Damn.  I think I may have pulled a muscle in my chest doing my recent work-out.  Either that, or it’s the early warning signs of a heart condition.  Well, I guess time will tell.

Speaking of which, one site I like to check on a semi-regular basis is This Is Why You’re Fat (http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com/), a blog  that documents some of the most horrific culinary creations ever put to plate, from Breakfast Sushi to the Waffle-Coated Hot Dog on a Stick.  Yes, most entries are of the “Who the hell would eat that?” variety.  But a few, I’m not ashamed to admit, fall into the “I the hell would eat that!” category.  My Top 5 Desired Guilty Pleasures from the recent This Is Why You’re Fat archives…


The Twinkie Casserole: 24 Twinkies topped with caramel, mini marshmallows and brown sugar topped with caramel icing.

If someone had simply described it to me, my reaction would be “Disgusting!”.  But one look at that picture and I’ve revised that response to “Delicious!”. From Flickr via http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com.


Banana Peanut Butter Cup and Marshmallow Grilled Sandwich.

I remember once going to a comfort food restaurant and ordering something called The Elvis Shake.  It contained peanut butter, chocolate, and banana, and was so damn good that it was the only menu item to leave a favorable impression that night.  So much so that I’ve incorporated (almost) those same ingredients into my post-morning work-out shakes.  I wonder if The King did as well.  From The Picky Palate via http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com.


The Cookie Cake Pie: A layer of chocolate chip cookie dough and a layer of rainbow cake mix baked in a pie crust and topped with icing and sprinkles.

I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern developing.  I’ve eschewed those crazy meatastic masterpieces in favor of the demented desserts.  And they don’t get much more demented than this.  I’d probably eat it with a double scoop of vanilla to cut the sweetness.  From CakeSpy via http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com.


Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding.

And I thought those Krispy Kreme Sliders looked good!  From Food Network via http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com.


Desert Lasagna: Layers of Oreos, graham crackers, dulce de leche ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter chips drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Again, something that begs to be served with a double or triple scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Hmmm, upon further consideration, I’d suggest going quadruple. From redpajamas via http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com.

Okay, to be honest, I’d no doubt try everything on that website at least once – and would probably enjoy more than half of what I sampled.  But I’m limiting myself to those five only because I’m hungry as hell and about to head off to the Night Market for some no-doubt equally delectable dishes.   Will report back tomorrow with pictures.  In the meantime, how about some mailbag…

Light writes: “A quick question – do you really follow Ice Hockey at all?”

Answer: Not especially, although I do pay attention during the playoffs (and root for my old home team, the Montreal Canadians).  I prefer the NFL and NCAA basketball.

susan the tartan turtle writes: “Probably shouldn’t ask such an indelicate question but – how old is Miss Jelly?”

Answer: She’s eleven.

susan the tartan turtle also writes: “World Cup – Scots are usually accused of supporting whichever team is playing England.”

Answer: Ah, yes.  I have it on good authority that, if their national team doesn’t make the tourney, Scots generally root for Argentina – which, coincidentally, ousted England in that controversial 1986 World Cup match.

Airelle writes: “Ok I will ask is that a ponytail on the side of Jamil’s head there or is that Kiefer hair?”

Answer: Ha!  You noticed.  It’s actually a clip-on Jamil is wearing in support of Brazil.

Thornyrose writes: “So how is the pool going at this point?”

Answer: Carl – who knows next to nothing about soccer – is out in front.  I’m in second place, one point back, but any hopes I had of winning the pool were dashed with Italy’s early departure.  Of course, Carl’s hopes were dashed the second he picked the U.S. to go all the way.

Nadine writes: “You’ve seen Blood, right? […] I know you’ve done posts on animes in the past (I have them bookmarked for summer viewing LoL) but if I liked Blood, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Last Exile are there any along those veins which you’d recommend of the top of your head?”

Answer: If you’re referring to Blood: The Last Vampire, I saw the original movie and thought it was okay, but I have picked up the new series (simply haven’t gotten around to it yet).  Along those lines?  Hmmmmm.  Re: FMA.  I hear D.Gray-Man is similarly enjoyable.  As for Last Exile…not sure.  Haven’t come across anything quite like it although, now that you mention them, FMA and Last Exile have a lot in common (ie. the steampunk element).

Eternal Density writes: “While I agree with that for me, that statement doesn’t sit well with me because there are many fans who did not benefit from SGU at all.”

