Alas, I’m going to have to defer my natsukashii one more time in order to dedicate this July 1st entry to help mark of a very special occasion, one being celebrated not only here in Canada but all over the world, honoring the hard work of the countless men and women throughout history who sacrificed so that we could enjoy the freedom denied so many others.  The freedom to watch old reruns of Sanford and Son on TVLand.

Yes, let’s get together and raise our remotes in unison as we commemorate National TV Heritage Day!

But, apparently, that’s not all.  Today’s day-long observances also include:

Zip Code Day
Early Bird Day
Popeye’s Birthday
Vitamins Birthday
American Zoo Day
Balloon Airmail Day
US Stamp Anniversary
National Postal Workers Day
International Tartan Day (Scottish)
National Financial Freedom Day
Intercollegiate Baseball Birthday
National Financial Freedom Day
Battle of Gettysburg Anniversary
Sony Walkman Birthday
Hershey Incorporated Day
Sunglasses Birthday
International Joke Day
TV Commercial Day
and something called Canada Day

Anyway, as part of the Popeye’s Birthday celebrations, there were activities going on all over town – so much was going on, in fact, that I had to limit myself to only the creme de la creme of events.  Like the Little Dog Agility Show on Granville Island.

Typical pug – can always be counted on not to be counted on.

We wandered around and bore witness to this Felliniesque nightmare parade –

Seconds after that shot was taken, the white one was bathing in the blood of its first victim.

Following lunch and Sandbar (one tasty oyster po’boy), we stopped to watch a couple of dogs going nuts, chasing around the bubbles being created by an outdoor bubble machine.  They were leaping, barking, having the time of their lives and I thought it would be great to see how my dogs would react.  I picked up a peanut butter-flavored bubble solution from the nearby Woofles, then hurried home, barely able to contain my excitement at the prospect of seeing my dogs go absolutely crazy chasing those bubbles.

Anyway, check out the pooches in action –

What fun!

Then, we headed out to Steveston where there wasn’t much of anything going on aside from some general milling about and the restaurants scaling back their menus to accommodate the crowds and disappoint customers like myself who were looking forward to their second po-boy of the day.


Michael writes: “1) Who in the staff and cast will be on the SGU panel at Comic Con?

2) Are they prepared for someone asking about Furlings?

3) Who has the longest workday among the staff?”

Answers: 1) Series co-creator Robert C. Cooper will be on the panel alongside most of the cast.

2) Rob is looking forward to fielding all Furling-related queries.

3) On set, it’s the director and crew.  In the office, it’s whoever episode happens to be shooting.

E writes: “MGM says Universe will return in September and Syfy says in October. Do you happen to know which one is it?”

Answer: Last I heard, we’ll be premiering the last week of September.

SG7 writes: “Question: Is there any episodes for season 2 that I can be looking out for to see some more of BamBam’s amazing stunt stuff?”

Answer: There’s a great down and dirty fight sequence in episode 7 of season 2.

HBMC writes: “In the past you’ve lamented how they give away twists and sometimes even the ending (the beaming building from Season 9 being a good example). Have you noticed that at all this season?”

Answer: No, I think they were pretty good about keeping the major surprises under wraps in season one.  Looking forward to seeing what they put together for Comic Con.

Major D. Davis writes: “Well you said there won’t be an announcement at comic con….. but does that mean you know they’re planning to announce something about the movies except not at comic con… maybe before or after comic con?”

Answer: Sorry.  No movie announcement expected either before, during, or after Comic Con.

susiekew writes: “I realize that you are a very talented man in many areas, Mr. M., but you have never mentioned drawing or painting as one of them.”

Answer: That’s because I’m extremely untalented when it comes to either drawing or painting.

suskiew also writes: “So how do you decide on an artist(s) for your project? Do you and Paul “audition” them? Do you approach known and liked artists with an offer? Or some other method?”

Answer: Don’t know yet.  We have yet to sit down to our first creative discussion.

dasNdanger writes: “He’s telling me that the orthopedic doc will probably suggest surgery…which…I doo’nah wanna have.”

Answer: Sorry to hear.  Keep us posted.  And, if surgery is required, will you have to post left-handed?  Are you ambidextrously loquacious?

