Hey, what’s happening on the Stargate front?

Director Peter DeLuise on the set of his latest epic: Deliverance



Tired of having his picture taken.

Actor Patrick Gilmore wonders whta the hell you were thinking.

Presenting the comedy stylings of Gilmore and Kelamis!

Five minutes after this picture was taken, she also devoured a half dozen Splenda packets, a box of Triscuits, and a bowl of wax fruit from the conference room.

Two reviews of the upcoming superhero-themed anthology, Masked, I’d like to direct you toward.  One by The Crotchety Old Fan (who struck me as pleasantly uncrotchety in his write-up), written back in May prior to the collection’s re-titling: http://www.rimworlds.com/thecrotchetyoldfan/2010/05/double-review-with-great-power-antho-zombieman-zero-comic/ and another by SFRevu: http://www.sfrevu.com/php/Review-id.php?id=10576.  Also, a brief mention as part of IO9’s July Books round-up: http://io9.com/5580562/pick-your-apocalypse-or-grow-a-baby-ai-in-julys-books.

Uh oh.  Looks like World Cup favorite Germany could be in trouble.  Paul, the psychic octopus that has thus far correctly predicted the outcome of every one of Germany’s World Cup matches, is going with Spain in tomorrow’s semi-final match: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/europe/10521867.stm

Don’t you hate it when the dinner party conversation turns to gravitational waves and you find you have nothing to add to the discussion?  Well, you’re in luck.  NewScientist offers up a crash course on General Relativity in the first installment of their Instant Expert series: http://www.newscientist.com/special/instant-expert-general-relativity

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday golden boy Martin Gero!  Head on over to his twitter page and harass him with birthday well-wishes: twitter.com/martingero


ilikecakes writes: “Didn’t see the bacon wrapped quail eggs, but did you try the vietnamese dessert drinks?”

Answer: Nope, but I am planning a return visit – once Akemi recovers from the last one.

anneteldy writes: “I’m pleased to announce to all my friends that, after sixteen years, I have reached a personal milestone: as of this evening, Monday, the 5th of July, 2010, I have read 3,000 books!”

Answer: First – welcome back.  Second – congratulations.  That’s quite an achievement.

gforce writes: “I had the strangest dream last night that I thought would be kind of funny to share with you. In the dream, I was riding home from work on the commuter bus that I usually take and noticed something on the floor. It was a contact lens case and on the bottom of it was a printed label with a name – “CPBinder”. (Carl apparently labels everything, at least in my dream.) I think “What? He’s on this bus??”, and look around and sure enough, in the back row is Carl leaning back and sleeping.

I pass the word back for someone to tell him that he lost something and he comes up the aisle and then thanks me for finding the case for him. Then, it gets weird(er). He proceeds to the front of the bus and begins to make some kind of announcement. He’s speaking English, but with a very thick Acadian accent. The problem is that although the words are intelligible, he’s making no sense at all. They just seem to be random words strung together.”

Answer: Yep, that’s Carl alright.  Imagine how we feel having to put up with his eccentric behavior every day in the writers’ room.

steph writes: “As someone who studied English (I am assuming you did in college as a writer…if not please correct me), do you have a preferred literary canon. Recent internet searches have revealed to me that no one seems to be able to agree on which books every educated person really ought to have read.”

Answer: To be honest, I don’t believe in a literary canon.  I think it’s hard enough getting people to read nowadays.  Why direct them to read books that could well drive them to gaming or watching MMA on pay-per-view instead?  I read The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and Dante’s The Divine Comedy while I was still in elementary school and loved them, adored Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre when I read it in high school, and very much enjoyed Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in college.  On the other hand, I’ve never read Chekhov or Dostoevsky and have no desire to ever re-read anything by Henry James.  Does that make me more or less informed or worldly than the average person?   I don’t know.  I just know what I like and that long list includes classic literature in addition to contemporary works from the likes of Scalzi, Ford, and Abercrombie.

57 thoughts on “July 6, 2010: Pics! Masked early reviews! News of note! Happy Birthday to Golden Boy Martin Gero! Mailbag!

