My summer reading pile.

Since snapping this pic the other day, I’ve already made some headway, finishing The Strain and Bitter Angels and moving on to The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  Of course I also picked up three more books today –

So I’m right back where I started.

My eldest pug Jelly was away all yesterday and this morning as she was at the animal clinic recovering from minor surgery (see last issue, editor).  How did the other dogs react to her absence.  Well, in the couple of hours it took me to drop Jelly off and run some errands, this is what they got up to:

Of course I can’t be certain exactly which one of them was responsible…

Suspect #1 – Nabbed at the crime scene, but her presence could suggest she was merely an accomplice after the fact.

Suspect #2 – The first one to run, suggesting guilt, but a lack of his traditional tell (a.k.a. explosive diarrhea) suggests innocence.

Suspect #3 – Appeared unfazed by the allegations.  Cool as a cucumber.

Anyway, I picked up Jelly today.  She was in fine spirits…

Raring to go – home, that is.

A reflective moment enroute.

The ordeal of the past 24 hours has been forgotten. But will no doubt be quickly remembered tomorrow morning when she returns for her injections.

The homecoming…

Persons Unknown, formerly of Monday at 8:00 p.m. (and formerly of Monday at 10:00 p.m. before that) is moving to Saturday at 8:00 p.m. starting July 17th (that’s this weekend, folks!).  Please take note.  And if you spot it, do not approach it or make any sudden movements.  The last thing we need is for you to spook it and send it bolting into another time slot.

Tune in tomorrow for another big guest blogger announcement!

And you’ve got one more day to get your questions in for author Alastair Reynolds!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Debra.


majorsal writes: “how about putting the movies on the syfy channel first? maybe do them as a mini series? (and then maybe put them on dvds?)”

Answer: Even if that were the case, the studio would need to recoup its production costs either through sales, dvd or otherwise.  Back when the first movies were produced, that return on investment was a little more assured than it is now.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Have you heard much from Brie and Stewie lately?”

Answer: Heard yesterday that Brie is still bossing her little brother around, using him as her personal chew toy.

Kymm writes: “I think you may be doomed to a lifetime of links to really scary food!! Whenever someone hears of a weird/unusual food, they think of you (I know that I do) and will let you know about it. Here’s another one for you, whale vomit.”

Answer: I suppose it depends on what the whale just ate.  I’m in no hurry to try it.

dasNdanger writes: “They were simple – chocolate, lemon and strawberry – and sweet. Are all the macarons you get like that?”

Answer: Yes, most are sweet although I’ve had some savory versions – and, best of all, some sweet and savory versions like the Pierre Herme seasonal foie gras.

annie from Freemantle writes: “ewww @ Metacam.. I had some for my rats. That stuff stinks. How do you get Jelly to take it?”

Answer: Mix it in with her food of course!

Jenks writes: “Joe, do you ever feel like the show has lost something in it’s link to Earth mythologies, or would you consider that more of an SG-1 theme than a franchise one?”

Answer: I do consider it an SG-1 theme when it relates to specific Earth mythologies (ie. Egyptian), but SGU, like Atlantis before it, is steeped in the mythology of the Ancients.

Tim Lade writes: “Why are you not a fan of ascended visits?”

Answer: To be honest, I find them too esoteric, their existence more fantasy than science fiction.

J. Chris Tucker writes: “Lotta questions about a 4th season seem to be popping up, and you keep saying there’s been no discussion about one. When were SGA and SGU thought up and then actually developed?”

Answer: The topic of discussion was a fourth series, not a fourth season of the show.  In the case of Atlantis, it was developed as a replacement for SG-1 – except that SG-1 kept getting picked up.  As for SGU, it was a very general pitch late in Atlantis’s run.  To be honest, the assumption was that Atlantis was going to get a sixth season pick-up so Brad and Robert were looking to develop it for 2010 only to be told there was immediate interest.  As a result, they fast-tracked development on SGU and, while doing so, we received word that Atlantis would, in fact, not be returning for a sixth season.

Nicholas T. writes: “In preparation for SGU, did you ask the recurring cast members to watch/study SG1/SGA to prepare for their roles?”

Answer: Nope.  Some were already familiar with the other shows (or VERY familiar in the case of David Blue, SF fan extraordinaire).

Nicolas T. also writes: “From this point forth, can we impose a moratorium on your website on the usage of the neologism “frak” and any of its permutations.”

