The other day, we hit one of our favorite Korean restaurants.  As usual, I was torn between ordering something tried and true or going with something new.  And, as usual, I decided to do both –

Tried and true = the kimchee pancake.
Something new = The four pepper blow-your-mouth-off sea snails with cold noodles.

How spicy was it? It actually left me dazed and confused.

On the home front, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen as well, often with recipes from Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word.  Today’s lunch was a seabass with warm potatoes and rosemary –

The puree contains sweated shallots, garlic, potatoes, rosemary, and olive oil. Atop it sits a caponata of reduced sherry vinegar, sultanas, toasted pine nuts, tomatoes and parsley.
Next layer: butter fried potatoes and baby spinach.
Top with the golden fried seabass.

While dinner was a Costa Brava fish stew –

Seabass, halibut, plum tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, paprika, fried bread, butter, parsley, fish stock, clams, saffron, roasted almonds, seasoning.

Since I’ve hopefully got your appetites going, I thought I’d offer up this little tidbit/spoiler from a forthcoming episode of Stargate: Universe’s second season –


Lewis writes: “Before being assigned to Icarus, were Young and/or Telford members of SG teams?”

Answer: Nope.  As far as we’ve discussed, they were on off-world assignment together at some point in their past but no mention of whether or not they were on a specific SG team.

Lewis also writes: “Which brings up another question (sorry), at its height how many SG teams were there running around the SGC?”

Answer: Again, we were never specific about the number of SG teams but, at one point, I believe there were upwards of twenty to twenty-five teams in active off-world rotation.

Chevron7 writes: “Did some Googling for “weird things to do in Tokyo”. Got a lot of results, you may have done some of these previously…”

Answer: Hey. Chev, thanks for the list.  I have visited Venus Fort, Akihabara, and a Maid Cafe in my previous trips.  The Parasite Museum was also in my last in past visits, but it’s way out of the way in Meguro.

Lisa R. writes: “If you find out about renewal in January, when would you start filming season 3? And when would it premiere? Next fall?”

Answer: No idea at this point.  I imagine we’d start production in February.  As for when we’d premiere – that would be up to the network.

Joan001 writes: “We see boxes in your office, Robert Cooper, Linda & Remi, leaving, and probably others that you haven’t written about…not to mention, not a word about ideas for season 3.”

Answer: I explained the boxes in yesterday’s post (in fact, if you go back to previous entries featuring my office, you’ll always seem boxes in the BG), Rob Cooper left months ago before we’d even premiered, Linda and Remi headed back to L.A. because they completed their script work for the year.  No mention of season 3 because we’re still working on season 2.  Around this time in season 1, we weren’t discussing season 2 either.

Joan001 also writes: “I would still like to know how your sister’s Siberian is doing with the knee problems.”

Answer: Aspen is doing alright but is still dealing with a host of little issues.  Poor boy.

Thornyrose writes: “Also note you’re reading Dune. Hope you give us your take on that particular work.”

Answer: It was a fine book.

Raynan writes: “I’d still not say it is the “generally positive nature of the stories” that might be the problem. After all, an anthology of “near-future pessimistic (or dystopian) science fiction” would also kill the suspense right on the cover.”

Answer: I’d have the same problem with that version as well.

Jadeski writes: “Also, I’m heading down to New York on my own, and I was wondering how you find all those people to eat with when you go to Tokyo?”

Answer: I hit a lot of the city’s dessert shops, chat with the usually female staff, and try to be as charming as possible.

36 thoughts on “October 24, 2010: Tried and True or Something New! A Tasty Spoiler! Mailbag!

  1. Joe, I’m having trouble distinguishing that SGU ‘teaser’ from your usual dinner fare. 😛


  2. Yes, DUDE! You are a cool and charming dude with the camera to start conversations. Please do share the snaps of your future encounters of the charming kind.

    The Korean food fest looks good. THink I might need the fire stuff to be a bit milder.
    And, the “specimen pan” — I will pass on for now. Need more details. Not brave like you!

  3. On one hand, I have noticed boxes of packed books in your past office pictures. So it makes sense.

    On the other hand, you have never mentioned a “book swap meeting” before.

    On the third hand, I think I’ll order Marjorie M. Liu’s book The Iron Hunt. It sounds interesting. A couple reviewers said they read the book in one day. That has to be the best comment you can give a book.

    On the forth hand, your home cooking looks devine! But sorry, that last picture only kills my appetite. Who or what did that come out of?

