Last night was “guy’s night out” – but, with Marty G., Alex Levine, and Rob Cooper long gone, Carl and Lawren out of town, our number was reduced to a modest two.  It was just Ivon and me.  Still, we made the best of things, hitting Cobre Restaurant in Gas Town for some nuevo latino cuisine and eating enough for seven anyway.

Ivon mixes business with pleasure.  Buy!  Buy!  Sell!

Battered Baja rockfish, jicama slaw y chipotle ajo aili.  Crispy and very tasty.  A pleasant surprise.

Pulled duck and cracklin’y charred scallion, roasted garlic.  Delicious.  No surprise here as it’s the first dish I order whenever I visit.

Peruvian tacu tacu.
roasted garlic, eggplant y chevre
three chili onion coulis, baby green beans.  Another surprise – flavor and satisfying despite being meatless.

Scallops with hearts of palm.  The scallops were sweet and nicely seared.  The hearts of palm – which I generally avoid because they tend to be pickled – were a nice accompaniment.  And, thankfully, they weren’t pickled.

Some sort of flat iron skirt steak taco.  Very simple (read:  bland).

Maple chipotle tamarind glazed wild boar belly
chicharon y patacones.  Okay, maybe not for the diet conscious – but mighty damn wonderful.

When we asked about desserts, our waitress listed the three choices of the night.  “That sounds great,”I said.  “We’ll do that.”

“Which one?”she asked.

“All of them.”

A nice dense chocolate terrine topped with…hmmm… don’t recall (thank you, cocktail) but it was very good.

The best dessert of the night! And I can't remember what it was exactly. I believe it was a blueberry cake topped with sorbet, nestled in a pool of coconut-flavored cream.

The dulce de leche with churro. Best of both worlds.

Eating heavy clearly requires you to expend a lot of energy because by the time I got home, I was wiped.  I was in bed by 11:00.  And good thing too.  I had a big day ahead of me..


Two dozen oysters made up of four different types at Rodney's Oyster House in Yaletown. Not pictured: the oyster po'boy.

Akemi catches the dripping blueberry muffin.

We worked off lunch by taking a walk up to Ganache Patisserie where we promptly erased whatever health benefits bestowed upon us by the modest exercise. Concorde Praliné hazelnut cocoa meringue, chocolate guimauve, dark chocolate praline mousse, chocolate chantilly

Even though we’re technically on hiatus, the show must go on.  Scripts have to get written (except in my case as I’ve stalled out at the top of Act II) and visual effects spotted and approved.  So this afternoon found me in the company of a trio of Stargate’s most talented –

Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela.

Visual Effects Coordinator James "Bones" Rorick
Editor Maverick Mike Banas, P.I.

Akemi recognized Mike from his recent Q&A on the blog – and she did so in fine fashion, pointing to him and loudly proclaiming: “I’ve seen you on the blog. Soooooo handsome!”  The latter a reference to the opinions of her friends at the language school who perused that particular entry with her.  Mike proceeded to turn a delightful shade of pomegranate.  We eventually settled in and checked out the finished visual effects for Awakening.  Wow!  I think it’s their best work yet.  The movements are fluid and incredibly life-like, the body language and the subtlest of glances alone imbuing the characters with personality. And the ship sequences are pretty damn cool too!   And speaking of pretty damn cool ship sequences – we spotted Resurgence I as well and that episode is chock full of spacely operatic goodness.  Another visual effects extravaganza for the first part of our mid-season two-parter.

Tomorrow, I’m going to see what I can do about that mailbag.  Oh, and that second act.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular maggiemayday.

55 thoughts on “July 22, 2010: Cobre! Ivon! Rodney’s Oyster House! Akemi! Visual Effects Spotting with Mark, Mike, and Bones!

  1. See that chocolate thing, Joe? Send me one. 😀

    Have a good night, sir.


  2. Now, Joe. Send me one now.

    Not kidding.


    (I really need to stop looking at it, and drooling…but I can’t. It’s like…like…like the Todd of all desserts. 😀 )


  3. wow Joe, I started Latin Cuisine this quarter at school and these all look really interesting. The word envy comes to mind.

    Okay well, I suppose I should point out how eagerly I await more news on all the Stargate goodness front. I am a glutton for all this news, so please forgive my greed by feeding me.

