Happy 4th of July to our southern neighbors!  Enjoy your barbecue and fireworks, but please try to keep the noise down.  Some of us have to wake up early tomorrow.

Next – another big guest blogger announcement!  Today, I start gathering questions for the one and only…

Actor, foodie, twitterer, and occasional Iron Chef judge Lou Diamond Phillips!  Start posting your questions for one of the nicest guys in the biz!

In the interest of giving you all enough lead time, I’m going to just go ahead announce September’s Book of the Month Club pick.  After much thought, I’ve decided to go ahead and choose…

Masked, edited by Lou Anders


Superheroes have come a long way since the “Man of Steel” was introduced in 1938. This brilliant new collection features original stories and novellas from some of today’s most exciting voices in comics, science fiction, and fantasy. Each marvelously inventive tale shows us just how far our classic crusaders have evolved—and how the greatest of heroes are, much like ourselves, all too human.

In “Call Her Savage,” MARJORIE M. LIU enters the dark heart of a fierce mythic heroine who is forced, by war, to live up to her own terrible legend.

In “A to Z in the Ultimate Big Company Superhero Universe (Villains Too),” BILL WILLINGHAM presents a fully-realized vision of a universe where epic feats and tragic flaws have transformed the human race.

In “Vacuum Lad,” STEPHEN BAXTER unveils the secret origins of the first true child of the space age—and disproves the theory that “nothing exists in a vacuum.”

In “Head Cases,” PETER DAVID and KATHLEEN DAVID blast through the blogosphere to expose the secret longings of a Lonely Superhero Wife.

In “The Non-Event,” MIKE CAREY removes the gag order on a super-thief named Lockjaw . . . and pries out a confession of life-altering events.”

From Publishers Weekly: “Anders (Fast Forward) delivers an ambitious collection of superhero tales that provide top-notch plots and characterizations while honoring their four-color roots. In Daryl Gregory’s superbly metafictional “Message from the Bubble Gum Factory,” a former sidekick finally realizes the broader implications of superheroes. Stephen Baxter nicely applies hard science to the futuristic “Vacuum Lad.” Gail Simone’s “Thug” and Mike Carey’s “The Non-Event” bolster predictable plots with solid characters and prose. Joseph Mallozzi’s “Downfall” and Marjorie M. Liu’s “Call Her Savage” embrace comics cliche’s and make them both more complex and more entertaining. […]. Overall, Anders has assembled a solid anthology that provides first-rate entertainment.”

Discussion the week of September 13th with editor Lou Anders (although I should check with him first), yours truly, and several surprise guests!


Gatefan1976 writes: “I’ve been seaching your book club entries for one of my fave Sci-fi authors, Julian May and I have not come across her (my search-fu may be lacking however) Have you read any of her works (esp the “saga of the exiles” and “galactic melieu” trilogy?”

Answer: Alas, I’m not familiar with her work.

Kymm writes: “Nia looks really familiar for some reason, is she an actress?”

Answer: Nope.

Celestis writes: “Hmmm, I’m honestly surprised you didn’t like either Claymore or Baccano.”

Answer: Didn’t see Baccano but after having to sit through the trailer endless times in order to watch an episode of Claymore, just the thought of it annoys me.

Celestis also writes: “Both Claymore, Gantz and even Berserk are still on-going series and honestly, they’re better than their anime counter-parts.”

Answer: Interestingly enough, I really enjoyed Gantz – and loved Berserk.  I’ve got the first four volumes of the Berserk manga and should start on them within the week.

Celestis also writes: I guess it’s time for me to break out the big guns on recommendable anime you may not have watched yet: Gungrave: The tragic story of two lifelong friends as they turn from street thugs into high-ranking members of a crime syndicate, going higher and higher…”

Answer: I have this one and will start watching on your recommendation.  To be honest, I was meaning to get around to it earlier but I think it was subconsciously tarnished by association (the word “gun” in the title) with Gun X Sword that turned out to be a real yawner.

Celestis also writes: “School Rumble: A seemingly simple highschool-set anime, but I found it one of the most hilarious series I’ve ever watched, topped solely by GTO.”

