How awesome is this!  I was doing some early research for my upcoming trip to Tokyo, looking for some interesting cultural landmarks to include in our visit along the lines of Gyoza Stadium, Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest and, of course, Ice Cream city, when I came across this –

Yes, Japan’s very first meat theme park.  Highlights include a meat museum, restaurants featuring a variety of regional meats, and something called a tonkatsu parfait which is basically a pork cutlet ice cream sundae –

I’m in!

Speaking of uniquely Japanese things, I picked up some interesting items from my local konbiniya the other day…

Green Tea-flavored Kit Kat

Pretty damn green…and surprisingly tasty! In fact, I dare say I prefer it to regular milk chocolate Kit Kat.

Another variation on the Kit Kat theme – this one green tea and cherry blossom. Also good.

Doesn’t this take you back to the days when your mom used to bake up a batch of green tea chocolate chip cookies?

This one was a little odd, with a texture and flavor that suggested the cookie had been significantly underbaked.

Zounds!  Great progress today on my first draft of episode #16, The Hunt.  After a week and a half, I’ve almost finished the Tease.

This morning, I sent post our notes on the Awakening Day 1 mix.  In retrospect, I should’ve sent off those notes last week when they were still fresh in my mind.  Instead, I spent the better part of the morning struggling to decipher my writing, continually referring to my dvd copy of the mix to help me make sense of the scribbles.  Here, maybe you can help me out…

Okay, this is what I’ve got so far:

Also today, Steve Eramo came by for his annual Stargate sit-down.

We talked food, travel, blogs, and, of course, what’s in store for SGU’s second season.   Steve is in the process of revamping his website which is chock full of televisionly goodness including exclusive interviews and articles on everything from established series like Stargate and Eureka to new shows like Haven and The Walking Dead:

56 thoughts on “July 5, 2010: Things Japanese! SGU report! Sitdown with Steve!

  1. Those were some interesting food combinations. And I liked the handwriting. Are you sure you weren’t a doctor in another life? 🙂

  2. Your notes …

    Not sure what Teaser: 1:31 voyeur Young AM means, but I’m pretty sure the rest is just an ice cream recipe.

  3. Re: night market

    the takoyaki beside the hurricane potato stand was pretty much amazing, but i wasn’t too wowed with the steamed rice sliders. Didn’t see the bacon wrapped quail eggs, but did you try the vietnamese dessert drinks?

  4. Everyone loves the green tea Kit Kats! Sadly, we license them to another company here in the States, so we can never have them on our proper store shelves. (Wonder how many folks in the US even notice the brand name is different; we own it everywhere in the world except here in the US). Thankfully import rules are flexible enough that our local Asian markets bring them in now and then. I think one of my favorite Japanese special edition seasonal flavors was the green apple. Had a friend in Osaka mail them to me last year. They were sooo amazingly good!

  5. you werent kidding, from what i can tell, you might have as well written in ancient! oh wait i think i can read something it says…

    “1:30 = Rush knifing Eli first better before kino consciousness merge scene (7000) am”

    oh wtf thanks alot Joe for spoiling it! now im gonna head over to gateworld to tell everyone!

  6. pork cutlet icecream sundae…..sounds good. im soon to be trying a hot dog on a finger bun covered in whipped cream…i call it a bavarian dog.

    ….humans must be bored of regular food so we combine as much as possible….

  7. I sometimes have that same problem with trying to decipher something I scribbled down quickly, and usually it’s something very important. Anyway, your scrawl wasn’t that hard to figure out:


    download 31 not 12
    mc = son of toy
    scratch that
    – 1: 3 liters = ready crayon (Young) in the morning

    Act 1

    Young “Zounds you do ‘land on mold'”
    143 liters = ςllh john as x ≠ limit
    12:56 a bath rare onions

    No need to thank me. At least not yet. I may have some demands later, though.

