And when I say “MY” Top 10, I am strictly referring to episodes I am credited on otherwise the list would be comprised solely of episodes scripted by the likes of Cooper (Time), Wright (2010), Binder (Life), and Gero (Duet).  And of the episodes I’ve been credited on, I’m not counting those scripted solely by my writing partner Paul (ie. Subversion).  I also eliminated those that, for whatever reason, whether better or worse, ended up a far different animal than I originally envisioned in that first draft (ie. Prodigy, Prophecy), those that proved a real bitch to script (ie. This Mortal Coil), and those that I was never enamored with (ie. Shadow Play).  Of the ones I was left with, I chose my top ten favorites.  Actually, I ended up with a list of fifteen that I considered, reconsidered, and re-reconsidered before I eventually pared them down to that final ten.  The five episodes that were close but didn’t make the cut: Whispers (Loved the guest cast and really enjoyed my time on set with Director Will Waring and co.  Lots of great memories on this one.), Point of No Return (The first episode Paul and I wrote that turned out almost exactly as we’d envisioned it.  Also the first appearance of the lovable Martin Lloyd.), Incursion I (There were a lot of balls in the air here with multiple storylines in play, but the cast and Director Andy Mikita pulled it off in grand style.), Nightwalkers (A small town alien invasion one-off – the best of both worlds.), and Reunion (Jason Momoa was terrific in an episode that allowed me to cast a little light on Ronon’s pre-Atlantis days.  Ultimately, I didn’t feel so bad about not including this one since the sequel, Broken Ties, made the list.).

My Top 10 Favorites (photos courtesy and copyright MGM Television)…

10) Revisions (Stargate: SG-1, Season 7)

I remember then VFX Supervisor James Tichenor telling me how much he enjoyed this episode because, in his mind, it was one of those pure SF off-world adventures: no mythology, no ties to previous episodes, simply a cool, SF-themed stand-alone.  To be honest, the original pitch was very different but, over a lunch of dry ribs and spicy maki, Exec. Producer Robert Cooper steered us in the direction of what became the eventual story:  SG-1 stumbles upon a society living within a hermetically sealed bubble.  Members of their community begin to disappear, but no one seems to notice because their memories are mysteriously altered.  This was one of those rare scripts where I knew exactly where I wanted to end up: with a final moment in which one of the characters asks Carter to tell him about the wife he no longer remembers.

9) The Ties That Bind (Stargate: SG-1, Season )

One of the main reasons I so enjoyed working on those last two seasons of SG-1 was the cast, and a character by the name of Vala Mal Doran.  This episode was an opportunity to examine a little of her (un)professional backstory with a tour de force of the unsavory sorts she did business with over the course of her checkered mercenary past.  Claudia had a knack for always delivering a line exactly the way you’d imagined it.  Throws in impeccable comic timing, a great onscreen presence and – voila!  What more could you ask for?  She was surrounded by some equally great talent and, in this episode, a wonderful guest cast as well.  Vala, Daniel, and Mitchell set out on a scavenger hunt unlike any other…

8) The Curse (Stargate: SG-1, Season 4)

After some 3+ seasons, we’d figured the backstories of our team had no doubt been good and mined – which is why it was a delight to come up with a story that explored aspects of Daniel Jackson’s life prior to his joining the Stargate Program.  It’s a fun little mystery (spoiled by the network promo) with a healthy dose  of Egyptian mythology, exploration and discovery, and one megalomaniacal surprise villain.

7) Broken Ties (Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5)

In the sequel to Season 4’s The Reunion, Ronon crosses paths with fellow Satedan Tyre and, in a reversal of roles, falls under the sway of the wraith, leaving his old friend to lead the rescue effort.  It’s a story about redemption and friendship that showcases one of Jason Momoa’s greatest performances.

6) Family Ties (Stargate: SG-1, Season 10)

What’s better than a fast-talking, disorderly hustler?  How about two fast-talking, disorderly hustlers?  Especially if the second is played by the hilarious Fred Willard.  We get Vala backstory, off-world adventure, some not-so-subtle digs at the show’s cancellation, and one of the most memorable endings in Stargate history.

