65 thoughts on “July 24, 2010: Peanut Butter and Jelly

  1. If that is the noise Jelly makes when eating I hate to hear her snore.


  2. Whoa. Shorted blog entry yet. The oysters must’ve kicked in. 😉

    Jelly is too, too cute – sounds like a little piggy rooting for truffles! I wanna give her big hugs and kisses! 🙂


  3. Whoa…quickest comment approval yet, too! What’s going on, Joe?? I’m gettin’ worried…


  4. Is that Jelly making ALL that noise? Surely the other dogs are there eating too? You should use that as alien noise on SGU. Dogs are an endless source of entertainment.

    Early post. Got a date tonight? Ivon again? Just kidding ya!

  5. Hi,

    I’ve nothing to comment about dogs eating peanut butter. If they like it, then may it taste well.

    Other things: A little time ago I discovered, there is singer/actress named Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque. So the question is: Is there any relationship between her and Elyse, hence SGUs Chloe Armstrong?

    Also I’d like to know if I won’t get answers to the questions I once asked here: http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/may-7-2010-coast-restaurant-mini-mailbag/#comment-95754

    Because they are about Atlantis, the chances may be well, I hope.


  6. Jelly looks panicked in the third video, like she doesn’t think she’ll ever get all the peanut butter of her.

    I have a theory that dogs don’t always like the treats we give them. I’ve seen a dog that won’t bother fruit on the vine eat whatever rotten food is thrown into the garden. There’s something upside down about that – like they’re programmed to eat whatever humans drop, whether it’s bad for them or not.

  7. Happy birthday in Ireland, Shirt ‘n’ Tie!!! 😀

    Haha Joe, you wrote 15 words today. Shortest blog post ever? But the videos TOTALLY made up for it! Those burping/farting/squelching/loud breathing/yipping/etc sounds should be sold to foley artists for use in movies! 😀 Our beagle goes zonkos for pb&j! If she doesn’t get some, she follows us around howling at us until we make her some too! 😀

  8. You are an evil man, Joseph. Making that poor thing work so hard for peanut-buttery goodness. You should proffer your regrets with a large tub of peanut butter ice cream with Milk Bone sprinkles. Shame on you, you bad, bad man…

  9. Hmm, is it just me or is todays post shorter then usual. 😉

    I totally understand though. I can’t believe you’ve actually posted every day for years now. You deserve a real break, never mind a few short entries! 🙂

    Oh and SGU SEASON 2 TRAILER IS OUT. And don’t worry DAS, Greer is perfectly healthy and kicking arse as usual. 😉


    So a couple questions.

    1. Any updates on the movies?

    2. I heard that the trailer released at comic con is a syfy trailer. Any chance we’ll see an MGM trailer for season 2.0? 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  10. My ratties love peanut paste (I still call it that because in Perth, Australia, we used to say ‘Peanut Paste’ up until the 80s when they changed the label)..

    Looking at Jelly I had to ask – does she have sight problems? Her pupils don’t seem to have the whited out look. My Jack Russell is 99% blind and both his eyes have whited over.. he’s 12 and I know Jelly’s 11…

    Can we have some of your warm weather? It’s been f-f-f-f-freezing here… I’m totally over it.

    Hugs to yer pugs yo

  11. @das Awww, you just ruined the image I had of you. I had thought no matter what; rain, shine or blustery nor’easter you read each and every post…


  12. Does this count as a post? Really?


    Hope you’ve have a wonderful day!!

    Cheers, Chev

  13. Just watched the #SGU S2 trailer…wow! I love the look of the bridge!! Lot’s of cool FX and awww, Eli kisses a girl.


    Who decides what clips are going to be in the trailer?

    So 100% someone definitely does not survive the first episode of S2. Is there a clue in the trailer?

    How many episodes were featured in the trailer? All filmed to date? Just the first few?

    Joe & Ivon – check out The Walking Dead Panel at ComicCon

    Cheers, Chev

  14. Hi Joe,

    It’s nice to see that you have begun Jelly on her physical therapy regime, is that aerobic or isometric?

