WTF?  What the hell does this mean?

“The Google Maps API server rejected your request because you do not have permission to use this service over SSL.”

I ask because the message pops up every time I attempt to update this blog.  And, by some unhappy coincidence, my html keeps screwing up, line spacing is off, paragraphs are run together, and I’ve inadvertently offended someone on Skype (although I’m not entirely sure the I can lay blame for the latter on Google Maps API server, I’m going to try anyway).  All signs point to a plug-in issue.  Or, at least, the google search for the aforementioned phrase points to a plug-in issue.  How to address?  Should I switch web browsers?  Check the firewall settings on my internet security software?  Apologize?

Paul popped his head into my office yesterday and asked: “Hey, what’re you doing the last week of July?” almost sounding as though it was a perfectly innocent question.  Almost.

“I think I’ll be in Chad,”I informed him, “doing missionary work.”

“Now, you see,”he said, fixing me with a look of feigned disappointment.  “If you’d said you were gun-running, THEN I might’ve believed you…”

I knew this was about Comic Con, that he’d been asked, couldn’t attend, and was looking for me to go instead.  Unfortunately, I really did have plans for that particular week.  Not missionary plans or gun-running plans, but more possibly going to Montreal plans.  Plus, I think the fans get enough of me here on this little corner of the internet.  I wouldn’t want to overextend myself.  First it’s Comic Con and the next thing you know I’m endorsing Fritos and doing a guest spot on Cougar Town.

Damn.  After five straight days in first place, I relinquished my spot in our Office World Cup Pool to – of all people – fellow Exec. Producer Carl Binder!  I’m now tied for second alongside Paul and Brad.  Fortunately, Carl has picked Greece in one of tomorrow’s match-ups.  And, fortunately, I have not.

Hey, have you met my Jelly?

She’s the eldest of my dog crew, an eleven year old pug who aint quite as spry as she used to be on account of some hip problems.  Once a speed demon, she can barely get around anymore, relying on me to carry her up and down stairs, on and off the bed, in and out of the house.  Although a complete hip replacement is an option, it’s a fairly invasive surgery, one I’m not at all certain she’d be able to handle, so, instead, I’m managing her discomfort with medication and consigned myself to being her chauffeur for the foreseeable future.  Then, the other day, I came across this interesting article –,8599,1817572,00.html – detailing the use of stem cell therapy to help animals suffering from hip dysplasia and similar degenerative conditions.  Tissue is removed from the pet and sent to a special lab where a centrifuge is used to extract the stem cells, then the cells are sent back and injected into the problem area.  According to studies done since the Time magazine article was first published, the treatment has seen very positive results.  No side effects to speak of, although some pet owners have complained of feeling lighter in the wallet.  The procedure is pricey. BUT I figure if I can spend the money to go to Tokyo, I can sure as hell spend the money to help out my favorite gal.  If the treatment helps by restoring even ten percent of her original hip function, it’ll have been worth it.  Hell, even if it has no discernible effect, it will have been worth it because at least I’ll know I tried everything I could to ensure her golden years are as comfortable as possible.  After a preliminary discussion with our vet who believes the treatment may hold some promise, I was referred to a specialist.  They’re sending him the x-rays and Jelly and I have an appointment to see him next week.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Das.  Get yerself fixed up!


Ian Z. writes: “While I’m not against it. What made you (and fellow writers) decide to have the Lucian Alliance use Earth weapons instead of Goa’uld weapons? Are we to assume that Earth has superseded the Goa’uld in arms dealing?”

Answer: No particular reason.  As I said in a previous entry, the Lucian Alliance is made up of disparate groups who have helped themselves to any and all tech (rudimentary and advanced) available since the fall of the goa’uld.  When it comes to handheld weaponry, that covers everything from zats to crossbows.  We decided to go with Earth (Earth-like) weaponry to differentiate Kiva’s faction from previous factions we’ve encountered.  Also, they’re cooler in a firefight.

Ian Z. also writes: “Also, have you checked out Stargate Resistance yet?”

Answer: Nope.  I’m sure it’s wonderful, but I’m not a gamer.

Mark writes: “1.if the crew of the destiny finds a seedership, could they change the programming of the seedership to build a supergate from the collected materials?

2.If the Seedership is not big enough to produze a supergate (to get the destiny through the supergate (if they could control it) to earth) they could change the programming to build more modern stargates, to change the limit of the range?”

Answers: 1. Highly unlikely.  2. Again, highly unlikely.

Simon writes: “1) What do you think of the ratings in total for SGU’s first Season?

2) When’s that Jamil Walker Smith Q&A coming?

3) If SGU where to end shorter than expected, are you prepared for that?

4) Similar to the question above. If that DOES happen, will there be more of a chance of getting the SG-1 and SGA movies?”

Answers: 1) No matter what ratings your show receives, you always want it to do better.  That being said, the key demos have been fairly consistent as have the +7 numbers.  Ultimately, any discussion of these ratings, while interesting, is neither here nor there.  Our second season pick up was predicated on a strong first half performance of our opening season.  The third season pick up will depend on the first ten episodes of the show’s second year.  And, with our scheduled move to Tuesday nights, I’m feeling pretty good about our chances.

2) Good question.  Jamil?

3)  Oh, sure.  I’ve been prepared since the end of SG-1’s fifth season.  It’s been a fantastic twelve season ride for me and I would never take anything for granted – still, if I had to put money on it, I’d say that, same time next year, you’ll be quizzing me about a possible fourth season pick up.

4) Er, quite the opposite actually.  Some fans, either because they’re ignorant to the workings of television production or simply refuse to see reason, assume that the only thing holding back the movies is continued production on SGU.  In fact, the hold up is a studio decision based on various financial factors that have nothing to do with Universe.  Continued production on Universe is what is keeping the franchise healthy and open to the possibility of future movies. As things stand now, Stargate: Universe carries the mantle of the Stargate franchise while the two movies – with scripts already in place – await the greenlight for production.  If, in a worse case scenario, SGU were to wrap production earlier than expected (unlikely but, hey, let’s play “what if?”), then I suspect that it would assume first position in any potential film schedule, pushing SG-1 to the temporary back-burner.

dasNdanger writes: “1. Did you mention the publisher? For some reason, I’m thinking either Vertigo/DC, or Dark Horse…but that may be for something else I was looking into.

2. Any time frame for release? Next year sometime??

3. What’s the difference between scripting a tv show, and scripting a comic book?”

Answers: 1. I haven’t mentioned the publisher, but will make the announcement once the deals have been finalized (just awaiting a few contract signatures now).

2. I’m hoping sometime early next year.

3. When script a comic book, you assume the role of both writer and director.

myhelix writes: “1) Will we have a episode in Season 2 that focused on Dr. Rush and Col. Young´s and Rush and Eli´s relationship ?! These three are a blast to watch, they have a great on-screen chemistry.

2)Will the Destiny crew ever stumble across a planet with a whole alien society on it?”

Answers: 1) Possibly.  2) Again – possibly.

81 thoughts on “June 16, 2010: WTF does Google Maps have to do with my blog? My gal’s hip problems! And some mailbag!