5) Morpheus (Stargate: SG-1, Season 10)

On the one hand we have  SG-1, off-world, battling the effects of a mysterious plague that threatens to lull them into an endless slumber; on the other hand, back at the SGC, we’ve got Vala undergoing a psych eval – with predictable results.  As stand-alone adventures go, this was one of my favorites (the slow-mo funeral-like procession of our team being encased and carried off by hazmat-suited personnel still gives me goosebumps), while Vala’s attempts to “beat the system” made for some incredibly funny moments.

4) Window of Opportunity (Stargate: SG-1, Season 4)

In the Stargate version of Groudhog Day, the unlikeliest of individuals – O’Neill and Teal’c – must use brains over brawn to sever a time loop that has trapped Earth in an endlessly repeating ten hour cycle.  Along the way, they learn to juggle, golf through the stargate, and act on certain fantasies without fear of consequence…

3) Camelot (Stargate: SG-1, Season 9)

This one can earn its slot on the merit of its kick-ass cliffhanger conclusion alone: an all-out space battle that sees Earth and its allies get their asses kicked, Mitchell, Jackson, and Teal’c aboard seemingly doomed ships, Carter free-floating helplessly in space, and a very pregnant Vala watching it all from the relatively safe confines of an enemy vessel where she will soon give birth to the “will of the Ori”.

2) Remnants (Stargate: Atlantis, Season 4)

Three seemingly unrelated storylines have more in common than we first realize in an episode that finds Sheppard facing off against his supposedly dead arch nemesis, McKay and Zelenka exploring a mysterious alien device, and a lonely Richard Woolsey finding love where he least expects it.  Great performances all around, with the terrific chemistry between the various pairings (Sheppard and Kolya, McKay and Zelenka, Woolsey and Conrad) really making for a memorable outing.

1) Ripple Effect (Stargate: SG-1, Season 9)

Although my head nearly exploded writing the script, I still have nothing but the fondest of memories for this episode which finds multiple versions of our team creating havoc at Stargate Command.  Twin SG-1’s team up to close the breach that has created the problem, but it turns out that one of those teams has a hidden agenda.  When our SG-1 suddenly find themselves in trouble, they turn the tables on their captors the only way they can: by thinking like themselves.

Capping off this blog entry – Steve Eramo has informed me that he’s posted the introduction to that promised Rachel Luttrell Q&A over on his site.  Check it out here:

58 thoughts on “August 15, 2010: MY Top 10 Favorite Stargate Episodes

  1. I loved all of these episodes. Thanks for a great trip down memory lane.

    Have a good night.

  2. I would agree about the episodes you picked, but I am so glad you included Camelot because this is the one that stands out for me. The episode give me chills and I think of it often… The stunned wonder that can be seen on Carter’s face as she floats in space beside the super stargate… the Ori ships coming through the gate…the battle raging on in front of her… and finally her rescue – the scene of her and the ship floating past each other and then being scooped up – I could watch this one over and over. And the end scene of Vala going into labour… Writing, acting, CGI….This was an absolutely outstanding episode!

  3. Teal’c juggling? That had me giggling for hours. Heh, even now that I remember it.

  4. Hey, Joe.

    (Man, lol. Trying for the mailbag again. Like playing the lottery, I guess.)

    I have a couple of questions.

    1.) I came across an interesting link recently. I know you’ve answered something similar last month in regards to the upcoming season 2, but this was written at the end of 2009 and was written before the first season was finished. What’s your take each of the points raised here and which of them do you feel has been addressed since then? (There’s also some interesting bits of commentary, thoughts/insight and discussion sprinkled here and there in the comments section underneath [though you probably might have to wade through it])

    Now again, that was written back in late 2009, before season 1 wrapped up. Do you think the show has addressed each of these points since then? What points do you feel it has touched on already and what points do you feel it still needs to work on or will work on in the upcoming season 2?

