More super-secret production pics!

Stargate: Universe returns Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!

Stargate: Universe returns Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!

Stargate: Universe returns Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to post comments on and questions for our book of the month club, Masked.  You should have your answers some time next week.

I hope.

I’m sure many of you aren’t asking “Hey, when’s the last time Joe went out for dinner?”.  Well, for those of you not wondering – just last night, and the night before that, and the night before that.  Hell, I’ve done so many dinners of late that I’m officially putting myself on “the program”, back to my two a day work-outs, cooking at home more, and limiting myself to a mere one dessert a day.  I already miss my restaurant meals and so, in today’s entry, I offer a whimsical trip down memory lane highlighting several of the terrific dinners (and occasional lunch) I enjoyed in happier times (specifically, this past week).

Last night, Akemi and I paid a return visit to Refuel’s sister restaurant Campagnolo Restaurant.  The last time we were in, Akemi (who has been complaining about the quality of the pizza here in Vancouver, claiming it doesn’t come close to the Tokyo version) spotted another table being served a pizza.  One look was all it took to declare Campagnolo’s pizza “the best in Vancouver”.  I suggested she actually come back and taste it first before giving them the title…

Akemi enjoys the complimentary/highly addictive breadsticks.

My pizza: The Carbonara - smoked provolone, bacon, chanterelles, onions, and an egg.

Akemi goes for the Margherita.

The verdict?  Her early pronouncement was confirmed.  According to Akemi, Campagnolo serves the best pizza in Vancouver.

But apparently nothing beats Tokyo pizza.

Thursday night, I was out with the lovely Lisa.  We hit Boneta –

What do you think?  Does it make me look more intelligent?  Or even intelligent?

Lisa sports Harajuku Business Schoolgirl

Boneta’s unbelievable Tarte Tatin for Two.

With a softball-sized serving of vanilla ice cream!

When I walked in, I was offered the choice between two tables.  I took the one by the window even though our waitress warned me there would be a big party seated right beside us.  I didn’t mind.  After all, how raucous could they be?  Well, when the first member of the “big party” arrived, I realized “pretty damn raucous”.  It was none other than Matt, Jewel Staite’s husband.  We chatted a while and then the rest of their party arrived, including the lovely Jewel.  It was great seeing them again.   Over the course of the evening, we played dueling drinks with me buying them cocktails to start their meals and them buying us sauternes to finish ours.

Thursday night, we hit Q4 to celebrate Rob Cooper’s all-too-short stopover.

Lawren.  For a guy who claims to eat a lot, he really doesn’t.

Alan McCullough regaled us with a very interesting story about a bar in Tokyo I will definitely not be checking out.  Unless I’m wearing shorts under my pants.

The guest of honor: Robert C. Cooper.

Carl had the best line of the night: “I feel like I’m in Hell’s Kitchen and the red team has fallen behind.”

My Tokyo wingman: Ivon Bartok.

The antipasto platter.

Chorizo and portobello mushroom pizza.

I was surprised I was hungry at all.  That day, I met my friend, actress Theresa Lee, for dim sum at Happy Valley Dim Sum on East Broadway.  Theresa does A LOT of work in Asia (loved her in Big Bullet).  At one point in the meal, I glanced up at the t.v. tuned to the local Chinese affiliate.  There was Theresa onscreen, starring in the drama series she recently shot in Hong Kong.  The two women seated beside us couldn’t take her eyes off her, smiling widely whenever we happened to glance over.

Theresa does her Hello Kitty impersonation.

Best dish of the day. I'm usually not a fan of rice rolls but this one was great.

Let's call this one the not best dish of day. Steamed intestines and tofu skin I believe. I wasn't going to try it until Theresa questioned my manhood. Anyway, of all the weird food items I've eaten over the course of my many travels, this one would rank in the bottom five. I'd rather eat cod sperm.

Actor Robert Picardo is in town shooting an episode of SGU, and he brought his delightful wife Linda along this time.  We ended up doing two dinners, one at Tojo’s where Linda learned to love sushi, and another at Q4.

Pasta platter: Spaghetti Quattro and the Fettuccine Tartufate

A great time was had by all.  It was great seeing them both and next time I’m in L.A., I’m taking them up on their kind offer and checking out Bob’s new pizza oven!

