If you were at the SGU Comic Con panel – or followed the fallout on twitter – you by now already know the identity of the two Stargate: Atlantis vets who will be putting in an appearance on Stargate: Universe.  Yes, it’s true.  Robert Picardo and David Hewlett will be reprising their roles as Richard Woolsey and Dr. Rodney McKay for a late season two episode titled Seizure.  As for who is experiencing the seizure and/or what is being seized – stay tuned!

Yes, times are tough – but I never expected to see this: Darth Vader robbing banks to help make ends meet http://gothamist.com/2010/07/22/darth_vader_robs_bank_photos_oh_yes.php.  Next step: Celebrity Rehab.

And you guys say I’m crazy for stocking up on canned food and bottled water: http://www.howstuffworks.com/hacker-crash-country-network.htm Okay, maybe you don’t say it, but you certainly think it.

Cracked.com offer up 6 Things From History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly: http://www.cracked.com/article_18627_6-things-from-history-everyone-pictures-incorrectly.html Like, for instance, Swarzenegger.  I imagined him taller.

This heart-warming.  Jennifer Aniston just adopted a 33 year old boyfriend from Africa: http://www.theonion.com/video/jennifer-aniston-adopts-33yearold-boyfriend-from-a,17768/ While I’m happy for Negasi, I can’t help but feel for all the other unadopted potential boyfriends out there.


Thornyrose writes: “Sounds like Ivon is getting in shape for his share of the Tokyo trip. So when do we hear about the drinking sessions to toughen you up for your share?”

Answer: I had one cocktail with dinner and was out like a light at 11:00 p.m.  Doesn’t bode well for the Tokyo trip.

Zackary writes: “If you were a betting man, would you place money on Stargate Universe getting a 3rd season?”

Answer: See, the thing is I’m not a betting man.  And every single time I’ve guessed at the outcome for a potential pick-up, I’ve guessed wrong.  I figured season 5 was going to be SG-1’s last, but we ended up getting picked up.  I thought the same thing about seasons 6 through 9, each time assuming it would be our last, and each time being proven wrong.   Then, finally, in SG-1’s tenth season, I actually felt confident about an eleventh season pick up –  which was when the show was cancelled.  I was also expecting a sixth season pick-up for Atlantis – and we all know how that turned out.  So I think I’ll limit my prognosticating to office pools.  Although, if you really want to know, you might want to ask that octopus in Germany.  He hasn’t been wrong yet!

Zackary also writes: “Could you see the Stargate franchise dying for a few years then coming back? Like how Star Trek did with the new JJ Abrams movie? Many people say that that franchise needed a break, would you say the same could be said in some reguards about Stargate?”

Answer: I wouldn’t.  I’d say Universe IS a break from the Stargate that came before it.

Paul Moody writes: “At the office or around the house, a nice SLR camera for blog photos wouldn’t be out of place – but your out and about pictures and food photos always look good. What camera are you using – is it from a camera phone?”

Answer: A simple Canon Power Shot SD1200 IS.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Akemi is feeding you a lot of oysters ;)

Answer: Yeah.  She must figure that, sooner or later, I’m going to land a tainted one.:(

dioxholster writes: “would you agree to sign that wavier and swap with someone?”

Answer: No but, then again, I wouldn’t volunteer to do third world relief work.  Body-swapping is fraught with ethical issues that I do agree need to be explored.  And it’s not just the obvious issues either.  Carl has been wanting to do a story that asks: What do you do when someone uses your body to commit a serious crime?  What are the consequences for both individuals?  Hopefully, he’ll get the chance to tell that story and we’ll have the opportunity to explore these issues in the not too distant future.

Major D. Davis writes: “Couple questions for the next mailbag if thats cool.

1. http://twitter.com/scifitv/status/16986381584

So will there be SG-1 characters in season 2?”

Answer: It’s news to me.

Major D. Davi also writes: “2. When you write a music montage into a script how does it work? Do you guys first find the song, and then film it to fit the song.. or do you just film all the little cutaways, and then once you find a good song you assemble fitting segments into the montage? And when is the first montage in season 2?”

Answer: It depends on who is writing/producing the episode.  I know that there have been times when Carl has had a certain song in mind prior to sitting down and scripting a montage.  We have someone who provides us with samples from various artists, many up and coming, for consideration.  I know that Paul has scoured this list and made use of at least one song from the selection after writing his montage.  For my part, I prefer to write the montage and leave it to the song choice to the director – in both instances, Andy Mikita has come up with some great selections.