    2.) Something else. Alot of people have been complaining that SGU has barely used the Stargate at all. “They don’t use the Stargate.” “The Stargate barely sees use.” “When will they explore more?” “Blah blah blah…” (Which is absurd IMO. Though it might have not seen as much use as in SG-1 and SGA, it’s gotten a decent amount of use) That got me wondering… which season of Stargate (SG-1, SGA and SGU included) currently holds the record for the number of missions undertaken through the Stargate? The two categories are I’m inquiring about are:

    a.) going by highest amount of Stargate missions in terms of episodes-per-that-season (i.e the number of episodes that had Stargate missions in general) and…

    b.) all instances of Stargate use for total TRIPS in a season (say, 65 total in a 22-episode or 20-episode season [or whatever the number of eps, doesn’t matter.] )

    And again, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I enjoy your answers. Excellent episode choices, BTW. Though I would have liked for you to fit “Space” in there somewhere.

  5. I can’t disagree with any of your choices. Really I can’t cause you wrote them and it’s YOUR fav 5!!

    I just finshed re-watching my farviourte episodes of Stargate SG-1’s ten seasons, and after I re-watch The Ark of Truth I will move on to Stargate Atlantis.

    I loved, LOVED the episode Family Ties. Fred Williard was just awesome and Vala was so vulnerable it just made the episode. The ending has to be one (if not THE) funniest thing I have ever seen. Even re-watching it I started laughing out loud before the scene even started!!!

    I hope that SG-U will cotinue for seasons to come but I have to say Joe you and the other writers have a fan for life and I will probably watch anything you are all aprt of.

  6. Those were GREAT episodes! Especially Revision, the way the computer solved its shrinking shield problem, the updates…it was an awesome episode. The others you mentioned were on my list of faves as well. Thank you and your writing team for giving us those wonderful memories.

  7. GASP ARGH!!! 😯 Reunion did not make the list?? 😕 Say it ain’t so Joe!! 🙁

    It had so much going for it. Sam’s return to head up Atlantis. McKay going googoogaga for her. We got to see all of Ronon’s cool knives in his room as he was packing. A great fight scene. There was reconnection, then betrayal, shock, and grief, blood, sweat, tears, loss and belonging, not to mention true friends.

    What were you smoking?! 😡

  8. So glad to see Window of Opportunity on your list. It’s actually #1 for me. It has the perfect balance of humour and serious drama. And, as majorsal said, that kiss!!

  9. Hi Joe, nice list! I would say that the set in “Revisions” drove me bonkers. It looked like something straight out of Epcot or Disney World! Otherwise, a wonderful story (Hey Das, have you seen this one? You’d LOVE it!). “The Ties that Bind” was one of my favorites, as was “Window of Opportunity” (but then again, who didn’t love that one?). Vala was a fantastic character and worked so well with Daniel Jackson. “Morpheus” and “Family Ties”, although very good, were not amongst my favorites. There hasn’t been much about SG1 and SGA that I haven’t liked (am I the only one who loved “Absolute Power”?), really wish you’d just make more, like the old Doritos ad. 🙂

    Happy Monday, everybody~ 🙂

  10. GREAT LIST! Though if I were to do a JM top ten list, I would have SGU in there. I would include Space on there, im hesitant to include Incursion on there though. The episodes were full of awesome, but they also lagged a tad a places. Not enough to make them 1 episode, but there could have been some extra action segments in there IMO. Or the act breaks need to be better placed. I felt as though the ads interrupted any intensity or momentum of the script. When you watch it on DVD its a much more enjoyable episode IMO. Why didn’t you list any SGU on here though. I think even Incursion is better then some eps on the list. Your writing on SGU has been really good so far. I wish you would give yourself more credit. 😉

    LOL you were behind the not so subtle digs at the shows cancelation. That was some of my fav moments of SG-1. lol 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  11. Joe I think you meant Season 5 not 4
    2) Remnants (Stargate: Atlantis, Season 4)

    and yes for me Vala is my favorite.

    Too many that I enjoy, just 4 that I always go back to:
    Maternal Instinct
    Crystal Skull
    Lost City, Part 1
    Lost City, Part 2

  12. Hey Joe

    Nice list, love almost all your picks. I just can’t watch Family Ties. Watched it once, when it aired, but keep skipping by it on the DVD nights. I’d replace it with Moebius Part 1&2 (can’t have one without the other).

    Thanks for the memories!


  13. Mailbag Q’s: Would there possibly be an alternate reality episode where we meet the ancients who came aboard destiny in said reality?

    Were there any uber-awesome ideas for SGA that never saw the light of day?