Answer: Personally have never been a fan of the term when used in contemporary (non television) conversation.  It’s uh – what’s the opposite of cool?

Nicholas T. also writes: “What are your feelings about China? Other than Hong Kong, have you been to mainland China?”

Answer: Almost made it to Shanghai two years ago.  Would love to check out China some day.

wraithfodder writes: “Out of curiosity, just how old are all your pugs? And how many do you have now? I seem to have lost count, and would you ever get a cat?”

Answer: Love cats as well, but there’s no room on the bed.  The gang is made up Jelly (11), Maximus (10), Bubba (8), and Lulu (3).

Luis writes: “As big a comic fan as I am what are my chances of getting the very first issue of your Comic Book Series autographed to me by yourself and Paul?”

Answer: Chances are excellent if you come find us at next year’s Comic Con.

Daniel writes: “I’ve a little confused – Paul has done uncredited rewrites on some scripts – so you share credit on them – doesn’t that mean he is credited? – do you mean to say he wouldn’t be credited if it was only your name in the written by credit?”

Answer: By uncredited rewrites, I’m talking about scripts written by other writers.  Even though Paul will do a pass on them (at times, a fairly extensive rewrite), the original writer retains sole credit for the script.  Because these rewrites fall under his purview as Exec. Producer, he does not receive an extra script fee for his efforts – as opposed to writing original scripts for which he receives a) payment and b) credit.

44 thoughts on “July 14, 2010: My summer reading pile! Jelly’s return! Persons Unknown alert! And the mailbag!

  1. Joe do the pups just have the no stuffing dog toys or are they partial to others? I guess favorites might be what I am asking.. and what about treats, milkbones or greenies?
    Best hugs and wishes for Jelly’s treatment.
    AND thanks for more book ideas and loving dog pix!

  2. Persons Unknown, formerly of Monday at 8:00 p.m. (and formerly of Monday at 10:00 p.m. before that) is moving to Saturday at 8:00 p.m. starting July 17th (that’s this weekend, folks!). Please take note. And if you spot it, do not approach it or make any sudden movements. The last thing we need is for you to spook it and send it bolting into another time slot.

    Really?! You DON’T want us to spook it out of Saturday night…to a different time slot? Interesting.

  3. Hi Joe,

    Interesting comment you made on the ascended being more like fantasy than science fiction.

    It’s weird, despite the whole idea of ascended beings being something of a genre crossover, that whole plot within the Stargate shows has always been one of my absolute favorites.

    Maybe it’s something that I can appreciate about SG shows not falling so much into the stereotypical science fiction subtype of other popular sf shows.

    Maybe it’s just the fact that SG has been open to using another concept, like the fantasy-esque idea of ascension, and inserting that within a science fiction context.

    Though, ascension has been with the SG shows for several years now, dating back I think as far as the “Maternal Instinct” episode way back in early SG1 days (season 3).

    I’m guessing you don’t want to see anything else involving ascension or ascended beings, at least in regards to SGU. Not sure.

    I know other people would like to see the ascended idea revisited in the show (beyond simply being mentioned). Well, at least I do. 😉

    Do any of the other writers and/or producers like the idea of revisiting ascension in SGU?

    How likely are we to see anything ascension-related in SGU?

    Like, a “maybe”, “not likely”, “definitely”, or “no way”?

    Thanks. 🙂

    Oh! Almost forgot: I’m glad to see that Jelly’s doing better. Although the video you put up doesn’t work on my computer, there’s a funny still-frame of it showing the other dogs sniffing Jelly.


  4. Hi Joe, Amazing how when one dog goes to the vet, the others have to sniff and smell and play follow the leader 🙂 I’d say the culprit of the garbage mess is Lulu. Note the bullshit “Hi Daddy, I sure do love you and I was so good while you were gone. Bubba did it.” look on her face! Glad to hear everything’s going well with Jelly, now just hoping this works for her! How absolutely cool if it does.

    LOL, just caught RDA saying “the calvary” instead of “the cavalry” on “Into the Fire”.

    I’ve been dealing (or rather, not dealing) with a spider I saw on the floor in my room early this morning. It’s one of those big, fat ugly things that move faster than The Flash (ok, no, that would be ridiculous) and seem to thrive in Florida. The sucker went under my bed and I haven’t been able to find it all day. I moved every piece of furniture in here and vacuumed/mopped, but no spidey. Naturally, I had hubby and friends talking about Michael and the Wraith eggs hatching, how I’d find it nicely tucked under my pillow, how spiders love to climb on beds and what a lovely sound the big ones make when you squish them. Then, my daughter emailed from Japan saying she’d seen a spider the size of her fist that walked on water (jokes all done, folks) and huge flying Palmetto bugs (roaches) there as well. I think I’ll be up for a bit 🙂 Have a good night!