    1 i would have had a couple naquada reactors and some basic supplies on a cart ready to go (food/water/air basic medical supplies and some explosives)

    2 being a pig headed [redacted] when you figure out you have made a mess of things is just wrong

    3 why does she still trust telford at all?? (this of course being after she figures they switched back)

    please tell me that the next time somebody actually dials the 9CA they 1 don’t blow up the planet 2 manage to take some basic supplies with them

    BTW any chance of us seeing the 9CA for even a fraction of a second in some episode??

  2. You’re a really good guy, Joe Mallozzi! I hope Ms Jelly gets TONS of relief from the procedure. We’ll keep her in our thoughts!

  3. oh and btw i would check both what plugins you have on the site and the source of your submission page to see if anything googlemapish shows up

    (psst can you fire up a copy of say firefox and see what happens??)

  4. Hello.

    Give Jelly my best wishes, and extra hugs from all of us.

    Best wishes.


  5. Since folks seem to stop in regularly to ask about the status of the Stargate movies (and to speculate on why they aren’t yet in production), maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put up a link on the right-hand side of this blog leading to an entry where you’ve already addressed the issue. Save you from having to repeat yourself a lot.

    Unless, of course, the new readers just skip over the menus on the right-hand side of the blog entirely. Heh.

    Very good news about this new procedure for dogs, by the way. I hope all goes well.

  6. joe said: […] “If, in a worse case scenario, SGU were to wrap production earlier than expected (unlikely but, hey, let’s play “what if?”), then I suspect that it would assume first position in any potential film schedule, pushing SG-1 to the temporary back-burner.”

    you’re joking, right? sgu would get a movie made *over* sg1, that’s been in holding pattern for how long?

    please tell me you’re joking or being snarky… 🙁

  7. Aww, gee…thanks, Joe. I wasn’t fishing for a dedication, but I’ll take it anyway! 😀

    (***psst! If that stuff works for Jelly, gimme the vet’s number…I think I’ll be needing him, too… 😛 )


  8. I really hate to be the naysayer dragging down the optimism, but I am very skeptical of the article. The first red flag was the reference coming from a “doggie acupuncturist”, a field that shall we say, lacks objective evidence to support it. Another flag would be the methodology involved. Just shoot the stem cells in and they miraculously take the form of multiple types of tissue. From my admittedly limited knowledge of the field, the targeting is a bit more precise. I am not calling this procedure a scam, but I would also not buy into it without a lot more research.
    Which is to say, I’d have to disagree about being willing to spend money even without discernable effect. Not all legitimate procedures/treaments work, but at least those are based on evidence based science. But there are too many quacks and scam artists out there taking too much money from too many trusting, desperate people. Please, please look very carefully into the whole idea before committing to the process. I too would love to see Jelly feeling better. But to give money to cynical people preying on your desire to do the best by your beloved family member.
    Of course, this may in fact be a legitimate treatment. I actually hope that it is, and that it will do what you hope it will for Jelly. I’ll look up what I can over the next few days, and pass on any findings of note.
    I apologize for the down tone. Maybe it’s just having a tooth extracted this morning getting me down. The meds are wearing off, and maybe I can pop back up to my normal more optimistic self.

  9. @das: get to a doctor and get those wrists fixed!

    @joe: Good luck with the doctor appointment. I hope Jelly gets some relief from the stem cells.

  10. hi Joe, last episode was great, albeit a sad one. so much happened in it, the chloe/eli scene got me scratching my head for some time because i wasnt sure if i knew what they meant, in that aspect it was realistic and not all soapy but i was just more interested in what was happening with the LA and stuff. in any other episode though i wouldve liked it more, especially if it were the main focus instead.
    Young is a terrific character, i dont know what the show wouldve been like without him. best parts were cam wrays dialogue with Kiva, and TJ with LA guys who i forgot their names. the parts that i didnt like was the Matt with Greer conversation about duty, Telford’s death and instincts, and Rush not having much of a role to play– he was very instrumental in the past episodes and all of a sudden he takes a backseat.

    i like the direction of the show now, wouldve been great though to have Telford. and did Riley die or something? how about TJ? its a sci fi show so its hard to implement death. but TJ looked dead to me.

    another thing, season 2 needs ratings, do you believe it can get higher ratings than that of season 1? is it at all possible? what is needed to move the show onto season 3?
    i think you guys should start marketing this show like crazy this time. ads on NBC and guest appearances or maybe internet ads. i dont know something to tell people that this show is awesome.

  11. I would watch an SGU movie before I watched an Atlantis movie…good show…but SGU is much more akin to my palate.

    I think you should dedicate your next posting to me just because I am so loyal! 😉

  12. Joe, if you use any plugins related to geotagging or, more specifically, a Google Maps API plugin, check them and if there’s an option for SSL, turn it off.

    Or…if you have the Google toolbar running in your web browser, disable it and see if the problem goes away.

    Whatever the specific cause, it’s likely that something running on your computer is trying to ping the Google Maps API and if you’re logging into your blog (securely), it’s generating the message you mentioned.

  13. Just wanted to send my good wishes to the lovely Miss Jelly – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the therapy helps!

  14. Since there is an 80% chance that the stem cells will improve Jelly’s hips, but also important is the fact that there are no reports of negative effects. I think Jelly should go for it. Plus, since it is relatively non-invasive, when compared to a hip replacement, you’ll want to try everything before considering the knife. You’re right about Japan. I was going to say give her some extra treats, but that’s probably not a good idea, so give her some extra cuddles!!

    Have a good one!!

  15. Hey Joe, my husband is obsessed with pug dogs. Do you think that (as my Father’s Day gift to him) you could post a pic of all your dogs together so he could see them? It would earn me some major bonus points. 🙂

  16. Ah poor Jelly! Keep us up to date on the ole gal! Thanks for the link, BTW. Gives me some food for thought with the vet. Perhaps something like this would be an option for my Vader, my lab/huskey who managed to damage ligaments in both of his hind knees. Since he’s only stretched them and he’s fine with pain management (pills and time at the pool) we haven’t bothered with the surgery, yet. We are waiting to see what happens, if he really needs it. But if this procedure would work for him, I’d push it. Time for research mode!

  17. I never thought that if SGU were canceled that the movies would be made. But your statement saying that the success of SGU will determine if there will be an SG1 movie offends me as a fan.

    I have to be completely honest with you here. I do not enjoy SGU for many SGU related factors. I stopped watching SGU after the break and really have no desire to watch it for the factors listed.

    1 – Can someone please airlock the communication stones? I really think that the device ruins the entire setup for SGU. The wrong people in the wrong place. Well, what’s stopping you from bringing in the right people to get them home tomorrow? No need to settle for a medic, just bring in a doctor or a surgeon when needed. And while we’re on this topic, why not bring in McKay/Carter permanently to fix it. I know you’ve said that McKay is busy with Atlantis. However, I’m sure you’ve seen enough movies and/or read enough news stories to know that bringing Chloe back would be the USAF’s top priority. They would have their best scientists on it.

    Joe – don’t you think the stones are WAY too convenient? The use of them has completely destroyed any credibility that the show had for me.