    What peice of technology from Stargate would you like to own?

  14. Thanks for including so many season 9 and 10 episodes! I fell in love all over again with Stargate at the beginning of Season 9, and I really felt like adding Vala and Mitchell brought a lot to the show. You listed a number of my favorite episodes of those seasons here.

  15. It’s amazing how so many of your list are episodes I really dislike.

    Whispers I really liked.
    Point of No Return was lots of fun.
    Incursion I was great (shame about the second part).
    Nightwalkers was… a necessary evil.
    Reunion was decent. I liked the twist.

    Revisions is symptomatic of everything that was wrong with Season 7 – an episode where there is no suspense at all because it’s always about “Will they survive?” rather than “How will they survive?”. An Episode I cannot watch again.

    The Ties that Bind was great.

    The Curse was awesome.

    Broken Ties was… ok I guess.

    Family Ties was insultingly bad. So much of Claudia’s best stuff was when she was being serious, like Line in the Sand. The comedy fell flat and it was such a waste of a slot coming so late into the final Season. Another episode I refuse to watch again.

    The characters weren’t the only things falling asleep in Morpheus. Plus the fact that the lead scientist was the same guy from Window of Opportunity just made it all the more distracting. Finally, as the second episode of Season 10, right after the huge start it just felt so… small. So insignificant. So tiny.

    Window of Opportunity remains one of the best SG-1 episodes ever written.

    Camelot was great.

    Remnants was… I dunno. Every time you look at Kolya, you have to remember the episode where we lost him for good. And that’s a bad thing. The stuff was Woolsey was fun.

    And Ripple Effect was fantastic.

    But yeah… Revisions and Family Ties. Eeeghhkk! Only thing worse was Space Race *spits*, but that one is so far removed from SG-1 that it hardly qualifies as an SG-1 episode.


  16. G’day Joe

    Great list.
    Window of Opportunity – WOW what an episode. KISS what a kiss.
    One question, was the kiss written and planned that way or was it mostly ad lib?
    Ripple Effect was fantastic. The only jab I have is, no mention of who Sam Carter was married to, I DO know but to have heard it would have been fantastic.
    I agree with Elminster. I much prefer Moebius over Family Ties.
    Revisions is a favourite of mine as well, always enjoy it. Creeps me out.

    Remnants is one of the best Atlantis episodes, top three.


  17. I don’t think I saw most of the SG1 eps you mentioned, but loved Remnants! Thanks so much for writing that one!
    I wish there had been more crossovers with the later SG1 cast and SGA – I think Vala and Shep flirting with each other would have been hilarious!

  18. You know, I can understand why you had such a hard time compiling this list. Looking over your episodes, I had a hard time just finding six or seven that I thought were “good” ones from SG1’s run. And most of those didn’t even make the cut as far as you were concerned. I suppose that’s because they were rewritten or not your story ideas. But honestly, Exodus, Decent, Moebuis and even Lockdown are all vastly superior to the “fun” episodes on your list.

    As was mentioned above, Family Ties and The Ties That Bind are borderline insulting to many fans. Their premises are so gossamer thin they’d fit right in at a vapid fashion show. The humor literally makes me weep for what SG1 turned into during those ill-produced last couple of years. They weren’t funny, they weren’t light or cute. They were examples of cheap, shoddy work that would never have passed muster in earlier seasons.

    I know you like Ripple Effect. I know you think it was a great episode. But I still think it’s an episode of two halves, one that has a plot and one that has a bunch of cutesy scenes that are meaningless. Ripple Effect was an episode that could have really resonated with fans because of the inclusion of an alternate reality Frasier. Instead, Frasier’s inclusion was fecklessly glossed over, giving Carter, Daniel, and Teal’c literally no opportunities to interact with her. Because of it Ripple Effect is nothing but a throwaway that was apparently a nightmare to produce.

    Camelot is nothing but a big ball of money. Throw enough money at anything and some people will think it’s good.

    Morpheus sucks, for me, because it was a decent episode that I loath because of the crap ending. The episode is ok until it inexplicably cuts away from our heroes and we’re magically transported back to the base with all issues resolved. That’s cheap writing/editing, and that’s exactly how it plays. You guys joke about deus ex machinas like that in 200. Then you have episodes in the last couple of years that fully embrace the concept. Hooray for hypocrisy and lowered expectations?