Answer: Well, I’m intrigued.  Don’t have it but it does sound like something I’d enjoy – atypical and humorous.

Celestis also writes: “Seirei No Moribito: Beautiful fantasy series, set in a sort of mix of ancient China/Japan, chronicling the tale of a spearwoman hired to protect a young prince from his own household.”

Answer: You’re the second person to recommend this one to me in as many days.  I have it and plan to get around to it.  I think I was initially unenthusiastic because I kept getting it mixed up with Otogi Zoshi, a series I liked at the time but now have no recollection of ever having watched.

Celestis also writes: “The Place Promised In Our Early Days: Great movie, set in the 1990′s of an alternate timeline Japan.”

Answer: Seen it.  Loved it.

Celestis also writes: “And one of the best series I’ve watched recently: Ergo Proxy: A complex, dark series, taking place in a ruined future of Earth, with the last remnants of humanity living in domed cities.”

Answer: Also seen it and while I loved the visuals, overall it’s a series I really thought I’d enjoy a lot more than I actually did.

otros ojos writes: “Interesting about your dogs. Perhaps the “something” is the same thing I’ve been wondering about – or not. Guess we’ll know soon. . .”

Answer: Not sure what you’re cryptically referring to but, just in case – no, I’m not pregnant.

Lauren writes: “I have a suggestion for a book. I’m not sure if you have heard of it or read it yet (I only recently found this blog) but I really enjoy it. Well, it’s a part of series… It’s called “A Game Of Thrones” by George R R Martin.”

Answer: Ah, one of my very favorite fantasy series.  I anxiously await A Dance with Dragons.

irishpete writes: “hey,you posted a pic of a guy in a grey suit,well thanks to my detective-esque abilities and the special features on sgu season 1 dvd i know that you used grey suit guy to help make the blue aliens. . .so does this mean that we’ll see the blue aliens again or is it some new cgi alien?”

Answer: Clever detective work.  New aliens or old?  You’ll find out early in season 2.

Sue Jackson writes: “Ooh…got another natsukashii moment. The ice cream truck! Everytime I hear an ice cream truck music or see one drive by….I immediately go back to my childhood memories.”

Answer: Me too!  Sitting in the backyard on those hot summer days and hearing the approaching jingle, then jumping up and hurrying down to the end of the driveway, barely able to contain my excitement as the music crew louder, anxiously looking on as the truck turned up my street – only realize it wasn’t the ice cream truck but the knife sharpener.

Echelon writes: “Joe, do you ever run across a item on a menu that you just will not order? Or are you willing to try any and all strange foods?”

Answer: I’m fairly adventurous although I’m sure there are a number of food items I probably wouldn’t try.  Fugu is one – although I did end up eating it on several occasions last time I was in Tokyo simply because I didn’t realize what I was being served until after the fact.

Echelon also writes: “Have you ever tried Durian fruit?”

Answer: Yep.  I sampled it as part of a weird food purchase of the day installment.  I believe I summed it up as “Sweet, cream, gasoliney.”

Tammi K writes: “My 16 year old son agrees regarding Claymore. He thought it was boring. He’s heard of Lucky Star but heard it was ‘girly’. Yes? No?…..”

Answer: Yes, it’s very cute but quite funny.

steph writes: “Do you believe it would really have been possible to keep such a project as the Stargate Program secret for so long? And do you think it was the right choice?”

Answer: Hard to say, especially given the events of Lost City I and II.  It would be damn hard to cover up loss of life that significant.  As for whether it was the right choice or not – again, hard to say.  In some ways, I think yes because many people would be incapable of coming to terms with the numerous revelations knowledge of the Stargate program would bring.

BeckettsPatient writes: ”

1) I skipped through your recent blogs for the soccer related parts and interstingly found Carl Binder in a German football shirt. It seems like our Team has managed to win Carl over or does he indeed have German relatives?

2) Do you have a reason to hate the German soccer Team (just courious not judging. I hate the Italian Team so we’re even ;) )

3) Of the last 4 Teams in the Cup whom do you cheer for now?

4) Why are you even interessted in soccer if you think it boring?”

Answers: 1) Carl’s got German roots.