    2 – Shaky cam too much? I tuned in to the latest Daniel Jackson episode and had to turn it off as it made me nauseous. There’s a device called a steady cam, it would seriously be in the show’s best interest to use it. Home movies are rarely ever shot that badly. Lessen it up a little. I know it’s some stupid style that some people find cool like the Cloverfield movie. Your whopping 1.1 mil and 1.4 mil finale rating should show you that MOST people don’t find it cool. I did see Cloverfield and I wished I could have had my ticket refunded.

    3 – Believability. There is none. The characters are far too flawed to be realistic. They are like the Mr. Hyde’s of everyone. And the women…are nowhere near realistic at all. I’ll site one example. Chloe is sleeping with Scott. Chloe goes to Earth via the communication stones (hate those). She sees her ex bf with her best friend. She gets upset. Why? If you can answer one question, answer that please. Usually when people have moved on with their lives and they are sharing someone else’s bed, they really don’t care about ex boyfriends nor would they be jealous. And don’t say that sex with Scott doesn’t mean anything, because she’s a girl, it most certainly does.

    4 – Military believability – I grew up as a military brat. Military personnel/officers would most certainly not behave like they are on the show. Officers are sworn to uphold their superior’s orders. There is absolutely no way that they would have become an officer by even considering questioning orders. I know you all love the military man that does not follow orders, but people like that would have washed out in boot camp. The military has no room for such people.

    Torture is banned by the Geneva Conventions which has been ratified in the USA. Only the CIA, not the USAF, can authorize its use on terrorists/detainees at the moment. However, even that is currently under fire in courts.

    5 – The hero. You have no protagonist. No one for me to relate to and cheer for. The good guys are flawed so much they are more like bad guys. I want a Sheppard or a Mitchell type character. I’ve not connected to any of the characters on the show. I really have tried. In the end, I just don’t care. They could all die in an explosion and I simply don’t care – just don’t kill off Daniel. I connected to Daniel in SG1 – he’s a great example of a hero. But – honestly, you shouldn’t need to bring in a character from another show to be the hero. And, I suppose you’re thinking that’s the whole point, to have people who are protagonists that are unlikely heroes. Well, as a writer myself, I can tell you that if you make the protagonists so flawed that the reader/viewer can’t even tell they are protagonists, then it can backfire on you. People need the hero. Everyone wants to be innately good so they want to root for the good guy. Take away the hero and people lose interest.

    6 – Lack of action. I swear I’m not a 5 year old with ADD, but some of the episodes are too dry. Honestly. In fact, episode 3 I think it was, had no plot whatsoever. It was like the movie Open Water. It was a group of people whinging and whining about being stuck in space. My husband turned to me after the show and asked me if it didn’t even have a plot or point to the episode. It was as if you all took 2 episodes and tried to stretch it into 3. I turned it on once and Ming-Na was in a wheel chair whining about how her girlfriend was gone too long. Snoozefest. I’ll admit to enjoying soap operas like Days of Our Lives, but even that’s more interesting because they all are secretly plotting things. The show needs more stuff to happen. The pace is still too slow.

    7 – Dark dramas don’t really interest me unless they are a mixed bag like Supernatural which can change from dark to light and back again easily. There’s enough depressing things in life (economic crisis). So when I sit down to watch television, I want to watch something that’s an enjoyable feel good kind of show. SG1 did this for me.

    Have you ever stopped to wonder why SGU is skewing to the over 50 crowd and not the 18-49 crowd. It’s not the younger and edgier you all talked about. Well, from someone smack dab in the middle of 18-49, let me fill you in on a few things.

    The show needs:

    More action
    Less drama
    Don’t use sex to get viewers – it’s lame and doesn’t work.

    I gave SGU a real chance, but I truly find it dull and boring. There’s no characters to connect to. The story so far is too slow paced, and the style of filming leaves much to be desired. What do I go for in a sci fi show now? I love the humor from SG1/SGA. The camaraderie within the team. But most importantly, I love TECH. Have you checked out Iron Man 2? V? I love their computer screens/consoles. Now if the seeder ship had controls like the V ships. That would be awesome. I love the white theme on the V ships which is similar to the white theme from Imperial Cruisers from Star Wars. Now that’s how Destiny should have looked, along with those curved digital computer screens that make everything look high tech. 😀

    Unfortunately, no matter how much I try, I just don’t like SGU. I’ve really tried. I do love both SG1 and SGA, and I thought I’d do anything to see more movies. But as Meatloaf’s song goes, I can’t fake liking SGU. I never thought that TPTB would actually hold SGU’s success over our heads in order for the movies to be made. I would have thought that SG1’s DVD sales success would have been the determining factor on whether the movie was made. It feels like you all are saying if we don’t do what you all want, you won’t give us what we want as fans.

    As sad as it might be, I think I’ll just stop being a fan completely that way I’m not disappointed if the movies are never made. I don’t think that a 1.1-1.4 million is strong enough for renewal, and I’ve really no interest in watching SGU for the reasons above.

  18. Hi Joe,

    You are such a good doggy daddy! Jelly and the kids are so lucky to own you. 😉 I’m assuming your vet has updated info on the procedure if they are recommending going forward – I’m sure you’ve done your research and don’t need to be cautioned, but (I’m going to anyway) do be careful. I walk that thin line between Hope and Suspicion when it comes to medical treatments, human or otherwise.

    Speaking of medical – @ Das – Ouch! I often have issues with my hands going numb – don’t want to gross anyone out, but I sometimes have to crack my elbows (like cracking knuckles) to relieve the pressure. I don’t know why that works, maybe a nerve pinch as suggested. Of course, I’m also diabetic, which complicates things for me. I hope your dr. can find a definitive cause and treatment – I hate the “well, it could be this, or it could be that; we’ll have to run more tests” thing. Best of luck, my friend!

    And further medical issues – @ PBmom, how are you doing? What did the neurologist say about your collapse? I’m STILL mad at those blankety eedjits who tried to take advantage of your illness to blindside you and not help Patrick – grrr! Blessings, my dear – you are ever in my thoughts.

    Smiles, Julie

  19. Joe, I hope the stem cell treatment works for sweet little
    Jelly-belly. She has the cutest little face. My golden retriever/border collie had hip arthritis from age 7 until she died at 16. The last few years, my house looked like a dog retirement home, with all the custom built ramps and special arrangement of furniture and rugs. Anything for our furry babies…

    @ Das – I hope your doctor can give you a good, quick, accurate diagnosis to your hand problem. If it is carpal tunnel, that is pretty routinely treated nowadays. Keep us posted and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    Joe, I think Eli should go ahead and get the girl (Chloe). Why make him wait til the bitter end like McKay had to. Geeky boys get beautiful girls all the time. I’m always seeing some dork guy with a beautiful wife or girlfriend. Makes me wonder how he did it. It is a testament to how women see the inner beauty, whereas men are always looking…you know where. So go ahead, let Eli have the pretty girl fall in love with him. Make the other guys jealous!

  20. You are a good man Joe to take such good care of Jelly and seek advices and possible sources of relief for her. Hopeing for the best. And, yes, please do share status with us. Enquiring minds want to know all about you and yours.

  21. most likely a plugin for wordpress that doesn’t work with your theme scripts. to bad all the logs are in some mysterious place on the internet. where does the error appear?