    Smiles, Julie

  15. RePosted ’cause I posted so late:

    Hi Joe!

    Hurray for McKay and Woolsey! And big time cheers for Jelly’s progress – I just caught up on the last week’s entries – was incommunicado while helping my mother through post-surgery recovery (she’s doing great, BTW!) My car, however, has coughed its last – I drove it up to the grocery store, just 4 blocks or so, and it did a herky-jerky-lurching dance all the way there and back while spewing a smokescreen that would have made 007 proud. I will be contacting my local NPR station, KUOW, to donate it – the proceeds from the sale of the parts go to support public radio, so a bit of a silver lining, but I’m still sad. Can’t afford a new car yet, so my mother is selling me her Corolla to tide me over – it’s an automatic, I keep pounding the floor with my left foot and reaching for the shift, then looking sheepishly about to see if anyone noticed, *g* So, I’m back at my own home, driving a new-old car, and getting ready for a week of Jury Duty; ah, the excitement!

    Smiles, Julie

    @maggiemayday – so sorry to hear about your father. Peace and Blessings for you and your family.

    @Shiningwit – Congrats on your son’s Marriage!

    @Shirt’n’Tie – Happy Birthday!!

    @PBmom – Prayers and positive thoughts every single day! Give Patrick a hug from me and all of us and tell him he’s loved by many! And YOU, too!!

  16. Hey Joe, I reckon you’ve spoiled us…

    It was a beautiful day here in Ottawa today. I hope you had a relaxing and pleasurable day too. Some people need to “chill”. There is a time for everything…

  17. That wasn’t all one spoon of peanut butter, right? It had to be several.

    Jelly looks like she’s moving easier in that last video.

    Oh, and my cats lick like that when they get tunafish.

  18. @ Elminster – Well, if it makes you feel any better, I do skim all the comments, reading some in more detail than others. For instance, I don’t usually read in detail comments about SG1, since I never watched the show and it doesn’t mean anything much to me, and I don’t read in detail comments about SGU because I want to avoid spoilers, and because…well…I’m not ‘obsessed’ with it like I was Atlantis. But personal stuff I usually try to read, though I don’t always have time to comment. Mostly I try to make sure I comment back to those who directly commented to me, or those who are going through difficulties (if time allows, and if I don’t forget, since sometimes I read comments a few hours before I get around to commenting myself).


  19. Um, someone just pointed out to me that we don’t see Volker or Brody in the S2 SDCC promo. PLEASE tell me this is just an oversight on the promoter’s part!!!

  20. Awww Jelly’s lookin’ real perky!!

    When my niece was little, she loved Sharon, Lois and Bram. They sing a song called Peanut Butter. So every time you mention Jelly, the song’s chorus plays through my head. “Peanuuuuuuut peanut butterrrrrrrr …..JELLY!!!…..”


    Assume you have big plans tonight or just wanted the night ‘off,’ hope you had a good time!!


  21. Joe, the trailer was awesome, though I was slightly disappointed that it was made by SyFy rather than MGM. Do you know if an MGM trailer is in the works?

  22. To quote Major D. Davis: Any news or updates on the movies? Especially the SGA movies?

  23. I’d love to know exactly how much peanut butter you put on the spoon to get all that hysterical snorting. I had to stifle my laughs so I didn’t wake up Patrick (he’s doing just fine–thanks guys–he usually sleeps 18 hours after these big ones and was back to busting my chops in no time whatsoever.

    @Annie From Fremantle: Loved Charlie. Maybe it is a Pug thing?

    @Shiningwit: Congratulations on your son’s marriage. May they have many happy years together.

    @Shirt-n-Tie: Happy Birthday, Sir!

    @Das: I’m the same way. I, generally, read every post, unless I’m several days behind and then I just read Joe’s blog, but I don’t comment on all of them either. Sorry it is still so hot there. Seems my state and your state have reversed weather patterns this summer.