    I have a question for you, though: Why on earth would you post that picture to your blog? Now that everyone knows what it says, there’s just no point in producing the episode since it is spoilerfied to the nth degree. You’re going to have to write a replacement episode now. Goofball 😉

  8. all of that green tea stuff reminded me of when i was suggesting you finding some green tea coke or cucumber pepsi for the weird food purchase of the day during your last toyko trip. my brother refuses to ask on the anime bboard that he goes to where to find it in toyko or even vancouver, the little skunk. but the green tea coke does exist & if you’re so inclined you can order it on line;

    and there’s an AZUKI sweet red bean pepsi (but i think that’s not made any more)

  9. Count on the Japanese to take something like Kit Kats and make them uniquely Japanese. Not sure how I’d like a tea flavored chocolate bar, but I’d be willing to try.
    I think i’ll print out the note and take it to a pharmacist. I got the teaser and act one, and something about the son of someone or another. But I’ll confess I havent the patience to figure it out tonight.
    Thanks for sharing pics today.Looking forward to your further birthing pains as you crank out the Hunt.

  10. …hey… is that a Pegasus Paper Pad…? If so, *want* one! 😀 Actually, I’d kill for one of those SGA laptop decals! [BTW, my computer, “Snake”, is black… Just saying…]

  11. Ohhh KitKats, have you tried the Japanese Strawberry ones Joe? It’s kinda cool the way Japan has like a million different flavours literally.

  12. Hmm, not going to try to figure out the notes.. I tried a tad, but i got nothing.

    Look forward to seeing the new site! 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  13. Well, no wonder you had such a hard time deciphering your notes for your episode, that’s a recipe! Near as I can tell, you are trying to invent a new fudge. You wrote:
    31 bars pure chocolate
    2 cups sugar
    stick of butter
    12 big marshmellows (you scratched thru this, but I would go ahead and add it)
    stir for 1 minute and 31 seconds
    1 cup your choice nuts
    5 1/2 ounces evaporated milk
    Then you started swapping items around and trying to figure out how long to boil it.
    Let me know when you get it perfected, I’d like the recipe.
    You are so talented!

  14. Questions for LDP:
    1. I really enjoyed your work and your commentaries on Numbers. What did you enjoy most about your time on that series? You did a lot of location work. What location did you enjoy most? Any fun things you got to do on that show? (like riding in a helicopter?)

    2. Do you think Col Telford was just friends with Col Young’s wife or did it go beyond that? Was his “friendship” with her to spite Col Young or just to be a friend to her?

    3. Was Col Telford planning on being in charge of the group to go through the gate and the attack and Rush spoiled that plan? Do you think Col Telford had any advance warning that LA was planning on attacking Icarus Base?

    4. What future roles do you have in mind? What are some of your favorite roles you have done over the years? Are there any actors you really desire to work with in the future?

    Thanks for answering my questions! I really enjoy your work on SGU.

  15. Joe, I’m pretty sure those notes are in algebra…or Ancient.

    Here’s what I got:

    Todd ( 😉 )
    H31 = re rse = son of Toy
    rake alg th sh arg – sr A dr
    1:BP = me & vegans (YouD)
    Act I
    :20 = Toy “Zin is a you do” (lard a wuld)
    1432 = hidL phss Axe limls
    12:56 = a loph rove jarnous.

    There. I hope that helps. 🙂


  16. A Personal Milestone: No Reply Needed; Skip if You Like

    Since I’ve always been an avid reader, people often ask me to recommend good books to them. In June of 1994, as an aide to memory, I began to write down every book I read. Once I finish it, I record the title and author along with notations as to who among my reading acquaintances might best enjoy it.

    I’m pleased to announce to all my friends that, after sixteen years, I have reached a personal milestone: as of this evening, Monday, the 5th of July, 2010, I have read 3,000 books! (This includes fiction and nonfiction, audiobooks and traditional, as well as rereads of favorite titles.) This works out to an average of 15.5 books per month. I’ve had three months in which I read 47 books, my personal best. Also, due to my poor health, I’ve had nine months in which I didn’t read a single book.