Major D. Davis writes: “You said its a matter of “when” Revolution gets made, not an if. So is Extinction more of a “when it gets made” then an “if”… or is Extinction more of an “if it gets made” then a “when”?”

Answer: Brad, as Stargate: Revolution’s co-writer and Executive Producer, has had several discussions with the studio about moving forward with the SG-1 movie.  Despite the delay, the mood is fairly confident that Revolution will move into production eventually.  It’s just a matter of when.  No news on the Atlantis movie front.  That’s not to say it won’t get made, just that Paul and I have not had similar discussion with the studio with regard to Extinction.

46 thoughts on “July 1, 2010: Commemorating a very special day!

  1. Hey Joe reallllllyyyy sorry you had to repeat yourself…. I just keep hearing bull sh** stuff on GW that nobody cares for the SGA movie and they aren’t fighting for it… I just wanted to prove to them it’s not laziness or lack of desire on your part. :). Thanks for putting up with me again. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  2. Your dogs are TOO funny!! 😆 “What the hell is that? What the hell is this?? Where the hell’s the food??”

    Regarding my hands…thanks, Joe…I think. 😉 The problem is in both, with my left being the worst (I get ‘electric shocks’ in the palm of my left hand – like something goes ‘Ping!’ – every time I try to use my middle finger). Not sure what surgery would mean – one at a time? Both at once? Cut them off and start over??

    For the record I am already left-handed, but I do use right-handed scissors. Not sure if that matters much…but it might explain part of my insanity. 😉 And last I heard there is still an ancient law on the books in New Jersey outlawing left-handedness. I’m such a rebel sometimes. 😀


  3. Why after Destiny’s gate shuts down do the floor vents emit “CO2?” Which is what I read according to a diagram of the stages of Destiny’s gate. Is there a reason why the ancients would design it like this that the producers came up with?

  4. Mailbag Q:
    Just an annoying fan tech-related question about Atlantis (sorry):
    We see the drones coming out of three area on the ends of three piers. but we only know about 1 drone storage room. My question: are there three storage rooms, or do the drones have to cross the entire city to exit? (once again sorry to put you on the spot)

  5. Agreed on the SGA movie front. Sadly it took me dragging my dad practically kicking and screaming to get him to watch SGU. In fact when it first started airing I asked him if he’d watch it and his response was an adamant no. I asked why and his response “After leaving SGA hanging the way they did, I can’t watch another series in the franchise knowing that the same thing will probably happen to it.” Fortunately SGU 1.5 got him hooked. However he did indicate that he had to watch the three part pilot 3 times before any of it made sense to him. Never the less, I managed to get him watching it! 🙂

    Hey Joe just throwing a random question out there, have you ever written a “Bucket List?” and if so, what would be one thing on it? (In reference to the movie “Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, one of my favorite movies of all time which I would highly recommend watching!)

  6. Your dogs are too smart to be fooled by the bubbles. They know you want them to go all around and play it up for the camera. They are just too cool for that.

  7. I *LOVE* POPEYE!!! Those were THE best cartoons on TV when I was growing up! You know, back in the Stone Age… pre-TREK, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth… – the FLINTSTONES were our version of Reality TV!

    And “graphic novels” were called “Comic Books” and they only cost 15 cents!! Then again, with the rate of inflation, yadda, yadda, that’s probably like 15 bucks now!

    Ahh… good times, good times…

  8. Yes, but I think the question that really needs answering is what’s up with the movies?

  9. I’m looking forward very much to hearing about your natsukashii. I briefly checked out the concept, and already love it. In fact, I’m already in the early stages of prepping myself for a major natsukashii session. It’ll be good.

    Thanks for the fur-kid vids! Lots of fun.

    I hope that all those who observe Canada Day had a great time yesterday. Looks like you and Akemi had fun – good deal. I partook from a distance by learning/remembering some pretty cool stuff about your country. What different paths we’ve gone down, in some very significant ways. . . how much we’re still alike, in numerous other ways. *sniffles* – Okay, okay, I’ll shuddup about it.

    Hope your Friday goes well.

