Today, for a few hours at least, I took my mind off my scriptly concerns to attend Ivon R. Bartok’s First Annual Pulled Pork Shoulder Sandwich and Football Fiesta.  All last week, Ivon had been raving about this recipe for ten-hour slow-cooked pork shoulder he had  discovered in a recent issue of Matronly Meals & Macrame, so I challenged him to put his money where his mouth is.  No, that’s not right.  We put our money where OUR mouths were.  No, that’s not right either.  Well, we certainly didn’t put our mouths were our money was because that would’ve been plain unsanitary.  I think, in the end, we put our mouths were the sandwiches were – in this case, over at stately Bartok Manor.

I arrived fashionably late but just in time to find Ivon prepping lunch…

Ivon slaving over a hot pork shoulder.
Pulled pork sandwiches with slaw and barbecue sauce. The pics didn’t come out very good, but these sandwiches sure as hell did. Carl ate three!
The shameless food horde.

The sandwiches were great.  Better than the late games to be perfectly honest.  And for dessert?  Well, what else would seven testosterone-fueled football fanatics have?  Mini cupcakes of course.

Also, you’ll be pleased to hear the Snow Monkeys are about to wrap up their second win of the Stargate NFL Fantasy Football season.  At 2-4, they’re down but not out, slowly but surely creeping their way back into contention and a potential playoff spot in week 14.  Looks like I’ll be managing my Monkeys from Tokyo for their final game and first two play-off games (since, the way the Creamers and Milita are playing, we’d be looking at having to go the wildcard route).  Fortunately, I’ll be back in Canada the weekend of December 21st, just in time to manage the Snow Monkeys to the league championship.  I’m already celebrating!

Tonight’s schedule looks like this: work-out, Amazing Race, rewrite, rewrite, write and write.  I’m going to satisfy myself with completing a solid four acts which I intend to send my writing partner’s way in the morning.  He can tinker with the script while I head to post and finish my producer’s cut of The Hunt, then forge ahead and finish the fifth act.

I fully intend to tackle that mounting mailbag and offer my thoughts on last week’s episode, Awakening, just as soon as I bury this script.

I also intend to, one day, eventually, get a full eight hours sleep.


39 thoughts on “October 17, 2010: Pulled pork, football, and Snow Monkeys! And, yes, that DAMN SCRIPT! THANKS FOR REMINDING ME!

  1. Dear Joe,

    How long was the seeder ship from the Episode Awakening on standstill before the Destiny caught up to it.

    Also were those docile aliens from the episode from another galaxy or from that particular galaxy?


    And happy belated birthday old man 😉

  2. I love pork bbq sandwiches and especially with cole slaw, numm yummy, thanks!! Nice job Ivon. give us the recipe.please.

    The media room there looks so comfy, did anyone fall alseep? Probably not a safe thing to do. could have been pranksters scurrying about.

    How ’bout those Steelers, I know, not at the top of your list. And whats the deal with blacking out games on tv, if not sold out, something fishy about that deal. I protest!

    Hope you are still having a grand birthday and are able to get that darn script done soon, write a story about a man having a birthday celebration and sports and greasy cakes and oh, what, not the same storyline you are wanting. Make it all happen on another planet in outer space…ok, I am done trying to help, sleep well.

  3. Hey, Joe!

    Congrats on Georgia’s big win too!

    Gateworld reports that SyFy is going to start airing STTNG reruns to lead in SGU, instead of re-airing the previous week’s SGU episode… do u think it will help ratings wise? I was just wondering what your take on it was.

    Take care!

  4. So Ivon has eight lazyboy chairs in his new house? Wow, now that is boys house!!!

    I take it that is the TV room, how big is his TV Screen???

  5. Hello Joe.

    Best wishes on your b-day!!! Belated… Sorry.

    Have you been following this thing about Cablevision discontinuing the Fox network while they dispute fees? All I can say is they better sort this stuff out before the World Series. Especially if my Yankees make it.

    Seriously, I can believe that the cable company and the network are willing to lose ratings on sporting events and shows like House. These tactics of holding us customers hostage has to stop. It’s bull (explitive deleted)!!! Before the digital conversion we used to be able to get Fox for free. Now, the cable company or networks know they can pull the plug on 3 million customers to make a point. If this goes on much longer, I will have to hold my annual World Series party at my sister’s house…

    Sorry for the rant. I am just really upset that they wait till the Oscars, or the MLB Post Season to pull this (explitive deleted).

    Anyway, speaking of Fox… Since they are the Home Video distributor for Stargate, do you know if they plan to release SG-1 or Atlantis as a complete series on Blu-ray?

    Best wishes, and good luck on the script front. It will all work itself out.


  6. Oh joe,

    Your monkey’s will go all the way.

    Today I came across SGU playing on FOX, “Darkness”. Wonderful.

    Honestly, you’re almost there, so keep up the fun!

  7. Ivon R. Bartok’s First Annual Pulled Pork Shoulder Sandwich and Football Fiesta?? Really? No wonder you can’t get that script done! Too many distractions, too much self-indulgence! It’s like you’re going through a mid-life crisis, or something! 😉

    Have a good night, and a good night’s sleep, sir! See you in the morning. 😀


  8. Hello Joe,

    Speaking of the World Series, any baseball fans in the office? Who would you like to see play this year? Any pools on teams/# of games?

    Best wishes,


    PS I am down for a rematch of last year. …and the Yankees will win in 7.

  9. Your Snow Monkeys have a better record than my Dallas Cowboys. 😥

    I hope Ivon’s man cave has good ventilation, with everyone’s shoes kicked off. PeeeeUuuuu!