    I can’t actually choose a favorite, but my most reread books are Jane Austen’s six, J K Rowling’s seven, and Helene Hanff’s 84 Charing Cross Road. As for worst, I once read an SF novel, Vurt, for which I noted “recommend to worst enemies only”. Of course, I could have been having a bad day. 🙂

    Again, no reply needed. I just wanted to share my news.

    Kelly Hurt aka Anne Teldy

  17. One more for Lou: Given the look of Telford’s home, someone on the blog posted a question a while back (sorry, don’t remember who) asking why no alarm went off when Rush broke the window in Subversion.

    What do you think: Does Telford really not have an alarm system in his home or did he just get absentminded and forget to set it that day? Alternatively, since Rush was picking up Telford’s memories, did he latch on to the one that told him that there was one window that had been missed when the alarm system was installed and that Telford kept meaning to have added into the system but just never got around to and that’s the one he broke?

  18. anneteldy Nice to know you’re still around the web. I’ve been wondering where you were since I haven’t seen any posts from you in quite some time.

    Congratulations on the milestone! 15 1/2 books a month on average? You must really devour them.

  19. I have to catch up on questions for Lou, I have a couple, but I will have to see if they have already been asked…

    I would have liked to have tried the Green Apple Kit Kat.

    Ohhh and MUCH improvement in the Spoiler arena *pfffft*

    Kinda cute soccer joke….

    You know I was in the other camp of wanting to visit different cities; I like variety and constantly trying new things blah blah blah. But now I think I totally get why you keep returning to Japan. You can go to a restaurant and there can be ten to twenty different items on the menu that you would like to try. When you return the next year, with food trends changing and different ingredients being used, and being utilized in different ways, you are never repeating your food choices (unless you choose to). There is always something new and exciting to try, it’s constantly evolving. The really good part comes in, is that you start to get to know your way around. How to get from airport to hotel, best way to get from Point A to Point B (subway, bus, taxi, walk), favourite markets, shops and stores you would like to revisit. You start building friendships etc. As you become familiar with the city you can start looking for the interesting and unusual, the out of the way things like that meat theme park (there’s a lot of fruit in that there pork cutlet sundae). So you still get the variety and the trying of new things, but you also get the familiarity…. Sort of the best of both worlds…. You know what I mean?

    When you are constantly going to new cities or rotating a group of cities, you are constantly, well I am anyway, always having to figure these things out. It is really quite stressful, especially when you’re tired. I never sleep the night before and I can rarely sleep on the plane, so I arrive at my destination, not exactly at the peak of my mental ‘sharpness’, shall we say.

    …and when I rotate cities, my memory is so bad that I confuse this place is a shuttle to the hotel; this place is a cab to the hotel etc. So yeah I think I can finally understand the appeal of returning to a city repeatedly. I already have my preferred city (and no it’s DEFINITELY not T Dot). So I just need to start getting to know it better, and forget about city variety (for awhile at least). There are still other cities on my List that I want to get to. But I think I will concentrate for awhile (after those other two trips I have to take).

    Bakery tour and shopping tomorrow heh heh heh!!

    Have a Good One!!

  20. Questions for LDP (a lot of good ones already asked so my attempt at asking different ones):

    1. Any word about a release date on your movie, “Transparency? To JM’s posters, it is a must-see movie.

    2. I know you were talking about creating a cooking show. Is it being shopped to networks yet, or is it still in a developmental phase?

    3. Are you shocked that Heidi and Spencer are separated? LOL.

    4. I was really touched how deeply Sanjaya became attached to you and looked up to you on I’m A Celebrity. Have you kept in touch?