    Window of Opportunity is good. It’s a tired idea that plays great, even without the montage just before the end. Whatever your contributions to the episode are, I’m sure they help to make it one that the fans love.

    Surprisingly, I kind of like Shadow Play. Yes, I know most people don’t. But, at it’s heart, it’s a lot meaner than most SG1 episodes. It’s a bit tragic and mostly unhappy for all the characters. That’s life.

    And there are more that you wrote and contributed to that are good. But this list is full of terrible episodes. You know what most fans capable of honest judgements think of them. So seasons nine and ten are mostly an addendum to the rest of SG1. It is what it is. There’s no reason to so virulently defend them.

  19. I hadn’t realized that you wrote Window of Opportunity. With ten seasons, I can barely keep up with the actors. Good for you. That one is probably in my top five. I always have a hard time ranking them in order. Absolutely loved Remnants. You really messed with Sheppard in that one.

    Loved The Ties That Bind too. Hilarious. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Family Ties, but it was fun to watch. The best part of Camelot was the end when Sam is floating through space. You gave me chills. All in all, good list of your own.

  20. Broken Ties was good…riiiiiiight up to the part were you pissed me off. 😀


  21. Ripple Effect made the list, yay! Of all the season 9 and 10 episodes it was probably my favorite, it was great to see Janet and Martouf again and to see the characters, especially, Sam deal with the what-if question and wonder what might have been and seeing them face themselves and knowing that if the shoe were on the other foot, this almost definitely would have been them. Though I am sure a lot more episodes would be hard for me to eliminate if I went over them all, one pops into mind as missing, ‘Space Race’, it was a fun episode for Carter and it was a great society to look into, in my opinion, so much like our own, a little more advanced but not yet a super-society. Did you dislike this one, or was it simply not a favorite?

    On a completely different topic: after much slow poking I have finally managed to finish an entire children’s story. It’s fantasy inasmuch as I’ve included one fantastical character and aimed at early elementary age. My search for how to get it published, or even looked at, has left me overwhelmed . Do you have any advice?

    Thank you for any advice you might be able to offer.)

  22. Wow – all great episodes. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched SG-1. It’ll be fun to go back a see them again.

    Whatever you decide to do, and wherever you decide to do it, you’ll be needing to take along your buddy-o Carl, whether he wants to go or not. I’m afraid your muse may suffer without him.

    @Gilder Good luck with your surgery. My knee is still recovering, even after 7 seven months. I’ve learned to have patience.

  23. *pokes head in* Just saying “Hi” and to tell the community I’m skipping comments until after Wed. (surgery day). Much to do before then. *exits to Lurkdom*

  24. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    I really enjoyed every episode that you listed. In general, I really like the episodes, such as “The Curse” and “Nightwalkers”, that are set on Earth almost entirely. Will we see an episode set for the most on Earth in season 2 of “Stargate Universe”? Will we also see more politics?Thanks for your answers.


  25. I just thought I should let you know that my wife and I have recently adopted a Boxer puppy. He’s a cute little guy, and we had to name him Ronon! We are true fans! Ronon the Boxer. Sounds like an episode title to me! Maybe even an upcoming movie???

  26. Personally I see Lost City as one of the top Stargate episodes of all time. It was just so well done.

    Company of Thieves was one of my favourite SG1 Season 10 episodes, mostly because it was serious, yet funny at the same time. Some good dialogue, especially from Jackson and Vala.

  27. That is so good !. We were watching yesterday night the firsts episodes of season 9. After the third, we were tired but the next one was “The ties that bind” . So we went to bed 44 minutes later. This episode is exquisite at all point of vue what a pleasure !!

    OH! Intersting it is : yours 10 favorites so are mine !!

  28. For the mailbag:

    Anything to say about Bill Dow as an actor and the fun? to write for his character Dr Lee?

  29. It is hard for me to pick my favorite episodes. Windows of Opportunity is one of my favorites. Now, I know i can’t get up in arms about your selection since they are your opinion, and you do have different view points on the episodes then most of us. But I am disappointed by the fact that Heroes (pt1 and pt2) didn’t make the list.