  5. Why do you always blame those poor sweet dogs? I’m telling ya Joe, you’ve got rats. Giant rats.

    Suspect #1 – TOTALLY INNOCENT! Just happened along the scene of the crime. She was merely starting the clean-up as a surprise for you. Don’t you feel bad now accusing her?

    Suspect #2 – AGAIN, TOTALLY INNOCENT! He heard the ice cream truck just as you arrived and bolted for the door like you’ve taught him. (And he didn’t poo poo. That proves it!)

    Suspect #3 – ANOTHER ONE, TOTALLY INNOCENT! He is getting tired of your accusations without proof. He can stare you down and tell you he didn’t do it, if you want.

    Giant rats.

  6. Mailbag Q:
    Just me, posting a Q that will be ignored, but if you dont take chances….something something, i forget the rest. Per a post i made on the GW forum: Technological development – The recharging plate becomes the power recharge for puddle jumpers. Essentially the floor of the jumper bay is a recharging plate for jumpers. That way you get the development of the technology. So do you think the recharging plate is a precursor to what recharges the jumpers?

  7. majorsal writes: “how about putting the movies on the syfy channel first? maybe do them as a mini series? (and then maybe put them on dvds?)”

    Answer: Even if that were the case, the studio would need to recoup its production costs either through sales, dvd or otherwise. Back when the first movies were produced, that return on investment was a little more assured than it is now.

    so where does this leave us, joe?

  8. You have mentioned that there is great
    consideration given to keeping what the
    ship can and can’t do consistent. Has the same been done for the Ancient Civilization? From the episodes I have seen, a general timeline seems to exist but as I understand it, most shows like SGU have a “bible”. How many pages of the SGU bible are dedicated to “Ancient History 101”?

    Having said you don’t care for the Ancients (I assumed you dislike both Ascended and Non Ascended Ancients equally), do you see any
    opportunity in SGU to find a new angle on them
    or a new approach to them that is less fantasy and more science? Is the idea of Ascension itself too fantastical for you?

  9. Joe, please pass along to those attending SDCC that Alexis Cruz plans to attend.

  10. Those little rascals!! I was wondering if the dogs would miss/notice that she was at the vets for an overnight visit. I guess I got my answer eh! ummm explosive diarrhea? *ick..just..ick*

    That’s a really sweet picture of a reflective Jelly…

    Now that was kind of an overly-familiar welcome home *heyyy watch where you’re puttin’ that nose Mister*. Although I guess the dogs are just doin’ what dogs do….*sniff*

    You mean I finally found something you wouldn’t eat? Mwah ha ha. Oh wait; you actually didn’t say that, did you? You said you weren’t in a hurry to try it. Curses foiled again!! I do LOVE a challenge…

    I will sometimes check out the related posts that are automatically generated, and yesterday’s blog post referenced your March 27.2009 entry. That Banana Split looks truly scrumptious, that’s what I call a dessert!! Is your sister also a foodie?

    Your Book Pile is kind of like my To Do List….neverrrr-ending… however, in your case, its pure enjoyment, whereas mine…*hiss n boo*

    @ Otros Ojos – ohh I definitely do love me some pampering… So yes, some spa stuff may be in order for me, as well, this weekend.

    Give Jelly lots of hugs n squeezes tonight. Good Luck tomorrow!! I really hope all goes well….

    Have a good one!!

  11. Whoops, I meant a 4th series. Thanks for the correction!

    Is Jelly your first pug, or were there others before her? Did you have other pets before the dogs?

  12. Any credence to the rumour that someone with the initials C.F. will be directing an episode of SGU? That would be awesome.

  13. Happy Bastille Day or Bonne Fête Nationale! In honor of the historical storming of the Bastille prison in France, Jelly made her own jail break today from the vet’s—and looks immensely relieved. Alas, it looks like the other dogs staged a revolution of their own. And led by the French bulldog, peut-être? Maybe yes, maybe non.

