I was planning to dedicate today’s blog entry to an explanation of the Japanese term “natsukashii” and the things in my life that make me natsukashii. Unfortunately, I’m incredibly stressed out.  It’s late.  I’m hungry.  And I’m not feeling particularly writey tonight.  Fortunately for you, I did my mailbag before leaving the office today, dropping off my rental car, picking up my newly repaired Q7, driving home, getting inside and realizing I’d forgotten my briefcase, in the trunk, of that rental car, getting back into my Q7 and driving all the way back into Burnaby and retrieving my briefcase, driving back home and almost running out of gas.  It was that kind of evening.

Anyway, I’m back home and somewhat relaxed.  While my salmon roasts, I’ll take a moment to update this blog and let you know I’ve gone to script on episode #16, The Hunt.  I’m blazing along and, after two days, have already hit the bottom of page one!  At this rate, I’ll be finished well before we get a Day 1 Mix of the finished episode.

Speaking of Day 1 mixes, guess what we watched today?  Yes, a Day 1 mix.  That’s the easy part.  What episode?  Correct again.  Episode #2, Awakening. You guys are amazing!  I just phoned Joel Goldsmith to congratulate him on the wonderful job he did scoring the episode.  Congratulations should also go out to director Andy Mikita, the cast and crew, and – oh, boy! – Mark Savela and the VFX team!  I repeat.  Oh, boy!

Also watched Brad’s cut of episode #12, Twin Destinies today.  It’s one of those mindbenders that challenges but leaves you feeling very satisfied.  And a tad dizzy.

Did I already post this pic? If so, please ignore.


DP writes: “I used to eat a lot of cholesterol to build up my tolerance while I was young.”

Answer: Oh, so did I.  Red meat for lunch and dinner, and nutella-topped powdered doughnuts for breakfast.

Don writes: “SGU does seem to follow in BSG’s footsteps that way as well. Do you believe there is room for more humor in SGU’s future episodes?”

Answer: Like maybe a sassy robot?  Well, Eli and, lately, Greer have been the go-to-guys in this respect – although, admittedly, in many instances we avoid the light touch because the scenarios are so grim the humor would feel misplaced.

snakey writes: “You’ve been to Japan sooo many times (yes, you love it) but wouldn’t it be nice to have a change of pace and, let’s say, go down the Amazon or visit the Swiss Alps for example?”

Answer: I’d be thrilled to go dow the Amazon provided I could stay at a hotel with internet access and you could recommend some good restaurants.

Lewis writes: “What’s the fictional timeline on SGU?”

Answer: Lawren keeps an updated timeline of the series, tracking the number of days that have elapsed during and between episodes.  Last time I checked, ten months will have passed between Air I (#101) and Resurgence (#210).

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Is that the normal way Pugs sit, or is she sitting that way because of her condition?”

Answer: Nope.  That’s Jelly’s patented “I’ve got no cartilege in my hips” sitting position.

Thornyrose writes: “Thanks for the shot of Jelly. I cringed a bit watching her non-movement. I really do hope the treatment works as promised and your grand old dame is able to pick up her activities.”

Answer: Well, we’ll find out in a couple of weeks when she’s scheduled to go in for the treatment.  Will keep you all posted.

Thornyrose also writes: “And what’s going on at the office, besides the World Cup pool?”

Answer: Oh, the Wold Cup pool takes precedence over everything else.  Still, we manage to get around to other tasks as well: eating lunch, organizing our desks, producing a t.v. show.

anthony writes: “I have a few questions regarding SGU. a) Are we ever going to see Dr Franklin in season 2?

b) Are we ever going to get to see Young and Rush play chess against each other with that chess game Rush was making?

c) I was just re-watching sabotage and noticed that when the aliens came to attack, it seemed to me that they came from the wrong direction. Just something that I noticed.

d) Is there any chance that the blue aliens will ever return? I know the cg is expensive to make for those guys, but I feel as though you guys didn’t do enough to give us more info on the aliens. You guys seem to be going the direction of voyager’s aliens where they show up for a few episodes then you move on to the next set of aliens.

e) One thing that would be funny for you guys to do would be a USO show episode. Hey, these guys on the destiny could use a Bob Hope type thing. Finally,

f) are you guys going to give us a good season 2.0 trailer anytime soon like you did with 1.0 and 1.5. The teaser at the end of incursion pt2 just wasn’t enough.”