  1. Oh, Lord. If PDL is directing “Deliverance”, references to the 1972 film must be flying hot and heavy!

  2. Hi Joe , do you ever read any books like a kestral for a knave, by Barry Hines? And have you ever read any stargate books from other authors, I think its called fan fiction?
    Have you ever read the scripts made by fans called stargate horizons?

  3. P.s, will the dome that we saw in air part 1 ever be seen again, and also do the ancients have any thing to do with stargate revelation?

  4. You asked at one point if anyone had any movies that they thought were good adaptations of books (or something to that effect). Now, for people in my generation, The Princess Bride is required viewing. Anyone in their twenties or probably even 30s who can’t quote at least one or two lines from that movie off the top of their head must have surely been living under a rock their entire life. So, I had high hopes when I read the book. After reading it, I feel like the adaptation was so good that there’s very little point in reading the book. There was nothing great in that book which wasn’t in the movie. It also makes me wonder if the fact that the author is a screenwriter accounts for the fact that there’s no more action in that novel than in a typical screenplay. (Though I’m sure this is also the reason why the adaptation was so good; it was written by the same guy.) I didn’t think it was a bad book, mind, just that reading it after watching the movie was exceedingly redundant. Have you both read and watched The Princess Bride? If so, do you have any thoughts on its adaptation?

  5. Geez, how did I miss yesterday’s blog?


    Anyway, WAHOO! and welcome back, Anne T.!

    S’n’T, put that laptop away and go play with your lovely Lady and Girls.

    Found a San Antonio bakery that makes pavlova with two days’ notice. Wonder if I can hold out until my December birthday?

    For LDP, um, I guess I owe you an apology for not attending CAMELOT when you came through San Antonio on tour. Will you forgive me if I send tortillas or pan dulce?

    Oh, and I can’t resist…Dude, what was with that 1970’s tie? (And thanks from an autistic’s aunt.)

    Finally, for those suffering in extremes of heat, I repeat last year’s Facebook PSA:

    “Cooling advice from Exceptional Drought territory
    Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 4:45pm
    Please forgive format: copied from an email.

    > Cool the extremities with wading pools, ice packs, cool drinks in
    > hand. I find a cold pack on the neck helpful.
    > Avoid going out in hottest part of day. Check the onlne hourly
    > forecasts to determine that time in your area. Down here, it’
    > generally 2–7 PM.
    > I refill drink bottles halfway, then freeze. When going out, I add
    > water, Gatorade, juice, to have cool drink in car. Also good ice
    > packs for coolers.
    > Call the authorities /help agencies about vulnerable folks:
    > elderly, small children and infants, pets.
    > Seniors and others may not know of alternatives
    > available. Does apt. or trailer park management provide any A/C space, like a
    > clubhouse? (It’s to their advantage to keep paying customers. )
    > In San Antonio, two TV stations run box fan drives every year, in
    > coop. with Fire Dept. and Family Services Agency (non-profit).
    > Ask local Red Cross Disaster Services or city /county energency
    > operations center to set up cooling stations /shelters.

    Also, wear loose, light-colored clothing, turn off un-needed indoor lights, and close shades to block sunlight heat. “

  6. Personally I think Germany will beat Spain tommorow Joe.



    Congrats on reading 3000 books. I look forward to hearing about your 4000,5000 book milestones.

  7. PS for JulieAloha: If someone is treating you badly, take heart; he/she/it probably does the same to others.

  8. @Anne Teldy: Good to see you back! Hope you’re well!

    @Joe: So, no last-minute restaurant ideas for my daughter and hubby who will be in Japan as of Friday?

    @Das: Feeling any better?

    I’ve had a migraine since yesterday, going to bed now. This sucks 🙁

  9. PPS: Today is also the birthday of überfan David Read, co-honcho of Gateworld.net.

  10. Ack! I thought those pictures of Peter DeLuise were David Hewlett! And got all excited cause I thought you’d spoiled who was going to be on SGU!