    5. I have to ask, since I’ve asked everyone — what song would Telford sing on an SGleeU episode and to whom?

    Thank you for being so kind and sending words of encouragement. It was so fantastic to meet you at the Dallas International Film Festival. To all JM’s blog posters, LDP has been on the board of directors for an autism charity called ACT Today since 2005 and has been an amazing supporter of the autism community. It’s a great website and you should all check it out. You rock! I’m looking forward to a lot more Telford in the episodes to come.

  21. I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog lately (again, dang it!), so sorry if this has already been asked, but will production be done by the time the first episode airs in October?

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but the sister of a friend of mine published the first book of a trilogy a few months ago, and is looking for feedback from sci-fi fans.

    She’s a new writer who goes by P.I. Barrington. Her first novel is called “Crucifying Angel”. The blurb reads: “In the desolate remains of Las Vegas, Detective Payce Halligan and new partner Gavin McAllister must stop a serial killer who may be hiding an even greater evil.” It’s an e-book, which puts a real crimp is book signings, and is frustrating for me because I don’t have or want to buy a device in order to read a book. I want a book. Anyway, I don’t know how sci-fi it is, but it’s gotten good reviews. Her website is

    I hope you don’t mind the plug, but she is really receptive to any constructive criticism as she starts her writing career.

    @Anne Teldy Whoa! Congrats on reaching 3,000. So happy to see you here again. Hope this is just the beginning!

  22. @ Anneteldy: Congratulations on your accomplishment!! I’m sure you’ve rivaled Joe, himself for reading milestones.

    Joe, if all it takes to get into Bridge Studios to see you is to have a StarGate related website, I have two. When can we meet? 🙂

    I’m in Tofino on Vancouver Island, with my son, marveling at how long it took us to get here. The ‘highway’ was almost a goats path in sections. When you have almost 200 Km to go and you can only drive at 40 KM/h due to the roads, it’s quite a long haul to get here. There are plenty of very cool lodges for folks and the area seems very touristy, catering to surfers and swimmers. Also, lots of trees and rocks and water – very Canadian. It also seems to have a rustic theme going. I have not seen a singe chain store in the area. No McDonalds, No 7-Eleven, not even a Tim Hortons. However, there are an abundance of stars, since there is no light pollution to ruin the view. If you want to get away from it all, this is the place. We have two days to holiday here, then back to Vancouver for Gatecon.

    Joe, I’m having another party on July 7th, just across the street from the Sheraton Wall. Do I have to pay kidnappers to wait for you just outside of the studio??? Maybe Carl will bring you if I pay him. Ask him what his price is for me, would you, please?


  23. I can only help with the math-notes:
    You started to set up an integral involving volume (-r dV epsilon) before realizing that was just plain silly, scratching it out, and moving on to a path integral from a to b (- int[a,b] 3 script l), getting your answer in radians (wormhole drama!), but then got distracted by Vogons reading poetry to poor Colonel Young.

  24. Waw, à ce que je vois Joseph, vous écrivez aussi bien que moi. Et plus je suis sérieux, j’ai vraiment l’impression de voir mon écriture au tableau. Je suis parvenu la dernière ligne de la partie du haut. Enfin, les deux derniers mots: Weapons (Young). Je crois aussi que la fin de la prmeière ligne c’est “Sun of Young” mais ça ne veut rien dire. Etrange, je vais enregistrer l’image pour vous donner une traduction précise d’ici peu et essayer de trouver quelques spoilers.

  25. o.O

    The elusive Green Tea Kit-Kat…

    I haven’t seen one of those in the States for years…

  26. AnneTeldy!!! You’re back!! 😀

    Do stay and chat. What’s up? How’s life? Wow!! 3000 books. I can’t even comprehend that (you can probably fit every book I’ve read on a single, small bookshelf lol). I do like to take note of the appearance of “47” in your comment – first of all, 47 books in 3 months is amazing; secondly, it’s further proof that 47 appears more often than any other number. There’s something to this. I just know it.