Major D. Davis also writes”3. Just curious, has this SGU/SGA crossover renewed discussion of Extinction with MGM. Because you guys must have talked with the studio about the crossover episode and the movie must have come up in that discussion.”

Answer: No, there has been no discussion related to the movie.

Major D. Davis also writes: “4. Will characters faith, personal beliefs, or religion be furthered explored in SGU season 2?”

Answer: As a matter of fact, yes.  Visitation, episode 9, comes to mind.

Major D. Davis also writes: “5. How long does post for a movie take? Say best case scenario Revolution and Extinction filmed end of this year. When do you think they would be out? Doesn’t MGM want a couple months to market the movie(s) after post is finished?”

Answer: It all depends on how many visual effects Mark Savela and co. would have to contend with.  I’d say about five months for post, then whatever time would be required for the studio to market the movies.

Simon writes: “Have you already seen the trailer for Season 2?”

Answer: Nope.

otros ojos writes: “Love your comments about Akemi’s remark to Mike Banas.”

Answer: Yeah, she’ll often come out with some interesting statements.  A recent favorite: “I think yogurt very mysterious because there is always likids on the tops.”

link 022 writes: “I had an idea, why don’t we send an affected ship to create a bridge of stargate to go to the destiny”

Answer: That would take even longer than sending a ship out to retrace Destiny’s route given that it would have to stop and drop gates along the way.

Liz writes: “Joe, something you’re probably not aware of – did you know there are maximum recommended intakes on fish and sea products from the ocean?”

Answer: I’m aware.  I tend to stick to salmon and save tuna for sushi outings.

Lspacediva writes: “Only read 14 of the 100, and will likely never complete the list because I could never get through any Ayn Rand!”

Answer: Yep, there are a bunch of titles on that list that I could never bring myself to read.

nate writes: “On another note, as the food expert that you are, have you ever had a Baumkuchen?”

Answer: I had some in Tokyo.  It was very good, but it paled in comparison to a lot of the city’s other dessert offerings.

steph writes: “Do you know of a good top 100 fantasy list? I found this one:http://www.fantasybooksandmovies.com/best-fantasy-books.html
on which I scored a somewhat better 40, though I disagree with a lot of the choices (Twilight over Wheel of Time, not to mention 92 other fantasy novels? And a Harry Potter book as number 1?).”

Answer: 36 for me, and I agree with your disagreement.

59 thoughts on “July 23, 2010: News of note! And the return of the mailbag!

  1. Yep…. Im definitely psyched for the crossover episode. If there are atlantis people willing to do SGU then im confident you could reunite the cast for Extinction. 🙂

    Thanks for the answer on the montages. So I guess there will be a montage in Awakening! 🙂 Looking forward to it. The montage is Space was beautiful, so ill be excited to see Andy’s pick.

    5 months for post. Thats pretty good. If all goes well then maybe we can see the movies end of next year. Still.. we should have been seeing them in a couple months if MGM followed through movies but the past is the past. 🙂 As long as we EVENTUALLY get the movies im happy. Preferable sooner rather then later. :p 😉

    Speaking of the movies, are there any updates, or rumblings on the movies?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  2. So, I guess you didn’t read Earthblood then. 😉

    Just a quickie – hubby and I finally sat down and watched Hot Fuzz, and what a hoot! I loved it! Most fun I’ve had watching a movie in a long time.

    That’s about it – it’s still hot, I’m still miserable. Take care, Joe – watch out for those tainted oysters – and enjoy your evening!


  3. riley wrote:


    Why would you want to fuss around with a SLR camera when any mid range point & shoot digital cameras is over-qualified for the task.

    There are some things a point & shoot just can’t do. I can’t really afford a digital SLR at the moment, but I learnt photography on an analogue SLR, and I love mine to pieces. The control it gives over the image just can’t be achieved with my digital (non-SLR).

    I agree with you as the owner of a fully kitted Canon A-1 SLR.

    But it’s much easier to handle a sub-compact digital camera. You can always play with the image afterwards. The task I refer to is Mr M taking gourmet snaps.


    It’s about time for Rodney McKay to appear. Will we get any hints on Rodney’s current status with Keller. He is not the easiest to get along with over the long term.