Answers: a) Possibly.

b) I think we will – eventually – but they have a ways to go before they sit down to that friendly match.

c) I think one of the males was driving and was too embarrassed to stop and ask for directions so their ship ended up overshooting Destiny’s position, forcing them to back track.

d) Oh, possibly.  But if they did, it would be a special case.  Since Destiny is always moving forward, it doesn’t make sense for the crew to encounter familiar faces – unless they were being pursued.

e) We’ll file that one away for “a very special espisode”.

f) One is already in the works, but you’ll have to wait for Comic Con to see it.

Valaur writes: “1. Will the rest of the crew finally realize the potential of Destiny and work alongside Rush? It seems to me that from the beginning Rush knew it would be a long shot to get home once he saw the data, but why is everyone so desperate to leave?
2. For the first half of Season 1, I’ll admit I was a Chloe hater. But as the season developed and the characters came together, Chloe became a hell of alot more appealing to me. She’s doing what she can to make herself useful to the crew, becoming the next ‘Daniel Jackson.’ Will we finally see the crew of the Destiny come together and be a part of a unified group like Atlantis and the SGC?
3. Any new cool rooms of the Destiny that you can’t wait to see in full VFX? A CIC, perhaps? Engine room? The origins of the Zat?
4. What looks like a command structure, similar to an aircraft carrier island tower, looks remotely like a pyramid. Did the Goa’uld find a prototype of the Destiny or perhaps a later model of a similar design which gave us the Ha’Tak? I know the Goa’uld stole technology and primarily used the tech of the Ancients. Is the Ha’Tak a result of this?
5. Why are Space and SyFy not promoting the Kino episodes, let alone not airing them immediately before or after the airing of a new episode to give us a better context?
6. How would you handle the various marketing and advertising tasks to keep SGU afloat? Would it be any different than SyFy/SPACE?”

Answers: 1. They’ll certainly be headed in that direction next season.  As for why they’d be desperate to leave – because they’re trapped and isolated billions of light years from home and miss interacting with their loved ones in any kind of meaningful way.

2. Again, that’s what certain elements will strive toward in season 2: unity looking forward.

3. A couple of kick-ass new sets await in season two.  One will be introduced early, one much later, but both will wow.  As for VFX shots – Mark Savela and co. are still in the process of working on them, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished visuals for Awakening.  Hopefully you’ll get a sneak peek at Comic Con.

4. Unlikely but, hey, it’s possible.

5. Sorry, I can’t answer that one.  It’s a network/studio call.

6. I think that MGM, Space, and SyFy put together some great promos last season and I’m sure they’ll do an equally terrific job in season two.  If I was in their place, I’d promote the hell out of the series, whenever and wherever.  Of course – a) I’m biased and b) It’s not my money I’m spending.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Any more movement on the Comic launch?”

Answer: The contracts were signed late last week.  Next up – our preliminary discussion on the creative.

Trutch writes: “1. How do you respond to fans who think that including SGA characters in season two is a desperate ratings grab?”

Answer: If that were the case, we would have had them guesting somewhere in the first ten episodes given that those ratings will decide whether or not we get a third season pick-up.  By the time the episode you’re referring to airs, our fate will have already been decided.

Trutch also writes: “2. Can we expect an announcement about the movies or even an update at Comic Con?”

Answer: Don’t get your hopes up.  I guarantee there will be no announcement or update with regard to either movie at Comic Con.