The night before that, it was Campagnolo for pasta and pork belly.

I think I was ten pounds lighter.

She doesn't have to worry about her weight, but Akemi insists she's packed on the pounds since coming to Canada. Must be the cold weather.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday guy and gals Tim Lade, Penny and Susuan the Tartan Turtle.


Abbas Karimjee writes: “Will we see some of the consequences which Colonel Young will have to face for his relationship with TJ in the coming season?”

Answer: Yes.  Young faces many difficult repercussions in SGU’s second season.

Lowriders95s10 writes: “Are Camile and Sharon married? and does Sharon have a last name.”

Answer: I don’t think we’ve said one way or the other although they certainly act like a married couple.  For now, I’d say they’re in a happy long-term relationship.  As for Sharon’s last name – I’ll have to check because I don’t know off the top of my head.

Sean D. writes: “Can you give us any additional hints about episode “Cloverdale” beyond David Blue’s reveal to it being set in an alternate universe?”

Answer: Alternate universe?  Really?

Tim Lade writes: “Have you considered directing at all ala Robert Cooper or are you strictly sticking to writing for the near future?”

Answer: No interest in directing, editing, composing, or providing first aid.  I’m content writing and producing.

Taj writes: “My question is, when you sit down to write something like Incursion, a big two-parter/cliffhanger, do you map out the full story arc/conclusion from the beginning or do you leave a lot of that to be resolved at a later date.”

Answer: We don’t map out anything beyond what needs to be written – but we certainly knew where we wanted to go with certain aspects of the story.

Mattjboesch8907 writes: “My Question is this: “Who’s Directing Seizure?””

Answer: Veteran director Helen Shaver is at the helm.

Sean D. writes: “Will the SGU season 2 trailer that comes out next week be the same one that was shown at Comic-Con or different?”

Answer: Nope.  I dare say it’ll be even better.

Bailey writes: “Is there going to be any mention of Jonas in Seizure or another ep?”

Answer: There should be, yes.

dioxholster writes: “Is John Scalzi still working on SGU? and why hasnt he become a writer yet or written an episode?”

Answer: John is most certainly working on SGU’s second season.  In fact, I was just working on his notes on The Hunt the other day.  And John knows we’d love to have him write an episode if he ever finds the time.  He’s a busy guy!

44 thoughts on “September 18, 2010: Dinners! Dinners! Dinners! And a lunch! More super secret production pics! Oh, and some mailbag!

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    PS- Joe, I’m sorry about the Dawgs losing to the Hogs today. As us Cubs fans have learned to say… “maybe next game!”

  2. Wow!!! What a life. I can’t wait for SGU to come back it’s going to kickass. thank the gods!

  3. Hey Joe

    Not sure if it’s the food or the wonderful looking ladies that make me want to come visit Vancouver. You certainly seem to be in the company of dazzling ladies at almost every meal.


  4. First the happy news….Jewel announced that Paul McGillion is getting married today….Congrats to Paul and his wife…hope you’ll post some photos Joe.

    Now the sad news…I just heard from Apple that DHL have either lost my Super Secret Project or sent it back to the Apple warehouse because they couldn’t deliver it (it had the correct address). I’ve been in tears all morning and I’m scrambling to negotiate with them to either find the parcel or overnight me a new one. I’ve spent months on this project as my friends can attest so I’m devastated.


  5. Thanks heaps for the hot hot hot photos Joe as always.

    Oh I’ll also try and upload a photo of the Super Secret Truffles I made this week with my niece and nephew….They’re incredible!! (the truffles and my niece and nephew….haha)

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Um….the glasses make you look like an accountant Joe. They don’t suit you…if you ever need to wear ’em go for contacts.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. How does Akemi grow her hair so fast? I’ve been trying to grow my for months after a hairdresser butchered one side….ugh!!

  7. The glasses must go. Your already intellectual features are not enhanced by them, so if you must wear corrective lenses, it’s contacts for you. Unless you like glasses of course…
    One good thing about your dining adventures. What with the company you’ve been keeping or bumping into you would hardly notice the food being really bad. But it’s appreaciated that you have shared with us anyways.
    thanks also for the mailbag. Given the length of the rest of the post, it was a pleasant suprise you managed to answer any questions, especially having to collate the questions from this week’s BotM club selection for the authors/editor. Your work is appreciated, and here’s hoping it’s a slow night at work on the 28th so that I can join in watching seaon two’s kickoff.