2) They’re good and always seem to make the semi-finals.  No other reason than that.

3) Spain and the Netherlands.

4) Office pool.

Becky writes: “As a writer/producer, do you storyboard your episodes?”

Answer: Nope.  However, when faced with a complicated action sequence, the director may choose to do so.

Jim of WVa writes: “How does the BOTM club work? I should have House of Suns, by Alastair Reynolds finished before 12 July 2010. Should we prepare and send questions for Dr. Reynolds before then?”

Answer: Sure.  Prepare away.  I’ll weigh in with my thoughts on the book on the Monday after which you’re all free to start posting questions for the author here on the blog.  I’ll gather them up and send them his way.

53 thoughts on “July 4, 2010: Happy 4th of July! Lou Diamond Phillips wants to hear from you! September’s Book of the Month Club pick! Mailbag!


    First off thank you Lou for taking fan questions!

    1. What was your favorite episode of season 1 and why?

    2. Whats your favorite season 2 episode and why?

    3. How would you cope being stranded on the destiny? How do you think you would react to the situation and what would you do to deal with the stress and anxiety?

    4. How was it voicing the part of Mark for the New Testament Audio Bible? Any cool experiences working on that project you might share with us?

    5. Who is your favorite SGU character?

    6. What show do you watch on TV besides SGU?

    7. How are you a total foodie yet are so buff? Do you run like 10 miles a day to counter all the calories? 😉 (See.. I love food, but when there’s good food i always over-eat, so I kinda have given up on being a foodie) :p

    Thanks again Lou! 🙂

  2. Outstanding choice for BotM club. I promise not to play favorites when I review your story. Unless you have been having a REALLY bad day. Then I’ll just try to find obscure words to mask my criticisms.
    The fat mailbag is greatly appreciated. Now I’m off to wrack my brains for some questions for Mr. Phillips that won’t sound overly stupid. Thanks for the daily dose of escape from the dull grind of the “real” world.

  3. Okay, both The Devil’s Alphabet (August BOM) and Masked (September BOM) have been ordered…

  4. Here are my questions for Lou Diamond Phillips

    1. In Life, we learnt that Telford was regularly seeing Emily, but they were only getting together as friends. By Subversion, do you think that their relationship evolved to a romantic one, especially with Emily believing that Young was still with TJ?

    2. How many episodes will you be in for the 2nd season?

    3. If Telford survives his injury in Incursion Part 2, what challenges do you think he will face as he copes with life on the ship?Do you think he would try to overmind Young’s leadership, especilly since he was suppose to be in command of the group that went through to Destiny?

    4. Were you a viewer of any of the previous Stargate series before you were appointed the role of Telford?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions.

  5. Mr. Phillips, did you enjoy Stadium of Fire? How do you like our mountains here in Utah?

    I’m kinda biased about our vertical scenery….

  6. I took a look on our local library site (kcls.org) for “Masked”. I didn’t find it. Strange.

    Doing a quick search for “Lou Anders” I did find a new Superhero anthology by Lou Anders being released soon called “With Great Power…” And it seems to have the same cover.. ? Is there an alternate title?

  7. It’s been a looooong, hot day, only to get worse next week. I am SO ready for another blizzard!!!

    I’ll see what I can do about the Sept. BotM selection. Mine should be arriving as soon as it’s available, and I will probably read your story right off the bat. Getting to the others might be a bit of a chore, considering my backlog of reading at the moment, but I’ll try.

    Nites, Joey.


  8. Lou Diamond questions. I should join in I guess.

    1. Why are you such an awesome actor?

    2. How would you describe your experience on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here, like high and low points?

    3. How did you feel when you were voted winner of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here?

    4. What are some of your favourite foods? And wouldn’t you agree that Ice Cream is one of the worlds greatest feel good treats?

    5. How do you think Telford was feeling at the end of Season 1 when he was in control of his own actions again and was around the very people that brain washed him?

    6. Personally I think you do an amazing job with Telford, would you mind sharing some high and low points of working on SGU?