  10. Hi Joe,

    Good heavens, I wouldn’t even know how to properly celebrate most of that Holiday list – do they still send airmail by balloon? Did they ever? Four of the Holidays have a distinctly postal tone, you’d think they’d spread those out over the year a bit, not cluster them all on one day. And are there two National Financial Freedom Days? I rather think our nation has been a bit too free with our finances lately; I don’t think they should be celebrating anything at all!

    Well, here in Seattle we’re looking forward to an extremely important event to take place this weekend, one of national, yea even international significance. This weekend Seattle will once and for all settle the question of which city is the Zombie Capital of the World!

    Feel free to join in the deadly earnest celebration! 😀

    Smiles, Julie

    @ Das – so sorry about the diagnosis, totally sucks! I’m sure you’re researching viable alternatives to surgery – I wish you the very best health and luck, m’dear. I wonder how far we are in bionics now?

  11. will the presence of the Lucian Alliance be a season long thing? Or not? Or will we just have to watch to find out?

  12. From a fan who’s not afraid to beg: PLEASE Joe (and Paul), have similar discussions with the studio with regard to Extinction! And, of course, let us know if there’s anything fans can do to help!

  13. Your pooches really were on the roll, lol. 😀

    Thanks for answering my question, Joe. You’re the man. So far, Syfy is the only one claiming SGU to return in October. Maybe I’ll get an answer from them via Twitter.

    One more questions about the communication stones. Even though the alien who switched with Young in “Space” is dead, the stone is still at their disposal, right? Does it mean that every time somebody from Destiny uses the stones, there’s chance that person might swap consciousness with one of the blue aliens? Have I missed something, because the crew doesn’t seem to worry about that anymore?

  14. Questions for the mailbag

    1. Any chance of seeing a Aurora class ship in universe?

    2. Will Resurgence end on a cliffhanger?

    3 Who creates the trailer for this years Comic con?

  15. @ Kymm

    Communicating with squirrels…ummm….pardon? LOL

    Yes, strange, isn’t it? (*murmurs* chipmunks are really much cuter, smarter, better talkers and listeners as well – they just don’t live in this area)

    Two and a half TV channels?? LO . . .er, I suspect that was also the case in the very small Vermont town where I lived as a young kid. So I can understand “no escaping HNIC.” But it must really have been a great experience for those who ate, slept, and breathed hockey. – Loved the YouTube vid of the former HNIC theme song: iconic, Canadian. “When I stand on my own sod / It feels so good to be home, by God” – G. Lightfoot. I find it moving that I get that vibe so strongly from most of the Canadians I’m acquainted with.

    I ski, but The Crazy Canucks were a bit before my time. In checking them out on, they remind me a little of the USA’s Mahre brothers (Phil, especially) – the Canucks having a definite lead in overall talent, from what I read. Later, they bring to mind still-competing Bode Miller, except maybe without the attitude. (Although, you may already know that Bode got his head straight for this year’s Olympics. Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso were just as awesome for the US.) – The Brians, Kurt, and Elvis: oh yeahhh, they rocked the rink. The men’s powerful jumps and their sheer verve were a great complement to the women’s grace and elegance. Denise Biellmann – have seen her in highlight clips, and think of her as capturing the best of both athleticism and artistry. (LOL at your comment to Joe that she was very “bendy.” *g*)

    — About Futurama: Like The Simpsons, this is a Matt Groening show. The humor is similar in many ways. For me, Futurama is a tad more relentless in edginess, taking a very jaded (but often hysterical) look back from the 30th century at our own time. Groening is at his “evil genius” best when creating an absurdist position on how things could get to be the way they’re portrayed in the show. Political correctness is thrown out the window with gleeful abandon, just like in The Simpsons. If memory serves, Futurama only lasted, say, 3-4 seasons in first-run, so clearly the majority of viewers don’t favor it. But it has a strong cult following, and has been brought back for 26 eps this season with original cast. If you care to check it out, I’d recommend starting at the beginning, since early characterization is a bit more prominent than with The Simpsons. – Hint: Bender is an incurably hard-drinking, lecherous robot who majored in bending at college. He’s slightly to fully manic, and completely spit-take inducing. *big grin*

    Whew, sorry for the long post, but your most recent reply just brought up so many things that strike a chord with me. — May your day/weekend be most excellent, dude-ette. Good luck coping with the heat you’re having.

