When I was invited along for last week’s technical survey, I jumped at the chance to go door to door, querying local fans about the show’s mechanical and scientific aspects. Dear Sir and/or Madam – Could you spare a few moments to answer some questions about Destiny’s Faster Than Light drive?  How satisfied are you with the ship’s capacitors?  Very satisfied?  Satisfied?  Somewhat satisfied?  Somewhat dissatisfied?  Dissatisfied?  Or very dissatisfied?  Rate the shield’s efficiency on a scale of one to ten. Well, to my disappointment, the survey didn’t involve any canvassing or solicitation of opinions.  Hell, it wasn’t particularly technical either.  It was just a road trip out to a forested area in North Vancouver where we finalized the locations for episode 16, The Hunt.

Heather Vedan, our Locations Manager, makes sure we've all gone to the bathroom before giving the bus driver the go-ahead.

The buddy system is a must for all Stargate field trips. Unfortunately, I was odd man out and ended up being paired with the snack basket.

Director Andy Mikita and Stunt Coordinator James "Bam Bam" Bamford discuss the first big action sequence.

We gather at what will be base camp - only to learn Andy Mikita forgot the smores. Instead, we split a pack of Trident gum and roasted that.

Eventually, we end up back on the lot, Stage 6, to check out the cave set - a work in progress.

A piece of the rock face.

Two boxes of rocks.

What will be the cave exterior.

Off for takoyaki bombs.  Will have a full report tomorrow!

34 thoughts on “September 19, 2010: How satisfied are you with the ship’s capacitors? Very satisfied? Satisfied? Somewhat satisfied? Somewhat dissatisfied? Dissatisfied? Or very dissatisfied?

  1. Joe, you may have stumbled on to a new truffle…. Trident flavored! (the truffle you can keep chewing all day)

    Thanks for the sneek peek pics!

    I’ve heard the saying, “worthless as a box of rocks” so how much would 2 boxes be??

  2. Takoyaki Bombs? Never heard of them.
    They had Wasabi Bombs on The Amazing Race, seemed rather pleasant to eat.

    Something like Taiyaki or simply home made Red Bean paste in something like Daifuku would be kinda neat.

    Anpan is something everyone should try, basically a sweet bun with Red Bean Paste inside.

    Notice a theme here?

  3. Loved the pictures. I do have to ask a question though. Were you ever a Boy Scout? 😉 You know, that be prepared motto and all. 🙂

    Have a good night.

  4. Day camp! How much fun! NOT! (I didn’t much like Girl Scouts. I know the feeling was 100% mutual. Oh well. I did my time, and left with an honorable discharge two years after signin’ up.)

    LOL re. roasting a pack of Trident. If we’d gotten to do cool and weird stuff like that . . . Well, in fact, starting several years later I went to a few pretty awesome camps. But that was with a completely different group — Junior S&M, or something that sounds similar but doesn’t have the bizarre (and illegal) connotations, but was fun anyway.

    I’m going to go ahead and wish you Happy Birthday almost a month early, because who knows what I might or might not remember by then? An overripe gorgonzola somewhere in the house is one thing, but birthdays are something else, you know? I wouldn’t remember my own except for — oh, right, I was talking about your birthday. Best wishes for mirth and friendship and some cool stuff for the 16th, after which I expect that things will return to normal. *w*

    Condolences to Rob Cooper and Brian Smith upon the Cowbots starting the season by going 0 for 2. 😀 (Things could be worse. It’s always good news in Irving when Romo doesn’t throw an INT.)

  5. Field trip! Love field trips. Thank you for the pictures. Getting super excited here. It is now showing up in my DVR scheduler. (As is Dexter, Glee, and Fringe).

  6. You have too much fun with your job. Don’t you realize there are suffering people out there agonizing about having to work a job they loathe? And you just have to rub salt in their wounds. Love the pics and love the captioning even more. Keep up the good work.

