Holy smokes!  It’s taken us a day and a half to watch the Day 1 mix of Trial and Error – and we’re still not done!

Had our sit-down with the Art and Construction departments today about the new late season set we’ll be discovering in my episode, The Hunt.  We talked playback, atmosphere, functionality, and numbers – some of which will play in episode 16, most of which will very late in the season.

What else is going to happen in SGU’s second season?  Well, here’s a hint at things to come by way of a pic from the show’s first season…

Today, we helped Carl move into his new office.  I made it a point to snap some pics of the stuff that decorates his new digs…

A photocopy of a portrait of his Great Uncle Heinrich Von Binder who Paul claims was the Prussian Minister of the Interior to Bismarck.

The chocolate-covered macadamia nuts I gave him as a welcome to Stargate gift. Six years ago.

Family Guy figures? Check. South Park figures? Check. Backfacing creepy doll? Check.

Guess the Stargate episode for a chance to win an envelope of Carl's mustache trimmings!

Signed photo of Golden Boy Martin Gero.

Pegasus crystal

Pocahontas Pez dispenser. Did you now that Carl Binder co-wrote Pocahontas? He's only mentioned it about a million times.

Framed picture of Carl and his favorite gal - Jelly.

Photo of Carl and some mustached stranger.

Humpy dog memory stick.

All settled in and hard at work.

48 thoughts on “August 11, 2010: Production update! Another hint at what’s to come in season two! Carl’s new office!

  1. The powers of nox were even very evolved more than those of the ancients
    Was it a natural gift ?
    Have they decided not to make the ascent given their convictions ?

  2. Thanks for the pictures, Joe. It looks like an interesting day. I’m not good with disguises, but is the mustached stranger Brian Smith??

    Have a good night.

  3. Hahahah, love those south park toys that carl have in his office 😛

    and the SG-1 episode is Message in a bottle

  4. My great-great grandmother was a lady in waiting to the queen of Prussia (dunno which one), and my great-great grandfather was the gardener. I guess that means Carl and I are related!!

    I think I’ma gonna hit him up for some cash. 😀


  5. Hello Joe.

    Where to begin??? That memory stick is sooooooo wrong on so many levels… On that note: thanks for making me laugh! 😉

    At last: a universal memory stick that mates perfectly to any computer… 🙂

    And that picture of Carl w/ Jelly… By the way: how has she been doing? I hope her joints are getting better. Give Jelly a big hug for us.

    Best wishes,


  6. I’d be more interested to know if he has any mementos from that one episode of Punky Brewster he wrote all those many years ago.

    Paul? Joe?

  7. So, how did Carl beat you out of Rob’s old digs? At the least, your “stuff” is cooler than his stuff. Love all the pictures. And thanks for posting early enough for me to look over the blog before bedtime.

  8. Well I must say I’m a big fan of anything made by Hawaiian Host. Their stuff is so perfectly late-’70s / early-’80s and it’s just all full of warm & fuzzies.

    What I’m saying is, if Carl doesn’t want them, send them to me!

  9. That’s the thingy from “Message in a Bottle,” I believe. And I didn’t have to peek at the previous answers to get it!

  10. A belated happy Birthday to Mr Binder


    @Bryan M White

    You do know that doggy USB device (memory stick is trademark by Sony for their USB drives) is animated. Hence the humping USB dog moniker. It’s cute, but I wouldn’t acquire one. It’s not a computer storage device. It retails for $9.99 USD on ThinkGeek. Another example of Japanese ingenuity. Maybe we should get the Boxer version of the Humping USB dog for Mr M

  11. BJS is sexy with the moustache! 😀 Course, he’s always sexy. 😉 8)

    @Das We ended up eating cheesesteak (sp?)! I took for you a very special sideways (as only I can take them) picture of the Liberty Bell (w/ bonus Independence Hall!): http://twitpic.com/2dvy4v Enjoy! 😀

  12. Hey Joe,

    Great Show-n-Tell. Carl is always one of my favorites. So, Stargate splurged for a new office for Carl Birthday. How nice. Does he have a couch? or maybe chairs?

    Have a nice day Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  13. @Montrealer

    Hence my attempt at a dirty joke earlier. 🙂

    Joe, after the way today went, I needed a good laugh. Thanks.

    Best wishes,


  14. @Montrealer

    Wait a minute: that thing is not a storage device?!?!?