  22. By the way, Joe, it’s the 16th today. No one seems to have jumped on you about that yet, so I suppose I’ll have to be the bad guy and do it. Just pretend I’m a member of LAME razzing you for your poor ability with calendars. 😉

  23. I don’t mean to do it, but I tend to rate people based on the way they treat their animals. You’re officially up there Joe.
    Hope Jelly gets some relief.

    If you’re invited to an Aus based Con, you know we’d love to you to come. I think you’d enjoy the foodie scene of Melbourne.

    Take care.

    You too das.

  24. Personally Joe and I think everyone here would agree, SGU should totally go on for another 3-4 seasons at least, ending something like SGU after 2 seasons would be insane, I just can’t see Syfy doing that. Considering Stargate being a flagship francise for the channel it makes sense that Season 3 is a sure thing right?

    I am overly positive at times.

  25. Best wishes towards Jelly!

    Joe are you giving her major doses of glucosamine? I give my pup a full human adult dose every day with alil peanut butter on top and it’s made such a huge difference!

  26. I hope the consultation goes well and Jelly is a good candidate for the procedure.

  27. Lou Zucaro: Everything we’ve seen would indicate that the dialing / establishing of the first wormhole must be complete before the receiving gate lights up and prepares to open the wormhole on its end. So I think that much has to happen before Destiny drops out of FTL to receive the incoming wormhole.

    Not sure what you’re getting at here. Is it that the Icarus gate had to have dialled and formed its event horizon before Destiny began to activate its gate to receive the incoming wormhole? If so, that’s basically what I was saying – the Icarus gate deemed that the connection was complete once the ninth chevron was dialled rather than waiting for an actual physical connection to Destiny before forming the event horizon.

    If you are saying that the dialling has to be complete on the sending end before the receiving end will even begin to start its own sequence in any instance of gate travel, I’m not so sure, but you may be right.

    Thinking back, in Lost we had both Rush’s group and Eli’s group trying to dial Destiny at the same time, but Rush’s group beat out Eli’s. Guess Rush was a little bit quicker off the mark than Eli or simply dials faster than him. 🙂

    Anyway, after Rush & Co. came back aboard Destiny, the gate shut down and was thereby free to receive another wormhole, but when Eli started redialling while Destiny was still in range, I don’t recall there being any evidence of his doing so on board Destiny itself, which then promptly jumped to FTL (If I recall correctly, I think he had gotten six chevrons but not the seventh before Destiny jumped.)

    So . . . if the dialling sequence must be complete on the sending end before Destiny takes any notice of it, and Eli hadn’t finished dialling by the time the clock ran down, Destiny would be free to jump and in doing so, put itself out of range of Eli & Co.’s gate since it was just on the periphery as it was. It would take way too much reviewing of SG1 and Atlantis episodes to try to determine if this is the case for their gates. Plus there’s the added problem of Destiny being a moving target. (Okay, my brain’s starting to hurt.)

    Personally, I would think that if you can build a seedership fleet, Destiny, a stargate system and Atlantis (among other things) that you could improve upon HVAC enough to get the ship warm pretty quickly 😉

    As for the improved HVAC, no doubt. But if the ship has been essentially dormant since it was launched however long ago, and, as we know, various systems are either broken or in the process of breaking down, who’s to say the new and improved HVAC system isn’t borked in some way too and required additional time to bring up the temperature?

    Might be there’s no way for us to tell (if there’s a six minute delay, for instance) as gate travelers may not be aware of the delay…it might seem instantaneous for them and as such, we don’t need to see the actual ride every time.

    I’m sure that any traveller through a gate would be unaware of any delay (unless that person checks his watch before stepping through and a clock upon arrival – assuming, of course, that the watch and clock are synchronized). After all, when a person steps through the gate, that person is disincorporated and simply becomes an energy stream and is only reincorporated once the energy stream reaches the other gate.

    Hey, Joe, I asked you this before but, if Destiny was never actually used by the Ancients, where did the CO2 that clogged up the scrubbers come from? For that matter, if Destiny’s internal systems were dormant, why all the rust? And where’d the water come from? Are the little plumes of steam/moisture that puff from various vents something that was always active on board? A product of the systems that were running (i.e., the drive) and the source of the water and rust?

  28. Hello Joe,

    That is interesting what you say about the SG movies. So, it sounds like if/when the next SG1 movie is produced it’ll happen either during the airing of SGU or after SGU concludes and, if then, then after the [first] SGU movie is produced; and if/when the SGA is produced it’ll happen either during the airing of SGU but after the next SG1 movie or after SGU concludes and, if then, then after the [first] SGU movie is produced and also after the next SG1 movie is produced.

    Aye carumba!!! :-p

    That looks confusing. This is what it sounds like:

    SGU is still airing:
    If SG movies are produced then SG1 first and SGA second.

    SGU concludes:
    If SG movies are produced then SGU first, SG1 second, and SGA third.

    Yeah, well, now I have a headache. …j/k Anyway…


    1. Any chances of Rush’s chess set making an appearance in either season 2 or at some point in the future?

    2. Will we have future episodes focusing on individual characters – possibly in season 2 – similar in concept to “Human” (Rush) and “Lost” (Greer) from season 1?

    3. Can we see Scott, Greer, Eli, and Chloe team up again and explore alien worlds in future episodes?

    4. Can we see any combination of: those 4, and Young, Rush, Wray, T.J., Telford, Brody, Volker, James, Park, Riley, etc. team up and explore worlds?

    5. Will we possibly get to see the forming of established SG teams in any of the future SGU episodes?

    Thank you,


  29. Aw I hope Jelly gets some relief soon!

    I’m not sure if you’ve used this or not, but a glucosamine and chondritin supplement is good for pups with hip dysplasia/arthritis. They make a product for dogs that contain both and they come in treat form. I have a corgi pup and eventually he’ll need that for his tiny little legs and long back…wish we could just make the pups stay young forever!

  30. Joe:

    Okay…… Waaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute… I’m re-watching “Pain” and they’re talking about these-people and those-people being on the “away teams”.

    Teams are already established aren’t they?

    Okay… forget my question numbers 3,4,5.

    Just forget the last post entirely… Here is version 2 of my questions:

    1. Any chances of Rush’s chess set making an appearance in either season 2 or at some point in the future?

    2. Will we have future episodes focusing on individual characters – possibly in season 2 – similar in concept to “Human” (Rush) and “Lost” (Greer) from season 1?

    3. Will we get to see more episodes – more screen time – with the “away teams” exploring alien worlds?



  31. It’d be fantastic if you came down for Comic-Con! I mean, why wouldn’t you want to be in a room with tens of thousands of hideously stinky people? Seriously though, I could get a photo with you and add it to the horrible ones I have with Wright and Wood (horrible on account of my mom not knowing how to use the camera, lol).
    If Jelly needs you, however, I completely understand. =)

    Instead of endorsing Fritos, why not go with Beneful (a la D. DeLuise)? At least then you could have the kids in it. =D

  32. First it’s Comic Con and the next thing you know I’m endorsing Fritos and doing a guest spot on Cougar Town.

    Dude. You guest-starring on Cougar Town would be the AWESOMEST THING EVER. You could play Jules’ best friend Ellie’s even snarkier brother!

