According to Ashleigh, I’ve been grumpy lately.  Grumpy?  Moi?  Would you say I’ve been grumpy?  Curt maybe.  Possibly a little testy.  But grumpy?

Okay, admittedly I have been my usual happy-go-lucky self of late.  I’d attributed it to that tricker-than-anticipated script rewrite (Finished today.  Thanks for asking.) but, upon further reflection, realized it was a lot of little things in addition to a couple of bigger things.  So I set aside a few moments to put together a list of the –

Things That Annoyed Me Today:

Dogs who are too comfy to get up and head out for their final evening constitutional only to get up six hours later, in the early morning, head down to the laundry room, and do their business there.

Waiting for the repairman.

My dishwasher.

Crows that snag the empty dog food cans out of the recycling bins and leave them on the roof of my garage.


Pedestrians who eschew street corners and crosswalks in favor of stepping out, mid-street, onto oncoming traffic – and then throw you a dirty look if you almost hit them.

People who drive slow in the left lane.

Drivers who signal a left turn, wait through a green, until the light turns yellow, then red – and still don’t make the damn turn!

BP CEO Tony Hayward.

The Los Angeles Lakers.



WordPress being down.

Running out of Greek yogurt.

Morons who do nothing but complain, yet insist their opinions hold some value – and are actually surprised to learn they were tuned out long ago.


Lame afternoon radio personalities.

Lame afternoon radio personalities desperately trying to be funny.

Lame afternoon radio personalities desperately trying to be funny while doing silly voices.

The “staff picks” at my local bookstores.

My local comic shop selling out of the latest installment of The Walking Dead.

Script rewrite.

So, you see, it was a perfect storm of relatively minor irritations that, in concert, contributed to my grumpy mood – or, more than likely, Ashleigh’s perception that I was grumpy.

Of course, tomorrow will be different.  I’m sure I’ll be in a fantastic mood all day.

83 thoughts on “June 10, 2010: Reasons I may be grumpy…

  1. Joe, thanks for your initial response to my post on the radiation theory. Thanks also to Hestia and Kymm similarly.

    But this follow-up I didn’t understand at first …

    Said: 3. Darren Dunkan appears to have some Ukrainian and Russian smarts.
    Answered: 3. That he does.

    Is having “Ukrainian and Russian smarts” some kind of colloquialism? A Google search never turned up anything.

    And then I scanned through all the comments for the last few days, and saw something by PG15 about a Ukrainian or German airing and a spoiler, which leads me to consider a different interpretation, that I am being accused of cheating, claiming I came up with a prediction that I didn’t.

    I give you my solemn word that I came up with this explanation all by myself as stated, and that no one or nothing spoiled it or gave it to me. I still don’t know what’s in Part 2, save from that the responses to my post on this blog may imply a confirmation of sorts.

    For the record, I speak and understand English, and only English. And I live in British Columbia. Before now I was never aware that there were any other broadcasts of Stargate episodes that predate the Scifi/Space ones. I also very rarely see any Stargate spoilers, besides what Gateworld or this blog posts about upcoming episodes, and I certainly never saw anything related to the topic I discussed. I assumed this was a mystery being setup in Incursion Part 1 and the answer still yet to be revealed anywhere.

    Also, I have a strong interest in the sciences (something that would be fairly common among Stargate fans) and have read about stars and space travel for years. So I already knew about things like gamma-ray bursts, and, as I recall, that one pointed at earth from just a few light-years away could cause mass extinctions, and that they are otherwise among the brightest known things in the universe, and we tend to detect about one per day over the whole visible universe.

    What I stated as a prediction on how the Alliance person was vaporized on the June 4th Incursion Part 1 episode was nothing more than an honest prediction assembled just from the clues in the episode. The problem looked very much like strong radiation from outside the ship, which I thought from the very moment I saw that scene in the episode on the 4th. A black hole / etc sounds like a reasonable real-science explanation for a natural phenomenon that causes temporary bursts of strong radiation in a particular direction. The countdown clock stopping implied that they were physically close to something, probably the same thing, though a star could have also blasted them from lightyears away. I only posted my theory a couple days after the 4th since some of the details, such as the source being a GRB or such, came on reflection.

    You should know by now that Stargate fans include people that are capable of combining clues in the episode with external knowledge of science to come up with a plausible theory. That no one else also stated this theory as far as I can see, shouldn’t be a problem. Personally I think the Franklin in the machine explanation that several people, including a family member of mine, offered as an explanation, seemed rather less plausible to me. Occam’s Razor and all. Even though this is scifi.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Y’know, I’ve found that the most surefire way to be put in a grumpy mood is to have someone else insinuate that you are in a grumpy mood. Could this be part of her nefarious plan? Inference of grumpiness, thus instigating self assessment, which always leads you to find evidence of what you’re looking for, denial of whatever character flaws found, necessitating reasonable excuses and rationalization for said evidence, thus making you grumpy. I must repeat, in the words of Edmund Blackadder, “a plan so cunning you could brush your teeth with it!” Think back; were you feeling grumpy before she mentioned her perception of your mood? Hmmmmm.

    Not to worry, Joe, darling – eat some ice-cream and it will all be better.

    Passionfruit? Is this along the same lines as your issue with mangoes?

    Smiles, Julie

  3. P.S. Please disregard the copy of my prior comment on the June 9th post and keep the 10th one instead.

  4. Get ready to laugh, Joe!

    I think you’re a little testy because you’ve been juicing lately.