48 thoughts on “June 30, 2010: Chotto Stressed!

  1. Just wanted to respond to Snakeys comment about Japan, although not aimed at me obviously.

    Japan is a big place, Joe could probably speand the rest of his life on yearly trips and still not scratch the surface of stuff to see. Really depending on what you do each trip would yield a unique experience.

  2. 1) Who in the staff and cast will be on the SGU panel at Comic Con?

    2) Are they prepared for someone asking about Furlings?

    3) Who has the longest workday among the staff?

  3. Hi Joe,

    Sorry it was a hard day – you just kick back, enjoy your omega-3’s and relax – I’m sure pg15 would be pleased as punch to pick up the slack in the episode. Seriously, I hate those “D’oh!” days when everything seems to go left turn on you. Remember, we love you – which may seem odd given that most of us have never met you personally, but your blog community does inspire a certain family feeling for you and the other commentators. I know I’ve said this before, but – thanks for that! Now, get thee to a comic book and chill, baby!

    Smiles, Julie

  4. You did already post that pic. Kinda hard to forget.

    Watch your salmon. Burning dinner after a craptastic day just adds to the suckworthyness and may leave you with going postal tendencies.

    I’m looking forward to finishing off this 120 page brain draining, soul destroying document for work so I can get back even the minimal English skills I had prior to starting it.

  5. You’re a funny guy Joe but I wasn’t referring to anything like a “sassy robot”. Just a character who exists outside of the typical power structure. Someone who isn’t desperate to get home. Maybe someone who is native to this part of the universe and doing okay there. I’m thinking a character like Larrin (SGA) Han Solo, or Mal (Firefly). Not a series regular. Just someone to play the unknown quantity. Another example…Capt Jack Harkness.

    I’m not saying SGU could ever have the degree of humor that SG1/SGA had. It wouldn’t work but it needs that element in there somewhere. Just like the cat that jumps out of the dark in the horror flick. The one that breaks the tension enough so that when the killer strikes two seconds later it really gets you. Drama works better with just the right amount of humor tossed in.

  6. glad to hear you got your car back! How covenient, you forgot your briefcase in the rental 😀 … Get a chance to test drive your car 2 more time … :mrgreen:
    Nice car by the way, standard or stick shift ❓

  7. I hope Jelly will feel better after her intervention in a few weeks 😀
    Re: your cholesterol test issue:
    if you not known for cholesterol issues, you should be fine with your 2 weeks, but if your known to be a “bordeline case” the 2 weeks might not be enough with what you’ve been endulging lately 😉
    They say oatmeal is good…. it worked for my mother when she had her last test. Her doctor was shocked!!!! she’s a bordeline case.

  8. Ooo-ee I bet the air was blue for awhile….

    My bad – I didn’t know that you were having a trying day and here I am making you watch figure skating clips…sorry … (it was really short…). It is a cool spin though you have to admit. She’s awfully bendy.

    Well, looks like they got rid of some of the World Cup refs.

    I’ll skip the cute animal links to try and lighten your mood. Well, just one… RU a Star Wars fan? It’s kind of twofer….

    It has been so HOT here yesterday and today. I’m meeellllltingggg * a la Wicked Witch of the West* Ohhh I’m such a delicate little flower *snicker*
    The AC doesn’t work all that well here. Luckily, I will be moving shortly, so I’ll be able to sleep better. Why is it all winter I wish it was summer and all summer I wish it was winter? Go figure…

    Have an excellent one!!

  9. I’m interested to read the entry when you do get to things natsukashii. Even better, I’d love if you did a follow up on hazukashii.

  10. Season 2 already sounds amazing, really. I’m so proud to be a SGU fan. 🙂

    MGM says Universe will return in September and Syfy says in October. Do you happen to know which one is it?

  11. Happy Canada Day to you and all my Canadian friends. Sorry you had one of those days, Joe. Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  12. I feel for ya on the hard day Joe. Just ended the last day of my job today (known for 3 wks) and the reality hasn’t hit me yet. And was it ever the “weirdest” feeling as I was leaving.