  4. Hello Joe.

    Any news on bonus features for the season 1.5 blu-ray?

    Glad to hear that David Hewlett is returning to play McKay.

    Is Rob Cooper appearing on the G4 network’s coverage in San Diego during Comic Con?

    So, how has Jelly been doing. I hope the rest of the dogs aren’t too jealous that she is getting all our attention. 😉

    As always, best wishes, and thanks for taking the time to fill us in on everything!!!

    Best wishes,


  5. Wow, that’s a very broad definition of fantasy to include all of those science fictions, paranormal romances, literary fiction novels and children’s books. 😉 (YA I can agree with, but Roald Dahl? Okay…)

    I scored 39, mostly because there were only single entries for most of the fantasy series I own.

    Also: The Hobbit beats Lord of the Rings? Seriously? o_O

  6. Joe – now that you have an assistant to hold the camera, can we get some more weird food purchases of the day segments??? Pretty please?? 🙂


  7. Very interesting news on the casting for late season SGU episodes! Always enjoyed seeing David Hewlett. Will love to see what happens in that episode.

    Never did get to that particular restaurant when I was in Gas Town. However I did get to a new one that opened up about three weeks ago. It was called “131 Water” And here was the meal I ate there.


    I know I’ve asked already but you weren’t doing mail bag at the time. But is it ok to send stuff to the cast and if so where can we send it?

    And another question. Does the studio ever do any events where they do set tours of any kind? I have often seen contests run where someone can win a chance to see the set for example but they have always been limited to those in the U.S. only.

    Anyway great news on David Hewlett and Robert Picardo making an appearance on SGU!

  8. Hewlett and Picardo – hallelujah! I love these two talents. I would love to see the rest, but nevermind, for now…

  9. >And you guys say I’m crazy for stocking up on canned food
    >and bottled water:

    Actually, I’m just trying to picture you actually eating *canned* food (except as part of a WFPOTD segment).

    Speaking of which, I second Das’s request for a return of that particular feature. 🙂

    – KB

    P.S. For a counterpoint on the “cyberwar”:

  10. Probably best if you and Ivon stick to Perrier and virgin drinks in Tokyo; with the time difference you’ll be sleepy enough. Can’t imagine navigating Tokyo, which is like being in Tron, while the least bit buzzed. Sorry, that came out like, Haiku.

    Plus a man being tipsy in a foreign country is like a girl being tipsy at a meat market bar; the bums they come a callin’, ‘cept in the case of men it usually means wallets will be lifted and cabbies will overcharge, not pretty.

    Safest is to booze up at your hotel bar once you’re safely home for the night, so that at the very least you can wave your room key about and have a kindly bellhop load you on the luggage cart and deliver you to your bed. And I don’t speak from experience, ahem.

  11. Oh and in regards to that Jennifer Aniston thing….. that’s just WRONG. She’s like a kid in the candy shop.

    And she’s so selfish too. The man already has a family (wife and 2 kids), and when he didn’t want to go with her she had sex with him till he did. That’s just sick! 🙁 I actually feel sorry for the kids. If some Bollywood star came and seduced my dad till he ran away with her to India leaving me and my mom with money for compensation I’d be ticked. I mean I know my Dad wouldn’t do it, but just using it as an example.

    I hope this ends badly and she realizes how much her actions have messed up others lived. I just lost all respect for Jennifer Aniston. 🙁

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  12. Been reading the past few days worth of blogs here. Patrick is sleeping off another seizure in the room next to me and I want to make sure he is okay before I feel comfortable enough to go to sleep. What better thing to do to lift my spirits than to come here.

    Joe, I cried watching Jelly go up the stairs. That truly is remarkable. I can’t wait to see her progress in the weeks ahead. She also seems to have the ‘wag in her tail’ back.

    @Maggiemayday — My sympathies on the death of your father. Even though it sounds like he lived a wonderful life and left this life on the terms I would like to leave on (in my sleep), it doesn’t diminish the depth of your loss and how much you will miss him. I send you and your family and friends many hugs.

    To all: Asking for some good positive energy and/or prayers (whatever is your thing, respectful of that) on something we are about to do for Patrick. I can’t go into it yet. Can you believe my school district was actually monitoring my Twitter account? I’m not even joking. Long story. But I don’t want to go into any detail about it until things actually happen in case they are Googling me and it leads them here.