  5. Not what I meant. I assumed the poster who referred to your “Ukranian and Russian” smarts was, himself, Ukranian or Russian, so I was simply tipping my hat to his “team” (and, potentially, yours).

    I assumed your intriguing hypothesis was good guesswork rather than the result of any inside knowledge.


  6. well im grumpy because i still dont have a luxury boat filled with naked playboy models. who am i kidding, ill probably turn it a nerd center. actually there is an easy way to cheer yourself up. close your eyes and picture me on a yacht with lots of beautiful naked women. works for me! thank me later 😉

  7. Quoth the raven:
    Not what I meant. I assumed the poster who referred to your “Ukranian and Russian” smarts was, himself, Ukranian or Russian, so I was simply tipping my hat to his “team” (and, potentially, yours).
    I assumed your intriguing hypothesis was good guesswork rather than the result of any inside knowledge.

    Joe, thank you for this reply, and I’m glad that’s how it was actually taken. So all’s well that ends well.

  8. Fear not. If I suspected you’d been cheating and actually included a spoiler, I wouldn’t have drawn attention to it by including it in the mailbag.

  9. Items I agree with you on:
    1. BP CEO Tony Hayward. Is he NOT on anyone’s list? A dart board could be released with his face as the target. It would be a worldwide hit.

    2. Facebook. I don’t have an account. I keep on getting asked if I have an account. If I haven’t spoken to you for 15 years there’s a reason.

    3. Lame afternoon radio personalities desperately trying to be funny while doing silly voices.… Who tell fart jokes or only report a small number of facts relating to a news story and then whip up anger and fear amongst the listeners who call in, give their narrow minded viewpoint and demonstrate to the world we are doomed as a civilisation.

    4. Cyclists – Who don’t let you know they’re turning the corner so you wait, wait, wait to turn the corner thinking they’re going straight ahead and then they turn. I’m not freaking prescient! Sure, I’m female, so I’m meant to have some kind of mind reading skills (just ask my Husband) but you’ll be the first to sue me if I knock you off your bike because you didn’t indicate! Also, you don’t pay for any road registration, we pay for your lanes, but all you do is bitch about the motorists.

    5. Morons who do nothing but complain, yet insist their opinions hold some value – and are actually surprised to learn they were tuned out long ago. – And can I add to that, people who complain but aren’t willing to do anything to change their situation or won’t give you specifics as to what the problem is so maybe others can make changes to help.

    My gripes of late:
    1. Telstra – Our major telecommunications company here. I consider myself a pacifist, but the frustration I’ve had in trying to find out why we’re being charged for phone calls that we couldn’t have possibly made on a phone line that doesn’t work has left me with ‘going postal’ tendencies.

    2. People who sit on their arse, drinking beer while watching sports who knock athletes or anyone attempting to do something far greater than drinking beer.

    3. People who think the only way to feel good about themselves is to screw over others.

    4. Those who truly believe the Universe revolves around them. And they’re older than 2 years of age.

    5. People who expect to be treated with a certain level of respect but do not reciprocate that respect.

    6. Customers who ask for my advice, ignore it completely then expect me to fix their screw up NOW!!!

    7. Cold freaking weather.

    Ok, so maybe I’ve been a bit of a grump of late as well.

  10. “staff picks” at my local bookstores? the section is for you to ignore. but you know what i hate about bookstores? is how utterly ridiculous it is how sci fi books are scattered in all the wrong places.

  11. @Darren – If that prediction was all on your own – and turns out correct (I’m really trying not to know) – GOOD ON YA! It is painful to be wrongly accused of cheating, and the science you proposed makes sense.

    Please understand, there have been a couple recent incidences of overseas-capable viewers/downloaders who have been all too happy to post spoilers here without any warning labels. Sorry you got caught in the crossfire!

  12. @JulieAloha – You are so very right about how to be put into a grumpy mood.

    And the same applies to being calm. The best way to get me to NOT be calm, is to shush me and tell me to calm down. I promise those who do this that they will visibly see my blood pressure rise and will get a look from me (and perhaps even a few choice words) that they will not soon forget.

    Things that annoyed me today:


    Just about everything in the news lately

    People calling to ask how much I’d charge for doing the voiceover for their product without wanting to show me the script or tell me where / when / for how long it would be used

    Designers who haven’t gotten back to me to discuss the design / UX projecct I need to hire a designer for

    Things that made all of that go away:

    Coming home to my wife & son 🙂

  13. PG15 – If I had someone as open minded as yourself as my Physics and Chem teacher (yeah, joy, I had the same guy for both) I think I would have stuck at it. But hey, I am who I am through my life experiences, so I prefer to look at it as this is the path I’ve walked to become who I am and it’s up to me to set my future. Grasshopper.

    Tammy – Physics is at work everywhere so I think you could take anything and it could become a branch of physics 🙂

  14. Here’s some Walking Dead news that should make everyone happy (well the cool people anyway), Michael Rooker has been cast in an unspecified role on the show.

  15. On to a different topic …

    Something I’m actually hoping to see, whether or not it actually does, is that the Earth people and the Lucien Alliance people actually do cooperate and work together over the longer term. I’d rather not just see them all killed off within a few episodes.

    It seems reasonable to me that the Lucien Alliance, if being more just about the various ex-Goa’uld worlds working to survive while there have been great upheavals where they live, like anyone would, rather than being a band of criminals, should be something that Earth should look to building alliances with, as Earth did with the Free Jaffa Nation et al before.