  11. Questions for LDP from Chevron7 aka @imwebgurl:

    1. *high fives*!! What’s your craziest dance move?

    My heroes at the moment are from the Country HiHop Line Dancing Vid –

    . Especially the window washer and Running Man twist.

    2. What attracted you to Telford?

    3. Is there a lighter side to Telford? Will we get a chance to see it?

    4. I kinda suck in the kitchen….what’s the best advice you could give me?

    5. What surprised you when you saw SGU for the first time?

    6. Do you wear sunglasses when playing Poker? Should they be banned or can you read people in other ways?

    7. How much fun was it doing the fight scene with Louis? Do you enjoy action scenes any more than dramatic or comedic ones or all they all different?

    8. Telford vs Greer in arm wrestling – who would win?

    Cheers, Chev

  12. @ Anne Teldy. You have COUNTED every book you’ve read? I couldn’t begin to try and figure out how many books I’ve read, never minding re-read. But it’s great you’ve gone through that many AND know it.
    Mr. M. What a practical and sensible attitude about must read books. While I’ve devoured books since childhood(ketchup is my favorite topping…j/k) I’ve always resisted being forced to read certain works. Not that I wouldn’t give them a try. It’s just that books like Moby Dick had me yawning by the end of the first chapter. Because of my wide range of reading, that never gave me the problems it did others in class. But I have seen more than one student give up on reading for enjoyment after being strong-armed into plowing through texts they simply hated. The best English teachers I had were those who allowed the students some range of choice. Still, there are probably a few dozen books that if not “must read” should be at least glanced at by the person wanting to be literate. I’m re-reading the Iliad at the moment. Ok, a translation of it. I wish I could read more works in the native languages, but whatever feeble skills I have, aptitude in languages isn’t one of them.
    Anyways, thanks for the mailbag and the links. Go Spain! And just think, if only you’d known of the psychic octopus sooner, you could be in the lead for the pool. But as you pointed out in an earlier post, with all the strange, stupid, and incomprehensible ref calls it’s been pretty hard to predict the games with any confidence.

  13. Those Vietnamese dessert drinks are so different. I love ’em. How else, on a hot day, could I think to myself, “I could really go for a cold drink full of red beans right now”?

  14. Everytime I see you mention Deliverance I hear that guitar riff…..hope you play that once in the episode.

    Cheers, Chev

  15. @Gilder – you probably have to know the entire story before commenting on it.


  16. –“In fact, out of fifteen entries I found only two to not be my cuppa. I won’t mention which two.”

    Yikes! Those are the kind of words in a review that make an author feel faint. Very cool that yours was one of the stories singled out as notable!

    Nothing like a good review to leave you with that floating-above-the-ground feeling! Congratulations!

  17. Hey, so uh, I have an extremely rich friend who is moving to Canada, and is going to pay the way for a roommate until that roommate got a steady job to pay rent. So uh, I might be moving to Canada, Vancouver specifically. Which brings me to my main question…

    Do studio orchestras exist in Vancouver, or are those done over in LA or wherever?

  18. WOW! Thats crazy! @anneteldy Congrats!! That deserves a high five!!

    *High five*

    Now go treat yourself to a movie marathon. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  19. @Gilder & Chev7 Thanks and life goes on, right? Recovering from melodrama and a bit embarrassed by my naïveté.

  20. I’m getting the 404 error on your Instant Expert link. I tried going to ther page directly, but it seems it’s down for servicings at the moment. I’m afraid I’ll have to rely on my raised eyebrow/slow nodding to feign insight a little longer.

  21. By the way, did you tackle Dante in Italian or English? I had to do the original as part of the ciriculum for my minor.

    I swear, the head of the Italian department had a sign on his door that said “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate.”

    I do think there should be some basic reading requirements. Not only to emphasize how long people have been creating this great stuff, but how much of it is relatable. I mean, without Dante I wouldn’t have the sense of camaraderie I got from the Sowers of Discord.

  22. Seems like fans have a music stamp for some of the SGA characters; Michael vids have a lot of Linkin Park while Shep tends to skew country.