  33. Several non-maps plugins in WordPress require a google API. The one I’d guess you have is a visitor-tracker (although not StatPress, one of the most popular one), or several anti-spam plugins (like Akismet). Click on plugins. Look in the descriptions for the phrase “You need an API key to use it.” Either disable the plugin, or follow the link on API key to set one up (it’s fast, it’s easy, you don’t need to maintain it).

  34. …hmm… looking back at my previous questions “5.”, that can be rephrased as a “viewer request”:

    It would be awesome if the people in SGU form established teams for exploring worlds. The same people on their own teams basically.

    One of the most powerful elements of Stargate shows and movies is the team camaraderie of approximately 4 people having their own bond as a small group that goes off as away teams on those missions to alien worlds.

    The impact of those established teams is something that is missing in SGU right now. I really hope to see those teams formed – specific names belonging to their specific away teams – and given some substantial screen time, together, on other worlds, in future episodes.



  35. Awww, I hope it works out for Jelly, poor thing! Sending lots of love her way!

    Also, I’m pretty sure fans would have loved for you to go to Comic Con. Just sayin’. 🙂

  36. @Melissa: While I can see your point of view that the first few episodes moved slower than what you were looking for, why don’t you try to take a peek at Incursion part 1 and 2. What you were asking for “more action” kicked in the second half of season 1, culminating in these two action-packed episodes. I understand the shaky cam thing; I was worried about that too before it aired because Cloverfield made me nauseous, but I do not even notice it anymore.

    Sometimes, things are worth a second look. I say that with Stargate in my heart. I was someone very angry after Farscape was cancelled for SciFi (at the time) to buy Stargate SG-1 from Showtime. I stuck my nose up in the air in protest and didn’t watch anything on SciFi Channel for 2-3 years. Then 1 day I turned it on and Stargate SG-1 was on. And I would let it play in the background while I worked, just looking over at the TV on occasion to take a peek. And eventually I smacked myself up the side of my head realizing that my protests (i.e.., my ego) meant nothing to the network. Then I had to watch them. Same thing with Stargate Atlantis even having WATCHED Stargate SG-1 from the beginning. But I had it on the background. I watched Sateda and was blown away, went to the store, bought Seasons 1 and Seasons 2 DVDs to catch up, and the rest is history. I was leery about SGU’s initial description, but because of my 2 past mistakes, I reminded myself I eventually loved these shows, so I bet the same exact thing would happen. I let myself be open, got excited by the blogs, but when production started and David Blue started the Twitter thing, I thought that was just the coolest thing in the entire world and I joined Twitter because of it just to keep up with anybody from SGU on there. What a rare and unique opportunity that was to have followed these amazing actors and actresses when they had only a few followers and they had time to talk to you more often. I personally don’t mind the sex stuff at all. I loved it when Carter and Pete got all hot and heavy in one of the SG-1 episodes. I was yelling, “You go girl.” But it’s a personal decision.

    Just kind of your mind of the “not liking SGU”, and sit down with these 2 episodes with an open mind and just look at them as if you were watching SGU for the first time. Then let us know. You may still dislike them; and that’s okay. But there has been a definite shift between the first 10 episodes and the back 10 episodes where you might find more of the classic Stargate elements you so loved.

    Not wanting to start a fight, just wanted to say the things you seem to be looking for are there now at least in these last 2 episodes.

  37. Joe: That is some amazing stuff about the stem cells. I hope this helps sweet Jelly and extends her life with an end to the pain she is likely feeling. If you can afford it, go for it.

    I wouldn’t worry about methods not necessarily tried by many. My first golden retriever, Sam, had bad knees. Facing yet another ACL repair on yet another leg, I wasn’t particularly fond of going through the same old surgery with the sling they performed the previous time on him. I searched the internet and found that they were performing this new procedure that had a shorter recovery time. At that point I had no idea how much it would be, but I found out only 3 American doctors were trained in the technique, and lucky me, there was one in Houston. I made an appointment and went in. The price was similar (about $1500). I was expecting a big fancy clinic; the place was an old, old building on the south side of Houston. Not somewhere where I would be walking alone. The doctor had performed the procedure on some idiarod dogs and his recommendations checked out, so I let him perform the surgery. That knee wound up being the better surgery. It was a much shorter recovery time. I am so glad that I found that information on-line and things happened they way they did. So do your homework, check your references, and trust your instincts. Since Jelly is considered your child, you have the instincts of a parent there and those instincts are never wrong.

    @Das: Feel better!

    And for all, an update on me. MRI/MRA scan results not back yet; I hate waiting. Today was the first day my vertigo was not too bad (good enough I could work, but not gone enough I could drive). Headache is more like a 3 out of 10 than an 8 out of 10. Progress! June 16th was the best day of the entire month so far. I think things have hit the valley and it’s all sunshine from here….until August when I have to deal with school stuff again. But I’ll going to live in the present and not think about that horror movie yet.

  38. Hey again guess that means i shall have to watch season two when i can to make sure there is some laughs in there pure scientific reasons of course and i want to see more of destiny good hunting and dont go blowing her up on us.


  39. @Sean D

    It makes logical sense that the TPTB will attempt to make a SGU movie if the show got axed prematurely. The actors will still be under contract unlike the previous SG1 or SGA casts.

    IMO it would be a bad move. It would alienated the SG1 & SGA fanbases even further. You need to capture part of those fanbases to expand the TV viewership & DVD sales from the current anemic status. The TPTB would be better to renew the franchise with entirely new cast and continuation of the SG1/SGA storylines.

    But Stargate movie speculation is moot until the fate of MGM is finalized next month, hopefully. Maybe the Stargate franchise will move to someone with a budget.

    note – remember looking at the Amazon site and finding that SGA season 5 is still out selling SGU demi season 1.0

  40. this is my first post, i just have to say how wonderfull i think it is that you would give up your trip for jelly.
    so how is your mom’s hip? i hope she recovered well.
    i really love your blog, so thank you for posting everyday, it’s really apreciated.
    have a nice day joe

  41. Joe,

    1) are the US ratings the only real factor in the shows on going renewal? – or can international fans have a signficant positive effect on the chances of renewal by buying DVDs and episodes from iTunes?

    2) when incursion part 2 was written how many resolutions to the situations presented where already worked out? And how many areas where left with a “we’ll figure that one out later?”

    3) anything you’d change about the first season if you could?

  42. First off Joe, let me wish you luck for Jelly’s procedure! I hope that works out for her, she looks like a cutie. Second, I was reading io9, and I happened across this article: I thought you might be interested in it, as it’s talking about the author (Meredith Woerner, don’t know if you’ve heard of her) talks about some things SGU could do to improve the second season.

    But yeah, thought you’d be interested in that, and I’m totally looking forward to the new SGU season!

  43. Even though you aren’t a gamer I thought maybe you had been briefed on the game.


    1. Do you guys (the writers) have an idea of how you want to end the current story arc?

    2. Will the characters in the next season become more stable? And by this I mean become used to the issues at hand instead of continuously being frightened, and angry.