    Moreover, having a whole bunch of them is better than just one. I didn’t care as much for the single or dual token alien starring in SG1 or Atlantis as I would for the whole idea of having many non-Earth characters in the group. Also, a difference is that, relatively speaking, the Alliance people are from the old country, rather than the token aliens of SG1 or Atlantis representing then-newly-met groups.

    If many Alliance stuck around long term, then there could be more of a 3-way dynamic, the Earth military and civillians being the others.

    Anyway, we shall see …

  16. Aww! Sounds like someone needs a hug. I’d be happy to oblige but alas, I’m in Louisiana. I’m sure you can find someone else willing to hug you, though..:D

  17. At least she didn’t call you a grumpy old man (didn’t she call you a grumpy old man once before)? That has to be a step up, yes?

    Sounds like you need a vacation. Or a date.

  18. Just had a thought (don’t look so surprised). If there was a dart board released with Tony Hayward’s face as the target, it could be used as a fundraiser for the animals sporting the latest oil slick coat which looks like it’s going to be so in fashion for the next 10 years. Or until they die. Probably the latter.

    Last night when I saw the conditions vets and volunteers were working in to help save the wildlife I wanted to beat him around the head even more. I said I was a pacifist right? Ok, so I’d beat him around the head with tofu. Tofu packed with ball bearings.

    I’d love to sit in their boardroom, ask for a sizeable donation to help the wildlife based on the premise of, “Do you really want to be seen as NOT helping here?”. The vets are taking photos and oil samples of each animal they treat. Finally a law suit where hopefully the animals will be represented.

    I mentioned I’ve been grumpy lately?

  19. Hey, don’t diss my Lakers. Can’t believe they lost another one.

    Otherwise, all those on your list would make me grumpy too. How about when people driving in the left lane come over the line and into your lane? That happened to me tonight. I hate honking my horn, but I had to. Or the guy who swerved into the exit lane at the last minute, even though it was backed up and almost caused an accident?

    Here’s another one: Why can’t the people who repair the freeways/city streets plan these things better? It seems like lately that almost every other street is getting some kind of repair (which is good), but if they planned it better, they’d know that if you shut down several city streets in the same vicinity, traffic will be crazy.

    I’m also grumpy that I have to write a paper on Hazor of ancient Israel (it’s for an archaeology class I’m taking). It’s due next Thursday. I haven’t started it yet. I have lots of notes, an outline and possibly an introduction.

  20. Oh, I forgot…

    *wave at Darren Duncan* Long time no see! Was glad to see your “smarts” complimented, since I’ve known for a few years that you have them. 

    G’night, all.

  21. Hi Joe:

    Why is it that when we have really great zingers – nasty comments we want to share with someone who either annoys us, or frustrates the devil out of us, we don’t seem able to do so? Do you ever tell off people like Brad Wright or Rob Cooper?


  22. Would not argue with your choices…but might ask for a vote recount on passionfruit..well, I love it so am biased.

    Hope you feel in better sorts soon.
    Chocolate and ice cream may help!
    hmmmm, yes, I think I will have some dark chocolate now.

  23. Niiiiice…..See now don’t you feel the tiniest bit better. Very cathartic, it is…

    Excellent list, especially the Facebook, Twitter, BP, cyclists, crappy drivers, pedestrians, hey at least you HAVE a dishwasher (my new place has one, oh how I’ve missed a dishwasher *excited giggle*). Crows are easily fixed, borrow one of the dog’s larger stuffies (not Mr. Ducky, Jelly would NOT approve, plus then who’s she gonna kiss?), and fix up a little scarecrow for the roof of your garage. OK maybe not.

    ……… and as for WordPress being down. HELLO!!!!! What are they doing????? Today will now be referred to as the day that WordPress.Com went down – TWICE…..It was only for about an hour the first time and three minutes the second time. I bet that most people didn’t even know anything had happened. I, however, was not one of those people. .

    Lessons Learned….
    1. It’s official. I’m addicted to this blog, I had my suspicions but now I know for sure….. I’m fine with it. I hope everyone else is too. *smile*
    2. As I was consulting The Google, trying to find out what the actual issue was with I ran across a rather disturbing website (to me). It prints out every comment that WE make on this blog as a new thread, and it allows people to comment/reply on each one. It’s a really small site, with very few views. I know once you put something on the internet, it’s there FOREVER, but why would they do that? It’s really kind of freaky…. It makes me wonder how many of these sites are out there. It is seriously creeping me out.
    -Couple of other lessons, but I will leave those for another day.

    Joe – do you have all of your blog info backed up somehow/somewhere? You had previously mentioned that you use this blog as a sort of journal, but I don’t know that I would trust those people at WordPress to safeguard the data. This is apparently the second time in 4 months that WordPress has gone down, they were able to recover fairly quickly, but frankly it should not be happening at all.

    Glad you got your rewrite done!!

    One more sleep………

    Have a good one!!

  24. Add these to the “LIST”, Joe:

    – It was the *last* draw of the PAYDAY Lottery tonight — I *still* didn’t win!! *Nuts*!!

    – Coming up on 7 weeks now and I still haven’t received my Income Tax refund either!

    – It was cold and rainy – guess that week or so of “Summer” was just a passing fad.

    …ah, wait.. hold on… “Left-Turn-Guy” *actually* signalled??!! Dude! In MY “world”, that’s like bonus points and a psychic bathroom break!

    – And I’m waiting for that measly [Ontario] HST rebate money too – like yeah, that’ll make a difference!