  8. I love your blog. You cover 4 of my favorite things- Stargate, Vancouver, dogs, and good food- not necessarily in that order. Thank you.

  9. I had a bologna sandwich for dinner thank you very much.

    When you had those glasses on did anyone ask you for your autograph thinking you were that guy (the host) on Food Network’s “Chopped”? (you aren’t that guy are you?)

  10. I am completely offended! I can’t believe that you did this! This is unacceptable! I am just miffed! I am considering storming off!

    Do us Canadians not get any love? Our airdate is Oct 1 on Space, but you didn’t mention us 🙁 Why Joe, do you not love us? Are we not important? I mean, we’ve only housed you for 13+ years. Why don’t we get any love!

  11. @BryStearns

    Yeah I noticed….the Aussies didn’t get any love either.

    Friday October 1st 8:30PM on SciFi channel

    (hey just realised that technically we get SGU before Canada ‘cos we’re like 17 hours ahead…woohoo….sorry BryStearns, got carried away)

    Cheers, Chev

  12. Ooops, I mean … SECOND!

    Do I still get a cookie? No?

    Maybe we should all go on a diet with Joe.

  13. Hey Joe,

    This may not be all that coherent, but really, would you expect anything else from me?

    By the way, how the hell are ya? 😉 And Jelly? And Mum? And Sis? And the rest of the furry gang? Akemi? Yeah, I should go back and read past blogs I know. I’ll get there.

    Couldn’t miss the discussion on your print story début, although it’s mostly over by now, but I’m going to force my rambling thoughts I’ve had about Masked on you anyway.

    I’ve been a little pre-occupied of late, so my thoughts on Masked are not lengthy, but I have enjoyed the post Masked reading effect of reflecting on the stories and characters and how it’s had me thinking of real life people I know and knew and remembering those times. There are those in the here and now, in reality, who don’t have super powers, but are always the strong ones. Held up on a pedestal purely because of their job or because they’re always there when needed. Yet, when you know them out of the public eye you see they battle with their own demons but keep up the brave face because if there was a weakness shown, not only do they worry themselves of falling to pieces, but know there is always someone, whether media or associate, who is waiting and take great joy at trying to bring them down. Sometimes reality reads like a piece of fiction.

    I never knew about The Watchmen until I saw it on the In-Flight movies list one return flight home. At the end of it I did mutter ‘WTF?’. But that was because I had been raised on the perfect, never defeated super hero. Once I had a chance to digest it, I started to think of super heroes in a different way. And that wasn’t a bad thing.

    It was coincidence I guess that I was reading Masked also on a flight, but it made me think of The Watchmen while reading. I’ve come to love this anti-hero style of story.

    I’m a chronic series reader so reading a book of short stories oft has me letting out a ‘Noooooo!’ as it finishes. I’m not completely finished with Masked, so am looking forward to finishing up the anthology. Joe, I hope to read more from you on paper. I was on a red-eye home when I started reading your story. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel asleep about half way through. But the story continued on in my dream and I was trying not to laugh when I woke up and resumed reading to see whether where my dream went was anywhere close to where you took the story.

    Must away. I’m heading out now to my Niece’s 7th Birthday at a roller skating rink. Just so happens to be the same one I used to go to at her age so her Mum and I have it all set to request some Roxette and skate like it’s 1985. 1985 sounds like a terribly long time ago! 33 next week and it doesn’t feel that old, but when you see kids driving around with personalised number plates and they were born the year you graduated from High School, eeek! Where does the time go?! Actually, probably a bad question on this blog because I’ll receive a mathematical formula in reply as to where time really does go. But that would also be very, very cool to pin up on my wall 🙂

    Take care all.

  14. Yay pictures! Ivon’s looking pretty darn sexy! 😉

    Felicia Day was asking about good places to eat in Vancouver the other day on Twitter… I just referred her here! 😀

    I have no cable this year, so I’m going to be DYING without my live SGU! 🙁

    Please (pretty please) tell me that it will show up on Hulu within 24 hours of its initial airing and not 8 days later like the TV networks do for most shows!!! Tell SyFy I’d love them forever if they let you put episodes of SGU up online the next day!