    Poor Joe, we’ve all had to clean up messes like that. We had a German shepherd once that would drag trash right up to the front door while we were gone. Her résistance at being left home alone was all too clear. When Mom read her the riot act, our canny grrl would not relent. Upon our next return home, we were greeted with a lone used tea bag laying neatly in front of the door. We howled with laughter. She had found a way to voice her editorial opinion without getting her furry behind in trouble. And we loved it.

    Bet you were so relieved to have Jelly home again that you didn’t put anybody in doggie detention today, did you? 😀 It is good to see her looking so well. *Hugs for Jelly* and prayers for stage 2.

  14. Joe, I was watching the interview on the boxed SG-1 collection last night with Paul, in the Special Features on the 4th DVD of the added features. The interview is very enjoyable. Thank you both for doing it.

    I hope things go well with Jelly later on today (it’s almost 2 a.m. here, so I’m already into Thursday).

    Thanks for the heads up on the change for “Persons Unknown.” I hate when networks do that (it killed the series Jericho after it came back from the writer’s strike, having been cancelled in season 1, but getting a season 2 reprieve; it was being set up for failure — a CBS show). Fortunately I have a very intelligent DVR that will tape the series, all first-run shows of that particular title, any time it is on. I need to catch up with it.

  15. Joe, have you read any Heinlein before? I’m assuming you’ve read something as he is a commonly well known Sci-Fi writer, and essentially made the genre, at least hard Sci-Fi. In any case, I’m sure you’ll love Stranger in a Strange Land, it’s an enlightening and brilliant book.

  16. Hi Joe,

    Any thoughts about SyFy being reluctant to do a second season of “Caprica”? I loved the first season so much, I never even considered they might stop doing it.

    Also, have you by chance seen the début of “Eureka”‘s 4th season? It’s still inferior to pretty much any Stargate work, but the way the handled time travel is interesting and I’m surprised nobody used it in SG yet. (I’m talking about coming back to a different timeline AND bringing up someone from the past with them.)



  17. Your dogs are so adorable!

    As an avid reader, do you ever get the urge to read books of another genre, historical fiction or suspense or mystery or something?
    Have you read anything by any the following:
    a) Madeleine L’Engle (i.e. A Wrinkle in Time)
    b) Robert Jordan (i.e. Wheel of Time)
    c) C.S.Lewis (i.e. Narnia, the Space triology)
    d) Trudi Canavan (i.e. Black Magician trilogy)
    e) Robert Harris (i.e. Pompeii)
    If so, what are your thoughts?

  18. Re: Metacam.. I tried mixing it in with my rattie’s food too, but to no avail. I wonder if I can soak a mealworm in the stuff – metacam marinated mealworm.. would they know?? hahahaha

    Thanks for the vid .. I would love to see how Jelly progresses.

    My Jack Russel Riley is 12 yrs old and has a bit of arthritis.. he manages well but due to his age and our bitterly cold winter at the moment, spends a lot of time on his chair with his blankies..he loves his polar fleece blankies. He’s sleeping more and more and starting to refuse his regular food, preferring vege soup.. any longer and I’m taking him to the vet. I think age is fast catching up with him. I heard that it can hit and just get exponentially worse… so at the moment I’m keeping him warm and relaxed.

  19. P.S I think the first comment I ever made on your blog had to do with the pugkids getting into your rubbish bin while you were out. One of the items strewn on the floor looked like a doggy turd, but you assured me it was a banana peel.

    Deja vu

    I think that was about three years ago?? Something like that.. time flies.

  20. Today I got some sad news via email from my best friend that her dog, Sally, died on Sunday. She had a stroke, fitted and they had to have her put down. She was beautiful black Lab, must have been almost 14 or 15 years old. 🙁 Very sweet dog. I’m glad she had a wonderful home though.

    Was interesting that Jelly was so patient with the dogs checking out the vet smells…it’s so cute see the interact as a family. One day maybe you’ll let someone else hold the camera so we can see them jump all over you. Who tries to get your attention the most? I’m thinking Lulu.

    Ouch! Tonight I hurt my finger. Just had my hands clasped behind my back when I must have pinched a nerve in the top of the middle finger of my right hand (doctors, nurses, vets….anyone, anyone???). Hurt sooo much. Anyhoo, while I’m in agony my Mum continues to tell me a story. I think she was a little annoyed that I wasn’t listening to her. Still hurts. 🙁

    So you’re not a fan of ascended beings…what’s do you think of the theory that Franklin melded with Destiny?