Answer: You miss my point.  Even those Stargate fans not watching Universe benefit from its continued production since it keeps the franchise relevant and the prospect of the SG-1 and Atlantis movies alive.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Do you know how long it will take for them to prepare the stem cells from Jelly and do the injections?”

Answer: They remove the tissue on the Tuesday, overnight it to the lab that separates the stem cells and overnights it the Wednesday, then inject them the Thursday.  Hopefully she’ll be seeing some improvement by the weekend.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Found out the other day why Ralph’s leg hadn’t been healing. This worked its way out of his body on Tuesday.”

Answer: Poor, Ralph. Give him a big kiss on the nose from me.

morjana writes: “#SGA and #SG1 stars will appear in #SGU Season 2, says Brad Wright.”

Answer: That was fast.

dave1984 writes: “will we be seeing any of the Atlantis crew in SGU?”

E writes: “Will we ever find out how did the Blue Aliens get hold of the communication stone? It’s quite obvious that Rush didn’t take one with him.”

Answer: Actually, Rush did have one with him.  When Young accuses him, Rush doesn’t hide the fact, responding along the lines of “Oh, well.”

jimmy writes: “Et vous Joseph, qui soutenez-vous ? Quelle équipe est la votre ?”

Answer: Maintenant?  Japon!  (I’m rooting Japan, my home away from home!).

BrianC writes: “Did you have a chance to see Planates yet?”

Answer: I did.  Liked it but didn’t love it.  It was a bit too slow for me.

Bilo&Bella writes: “I have a senior horse who will probably be facing arthritis in the coming years so it would be interesting to see if this treatment can be used in horses.”

Answer: As a matter of fact, this procedure was originally marketed for equine therapy.  Horses have benefited greatly from the treatment.

Shawn Cassidy writes: “What was the red card for?? Come on, whaddya do???”

Answer: I received it for writing a certain scene.  After the first rehearsal, Louis marched onto set and gave one of the actor’s a red card as well.  Caught it on video.  You’ll see it eventually.

Chevron7 writes: “So any new ice cream concoctions Joe?”

Answer: Nope.

63 thoughts on “June 26, 2010: My Top 5 Desired Guilty Pleasures!

  1. Glad to see thisiswhyyourefat.com is back. After it had gone offline without warning I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to view its artery clogging goodness.

  2. So, with the USA knocked out by Ghana today, Carl is out of contention along with you. I’ll wait and see if Ashleigh pulls ahead as she so often seems to.
    As for those desserts. Thanks, I’ve gained 8 pounds just looking at them and reading the descriptions. Which nicely cancels out my last 6 weeks of slow but steady weight loss. Of course with the current heat wave all I have to do is stand outside for a couple of hours and I should be back on track. seriously, I’d love to see the calorie counts on those things. Which brings to mind my question of the day. What would you personally design as an ultimate “this is what I want for my last meal” dish or dishes? I’ll also throw the question out to the regular readers. I am curious as to how imaginative everyone can get when it comes to such things.
    Thanks for the posting, and trust the dinner goess well for you.

  3. Hi Joe

    I’ve been to that site a few times and wondered to myself “What’s wrong with that?”

    Have a good night!


  4. The banana marshmallow grilled thingy looks great!

    One of my favorite ‘guilty pleasures’ (which I haven’t had in years!) is a Fluffernutter sammich: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluffernutter

    Love those things…AND…nowIwantone!

    Won’t go good with the bruschetta pizza I just finished, tho. 😛

    Have a good evening, Joe. Give the pups kisses for me! Hell…just give yourself a kiss in the mirror for me, too! 😀 (I betcha do that all the time anyway, so it won’t be too weird. 😉 )


  5. @Thornyrose – Last meal, eh? I think I’d go with scalloped potatoes (with cheese), fried liver with onions (smothered with gravy) and steamed peaches and cream style corn. Yum!


  6. Hi Joe, just a couple of small questions please,
    Do you know if stargate SG1/ Atlantis will ever be released on blue ray? And,
    Is it possible to make the early SG1 seasons in to HD, as presumably older cameras that would have been used, would have limited quality?

  7. Hey Joe … has anyone asked you if we will be seeing the folks who were left back on that paradise planet again? I have to believe we haven’t seen the last of them.