  16. Bah.

    I gave up TV after spending too much time working in post-production and visual effects. When I came home late at night, my desire to watch anything had diminished. So we gave up TV and now watch everything through services such as the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Channel 4oD, SeeSaw or the countless number of catch-up services.

    Just can’t watch live TV – that requires a TV License – so we go to the pub, other people’s houses, hotels, etc. to do that. So how am I paying for the content? Watching lots of adverts on the commercial services, buying DVDs and Blu-Rays from BBC Worldwide of TV shows we like, and using iTunes for everything else (including Stargate Universe – so SyFy, make sure you keep feeding Apple!).

    I’m of the opinion that traditional TV broadcasting is dying and video on demand is the future (as well as garlic bread and Twirl chocolates). Those with PVRs can record stuff and watch at leisure, those without use a catch-up service. And live stuff is usually best viewed on the biggest screen you can get – in a pub, with friends who invested wisely and have that 103″ TV you can only buy from Dubai, or in a park with projected TV on a castle (well, that happens a lot in my area – we have our fair share of antique buildings).

    National TV day should look back at how TV used to be and remembering all the good shows that we used to watch, but it should also be about looking towards the future.

  17. Steve writes ” Will you guys be bringing the Asgard back at all and if so in season 2?”

    and any rough idea when a trailer video will be released for sgu s2

    (ps I love the storyline for how Eli got into the Sgu program, you guys are great and i love SGU, and all the others cant wait for the seasons and the movies i hope more progress gets done with the movies soon

  18. Joe, those were awesome videos! That first pug actually did very well on that course, I thought. Was that guy TRYING to say “eh?” as much as possible because it was Canada Day, or do we really do that?

    And what exactly is “Balloon Airmail”? Although several experiences with Canada Post make me think I know.

  19. You should become the show runner for the fourth Stargate Series! What do you think a fourth Stargate series would entail/be set?

  20. @PooroOldEdgarDerby

    I think it’s just because MGM really can’t afford it…. They’re that in debt…. I don’t think there’s much else to it unfortunately.

  21. Das/b>: you nailed the dogs’ expressions! Although, I noticed that Jelly didn’t try to move around 🙁 . I hope she gets some relief soon!
    Good luck making your decision

    If anyone likes to watch dog rescue shows, try this one:
    Someone I work with at our local humane society has her own reality show. It describes the process of rescuing homeless dogs and follows the dog’s life until they are adopted. Shelly is a powerhouse and beautiful to boot! Our H. S. has already adopted one dog as a result of this show. Shelly stresses spay/neuters, also. I’m hoping this show makes people think more about pet responsibility!

  22. Hey Joe…

    Sorry if ive been nagging with the movies..

    I haven’t driven you nuts have I.. Are we cool? 🙁

    Oh and Joe guess what… ITs My BIRTHDAY TODAY! I would say how old I am but my mom would kill me for giving away my age online. lol

    Holy cow.. I can’t believe ive been on your blog for almost a year and a half now. Thanks so much for posting every day for so long (even years before i came)… thats one serious commitment. 🙂 Your blog has truly been a joy to read. 🙂 Please don’t ever stop blogging!

    Oh and, if at all possible, next time you get to speak to MGM, for SGU or anything, don’t forget to let them know fans are still very interested in Extinction.. Don’t want them to think we’ve moved on and don’t care.. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  23. So what happened to the Third Shuttle of Destiny? One is in use, one left to the Obelisk planet and one… what happened to it?
    There’s three (3) landing pads on Destiny…

  24. Coucou =)

    Me revoila! Désolé j’ai commencé à travailler hier et je n’ai pas pu venir.

    Yahhhh bonne fête du Canada 🙂 en France c’est le 14 ! Vous avez passez une bonne journée, je ne savais pas qu’il y avait autant d’activitées durant cette fête.
    Mon chien est trés fort en agility mais il ne peut pas trop le montré car il y’a peu de salon ici.
    Lol la video avec les bulles, vos chiens sont marrants, ça leurs ai un peu égale, ils restent passive, à regarder les jolies bubulles lol cute.