    Kudos on the gamma burst call! It’s always refreshing to see a “fan” Sherlock the Writers *before* Airtime! 😀

    Nothing personal, Joe. But, seriously, it is the “SCI” of Sci-Fi that attracts the fans – otherwise, it would just be “fiction” like “Reality” TV!

  25. Tony Hayward is the odds on favorite to win the 2010 Douche Bag of the Year Award and the year isn’t even half over.

  26. Whoa! Okay, breathe in . . . breathe out . . . breathe in . . . breathe out. Think sand in wavy patterns, little stones and little wooden rakes. Fluffy white clouds in a clear blue sky. (all said in a dreamy, breezy voice) And ice-cream, lots of ice-cream.

    @ Lou – kinda like, “Don’t look down” It’s self-perpetuating.

    Poor Darren is trying to be all serious and we just won’t play, or rather we just won’t stop playing! *g* Hmmm, maybe this is where we come to get away from that which annoys us?

    Hey, Joe – Your blog is where I ungrumpify my day – thanks, again!!

    Smiles, Julie

  27. @ Darren Duncan

    Yes we in Germany saw the Final on Wednesday because the Footbal (Soccer) World Cup Starts Today. So the Free TV Broadcasts it one Week earlier

  28. Joe,

    It appears I owe you something of an apology.

    At your recommendation I started watching Spartacus: Blood & Sand. I was not expecting the level of violence, sex and especially the sheer mood-breaking and suspension-of-disbelief-crushing swearing (I mean, these guys swear more than 10 Tony Sopranos). I couldn’t imagine what you saw in this series other than a show that sounded like it was written by a horny 12 year old who just discovered a whole bunch of new swear words (my new fav curse is “Jupiter’s cock!”).

    However, I kept watching in the hope that it would get better and now I sit, with only the final episode of the Season to go, and I have to say that you were 100% correct about this show. It gets better with every episode, the plot threads are woven and tied up, the characters are actually complex (Crixus the most surprisingly rounded character of all, especially given his introduction), and, despite the amazingly overblown use of swear words, I can’t help but keep watching it.

    Thank you for the recommendation, and apologies for doubting you.


    P.S. P Looking forward to Incursion 2, but I’m still right about venting the air in the gate room. 😛

  29. Coucou Joseph, ça va ?
    désolé de ne pas être passé hier mais j’ai eu une mauvaise nouvelle concernant les écoles, je suis sur liste d’attente =( ..mon avenir est incertain et je n’aime pas ça.

    Gros bisou

  30. _____________

    Hello Joseph!

    One question for you:

    Who are the guest star of the SGU’s season 2?

    Thanks you


  31. @Darren I like your scientific approach and how you pull together clues and tiny bits 🙂 As I’ve already seen the finale I know if your guess fits or not but I don’t want to spoil you. Just something I’ve personally noticed in Incursion(1): It seemed to me that the disintegration started on the LA-members hand and although later also other parts of his body were in the area of radiation it seemed to spread organically to those parts which (at least to me) looked to be outside of the radiated area. Does this still fit into the GRB theory? Can radiation from one part in an object spread to other unradiated parts in such a way? (Note, I don’t know the answers to this myself, so it’s not a clue to the resolution 😉 )

  32. Boy, those are a lot of things to be grumpy about. Good thing most of them you can fix/ throw away/ get done and over with.

    Well, maybe except for BP CEO Tony Hayward. I think we’re all going to be very grumpy about that one for a little longer.

  33. SGU questions: 1)before he was assigned to Icarus base what SG- team (i.e. SG-25) was Colonel Young assigned to? 2)Did he ever step foot on the tau’ri outpost that was designated P2S-569 (the one the Lucian alliance attacked that killed 37 people. 3)before being assigned as the destiny expedition leader did Colonel Telford ever command a SG-team?

  34. But passionfruit are yummy! I don’t think I’ve met a person who has hated them!

  35. Talking about Tony Haywood, can anyone tell me why they simply don’t bury the leaking pipe under a few thousand tons of boulders, debris, and entrails of the above named person? Enough junk will slow the leak, and they should be able to seal it with concrete once the pressure is blocked. Low tech, relatively low cost, and doesn’t even require that much precision a long as you dump enough stuff on the leak source.
    As for the rest of your list, I wonder if you were primed for your disgruntled state by your last outing to find pizza. Perhaps a visit to one of your more reliable eateries will put you in a better frame of mind. And a good dose of chocolate. Perhaps you’re just coming off the high of defeating Mr. Cooper in the great ice cream freeze off.
    Congratulations on finishing the rewrite. We want you happy so that you can enjoy your weekend. Thanks for maintaining your unbroken posting streak, and best of luck making it through the day in a better mood.

  36. After your response to my question about “deadly force” I went back to see if Young indeed use deadly force. Threatening deadly force doesn’t count. The correct response was to pick them off as they came through. The “lootin liance” are glorified gang bangers…not military.

  37. “Reasons I may be grumpy…”

    Oh, oh, can I play?!!!

    – You know its going to be a long wait when you walk into your doctor’s office and everyone in the waiting room is asleep!

    – Driving the posted, reduced speed limit (50) through a construction zone only to get run over by everybody else doing 70. (I can’t speed, I’m on probation from a ticket I got.)

    – my favorite blogger (guess who Joe) posting after I have to go to bed every night. (I must get my beauty sleep.)

    – sitting down here to write a comment only to get interrupted by my dog outside howling at 6:30 in the morning! Got to go now…

    Darn, I had more!