  8. Hey Joe, regarding Planetes, wouldn’t you agree it needs a sequal to cover Hachimaki and co going to Jupiter? Kinda bugs me that they haven’t expanded on the wide open plot point at the end of the season, alongside his potential relationship/marrage to Tanabe when he returns.

  9. Whose getting stem cells?
    And i thought the people of stargate were deeply religious based on their obsession with it for 10 seasons of sg1?

  10. I feel gorked just looking at the pics.

    Have you ever tried a twinkie toasted over a camp fire? Like a marshmallow, but tastier. The trick is to get them on the stick so they don’t slide, and go for a light golden brown, crispy but not charcoal. numnumnum

  11. A belated goodbye and thank you to Rob! I have never paid much attention to who wrote what, but in looking at the Top 10 list I realized you wrote most of my favorite episodes. Best wishes to you in your life after Stargate, and come back round and say hello to us now and then!

    re: twinkie casserole. Ewwww.

  12. Hi Joe, please let us know how Jelly does with all this, I’d be really interested in seeing if Elway is a candidate to have it done as well. Will she need general anesthesia to collect the cells? By the way (and I hope I’m not jinxing anything here…), he hasn’t had any seizures since March 17th, a record for him. This was prior to his surgery (which by the way, he has completely recovered from and is back to his usual bouncy self), so even though I’m edge waiting for the other shoe to drop, even his doctors are wondering what gives. 🙂

    Have a good night!

  13. Thanks for the birthday desert, Joe. 🙂

    Irony: While reading about the five deadly sins er, deserts, I ate a birthday piece of late-night key lime pie after an evening out with friends. 😀 Key lime anything is a favorite, as well as something Elvis-inspired: Peanut butter toast (chunky peanut butter, for texture) topped with banana slices and drizzled with honey. The bottom two layers are crunchy and the top two are creamy/smooth. It is decadent, but a rare treat.

    @all y’all
    Miss ya, blog family! Have been working more & sleeping less than a same person should. Should be able to catch up with myself in July. Sassy Dad is doing well, but sounds hoarse sometimes since thyroid surgery. Bro & sis-in-law have co-produced the cutest little nephew an Auntie could have. Spoiled? Well on his way. At two months old he is already trying to talk back when we talk to him. Cheeky little thing! He’ll fit right in with this sassy family. 😛

    Further irony: my Chinese sis-in-law, who loves to cook, also loves watching Paula Dean on Food Network. Ms. Dean recently made that Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

    Irony, the third:
    It was really sad to see Rob Cooper’s sayonara. (Even tougher on Brad, Joe & the Stargate family.) Haven’t felt like that since the final episode of Atlantis. *sniff* Was wondering what he’d be up to next. Wonder no more! Today, while out to lunch with Mom, a swarm of kids and adults surged into the restaurant. All of their bright yellow T-shirts made a sea of living billboards, emblazoned with:


    Now why Rob would run for prosecutor in the Midwest is a mystery, but it iscooler than the Southwest. And why he’d use the thinly veiled pseudonym “Brad Cooper” (in smaller type) on the T-shirts is also a stumper, but we can only wish him the best of luck.

    Thank you for all the lump-in-the-throat & wild ride stories, Mr. Cooper. Hail and farewell….

  14. Those desserts…wow. I absolutely couldn’t do the Twinkie thing because I can’t stand Twinkies in the first place. I think I could do the sandwich, though.

    I’m so happy to hear Jelly can get the procedure!!

    I’m sorry to heard Rob is leaving the franchise. He will be missed, indeed.

  15. Actually, Rush did have one with him. When Young accuses him, Rush doesn’t hide the fact, responding along the lines of “Oh, well.”

    Sorry, but that doesn’t make much sense, Joe. Earlier in the episode, we see all five communication stones in the case. Had one been missing, surely a fuss would have been made over it? Young certainly would have been accusing Rush well before he left him on the blue alien spaceship planet. Sure, Rush could have got one from somewhere else but the same issue occurs. If a stone had been missing from anywhere, someone would have said something; surely something like the stones would be well guarded and a huge stink made if one went missing? Plus, had Rush had a stone from somewhere else, why would he have needed to use one from the case in Air to report back to O’Neill?

  16. *giggle* I am such a sweet freak that it’s not even funny. Like I’ve said before, I eat my dessert first!!