    Teyla brings out the kick as nu metal. So what do you guys listen to while writing? Sorry if I’ve already asked this question before, the heat has melted my brain to mush.

    Do any of the writers have certain bands they love to write to and that they associate with different cast members?

  23. @JulieAloha – Yep, I’ve recovered too. I have faith that things will get better, just give it time.


  24. Thanks for the reply, I suspect your take on canon is a wise one, though for myself I have not yet given up the quest. Thanks in great part to some wonderful high school English teachers, I actually liked almost every ‘classic’ we read in school; they give nice insight into different historical eras in different cultures (no, this is not English-teacher propaganda, I really think this). Besides this, as a bachelors student in engineering, I spend a lot of time waiting on the computer, so the one place I can read all day is online via Project Gutenberg, which has a lot of classics and not a lot of contemporaries.
    Did you have a favorite Shakespeare? I enjoyed both Julius Caesar and Hamlet, but found myself annoyed more than anything with Romeo and Juliet.
    Having heard him mentioned often, Scalzi is on my to order list at amazon.
    Abercrombie: I tried, I really did, but after half of the first book of his trilogy, I did something I really do, I stopped reading. I couldn’t get into, after picking up the book I immediately began to feel depressed every time.

    Have a lovely day

  25. Has there been any problems on the sgc gateroom set any trouble with Malp props going through the gate and crashing into the back wall or anything that wont stop moving on command?
    Also if a puddle jumper or a Malp or uav were sent through a gate to Destiny would they fly out fast and smash into the nearest wall in the Destiny gateroom and get smashed up to bits or would the operator or person controlling said puddle jumper,uav or malp have time to slow down to avoid wrecking the equipment.Im thinking any of those sent to Destiny would exit Destiny stargate fast and smah into and plow though the wall into the room next to the Destiny gateroom that is if the sgc/homeworld security can make a connection long enough to send to Destiny some help to rescue our intrepid crew from those dastardly Lucian Allicance survivors holding icarus personell under their control.
    I hope to see maybe a puddle jumper loaded with drones, soldiers medical person to help tj and telford and others, and supplies and can be gated to Destiny with a quick connection to save the icarus hostages in the nick of time to save them.
    Im real happy i must say to see Col Telford on Destiny now as himself hope he survives being shot though and doesnt take over Col Young’s command or that they share command.

  26. I was catching up with questions that have been directed to LDP, and I was “Oh yeah, I forgot he was in that, oh and that too!” So I went to his IMDB page, now that’s a really impressive page. I didn’t realize he also wrote, produced and directed. Has anyone else looked at his page? Did you notice under his acting credits he has almost hit the 100 job credit milestone? That is a huge achievement given that it is such a tough business.

    Lou – thank you so much for agreeing to answer our questions, it’s really so kind of you!!

    1. Have you ever passed on a role and later regretted it?
    2. Do you prefer to play the ‘good’ guy or the ‘bad’ guy?
    3. I understand you’re writing an autobiography, how’s it going? Is it easier or harder to write than you thought it would be? How do you pick what stories to include in the book?
    4. I see that you were born at the Subic Bay Navel Base (Philippines), does that mean you were a, what do they call them, an Army brat? Did you move around a lot when you were young? What places have you lived? What was your favourite location?
    5. I am so jealous that you got to be a judge on Iron Chef. How did you get such a sweet gig? How was the food really? Was any of it really bad? Any current plans to go back? Do they tell you the ingredient ahead of time, or is it a surprise for you as well?
    6. Do you have a favourite restaurant? What is your favourite dish(s) there? Do you like sweets?

    I have more, but I better stop, wouldn’t want to be a pest…*grins*

    Joe – I hope I made the deadline and I’m not too late in submitting my questions. Thank you for taking the time to do this, we really appreciate it.

    Have a good one!!

  27. 1. I believe SG-1 Movie will be produced soon. Hope, Hope, Hope! You guys had a lot of time now. Did you have improved some things from time to time or is the script untouched for long time?

