Hey, look who’s on the move…

Carl settles into his new digs.

With Robert Cooper, gone, Carl wasted no time in exercising squatting rights on his recently-vacated office.  Although the premises were originally earmarked for a local children’s charities, it looks like the tots are out of luck.  Carl is, after all, an Executive Producer. AND a birthday boy…

Carl Binder - Birthday Boy

Yes, that’s right.  Today, we celebrated Carl’s birthday in grand style – with schnitzel, poppy seed strudel, and the traditional off-key rendition of Happy Birthday.  In addition, Carl received a surprise gift…

A present from Executive Producer Robert Cooper!
And a heartfelt card. What's it say?
Happy birthday!

Anyway, while Carl was in his new office, crying, we helped ourselves…

A delectable variety  from http://www.cookiesbygeorge.com/.  Soft and chewy, now THESE would have been perfect for ice cream sandwiches.  Ashleigh had about seven or eight.

Today’s random Stargate: Universe potential spoiler/teaser…

??? Okay, I'll give you a hint. It's for episode #213, Alliances.

After lunch, as part of the week-long Carl’s Birthday Celebrations, Producer John G. Lenic brought in goodie bags from his recent culinary excursion to Spain, highlighting a host of menu items Carl would never eat in a million years.

Les desserts!
The desert menu...
John started off by uncapping the spritzer and spraying its contents - just like they did in the restaurant. Except I'm pretty sure that the restaurant staff didn't spray him directly in the face like he did me.
The aerated mandarin jelly chocolate was ultra delicate, unimaginably fragrant, and utterly divine. The apple pie caramel with edible wrap was incredible, so much apple pie flavor packed into such a tiny morsel.
Dessert tobacco
The Coconut Baccy - coconut infused with an aroma of Black Cavendish Tobacco. The hint of tobacco was very subtle, but even that proved too much for my writing partner Paul who grew up with a pipe-smoking father.
The Queen of Hearts Tart. Yes, it's edible. The most elegant and inventive dessert I've eaten.
Menu from the restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum. Menu item #5: "roasted colt chunk". I assume they're referring to the gun.
Menu from Mugaritz, John's fave restaurant on his recent trip. Don't fill up on those "edible stones" to start! Not sure about the "glutinous cod fish" but I would be all over those "Iberian pork tails".
The El Bulli menu. I count some 36 menu items. Apparently, the meal was so structured that diners aren't even allowed to get up to use the bathroom until an appointed time. I'm intrigued by: the gorgonzola globe, oysters and bone marrow tartare, Parmegiano ice cream with modena, basil and strawberry, eel sandwich, abalone with Iberian ham fat.

And the Fat Duck menu. To be honest, it all sounds amazing, from the nitro-poached green tea and lime mousse to the whiskey wine gums. Snail porridge? Powdered Anjou pigeon? Jelly of Quail with Crayfish Cream? Wow! I'm suddenly tempted to take my friend Cynthia up on her offer and visit London.

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The powers of nox were even very evolved more than those of the ancients
Was it a natural gift ?
Have they decided not to make the ascent given their convictions ?


That SGU season 2 pic looks like a Rorshach ink blot. I think its an alien face. Or maybe a butterfly. With a moustache.

Major D. Davis

Hahahaha You are old. I’m gonna miss Rob. sad

That symbol reminds me of the Daedalus variations aliens symbol…… But I doubt that’s it. wink

Thanks so much,
Major D. Davis


Happy Birthday to Carl smile

My daughter and son-in-law just in from England after two weeks in Japan, and speaking of food, here’s what I got:

Cheese Cake of Tokyo Limited
“It is the cheesecake made using much milk milked for beginning most in the morning. Please enjoy mellow delicacy. The cheesecake made using many cheeses which riped thoroughly.

And, then there’s “Watering Kiss Mint” (chewing gum).

I do love the green tea Kit Kats, though!


Happy birthday Carl! You are not old!!

(of course, he could be, because you can’t find his date of birth anywhere on the internet, which means he must be really really really old.)


I wish hallmark would make cards like that.

Sean D.


I generally find the Carl pictures you post – with his musings and facial expressions – to be pretty silly, nice and amusing…

…but I must say…

Carl’s birthday pictures that you posted:


(Well, funniest-ever-pictures-of-Carl-being-silly.)