    3. In season 2 which character has the most life-changing event? (if thats not too much to ask)

  44. @Thornyrose: The University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center uses acupunture in animals with wonderful results. When Elway was hospitalized, I had the opportunity to speak with many pet owners who were thrilled with the obvious benefits of acupuncture. I’m sure there are quacks out there, but from what I’ve seen, these “doggie acupuncturists” are board certified veterinarians. If Jelly was my dog, I’d do what Joe is doing for her – in a heartbeat. I only wish this procedure was available a few years back when I had to watch my beautiful dog, Riggs, suffer with his hips. There’s only so much pain meds will do, and they are not without side effects to the liver, etc. Considering the pain and risks involved with hip replacement in an older dog, I’d try anything to make my dog feel better.

  45. Awww… I too have lived with a pet in the twilight of their lives, trying to make sure they are comfortable and living a good life. It’s hard on you, but good pet owners like us know that it’s just upholding our end of the bargain in exchange for all the happiness our pets bring us. Good luck with the procedure!

    Now, on to a question: I don’t have cable and usually catch SGU a week late on hulu, but I know that those numbers aren’t really counted for ratings purposes. I really want to help make sure SGU gets picked up again (you guys are doing a great job!). What can someone in my situation do to help SGU get picked up for another season in those first ten episodes when I have no control over the ratings?

    Thanks for all your hard work. Sustaining some of the thoughtlessness that comes through this blog must be hard work, but I appreciate it when the writers and producers of my favorite shows really engage the fan communities so directly, like you’re doing here.

    P.S.: I hear you wrote Incursion. Nice job! Had me on the metaphorical edge of my metaphorical seat.

  46. I’m in 100% agreement on the stem cell procedure. Anything, for those we love. Even and/or especially the furry ones. Love to Jelly!

  47. Could there possibly be an answer in the mailbag where you dont say possibly, possibly?

    Will we be seeing more of Becker?

  48. You’re pup is in my prayers; I hope the treatment works!

    For Ms.Spence: I add my voice to those who loved the ‘don’t yell’ line, it fit well with my picture of the doctor as a cheery influence in the ship. Do you think that we will see her having a bit more influence in the future? It seems to me that having her around might be beneficial to a few of the less optimistic types. On that note, what do you think gives Dr.Park the ability to stay positive; or is it just her nature?

  49. Joe you are such a wonderful doggy daddy trying options to help your babies. We got a transfusion for our retriever when he was anemic, so I know how it goes. You gotta try. I hope the procedure will work, We want them around with good quality of life as long as they can.
    I have been sorting through the mounds of pictures I have taken over the years of all our animals we have ever had, what a large amount and this was all b4 the invention of a digital camera, when you can see and erase the not so good ones. That would definitely have saved some money there. I will be saying prayers and sending hugs to Jelly. Good luck with the appointment.
    @das, I hope your wrists feel better, get them checked if you can, not to be fooled around with, maybe its just simple overload and can be remedied easily. sending good vibes for you.
    -Will you be doing autographed copies of comic?
    p.s I think the wrong date on the blog thingy someone mentioned above and are trying to fix it and can’t get the darn thing to update with your current update problem, I can’t help u there. good luck.

  50. Many healing thoughts for Jelly. Joe, you’re racking up the karma points, so difficult when a cherished furry family member is in pain. Bravo for doing everything you can. I hated losing my cats, cats don’t let you know until they’re almost gone.

    @Das I hope you can find relief, something simple and painless and cheap. (and your Japanese garden sounds lovely)

    Ramble: A couple years ago, I had numbness in my left pinkie and ring fingers, persistent and often painful. I know, numb and pain, weird, terrible mix. The specialist did horrible things involving needles and electric shocks so he could “listen” to my nerves. Frickin’ HURT! He said I needed surgery to release the pinched nerve in my elbow. Well, I’m a good patient, but really, I’ve had quite enough surgery in my life. I started watching what I was doing. Geeez. I was leaning on my elbow while at the computer desk. It never hurt while was doing it, just pinching the nerve. I got a laptop. Problem solved. I was VERY lucky. I’m not trying to make light of your situation, but I hope you find a solution which doesn’t involve scalpels and scary men in masks.

    For the arthritics here, second ramble: I was taking Celebrex for pain in my back and hips. It was raising my blood pressure. Setting my inner skeptic aside, I tried ginger and curcuminoid (tumeric). Wow, wow, wow, works better than the pharmaceutical. If you knew me, how I make fun of hippie-dippy New Age BullCrap, you’d know I’d never say this lightly. Ginger is a freaking miracle for me. Can’t hurt to try, can it?

    Sorry, Joe, I think I may have gotten old and indulge in “organ recitals”. That’s what dad called it when Aunt Verlie would go on and on about her aches and pains and catastrophic internal failures.

  51. Hi Joe,

    Yeah, I’ve had problems with WordPress. I write my stuff in word, copy to notepad – then copy to page.

    Also, various Adobe product updates have been messing up my stuff too.

    Drop WordPress a note and I’m sure they’ll be able to help – they’re a great bunch and know their stuff.

  52. Mr. M., might I suggest that before you look into such an experimental and expensive procedure for your dog, you take a look at DGP? I mentioned this to you before, actually. It’s a supplement that supports and revitalizes joints in older dogs; our older greyhound had Lyme disease and hip problems, and DPG helped her immensely. I’m not sure if you trust supplements or not, but this definitely gave our greyhound several years of relatively pain-free life, and I really think you should look into it before committing to anything more involved. This stuff honestly works, and I sincerely hope you’ll try it, for your dog’s sake. 🙂

    I’ll copy some information from the official website for you:

    DGP is specifically formulated to help support a pet’s joint mobility and flexibility. DGP may help ease aches and discomfort caused by daily exercise, activity and training. Developed by master herbalists and scientists in Australia, this unique blend of high quality ingredients helps support mobility, flexibility and ability to continue to live a healthy active life.

    DGP is highly effective because it contains the finest ingredients known to support mobility (some only available from the fertile soils of New South Wales in Australia). DGP contains a blend of European and Australian herbs and marine extract. The high quality of each and every ingredient, as specified by the formulators, ensures the ultimate levels of ingredient actives and bioavailability so your pet readily and fully absorbs all the benefits DGP has to offer.

  53. I think you should go to Comic Con! I think itd be a fun experience and im sure a lot of blog regulars would be there!!

    🙁 Poor Jelly. That really stinks. I hate it when pets suffer. When my cat was really Young he fell off the balcony and landed on a hard wood floor and really screwed up his leg pretty bad. It was so sad to see him lying down for the next few weeks barley able move around. It sucks seeing pets suffer. I really hope the surgery works!

    Got a few questions for the next mailbag if thats cool!

    1. I heard on the Gateworld forum that Robert Picardo said that if there are going to be a SG movie it will probably be a combo movie between SG-1 and SGA. Can you comment on this?

    2. Would it possible to arrange a pre order for the SG-1 and SGA movies before they even go into production? That way MGM can see fans are still interested and ready to pay money to see these movies.

    3. I know you’ve been asked this question to death but I just wanted to follow up on the rumblings you talked about a few weeks ago. So have there been any more rumblings on the SG-1 movie front? Any on the SGA movie front?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  54. Awwwwww poor Jelly, dat wittle face awwww. I hope that all works out for her, all the best to you Joe with the new treatment hope you and Jelly both get some relief. Because when they hurt don’t we hurt too?