  7. So is HUNT Earth based? If not, what happened to TPTB deisre not to make the other plants looking like Vancouver woods???


  8. Which means there were no snacks left by the time you arrived at your destination.

  9. @ Patricia, after they film it they make it look different, filters, adding in trees, etc.

    Trident! Was it new TRIDENT LAYERS!!! 🙂 Do they pay you in trident layers?

    ^i would laugh out loud if this made it to the mailbag *hint* haha

  10. Joe, by chance, and I am thinking this is a long shot, but do you take in science-fiction film, and if so, did you happen to see Pandorum? I feel that I didn’t enjoy it even in the slightest.

  11. I’m going to try to be more honest and forthcoming about things in life. So here is the first thought I had after reading this post: The box of rocks should be a Christmas gift for Charlie Brown.

    I never said they were going to be deep thoughts.

  12. TJ backstory, alien-looking planet (eventually, right?), alienS (plural!, has SG ever had different alien species living on the same planet?) – looks like “The Hunt” will be one extremely awesome episode.

    Yeah, I have a way with words, especially adjectives. 😛

  13. NBC should have at least aired one commercial for SGU during their Sunday night football game. They used to air commercials for SG-1 back in the day. I don’t watch a whole lot of tv these days, but when I do have it on, I haven’t seen any commercials for the new season of SGU at all.. not on SyFy, or any of their sister channels (NBC, USA, etc.). Has anyone else seen any commercials??

    You would think w/ moving Stargate to Tueday nights from its (what is it now, like 8) years of Friday nights airing on SyFy would warrant some air time to remind people about the change. Thankfully DVRs automatically record first run episodes regardless of their air date/time… but I thought SyFy/NBC were more interested in the live audience viewing numbers and not so much so the recorded numbers. USA used to have Stargate commercials all the time (especially during shows such as Psych which have a slight Stargate connection).

    I have a feeling that this season of SGU (***which starts TUESDAY, SEPT. 28TH on SYFY***) will actually end up being one of the best overall seasons of a Stargate series when it is all said and done, but worry cuz it seems like the Network isn’t really getting the word out all that much about the new season on a new night. If I am wrong though, then I apologize for even bringing the subject up. I just really want to see SGU get a positive upswing in the numbers (on a consistent basis) during Season 2.0! In fact I even starting advertising SGU’s premiere in my Ebay auctions, along with the Season 2 trailer from ComicCon. Sure, a few people will see it (not to mention that its totally free advertising for SyFy) but imagine how many people would see a commercial during a nationally broadcast live NFL game. C’mon, SyFy, buy a 30 second spot on next Sunday night’s game that’s on NBC… I’m sure NBC would give you a discount if you ask, you’re owned by the same conglomerate. In fact, it could be said that you are all one big family, ..and that’s what family is for right? Well, that and noogies.

  14. Oops! The html inserted a smiley face where I typed the number “eight.” Oh well. It just reminds me that there was one more thing I wanted to say:

    ***Tuesday, Sept. 28th***
    ***SGU season 2***
    ***starts on SyFy***

  15. Hi Joe,

    A question totally unrelated to your latest post, but something dear to your heart nonetheless – food!

    I have just watched a story on Susur Lee and was wondering if you had been to either of his restaurants
    (Susur or Lee) in Toronto? And, if so, what you thought it/them?

  16. Hey Jo,

    Will you be puuting a pic of mr Hewlett aka Mccay up on your site?



  17. Just read your blog and

    Stargate: Universe returns Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!

    Stargate: Universe returns Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!

    Stargate: Universe returns Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!

    Tell your friends!

    But why not our enemies? They might like SGU too!!!

    Why is the cave neccesery? Is somebody going to get lost in it?

  18. An urgent question, sort of. Can you tell me what kind of money was used during the Ronon/Teal’c fight scene in “Midway”?? Is it possible they were copies of some European money? There’s a thread at one movie forum about movies/series that mention Estonia, and someone thought the blue banknote Sheppard is holding could be, in fact, Estonian kroon?