    1. I have apparently lead a very sheltered life, because I have never had a Twinkie. They weren’t available where I grew up and now, it’s not something I think to hunt down. But they seem to be such an iconic sweet that they have been on my Food Bucket List for awhile now, so I will eventually give one a whirl. I would eat the Twinkie Casserole minus the marshmallows.
    2. I would be all over that Banana Grilled sandwich in a second, with extra chocolate, and would go back for seconds…
    3. I would give a pass on the Cookie Cake Pie, it looks rather dry. Unless the cake portion was chocolate and the icing was a specific icing that my Mom makes, with those changes, I would eat it.
    4. The Krispy Cream Bread Pudding would be gone and you wouldn’t get any…. It’s mine all mine…
    5. The Dessert Lasagna, yeah I’d eat that one as well, made with plain chocolate wafers (not Oreos).

    @ Thornyrose – ohh man that is such a hard question to answer…. I would want my last meal to be tried and true favourites, that I would have one last time. So mine wouldn’t really be that imaginative, it would however be a MASSIVE amount of food….. OK after about 10 items I had to stop, and I still wasn’t done yet (half of this, a slice of that). So since this post was all about the sweet, I will just list off my 4 (separate) dessert selections.

    1. Slice of Classic New York Style Cheesecake with fresh strawberries in a simple syrup
    2. One of my cinnamon buns. They are made with an extra brown sugar/cinnamon/raisin sauce that you lay the buns in, so when you turn the buns out of the pan, they ooze with this sticky gooey sauce. Serve with gobs of real butter.
    3. Banana Ice cream, with toffee pieces and toasted pecans
    4. A generous selection of fine chocolates/truffles….. maple, raspberry, ganache, salted caramel, bacon *oh vey*


    Have a Good One!!

    P.S. I would like to clarify something; I have been an SG-1, SGA, and now an SGU fan from the very inception of the franchise. (Although I had to wait for the second half of season one before I would call myself an SGU fan). I have seen every show/movie when they first came out. So when I say that I’m late to the party, I meant to this blog, not to Stargate.

  17. Hi Joe

    On the topic of food. If you were told that you could only eat one more meal before you died what would it be or consist of?

    And will we be seeing more of “Brody’s” Bar in season 2? That definately added a nice warm touch to the show.

    And finally, will the Season 1 DVD’s for SGU only be available as two separate sets (1st 1/2 & 2nd 1/2) or will it also get released as the whole season as one?


  18. I just went into a sugar coma just looking at those pictures. Yikes. Did someone say let’s combine the sweetest, most calorie laden foods ever and then bake? I’m getting the shakes. That Cookie Cake pie does look good though.

    What is your all-time favorite dessert?

  19. Oh and I wanted to post a pic of something that I thought you might enjoy Joe! Made it myself as it will be a decoration for a fan party I’m going to pre-GateCon in a week and a half:


    (Couldn’t get up the patience to actually add the hyroglyphs though) 🙂

  20. E writes: “Will we ever find out how did the Blue Aliens get hold of the communication stone? It’s quite obvious that Rush didn’t take one with him.”

    Answer: Actually, Rush did have one with him. When Young accuses him, Rush doesn’t hide the fact, responding along the lines of “Oh, well.”

    Sorry, Joe, you’re selling swampland again.

    All five stones are still in the case. If Rush had taken one, what would be his reason? He wasn’t going to Earth to visit anyone from what we’ve seen, with the exception of his initial visit to O’Neill. The next time we see Rush use the stones is in Subversion. If he had swiped a stone and was using it to swap with someone on Earth, I think that fact would have been noticed in short order since someone would undoubtedly mention to Young that “Rush was just here yesterday. Don’t you people talk to each other?”

    Also, if he had taken one from the case, how did it get linked to another stone in the case rather than one on Earth?

    If, on the other hand, he had taken the counterpart to one of Destiny’s stones from Earth, then there would be a “dead” stone in the case on Destiny, and that would have been discovered when someone tried to use it and it didn’t work. If that was the case, there’s no logical reason for Young to have used the “dead” stone to report to O’Neill. Not to mention that it would most likely have been noticed very quickly that a stone had gone missing.

    Alternatively, if Rush swiped an Earth stone and someone used the linked stone from the ones on Destiny, he still would have been found out when that person ended up switching with him. Rush likely wouldn’t say anything about the switch, but I’d lay odds the other person certainly would.