  4. GUUUUUUUUH!! It’s even more wonderful when you blow it up big! I. WANT. NOW!!!!!



  5. To think I once thought of fine dining as some silly nonsense where people paid outrageous prices to be starved to death. All the dishes looked terrific. And I’m sure there is something a bit sad in me recognising faces on the blog before I read the captions. I can’t claim that much familiarity with the faces of most of my so-called relatives.
    Sounds like Ivon is getting in shape for his share of the Tokyo trip. So when do we hear about the drinking sessions to toughen you up for your share?
    Thanks for a great blog entry, even if it did make me salivate on tke keyboard.

  6. Oh…yum. This time I was ready for food pictures and have food with me….but, not anywhere as nice and tasty as your dishes…sigh.

  7. I just ate a big bowl of vanilla ice cream, smothered in chocolate syrup and Ghirardelli 60% chocolate chips. Thanks, Joe…my big butt thanks you very much. 😛


  8. Actually, if you look at that chocolate thingy long enough, it kinda starts to look like MODOK. I think I can even see little red beady eyes… 😕


  9. If you were a betting man, would you place money on Stargate Universe getting a 3rd season?

    Could you see the Stargate franchise dying for a few years then coming back? Like how Star Trek did with the new JJ Abrams movie? Many people say that that franchise needed a break, would you say the same could be said in some reguards about Stargate?

  10. OK, I’m officially drooling….loving all the photos Joe

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. you still need a new camera though….If you did, what would you get?

  11. Joe, it’s ALL your fault. You and your forbidden chocolate desserts that you torture us with – tempting us but never letting us taste.

    So here I am feeling all sorts of melancholy (because I ate chocolate chip bespeckled ice cream and now the guilt is setting in), so I go to youtube, and listen to my favorite REM song…the one playing on my car cassette player the night I met Mr. Das…and here I am all choco-chipped up and misty eyed – and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

    *sigh* I just love that song…


  12. I just gained five pounds by looking at that chocolate thing. Then I clicked on it and made it bigger. Another five pounds. Where do you put all this food you eat? I could probably eat one of those dishes you had, and maybe dessert. You’re a slim guy too.

    You’re stalled out at the top of Act II? Not a good place, but you’ll push through it. I hate it when you’re right near the end and then poof, you got nothin’. To see the finish line and not get there is not fun. Good luck with it.

  13. *harmonizing with Das & Deni*

    Me three!

    Heading to bed at semi-reasonable hour. Perhaps I’ll dream of desserts instead of Canadian-American actors.

  14. Very tasty looking stuff I must say – but I’ve got two questions for you…

    1) HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!! – I mean, I like a treat or two but you seem to get through a lot of rich, large meals when you go out and indulge in large portions of the sweet stuff too. Wow, my praise to your stomach and intestines – they must be superhuman!

    2) At the office or around the house, a nice SLR camera for blog photos wouldn’t be out of place – but your out and about pictures and food photos always look good. What camera are you using – is it from a camera phone? If it is, I want it – it seems to do well in low light…

  15. Hey Joe in gateworld they are having a really cool discussion about comm stone ethics. its one of those things that bugged me in season 1 mainly because it made little sense and wasnt addressed.

    people complained about this one for sure, not just sg fans. so are their any plans in the future for addressing this thing? was the idea to show that Young is impulsive in his actions while Rush is calculated?

    why did that person who switched with chloe, wanted to do it with Eli to kill her boredom? Im not aware of any society that accepts this especially one that controls the gate to other worlds, you would think they are more disciplined. If it were a realistic depiction then I wouldve been fine with it, but it aint. I cant think of why these ethical issues were ignored, from a ‘dramatic’ point of view, I think it wouldve lent to more social drama if the wavier didnt exist, for obvious reasons. so Joe, let me ask you this: would you agree to sign that wavier and swap with someone?

  16. @ maggiemayday so sorry for the loss of your father

    Wow, that dinner looks so much better than my bowl of oatmeal staring at me disapprovingly. So if your “guys nite out” crowd is dwindling, maybe you should make it “writers nite out.”

    And where are Carl and Lawren vacationing? Can they send us a postcard?

  17. re the 100 SF book list. There’s 17 I haven’t read. I don’t agree with all the choices, and some that I consider essential are missing. But for a beginner, its a great place to start.

    Not keen on those desserts. But I’m REALLY picky.

    Speaking of, glad to see more Jelly bounding!

    For those there, have a Comic Con blast.