  13. I’m excited about the news although not surprised. I had a feeling McKay and Woolsey would be the guest appearances. They are the most obvious choices given there roles. Of course McKay was going to end up on Destiny, considering the situation the SGU crew is in and him being the fore most expert on everything ancient. I’ve liked the Woolsey character from the beginning and felt he was an obvious fit for SGU’s style. Even though I was hoping it would be Sheppard I just knew it wouldn’t be. That leads me to a few questions.

    1.) As a writer how difficult would it be to write a character like Col. Sheppard into a show like SGU? Unless there’s a bad guy to shoot, a guy like Sheppard would go crazy on Destiny.
    2.) Has the idea ever been kicked around?
    3.) Who wrote seizure?
    Last one…promise
    4.) Will we ever see a bridge on destiny? I know you have said we will see a lot more of Destiny, but the first thing every SG team does when they get on a ship is they find the bridge and I can’t remember even hearing the word mentioned on SGU. It wouldn’t be that big of a spoiler would it? (I know that was five, sorry)

  14. wow thanks Joe for the honest answer. I tried not to think too much about it before, because I know not every TV show character has to share my values. So I just dismissed it as a Canadian thing 🙂

  15. When I read that David hewlett and Robert Picardo were going to be on SGU, I smiled from ear to ear and yelled, “Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!” My husband came in from the other room and asked, “What is going on in here?” “David Hewlett is going to be on SGU!” His response: “Oh, ok. I wish you got so excited to see me!” (He was joking). I am really excited to see this. I was hoping for Paul McGillion but Robert Picardo is great too. That will be so super. I know it will be a great two-parter.

    My advice: lay off the booze. Your wallet will be fatter, and your liver will thank you. but what a great sleeping aid.

  16. Hi Mr M!

    That’s great news re: Mr H and Mr P, can’t wait to see McKay and Woolsey back in action!

    I hear tell that Jason M and Joe F are heading to Ireland (as posted by David Hewlett on his twitter). Does anyone know where? We so rarely (hen’s teeth) get to see any SG peeps on this island….I’d be kicking myself if I had the chance to say hello. Any regulars know where they are? I think Jason might be shooting an ep of Game of Thrones in the North of Ireland….but Joe F?
    All suggestions welcome guys. Many thanks.

    Also Mr M. hate to impose, but it’s that time of year again. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Any chance of a blog dedication?
    And I also want to wish Bam Bam a speedy recovery from his second hip op…which went well according to his twitter feed.

    Thank you (as always) Mr M


    PS: You may recall a couple of days back I said *that guy* would ask about furlings to RCC…I also had a joke/bet with Whovian that poor Rob Coop would get asked the “Any chance we’ll see the Furlings in Season 2 of SGU?” at Comic-Con……Guess what the FIRST question for the panel was????
    *Love it when a plan comes together*…

    Best to all


    Oh, and Carl…get back on Twitter!! We miss your thoughts!

  17. Alright, since everyone’s skirting around the issue with their skirts, I’ll just say it: perhaps Akemi is binge feeding you oysters not because she wishes you to die a horribly poisoned death, nor is it because she wants you to poop out some pearls, but because it’s an aphrodisiac? I mean, sure, Akemi and her gal pals think Maverick Mike is handsome, but how about good ole’ Joker Joe? 😉

    Ha! Totally called McKay and Woolsey! This is going to be pretty hilarious. I can’t wait to see McKay interacting with Eli and Rush, and Woosley with Young and Wray. It’ll be interesting to see the differences, if any, between their characters on SGU and their characters on SGA.

    On a separate note, Nickelodeon is making a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender!! It’s called Avatar: The Legend of Korra and it revolves around the Avatar after Aang. See, all of that would make sense if you watched the original series! 😛 But anyway, it’s new Avatar stuff so that’s Awesome, but it’s also only a 12-episode miniseries, so that’s kind of depressing. Hopefully, if the first 12 episodes do well, they will give it a full series-order.

  18. Question. On your July 19th blog posting from the last days of Atlantis there is a picture of Kavan Smith hugging someone. Who was he hugging?

  19. Um…Major D? theonion.com is a comedy website that creates fake news stories. Seems like you took it seriously…?

    PBMom, hoping for the best for your family.