    2. Assuming the next stargate movie works fine and MGM wants more stuff. Do you think, it is possible, that we will see an entirely Stand-Alone-Movie with new characters and new stories? A new series is often a risk. But making a movie with a completed story would maybe safe money (new characters) and gives the chance to reinvent the Franchise. I want to see more about Stargate. Why no movie with from the perspective of the Jaffa, Tokra, any other people. A complete detached story. I thought long about it. That’s the kind of way, I would go. Hope, sometime we will see such a movie.

    3. Does the SGC still exist or is the Stargate being moved to Homeworld Command?

    4. If it has been moved….has this to do with Atlantis staying on Earth?

    5. The moon base, which Sam speaks about in Continuum…Are we going to see it in the next movie? Has the Earth Gate beeing moved to the moon?

    Would be great, if you find time for answering the questions.

    Sorry for bad english, hope you understand everything.

  28. Hi Joe,

    I’m new to your blog and I wanted to ask you some questions. Hope you’ll be able to answer them.

    1. I heard (so this may not be true), that MGM’s theatrical division is collapsing, but the television division is still running (I don’t know how much, but it is). Could the movies be transferred to the television division and be aired on Syfy first and then be sold out on DVD, like a TV movie?

    2. Will we see the Sun Tzu or other Earth ships in the movies or in season two of “Stargate Universe”?

    3. Will you introduce a new Earth ship in the future?

  29. Hey, that octopus is a nice guy, gotta love him predicting such results! Hehehehe.
    Jokes aside, Germany looks kinda scary, I have to admit that they pack an impressive team this year, compared to the team we defeated 2 years ago (our receptionist sure likes to think so, as she’s german), but I still hope we win, I’ll sure be watching with a nice bag of chips and a bunch of good friends, and let the best (whoever that turns out to be) win!

    Cheers 🙂

  30. I’ve read Dostojevsky. Both the ”Idiot” and ”Crime and Punishment”. Reading Dostojevsky takes a lot of time and brain capacity and leaves you mostly unhappy at the end. And I’ve also read ”War and Peace” which was written by I don’t remember who. But it was a great book. Not to ignore the fact that more than half of it was in french.
    I also belive that there should be no widely accepted reading list. People are different and want to read different things accordingly.

    And since you are such a food-maniac. I’ll give you some idea what our people eat. Potatoes. Lots of Potatoes in every shape and size, cooked in every possible way. Sült, kohuke, kama – things that can not be translated but what we love. From soups we prefer seljanka.
    And salt. We cover our potatoes and meet and fish with unhealthy quantities of salt. We also eat black bread, a bit of brown bread and white bread which we don’t actually classsify as bread. And of course we are the second largest consumers of alcohol per person in Europe. And when we don’t drink vodka or beer, we drink tea or coffee and then we drink beer and vodka again because we are unable to socialice without the help alcohol. That’s why the state made 98% alcohol in the thirties.

    That’s should be pretty much it. A mixture of the food eaten by people who live in a patch of land that in time has been invaded by the danes, swedes, russians, germans, poles, lithuanians(together with the poles of course). By some of them even several times. And they say Belgium is the battlefield of Europe.

  31. G’day Joe

    Hot here 30C and it is winter. Summer is going to be BAD.
    Found this under the neighbours rubbish pile. Hubby has grown very attached not to mention the kids. The other cats are a bit dubious atm. So our brood has grown. His name is now Possum, I was calling him Tiny.


    Q for Mr LDP

    So a cat or dog person?
    Any animals?

    Keep up the great work, loving Universe.

  32. BTW. Some time ago a known man in a our country predicted that Germany will become the world champion by defeating Brazil in the final 2:1. Of course they can’t beat Brazil anymore but it seems that they might become the world champions nevertheless by beating somebody else.

  33. PETER DELUISE!!!!!!!!!!! He’s one of my favourite directors. I love listening to his commentaries on the DVDs! Some of the stuff he says is so funny!!