  38. BP CEO Tony Hayward: As Narelle stated, he is on everyone’s list. AGREED!

    I read a disturbing article yesterday stating that cleaning the oil off birds may not help at all. I have limited experience with avian but I do know they are fragile. Handling a bird can stress it out enough to kill it. A clipped toenail might make a bird bleed to death. I would still like to believe some of the birds can be helped.

    Face book: I started a page two months ago (?). Since I moved away from my high school, I thought it would be fun to find old classmates but most of the people requesting friend status, I don’t know who they are! I have found one or two old friends but I can definitely see your point. I like to refer to the unknowns as “Face book hos”. It seems they are just trying to get their friend numbers as high as possible. For the most part, FB seems no different than twitter to me.

    Funeral protestors; I don’t care what side of the war you are one, this is just cruel:

    On your number six Narelle: (you probably do this) Hubby “trys” keeps all communications to e-mail, so he can show the client later. He has had a few clients that were warned repeatedly about a problem, they ignored it. Then it blows up and they blame the consultant (Hubby). He produces several e-mails and he is out the blame game.

    I was listening to a radio psychologist tell people “If you are grumpy, do jumping jacks.”. She said you can’t be grumpy doing this exercise. Worth a try? 😀

    I say that you guys just need some sleep or a vacation! 😀

    Darren Duncan: I found your theory interesting, also!

    Hubby comes home tonight! Off to swim laps and get some “vittles” (southern slang for food) from the store 😉 .

  39. Hey, Joe – it’s better than being a little testes! 😀

    (Sorry, that’s an old family joke… 😛 )

    I don’t have time right now to go over all the things that annoy me, but some are much like your own. I’ll just comment on those we have in common, and share insights into those we don’t.

    Dogs… or as in my case, one particular neurotic cat…who does her business in the utility room if one of my other cats just looks at her funny. I ‘walk’ her to the litter pan twice a day, and that works – usually. I refused to put a litter pan in the house because I didn’t want it smelling like ‘cat’, but I finally broke down and put one in the utility room, just for her. I bet she still poops on the floor. 😛 😡

    Waiting for the repairman. Learn to use your time wisely! Doncha know by now that a watched pot never boils?? Catch up on some reading! File that paperwork you’ve been putting off! Paint your toenails!

    My dishwasher. I am my dishwasher. I never get annoyed with me. 😀

    Crows that snag the empty dog food cans out of the recycling bins and leave them on the roof of my garage.

    Cyclists. Couldn’t agree with you more – just last night two girs on one bike (one sitting on the handle bars) rode down the middle of the street and into my lane head on as I was barrelling down the road at 45 miles an hour. I had to stop, and wait a good 30 seconds or so, while they wobbled out of my lane. If I hadn’t seen them coming, I could have killed them both. In town it’s even worse, with tourists just meandering around, going against traffic, not stopping for lights and stop signs and just ignoring the fact that they are supposed to obey the same rules of the road as a car.

    Pedestrians … GAAAH! Here in Jersey they are finally enforcing a ‘yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk’ law. It’s a good law, really, but people on foot fail to realize that it applies ONLY if they are already in the crosswalk before the car comes. It does NOT mean suddenly stepping out in front of a car driving 25-45 miles an hour through town! It also doesn’t mean you can dart out between cars, or just – OMG – STAND in the middle of the road, taking pictures of an old house! 😡

    People who drive slow in the left lane. Then drive in the right! 😀

    Drivers who signal a left turn, wait through a green, until the light turns yellow, then red – and still don’t make the damn turn! Ha! Canadians! Americans just go through red lights, and turn whenever the hell they want! It’s great!

    BP CEO Tony Hayward. Agreed.

    The Los Angeles Lakers. Agreed. I can’t stomach The Rapist (yeah, yeah, yeah – I know, ‘not guilty’ – bull, and OJ didn’t kill his wife).

    Facebook. I tell people enough about myself on line, why in the world would I want to give a name and face to my insanity!

    Twitter. I don’t get it.

    WordPress being down. Addict. 😀

    Running out of Greek yogurt. This is the best stuff on earth…so, yeah, I agree.

    Morons who do nothing but complain, yet insist their opinions hold some value – and are actually surprised to learn they were tuned out long ago. Huh? Whatcha say??

    Passionfruit. Perhaps you are mad at the fruit because it has something you are missing in your own life. Mebbe you just need to go on a date…perhaps you should be juicing a bit more regularly. 😉

    Lame afternoon radio personalities… Agreed on all counts. May I suggest investing in CDs.

    The “staff picks” at my local bookstores. Joe…have you no sense of adventure??! Don’t you have a ninja lying…laying…WHATEVER…somewhere under your gentlemanly exterior?? Just switch their picks out with ones of your own! They’ll probably never even notice! 😀

    My local comic shop selling out of the latest installment of The Walking Dead. You should have your lcs put it on your pull list, then they’ll have it reserved for you when you finally drag your sorry butt in there. 🙂

    Script rewrite. Couldn’t you have been doing that while waiting for the repairman???

    I wish you a happy and healthy weekend, Joe!


  40. Oh, I can relate to the dog item. I have a collie/aussie mix who was doing that for a while. Except in the KITCHEN. Makes for a lousy start to the morning.

    She seems to be over it now, thank goodness.

    What makes me grumpy of late: Items from the store sealed in hard plastic and then stuck in place by a system of insidious twist ties, random pieces of cardboard, and packing tape.

    AND people who get so focused on their problems and issues that they lose sight of…well, hell, just about everything else. You know the sort that you hesitate to call because they’re going to talk about their ex for 45 minutes without taking a breath?

    I’ve yet to come up with a diplomatic solution to that one.