  21. Oh and I’d like to apologise to all the Aussie Joss Whedon fans for scooping up one of the last tickets for his keynote speech at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival in August. I was at work when I read the news and quickly logged on to score a ticket but wasn’t able to tweet or post to let everyone know….mega apologies.

    Cheers, Chev

  22. Well, Joe, it seems you got your reading mojo back! Have you ever read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods? You might enjoy it.

    I’m back from my travels in the Baltic and am sad to admit, the trip left me little time for reading; I only managed to finish one book. But I do have House of the Sun and plan to read it in the near future. Like maybe starting tomorrow.

    I am glad to hear that Jelly tolerated the procedure and I sincerely hope that the injections will help her arthritis.

  23. Drive-by posting #2…

    1. @ Debra – So sorry for your loss. {{{hugs}}}

    2. @ Joe – Thanks for answering my question…though I’m still not sure how ‘savory’ translates in my world. Are they (the savory ones) still made with almond paste, and do you taste the almond, with – say – the foie gras? Sorry for being such a noob about this.

    3. Joe – remind me never to come to your house for a visit. The welcoming committee has an odd way of saying ‘hello!’. 😉

    4. Answer: Love cats as well, but there’s no room on the bed. The gang is made up Jelly (11), Maximus (10), Bubba (8), and Lulu (3).

    This doesn’t bode well for your love life, Joe.

    5. Okay, I gotta ask…does your house smell like ‘dog’??

    6. One question about the trash – what fabulous thing did you make with the whipping cream??

    7. Saw Brian J. Smith in Murder on the Orient Express, and I liked his character very much. Nice to see him with his pants on for a change. 😉

    I think that’s it. Have a good day, Joe…and hope all goes well with Jelly today!


  24. Deni: Thanks for the laugh this morning! Good luck on your spider hunt, ick!

    Narelle: I totally agree with you about human euthanasia. After watching several relatives die horribly painful deaths. If I ever get that bad-I’m checking into one of “those” clinics in Switzerland (?). I can see the anti-euthanasia arguments, too: people wanting to bump off Grandma for the money. Sad but I could definitely see that happening! On the pro side of the argument, I suspect there are more human euthanasia’s going that are never known. Who wants their loved one to die in terrible pain? Just a little more morphine?

    Kymm: I so wished I didn’t click your food links on macaroons. Now I’m craving haystacks. 🙄

    Mr. M.: so you’ve probably dropped Jelly off at the vet today. How are you going to keep the dogs at home from trashing a room in your house?
    Bubba had the explosive diarrhea? Might that suggest something ingested from the garbage? I’m not trying to clear Lulu but….

  25. Sorry but forgot to add that I loved the teabag story for the love of Beckett!

  26. Joe,

    You said:

    “Answer: By uncredited rewrites, I’m talking about scripts written by other writers. Even though Paul will do a pass on them (at times, a fairly extensive rewrite), the original writer retains sole credit for the script. Because these rewrites fall under his purview as Exec. Producer, he does not receive an extra script fee for his efforts – as opposed to writing original scripts for which he receives a) payment and b) credit.”

    Is this the standard for the television industry?


  27. Suspect 1- innocent. Poor guy just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Framed, I tell you!

    Suspect 2- Dodgy. That’s a face that just yells out “I’m up to no good!”

    Suspect 3- Ringleader. Criminal mastermind. Which means of course that you’ll never prove a thing and Suspect 1 will take the fall…all according to plan, mwahahahah! *cough* Soory, got carried away 🙂

    They all look glad to have her back!

  28. Here’s hoping the treatment works for Jelly! Poor thing, she looks quite uncomfortable.

  29. I HEART Heinlein, Ellison, James Blish… etc etc I know, I know, I need to try new authors more regularly than just the old comfortable ones. So much talent out there, so frustrating that so little of it comes to surface. I think you’ll enjoy Butcher, have you started the Dresden series yet? I’m on the latest, Changes, don’t have time to read as much as I’d like. But time to type here, eh? 😉

  30. Yeesh, I thought my family reunions were horrific and invasive, but at least there is no rear-sniffing involved.

    What is your verdict on The Strain?

  31. You know watching the dogs, I envisioned them all with those collars they have in the movie “Up” all talking about the vet smells and any other scents Jelly might have picked up being handled by others. It made me smile.

    I am praying for her and you today Joe (or if you prefer, meditating on high positive energy waves shooting up to Vancouver). I’m so nervous for her (is it weird to care about a dog you’ve never met)?