  15. @ Deni – Gigolo.

    @ Joe – The glasses? They make you look like Janeane Garofalo with a buzz cut.

    And thank you VERY much for the Alan McCullough picture! I can die happy now. 🙂 Well, okay…NOT die…but go to bed happy now. NOT that I mean I’m gonna have naughty thoughts about Alan…no, no, no…THAT would be creepy. NOT that Alan is creepy, mind you, but that it would be creepy for me to think naughty thoughts about a real person, because once you do that you can never look that person in the eye if you ever meet them in real life without smiling that cockeyed little smile, then realizing you are smiling that cockeyed little smile, which makes you blush and once you blush then you think the person knows why you’re blushing, and that just makes everything a bit awkward and the person you smiled that cockeyed smile at doesn’t understand what’s going on, and then they think that maybe they have a piece of spinach between their teeth…or maybe their armpits are a tad guffy…and they start sucking at their teeth and trying to sniff their pits without being obvious, but they ARE obvious and that just makes you feel really squirmy in that ‘I wanna get outta here’ squirmy kinda way, and the whole meeting ends badly. And I would never want that to happen on the odd chance that I might actually meet Mr. McCullough some day.

    That’s why I reserve all my naughty thoughts for those make-believe fellers. It might be weird, but at least it’s not creepy! 😀



    It’s not creepy, right? RIGHT??!



  16. Narelle from Aus wrote: “By the way, how the hell are ya? And Jelly? And Mum? And Sis? And the rest of the furry gang?”

    Um… are you suggesting that Mama Mallozzi and Sis are…uh…furries???



  17. @das – Very poor ordering of words there by me. It’s amusing to see people’s faces when they ask if I have kids and I reply ‘only furry ones’. They must wonder what horrible genetic affliction I’ve passed down.

    My iPhone auto correct keeps on turning das into dad. Doh!

  18. I am liking all of these super secret stuff you show… I don’t mind if they spoil me a little bit but I find them cool of you to show it to us. It makes me feel you really want fans to know what you guys are up to and more about the show. Makes me feel we are part of the production and makes me feel to want to watch it more. I can’t wait for season 2 to start! I hope the new trailer comes in sooner.

    Thanks, and I hope there will be more!

  19. If that gun was made by the Ancients, then they must have really lost their sense of aesthetic weapon design over millions of years. Much better than those stick things in the Aurora ship simulation.

  20. So much for spoiler warning what info might be found on the gate clamps concept art. 😛 Bring on “Awakening”!

  21. did i just read the words “gate factory”? in episode 3 or maybe 8? i want to see that.

    and i like those weapons, they remind me of Bioshock steampunk stuff. Would like Greer holding one of those, preferably chasing someone with it for unknown reasons. No because they made fun of his daddy!

    Well if thats the case then John Scalzi will at some point get tired of writing notes, say ‘what the heck’ and end up just writing an episode for you guys. I reckon it would be a standalone one, due to the nature of the show.

  22. Beautiful people and yummy looking food! If Akemi has gained weight, it looks great on her!!! Women never believe that but tell her anyway 😉 .

    I went to my son’s first band competition yesterday. All the bands were good but they had a demo from a small band in Mississippi called “Delta State University”. They were jazzy (nice change) but what struck me is that their mascot is called the “flying okra”. Ever heard of them? Odd but kind of funny.

    Narelle: don’t you work too hard!! Give the furries a scratch for me please 😀 .

  23. I’ve been gone for a couple of days… just catching up…

    @ Tammy DIxon – LOL!! – yes, now that you mention it, chocolate cake n cream sludge does sound rather unappetizing. I should have put it into Foodie Speak to make it sound more tempting…. but it’s soooo good…

    I’m apparently in the minority but I like the glasses.

    That intestine/tofu dish just looks wrong…. Everything else looks good as usual, lots of pizza lately. I don’t get why the egg on the pizza. Hey, doesn’t that tarte have baked fruit on it, didn’t think you liked baked fruit.

    Carl’s the best!!!

    Have a good one!!

  24. hey you once said that the canadian dollar and costs made it hard for the stargate sg1 and atlantis to continue. why cant you now bring atlantis back. it oly lasted 5 seasons with much more potential to go. theres millions of fans wanting this. make it happen!!!! please.

