with her partner on Earth. They just don’t work and quite frankly come accross as boring/stale. It’s like your watching thinking ugh just get this other with already.

    I have nothing against lesbian relationships, but the way these 2 characters were handled in that regard was really really bad. It felt to me this episode was more Life 2.0. Which I think lost a lot of viewers. Remember how after Life the number of people watching the show dropped?

    Its just the whole dynamic between the 2 characters just doesnt work, its like they should have a resolution or just be ignored for the remainder of the season.

    Wray redeemed herself by her actions enabling Eli and his mom to meet aboard Destiny and being a rock for Eli to lean on emotionally, kinda like a mom figure.

    I realise the Chloe thing is ongoing but really, I found myself watching and simply not caring about her character at all. Okay shes in a bad situation but the way it was handled in this episode. Its like so shes in a bad way. Who cares?

    I’m mostly indifferent on the Rush thing. I like the fact that Rush has his own goals and agendas and at the end of the day the guys an asset to any crew just again his story wasnt really handled that greatly in this episode.

    Lol I know that makes for a long read Joe. But out of every SGU episode thus far that I’ve hated. It has to be Life and Pathogen.

    Eli(DB)s and Varros(MD)s storys and performances made the episode watchable and somewhat likable in some ways. I think Mike is a gem in every episode he appears in, just he alone couldnt save this episode lol

    Bar the Lou Diamond Questions, this has to be longest post I’ve made here in like forever.

  26. Yes, sir, nothing says holiday like sitting hunched over a calculator for four hours, crunching numbers and assiduously documenting the results for future reward (a.k.a. the installment payment I’ll be making this weekend).

    Yeah, no sympathy here. In fact, I’m pointing and laughing in that Nelson-from-the-Simpson’s ‘Ha-Ha!’ sorta way. 😀 See, what you’re doing is what I do all the time, seeing as how I am accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and accounting dept. for quarterly taxes, all rolled into one, and not just for dad’s business, but for hubby’s part time business as well.

    You know what my high school aptitude test told me NOT to be? That’s right – a bookkeeper. 😛

    I never listen.


  27. I’ve googled to try and find an answer but no joy; so here’s my question for Joe…

    Stargate SG:1 – blue wormhole
    Stargate Atlantis – green wormhole
    Stargate Universe – Silvery-blue wormhole

    …why the different colours: is there a science behind it?

  28. Quote;
    ” I think Destiny should be sent a puddle jumper to replace the lost shuttles if a power source can be found just for that and have it loaded with some basic supplies or at least takeout pizza for the Destiny crew?”

    Erm, is the “puddle” in the Destiny gate actually the same size as the Milky Way or Pegasus gates? Being a sort of prototype I thought maybe it would be smaller.

  29. Okay, I have to apologize for my “Note on Varro” comment. I haven’t been feeling well, needed a distraction and the first thing I did was hit your blog and send the note in. I just read it with a saner mind and am gobsmacked at where my writing abilities disappeared to this morning.

    But I did mean every word…from the heart… 😀

  30. Huh. I just realized that Riff Raff from Rocky Horror… is all kinds of hawt. 🙂

    See??! Hawt! 😀

    Haven’t watched the movie in ages, and was just looking about the net because Glee is doing a tribute to RHPS tonight, and…well…I saw pale skin, sunken cheeks, long hair, *high* forehead (okay, receding hairline 😛 )…it was just a given I’d fall for the guy. 😀


  31. I gave Detroit 187 a shot, mostly because I grew up near the Motor City and was excited to hear the show was actually being filmed there. It’s bringing work and money into Detroit, too, which is great. Thing is, I’m not a big fan of police procedurals, and no matter how cool the setting, this is…yes, a police procedural. Mostly, I check out the show briefly, just to see where they are at this week. Are you a fan of the genre?

  32. You know, this fall’s crop of new shows in general turned out to be somewhat lackluster, at least in my opinion. I’ve heard Boardwalk Empire and Rubicon are good, though, and Terriers on FX turned out to be surprisingly good, in spite of an odd name (and equally odd PR campaign).

  33. hey joe,soory to botter,but again how can I call the blueberry aliens in spanish language,because alienigenas mora azul,is a too silly name in spanish-

  34. Twin Destinies will involve time travel with stargates,as in Time,or the future Rush will ghet there thjanks to a time machine odf some source?

  35. Dude Joe, the show is seriously off the hook lately!

    Props on a great second season, I think you guys have done some great work so far. Such a huge turnaround from last season. We still got another 15 episodes left to enjoy!

    I think a third season will be coming, dont fret. Just stay true. You guys found your voice.

  36. Hello,

    I tried posting something to your blog yesterday, but it didn’t seem to stick.

    There’s a rumour that you are working on the sequel to Battlefield Earth with Mr. Travolta.

    I loved the campy original version and am wondering if you will infuse more comedy into the sequel or will maintain the dry humour?

    Also what do you think of Mr. Travolta???

  37. Thank you for sharing our trailer — we appreciate the exposure! 🙂 I’m sorry I’m not more regular. I’ll start taking Metamucil to remedy that.

  38. I’m trying to save up my SGUs to watch in a marathon over winter break. Argh. It’s like having chocolate in the house.

  39. Just wanted to say thanks for the work and support of SGU. As a long time sci-fi fan in books/movies and TV, I’m loving it. Thanks also for the clarification that the seeder ships are way ahead. I was in the camp that thought they were only a few years ahead but some of the Franklin entity’s comments in Aftermath made me think otherwise. Very interested in the story of Destiny but what I love most about the show is that nearly every new planet and alien race is a surprise. I love not knowing what’s coming next.

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