    @Julie: Thanks for your words of encouragement. I swear if I sat in a psychologist’s office and told them this stuff, they would label me paranoid, but I was tweeting to you late that night and then you know what happened the next morning (within like 6 hours). There was no other way the district (not sure exactly who but I have my suspicions) could have known that. So you are my proof that I am NOT losing my mind. That is why my Twitter account is now private. LOL.

    Thank you everyone else as well. I should be able to share with you within the next month (or less).

  24. Hey! Just found out that as of Friday afternoon, I just inherited a new Sister-in-Law and 2 Step-Nephews!! 3 weeks early!


  25. @PBmom – happy to stand up for you, my friend – I’ll corroborate the event in writing if need be!

  26. I saw the comic con trailer. I hope I wouldn’t’ve. Spoilers, why do they put them in trailers? 😐
    Joe, do me a favour, find out who was in charge of the trailer and shove a baked and deep fried pancake down their throat will you? :'(

  27. If you guys are renewed for a season three any chance of bringing Richard Dean Anderson back for another 4 – 5 episodes? or maybe a 3 episode stint like he did back in Atlantis Season 3?

  28. That just sounds so… wrong… and almost twisted… “jelly eating peanut butter”… it gives me a mental image of jelly, not Jelly, eating it… and then of peanut butter eating jelly… and then of peanut butter eating Jelly.

    Attack of the Killer Peanut Butter!

    Run Jelly! Run!


  29. oris and ancients formed only one before.
    We have never had the opportunity to be able to observe one of their ship.
    given that the destiny is the oldest ancient ship^we have ever known.
    Is that possible he could looks be one of them before the ancients changed their style

  30. I’ve been singing ‘Charles has a licking problem” all bloody day. Warning – it’s catchy.

    I’m tipsy – because I’ve decided to join in what’s called the ‘Masterchef drinking game’.. this show is full of (really kitsch ) cliches such as;

    “Chop chop”
    “Your time starts now”
    “Do you think you have what it takes to win this challenge?”
    “The flavours just go bang in your mouth”
    “The acidity cuts through the fat”
    “Bang the gong the heat is on”
    “It’s art on a plate”

    And so forth…

    So right now there’s a lot of PISSED Aussies who’ve watched this Masterchef finale and sculled when some of the above cliches were mentioned *hic* . Last year 4 million watched , so wonder how many Aussies are gonna turn up for work with a hang over this time???

    Ricadonna hahahah Love it!!

    Reckon you’d make the masterchef grade Joe??? 😉 (or would you rather be a judge).. I think I already know the answer.

    Yours truly
    One sobering up Freo gal..

  31. Hi Mr M!

    And All:

    Many thanks for the kind wishes. Am starting “Masked” (my birthday pressie) this evening.
    A day of mirth, laughter and hugs here Chez S’n’T.

    Also, had a lovely phonecall with Jenny Stivens LIVE from Comic Con…and an impromptu Happy Birthday Song from the SyFy crew….coolness!

    Thanks to all again.

    Paul AKA Shirt’n’Tie

  32. I just saw the SGU S2 trailer and it looks AWESOME!!! September can’t get here soon enough. Nice scene when Greer tells Eli to make a move on the girl that likes Math.

    Does this trailer cover the entire season or the first half?

  33. @das

    Whoops…. Sorry about the Greer spoiler there. ;). At least it was what you were hoping for. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  34. PBMOM – wishing you strength to get through this.

    It always amazes me how the system insinuates themselves into our lives and tries to seize control, because they can. It doesn’t say much for the character of the people in and running that system, does it? What’s missing is “institutional scruples” if there is such a thing – a pox on them all!

  35. @das It’s OK das, was just joking with you. I tend to be somewhat the same way, but lightly scan slightly different topics, or people.


  36. Coucou Joseph!!

    Du beurre de cacahuète, ce n’est pas mauvais pour la santé des chiens? on m’a dit qu’une nourriture trop riche n’était pas bon pour les chiens…Les videos sont qu’en même drôle, je pense que Jelly ne va pas tarder à ce faire une crampe à la langue^^!