    7. If you were to give some important life advice to anyone, what would you say?

    8. Any favourite authors or books?

    9. How would you describe the relationship between Young and Telford now that he’s free of the LAs brainwashing, we saw he made a speech about how Earth didn’t consider the results of overthrowing the Goa’uld that really resonated with a lot of fans, do you believe he meant what he said in that regard?

    10. Any favourite songs/bands/groups you would like to share with us all?

  9. Mr. Diamond

    My Question is What was the most fun Character u have ever played on tv and/or in the Movies?

    thank u for your time


  10. If I may still ask a question

    My question is when you tweeted about you singing in in SGU (I assume it was SGU) was it true 😀

    <3 Andy

  11. Woot, Lou, woot!! :D:D

    My question –

    Did you know from the start that Telford’s been brainwashed? How did you portray the character in the beginning – as someone who’s an ass because of brainwash, or a tough military guy who’s disliked by others?

    What do you think – is Telford better commander than Young? Why?

  12. Thank you for the Q&A with Mr.Philips!

    -Ian Edgerton was one of my favorite Numb3rs characters and I was sad to see the show end, even though it ended well. What are the differences between playing an FBI Agent and a military officers?
    -How do you think Telford’s presence will affect the dynamics and power balance on board the Destiny?
    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

  13. Not sure what you’re cryptically referring to but, just in case – no, I’m not pregnant.

    I just had this impresssion that over the last dozen entries or so, you’d made allusions to something of a rather private nature. I thought you were incorporating the dogs as part of a slowly unfolding reveal. If I’ve completely misunderstood and made way too much of what were casually funny remarks, my apologies. Still, ya know, you’re very skilled at setting up “treasure hunts” when you want. (Captain Obvious here once again . . . )

    Thanks so much for confirming your non-pregnancy. Now if you can just stay that way for at least six more months, we’ll still get to read and see the highlights of your trip to Japan. 😀

    PS: Since I said “the same thing I’ve been wondering about,” I’d like to clarify that I was not wondering anything similar about myself. Motive, means, and opportunity are at present notably absent. (if anyone was curious, which seems unlikely. – moving on . . . )

    — Congratulations again on your status (and early critical feedback) as a newly published author. I reread much of Fast Forward on vacation, and was reminded of how great it was to have a Q&A with Lou Anders, who did such an outstanding job of compiling material for that work. The early critiques for Masked sound very good, so best of luck to all of you for high praise from the general readership.

  14. Coucou Joseph!!

    =) ça va today? moi oui ça va, demain les résultats des examens, mais à mon avi ça ne sera pas brillants -_-‘.

    Merci pour ces Q&A interessant 🙂

    …Quoi vous n’êtes pas enceinte o_O..? lol ^^!

    Le marchant de créme glacée ?…dommage en France ça n’existe pas, les glaçes il faut aller les chercher au magasin^^.

    Personnellement j’ai un peu mis de coté la coupe du monde pour le Tour de France !! Aller Lance Armstrong !!!

    Gros gros bisou !!!

  15. Questions for Lou Diamond Philips:

    1) What’s been your faviorute episode of SGU so far?

    2) Is there a specific scene that you’ve enjoyed doing on thw show?

    3) Who’s been the most fun to work with on the show?

    4) Is your character in Season 2? Doubt you’ll be able to answer this, but hey.

    5) You’ve worked with Kiefer Sutherland, you guys still buds? Keep in touch etc?

    6) What attracted you to the part of Telford?

    Questions for Joe:

    1) Can you give us a brief and non-spoilery summerie of the SGA movie?

    2) Still no ramblings in the SGA movie front?

    3) Any updates from Brad and the talks for the SG-1 movie?

    4) Any chance of getting Robert Carlyle to do a Q&A with the fans?

  16. Question for Lou

    What was it like to work with Kiefer Sutherland again on season 1 of 24 after doing the Young Guns movies? Would you like the opportunity to work with him again?

  17. Today on the Australian cooking competition “Masterchef”, they are replicating a tower of Macaroons by Adriano Zumbo. It made me think of you. Olive as well as Raspberry & Beetroot macaroons.