  20. Bit late to the party but I just ordered Alastair Reynolds’ House of Suns and Revelation Space.

    Also, great news re: David Hewlett appearing on SGU. McKay was my favourite character from SGA. 😀

  21. @Major Davis: I couldn’t agree more! Jennifer Aniston is a horrible woman.

    ROTFLMAO here. No, really, tears…

  22. I used to think that yogurt was very mysterious, too (even with the fruit blended in) — like, how could it look so good but taste so bad? Turns out that my mom was just trying to be a prudent shopper. The yogurt not-so-mysteriously disappeared when none of us ate it. In college I was happy to learn that I love non-bargain brands, which I sub for ice cream most of the time. — It would be interesting to hear more of Akemi’s take on cultural differences. For instance, is it harder to find tainted oysters in Vancouver? *rolls eyes* like we’re falling for that dodge . . .

    @ Kymm

    I find that as long as you both don’t overindulge at the same time, it tends to work itself out. *smirk*

    LOL!! I concede your point, at least in regard to food overindulgence. When alcohol is involved, though, we both know that one needs evidence that will hold up in court . . .

  23. @PBMom

    I’ll be praying. Seizures sound so scary. and WTF on the school district?!?! That is just wrong! I hope your next step involves a lawyer.

  24. @ PBMom

    It sickens me to read about your school district’s privacy-invasion activities, which give the appearance that some people in high places will stop at nothing in order to get out of doing the right thing for Patrick. Between that and his seizures . . . I can hardly imagine what kind of toll that must exact on you. Sending thoughts/prayers/positive energy your way, and strong hope for a significant reprieve from your trials.

  25. @PBMom

    My best wishes and prayers are with Patrick. I hope that everything works out. I know you have the thoughts and prayers of everyone here.


    Bryan M. White

  26. Just something that’s been bother me ever since I visited the Wikipedia Article of Stargate. What’s the “canon” name of Naquadah? Naqahdah? Nahqahdah? Naquadah? Naquada? Naqrada? Arqhada, going mad already :S

  27. I wasn’t going to say anything, but…
    @ Major D. Davis – I so agree with you about Jen Aniston! That is the reason why I don’t like her! It’s not her perfect hair that has never changed in 20 years, or that she is a one dimensional horrible actress, or that she makes the same crappy movies one after another. No, it is the fact that she can pluck any guy off the face of the earth and say, “be my boyfreind”.
    Joe, please don’t mention that home wrecker again.

  28. oris and ancients formed only one before.
    We have never had the opportunity to be able to observe one of their ship.
    given that the destiny is the oldest ancient ship^we have ever known.
    Is that possible he could looks be one of them before the ancients changed their style

  29. pg15 wrote, “…poop out some pearls…”

    Is that possible?? If fed too many oysters, does Joe become an incubator or something?? Who’s monitoring this situation? Let me know if that happens because I’ve been wanting a new pearl necklace lately…

  30. Hi Joe,

    You accidentally embedded someones email address in the second link (..howstuffworks).

    It might be a good idea to remove it so said person doesn’t receive spam.

    ..or perhaps it’s your email address?


  31. @ pg15 – Oh, we already went the aphrodisiac route (well, we insinuated…and by ‘we’, I mean me and Narelle and noelm).

    Of course, Joe would never admit to such a thing because that would suggest that he needs a little help in that department. 😉 NOT that I think it’s true, but for a fella who dines mostly with men, sleeps with dogs, and spends the rest of his waking hours reading, writing, watching anime and planning trips to Tokyo, you can’t help but wonder if he ever has time for womenfolk (and Akemi doing chores doesn’t count!).

    And…IT’S HOTTER THAN THE HUBS OF HELL HERE! 😡 This is getting ridiculous – I spent the morning out (visiting, running errands), and by the time I got home, my dress was soaked, and it felt like I had a St. Bernard sitting on my chest. Ugh. I’m in for the rest of the day – can’t even worry about my wilting flowers because it’s just too hot to step outside. Terrible. I really, really hate this. *prays for a blizzard in July!*


  32. Hi again Mr M

    Also, forgot to mention……despite not having watched one single frame of SG1, SGA or SGU, my wife (Her Royal Highness) *does* actually listen to my babbling about all things SG and Sci Fi related.
    Can you guess what arrived (by courier no less) for my birthday? From the US? so that I wouldn’t have to wait for the European issue????