  25. Hi,

    Here is a question I have for the mailbag.

    Will we have the opportunity to learn more about Colonel Telford’s backstory in season 2?


  26. I’d ask a question about the antipasto platter, but, it’s so confusing, I don’t know where to start.

  27. Joe,
    You are not by any chance going to get into trouble for showing those super secret pics? You’ve already revealed the Captain’s Chair on Destiny’s Bridge. And now, if I’m right, you just showed us some (I hope!) Ancient firearms that will replace our characters guns that have limited ammunition.
    Are those weapons plasma, laser, or bullet based?

  28. Sorry not posting lately. Was in the ER Friday late afternoon/night with guess what? Kidney stones. I can tell you they haven’t passed yet (here we are on Sunday).

    But thanks for the posts and the good pictures. Roberto Picardo’s wife is beautiful. Lots of good food, but alas I have no appetite as of late.

    Keep good thoughts. The adrenaline of knowing SGU is starting in a week or so is helping the pain.

  29. In anticipation of the coming season premiere I’ve been re-watching the previous SGU episodes, they are even better now than they were the first time! I find myself feeling quite conflicted about the military vs. civilians situation.
    When you wrote the scripts, did you find yourself taking sides? If so which one did you tend towards?
    I am also loving all the situations that no one who hasn’t seen previous Stargates is necessarily confused, but where all of us who have seen them have a chance to feel like we know something special. When they asked who could have made a sun, this time around I immediately wondered why I didn’t think of the first Ashen episode last time!
    Thank you for another brilliant, captivating stargate series!

  30. Awesome pictures! I’m so excited!!! It takes forever for shows to come back after summer :/

    I wish they would bring Atlantis back too.. But as Joe has said many many MANY times the reality is that it’s never going to happen. Just be thankful we have one Stargate show verses none. 🙂

  31. Joe you look a little tired in the last picture of yourself, get some rest and don’t wear it all out before your amazing vacation upcoming. Bob Picardo wife is indeed beautiful, and thanks for sharing all the other pictures, almost the motherlode. Thats not one of your injury pictures of that arm in the first one,I hope not,bummer. Theresa does a great Hello Kitty impression, shes a cutie. and it doesn’t look like Akemi has gained a pound, if I looked at the wonderful food (in person) you all eat, I could gain it. So looking at the pictures I am safe. thanks.
    Joe are you planning another installment to Downfall, it was a really good story and I would be interested in reading more of it.

  32. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the super secret pictures! I’m gonna guess the second picture is some sort of crane on the seeder ships. Am I close? And are those Ancient Weapons? Pretty cool. Is it the 28th yet!

  33. @eas, @nathan

    I think they can back back SG1 and/or SGA. But not in their past incarnations. It would be more or less a show reboot with new cast. Don’t think any of the previous cast will be back except in guest/cameo roles

    It’s up to the new MGM management (Spyglass or Sahara possibly) to decide what direction to take the franchise in the future. The MGM outlook got murkier with Sahara (Indian conglomerate) wanting to acquire a major part of the MGM debt recently.

  34. I just zoomed in on the text in the second picture….GateFactory!? Very interesting!

  35. Wow, you had dinner with so many beautiful women in one week, good for you! Yet more proof that Vancouver is full of pretty people. Of course Carl Binder is the prettiest of them all.

    Loved all the food pics, except for the scary steamed intestines. The antipasto looks delicious, but did they have to add in the purple butterflies? That seems so cruel, what with the butteryfly shortage and all.

    What where those pretty purple flower pasta thingies that you and Akemi had several months ago? The pasta was shaped like lavender flower petals and looked beautiful, but have not been able to find it.

    My new favorite Korean soap opera addiction is The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry; can’t get enough K Drama. Damn Hulu.

  36. Am I crazy, or after “Time” did it just move along never addressing the events in “Time”? (It is one of my favorite episodes of season 1 BTW) Will there ever be any mention of said events to clear up how they resolved the issues and the impacts of the events of “Time”? Or should we just assume they recieved the Kino and resolved the problem before it got out of hand?

    P.S. Thanks for all your hard work on SGU, I was weary of the show before it started due to the change in direction, but I have to admit, I love the show and applaud all of you for taking such a huge risk with the change. Well done sir…well done. 😉

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