    Look, everybody, this is Joe we’re talking about – master of fan baiting (if you read a dirty word into that string of words, then congratulations, your mind is as gutter-y as mine). Obviously the “words” themselves mean nothing; the clue is the entire note – which is clearly written in an alien language, a language perhaps belonging to an alien that will show up in Season 2. Very clever, Joe, but I see through your veil of master(fan)baiting.

    As Daniel Jackson will no doubt say, you can tell a lot about the aliens from their language. From what we have here, I can only deduce that these aliens lack any appendages with which to write clearly and thus must scribble randomly with their tri-pronged proboscis or something. Also, they may be permanently inebriated. This creates a chaotic society full of hilarious misunderstandings and easily-avoidable conflicts, conflicts that will no doubt involve the Destiny when she comes into these aliens’ space.

    Tsk tsk Joe. Another piece of spoiler that you thought was harmless and vague easily decoded by the vast intelligence of this fandom. Will you ever stop misunderestimating us? I doubt it.

  27. @anne teldy, good to hear from you after so long,Congrats on the milestone reading, this is a good place to share that, as Joe has us reading all the time you know. I always tried to have the most books read in school so I could get that certificate with the number that I read on it, always made me feel good and special, heck I probably might still have one of them around today. Thanks for stopping by,good to hear from you.Take care.

  28. @ PBMom – my favorite sport, NASCAR, is a big supporter of autism. Some drivers have family members affected by Autism. Their website is Check it out…

    @ anneteldy – always good to see a comment from you. Glad you are well.

  29. I had the strangest dream last night that I thought would be kind of funny to share with you. In the dream, I was riding home from work on the commuter bus that I usually take and noticed something on the floor. It was a contact lens case and on the bottom of it was a printed label with a name – “CPBinder”. (Carl apparently labels everything, at least in my dream.) I think “What? He’s on this bus??”, and look around and sure enough, in the back row is Carl leaning back and sleeping.

    I pass the word back for someone to tell him that he lost something and he comes up the aisle and then thanks me for finding the case for him. Then, it gets weird(er). He proceeds to the front of the bus and begins to make some kind of announcement. He’s speaking English, but with a very thick Acadian accent. The problem is that although the words are intelligible, he’s making no sense at all. They just seem to be random words strung together.

    I struggle to understand, because what he’s saying seems to be very important based on his emotional delivery, but to no avail. Soon, I lose interest and start looking out the window and notice the bus is not going in the right direction toward home, and… then I wake up. And proceed to laugh my butt off.

    What does it mean????!! Other than that I clearly need a life.

  30. Nice handwriting. Looks like my handwriting when I’m falling asleep. Makes plenty of sense at the time, but not afterward. I presume you were wide awake when you wrote that though. Yeah, why aren’t you a doctor?

  31. As someone who studied English (I am assuming you did in college as a writer…if not please correct me), do you have a preferred literary canon. Recent internet searches have revealed to me that no one seems to be able to agree on which books every educated person really ought to have read. I’m working on War and Peace right now which appears in a lot of them, and is mostly the depressing story I have come to expect from the Russian group and a few American classics that I managed not to read during high school are on my list (Catcher in the Rye and Grapes of Wrath); I am planning to avoid anymore Steinbeck (the Pearl was torturous) and Hemingway (I believe my 9th grade teacher’s incessant desire to make us interpret the symbolism of the old man’s left hand in Old Man and the Sea will always prevent me from looking favorably upon him). However, while I know I’m leaving a lot of important ones out, I would appreciate help in figuring out just which works are those ‘important ones’.

  32. Got my SGU complete season 1 boxset over the weekend, thanks HMV’s get pre-order system. It was released here in the UK yesturday (5th July).

