Oh my gosh! It's an All Akemi post!

You know what I’ve noticed?  That ever since Akemi headed back to Japan, I haven’t been eating as cute.  Oh, I’ve been eating well – but nowhere near as cute as when she was around…

Exhibit A: Akemi herself. Kawaii, as they say in Japan.

Exhibit B: Mini Cherry Tomato and Buffalo Cheese Burger topped with Basil Leaf
Exhibit C: Her way of letting me know the egg has been cooked.
Exhibit D: Her take on a pizza pocket.
Exhibit E: More Creative Cookery.
Exhibit F: Her way of letting me know I should eat the last banana.
Exhibit G: Akemi mixing it up in the kitchen.
Exhibit H: Then, showing off her Pierre Marcolini Cafe skills.
Exhibit I: She’s a serial snacker!

The clouds are parting.  I can finally see daylight!  I handed off the first four acts of Gauntlet to my writing partner, Paul, today, then went to Post and finished cutting episode 16, The Hunt, with editor Rick Martin.  I’m a minute and a half short with approximately five minutes of additional material yet to be shot!  Something’s gonna have to give.

Tomorrow = I tackle Act V!

25 thoughts on “October 18, 2010: My diet of late has been sorely deficient in cuteness!

  1. Maybe this is why you have writer’s block? You miss Akemi! Love the banana. My sense of humor.

  2. Good news on your sleepless efforts in writing.
    BUT the coolness is the Akemi centric blog….COOL!

  3. WHAT!?

    WHY DID AKEMI LEAVE!? You two look TOO cute together…. you were/are together, yes?

    Bring her back!

  4. Is there ever a time when you go over time and rather than cut something you have a scene shot over again to save time?

    I would imagine that this would be rare, but some of the SG episodes where they crammed several story lines into one or two episodes could not have been easy to find things to cut.

  5. Akemi is indeed very kawaii and if my own experience has taught me something, it’s that we men don’t function as well without kawaii girlfriends with us.

    I spent last weekend alone as my girlfriend and her mother went for a pampering weekend. I was at a loss: what could I do? I settled for a marathon Stargate Atlantis weekend and have finally been able to remove the cellophane wrapping from the series 5 box set.

    So, no doubt productive, but baked potatoes from the microwave on two nights with cheese and beans on them for dinner and endless TV isn’t as good as if Sam had been there to cook me proper food and encourage me to do something more useful. Like DIY. Eugh.

  6. Long time Reader, first time poster.

    Have to shout out that i Love your blog, always brings a smile to my day, I have to add i also love your Stargate (scripts that is, also awesome)

    Please keep up the Awsome-tasity (is that a word? it is now)


  7. Hell, Joe…your entries have been seriously lacking the cute of late, too! We demand more Akemi! 😀

    (See, Joey??? I CAN be good and refrain from making naughty comments about banana messages and lovey hearts framing your name…but not for long! 😀 )


  8. Those pictures are so cute. My son would die of embarrassment if I tried writing on his food. I may give it a try 😀 .

    Is Akemi coming back?

  9. Joe,

    Will there be any episodes coming up where one of the crew’s loved ones on Earth die & the character has to deal with that from afar?

  10. Whoa. After 12:00 pm here on the east coast…and no Joey yet. Did Act V tackle you instead of the other way round? 😉

    Hope all is well. Have a good day, sir!


  11. I agree with the posters who cited Akemi Deficiency as the cause for that writing crisis, and I will also diagnose a bit of the birthday blues?

    Must be a Libra thing, my sis has the same b-day weekend as Joe and she was much more relaxed post-birthday than pre-birthday.

    It prolly also helped that we had completed our Assault on Enemy Territory aka Philly, and survived the many brushes with exigent panhandlers, mad cap trolley tours (hard wooden benches and no seat belts, fun!) and The Cleopatra Exhibit at the Franklin, which is wonderful and engrossing but before you know it 4 hours have gone by and you suddenly can’t move another step.

    I got a very cool astrology mug by French Bull; they are jampacked with cute kitchen and home items, and they worship the French Bull; perfect to up-cute your house:


  12. Here’s some more Kawaii for you, Joe to help you write; who knew all of the dark and gritty SGU spouted from a font of adorableness? Cute is your ZPM, the milk in your coffee, the zip in your…zylophone. Sorry, mondays are no good for metaphors.

  13. LOL, Luis, he SEEMS to? He has begged for such hook ups from bloggers.

    Hmmm, so you will be seeing her in Japan, yes? ARE wedding bells in the future? What happened to the gal you were having dinners with (forget her name…you met when she was astonished at the amt you ordered… went to NY for a bit?)?

    Guess I should quit hoping for you to get back with Fondy. 🙁

  14. Awwww. That sweet baby girl in Shiny’s video is so adorable. If you married Akemi that is what your kids would look like. You need a little daughter to spoil. Go get Akemi back. She can make it happen.

  15. Coucou ça va bien? Moi super!

    Désolé pour mes absence, j’ai commencé les cours de communications et ça me prend beaucoup de temps =S

    Yahhhh, c’est trop mimi!!! Moi aussi j’adore ce genre de chose, en ce moment je suis dans ma période coeur, j’en fais dans tous ce que je trouve^^…mais bon j’évite de le faire en dehors de chez moi, car les gens que je connais trouve ça puéril =S

    Bonne journée,
    J’espère avoir l’occasion de voir le dernier épisode de sgu.


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