    Question: Is there any episodes for season 2 that I can be looking out for to see some more of BamBam’s amazing stunt stuff? Thought I’d say that he does some of the most brilliant and amazing stunt co-ordination by the way!

    Oh, and also want to say happy Canada Day to all the Canadians around the studio and an early happy July 4th to all our stateside friends around the studio too!


  13. Salut Joseph, et merci d’avoir répondu à ma question sur la coupe du monde lundi. J’en ai une toute petite autre si cela ne vous dérange pas:

    Avant la saison 1 de SGU la MGM avait annoncé la production de 30 épisodes-kino. Mais sur le site de la MGM il n’y en a que 26. Où sont les 4 derniers ?

  14. Joe said: “If that were the case, we would have had them guesting somewhere in the first ten episodes given that those ratings will decide whether or not we get a third season pick-up.”

    And to add to that, if it really were a ratings grab, you would have done it in Season 1, not in Season 2.

    It’s amazing that people actually believe all the anti-SGU nonsense that gets spewed out.

    And RE: SyFy’s Promos

    In the past you’ve lamented how they give away twists and sometimes even the ending (the beaming building from Season 9 being a good example). Have you noticed that at all this season?

  15. I hope you are faring better this morning Joe. I do not like it when things go wacko, like I am hungry or I have to pee, seems they all want to happen together and in earnest.. Go to your happy place if you can remember where it is. or grab a quick bite of the chocolate you might have stashed around the house for emergency. You will be writey again in no time, if that fails, looks at the pups smiling adoring faces looking up at daddy saying hey its all about me, feed me, I gotta pee,(back to the pee thing again)(seeing a pattern here) anyway have a grand day and remember to get gas in your vehicle..

  16. I shouldn’t read your blog when sleep deprived. When you mentioned days at the studio including eating lunch and organizing desks, I had the vision of Ashleigh sneaking into your office and leaving crumbs on your desk as she switched everything around. And Carl absconding with some of your figurines while Ivon randomly switched books around on the shelf, destroying whatever system you had used to file them.
    Sorry to hear your day went less than perfectly. And your foresight in having done the mailbag before events destroyed your mood leaves me in awe of your prescience. (Or maybe not. If you were that foresighted you would have reminded yourself not to forget the briefcase). I hope the rest of the week goes better. I wish you a happy Canada day, and a a fun filled holiday weekend.

  17. I want to know what the heck is wrong with a “desperate ratings grab?”
    You want to stay on the air? You need ratings!
    Grab them however you can, desperate or not. It benefits the people who work on SGU and all the fans of the show to do whatever you can to get more viewers tuning in to those first 10 eps!

  18. Happy Canada Day from here, too.

    Woke up at 0600 local… it’s dark… and raining… and my head still is tight as a drum… *sigh* Yep, I’m back in South Texas, not in sunny South Ireland… 

  19. Sorry you had a sucky day. I hope today is better for ya.

    Narelle: Thanks for the Ralph stories. I get so bogged down with abuse stories here, it’s nice to hear that dogs are being loved out in the world.

    PBmom: I hope all goes well with your case.

  20. Trutch also writes: “2. Can we expect an announcement about the movies or even an update at Comic Con?”

    Answer: Don’t get your hopes up. I guarantee there will be no announcement or update with regard to either movie at Comic Con.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I was so badly hoping!! 🙁 I mean i love SGU and stuff but these movies have been a huge thorn in my side with the franchise… every time i think about it it gets me frustrated seeing how things turn out….well heres to hoping the upcoming mail campaign will work!!

    Well you said there won’t be an announcement at comic con….. but does that mean you know they’re planning to announce something about the movies except not at comic con… maybe before or after comic con?