  4. Hopefully in that last picture the Destiny crew has not resorted to cannabalism.

    Today, Jeff & I celebrated 18 years together. Some years went more smoothly than others, of course, but all in all more ups than downs. We took advantage of Patrick being in school Friday and headed down to a museum in Houston where I learned a lot I did not know about pirates. I think pirates may have been some of the first socialists (social security plan, worker’s compensation, equality among all regardless of sex, color of skin, religion, etc.). But the best part of the trip was going to the IMAX theater where we saw Hubble 3D. OMG. If it is near you and in 3D, you all need to see it. I felt like I was flying through the stars in my seat (but I didn’t get nauseous or anything, which surprised me). Jeff and I were reaching out, trying to touch the stars as they passed us. Got an awesome look into this beautiful nebula where new stars were being formed. For 40 minutes, I was flying through the stars with the one I love. AWESOME.

  5. 1) The show is primarily from the Icarus Base crew’s POV but will we see a POV from any of the aliens or see their homeworld(s)?

    2) Are we going to see more stand alone gate missions soon? With the run of the latest episodes, it felt like the Stargate was left out a lot aside from the the premiere and “Aftermath”.

    3) How many Lucians are on Destiny. It looks like 7-9 but I can never tell since some are red shirts/leather heads.

  6. I’m not even going to ask what kind of creature that, ah, “thing” came from. I’m just glad you weren’t eating it.

    I love stories with happy endings and this one starts when I left my camera on a bench at Steveston the other day. When I realized what happened, a friend and I retraced our steps back to the bench. But it was gone. Oh well, stooopid me. Then a fellow walked by and smiled, saying it looked like we lost something, as he unslung my camera from his shoulder. What a sweet man! If I’d been in LA, it would have been hocked within an hour.

    Hope you’ll be doing another mailbag because I was wondering: How many more weeks of filming do you have left? How long after will you still have to be working? Do you know when the second half of Season 2 will air? And this has been bugging me – did Telford have a gun when he was left alone with the aliens?

  7. Aspen has my empathy. My own recently-repaired knee has been unstable this weekend. Calling surgeon in AM.

  8. Joe,

    1) You mentioned in the last mailbag that Brad and Rob may have something for a 4th Stargate series in case SGU doesn’t come back (which I hope it does come back!). Can you further inquire Brad or Rob about this?

    2) How many episodes is Mike Duopd contracted for?

    3) Will we see a Varro centered episode? Loving this character

  9. You’re right. You got my appetite going. Your sea bass looks to have come out nicely. I’ve only recently found a place I can get sea bass from, so I’m looking forward to breaking out the Ramsey books for some recipes myself. Though I’m determined to do the Beef Wellington first. I just havent worked up the nerve (or found the time) to give it a go.
    Now we have something else to track. Do you get more or fewer dining companions with Ivon in tow? Will you two double your number of afficiandos, or will you be mistaken for a couple? Can Tokyo handle the combined charisma of the two of you, or will you create more havoc than Godzilla in a bad mood? Have to say I’m looking forward to the daily reports, even if I’m a bit jealous.
    Mailbag is appreciated, and teasers are nice too. Only thing missing is a dog video or pic. but then again, don’t want too much of a good thing, lest following posts become anti climatic. Thanks for takingthe time to read our response, answer them, and to share your day and thougts with us.

  10. Hi Joe,
    Just rewatched Awakening (love On Demand!) Did I detect a few bars of the Sg-1 theme during the gate factory scene?



  11. Hello =) ça va bien?

    Moi oui super 🙂

    Super ces photos!!! il y’en a des appétissante 😉
    Tiens hier j’ai rêvé de vous…vous m’aviez invité chez vous et ont à mangé….oui je sais pas très original mais au moins j’étais avec vous =)!

    J’aurai une question,

    Si la saison 2 était la dernière de sgu, seriez vous encore prés à travail sur d’autres projets de la franchise stargate? Hormis ça, quelle serait vos autres projets?

    Bonne journée!

  12. I hope the kidney is for transplanting and not for eating. Well…that’s not entirely true. Space Zombies! Think about it Joe. Get back to me.

  13. At first glance, I mistook the kidney for dessert. Oh dear.

    I do like Korean food, and there’s not a single Korean place in Ogden. I can get ingredients and am fearless when it comes to the guesswork of cooking without a recipe. Surely not authentic, but yummy nonetheless.

    So you never venture far from Tokyo proper? No Daibutsu at Kamakura? No Nikko? Those are day trips. I understand why not Miyajima, and Fuji is a summer thing after all. Not even a trip up to Hakone for the osen? I guess temples and shrines are more my thing than *gasp* food. Although the food in Japan is indeed, trip-worthy in itself.