  32. Hello Jelly,

    Hugs and my best wishes for your second procedure. Good luck, I hope this brings you some relief. 😉

    Best Wishes,


    Ps. Joe, you have my best wishes for Jelly’s speedy recovery as well.

  33. If I were to guess, probably Suspect 3, did the crime and casually went away to relax, whilst leaving the others to wonder the crime scene. It’s like Cluedo but with pugs. 🙂

  34. If it’s not too late, I have a few questions for Dr. Reynolds…

    1) Do all of your books take place in the same “universe”? Depending on which way you do it, do you like doing it that way? If they are separate, do you find it confusing jumping between universes, from book to book?

    2) While reading, I was a little confused between the distinction of a House and Line; can you clarify?

    3) Are there any particular sci-fi books/movies/TV shows that served as inspiration for House of Suns (or any of your other works)?

    4) I don’t know whether or not you’re familiar with the debate between Strong and Weak AI (the distinction between a machine giving the illusion of sentience [weak], and actually being sentient [strong]). Based on the depiction of the Machine People, it seems you are a supporter of the eventuality of Strong AI, where machines will indeed able able to be considered alive, as opposed to just giving the illusion of being alive. Is that how you predict the future of robotics to develop in the real world?

    Thanks for answering our questions!

  35. Joe,
    If you ever go to Shanghai, let me know. I’ve been going every two or three years since 1993-there are a couple of surprises: Howard Johnson’s is a 5 star boutique hotel there, Pizza Hut is a formal, sit-down restaurant complete with tablecloths and silverware (not that you’d ever go to Pizza Hut!), and Buick is a much-sought after luxury brand!

    It’s like the Twilight Zone, but with Starbucks…come to think of it, it’s kinda like Vancouver…

  36. Suspect Three, definitely! 🙂

    Anne Teldy (tired, swollen, back on antibiotics and wearing wrist braces)

  37. Hey Joe,

    Yes… It’s me. Or maybe you don’t remember. Um, Trish. Anyway, I heard Arctic Goddess (a fellow Patricia) is in the hospital.

    I want to wish Patricia that she gets well soon. And hugs.

    Also, I think I owe you an email, Joe. I hope all is well. As for the culprit on the trash… it was Ziggy. I think he flew his private jet and did it when we were out. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case.


  38. The Jelly video reminded me of that awful time when I had to have my Sylke put down. Sammy came up and put his paws on my knees when I came home and sat down, and he had the most inquiring look I’ve ever seen on a dog’s face. I told him, “Sylke’s dead.” His ears went flat, and he turned around and leaned against my leg with a heavy sigh, and because of that, I believe to this day that dogs can understand death, and grief, and love.

    I really do wish the best for Jelly’s improvement, and years yet with the pack.

  39. HEY JOE,

    Tim Lade writes: “Why are you not a fan of ascended visits?”

    Answer: To be honest, I find them too esoteric, their existence more fantasy than science fiction.

    Hey Joe, I have a clever question as response for your answer. What do you think about ancients? And asgards (Thor, or Hermiod – Why does Hermiod make jokes and Thor not?)

  40. Hi Joe in Season 2 of SGU:
    1) will we find out where Destiny is now and what Galaxy just so they know in case Rodney finds a case of zpms somewhere so they can send the general hammond to catch up with Destiny?
    I mean are they in the Andromeda galaxy or some galaxy we cant see from here or on any astrological maps.
    2) If the SGC dialed Destiny and sent heavy equipment through would the equipment fly out of Destinys gate and smash into the wall and be ruined or would just small cases be safe with supplies and things.
    3) Was there ever any trouble with the MALPs crashing into the stargates on either sg-1 of sga going through the gate and directly into the wall on the other side of the gate props where it was heading?
    4) If Rodneys finds a hidden storeroom of ZPMs somewhere theorectically how many zpms would be needed to dial Destiny even for a minute.

  41. My vote is on suspect #2 – note the lack of eye contact… dead giveaway, uh huh!

    Glad to see that Jelly is back, but so painful to watch the poor baby walk… I hope the treatments work.

    How is your sister’s dog, the Siberian? (brain addled with all the heat and humidity, I’ve forgotten his name…)

  42. Joe,
    Tommorow, July 17, I turn 30. I’m depressed about it, because I feel like my youthful 20’s are going to be gone forever. Now, I’m going to be bored and old. Did you feel like this when you turned 30? Am I being a baby about this?

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