    Or are you saying Telford isn’t the only one that was compromised by the Lucian Alliance? Did they catch Rush and brainwash him too and give him a stone to report back to them? Did he find Telford’s stone before the evac and take it? After all, Telford had to have some way of communicating with the Alliance to report on the status of the project. However, that again brings up the problem of how it got linked to one of Destiny’s stones. And don’t say it’s because the stones link to the closest stone, with the exception of ones in immediate proximity, since we know there are stones in Pegasus, which is closer to Destiny than the Milky Way. Or do the stones connect to the closest one that is actively in use, again with the exception of the immediate proximity?

    As far as Rush’s response goes, to me it amounts to a non-response since he doesn’t seem to bother denying accusations made against him whether or not they are true, he just kind of lets them drop to the floor and lie there squirming, and he particularly seems to enjoy yanking Young’s chain.

  21. I think I’ll go with #3 – but only if the cake mix is replaced with the Angel Food variety. I’m sure throwing a handful of coloured sprinkles would still give it the desired look… And maybe go with a chocolate icing.

    Wouldn’t go near the others – even with a side of insulin! They’re just so bland looking…

  22. Hmmmm, but if the stones connection is based on proximity to an active stone, that creates a problem with the possibility of Telford using them to report to the Alliance since there would be no way to know for certain who he would be connecting with. Which again brings us back to the problem of how the stones are linked

  23. Most of the food on that site looks just plain too big for one person to eat in a sitting. Like, sure it would be horrible if they ate all that, but who could eat two whole pizzas stuffed with five hamburgers, a pound of bacon, and two pounds of cheese (for example)?

  24. @SG7

    IMO it would be highly unlikely season one of SGU would be available as a single set as long as MGM’s woes continued. Don’t think they can commission additional DVD formats, especially after the wad of greenbacks they blow on the Blu-Ray format. MGM is too broke to release anything right now. Their last theatrical offering is the forgettable Hot Tub Time Machine.

    Of course if someone buys the Stargate franchise or the whole MGM entity then new season formats for SGU might be possible.

    @danial fleming

    my exposition above also applies to any re-releases of SG1/SGA in the Blu-Ray format for the next little while.

  25. A suggested cake you might like. I thought it up, although someone else made it for me. Very sweet, very rich, very good. I’ll start from the base – it’s a multi layered cake.

    Chocolate brownie base (preferably with choc chips in it)
    Chocolate mousse with jelly bits mixed in
    Chocolate jelly
    Chocolate cheese cake
    Chocolate mousse with marshmallows
    Chocolate sprinkles

    You could probably also add a choc-chip cookie layer somewhere in there, as well as a mud cake layer or whatever you want. I’d like to see someone tackle this creation.

  26. Loved all of the food pictures except for the sandwich. Of course, I can’t have any right now since the hubby and I are trying to lose weight. Oh, well. 🙂

  27. @Elminster. Rather a daring choice, I think. Liver and onions can be very tasty, but I’ve found that only a small percentage of people seem to know how to cook liver in a way to maximize the flavor.
    @Kymm. I’d definitely pay for one of the cinnamon buns.

  28. I wonder what a twinkie tastes like…

    that Krispy creme custard bread and butter pudding looks scrumptious actually.. but it’d have about 4, 399,288 calories per serve :/

    @Abbas ; no offence but wouldn’t we get our info about the movies from Joe? Wouldn’t he be the best source for updates?

    I wanna join in the queue for giving your pugkids, especially Jelly, a biiiiiiiiiiig kiss.

  29. I really don’t think I could eat more than a large spoonful of all of those – maybe two (okay, ten) of the Krispy Kreme bread pudding (even if I had to sideline someone to get at it) – plus a small vanilla sorbet refresher before calling it quits. But it’s fun to see what other people would enjoy in the way of crazy decadent desserts. I’m not fixated on strict food regimens or anything; it’s just that I can only handle so much sugar before getting a blecchy feeling. Buttery/creamy stuff – whole other story.

    LOL at Jeffrey Ford’s succinct comment.

    @ Thornyrose – What a great question! But you didn’t tell us what you would have yourself. Care to share?

    I’d start with some guacamole from a perfectly ripe avocado and bits of Roma tomato, and a little onion and lemon, then go with a small filet mignon, wrapped with bacon and grilled, like my dad used to fix about once a month. (He’s a pretty good cook, especially using a charcoal grill.) For sides, grilled corn on the cob, using one of the sweeter varieties; also, salad with fresh spinach and Boston/Bibb lettuce, assorted mushroom pieces, and bacon, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and a tad of bacon drippings. A slice of homemade herb batter bread (marjoram and sage, mostly) with butter, and some really good Bordeaux wine would round out dinner.