  55. I’m glad that you are looking into stem cell treatment for Jelly! The research from the procedures on pets will soon be helping humans as well. Jelly could be one of the pup pioneers who helps revolutionize medicine. Good luck to Jelly! Please keep us informed of how everything progresses.

    Do you know if Syfy have any plans to re-air SGU on NBC like they did with the BSG miniseries? That was great exposure for BSG.

    BTW my local Comcast mafia affiliate took away all of my channels including Syfy again. They are pushing their higher priced package, so either I pay up or I don’t get Mad Men. Even sent some goons to my door to rough me up. Well, more like push their digital cable package.

    I’m considering FIOS now, but for now it’s back to Hulu again for my Syfy, so sad.

  56. @ maggiemayday – I had the same thing happen to me. I was having pain/numbness in my pinkie/ring finger. It was getting progressively worse and so I finally went to my Dr. I assumed with carpel tunnel, my Mom has had surgery for it, so I was expecting to hear that was what the problem was. The Dr. said carpel tunnel involves the index/middle finger. He said that I was pinching the nerve blah blah blah and it turns out that I had gotten a new home office chair and the position that I had the arms in, hit just the ‘right’ or rather the ‘wrong’ spot. I adjusted the arms down and it got better over the course of several weeks. I felt like such an idiot. *sheepish shrug* But in the meantime I had put up with the pain and numbness for several months, luckily I didn’t have to have any painful testing like you did, my Dr. was able to recognize my symptoms for what they were. Live and learn eh!!

    Here’s my rant for the day.
    Potential pardon for Karla Homolka, and that’s all I have to say…..


  57. A couple of questions…

    1. I love seeing Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O’Neill. I’m sort of curious, though. He has brought a lot of humorous elements to the shows. Are his quips scripted, or does he ad-lib a lot of his lines? I may be totally wrong about this, but I thought I read in an interview that a lot of the stuff he does onscreen is basically made up on the spot (particularly in the later seasons of SG-1.)

    For example, on a recent episodes of Universe, when he walks the wrong way down the hallway, or remarks “I know what makes ME special”, is that in the script, or made up by RDA on the spot?

    2. Very nerdy question: I don’t think it’s ever specified, but I always guessed that the environmental suits that Greer and Scott wear in the season finale had magnetic boots to allow them to walk on the outside of the ships hull. At the end, they are clearly running, and it seems like both feet come off the surface at times, but they don’t fly off into space. Was I wrong, and some other mehcanism is at work?

    3. Finally, where do you find the patience to deal with fans’ questions like mine above (and the nastier stuff I’ve seen on the web)? If I ever worked on a TV show or comic or anything else, I don’t think I could deal with obsessive “fans” on a daily basis!

    By the way, I loved SG-1, but I also think the different emotional style of Universe is remarkably successful. I imagine that it must be refreshing to you as a writer to be able to tackle the same “universe” from a different perspective rather than do things exactly the same way after so many years. Many once great shows grow a little stale over time (Star Trek Enterprise comes to mind), but SGU seems fresh and vital, despite the age of the Stargate franchise.

    Frankly, the fact that you’re willing to shake things up is one of the greatest strengths of Universe as well as the previous series’. (For example, retiring the Goa’uld and switching up the cast in the last two years of SG-1 brought new energy to the show. The last season was as good as any of the previous seasons, and how many shows can you say that about?)

    Going back to the Star Trek analogy, I thought the best years of that iconic show were the Deep Space Nine Dominion War episodes where they actually took some chances (in a semi-serialized format) and dealt with plot lines that had consequences beyond any one given episode. Hell, at one point the Dominion took over DS9 and Starfleet was forced to evacuate for something like 6 weeks!

    On the other hand, by the time Voyager and Enterprise limped to the finish line, they were content to merely retread past themes and never take any risks. It’s sort of amazing to look at Voyager (as compared to, say, Destiny) and see how shiny and new the ship was at the beginning of each episode, and how well everyone got along despite the fact that the crew was supposedly made up of loyal Starfleet officers and Maquis traitors!

    Universe gets it right.

  58. 1. I feel like Stargate merchandising such as comics, action figures, and books is an area, say compared to Star Trek, severely lacking. Star Trek merchandising is a billion dollar industry! If MGM needs the money- why not take a hint and capitalize on some of these ideas. Also to this end, you said no to Stargate comic- because studio does not want to give the right away to a comic- or because you really don’t have an interest?

    2. When bloggers ask questions such as if making a Supergate out of the seeder ship is possible, why not just say well I don’t think the writers want to take the story in that direction. Instead, we get “I don’t understand what your talking about” like were trying to explain what a ZPM is to our grandparents. Is this you being snarky Joe?

    3. My wet dream: Atlantis takes several wormhole jumps but locates Destiny. We have a powerhouse fleet of Destiny and Atlantis. Just a wet dream or maybe one day a reality?

    4. The criticism: Is posting all the negative posts like picking a scab? If you get 50 good reviews, does the one negative review hurt the most?

  59. Hey Joe, best of luck with the procedure for Jelly, I really hope she’s able to get it and that it does some good for her.

  60. I can’t believe I missed that, sorry Joe, by that I mean the Jelly stuff.

    I hope everything works out with Jelly, if anything if everyone thinks positive and sends some positive energy Jellys way, everything will work out in the end.

    Best wishes to Jelly.

  61. WordPress 3.0 released today. Upgrading will probably either destroy everything (back up your database of posts!), fix everything, or give you a more informative error message as to which plugin is causing your woes (API integration is one of the 1,217 documented bug fixes & feature enhancements).

    Waiting a week before upgrading reduces that chance of “destroy everything,” as all the install-bugs will probably rear their ugly heads today & tomorrow.

  62. To Melissa:

    If Joe will forgive me, I’m going to address your point #4 on Military Believability. I can tell you that US military officers are taught that any officer has a duty and responsibility to question/disobey any orders that they deem to be illegal.

    You have to be very careful to exercise that, as it can lead to charges of mutiny if it’s deemed by a higher authority to not be justified. I believe this came out of an incident during the Vietnam war where a US Army officer was found guilty for knowingly killing the inhabitants of a village despite the fact that he was doing it under orders, had actually questioned the orders themselves, but carried them out anyway.

    Sorry you don’t like SGU, Melissa. Frankly I really liked SG1 but never could get into SGA myself.

    Joe: Any chance you can have Ming Na come on for a Q&A? Or snag some pics of her for your blog? I’m a big fan!

  63. Hi Joe!

    Since I had no time to watch the last two episodes till the day before yesterday, I had to avoid your blog to not get spoiled, which was not easy at all. The season finale definitely was a blast, and I hate the fact, that the conclusion of that cliffhanger is so far away now.

    It is really terrible, that TJ’s unborn child had to be kill in that shootout (no way, that it could have survived, TJ’s belly was clearly hit), but I guess its death was foreseeable, because a baby just does not seem to fit on Destiny and the story to be told. It will be interesting to see, how TJ will handle that loss and whom she will blame.