    And Joe, December 21st is a Tuesday, not the weekend.

  10. sleep is overrated. You have the right priority, enjoying the food. And I am definitely going to invest in some loune chairs like that for a video room. As soon as I win the next 100 million dollar lottery…
    Hope you enjoyed the Amazing Race. Getting the singing dweebs off the show will make the rest of the race much more watchable now i believe. Just a couple more “bad” pairs to go and I can be happy with whoever els wins.
    Looking forward to hearing about your “finally got the script done” celebrations and wish you a great week.

  11. If it’s Oct. 18th and you’re reading this comment, get off the internet and get back to writing. You can “research” later.

  12. What are the Snow Monkey’s team colors, please? From your mascot photos, looks like white, gray, tan, fuschia &/or red.

  13. Pardon…that should be Monkeys’. Yes, I had English mechanics drills in grade school.

  14. @ Bryan M. White

    -When I was a little kid, I went to a Cubs game at Wrigley, and like most kids tried to get autographs from the players. One player did come up and signed my program; I didn’t have his baseball card because he was a rookie just called up and that was his first game in the Pros. Then I found out that the couple I was standing next to was that guy’s parents and they started to tell me about their son. He was such a nice guy and took a lot of time for a kid like myself, and all on a day when he should have been the really nervous but wasn’t. I decided then and there that he was going to be one of my favorite players and that I’d follow his career. That player turned out to be Joe Girardi. Hopefully when he’s finished managing your Yankees, he’ll come manage my Cubs… they need someone to get them to the World Series.

    @ Airelle

    -Joe should get Mendenhall as RB for his fantasy team! He went to my school. He was good in college, but is a lot better now!

  15. Can I please have that room!!!! Wow I know it is a boys type room but always wanted a lovely TV room like that…

    Kriss 🙂

  16. *poke, poke… … …pokity, poke, poke, POKE!*


    Oh, and…good morning. 😀


  17. I’ve seen that house before haven’t I? It’s Rob Cooper’s place, yes? I recognised the movie posters on the wall. Such a sweet setup I’d love to watch an #SGU marathon there.

    Also I think I recognised something else. Was Patrick checking out my book? It looks like the right size. What did you think Joe?

    Those “sandwiches” (look like rolls to me, but who am I to question the Chef) look Super Secret Awesome. Were they better than the tacos?

    Ivon, are you slow cooking everything these days? What’s the benefit of slow vs fast cooking?

    Looks like I’m gonna lose another Fantasy Football game…was so busy this weekend I didn’t have time to change my team…this week though I’m so dumping Donald Driver..he’s done nothing for me this season.

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Those sandwiches sure looked good. I can see why you wanted to take a break. Hope your script writing went well.

  19. Ah, Joe you do amuse me!! Funny post. Tell Patrick, he should have brought the “Pumpkin” Eggnog!!

  20. Mmm, pulled pork. I have a great recipe for pulled pork in a slow cooker, made with coca-cola and molasses and onions. Can’t have tomatoes, so I have to improvise. Mmmm.

    Is it me, or is “first annual” just plain wrong? Is it not “inaugural”? How can one have something annually if one has not had it before? Are you a psychic predicting the future? A time traveler? Argh…..

  21. Love the man cave. I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend as much as you could.

  22. Can you tell us which episode of SGU will be the one where they learn how to turn the lights on inside of “Destiny”? Thanks much.

  23. Hello joe, i have a question !

    I think i didn’t understand something in Awakening.
    You said earlier that a ZPM doesn’t have enough power to dial the Destiny from Earth (or dial Earth from the Destiny) so my question is : does it mean that the seed ship has a power source even more powerful than a ZPM ?
    I find this theory very weird because this ship is 50M years old and the ZPM is meant to be the finest and most evolved ancient piece of technologie !

    Thank you ! 😀

  24. No problem.. the script should be the priority lol… Id rather have a kick ass season finale then have my mailbag questions answered.. 😉

    just let me know when the scripts done so I can repost the mailbag questions

    Good luck on your producers cut of The Hunt! 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  25. Those recliners look really, really, super comfortable. I wouldn’t make it to the opening credits of SGA – I’d be asleep in no time. How does one stay awake AND watch t.v. in something like that???

  26. Speaking of Amazing Race. Quite a few are happening at the moment around the world on TV. There’s the Asian version, China Rush etc. And soon to be Austrialian one. Hard to believe the Amazing Race magic is still strong lol

    Anyway in random offtopic news

    Did anyone else see Sanctuarys ratings? Crazy. 1.8 million people. It’s clear that WWE brings viewers to the channel on fridays lol. Why can’t Stargate have that slot? *Sigh*

    Congrats to AT and co.

  27. Happy (belated) Birthday Joe! Looking forward to fresh SGU tomorrow nite. I see that the old UPN stations are now reairing Season 1 SGU, very cool news. That’s how I got into SGA.

  28. The two days I miss it was your Birthday! Really? 🙁 Well Happy (Late) Birthday! Hope it was fun… About that script.. It will eventually come to you.. You’ll be doing something and then BAM! Amazing idea! Just give it some time… Anyways have a good night.. 😀


    Destiny is powered by the stars. It goes in to the star and stores the solar energy. All that energy is MUCH more than a ZPM. And besides it’s an unlimited power source. It never gets depleted. So while Destiny doesn’t have a power source on board, it has energy stored on bored that has more energy than a ZPM. Although Destiny doesn’t have enough power because for some unexplained reason it’s not getting charged 100%. So this other ship was charged enough to dial Earth.

  29. Interesting – I never thought about putting the slaw on the sandwich itself. I guess I’ll need to try that at some point.

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