    I find Heroes is one of the greatest Stargate eps ever, not for the great suspense that it builds with the possible killing of O’Neil, but for the way it handled killing off a semi-main character that we all have grown to love. (btw, why do all the doctors end up dying first? (Fraiser and Beckett, Does that mean Johanson is destined to die?). Being one with friends and family in the military and loosing a few in the line of duty. I always shed a tear when i watch that episode. Also Saul Rubinek was awesome in the role of the reporter. Constantly reminding the everybody that the people have the right to know the truth. I don’t know, I just really like that episode.

  30. Bored and boring people, devoid of anything resembling imagination need not watch any episodes of anything they don’t like…. that’s the beauty of free choice. 🙂

  31. I see lots of SG1 on your list! That was a good ep with Wraith-crazed Ronon, he was scccarry and crreeepy! Can’t wait to see Jason in Conan.

    I am still making my way through Masked; I am about half through, Thug was so good I could not sleep, kept having dreams about that big lug battling his evil nemesis; it had a nice Sin City vibe.

    I loved msg from the Bubblegum Factory and Avatar, very intense.

    Question; any chance you and the other writers will bring these characters to life on screen? I’d love to see you guys do an anthology like Outer Limits, Tales from the Darkside and Masters of Horror.

    Or to take them into graphic novel form? I love the visuals and the characters in the book.

  32. Yes, I agree that Claudia Black was great on SG1. It was good seeing Ben Browder again too.

    Gilder: good luck with your surgery!

    It’s down in the mid 90’s today. Feels like spring.

    Any more good news on Jelly’s progress?

  33. The dilemma w/ coming up w/ nicknames for Linda is that we don’t know her. Can you tell us about her?

    Questions for Tygh:

    Hello Tygh!! from chilly Melbourne

    1. Your character was introduced quite suddenly. To be honest my first reaction was, why are they throwing a new guy at us when we haven’t even explored all of the current characters? Is that hard for you?

    2. The scene w/ Lt James when Caine’s setting up the comm stones is soooo cute. How do you act when you haven’t got the person in front of you to react to? Sometimes its done separately isn’t it?

    3. What’s the most interesting part of the Caine character to explore?

    4. I don’t think we’ve ever seen an IT guy on Stargate before…cool!! Are you into tech and gadgets?

    5. What music do you like to chill to?

    6. How do you hang w/ most on set?

    7. What was you first job ever? Acting/non-acting?

    8. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

    9. Which actor or director do you most want to work with next?

    10. Who surprised everyone with their soccer skills in Faith?

    11. What were you fave tv shows as a kid?

    Cheers, Chev

  34. OK..I’ll try some of those again….

    Questions for Tygh:

    Hello Tygh!! from chilly Melbourne

    1. Your character was introduced quite suddenly. To be honest my first reaction was, why are they throwing a new guy at us when we haven’t even explored all of the current characters? Is that hard for you?

    2. The scene w/ Lt James when Caine’s setting up the comm stones is soooo cute. How do you act when you haven’t got the person in front of you to react to? Sometimes its done separately isn’t it?

    3. What’s the most interesting part of the Caine character to explore?

    4. I don’t think we’ve ever seen an IT guy on Stargate before…cool!! Are you into tech and gadgets?

    5. What music do you like to chill to?

    6. Who do you hang w/ most on set?

    7. What was your first job ever? Acting/non-acting?

    8. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

    9. Which actor or director do you most want to work with next?

    10. Who surprised everyone with their soccer skills in Faith?

    11. What were your fave tv shows as a kid?

    Cheers, Chev

  35. Don Davis’s expression is priceless in the “Window of Opportunity” picture! This has always been one of my whole family’s favorite episodes: “Three fries short of a happy meal” still comes up now and then 🙂

  36. Holy Hell I didn’t know I was two and a half weeks behind…. Time sure flies, I would have said a week maybe a week and a half. Yikes!! I have a whole new level of respect for you, given that you have never missed posting for a day, I honestly don’t know how you do it…. So I made my best effort but didn’t get totally caught up yesterday, so I will just hold off on any comments on old posts until I am all caught up.