    I hope Spain win…after watching Germany smush my teams faces into freshly laid bitumen during the first game of the World Cup, I want to see them in a firey hole of despair…

    I love general relativity. A couple of years ago, when I was in high school, I learnt all about relativity during physics. It was my favourite part of physics!!! That and electricity and magnetism… So you can be sure that I’ll be he king out the website!

  34. How is it that Peter DeLuise ALWAYS looks like he’s up to no good? lol
    When he was cast as a backstreet gun dealer in Sanctuary I got this feeling he had found his true calling 😉

    Does your Nemesis know that shirt looks like it’s on the wrong way up?

    Anyway, Joe when are we going to see some more of these terrifyingly insightful and yet entertaining ‘Weird Food Purchase of the Day” vids? And are you going subject your colleagues to food tasting on video again?

  35. The following is for the actor Jamile Walker who plays the character Greer on board the Destiny.
    Each 4th of July and Memorial Day I am reminded of the heroic efforts of our young men in arms. Stories such as seamen floating adrift in shark infested waters watching buddies eaten alive or those surviving torture or finding strength facing an unseen enemy.
    How did you prepare for this role and are there any experiences you share with the character Greer?

    Will we see more of your character especially in a leadership role during the second season?

    Will Greer have a love interest….(please no gratuitous sex or homosexual feelings in this character.)

    Will we see more interaction between Greer’s parents, his dad especially and maybe more of his childhood.
    Thanks for your response.

  36. Hi Joe, re Awakening Day notes – Pitman Shorthand! Gotcha! You were a secretary in a past life!

  37. At first we thought that Destiny dialed a planet because we need something form it but will we ever know why the Destiny dialed that specific planet from “Lost?”

    Will we know the purpose of the Obelisk from Faith, I have 2 theories
    1) It’s like capture the flag, and you stay long enough it lights up to tell the Ancients that the planet has been Habitated
    2) It’s an updater that updates Gates on where Destiny is and/or tells Destiny where to go
    3) Is thee a possibility that Rush got some info from that Alien ship that he’s not telling people
    4)Does Destiny have a shuttle bay since the ship is so large more shuttle for more people

  38. Methinks Carl’s been playing with an anagram solver. 😉

    Quickie weather update:

    Hotter than the hubs of hell here, and despite all the snow and rain and flooding we had just a couple months ago, we’re now in an ‘unofficial’ drought. We’ve had a couple brush fires north of us, nothing serious, but if this continues I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pine Barrens go up in smoke. I’m tellin’ ya, Jersey is just one earthquake away from becoming California East. 😛


  39. Well the octopus was right!!

    We just beat Germany and we for the final game!

    Go Spain, Olé!!!!

    La ilusión es nuestro camino; la vistoria, nuestro destino.

  40. Looks like Spain beat Germany Joe, guess I was wrong. From looking at current stats for the game it looks like Spain were the superior team by far, with domination of the game being listed at 90-100 percent at some points during the game. Still I kinda expected more from Germany after they beat England 4 – 1, and Argentina 4 – 0 Didn’t personally watch the game but getting the stats on my phone was easy enough.

  41. Joe, if SGU makes it to season 3, why not try to get Josh Holloway on board? he has nothing planned apparently so it wont be hard. i think he might make a good Lucian Alliance guy (if they will still be around then). in fact he sort of already played a similar role in command & conquer so he gets it already, its not far fetched for him. but obviously if its gonna cost the show then it aint worth it really.

  42. Janet: possum is a cutie! Enjoy his kittenhood.

    Thanks for the pictures! You must have very understanding, and tolerant co-workers……

    Deni: did you ditch that mirgraine? Mine is gone…for now.

  43. Ack! Hey Joe, hope I’m not too late jumping on the…

    “LDP SGU Q&A Bandwagon”!