  33. @cat4444

    I was the one who asked the question on the alarm. However, it wasn’t originally my idea as I heard debates on that subject over on GW or somewhere else and I wanted to clarify it with Joe. 🙂

  34. Not sure how I feel about the pork cutlet sundae. Then again, I was the bizarre kid who ate genoa salami and grape jelly sandwiches. Heck, I still have a weakness for Friendly’s french fries dipped in the hot fudge from their ice cream sundaes, so sure, I’d try it.

    I’m guessing that the flavored Kit-Kats have a white chocolate base for the coating, which immediately makes them less appealing. I think I’ll stick to the dark chocolate ones I can sometimes find at the local British market.

    My attempts at deciphering the mix notes:

    0:31 = re-use = Son of Yog
    rake alg the sL of [?? ?? ??]
    – 1:31 = Me + vegan (Young)

    Act I

    4:20 = Yay ” Zelenka do ” (land
    14:32 = [Norse runes, something to do with the Asgard?]
    14:56 = a lash rare ransom

    Honestly, I don’t know what in the frilly heck it’s meant to say, but trying to suss it out was pretty fun. 🙂

  35. Hubby says that ice cream would ruin a pork cutlet.

    I say Kit Kat’s and chocolate chip cookies are perfect as they are!!! I like green tea but…..keep it out of ice cream/desserts! I’ve read China took a lot of sugar out of American products (like Oreo’s). Is Japan a low sugar country, as well?

    paloosa: I’ll look up those ebooks. My eyes are so bad now, ebooks are the only comfortable way to read (they magnify).
    Hubby’s ebook reader has a touch screen and you can write notes, also. So she could still do book signings 😉 .

  36. PG15 What? 😀 . Too cool!

    AnneTeldy: Welcome back!

    Das: So how hot is it there? Thank God for AC!!!!

    Great to see you back on-line. And, WOW – major accomplishment. You are just toooo coool!!
    Hope you are able to visit on line more.

  38. *takes frozen snowball from last winter out of freezer, sneaks up to the blog…*

    Hey, JOEY!!!!

    *hurls icy snowball and beans Joey in da noggin*

    WOOO! A hit! That’s for ‘fan baiting’. 😀 I knew that snowball would come in handy some day…

    @ Anne Teldy – Great to see you here! And congrats! I don’t think I’ve read 3000 words, let alone 3000 books. 😛 Here’s to another 3000! 😀

    @ pg15 – I didn’t see a dirty word in there…but I did see ‘Todd’ – does that count?? 🙂

    @ Tammy Dixon – It’s just horrible here – and we’re about 10 degrees ‘cooler’ than Philly. I can’t even imagine being up in the city this week. We have the advantage of the ocean and bay, which helps to keep us a tad cooler. A tad. The humidity is increasing, and we haven’t had rain in days – a week or more – so everything is really dry and crispy. However, last night we went down to the bay to watch the fireworks, and it was LOVELY! My husband was cold and lamenting that he didn’t wear a sweatshirt. But halfway back to the house (about 3 blocks), and the bay breeze was gone, and the air was feeling sticky, and we both couldn’t wait to get back into the air conditioning! Today…today I can hardly breathe in the air, it’s so hot and thick. I canNOT imagine living in places like Florida. This is extremely unusual for us (esp. this early – this is August weather), and I do not like it one bit.


  39. Mmmmm, green tea anything…..

    @Anne Teldy HOWDY!

    Re: the notes. At first I thought “42” and pretended I was clever. Nah. Then I looked again and clearly could see “420”. That explains a lot, but Joe, I never took you for a closet stoner. Perhaps I was wrong and now have an explanation for all the gratuitous and weird food entries. You have perpetual munchies, dude.

    (Not intended to be read seriously in case any rabid fans take offense, thinking that I would truly imply Joe was a drug-addled, Rainbow Family, drum-beating, patchouli-wearing beatnik-hippie-hepcat in the off season. If he were, I’d eat every weird food purchase in succession and post it on youtube for your enjoyment.)