    But other than those, not much to be grumpy about here. Not lately. 🙂

  41. “According to Ashleigh, I’ve been grumpy lately. ”

    That’s what she gets for not inviting you to her pyjama parties.

    “Morons who do nothing but complain, yet insist their opinions hold some value – and are actually surprised to learn they were tuned out long ago.”

    So you favor the ‘lie to me’ school of thought? 🙂

  42. “Drivers who signal a left turn, wait through a green, until the light turns yellow, then red – and still don’t make the damn turn!”

    I would go further and list anyone who signals incorrectly with abandon.

  43. Two more annoying things:

    People who drive 10 miles below the speed limit because they are texting/on the cell phone.

    People who park their shopping car in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store, while they decide what to buy.

  44. Joe,

    I just watched a rerun of the Atlantis episode “Harmony.” I was wondering, who came up with the idea for the image that’d be on the painting? I was also wondering if there were any other ideas for what would be on the canvas? What ever happened to the painting, is it in someone’s office?

  45. So, you’ve been grumpy, huh? sure it’s not just that your fishnets are a little too tight? Tight hose will always make one grumpy.

    Hmm… I thought Tony Hayward was only hated that much in the States, especially the Gulf States. Personally, I think the whole lot of em should have to endure the same treatment as the pelicans. Coat them in oil, then go through the clean-up process. The government doesn’t seem to be doing much to help, either. But then, all the things the government does seems to make me grumpy.

    I must disagree with you about cyclists, though. Most cyclists try to be careful and use signals. They care about safety too. But as in many groups, there are a few who don’t, giving the whole group a bad rep.

  46. PS It is Friday for me. Both looking forward to and sad about SGU episode tonight.

  47. Loved your list Das! The Laker’s guy? I didn’t know who Mr. M. was referring to. Thanks for clarifying. Yes, all rich people/athletes that get away with major crimes are annoying!!!!

    For instance, Joran van der Sloot should be locked up forever. How many times did he change his version of what happened in Aruba? It’s sad that it took another girl losing her life to finally catch Sloot. I believe they might want to check other areas he has traveled for missing women.

    Greek yogurt? I’ve never had it. I suppose I’ll have to try it now. Might be hard to find in Mississippi, though.

    How about the driver that speeds in front of you, then turns immediately, so you have to slam on the brakes? That goes along with Das’s description of American drivers, I suppose. Here, that kind of driver usually drives a huge truck with testicles hanging from the trailer hitch. One day, I”m going to take a knife and neuter one of those trucks!

  48. Heh, first thought that occurred to me regarding the possibility of the Lucian Alliance joining forces with the Earth crew: too many leaders, not enough crew!

    I’m really hoping Telford survives Incursion part II. If he does, then Young and Telford would duke it out for SGC command (would Telford win by way of rank, or does Young’s greater experience aboard the Destiny count more? Then again, Telford was supposed to be the one leading the mission to Destiny, but not with this crew).

    Camile — I’m still hoping she makes more of her IOC civilian authority role at some point, and I think she’s biding her time. When better to take a shot at being in charge than when nobody knows who’s in charge?

    Kiva — well, I just don’t see her playing Chakotay to Young/Telford’s Janeway. Unless…she might agree to work with the Earth crew if it meant she’d have more time to find a way to wrest control of the ship from them? Which is probably why she and the rest of her Lucian Alliance team members will find themselves either gated off the ship completely, or having walled themselves off in an isolated section of the ship from which they can plot and stage attacks to their heart’s content.

    And, of course, there’s always Rush, who’s kind of a loose cannon…

  49. I have found that Vodka makes everything better. This includes Coolatas from Dunkin Donuts, Slurpees from 7-11, and most smoothies.

    And there’s always chocolate, which is a necessity to maintaining sanity.

    My personal road rage setoff… people who *know* that there is a construction merge and ride all the way up to the merge and expect the people who merged 1/2 a mile back to let them in. Yeah, I’m the bitch who gives them the finger and rides the bumper of the guy in front of me and won’t let them in.

  50. Oh yeah… and I’m sad that tonights my last fix of new stargate for awhile… been an awesome season. October won’t get here fast enough.

  51. Hi Mr M!

    Yes indeed, I agree with your list of gripes.

    Sadly, a drought of new eps…and a lack of SG movies (*hint hint MGM***) can be added!!

    Am just dipping in here again, and will return after Tuesday when the Finale has aired with my thoughts.

    Oh…and someone tell Gilder to check her email!!!!!



  52. :laugh:

    Dogs who are too comfy to get up and head out for their final evening constitutional only to get up six hours later, in the early morning, head down to the laundry room, and do their business there.

    Well at least your dogs are free and smart enough to do it in the laundry room. I sleep (and dog) with my door closed because I need to have my room completely dark or I can’t sleep…windows blacked out as well. This morning I woke up to puke 😮 Eww! And I stepped in it. Double Eww!!

  53. “Morons who do nothing but complain”

    Whoops…. I know I’ve stated recently the parts of SGU that have frustrated me, so sorry if I’ve contributed to your frustration. Sometimes I just focus on the negatives and don’t even mention the positives. 🙁

    But PASSIONFRUIT!!! How could that frustrate anyone!!! It’s the best flavor on earth!!! 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  54. Tuned out part way through your list and decided to go for a bicycle ride. Hope that once again I will survive among the mostly oblivious people in their over sized planet killers.

  55. @Deni – thanks. Now I gotta watch it 🙂

    @ Das – I don’t Twitter either. I am Twitter illiterate.