  18. hey joe,did you ever read any books by scifi author supreme peter f hamilton? if you have’nt i’d suggest the nights dawn trilogy to start you off with

  19. Joe,
    What is the status on you and Paul’s Comic book series???Just curious…I,m a big time Comic Fan…From 60’s and 70’s

  20. hi Joe,
    I’d pre-ordered Stargate universe season one from Amazon not long ago, and its arrived today. I’m about to watch all 20 episodes over the week(I’ve got 12 weeks summer holidays, just thought I should tell you so I don’t sound sad for watching all episodes ASAP). I just wanted to say on behalf of my friends and me, thanks for doing a great job and we’re looking forward for season 2. Thanks.

    Daniel Fleming

  21. Hello Mr. Phillips,

    Quick question, way back when, in 1990, when you contributed your vocals to the intro on Bon Jovi’s “Justice in the Barrel” off the Blaze of Glory record, did you record that in the studio with the band, or was that recorded separately?

    Several films have featured your vocals, do you sing or play any instruments during breaks on set for SGU?

    Best Wishes,


  22. Questions for Lou Diamond Phillips, Hi!

    1) What do you like most about being Telford?

    2) What was the hardest part of being Telford?

    3) You probably won’t say anyway for spoilers and all, but does he survive the shooting?

    Thank you

  23. Thanks again for hosting the Lou Q&A Joe! This is gonna be one sweet Q&A. Thanks for giving us this awesome opportunity. 🙂

    Got a couple questions if you don’t mind…

    1. You changed up your “previously” segment from season 1.0 to 1.5 on SGU… Will you be changing it up from season 1.5 to season 2.0?

    2. Huge fan of the musical montages here.. will we see any more in season 2.0?

    3. Whats your favorite season 2 episode so far and why (Including the eps you’ve written)?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  24. Questions for Lou:

    1. During Season 1, Telford was kind of a jerk – okay, no kind of about it, he was very much a jerk. Was his behaviour due to the brainwashing or is he really that big of a jerk?

    2. In Earth, how do you think Telford, while he was under the influence of the brainwashing, reconciled the fact that he was likely to blow up Destiny with the desire of the Lucian Alliance to obtain Destiny? Was it more important to ensure the SGC didn’t have control of Destiny?

    3. It’s obvious Telford and Rush don’t get along, particularly given that Telford tried to have Rush removed from the Icarus project. How likely is that to change now that they’re both stuck on Destiny? Was Telford’s attempt to have Rush removed more of an attempt to get him into a position where the Alliance could “obtain” his services?

    4. Telford or Young? Who’s going to be in control now? Young, who has been since the arrival on Destiny? Or Telford, who was supposed to have the command from the start? I suspect there would be some serious trust issues regarding Telford, given the whole brainwashing thing, so I’m going to say Young. Your take on it?

    5. I understand you’re quite the cook. Do you plan to challenge Joe to a cook off since Rob Cooper has left and the Ice Cream Throwdown is likely no more? How did you get into cooking?

    6. Actor, foodie, twitterer, and occasional Iron Chef judge Is there anything you don’t do? Handstands maybe?

    7. Do you participate in the pranks that apparently take place on set? If so, what’s the best one you’ve pulled? Been pulled on you? Or do you simply give the patented LDP Glare and send any potential pranksters – yes, I am referring primarily to Louis Ferreira – running for cover?

    Thanks for taking the time to do the Q&A. Very much looking forward to next season.

  25. Mr. Phillips, so nice of you to put up with the Q & A. I’ve been a fan of yours since Young Guns! How did you get started in acting?
    I hope to see more of your character on SGU!

    I love reading everyone’s natsukashii moments. The ice cream truck was always a wish of mine to hear growing up. We lived far, far away from ice cream truck territory. I saw them on TV shows, though.

    Summer storms bring on natsukashii moments for me, too. We didn’t have AC, so a quick shower would bring temporary relief from the heat.

    I haven’t gotten into the book of the month club for the last few times. It’s been hard for me to concentrate on anything lately. Too many headaches! I’ve been sticking to fluff fiction. September’s selection does look interesting. How fluffy is it? Anyone read it yet?

    I did see The Last Air Bender this weekend. Hokey dialogue but it was fun to watch.