    That kills my dirty joke. 🙁

    It’s still pretty funny though…

    Best Wishes,


  15. Joe, thank you for more Carl pictures and the tour of his new office. (Don’t let the dogs see that USB thingy.) 🙂

    Aw-w-w, Carl…
    You still have the pic of you and Jelly that I sent you Joe for your his birthday! It is a sweet picture, and we know you love Jelly, so if someone else has it on their desk, who better than Jelly’s godfather? 😀

    So Carl, speaking of Pocahontas and animated movies, did you see Toy Story 3? I’m a big Pixar fan, but was totally unprepared for the perfect roller coaster ride of emotions — loss, conflict, new horizons, hope, campy humor w/ Barbie & Ken, villainy, and fear. The Pixar people are terrific with plot and character, but this was flawless storytelling. The writers took their heroes to a place we thought they’d never go, and it was so real it moved a couple of us to tears.

    Why it worked? They took us the audience to this pivotal point–if you’ve seen it you know which one–and they did not rush the moment. We were allowed to feel it at the same time as the characters, and completely forget that this was just a story. Gulp! It was so huge that comic relief was called for, and boy did they deliver. Another twist from out of the blue hit the mark, and they didn’t speed by it, but fully explored it. The theater bubbled with laughter.

    The experience was like revisitng memorable themes from old classic movies–done in a totally Pixar way. I have to get this one on DVD. Rarely am I this psyched about a movie a month after seeing it. To anyone who hasn’t seen it, GO. Even if you’re not an animation fan, go for the *story.* And treat yourself to seeing it on a big screen, uninterrupted. 😀

  16. I wouldn’t open the box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, they’ve probably sprouted and it’ll be like the day of the triffids inside.
    Wait a minute, six YEARS?

  17. I have no words for the dog/USB thing. And creep doll? Why does he keep the thing if it creeps him out? Pocahontas pez dispenser? They made these for the movie? We only have Star Wars ones.

    I’m with RebeccaH and the explanation of Martin’s signed picture. We need the facts.

  18. Congrats to Carl on his new office. Cute picture with Jelly. Message in a Bottle. Go Ducks! 😀

  19. Forgive me, please, if I posted this before.

    My knee surgery is scheduled for August 18, next Wed.

  20. Backfacing Creepy Doll…… eergh…
    My first wife had a few. Not my favourite decorations!

    Joe, you’ve written for a range of shows/genres.

    What has been your favourite?
    What one show that you are not involved in would you like to be? Why – characters? cast? plot?

  21. Ooh I know the episode – “Message in a Bottle” – where O’Neill gets speared by one of the spikes.

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry I’ve been MIA of late. I’ve been hard at work on my super secret project (its coming together nicely), some graphics stuff & getting distracted by a very distracting guy (no, not that one, the other one)…. but its no excuse.

    So, what have I missed?

    1. I see Carl still has that uber creepy doll. I would have thought by now that someone in production or the cleaners would have “accidentally” dropped it…or maybe they have and it keeps putting itself back together.

    2. I can make no claim to any of those search engine terms. I haven’t done that for a while….hmmmm maybe I’ll make an exception tonight.

    3. The Russian Mafia are in Illinois…who knew? I thought for sure it’s be Boise Idaho.

    4. Aww Sis had a birthday….Happy Belated Birthday to Joe’s Sis…I hope he phoned you at a respectable hour…when I was a kid I used to somehow wake myself up before 12 midnight & go in and wish my sister a happy birthday right on 12…weird!!

    5. Looks like some superhero book has been released. I haven’t stopped by a bookstore lately to see if they have it….but it might be worth a read.

    So did ya miss me?

    Cheers, Chev

  22. @Gilder: I hope all goes well with the knee surgery!

    @Joe and Carl: One’s choice of office decor can be very revealing.

  23. @for the love of Beckett — Yes, I saw Toy Story 3. I loved it. Agree with you on every point you made. The people at Pixar are the best storytellers in the business, by far. And they make it seem so easy. Believe me when I say — It is not.

  24. Yep, Message in a Bottle. I knew it too but I’m usually late in posting since I don’t normally do it until I get to work…along with checking emails, facebook, etc. Ah…government jobs are so cushy….err….I mean, flexable 😛

  25. Hi Joe!

    Was reading your blog today and the comment about the new set brought up a thought I had a few weeks ago watching re-airings of SGU on SPACE. The Episode was season 1.5’s “LOST”. The scene in question is when the trio (Scott, Eli and Chloe) get back to the alien craft planet (from JUSTICE) and explore the craft….