  56. Pooh. Too much negativity here. Let’s start a list of what cheers us up.


  57. Joe, Joe, Joe. Shame on you. Looks like you have put everyone here in a bad mood. A very intertainingly bad mood!

  58. Cyclists are indeed a pain in the mikta. Extremely annoying when you have to dodge them on walk-only lanes and dodge them when they suddenly appear from behind a corner on a busy city street.

  59. Delayed reaction: So Paul went with the title “Deliverance” after all? Sounds like an opportunity for a Ronny Cox cameo, maybe as a reference to his guitar-playing DELIVERANCE character instead of SG1’s Kinsey. 

  60. I think I would be grumpy too, if I weren’t so busy being sleepy all the time!

    Anyways, I can’t be grumpy now, because there’s a NEW SGU in only 5.5 hours!!! And I need to take a nap now so I can stay awake for Merlin too…..

  61. Re cleanng oiled wildlife: Here’s a current AP article that is similar to Tammy’s 2007 cite, BUT the AP reports that BP PLC is funding the efforts. See the sixth paragraph.

  62. Well Joe I can’t blame you, those are all good reasons to be grumpy, the cyclists really get me too in particular. I have solution for you to get a hold of the last walking dead issue, when ever the local comic shop doesn’t have what I’m looking Things From Another World does.

  63. Joe, my man, calm down. Breathe in slow and deep. Now wait for thirty seconds, and breathe out, slow and deep. There, feeling better? Fainty? Goody. Just finished my Dollhouse run and felt sad that it was over. Before that, I watched Dune (1984) extended. Was glorious.

  64. @Gilder, yes, hello to you too. You’re the only frequent poster on this forum that I recognized from elsewhere, going by handles anyway.

  65. Oh my God don’t even get me started on cyclists! It’s especially annoying here at UBC, because all the students and profs are either poor, are obsessed with “sustainability”, or both, and thus rely on bikes to get to/back from UBC. Driving down Marine Drive near the beaches on the tip of UBC is a nightmare in the evening where there’s a cyclist on the side of the VERY NARROW road every 50 feet. Worst of all, they don’t seem to get that they are uber-slow and that there’s a line of cars behind them.

    Hey, I know we’re supposed to share the road, but how about stop being dicks and stop for a minute to let the dozen cars following you through before you keep going? Things would just be so much easier if they biked on the sidewalk like I always do. The concept of “share the road” is bull.

    You know, I actually find it hard to get too mad at Tony Hayward. Yeah, he’s said some asshole-y things, and his company is made of fail, but just look at him, look at that face. The man can scrunch up his face to look like he’s on the verge of tears in an instant. I can’t get angry at that.

    Hey, speaking of VFX meetings (ok, I’m a day late. Whatever.), I was able to make a special something during the many breaks I take while I work on my research project at UBC. To complete the project, I have to master a computer designing program called SolidWorks that not only let’s you create things like pipe fittings and gear housings and stuff like that, but also lets you create THIS.

    Destiny! The perspective is a little screwed up since SolidWorks doesn’t seem to care about that that much, and it’s still a work in progress, but I think it’s looking pretty good! Here are some more pics where I try to emulate some of the more oft-used shots from the show:

    Destiny 1
    Destiny 2
    Destiny 3
    Destiny 4
    Destiny 5
    Destiny 6

    @ maggiemayday: Thanks? 😉

    @ das: I learn my incorrigibility from the best. 😀

    @ Tammy: Well, I’m gonna do Planetary Sciences, but I haven’t decided what specific topic I’m going to tackle; my interests tend to shift a bit depending on what the latest news is, or whatever’s inspirational. For now, I’d love to try to figure out how to get to Mars, or try to investigate that Life on Titan thing. Whatever the case, there is A LOT out there to research!

    @ Major D. Davis: Well said, man. Who knows, maybe Incursion Part 2 can gain a few hundred thousand viewers. Let’s hope it does.

    I have no access to the Canadian numbers, unfortunately. I do know, however, that both the premiere and the mid-season premiere drew in pretty big audiences, relatively speaking. Air had something like 550,000 viewers while Space had about 450,000 viewers. That’s pretty good considering that Canada has a tenth of the viewers of the US and SGU airs on cable. In fact, Air broke a ratings record for the SPACE channel, where SGU airs.

    I just realized that I used “Air” and “Space” twice in two completely different contexts. That is Awesome.

    @ kabra: I’ve never done long-distance tutoring before, but I can try! However, it will depend on how busy I am. I’m not sure I can help you for like, 5 or 6 hours a day, but if you have any major questions you can always email me. 🙂

    @ Narelle: That’s a great philosophy, Master Narelle. Still, it sucks that only a handful of teachers out there seem to genuinely care about learning instead of earning a paycheck. Think about how advanced we would be if kids learned at a young age about all the possibilities that are there, all the innovations their brand new imaginations can dream up that we, already jaded and confined by the world’s social norms, can no longer comprehend. Science especially – it’s not just numbers and symbols and memorization – really good science education teaches the kids about how powerful Science is, and how very simple physical laws have created this complex and incredible Universe of ours.

    @ Tim Lade: There’s a guy on YouTube who has managed to rip the music from some of the episodes, and he has done the same with the recap music. So if you want to hear it (almost) all by itself, then…hmmm…should I post a link here? Joe, you wouldn’t report that guy to the MGM lawyers, would you? All he’s doing is providing us fans with some of the golden tunes Maestro Goldsmith has cooked up that will probably never see the light of day otherwise thanks to MGM’s inability to provide us with a compilation of SG1/SGA/SGU series soundtracks.