    Jim of Wva: Thanks for the comment about diabetes and high blood pressure! The doc sent off a panel on me last week and I sweat every glucose. Since I had gestational diabetes, they tell me I’m doomed one day. My BP was perfect but BP was perfect during pregnancy, too. Anyway, I hope your right! Results should take a couple of weeks to get to me, sweating until then. I love my desserts…..

    Mr. M.: How is Jelly? Did she get her treatment yet? I pray it works for her, she looked so uncomfortable in the Vd’s you posted. 🙁

  26. Hi Pete – “With Great Power” was the original title, but it was retitled by the publisher to “Masked” for reasons that you can probably guess at. I think “With Great Power” was a great title, but the designer did such a good job with the typography for “Masked” that I can’t complain.

    And yes, very happy to be here here again in September.

  27. I forgot to thank you earlier for your reply to my question about the secrecy issue around the stargate program, it confirmed my high opinion of you :). It’s a question I still don’t know how I’d answer. On the one hand I am principally against the government, especially the military, keeping secrets from the people, on the other hand mass panic would be a real problem, too.

    Another SG1 question: When Jack left and you needed a replacement, did you ever consider bringing Jonas back? Cam Mitchell was a good character, but I Jonas had a unique charm.

  28. @LouDPhillips from @baterista9 (Twitter pseudonym)

    “Six Degrees of Separation” time. Remember seeing your photo on the wall of an office in Garland/Richardson area some 25 years past…a friend of your family, I think…realtor, dentist, banker?? Also met stills photog Peter “Hopper” Stone (ROUTE 666) in 2001, still in occasional contact.

    One of my fav con questions: Without spoiling us, what do you know that we don’t about Telford? (Past examples: has a secret tattoo, needs a love life, is *wink* a Cylon)

    And a Tex-Mex food question: Tortillas–corn or flour?

    All the best from San Antonio!

  29. Dear Joe,

    So tired and sad this morning. Fireworks went on until 4am and the poor dog I am pet-sitting was scared and shivering most of the night. Of course, being a creature of the moment, he’s fine now and I’m exhausted – that’s the tired part. The sad part comes from a misunderstood comment I made on Twitter yesterday and someone I truly respect and admire misinterpreted what I said and got really mad and I’m so sad and miserable about it. :*( How do you explain (in 140 characters or less) to someone who doesn’t know you from Eve that you’re not the kind of person who would ever say what they thought you meant? I did try to explain, as did other parties involved, but I got slapped down again this morning; I realized then that they have no incentive to see anything from my side and certainly no motivation to forgive me. Up until that moment I had had so much fun blithely tweeting, meeting and connecting with new people, especially those who would be completely out of my sphere otherwise, that I naively missed an important factor inherent to online connections; it’s so easy to get sucked in to seemingly close relationships online and assume best pal feelings are reciprocated in the same degree as your own, so easy to cross the line from acquaintance to assumed familiarity. I’m guilty of doing that here on this blog, too – so I apologize, Joe, if I’ve come across as too familiar or cozy in my comments.

    Oh, dear; I am pitiful *trying vainly to laugh at myself*, aren’t I? Serves me right for making assumptions (ASS-U-ME, old joke) and not being careful to protect my heart in the process. So I’ve been in tears all morning – being so tired does not help – but now I need to shake it off and get some perspective, right? *sigh* Okay, off I go.

    Wobbly smiles, Julie

    PS To those of you who tried to help last night/this morning, thank you for trying – I truly appreciate your efforts.

  30. Joe,

    Looking forward to picking up for the book (Masked) . Has it hit shelves yet? Sounds like a fun read.

    Question for LDP.


    First off, thanks for taking the time to engage the fans. I’ve been a big fan of yours since way back when (Young Guns series are my favorite westerns of all time!) In a huge part due to your character Chavez.

    1). Being a seasoned “Big Time”veteran, what was it like coming into a long time Sci-Fi TV franchise? Did you have any preconceptions of what Stargate was all about? (i.e. Wow, it’s cool to be part of the whole Sc-Fi convention scene, to …. What the hell is a Stargate?) Were you even aware of the long rich history?