    Gros bisou!
    je vous adore!

  25. hey joe

    anyone predict this?


  26. @thekillman

    Well it should cheer up Mr M since Ashleigh bet on the Team Samba in the SGU office pool.

  27. Heya Joe,
    Your puppies are way more sophisticated than some. But it does depend on what the “enticement” is. And, food, meal time, etc., might be more appealing than bubbles which could remind them of bath time. eh?

    Oh, belated Happy Canada Day!!!

  28. To all my American friends have a safe & fun Independence Day weekend!!

  29. @martyn drake

    So garlic bread is dying, or is it the wave of the future? This is important, man! And what is twirl chocolate?

    I also hardly ever watch regular TV. For one, there’s very little to amuse and challenge. Second, the constant commercials are beyond annoying. Third, I have kids, and what I want to watch is generally too adult for little eyes. I would happily pay subscription to watch the shows I like, with no commercial interruptions. I paid for Atlantis, didn’t I?!

  30. Oscer pretty much every Stargate season has a mid season finale that ends on either a cliffhanger or a semi important note that baits you to come back and watch the conclusion, why would SGU be any different?

  31. @ Das: Oh no! I hope it’s nothing serious. You need a Wraith to come and kiss it better.

    @Elle: If there was a fourth Stargate, I would like to see Shakespeare’s Star Gate, with memorable quotes such as:

    * “But soft. What light through yonder event horizon breaks?”
    * “My kingdom for an Alkesh!!!”

    And the ever popular:

    * “Alas, poor Anubis, I knew him well”
    * “Is this a staff weapon I see before me?”


  32. Didn’t you miss “Executive Producer for quality sci fi tv day somewhere in the list? Or is that a monthly celebration?
    Loved the videos, especially the high energy reaction of your pooches. Thanks for sharing and hope the weekend turns out to be a good one. Can’t wait for the fourth, when the temps are supposed to spike back up to 100(F, not C, luckily) and I have to work.

  33. @ JulieAloha – Thanks, luv. I’m really not too worried about it. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?? I lose the use of my heinie-wipin’ hand?? 😮





    Actually, THAT would be pretty bad. 😛

    @ Tammy Dixon – What can I say…those dogs are just like Joe! 😀

    @ Arctic Goddess – Oooo…have a Wraith come over and kiss what?? *wriggles eyebrows*


    Now…see…I’m wondering again. Even if Wraith kissed – what would they kiss with? Their lips, or their palms?? I mean…they already give wicked-mean hand-hickeys, so…ya know…

    Hey! Mebbe that handshake Todd offered Sam was really something much different…hmmmmm…

    Gotta run – just got in, and going out to dinner now…a VERY belated anniversary dinner (3 months late 😛 )…but it’s our first free night in forever! We took today off, had a nice breakfast on the beachfront, then went to a botanical garden that features many native plants, as well as several annual gardens. But they also have a huge bamboo ‘forest’ – only 28 years old and some of the canes are 3-4″ in diameter, and easy 30′ tall. Just beautiful! Did a little antique shopping, and just stopping home to feed the cats, freshen up, and head back out again. We both really needed this! 🙂

    Have a good night, Joe, Akemi, and all the pups!


  34. Belated happy Early Bird Day to you! Glad to see from the videos that you (and company) celebrated in fine fashion.

    I am however a bit alarmed to realize that we missed National Goat Trauma Awareness month.
    To think we spent all of June unaware.

    – KB

  35. Thanks for the explanation of what “Happy Canada Day” is. Oh, wait a minute. Did you explain what Happy Canada Day is? I’m not sure now.

    “Are you ambidextrously loquacious?” Joe! We don’t use that kind of language on this blog, especially when talking to a lady.

    @ Das – sorry about your hands. When you have surgery (sounds like you need it) do one hand at a time. Right first, then left. You’ll be fine. You worry too much.

  36. @ Major D. Davis – What the turd dude! It’s your birthday? Happy Birthday Kid! I’m guessing 15 or 16?

  37. I hope they get the SG1 and SGA movies made. I really loved the first 2 SG1 movies.

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