    Bisou bisou.

  37. Aw-w-w how cute! Jelly eats peanut butter with relish! She certainly seems to enjoy every tongue slurp, go Jelly!

    That treatment she had must be working Joe, based on the videos you’ve been posting, she seems sprightly and moving with more ease. I’m so happy for both of you. And good for you for loving her so much.

    Great news about Robert Picardo and David Hewlett making guest appearances on SGU – fantastic!! I can’t wait, but I will.

    Happy birthday Shirt’n’Tie (Paul), over there in grand & green Ireland. Aren’t you the celeb getting a call from SyFy – I am SO jealous, but you are a deserving gent 😆

    Well, back to sweltering here in New Jersey where the heat & humidity levels are on par with the bayou down in Louisiana. I just wonder when I’ll see a gator stride across my yard.


  38. @ Shiningwit – congratulations on the addition to your family. The bride is beautiful in that gorgeous dress.

    @ PBMom – you said those officials were monitoring your twitter account, I wonder if those scum bags are monitoring what you say here too? As a fellow Texan, I’m wondering how these people got their jobs? Are they appointed, or elected? Seems like something could be done there. My mother was just telling me she read how the school systems had lots of money sitting in their budgets that they are not spending, yet they are laying off teachers and cutting other programs. The entire system needs an overhaul and a good house cleaning. Just where are the high school taxes I pay going?

  39. Very entertaining vids, thank you for taking the time to shoot and post them. Jelly does seem more lively and feisty in the last one. I love her parting remark, a very assertive “RUFF!!!”

    Dangnabbit rabbit, Kymm beat me to the Sharon, Lois, and Bram song reference. The chorus really does stick to the mind, well, like peanut butter to the roof of the mouth.

    Here’s a variation on the pb&j theme from Skinnamarink:

  40. Er, sorry, I just included a URL address, and the video appeared like a wabbit out of a hat . . . didn’t mean to be so intrusive.

  41. Just a quickie (a storm heading our way!)…

    The last few days I’ve been watching black swallowtail caterpillars choming away at my parsley. Today one is in its chrysalis stage (I saw it starting to form on Friday), and another that was only about half and inch long two days ago is now over an inch. As I was showing Mr. Das, we were treated to an adult swallowtail fluttering by, depositing more eggs on the parsley – little yellow beads. She layed them on the thyme and dill, too…but didn’t seem to like the mint. She must be related to you, Joe!

    I have to be careful now when I pick my herbs – I don’t want to disturb the eggs or caterpillers. Kind of excited about this – they’re just so beautiful! For those who don’t know what a black swallowtail looks like, here are a couple photos from the net:


    Gotta run – I hear the thunder! (We sure as hell better get some rain out of this – it’s like a desert here!)


  42. Ummm no, that’s not the Peanut Butter and Jelly song I was thinking of at all. I’ve never seen that one before.


  43. @ Kymm

    Right, that’s why I said a variation. The one I know best is the “First you take the peanuts and you crunch ’em,” etc. – I stumbled on that video looking for the original show version of Peanut Butter.

  44. Hello Joe, in your July 16th post you respond to a question about which SGA characters would go back to the Pegasus galaxy if Atlantis was allowed to go back. You refer to Teyla as Kanan’s wife, tell me you made a mistake.

  45. 4 Maggiemayday – sorry to hear your news.
    4 PBmom – hang in there. I hope you do get some resolution. You should for your persistence and perseverance. You go girl.
    4 Shirt N Tie – Happy Birthday
    4 Jelly – that sure was a noisey yummy. Hope the world’s greatest doggie daddy gives you more treats as you gain strength and run circles around the gang.
    4 Annie Teldy – nice to see you on-line every so often. Hope you can make more appearances.
    4 the world’s greatest doggie daddy – great vids…thanks for all of them. Please sir, may we have more?
    whew….now for some dark chocolate…and maybe with some peanut butter too, YUM!

  46. Shiningwit:
    Congratulations! Nice looking family, love the dress. Wishing both of you lots of laughter and great memories.

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