    2). I always read how you are one of the “Classy” ones, one of the true gentlemen in Hollywood. What’s it like playing someone who is so opposite your nature in Col. Telford who has been at times a real SOB?

    3). It seems that there may be redemption for Col. Telford (I’m assuming he survived since you’re at the studios while deep into season II production). Are you happy with this direction, or do you enjoy paying the bad guy?

    Thanks again for your valuable time. I can’t wait to see what transpires onscreen this fall! And for the many years to come!

    Thanks as always Joe for giving us fans the opportunity to connect with the show. Your work, time and effort is most appreciated.

  31. You know I had forgotten how truly FRUSTERATING it is to travel.


    Am I having fun yet?????


  32. >Telford or Young? Who’s going to be in control now?

    That would be spoiler territory, I doubt he will be able to give a clear enough answer to that Cat. You should probably ask Joe closer to the air date of Season 2 or something.

  33. Question for Lou:

    Hi Lou, I’m Daniel Fleming from the UK, and I’m 16, I would like to become an actor when I’m older, I would really appreciate if you were to answer these few questions please:

    1,How long do you get to learn a full script?
    2, Is that really cool accent really or is it put on?
    3, Is it hard acting infront of a green screen?
    4, Did you ever watch or know about the stargate franchise before SGU?
    Thanks for the great work!

  34. JulieAloha: sorry about the misunderstanding. I believe that most of us understood you were just joking around.
    I have old friend, with a playful, sarcastic way about him. He became a minister of all things and is very good at it. He was telling me of his time in Croatia helping a woman who is blind. She kept taking offense at things he said. It took him a while to understand that she wasn’t understanding his attempts at humor because a lot of his sarcasm involved visual cues.
    We know you aren’t a bad person. So “Shake off the Haters” (that was the previous Memphis Mayor’s campaign slogan, derived from some rap song or something). “Shake off the haters” is my favorite saying to hubby. AND now to you, too! “Shake off the haters, Julie”. I hope you get some sleep tonight!
    Have you tried Benadryl for the dog? You can call your local Animal E. R./Vet and ask for one or two tranquilizers for the rottie. Or ask for Benadryl dosages for him. Just a thought. Good luck and shake it off!

  35. Something for the mailbag – Will we ever find out what was said in the letters Young wrote to TJ and Scott in “Sabotage”?

  36. Ah, now I understand. Shame about Baccano, as it really is quite good, if confusing. But I understand. That would put anyone off.

    Actually, I loved the Gantz and Berserk anime’s too. In fact, they were what got me into their manga versions in the first place. So it’s not that I consider their anime adaptions bad – it’s just that the manga’s are even better! (and particularly with a gem like Berserk, that’s saying something) 🙂

    A little warning with Gungrave: the first episode feels somewhat odd and out of place, but it gets exponentially better from that point on. Haven’t watched Gun X Sword (or Otogi Zoshi) yet, so I’ll keep that in mind. And School Rumble’s great. I’m not even through the second season yet and I’m already thinking of re-watching the whole thing.

    I could probably discuss anime all day, but at the risk of taking up the entire mailbag, I’ll just stick with: enjoy the series! And the Berserk manga too. 🙂

  37. 1. I believe SG-1 Movie will be produced soon. Hope, Hope, Hope! You guys had a lot of time now. Did you have improved some things from time to time or is the script untouched for long time?

    2. Assuming the next stargate movie works fine and MGM wants more stuff. Do you think, it is possible, that we will see an entirely Stand-Alone-Movie with new characters and new stories? A new series is often a risk. But making a movie with a completed story would maybe safe money (new characters) and gives the chance to reinvent the Franchise. I want to see more about Stargate. Why no movie with from the perspective of the Jaffa, Tokra, any other people. A complete detached story. I thought long about it. That’s the kind of way, I would go. Hope, sometime we will see such a movie.

    3. Does the SGC still exist or is the Stargate being moved to Homeworld Command?

    4. If it has been moved….has this to do with Atlantis staying on Earth?

    5. The moon base, which Sam speaks about in Continuum…Are we going to see it in the next movie? Has the Earth Gate beeing moved to the moon?

    Would be great, if you find time for answering the questions.