  18. Loved the pictures of all the food. Would you send me some of that chocolate too? LOL Pretty please!!!!! 🙂

  19. @das

    I guess Im PMSing too because DANG.. do I want one of those. 😉


    I know I would.. but im not Joe. :p


    The VFX sound beast. I can’t wait till later today when I actually get to see a sneak peak of some season 2 VFX. Im going to be sitting around the house picking lint out of my navel waiting for the trailer to hit the web. Just kidding. Ill actually be going out to a store with my dad to try to finish our home theater (specifically so its all ready to go when the SGU 1.5 blu ray hits shelves).

    Mailbag questions. 🙂

    Hello Joe!

    Couple questions for the next mailbag if thats cool.


    So will there be SG-1 characters in season 2?

    2. When you write a music montage into a script how does it work? Do you guys first find the song, and then film it to fit the song.. or do you just film all the little cutaways, and then once you find a good song you assemble fitting segments into the montage? And when is the first montage in season 2?

    3. Just curious, has this SGU/SGA crossover renewed discussion of Extinction with MGM. Because you guys must have talked with the studio about the crossover episode and the movie must have come up in that discussion.

    4. Will characters faith, personal beliefs, or religion be furthered explored in SGU season 2?

    5. How long does post for a movie take? Say best case scenario Revolution and Extinction filmed end of this year. When do you think they would be out? Doesn’t MGM want a couple months to market the movie(s) after post is finished?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  20. By the time I reached that meringue? Oh, I’m in heaven. I’m dieting at the moment, so I;m enjoying your eating vicariously. Is that wrong? Weird? Okay, it’s weird, but you always seem to eat the good stuff. *Sits and waits to see what Joe et al will eat next :p*

    I;m really enjoying the use of body language that’s going into this. Not in Awakenings, which I clearly haven’t seen, but throughout the first season. It makes for a far deeper experience to watch (and great debates – or out and out arguments! – with others :D). really looking forward to next season!

  21. Thanks.

    Doing okay, just swamped with being the trustee/executor. I never thought I’d have to be this much of an adult.

  22. Justed wanted to clarify, thanks everyone for the kind remarks. I’ll tell the story of the police and dad’s lack of pants in my blog one day.

    Shit my dad said: “I may be too old to cut the mustard, but I can still lick the jar.” Thanks dad, LOL.

    Went and looked at the 100 SF books. My memory gets hazy, but I’m somewhere over 75 of those wonderful reads. Stranger in a Strange Land is best read first as an idealistic teenager. Set your time machine for the mid-70s. I thought I was enlightened, my friends thought I was promiscuous.

  23. Hi Joe,

    Have you already seen the trailer for Season 2?

    What are the chances of getting a 3rd season?

    How many Seasons for SGU have you actually planned out?

  24. Delightful pics! – Oh, umm, yes, the food looks very good, too.

    It astounds me that to a substantial degree (at least it sounds and appears so), you repeated your gastronomic feat the following day at lunch. But it’s nice to know that you and Akemi had a good time.

    I’d also be happy to hear that you and Ivon had a good time (and it’s clear you did, into the early part of the third period, anyway), except for the fact that Ivon said on twitter that he couldn’t feel his legs. (“Why does the man have to order every dessert on the menu?”) -lol- So, obviously a bit of after-dinner discomfort was involved. I now feel bad that a couple of nice guys can’t go out to eat at an enjoyable restaurant without having their bank cards held until every last bite is tucked in. *w*

    Love your comments about Akemi’s remark to Mike Banas. Too bad you didn’t get a pic to share with his wife. Maybe she thinks he looks pretty in pomegranate.

    Now craving good latino cuisine . . .

  25. destiny was build before atlantis
    Is that possible to find a solution of comeback in the database of the city

    I had an idea, why don’t we send an affected ship to create a bridge of stargate to go to the destiny

  26. Hey Joe!

    I’m inside the ballroom waiting for the SGU panel! 😀 I’m very, very, VERY excited!

    ComicCon is insane though. There are expected to be over 300,000 people here. Yikes!!!

    If I survive today and tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it.

    And now I’m seriously hungry. Yeah, thanks for that. 😉

    Trish 😀

  27. @ Kymm

    Keeping in mind that you were teasing about the gender-wars issue, and that maybe as a good sister you were just defending your bros *giggle*: Rather than get into the whole language vs. math/spatial skill-set (etc.) debate, I’d just like to point out that in my experience, dudes are more likely than chicks to take some of the pleasure out of a good meal by stuffing themselves to the point of “food babies” stretching their shirts. (Please excuse the temporary digression.)