It has a hilarious pacing/timing from pic-to-pic:

1. Carl smiles
2. Close-up on the present
3. Opened card, Rob’s funny message
4. Carl frowns
5. People eat cookies (present) while Carl pouts in his fancy new office

:-p Great stuff.


Happy Birthday CARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You old fart you.
You are only as old as (the woman) you feel.


Lisa R
Lisa R

Happy Birthday Carl!! Hope you had a great one!

And thanks for the pictures and commentary, Joe. After the day I had, it was nice to laugh.

Have a good night.


Happy Birthday, Carl!!

Joe! Cookies by George!! Ack! I haven’t had those in way too many years to count! So many years, in fact, I’d forgotten all about them. *ducks head in shame*

You think you’re so clever. HAH! I know that the teaser image is a stylized version of this:


or maybe this:


or maybe something else. Or maybe not.


Hmmm….to me, that pic looks like some sort of large back tattoo….of who, I have no idea. Or perhaps some sort of elaborate door, since it looks so symmetrical. Guess we’ll find out when the episode airs.


Oh, and Rob’s “You are old” comment? He’s just upset that Carl snarfed Rob’s old office from the children’s charity. wink

Annie from Fremantle
Annie from Fremantle

Aussie show Masterchef had the great Heston Blumenthal himself as a guest, challenging the contestants during their UK jaunt, to make his menu dishes.

The snail porridge is very green… but apparently it’s heaven.

One dish is about the sea, with edible sand to match. You have to eat it wearing headphones that pour sounds of the sea into your ears. Customers have teared up over the emotions it elicits.

Highly recommended and I’d give my right testicle to eat there (if I had one)


Birthday boy of the day Mr Binder
Got a rather unsubtle reminder
‘you are old’ on a card
that must have hit hard
‘olde farte’ would have been slightly kinder

Happy birthday Carl!!!


Aw, happy birthday Carly!

Major D. Davis

Hmmmm I’m praying this is good news for the movies!!!


Annie from Fremantle
Annie from Fremantle

Hey Joe!

What a pic for captioning..

It’s General O’Neill vs Marsupial.


(taken at Sydney Wildlife centre)


Today I chopped off all my hair for kids with cancer!!! (Well, my hairdresser did. I was too chicken to cut my own hair.) grin

Nice limerick, Annie From Fremantle!!! grin

I’m off to Philly tomorrow. Anyone want anything? wink


Hmmm… The season 2 inkblot… I think it looks like an upside down Rygel, from Farscape. What does that say about me?


Just a quickie…

Joe, are you not doing your puppy twitter pics anymore? I see the link is down on the side, and there hasn’t been a new picture since May. I may not ‘tweet’, but I do like to look at the pictures. smile



Happy Birthday Carl! You only as old as you feel (or made to feel).

Too bad his birthday happens to be on the anniversary of my mom’s death (23 years now — wow). No sadness; no hugs required; no tears were shed this day. Just thought it would be a nice playthrough on the “growing old” theme.

@Seahen: Rygel? I totally see it. First I thought some weird form of bird alien, but now that you say upside down Rygel, I totally see it. Major Farscape fan.


PS: The art for Alliances looks like a really cool tattoo – and…oddly enough… Admiral Ackbar. unamused



@ ytimynona – Go to Reading Terminal and eat something good for me! grin OOOOR…if you get a chance, go to the Shofuso Japanese House in Fairmount Park (near the zoo). It’s lovely!

@ Carl – I hate birthdays (had one back in July and kept it hush-hush). I hate getting older, so I started looking at it from a different angle – thought about it more in terms of survival. I’m not sure it helps. razz



@ Major D. and all of us MGM-watchers:


Don’t know what it could mean… seems MGM is commissioning a script for a new movie based on the old Outer Limits TV series… good news for us? Bad? Somebody’s idea of a funny rumor?


(I’ve never tried to post a link before, but it should at least work as a cut-and-paste.)


That graphic speaks to me…very pleasant to look at. Cross between First Nations art and Art Nouveau, right? Would make a nice graphic t-shirt.

@ytimynona: Please bring back a baggie of cool air from the shade of a maple tree? Thanks.


Glad I had finished my ice cream before reading Rob’s card to Carl. Ice cream all over my screen would have been difficult to clean up.

Happy birthday, Carl. We love you, man. I try not to remember my birthdays now. Just makes it easier.