    Ok now for positive stuff YESSS!!! NEW KICK A** MGM trailer!! Can’t wait for comic con!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  21. *huggles Joey*

    Sorry about your evening. I totally understand – your evening sounds like my life. 😛 😆 🙄

    I hope that salmon turned out well and you were able to relax once you got settled in. I didn’t get in from work until nearly 9 pm (fortunately I grabbed a cheesesteak at work), talked to my neighbors for a while, actually got in the front door around 9:45…it was a loooong day.

    Today I go for the test to see where the nerve problems are in my hands/arms (I’m leaning towards a neck problem), then I have to take the office computer to a geek doc because it’s been hijacked – again. I can still use it and I weeded out most of the trojans and stuff, but there’s still something in there tinkering with my settings. Pain in my butt. I have no idea how I pick this stuff up since I try to only go to safe sites, avoid opening forwarded ‘joke’ e-mails and things, and don’t look at porn. The only thing I can think of is that I get it while browsing for pictures of funny cats, albinos, and rugby players. 😛

    Hope your day is better today, Joe! Take care of yourself! BTW – I’m very curious to know your blood test results considering 1. what you eat, and 2. your exercise routine. I’m wondering if the exercise routine counteracts the rich foods, but I do understand if you prefer to keep the results private.



  22. Seaking of your Comic Book project …

    I realize that you are a very talented man in many areas, Mr. M., but you have never mentioned drawing or painting as one of them.

    So how do you decide on an artist(s) for your project? Do you and Paul “audition” them? Do you approach known and liked artists with an offer? Or some other method?

    And will you and Paul dictate the “look” of the characters, or do you make suggestions to the artist(s) and then either accept what they bring you, or if you don’t like what’s offered, send him (or her) back to the drawing board?

  23. Hey Joe..

    Sorry you had a bad day. 🙁 Ive been having a lot of those days lately…… I should be happy because its summer.. but im often frustrated IDK why. (probably movie campaign stuff lol)

    Oh and you did post that picture before… say, I remember seeing someone wearing that suit in a behind the scenes look at Space…. the return of the smurfs perhaps? 😉

  24. Answer: I’d be thrilled to go dow the Amazon provided I could stay at a hotel with internet access and you could recommend some good restaurants.

    You mean you haven’t heard of Javier’s River Front Cafe` where they specialize in deep fried piranha, sauted eel brain and a nice side of tossed steamed Red Mangrove leaves with Brazil nuts? 😛

  25. Happy C-Day!!

    Hey, it’s actually somewhat sunny here in Ottawa today, with some cloud and wind. The upside, it hasn’t rained on “Liz” and “Phil” yet!

    I’m totally staying away from all the “Downtown” excitement! Have to drive my niece to the airport later – hopefully there’ll be no traffic…

  26. Dunno, I think there’s always room for some humor even in the darkest times. X Files was great at using gallows humor. I love the humor in SGA; I miss Rodney’s funny moments most of all, sniff.

  27. Hi Mr M!

    Thanks for the update re: the Comic.

    Interesting conversation here on Irish radio last week. An interview with Scottish writer Ian Rankin (author of the Rebus series of detective novels).
    Rankin has also written a graphic novel. He was describing how much harder it is to write a Graphic Novel as compared to a traditional novel. His main point being that a traditional novel, all the work is left to the reader….eg a guy walks into the hotel lobby…..The reader is left to fill in the size, colour, shape, space…the POV etc…whereas in the Graphic novel, all the detail must appear in the frame. Very interesting discussion.

    @Gilder : Hey there Gilder! Hope the cold is better. Girls here fine by the way…suspect you may have got air-con/airplane cold.
    And yes, it’s still sunny here in Ireland. Am typing this at the dining room table where we had lunch just the other week. Hope all good in Texas!! Come back to the Emerald Isle soon!

    Best to all at the Bridge Mr M!