    Sorry for bad english, hope you understand everything.

  38. Questions for Joe;

    1) Has anyone else noticed that destiny has 3 shuttle landing pads but had only 2 shuttles.

    2)Are destiny’s windows glass or are they force fields?

    3)will we see any ancient weapons? like Stun Sticks or would they be lethal?

    4)How much older is destinys gate than the earths original gate? 100’s of millions of years?

    5)Is destiny’s main cannon fixed or does it rotate? because if it doesnt rotate woldnt it be a bit of a design flaw.

    6)How would you cope on a place like destiny? would you write to pass time or try to make some foodie concoctions?

    Thanks very much for your time

  39. Oh and Joe…

    Will there be any SG-1 crossovers in the Atlantis Movie besides Carter?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  40. WOW. I feel rude.. ive only dropped by to ask you or Lou Stargate questions.. 🙁

    I would be part of the book club, but im not that great of a reader, and i already have a summer reading list to do for school, so thats why i dont really comment on that.

    So how was your day yesterday Joe? Did you do anything fun?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  41. @TammyDixon – thanks, doing my best – I got a nap in, that helps immensely. Watching Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy on SyFy, that helps, too!

  42. Publishers Weekly saying such nice things about Joe’s story! Awesomeness, congrats!

    Question for LDP: How was working on Broadway and what play or musical would you love to do? Thanks for doing the Q&A!

  43. Two unrelated questions for you Joe.

    What is your favourite stargate…and by that I mean…the actual physical gate. For example, if you could be drinking tea at 4 in the morning and look out your window and down at your backyard and see a gate there…which one would it be.

    Second question for you, more production related. You have mentioned before that you enjoy sampeling from the catering truck. Does anyone who works on the production have access to that or is is strictly cast, production staff, etc. I can imagine making many a trip there on a daily basis.

  44. Questions for Lou Diamond Phillip

    1) I’ll start off with a compliment. I managed to convince many, many women I know to watch SGU simply because I told them Lou Diamond Phillip was on it.

    2) Did you know from day one of SGU that Telford was being brainwashed and if so, how did you adjust in the later half of the season?

    3) Do you have plans to continue playing in the World Series of Poker?

    4) When does your autobiography come out, last I heard, early 2010, any updates?

  45. I have one single question.. when stargate universe really begin because i was watching the first season and is about a ship and some crue . the sgu was a succes because it started imediatlly with action bla bla. if u make a remake of sg1 9i1m sure it would be a great succes

  46. Here’s our question for Mr. Phillips:

    Given all the work you’ve done recently on Numb3rs and Stargate Universe, my wife and I were surprised to see that you took the time to appear on “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” How did that come about? How did you find the time to do it?

  47. Lou Diamond Phillips:

    1) You’ve worked on many TV shows and movies. Which do you prefer? Why? How are they different?

    2) Of all the actors you’ve worked with in the past, who would you most like to work with again? Anyone you haven’t worked with yet, that you’d really like to?

    3) My favorite of your performances would probably be Angel Guzman of Stand and Deliver (1988). What can you tell me about that movie–any favorite memories?

    4) You’ve been an actor, a writer, a producer, a director… which do you prefer?

    5) On the set of SGU, who do you “hang out” with?

    6) Other than spending time with your family, what do you enjoy doing during your down time?

    7) Imagine you’re really on the Destiny, how would you keep from going crazy?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

  48. Some questions for Lou Diamond Phillips.

    Hi Lou,

    1 – You have been fantastic tweeting with the fans but am curious, what’s been the weirdest thing you’ve ever had anyone tweet to you?

    2 – I envy your cooking skills, but wonder, if there any kitchen/cooking disaster stories you’d like to share with us fans? We promise not to tell anyone 😉

    3 – Do your children have any favorite movies that you’ve done?

    4 – How much input did you have into Telford?

    Thanks very much!


  49. A few questions for Lou Diamond Phillips:

    -.Will you be back for season 2 of SGU?.

    -.Will you become a main cast member?.

    -.How many episodes will you be in in season 2?.

    -.Can you tell me a little about things i can expect in season 2 of SGU?.

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