    Interlude: An hour or so of leisurely swimming in a pleasantly cool pond, then sunning atop a mat on a nice warm boat dock until dusk. Eau de Summer, lol.

    Desserts: A bit of Danish yeast-raised kringle, very buttery, with lots of pecans, ample cinnamon, and a good amount of brown sugar; 2) exquisitely ripe blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and peaches for nibbling (all kept separate) drizzled with their own syrup; 3) a mini-dish of poudine chomeur made with extra-dark maple syrup; and 4) one perfect dark chocolate Amaretto truffle. (Sort of a ripoff of Kymm’s list. Monkey see, monkey want. But the dessert might have to wind up mostly as breakfast, for me.)

    Later, after all that has worn off, I’d sip on a medium-sized glass of my own well-chilled, spicy eggnog. – I know, strange combo of foods, with none of them really original in themselves. But I’d enjoy it very much.

    Tomorrow, I’ll want Southern cornbread, made with stone-ground cornmeal, and bacon drippings for shortening. (Cheating, yes, but this is food, after all.)

    So – do you like traditional Virginia foods, or other?

  30. I thought it would take much longer to prepare the stem cells. It would be fantastic if Jelly had relief immediately! Thanks for answering the question.

    My teeth hurt just looking at those pictures. I have several favorite foods so it’s hard to narrow down to a one or two things. Pretty much, food that includes sugar, chocolate, cheese and fruit.

    Das: I’ve heard about Fluffernutter’s but never had the pleasure.

    Kymm: No Twinkies? “Gasp”

    Deni: I’m glad Elway is doing great!

    If you go to San Diego, Mr. M., I saw on Best Thing I Ever Ate Bobby Flay’s favorite breakfast was: Peanut Butter & Banana Stuffed French Toast at Cafe 222. It sounded simple to make. Day old bread w/peanut butter/banana but the sandwich was dipped in a brandy egg syrup before grilling. Sounded yummy.

    We are taking Vet friend, Jo, to Leonard’s BBQ for lunch today. Jo is having a rough time. Her last kitty is going into congestive heart failure. Rotten luck, since she had to put down her two other cats recently. Hopefully, she can pull him (Romeo) out of it and give him a little more time.

    Speaking of heart failure; I’m pretty sure those peanut butter grilled sandwiches, the assortment of fried foods and no exercise had a big hand in killing Elvis.

  31. Joe —

    I think you need to add MaggieMayDay’s campfire roasted Twinkies to a future scene. Mitchell would be the perfect character to pull that delight out of his pack, but I could also see Sheppard and Ronan sharing them to Teyla’s disgust and Rodney’s envy or maybe lighten up Greer a little by having him share the last ones he brought from Icarus with his team.

  32. E writes: “Will we ever find out how did the Blue Aliens get hold of the communication stone? It’s quite obvious that Rush didn’t take one with him.”

    Answer: Actually, Rush did have one with him. When Young accuses him, Rush doesn’t hide the fact, responding along the lines of “Oh, well.”

    Really? My take on the scene was that Rush didn’t care what Young thinks of him anyway, valid theory or not. Did Rush take the stone after first making contact with Earth in “Air”, or before leaving Icarus? Does it mean there were originally six comm stones, or that there are now four stones?

    And I see you refuse to answer my other question. Okay, I get it. Hopefully it doesn’t mean anything bad for the character. 😛

  33. Holy Hannah – after reading the blog, I feel the need to do a full hour of carido, and drink just water for the rest of the day. Yeeeeoooww!

    My guilty pleasure of late, is… Pepsi, milk or cream and vanilla Stoli. I call it the Laverne and Shirley. If it’s a really bad day… I substitute the milk/ cream with vanilla yogurt, which I kinda like better.

  34. Qradruple YUM times 3. Some of those need an extra “yum” exclamation. The Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding looks delightful – hey, just the Krispy Kreme name is attractive.

    Looking at those pixs – I can smell and taste the sugary yummyness and I don’t have any candy, pastry, sugar anything in the house. Wow, the power of suggestion.

    Belated THANKS to Rob for all his contributions and effort to the Stargate franchise. And, of course we hope he will stay in contact cause enquiring minds want to know.