  28. @Ganymede – Hey, I didn’t know you were in Ottawa. My daughter is in your fair city, she goes to Carleton University. She phoned me a couple of hours ago, she’s downtown in all that mess. She saw the Queen, the Prime Minister and ‘some black lady who speaks French’ which I imagine was Michele Jean. 🙂
    I lived in Ottawa about 40 years ago, in the west end.


  29. @Bailey

    Thank you!!! People act like its a bad thing for a show to try to attract viewers… so what if crossovers are used for ratings… so what if it is a ratings grab.. then Stargate will last longer.. Don’t see anything wrong with that. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  30. Crap, crap, crappity, CRAP!

    I had the carpal tunnel EMG test, and – sure enough – I have crappy tunnel syndrome. 😛 Not just carpal tunnel, but – according to the neurologist – ‘severe’ carpal tunnel. Hey…at least it’s made me learn how to spell the name!

    He’s telling me that the orthopedic doc will probably suggest surgery…which…I doo’nah wanna have.

    Has anyone else ever had ‘severe’ CPS and been able to treat it without surgery?? Looking for advice here. My sister sent me a book about pressure points, and I have all sorts of braces…but I’m thinking the only way to avoid surgery is quit the computer (at least for recreational purposes), and be really careful about how I use my hands. This is going to put a cramp in everything. But I am to the point were I can hardly hold a pen to write, and forget holding a phone, or book. Funny thing is, I have absolutely NO problem when I type. 😛

    Otherwise, it’s been a grand day here. The weather’s been dry and pleasant, around 80 – but we’re expecting yet another 90+ heat wave early next week. That will make like…4…so far this season, and usually we only have one or two, and not until August! This summer has been a killer, and it’s only a week or so old!

    Have a good evening, Joe!


  31. Das: sorry about your hands! My friend, Jo had the carpel tunnel surgery. She was told if you catch the carpal tunnel early, the better your chances for good results.

  32. @ Das – I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it really does suck, but at least now you know. Do you have it in both hands? Has it progressed too far for the cortisone shot(s)? Yes, you are going to want to try everything before having surgery. Some Doctor’s think that the only cure is the knife, but there are other alternative therapies you could try first (ultra sound, physical therapy, rest, anti-inflammatories etc). But given the severity it may already be too late for these. Definitely do your research!! You have NOT had a good couple of week have you? Did you get your tooth looked at?

    Joe – I hope you’re still planning on doing the post on natsukashii at some point; it’s a very interesting topic. I also hope that you got some of your ‘writey’ back and work on The Hunt went well today. Or did you take the day off and, you and Akemi, were off partaking in the festivities. It’s way too hot here to do any Canada Day celebrations, so I’m giving it a skip this year. I’ve been sitting here most of the day alternating my multiple frozen cold/hot gel packs on my neck and back, and putting them back in the freezer to get cold again. You know at least in the winter you can bundle up, in the summer there is only so much you can take off!!


  33. Sweet, so will the baby be born on- or off-screen?

    Also, what’s your take on this snippet from Stargate Resistance developer interview:

    KD: While we are not pinning down an exact date, the battles in Resistance are occurring a few years after Season Ten of SG-1. There is a vacuum of power with the major System Lords being brought to justice. Now remaining Goa’uld, Jaffa and Ashraks have banded together, hungry for the power they believe is theirs to claim and bent on destroying Stargate Command and all that it represents. They have mounted a massive assault across the galaxy, using the Stargates to pillage worlds and enslave the populations they encounter.

    Also, is Stargate Resistance Canon, since there’s a sign in the SGC map that says Carter’s a General and in charge of the base 😐

  34. @Das: Maybe you picked up some Wraith virus. LOL.

    About your carpal tunnel. I don’t have “severe” carpal tunnel, but was diagnosed via EMG, too. I started taking Pomegranate pills for my arthritis. About 6 weeks later, guess what started feeling better — yep, my carpal tunnel! No more braces. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I’m now doing a double-blind study and stopped it to see if my arthritis and carpal tunnel get worse. I’ll see what happens. But pomegranate is as benign as it gets and it is less expensive in pill form (and with no sugar in it, tastes better in pill form).