    I know you don’t deal with details like that, and it was a long time ago, but maybe you happen to know.

  19. More lurk than quirk. Hewlett/McKay pic please? Only reason I’m giving SGU another shot.

  20. Had to google Takoyaki bombs. Homeland Security will be knocking on my cubicle any minute.

    That is one big comfy bus you guys ride around on. I just got off of a packed city bus, an intimate affair in which I was manhandled by several dozen strangers in a dimly lit space while clutching a rubber strap. Not as sexy as it sounds.

  21. Hello =) ça va bien? Moi oui,

    désolé mais j’ai était absente ce week end et vendredi car j’ai été à Paris en promenade, j’ai mangé quelques macarons chez Laduré (framboise, noix de coco, mes parfums pref;) et ensuite j’ai été manger un délicieux confit de canard et un fondant au chocolat! =P

    J’ai aussi bien acheté votre cadeau en espérant qu’il vous plaise, je l’envoie cette semaine!!

    Merci pour ces photos!!
    Pleins de gros bisous!

  22. Hello,

    I am not sure about Stargate Universe, I have watch every episode, but I am not too interested in it yet. I only follow becuase I support the stargate following and I am hoping that the other projects will happen. My question is, due the advertisers take into consideration that everyone dvrs or records your shows. I am pretty sure they do not because there isnt really a way to see if people are watching their advertisements and thus they are cutting back on spending. I have a solution to the dvr problem and would like to know if i am on the right path with funding issues…

  23. In response to E:

    Bizarrely the loved kroon somehow always gets secret spotlight. I watched a clip in BBC News a couple of weeks ago that talked about the euro but pics we’re of the kroon. The reality just is. The kroon is a beautiful money. Everybody secretly love it.

    How can you not love money that has a beautiful poetess on it:


    And a newspaper publisher:


    The second one I happen to have in my wallet. That makes me richer than most easter europeans (a.k.a. latvians). And take notice. Estonia is a northern European country. They said that in Silicon Valley so it must be true.

  24. 🙁 I was also birthday gal the 18th. You can make it up by remembering fellow Foodie .. my daughter Leora who will be 19 on the 24th. WAHHHHHHHHHHH.

    >>The buddy system is a must for all Stargate field trips. Unfortunately, I was odd man out and ended up being paired with the snack basket.<< Ahem, you later claim the smores were forgotten. I suspect forgotten in the snack basket they foolishly left in YOUR care.

    Ewww on the food. Only 5th worse? What are the other 4?

  25. For the writer’s lurking out there heads up that Oct 25 is the deadline for submitting to the WGA’s Writer Access Project from underrepresented populations, check it:

    Each Project participant must be a member of one of the groups represented by a diversity committee at the WGAW, or a writing team comprised of at least one such person.

    Scripts will judged in five categories:

    Category 1: Minority writers
    Category 2: Writers with disabilities
    Category 3: Women writers
    Category 4: Writers age 55 and over (as of August 23, 2010)
    Category 5: Gay and lesbian writers


  26. So for the Estonians, if I were to say to you “su gimimo diena, labai labai,” on your gimtadiens, would that be close at all to Estonian?

  27. Dear Sir,

    I would like to submit an official complaint. I have counted your posts and it has been seven since you have posted any new pug photos. This is an unacceptable act of neglect on your part and the pug loving public would like to know when we can expect normal pug service to be resumed.


    Grumble Grumble.

  28. Thanks for sharing some pre production pics Joe. 🙂

    SO will we see the trailer tonight… pretty please 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

    PS… sorry I haven’t posted much.. between school and working out and the campaign, I don’t have much free time. 🙁

  29. So you got left with the snack basket eh? Nom nom nom, lovely smores. Boxes of rocks, hmm, I wonder how heavy they are? Somebody must’ve given in to temptation and lifted one of them over their head. I know I would.

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