  40. Wow, Anne Teldy is back on the scene! I imagine Major Teldy was busy recruiting a new member to her gate team, visiting new and exciting planets and playing World of Warcraft on her downtime (where she beats Rodney regularly).

    Welcome back!

  41. Hey Anne Teldy, very happy to see you are back with us.


    @Mr M who is in comfy Vancouver.

    It’s not a nice day in Montreal. Temperature is 31C with 66% humidity and smog warning in effect. It feels like getting slap in the face as soon as you go outside. Supposedly it will get more uncomfortable as the day progress. Hope Mama Mallozzi & Sis got their AC in good working order.

    Interesting News tidbit on Sumo wrestling.

  42. Petit coucou!!

    Je suis très contente car je viens d’avoir mon examen, j’ai eu la mention asser bien =D trop contente.

    Je risque de moins passé ces prochains jours car je vais beaucoup travailler.

    Gros bisou!!

  43. @ Anne Teldy Good to see ya, I was worried about ya, welcome back, hope all is well.

  44. Hi Joe the kit kats look good wonder if I can get them in the usa.
    Also can destiny store more energy then a zpm or if not now maybe when Destiny repairs itself some more?

  45. Good grief! Is the writing on that whiteboard even in English?

    Question for LDP: Since you’re a foodie, I’m going to ask you the Bourdain Question: It’s your last day alive, what will you have for your final meal?

  46. @Rex Carter

    If you don’t plan on going to Japan, you can easily pick up those kitkats off various different Japanese websites that send internationally. You can get flavours like Apple, Melon, Wine, Blueberry and Soybean, Sweet Potato, Chilli and Miso, and many other insanely crazy flavours. Some are regional in Japan.
    Only thing is, if you’re asking for them off someone who doesn’t speak english you’d have to name their name in Japanese, like Ringo = Apple, Cherry Blossom = Guess? Haha..

    I’m not massively fond of KitKats, I just love trying the various kinds of flavours they release, you can buy them in like mini packs/boxes for gifts etc.

  47. Brr. See the Soccer? That’s where I live and it is #$#% cold.

    Yay, the Netherlands won, but what fantastic soccer from the Uruguayans right at the end!

    Still, I will take the cold over you lot baking any day. 😀

    Congrats Anne – check Guinness, that many books read may even be a record.

    And Ponytail… I am so glad that you managed to decode the board. I want that recipe. 🙂

  48. Hello Joe!

    Just read that MGM canceled Bond 23. Does this help or hinder the stargate movies? (as in money that was going to go toward bond 23 can now be used for the hobbit and the stargate movies …or is it that they just can’t afford any projects whatsoever)

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  49. Hi Mr M!

    Just catching up on the Blog.

    Great choice for September!! Had already tweeted Lou @Pyr_Books that I had it pre-ordered for a little Book Club I run here. So two birds etc……
    Can’t wait to see your story re: opening scene at the Retirement Home etc. etc.

    Also ; LDP for Q and A!! Holy Hannah!! Great stuff!

    For Lou: Given the diversity of roles and productions with which you have been involved, which do you feel has been the most demanding (both mentally and physically)? Has that role also been the most fulfilling? And… given the choice of any role, past, present or future…what would be your dream gig? Many thanks for all the tweets!!!
    Paul aka Shirt’n’Tie!

    Thanks Mr M!


  50. Das: Yes, I saw that the heat wave hit you there. 100F is hot! It’s our summer norm and it still causes a hand full of deaths each summer. Usually older people with health problems that are trying to save money, or they don’t have an AC unit. They give out fans every year to the elderly but for some of them it’s too dangerous to leave a window open. A lot of crime toward the elderly. They have a choice of getting robbed, an electric bill they can’t pay(from poorly insulated houses) or heat stroke. Window units get ripped out, also.
    You guys aren’t used to this kind of heat, though. So take lots of cool showers, and stay cool. Something’s gotta give soon. One thing about three digit temps, it makes you appreciate winter 😉 .

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