  14. No fair! I had my nose an inch away from the screen as I studied (and drooled) over the delicious stew, identifying all the yummy ingredients (fried bread; added last like crackers? Or cooked into the stew?)

    And then I saw that thing in the hospital dish on ice, what looked at first like melon flavored italian ice or something tasty wrapped in bacon, but what turns out to be possibly a fresh human kidney? I’m guessing kidney because my other guess is straight out of “Yeast Lords.”

    Not cool, man. Not cool.

  15. I like your food much much better than the restaurant food (or the Destiny kidneybean). Perhaps your next career move should be to open a dining establishment? Perhaps sci-fi themed?

  16. If you’re going to keep showing me gorgeous food like that I will have to force myself to not drop in so often. A gal has to diet sometimes ya know…and you keep making my stomach growl! LOL.

  17. That kidney (I’m guessing that’s what it is) makes me do a full body cringe and shudder, with extra strength Eye Twitch ™! I suppose it was only a matter of time before somebody needed something yanked 🙂

  18. Joe – this is actually a very serious question, even if it might sound as if I’m being silly…

    Considering all the odd things you consume, if worse ever comes to worse do you think you could possibly eat another human being?


  19. Joe
    I have been to a Korean Resturaunt and it was pretty good. Hope you liked it.

    Also if you crossed over as guest stars Joe Flanigan as Shepperd and the Actor who plays Todd to finish their storyline and pairing to SGU. you would probably draw the rest of SGA fans that includes me to SGU.

  20. Hi Joe,

    Though SGU is quite different than SG-1 and SGA (loved those shows) I like it and hope it gets at least 5 years run.
    One question: can we expect another stargate centered episode like e.g. Lost ?

  21. Hi Joe some more questions for ya:

    1) Does Atlantis have its own set of Earth made Ancient communication stones issued to them in the event they need them if they should leave Earth maybe?
    2) When Woolsey and McKay appear on SGU will we see a bit of Atlantis as they leave to go to the Pentagon maybe a shot of Atlantis floting in Sf Bay?
    3) Is Atlantis parked at the Treasure Island Naval Base or next to it now?
    i was thinking they are also so they can tap into the usa power grid if needed.
    4) Is Rodney going to mention zpm power in any capacity while visiting Destiny?
    5) I think Destiny should be sent a puddle jumper to replace the lost shuttles if a power source can be found just for that and have it loaded with some basic supplies or at least takeout pizza for the Destiny crew?
    6) Why is General Oneill wearing the black Icarus type uniform at the Pentagon or is the black uniform the new uniform for the sg teams as well also for Atlantis?
    7) I loved seeing the Atlantis,Daedalus,SGC and other patches in Jacks office at the Pentagon had to zoom in to see them on the wall nice touch.
    8) I want to thank you for gating Telford to the Destiny very pleased to see him on board as himself in person at last hope he can come back to Destiny or with the Seeder ship later.
    9) Can Dr.Rush now that hes learning to control the ship fly Destiny to meet up with the working Seeder ships and dock with them to power the Stargate to at least send anyone back to Earth that wants to go?

  22. Im Very pleased that Elis Mother got to use the stones to visit Destiny maybe Camilles girlfriend can visit also as she knows all about Destiny and maybe Choles mom can visit and anyone else who already has security clearance and knows about Destiny can visit Destiny.Please make it happen where possible.
    Thank You.

  23. The kimchee pancake looks delicious, but I lost my appetite at the medical dish.

  24. First time caller, long time listener…

    1) Glad to see you picked up Dune. I highly recommend staying with the series. God Emperor of Dune is my favorite book of the series. I’ve read it several times and it’s near the top of my list of books to re-read.

    2) I’m very pleased with SGU and season 2. Although I am one of the DVR +7 people, I am finding myself more and more excited each week about it. I have my fingers crossed for Season 3.

  25. hey joseph mallozzi,or anyone on the blog.Could you please tell me how to call the Blueberry aliens in spanish?Im doing a website for stargate in spanish and i wisht o know hoew to call those aliens from the episode space,in spanish? thanks!

  26. I did not eat kidney when I went to a Korean Resturaunt. I just had California rolls some kind of Chicken mixted with veggies. That was my first time at a Korean Resturaunt. I do not want kidney.

  27. Hey joe

    If you can resume Dune you and gang can resume SGA as well as SGU, Caprica and Battlestar Galactica. I among the fans want to see a Shepperd pairing with someone. That would draw more SGA fans to SGU including me.

  28. Hey it’s a kidney! It looks a bit too dead to be used as a transplant, although someone might try it… hmm, wonder who eats it.

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