    Not that I’ve never done that, y’know, or that other women don’t do the same on occasion (how ’bout you? *grins*) – just that I’ve seen it done much more often by men – like my own bro, who will moan and be miserable rather than leave uneaten food on his plate, and gripe at length about having to pound the pavement longer for the next two days to ditch the excess calories. My poor sis-in-law . . .

    Now, how smart can it be to have a delicious meal but then be sidelined for some hours afterward, and later, pretty darn tired from piling on the exercise -especially if, umm, more fun activities are available?

    I rest my case. *big grin & wink*

  28. Hey Joe..

    The Latest video of Jelly has us all very excited for her return to her supervisor position at Metro Dogs!!!
    Amazing progress already!!!

    Try the lamb tacos next visit to Cobre’s…..Outstanding!!!

    See you soon,

  29. The topped taco’s with duck and steak look interesting.

    Joe, something you’re probably not aware of – did you know there are maximum recommended intakes on fish and sea products from the ocean? They’re based on maximum intakes of heavy metals and the like. Tuna for example is recommended to be eaten only once every 10 days by someone of your body weight – because of the mercury contents.

  30. What is that first lunch thing? It looks like a pile of misshapen over-sized garlic cloves topped with a frog.

    (I know, I know, I have no appreciation for the culinary arts, and yes, I know they’re oysters… but that thing on top still looks like a frog.)

  31. @ Joe – NOT a recommendation, but I was wondering if you ever looked into The Passage, by Justin Cronin?

    @ Major D. Davis – Permanent Male Syndrome?? (That’s what I call it whenever Mr. Das is Todd-cranky…which is a lot. 😛 )

    @ Narelle from Aus – 😆 Everyone’s thinking it, you’re just saying it! 😀

    Have a good day, all!


  32. @Das: Deni – You PMSing, too?

    OMG, I hope not.

    Hi Joe, just what you need, hey? PMS messages on your blog 🙂

  33. Here the answer to the question I thought was would not be answered until the episode:
    Robert Picardo & David Hewlett will be on an ep this season, Cooper says. #SDCC #SGU Eli takes on McKay

  34. I meant “would not” that “was” should have been taken out. Actually I was thinking Robert Picardo, he is IOA so it made sense. Either him or Zelinka. Of course McKay would be the other person.

  35. Just read the tweets and Gateworld where they are talking about how David Hewlett and Robert Picardo are the two SGA actors that will appearing on SGU.
    I like both these guys and their characters, hope you have some fun with this crossover!
    (although, darn it all, I think the only thing that would have made me tune in for the entire ep would have been Joe Flanigan’s Sheppard making an appearance – would have loved to see some good ol’ McKay/Shep snark :P)

  36. Another surprise – flavor and satisfying despite being meatless.

    Well, golly. That can’t be true. Must’ve been cooked in bacon drippings.

    @maggiemayday – condolences.

  37. @ Deni – I’ve PMS-posted here a few times…it’s like drunk posting, only way more spastic. 😛


  38. *heat index 110 degrees*

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d much rather freeze to death than be baked to death. 😛


  39. Akemi is just saying what she thinks, good for her. Those desserts, its all about the desserts, yes,, thank you for sharing. I have been watching my sugar intake, but the pictures are wonderful, and no calories. YUMMY.
    @das if you get the dessert, pretty please share, ok,

  40. Food looks great! Those desserts do not tempt me, though. My neighbor brought by homemade fried peach pies! Probably not your thing but they “were” so good. Good thing my blood work has already been done.

    Narelle: glad to see that your mind is in the gutter 😉 . About time! You have been working so hard. Have fun in Bali!

    Das: We can relate about the heat! I feel bad for anyone working outside today. With the humidity in the 70% here, it’s like breathing water (or should I say steam).

    My tomatos are bursting on the vine! I took my neighbor’s dogs for a walk, poor guys. I thought I would have to carry them back home.

    I heard that the farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice, so the chickens don’t lay boiled eggs. 🙄 Ok, that was bad but I got a chuckle when I heard it.

  41. HMMMM

    SPOILERS. **********

    Twin Destinies sounds AWESOME!!!!!! So does the Greater Good. Pretty psyched for this LA arc. Looking forward to Trial and Error too now.. Like the overall story arcs from what ive heard at comic con. 🙂 Rush and his discovery sounds pretty cool too.