    Now my question…

    Currently you guys have shot most if not all of the first half of season 2, and are in process of still writing the back half ep’s. How is a cross scene such as that handled? Was the scene from “LOST” filmed at the same time as “JUSTICE”, or would that require to go back on location in the quarry outside of Vancouver some months later and re-construct the set (exterior of ship)? Is that a consideration while writing your current scripts (The “Oh, I can’t do that, we’ve already wrapped at that location and I want cool FX rather than location dollars in the budget?” thought)

    Just askin….

    Thanks as always for all your efforts!

  26. ok I saw that humpy dog memory thingy and I spit my coffee out… OMG what will they think of next??

  27. @Carl Binder

    Personally, I enjoyed Up much more then toy story 3. I mean don’t get me wrong, I thought it was great, but its going to take a lot more then that to beat up. 😉

    Questions for the next mailbag.

    1. Is Martin Wood still directing Revolution?

    2. Any more rumblings on updates on either movie? There’s a lot of ifs regarding MGM (like it being bought, or going bankrupt), do you still think Revolution is going to happen?

    3. Do you know how the DVD market is doing? Has it gotten better or worse lately?

    4. Is there any chance we’ll see some SGU books anytime soon (like the novelization of air)?

    And since I know majorsal would love this question answered ill repost it for her. 😉

    majorsal writes: “if it looks like the 3rd sg1 movie isn’t going to be made, can the sam/jack confirmation (that they’re together in a relationship) be put in sgu?”

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  28. I loved Toy Story 3 too! It was just a roller coaster of emotion for me as well. My son started high school this year and I could relate to the changes of life in the film. Oh, gotta stop thinking about it, tearing up again.

    Did anyone see Cloudy with Meatballs or Planet 51? Those were fun! Years ago, these kind of animation films might have JUST attracted the younger crowd but myself/hubby/son all love watching the films I just mentioned.

    Love the pez dispenser! Thanks for the pictures!

  29. Hello Joseph!! ça va bien? Moi oui =)

    Waaoauuu toute ces reliques! Son nouveau bureau sera très chouette…Impressionnante la photo de son arrière oncle, j’aurai juré qu’il s’agissait de Carl.

    Je ne savais pas pour Pocahontas, j’aitais une grande fan quand j’étais petite. ça m’étonne qu’ aucun de vous n’ai de figurines stargate dans son bureau?..c’est dommage que les figurines des producteurs n’existent pas..car sinon j’aurai des figurines “Joseph mallozzi” en 10 exemplaires =P

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  30. @Tammy Dixon

    I loved Toy Story 3 too, it was such a magical film. These kinds of films are great because really they appeal to any age, old or young.

    @ Pez dispenser

    Awesome Pochahontas dispenser lol. I used to love Pez, weird thing is the design of the thing is flawed, you put the candy in and pretty much after 5 minutes its gone lol

  31. Okay…here we go again! Mr. Das is trying to cut off all his fingers!

    Remember back in December when Mr. Das cut his thumb with a new utility knife? Well, today it was a bit different, but with about the same results…and he’s blaming it all on Oprah Winfrey.

    See…Mr. Das works at a hotel, and the hotel just got a call that Oprah & Co. are coming in for the weekend. She’s stayed there before, and when she does everyone goes crazy trying to make sure everything’s ship shape. So, they had this cracked china sink in one of the rooms, and hubby’s co-worker was trying to break it loose with his hand. He called Mr. Das into the room to help him, and Mr. Das said, ‘You need to get gloves and a rubber mallet and a trash can, that’s how we do it’, but the guy was really in a hurry because of Oprah, and he whacked the sink, and Mr. Das’ hand was under it, and he pulled away but not fast enough, and cut open two fingers, nicking an artery in the process. Blood spurted everywhere! When I saw Mr. Das in the ER, he had blood streaked all over his shirt and spattered on his face – he looked like a crime scene! He had about 14 stitches – 8 in his ring finger, 6 in his middle finger (the artery was in the middle finger).


    All I gotta say is this: Good thing we have Aflac. 😛


  32. Carl, thought you might love Toy Story 3, too. Any more praise would be gilding the lilly, and the only other gold that Pixar needs now would be on an Oscar statuette. Crossing fingers… 🙂

  33. …And thank you to all the Stargate writers, for the very hard work of building us stories and characters. I dearly loved Atlantis, but am glad I stayed. 😀

  34. @DAS


    Hope it wasn’t his [cough!] Feeding Hand…?

    But, kidding aside.. he’s lucky it was only a few stitches.. Hope he didn’t knick any nerves either – that’s worse than an artery!

    Anyway, it a kiss better from me. 😀

  35. @das That’s gotta hurt. Really hurt. Take good care of Mr. das now.


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