    OK I took pity on you and deleted some of the links from the post…

    I seriously laughed my ass off when I first saw this…I’m such a sick puppy…

    I think this is POSITIVELY amazing…. (Scroll down for more pics)

    Now THIS is why we’re fat!!
    I’d still eat it though….. *hangs head*

    I love Bento boxes!! I keep a folder of my favourites that I would like to attempt one day. My new place is set up really well for cooking/baking, so since I don’t have access to all the great food you do, I’ve decided I’m going to start doing it myself. Although I’m more of a baker, so will lean more towards the dessert/baked goods aspect… I just need to hunt me down some taste testers…

    I had seen the square watermelons before, but the cucumbers are new to me – so seriously cute!!

    I may have already posted this one…

    Here’s some sexy loungewear to get you in the mood, hmmm I just wonder what he’s doing with his hands??

    Have a Good One!!

  37. From “your” list this is my order of preference…

    10) Family Ties (did not like it at all)
    9) Camelot
    8) Ripple Effect
    7) The Ties That Bind
    6) Morpheus
    5) Remnants
    4) Revisions
    3) Broken Ties
    2) The Curse
    1) Window of Opportunity (my all time fav.) 😀

    Well, SG-1 Season 4 was my favorite season, so….and season 9 was my least favorite.

  38. Ok, so the link brought up a question that often comes to mind when I read these things. As a writer/producer, how do you feel when media pieces about your show get key bits of information wrong (plot, back story, names, whatever)? Do you cringe, feel like pulling your hair out (or better yet, pulling the other guy’s hair out), or take the “any publicity is good publicity” tack?

  39. Any chance of a Q& A from “Michael” – Connor Trinneer? He has got to be one of the most talented, grounded and nicest people around. I wish him success, wherever he is.

  40. Hey Joe 🙂

    I’m happy to see so much SG1 and so much Vala in your Top10 list. 🙂 To all of you guys who didn’t get it – that’s HIS Top10 list, make your own, if you didn’t like it. Don’t go all “insulting, stupid, boring, me asleep, skip it, watch Moebius”. I, for once, don’t like Moebius all that much, I prefer some of the episodes of seasons 9 and 10, that are not even in my Top10 list. Unending is my favorite episode, movies don’t usually make me cry, and I sill cry every time I watch it, that’s six or seven times. When “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” starts, and then the chello. 🙁 200 is my second favorite, I’m surprised no one mentioned it before. I thought people liked it. Prometheus Unbound, Memento Mori, Bounty, Ripple Effect (JR Bourne, I was SO happy to see him after the untimely death of Martouf so early in the seasons), Artur’s Mantle, The Ties That Bind (hilarious), Window of Opportunity… And there are many many more that should make it to the list, but there are only ten places in a Top10 list, unfortunately. I’m not a big fan of Atlantis, I only have a few episodes I like, and I don’t know their names, the one when McCay was dying ( 😛 ), he was getting stupid, you know which one I’m talking about. I’ve only watched Atlantis once, so I don’t know the names of the episodes.

  41. chevron7 wrote: M “Hello Tygh!! from chilly Melbourne….”

    I SWORE you wrote, “Hello Tygh!! from chilly Melniboné”…TWICE. Got me all ‘cited for a sec. Guess you can tell what I’ve been doing lately… 😛

    (Sorry, Joe…Mr. Das hijacked Masked on me – he’s breezing right through it and LOVING it. In the meantime I’ve had to find other things with which to amuse myself, so I’ve crawled back to Elric…he’s such a sweet, tortured thing. 🙂 )


  42. Having just spent the last 2 years playing catch up…I just last week finished all 10 seasons of SG-1 and the 5 seasons of Atlantis (while watching Universe real-time)…I have to say this is quite a list. I’d really have to go back and review to see what my favorites were.

    (I still have to make time to watch my Blu-Ray’s of the 2 tele-films)

  43. My all time fav ep- Duet – I think just because I never, ever suspected the ending. But I gotta agree with Deni – I don’t think there is one I don’t like. Maybe ones that I watch over and over more than others, but… can’t say there’s one I don’t like. Hafta get back to ya on that one.

    Fav SG-1 – Oh what was the one with…um, Peter’s dad, omg it’s a senior moment, Ugo or Urgo, …. what the heck is his name??!!!!