    Now even hungrier – so have to find something tasty….sigh.

  35. Except for the bread pudding, none of those desserts look the least bit appetizing to me, so you can have my share. But I would definitely take one of Kymm’s cinnamon buns. I’ll trade her one for one of my cinnamon pecan croissants!

    Joe, I hope Jelly does well with the tissue aspiration and re-infusion of stem cells this week. I’ll be interested in hearing how she does. I have an 80 pound 7-year-old yellow lab who, so far, is doing very well health-wise (except for the recurrent ear infections and skin problems due to an allergy to grass) but I know that her breed is prone to hip trouble. It would be nice to know that there are therapies out there that might help her if she eventually develops arthritis.

    @Deni: I’m glad Elway is doing so much better.

    @MaggieMayDay: Campfire roasted Twinkies? Probably pretty tasty, but too sweet for me.

  36. Hello Joseph!
    ça va bien?

    Moi super j’ai passé la journée avec ma meilleur amie et ont à été au lac faire du Canoë! 🙂

    O_O ohh les gateaux!! Mais ça vous détruit la santé tout ça!! A chaque bouché j’aurai des remorts…déjà que je ne m’accorde qu’une cuillère de beurre de cacahuète par semaine…heureusement que le pot est bon jusqu’an 2011 XD. Mon père qui est patissier fait des gateaux mais pas de ce genre lol, on dirait que tout les ingrédients sont réunies pour rendre malade…c’est la nouvelle arme de destruction du 21ème siécle ? lol

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Bisou =)

  37. @Thornyrose – I know. My problem is no one in the family likes liver. I ‘discovered’ liver at a friends when I was young, then I could only get it occasionaly at a resturant. Then, when I got older and married, my wife couldn’t stand the sight of it or the smell so I could only get it when eating out and wouldn’t be near her for a while. Once we broke up I had liver weekly, until my daughters, one by one, came to live with me. I’m on the last one at home now, so in about 4 or 5 years, I’ll be a ‘free man’. Then it’ll be Liver and Onions and Brussel Sprouts and Fish for me!


  38. @Kymm

    You’re not missing much. Twinkies are pretty disgusting. I was always more of a fan of Hostess Cupcakes. If it isn’t chocolate… Speaking of which, that “lasagna” looks pretty good…
    Best wishes,


  39. Mr. M.: I had lunch with my vet friend, Jo. Jo has heard of the stem cell treatment that you are getting for Jelly. She said she has heard good things about the treatment but sometimes there is a problem with infection. Sounds very promising though!

    Narelle: Jo went to school with Charlaine Harris! Ms. Harris is coming to Tunica, MS (45 minutes away from me) for a book signing this week. Jo said she could get an autograph from Ms. Harris but I don’t want to bug her with that. The offer is exciting though. Amazingly, Jo hasn’t read any of Charlaine’s books 🙄 .

  40. @ Thornyrose – yes, they are soooo good. They are a lot of work to make. So between the calories and the prep factor, they seldom get made, but for a last meal totally necessary.

    @ Sparrow_Hawk – I would definitely do the trade, cinnamon pecan croissants sound amazing!! I looked at your Zombiefit link. I find Parkour to be fascinating and really fun to watch. I could never do it, I would end up doing a face plant/splat into a cement wall, but I sure admire those who can do it.

    @ Otros Ojos – your list is so healthy sounding, a salad, a side of corn. I figured since it was my ‘last meal’ I would go for broke. The calories wouldn’t count because I’d be dead and I’d be able to skip the yucky sugar rush/crash. *LOL*

    @ Tammy Dixon – I knowww I feel like I had a deprived childhood. No Twinkies, no Ding Dongs, no Ho-Ho’s, no Snowballs. We had junk food, but all of these things were just not available.

    Joe – I meant to say that picture of you yesterday, where you were demonstrating the shirt tuck to Carl. You look like you are about 5 years old and are waiting for your Mom to finish talking so that you can tell her something. Too funny!!

    IRL, like most people, what I WANT to eat and what I actually eat are two different things…*sigh* I’ve actually been considering trying to follow the Eating Clean food plan, I don’t need to lose weight but I thought I might like to eliminate all processed foods/sugar for a while, (see if it helps my sleep). I think it would be incredibly difficult, so I’m not sure if I’m ready to make the commitment yet. Is there such a thing as being too healthy??? *she asks hopefully*


  41. Hey, Joe.

    I missed these again?