    Okay here are some questions for the totally cool and awesome Lou Diamond Phillips: 🙂

    1. What would you say is one of the funniest moments you’ve experienced with any of the cast/crew during season 2?

    2. What is one of the most memorable heart-felt moments you’ve had with cast/crew during season 2?

    3. What do you enjoy the most about the role of Col. Telford?

    …and if you haven’t received this from someone else already:

    4. What’s your favorite season 2 episode?


    You bring Col. Telford to life! Excellent portrayal of the lighter and darker sides of the character. 🙂 Keep up the great work!



  44. P.S.- re: season 2 and my Q&A for LDP… that is, of course, considering that if Telford doesn’t make it then it’s all about the 1st episode of season 2, which we at least know that Telford is in that one. 😉

  45. G’day Joe

    @Tammy Dixon : We are having a grand time with him. He will love it more when the school holidays finish. Give hima few weeks and he will be racing around in charge of the household.


  46. Happy belated birthday to Martin Gero!!

    So, the squid was right after all. Looks like it’s time to worship him. May his eight arms of prophecy give onto us salvation in this dire world where we’re forced to live with only two arms.

    Those reviews are nice. One of them even singled your story out as one of the best ones, Joe. Awesome.

    @ Carl Binder: Ah, so that’s how Young will take back the ship. Makes perfect sense to me. However, I don’t think it was wise to just bluntly state it like that.

  47. Hi Joe,

    Please tell Peter he looks great, lost weight? And he doesn’t really ever get tired of having his picture taken, right? I agree with Lauren, I love his commentaries – hope he does one for all his eps, hint, hint. 😉

    Is Carl feeling okay? “I from bagels cow no haberdasher forlorn.” Or is he still reeling from the precognative octopus results? BTW, who’s ahead in the office standings now?

    Smiles, Julie

    @Janet – Possum looks to be pretty attached to hubby in that pic, too cute!

    @TammyDixon – hurray for migraine relief!

    @Das – how’s the hand?

  48. @ JuliaAloha – Firstly, lemme just say I have NO idea what the drama was all about – I’ve only seem you make mention of it – which means from where I stand, ignorance is bliss. You’re just fine in my book.

    Secondly, the hand gets looked at again on Friday. I’m still having a time with it, but that’s because I just cannot avoid using my hands – I’m so very busy this time of year. They go numb, hurt, get tingly, and just annoy the heck out of me nearly every single minute of the day. Thing is, it happens so often, I don’t even notice it until it gets really bad. I know damage is being done, and I think surgery may be my only answer, but as things are right now there is no way I can have surgery until after Labor Day.

    On a side note, Dad ended up in the ER last night with heat exhaustion and a urinary tract infection (he insists on sitting outside in 100 degree weather!), and the back-up freezer in their shed died…and it was FULL of meat…and rotting meat doesn’t smell too good during a heat wave. Fortunately I discovered the freezer today, and things were *just* starting to turn. Another day or two and the thing would have been full of maggots and smelling to high heaven. As it is, mom had to toss everything in it, and she insisted on throwing it back in the woods “for the coyotes, and raccoons, and turkey buzzards…”. 🙄 Buncha bloody hillbillies!

    Today has been one really weird ride. On a more positive note, however, I watched a marathon of Warehouse 13 yesterday, and I LOVE IT! Had a real ‘sci fi’ feel to it, one that I’ve been missing lately. Even Sanctuary hasn’t quite satisfied me, but that’s probably because they seem to make changes too quickly.

    I’m rambling…and I really wanna get back to my wine and pizza. 🙂


  49. As a long time reader, I have some questions about the writing process: As an part time writer, I wonder if some large mega-corp would buy off MGM and ask you to make a 20 million/each direct2dvd movie-trilogy of any sorts – would you magically grab into your secret bin and pull out some nasty storylines you keep dabbling with? Or would you need some time to ‘adjust’ to the idea/budget/time constraints? Do you keep larger the ideas around or are you more focused on the job(s) that lay in front of you?

    Thank you

  50. Loving the q&a’s. Question for Joe though… have you guys thought about existence of destiny leaking to general public in sg world? hubble capturing images of the ship hundreds of thousands of years ago as it photos the universe could be interesting. just saying… anywho – can’t wait for new episodes.

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