    PS : Also, *just* found out Alan McCullough is in Ireland!?! Is there some super secret SG Convention going on here over the Summer? Ronnie Cox/Jason M/Joe F/Alan McCullough….? Who next???
    I spend alot of time grumbling about the fact that NO Sg peeps ever show up here, and in the space of 4 months, all these guys arrive??


  33. Hi Joe!

    Will you help us set the record straight, people are botching up the spelling and I’d like to know the way it is supposed to be…

    Is it Camile Wray or Camille Wray?

    Other people might say it’s this or that but I’d rather hear it from you or from whomever created the character (if someone else did).


    Have a nice day. 🙂


  34. maggiemayday: my hubby is executor of his mom’s estate but I’ve done most of the work on it lately. (blood sucking lawer!)
    Hubby gets upset looking over her bills even after a year. I will be so glad to have the estate closed and finished. So sorry you have to go through this. I wasn’t there to help plan my MIL’s funeral but I can’t believe how much drama it involved. My SIL forgot to put my name, and one of hubby’s aunt in the obituary and while I’m used to my SIL “ways”, the Aunt had a screaming fit. It was a lot of little things that really added up to a lot of stress. Jewelry that “disappeared” and such. I spent most of my time putting out family fires. My MIL died in extreme pain, so at least your dad had a nice smooth passing. That is a blessing for sure! Peace be with you during all of this transitioning.

    Mr. M: Akemi sounds so sweet. I’m glad she is staying with you. It’s good company for the dogs, as well. Dogs are like kids, they need company. Cats need company as well, they are just better at hiding the fact.

  35. @S’n’T: Ronny doesn’t count. He was on a for-real vacation. By unspoken agreement, we ignored the few others who actually recognized him. 

  36. coucou joseph!

    ça va bien? Moi oui aujourd”hui j’ai suivit la 19ième étape du tour de france dans les vignoble du Médoc avec une arrivée à Pauillac…vraiment magnifique, je suis fière de ma région!

    Grâçe a l’argent que j’aurai gagner avec mon travail saisonnier je vais économiser pour venir à Vancouver, je suis vraiment de plus en plus impatiente de vour voir.

    Pleins de gros bisou!

  37. @Gilder

    Seriously. I think others took it seriously too. LOL whoops.


    LOL I actually enjoyed the bounty hunter. But her love life is a little bit laughable.


    Dang.. I hope he gets better. 🙁 I will definitely be praying. 🙂

    Thats kind of creepy about the schools. I hope that gets sorted out. 🙂

  38. ohhh, that’s an interesting pair. McKay seemed like a no-brainer to bring into SGU for an appearance. Woolsey’s showing up opens up all sorts of speculation concerning the political situation on Earth and on Destiny. Should make for an interesting script and fun times on the set.
    The mailbag is appreciated. A pity you put Masked for the Sept reading rather than the August one, but it was a great read. It’s just aggrivating having to wait for so long to talk about it.
    For those roasting in the 106F heat of the midatlantic region, just remember how cold it was last January. For those of you not enjoying the sauna-like conditions here, pfffst. Would someone please tell Manitoba and the northern states adjoining to letus have some of our rain and cooler air back please?
    On that note, thanks for another entertaining post, and links.

  39. Hi Mr M

    Me (again) Apols (!)

    Can you check your Moorsyum email? Thanks.


  40. @PBMom

    Best wishes to Patrick, I hope he gets better and things improve.

    @out like a light at 11:00 p.m

    Sounds like a reasonable enough time to sleep in Japan Joe. Personally if you’re visting somewhere you wouldnt want lots of late nights, itd make you tired for the following day if you wake up early.

    Somedays I’ve been out like a light before 10pm, depending on how tired I am.

  41. Hey Joe!

    I’m at Comic Con! Its crazy here. I just got to interview the wonderful and talented Robert Cooper. I’m so sad he’s taking a step back from the franchise. By the way he was my first interview. 😀

    Then I was able to meet Ming Na. I. Love. Her! She’s so sweet and funny.
    Comic Con is a blast.. Exhausting but a blast.