    Young’s indecision for not venting the Gateroom was a bit cheesy, but well (for the sake of story progression and seeing no other way to getting there).

    You left quite a mess on Destiny, so many (wo)men down, and LA in control, I am very curious how you resolved that situation, especially now that the only medic is down as well (yeah, yeah, TJ could be replaced using the communication stones, but still).

    So the elevator was indeed working, and took Eli & Chloe to a distant part of the ship, and although distracted by the previous events and Chloe been shot, they did not find anything interesting? Come on, there had to be something extraordinary in the unexplored sections waiting for them to discover! And why would a door with a vented section behind it not show red and refuse to open without manual override? That did not happen before, did it?

    Concerning pizza: You definitely have to make it yourself! My wife does it quite often, and it does not seem to be that hard to accomplish. Nothing can beat real homemade pizza (and I do not mean ready-made dough from the supermarket, but real homemade yeast dough as well), and we never went out to any local pizzeria any more ever since. We like it rather thin with spartan toppings.

    Concerning ice cream: The Gelato Pro 3000 is that much out of range, like Destiny to the Stargate on earth. 🙁 I did some research in the meantime, and the best recommendation for a new purchase of a semi-professional ice cream maker for home use seems to be the Cuisinart ICE50BC, which is the same one David Lebovitz has been using for several years now as well. That machine is not available in Central Europe, but can easily be imported from England (of course it is a lot cheaper in the US, but I need the 220V edition here). I could not find it in your blog any more, but I think you mentioned, that you actually have two machines. Which are they? Finding a good ice cream maker can be daunting, and with the self-freezing compressor types it quickly gets pretty pricey.

    Concerning Jelly: I think those stem cell treatments are totally overrated, mostly only benefiting the medical industry behind it (I fear that it will cost you a fortune), but I nevertheless wish you luck.

    Greetings from Austria,


  64. Hope you’re felling better soon Das…I’ve got a sore thumb….doesn’t reallly compare but excuse the typos…I’m all out of balance on the keyboard.

    The stem cells stuff looks exciting Joe. I’ve been reading about a breakthrough in lung disease treatment using stem cells from placentas. Reduces inflammation and scarring. I’m hoping that maybe it might help my Mum.

    *gentle hugs* for Jelly. It literally brought tears to my eyes reading this post. I thought you were leading up to some bad news. I hope it goes well. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Jelly..I can only imagine how you feel.

    With regard to your Google Maps issue…are you stalking usthrough your blog? 🙂 Good luck w/ resolving it…With regard to html try copy/pasting your text in text edit first to strip any code if you transfer from Word…if you’re typing it straight in sounds like somethings screwy w/ the wp editor. If you view the html code in the editor look for any lone div & /div code with angle brackets and delete those. Sometimes w/ these editors I find ppl end up w/ divs all over the place…haveto delete all the time on my branch blogs that others do.

    Cheers, Chev

  65. One reason that dogs respond so well to acupuncture is because you’re not having to convince them it will work. If the acupuncturist is competent then there will be results. The foundations of acupuncture are sound, but us humans are conditioned to be sceptical of anything that isn’t a pill.

    maggiemayday – Fantastic you’ve had such great results with ginger and tumeric. Ginger is great for treating nausea in dogs if they have trouble in the car. Also aids chemotherapy patients with nausea side effects.

    A few drops of pure Myrrh essential oil underneath the tongue daily will lower cholesterol more effectively than Lipitor with no side effects.

    There are many essential oils that are replacements for pharmacy medication but they need to be of a certain purity. The way you know if an essential oil will be effective is by its frequency output and there must be no shelf life.

    It’s ironic that essential oils are seen as hippy new age crap when the use of oils goes back thousands of years.
    Now we can look scientifically at the structure of oils to understand why they work on certain ailments.

  66. Joe, sending thoughts your way for optimal treatment results for Jelly. I know it’s an incredibly hard thing to go through – for me, especially thinking about how animals don’t understand what makes them hurt. I hope the stem-cell procedure will work beautifully, and (as I think someone else already said) not only give aid and comfort to Jelly and to you, but provide hope for others as well – for both animals and humans, though I realize for humans it’s a more complicated scenario at present. – Take care.

  67. Consensus seems to be that the google error is a wordpress error, and support says it should be fixed (famous last words).

  68. Big Puggy hugs for Jelly… wishing her all the best 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (she’s so gorgeous)

  69. Sending ear scratches and belly rubs to Jelly Girl!

    And a pat on the head for you, Joe.

  70. @ Kymm

    It’s always a relief to find a common-sense solution for serious discomfort and/or any worry about the same – glad that turned out well for you. I had a very similar problem after getting a new computer table, and felt pretty clueless upon realizing that I’d changed my entire posture for the worse, with predictable results. – BTW, it’s good to read that just-enacted legislation will keep Karla Homolka from being pardoned. Waiting for her to be tracked down. . . I know the legal barrier to “double jeopardy” is in place for a reason; but, as with OJ Simpson, sometimes it just really sucks.


    I’m definitely taking your word for the effectiveness of the alternative medicinals you used, especially with all the health problems you’ve dealt with yourself and have been through with your family. So true – try possible remedies from reliable sources; if you don’t get relief, no harm done, but just maybe you’ll find a great remedy.

    If I’d followed one orthopedist’s treatment regimen, I’d be psychologically addicted to anti-inflammatory meds for my fibromyalgia (note to anyone who reads this: you can have symptoms much younger than you might think,) without any lasting improvement in mobility. Best outcome for me? As for many others, daily stretching and moderate exercise take care of the problem pretty well. Lesson learned: Docs are pretty smart, but none of them can know everything, and not all do their homework or are willing to swallow their pride and refer you to someone who deals more with your specific situation.

  71. Hey Joe, I was just wondering if you know anything about when the SGU DVD’s might be released in Australia?

    Also best of luck to Jelly, I hope the procedure goes well.

  72. @ otros ojos – as soon as he said what it was.*lightbulb went on* I felt like such an idiot, but I’ve known him for years, so he just laughed at me…. But yeah it’s funny how a change in habits can have an effect like that, isn’t it.

    The fact that she was even ELIGIBLE for a pardon, the fact that she had a 99% chance of being granted that pardon, the fact that it took an MP vote on a special bill to block the pardon. All of this makes my blood boil. However, I am most angry about the families and the pain that this will have caused them. It’s inexcusable and an insult. This is the second incident in as many months. How many did we NOT hear about? Maybe if we had held on to Charles Ng for another couple of years we could have pardoned him on the U.S.’s behalf. *heavy sarcasm*


  73. Joe,
    Thanks for posting the link to that article. I might actually put it in front of my vet if it’s something they haven’t seen yet. I hope you see positive results for Jelly.

  74. Your post got me wondering how dogs experience hip replacements in relation to how humans do. I had mine in Oct 2009 and am now totally able to function and an absolute fan of them. In Oct I was house-bound on major painkillers (ie knocked out) and unable to do more than microwave and drink soup (thank heavens for friends).
    Yup the recovery stage can be tiresome but don’t write it off for Jelly yet.

  75. Hey cute dog. I’m anxiously awaiting season two. I’m glad that there is enough interest in the franchise that it can keep going.

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