  35. Hey Joe.. just have a quick question… sorry if you’ve been asked this before but i just want to ask it again to clear up some stuff. (theres been some debate regarding this since i last asked you about the SG-1 and SGA movies and you said its a when not an if)

    You said its a matter of “when” Revolution gets made, not an if. So is Extinction more of a “when it gets made” then an “if”… or is Extinction more of an “if it gets made” then a “when”?

    Sorry if my question is confusing.. 😉 I tried to word it the right way.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  36. After reading your post, I had to go look up “natsukashii.” I hope we get to delve into the topic on another night.

    Not quite of the same caliber of the rental car, the briefcase, and almost running out of gas, but something that cast a pall over my day: I picked up a lovely little item at an art fair. It was something a family member had previously admired, so I figured I’d sneak back to buy it, then give it as a gift. I paid for the item, strolled out to the car feeling pleased with myself…where I promptly dropped it while I was fishing for the car keys. It broke into about a dozen pieces.

    *crosses eyes*

  37. While you’re on the phone with Joel do you think you could talk him into an SGU soundtrack. His music is amazing.

    You don’t have to sing Mark Savela’s praises to me. I already know he’s awesome.

  38. hi Joe, hope working on season 2 is easier than season one. you answered the question concerning the direction the alien ship came from with a witty remark but there gotta be a legitimate reason for that unless it was an error of some sorts. any explanation would do really, at the time i wrote in the forums that the aliens mightve originated from another galaxy themselves which doesnt really make sense.

    and i heard that a character from SGA will make a cameo, does that mean SGA movie is scraped?

    and Robert Cooper leaving, why? i think its too early for that. were there creative differences between Brad and Cooper?

  39. Joe, sorry you had such a stressful day. Me, too. I hate the days before I leave on a trip. I fret endlessly about forgetting things. But I did see The Last Airbender movie for a little stress relief today and thought it was pretty entertaining. Take a walk, play with the pups and get a good night’s sleep.

    @das: Thanks for the Battleship Yamato link yesterday and the Elric poster today. Sorry to hear about your crappy tunnel problem. I’m afraid I have no info on treatment, but if it were me, I would also look into some non-surgical treatments before I went the surgical route. However, sometimes releasing that connective tissue that’s pinching the nerve is the only solution. I know people that have had it done and are pretty much back to normal now.

    I’m headin’ out of town for a couple of weeks, so I’ll catch up with all of you when I get back.

  40. “Like maybe a sassy robot?”

    No, just like normal people. If they don’t start making light of the situation they’ll all go nuts and kill each other real soon now.

    Of course there could be stories in that *g*

  41. Let us know about the stem cell treatment for Jelly please. That clip yesterday of Jelly was hard for me to watch. I can see why you are trying experimental treatments now. Poor girl! She is really uncomfortable. It’s hard to see our four legged friends get older 🙁 . I’ll say a prayer for her tonight.

  42. “I think we will – eventually – but they have a ways to go before they sit down to that friendly match.”

    Perfect final scene for the series finale… in 2014.

    Brad Wright said Destiny’s true mission will be revealed in Season 2. Does this mean that the series will turn in a direction in regard to tone and pace in the second season, much like Atlantis suddenly gaining access to earth in the second season?

  43. @ Tammy, Kymm, PBMom, and Sparrow – Thanks for the advice, the suggestion that I caught something from a Wraith (I wish!), and everything else. Love you guys…well, gals. 😉

    I’ve heard both pro and cons about the surgery…and – of course – I’m afraid if I go through with it I’ll be on the ‘con’ side. 😛 I’m such a positive thinker! 🙄 I see the hand doc next Friday, and Thursday get my tooth fixed, and I HATE GETTIN’ OLD!!!! 😡

    I need more chocolate.


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