  44. Hi Joe!

    Love your personal picks; my fav of ALL SG shows is “Window of Opportunity” for sheer genius repartee, and of course THE KISS! It’s the only episode I bought from iTunes, I have it on my iPod for when I need a giggle – it can totally cheer up any day! I loved “Ripple Effect” for all the returning character moments – really missed Teryl and J.R. I know you have to kill off characters once in awhile, but I absolutely hate it when it’s a character you’ve really invested in – of course, that’s one of the great things about sci-fi – no one ever really dies! For your SGA shows, “Remnants” is one of my favs – you so had me when Kolya first appeared and then I was up on my feet when he cut Sheppard’s hand off, I kept saying, “No, NO, this can’t be real, OMG, it CAN’T be real! Are they going to have him one handed in the series from now on? No way!” but I kept thinking about the series China Beach where they DID amputate a character’s leg, NTM Daniel Jackson’s leg in “Continuum.” Heart stopper, that!

    You’ve done some mighty fine work Mr. M – can’t wait to see what’s coming up! Thank you!

    Oh, and Carl reiterated that HE prefers “McG” for Linda. What does Linda prefer?

    Smiles, Julie

  45. Oh and first day back to school went decently. Its a different school and I barley knew anyone there and its pretty challenging too. Itll take some adjusting but ill be ok in the end. lol

    Questions. 🙂

    1. Is Will Waring directing Visitation?

    2. Is Peter DeLuise directing Alliances?

    3. Is Andy Mikita directing Seizure?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  46. Hey Joe,

    I thought Remnants was one of your best eps. Why? You focused on a character that always had a dark past and it was great to see it come out on the screen. A shame we could not see more about Sheppard in a potential S6. But again, great job on that episode.



  47. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see so many later season episodes listed on here! I know it’s not the most popular opinion in some circles but S9-10 of SG-1 were my favorites.

    I have to agree with you on the topic of Vala, she was such an enjoyable character to watch – clearly you and the rest of the writers had fun writing for her. On that note, one of the episodes you didn’t list but I love is ‘Memento Mori.’ That remains my personal favorite of yours – but I’m a sucker for team bonding, and the wonderful scene with Daniel and Vala in the warehouse and then the patch at the end had that in spades.

  48. During so many space fights and sequences the ships always seem to come out of hyperspace and FTL along one 2D plane all aligned the same way, is this something you ask for or is it just something the visual effect guys do without thinking?

  49. Hi Joe! I’m a comment newbie but absolutely loved your top 10 list and it brought to mind some questions for your mailbag:

    1) You obviously enjoyed writing for the character of Vala (and as a Vala fan I thank you). Assuming the Lucian Alliance storyline continues, has there been any talk of bringing in her character on SGU since she has experience with them?

    2) There’s been a lot of talk concerning whether or not Vala will be in the SG-1 movie since Brad Wright said that there isn’t a place for her in it and Claudia Black has said that she has yet to be approached. Assuming you have read the script, are there any hints you can give us as to why there won’t be a place for her, even as a brief appearance? Any chance you might be willing to borrow her character for Atlantis? 😀

  50. As DARSFoG said, Heroes should have made the list. Brilliant Episode, great cast, great acting, great display of all characters involved. The speech Teal’k has written. Dr Frasier couldn’t have had a better episode to depart.
    Most of the times I rewatch all episodes i skip Heroes and certain others, but every time I havewatched Heroes Part one and two, i can’t help but feel that everyone can make a difference. Even the weasel of a man who has stuck with it, just because he believed.

    I know, old post, but anyways, i just watched it and googled “best stargate episodes” cause I felt this Episode should be mentioned somewhere 🙂

  51. How could you not have URGO from sg-1 season 3 and Inferno from. Atlantis on your list. Those are definetly my favorites.

  52. I wonder is there more episodes that may exist in your imagination? Maybe you could pitch a new series to hulu or Netflix? Streaming has changed the way many of stargate fans enjoy content , I have cut the cord well over 8years what platform will pick up this multimillion fanbase ? SGU, SGA, maybe a miniseries like Netflix and hulu present? Totally hoping for new episodes.

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