    Well, I guess I’ll repost my questions again.

    1.) Have you seen these?



    See? Riley has fans.

    2.) Have you seen this, BTW?


    Pretty interesting. What’s your take on it?

    It’s not really here nor there with me but there’s one part of that I VEHEMENTLY disagree with and that’s the Riley part. Riley is just too awesome.

    3.) Will you have an alien join the cast (and no, I don’t mean a Jaffa, Tok’ra or Lucien Alliance member)? PLEASE no “aliens/people with rubber foreheads” retread or any other human look-alikes. I mean a true, non-human looking alien. The majority of main-cast “aliens” in sci-fi television usually consist of humans wearing make-up and/or silly clothes and costumes. That’s pretty annoying. And this coming from someone who is a huge fan of Teal’c. Break that (rubber) mold.

    Why not one of the Blues?

    Having one of them onboard the ship would give insight into their race. Also, it not knowing how to speak English at first and examining how different it’s species is from humans both physically and culturally would make for a great story arc.

    4.) Now that Lost is over, have you guys thought about poaching some of their crew a little? You know, people like script writers, directors, producers and other areas of production? Writers and directors as freelancers, at the very least? It would be very awesome to see Damon Lindelof join the SGU crew.

  42. @ Bryan M. White – I actually fully expect them to be disgusting *happy grin* I still want to see what all of the fuss is all about and I feel left out by not having tried one. I’ll definitely add Hostess Cupcakes to my list.


  43. ************Serious question alert***********

    What’s a Twinkie?

  44. No lie, I swear I have all these little tiny sugar ants crawling around underneath my computer and I just figured out why. It’s your damn blog dessert pictures!! Would you pleeease post a picture of a can of Raid now! Thanks a lot.

  45. Ooooo. My stomach is hurting just looking at those pics. I’ve never even tried a Krispy Kreme doughnut despite the number of times I’ve walked past it at airports.

    Didn’t get a chance to say farewell to Rob Cooper. I’ll add to the voices wishing him all the best for the future and to thank him for many of the episodes that are high up on the list of favourites.

    Thanks for the good wishes re Ralph. Passed on your smooch on the nose and the hugs from Tammy, das, Chev and Susan the Tartan Turtle. Now he’s going to expect it all the time 🙂
    He was looking pretty miserable for a couple of days after http://twitpic.com/1zr0v0 but he seems to be more his old self after the weekend chasing Jack around and tearing up the grass.

    Tammy – Small world re Charlaine Harris! She seems to have a good sense of humour so maybe she wouldn’t mind the extra autograph. Just don’t mention anything about sparkly vampires 😉 There’s a Con she’s attending in Melbourne on my Birthday this year so a small group of us were considering heading there for the day.

  46. susan the tartan turtle – Sorry about the wrapped rodent picture. We have mice about once a year and they get into some crazy places. Fortunately I’m not squeamish when it comes to critters, it’s just part of living with trees and rivers around you. Provides great amusement for the dogs and hones their paw/eye co-ordination. After a couple of weeks they disappear again.

  47. re:Answer: I received it for writing a certain scene. After the first rehearsal, Louis marched onto set and gave one of the actor’s a red card as well. Caught it on video. You’ll see it eventually.

    I didn’t even realized it was him on the picture until you mentionned it. I was wondering why there was no name under the picture !!! Must be the Brazil vest that distracted me 😀 !!! Go Brazil!!!
    Sorry for Italy, Joe . The Portuguese team seems to be doing pretty well. I guest if I would want to bet money on two teams I would take it with Brazil. My alarm clock is set on the channel reporting the world cup games.
    re: you’ll see it eventually,…. with the Q &A …. right Joe ???
    8) 😀

  48. G’day Joe

    That sandwich makes me sick just looking at it. Banana and peanut butter makes me sick, I had a shake with the once and was crook for a few days, to this day it makes me queasy just thinking about about them together.
    As for the others hell yeah I would give all of them a go. But would have to have a few scoops of ice-cream. My kids only want the Cookie Cake Pie.
    Cannot get twinkies here. They were available in the middle of the 80’s but not anymore.
    As for my favourite dessert – Apple Pie – three serves- one with cream, one with ice-cream and the third with custard.


  49. all these desserts look good to me. It’s a good thing they are not in front of me and that I don’t have their recipes! 😀

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