    Trish 🙂

  42. Looking forward to seeing Dr.McKay again and Mr.Woolsey, too. Is there any chance that we’ll see Carter in the same episode as McKay? I’ve been a bit surprised that she hasn’t been brought in as a scientist on SGU yet…
    I read Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ yesterday and was surprised to see mention of an actual Stargate program http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Gate_Project
    Do you know if the name of the movie or series was chosen with this in mind?

    If I remember correctly all of Abydos was ‘ascended’ and Oma Desala ascended several others on her own. Why don’t any of them come to the aid of the galaxy during SG-1’s ori-arc?

  43. Hi! Didya miss me? didn’t think so LOL. Just wanted to share that my boy got married today:) two down two to go.

  44. @Zackarys question.

    Personally I think SGU season 3 is a sure enough thing, I can’t see SGU Season 2 breaking 2 million for its entire run in live viewers but if it upticks to like 1.6-1.9 million viewers live every episode. I can see Syfy renewing it on potential alone, if you think positive and think that maybe the show will gain back a lot of lost viewers, It can then build on that for Season 3 and break the 2 mill mark.

    Eureka is averaging what 2.2 something million live viewers, arguably this series has a bigger viewership.

    Anyway good thing SGU isn’t like Caprica, I guess you can see why Remi left, I mean Caprica is in so much trouble right now its airing Jan of next year of all dates. I guess the Syfy decision makers are kicking themselves for pouring money into a series that arguably costs most more than SGU to produce and getting far less in ratings.

  45. Hi Joe!

    Hurray for McKay and Woolsey! And big time cheers for Jelly’s progress – I just caught up on the last week’s entries – was incommunicado while helping my mother through post-surgery recovery (she’s doing great, BTW!) My car, however, has coughed its last – I drove it up to the grocery store, just 4 blocks or so, and it did a herky-jerky-lurching dance all the way there and back while spewing a smokescreen that would have made 007 proud. I will be contacting my local NPR station, KUOW, to donate it – the proceeds from the sale of the parts go to support public radio, so a bit of a silver lining, but I’m still sad. 🙁 Can’t afford a new car yet, so my mother is selling me her Corolla to tide me over – it’s an automatic, I keep pounding the floor with my left foot and reaching for the shift, then looking sheepishly about to see if anyone noticed, *g* So, I’m back at my own home, driving a new-old car, and getting ready for a week of Jury Duty; ah, the excitement!

    Smiles, Julie

    @maggiemayday – so sorry to hear about your father. Peace and Blessings for you and your family.

    @Shiningwit – Congrats on your son’s Marriage!

    @Shirt’n’Tie – Happy Birthday!!

    @PBmom – Prayers and positive thoughts every single day! Give Patrick a hug from me and all of us and tell him he’s loved by many! And YOU, too!!

  46. @ Shiningwit – I missed ya! 😀

    @ PBMom – {{{hugs}}} All my best to you and Patrick – I know you’ve been through a lot lately. Keep us posted…I don’t always comment on posts, but I do try to read as many as time allows…and I’m sure that’s true with most here.

    @ Joe – I checked my mail – no overnighted chocolate-y treats from Canada. 🙁 That knocks you down a couple places on my favorites list. You are now under my dentist (hey, he’s cute!). You just can’t tease a woman like me…it’ll come back to haunt you some day. 😉


  47. @das Awww, you just ruined the image I had of you. I had thought no matter what; rain, shine or blustery nor’easter you read each and every post… 🙂


  48. Surely with Rush, Eli, and McKay in one place, you’ll have reason for me to show up and scrawl on something, right?

  49. Hi Joe,

    Read this question and answer:

    Liz writes: “Joe, something you’re probably not aware of – did you know there are maximum recommended intakes on fish and sea products from the ocean?”

    Answer: I’m aware. I tend to stick to salmon and save tuna for sushi outings.

    …and I’m so happy to read it – didn’t want to ask given your love of sushi (and regular ingestion of cod sperm). Also, it may interest you to know that small fish (e.g. herring and sardines) recover much more quickly from over-exploitation than big fish (notably cod and tuna), so you can still eat the smaller varieties without as much worry about an imminent collapse of the marine ecosystem.



  50. Joe:

    Sorry for the late comment, and I think it’s great to have McKay and Wolsey appear in season 2, but I couldn’t let one thing slip. If you were an American (okay, we’re “all” Americans…US citizen, okay??), you would realize that it isn’t Darth Vader robbing the bank. It’s Dick Cheney. Hey, times are tough!

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