    Just frustrated we can’t see the trailer for a day or two… 🙁

    WHY MGM! WHY!!!!!!!

    Few extra things

    Eli and Ginn….. Im not going to judge….. Ill wait to see the episode… but right now… this looks laughable. I mean, the LA boards the ship… kills people.. and then hooks up with the crew. As long as a lot of time elapses then it would be more realistic.. but again.. ill wait till the actual episode before I get all mad, but at first impression, this doesn’t look good. 🙁

    Also im not frustrated about stone stories, im excited about them… but im not to happy about more Camille stuff. I mean this is the third time now. We know they love each other unconditionally and Wray would do anything to get home to her… we don’t have to be reminded of that every 8 episodes. Let some other girl take a turn.. Or some other person for that matter…


    Many people have gone only once or not at all.. how come she gets to go 3 times..

    Well… again, we’ll see.. 🙂

  42. Don’t get me wrong… Overall I like where this is going. There’s just a few things that aren’t so great…. So Im more excited.. and more cautious going into season 2. LOL. Hope it turns out to be good and my fears will be put to rest. 😉

  43. Sorry if I was over critical… I get a little excitable sometimes.. And I was frustrated at something else earlier so I guess it showed through on the comments. I guess I have Permanent Male Syndrome, or whatever das called it. 😉

  44. Maggiemayday: Doing okay, just swamped with being the trustee/executor. I never thought I’d have to be this much of an adult.

    SO TRUE, Maggie! 

    I’m not executor, but I’ve been helping Sister and Husband with parents’ and inlaws’ legacies for the past few years. My advice: Don’t let ANYONE rush you unncessarily. The estate business, like the building of Rome, cannot be completed in one day.

    If you want an off-list sounding board, I’m on Facebook (Gilder McCarroll) and Twitter (baterista9).

  45. Gilder: I’m not executor, but I’ve been helping Sister and Husband with parents’ and inlaws’ legacies for the past few years. My advice: Don’t let ANYONE rush you unncessarily. The estate business, like the building of Rome, cannot be completed in one day.

    I agree with this. I’ve been helping my husband settle his mother’s estate for over a year. It has been interesting to say the least.

  46. I think this is a perfect early example for your trip to Japan with Ivon, lots of food and lots of drink. On one hand it’s funny that you’re kinda muzzy on the desserts, but since I’m a dessert nut….awwww…. May I request that, in future, you eat dessert first? (jk) This way I’ll get all of the glorious dessert details, and you can be hit and miss on the apps and mains. *grins* although having said this, the tacos do look really good and the maple boar belly …. Well, you just can’t go wrong with maple anything.
    I’ve always wanted to try a po’boy, it’s already on my list.

    I bet I can guess you’re favourite picture from today’s blog….*wink*

    Hey, guess what I found today, in a rather strange place that I usually don’t shop at…. I found all three flavours of Tim Tams, at London Drugs, of all places. Weird, I know….eh!!

    @ Otros Ojos – Ohh I have definitely overindulged on occasion, OK make that many an occasion. I find that as long as you both don’t overindulge, at the same time, it tends to work itself out. *smirk*

    Hope writing went well today!!

    Have a good one!!

  47. So I was thinking this morning that we could maybe solve world hunger if everyone went to dinner with you occasionally…does that work for you?

    Ivon, how are you going to cope with repeated breakfasts, lunches and dinners with Joe…not to mention the freaking macarons?

    Cheers, Chev

  48. @Paul Moody

    Mr M is using a Canon PowerShot SD 1200 IS point & shoot digital camera. He been using it for about a year & a half. The camera model is about 2 years old. You can find recent cameras with the same features a little cheaper.

    Why would you want to fuss around with a SLR camera when any mid range point & shoot digital cameras is over-qualified for the task. Beside have you check out the prices for even a introductory digital SLR model. Never mind the film SLR models with escalating film stock prices.

  49. @Montrealer

    Why would you want to fuss around with a SLR camera when any mid range point & shoot digital cameras is over-qualified for the task.

    There are some things a point & shoot just can’t do. I can’t really afford a digital SLR at the moment, but I learnt photography on an analogue SLR, and I love mine to pieces. The control it gives over the image just can’t be achieved with my digital (non-SLR).

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