    Just in case, I won’t post the link. I will say though that you can find it by going to YouTube, and then searching for “SGU soundtrack” (without the quote marks), then scroll down until you find a video by a user named baloznieks. He’s the guy who has ripped the music, and he already has an impressive list of them on his YouTube profile, including several pieces from Light, the incredible piece near the end of Air III, and of course, the recap music (he calls it “Stargate Universe – starting theme”). Enjoy the music!

  66. Oops, forgot something.

    @ Darren Duncan: I don’t think it was me who posted about the finale airing overseas and seeing spoilers. In fact, I’m keeping away from them as far as physically possible. I don’t want to ruin that shocking surprise at the end! 😉

  67. Dogs who are too comfy to get up and head out for their final evening constitutional only to get up six hours later, in the early morning, head down to the laundry room, and do their business there.

    Total disrespect. I would have stern words with them.

  68. Is the brand of Greek yogurt you buy called Fage? I’ve been reading about it a lot on the American blogs and I can’t get it here where I am. But I know that there is a Whole Foods in Van, if you can find it, give it a try, it’s supposed to be fantastic. It also comes with different flavours (cherry, preach, strawberry and the one I would like to try the most – honey!!).

    Personal Pet Peeve – people turning onto a main road in front of you, causing you to slam on your brakes. You check your rearview mirror and there is no one behind you for a whole ^#&^% block. They just HAD to get in front of you.

    Oh something that made me rather cross (to say the least) the other day. That psychopath from the Greyhound bus incident wanted escorted day ‘walks’ AND HE GOT THEM….I refuse to link to this one but for those who may be unfamiliar with the incident, couple of years ago, passenger riding a bus, attacks another passenger who was sleeping, cut off his head and cannibalized parts during the police stand off. It was/is truly horrific. Off his meds…. *mutter mutter*

    @ Tammy Dixon – totally agree with your comments re: Joran Van Der Sloot. It will be interesting to see how he fairs now that his father (the judge) has passed away and can no longer run interference or muddy the waters for him. I also agree with you about the shopping carts in the middle of the aisle, although compared to Van Der Sloot, not quite in the same league eh!

    @ DJ – the merge thing also gets me, it depends on my mood, as to whether I let them in or not.

    @ Lou Zucaro – I giggled when I saw your last comment, having read your previous comment about your reaction to being told to calm down. How’s the blood pressure doing? You OK?

    Four more hours until SGU…… and then David Blue on InnerSPACE, I found out he will be live in Toronto, so that should be fun!! I’ll be lookin’ for some Spoilers. Hopefully, they will have plied him with wine, women and song, and his guard will be down. Hey, I can hope can’t I?


  69. @Kosi2801, you said:
    “Just something I’ve personally noticed in Incursion(1): It seemed to me that the disintegration started on the LA-members hand and although later also other parts of his body were in the area of radiation it seemed to spread organically to those parts which (at least to me) looked to be outside of the radiated area. Does this still fit into the GRB theory? Can radiation from one part in an object spread to other unradiated parts in such a way?”

    On one hand I chalk that up to dramatic license, as its more dramatic that to show the person being eaten alive slowly, rather than being irradiated all at once as would be more realistic. But I could also explain it away by saying that the shields or the radiation were non-uniform, such that there could be narrow patches just a few inches wide where the radiation was coming through orders of magnitude more strongly, and those specific bits were hitting the LA person’s hand, and then the patches got bigger. Radiation wouldn’t spread within the body quickly enough to look like that; more likely the flashlight just got bigger. I still think the main reason is dramatic license though.

    @pg15, you said:
    Darren Duncan: I don’t think it was me who posted about the finale airing overseas and seeing spoilers. In fact, I’m keeping away from them as far as physically possible. I don’t want to ruin that shocking surprise at the end!

    Yes, I apologize for this mis-attribution. It was actually @cat4444, who said in the June 8th post:

    “Well, I tripped over a big-ass spoiler that gives away the answer to what happened to the Lucian dude. Crap. Better the suspense until it’s revealed. (Nope, not that. I didn’t watch the Ukranian or German airings, nor did I You Tube them. I’m holding out for Friday. )”

    @pg15, @cat4444 had just written something to you in the prior paragraph and the formating led me to mis-read the quote coming from you. My mistake here; sorry.

  70. PG15: fascinating career path! Your posts are so entertaining. Perhaps, after your PhD, you might try your hand at writing Sci-Fi?

    Kymm: It will be interesting to watch the developments in Peru. It sounds like he left a huge amount of evidence this time. I feel bad for the families of his victims. This is a tragedy and the shopping cart thing is just an annoyance, yes 😉 .

    Gilder: thanks for the link. It’s very hard for me to read about animal abuse but something about this story…..

    Mr. M: Can you MAKE the “kids” get up and go out? I bet this problem will get worse as they age 🙁 . Like someone else posted, the laundry room is better than other places.

    This is one reason we are getting rid of our carpet. Spray then wipe and the floor is clean.

    I know a few people that crate train their dogs. Out of the crate all day but in the crate at night. Their dogs don’t seem to mind but they started crate training as pups. Your dogs have already trained you 😀 .

  71. @ Darren Duncan: No problem! 😀

    @ Tammy: I’m writing Scifi right now! It’s just nothing that will ever see the light of day. 😉

    But yeah, if I can do research and write scifi novels/screenplays at the same time, that’d great (doubly great if I can write for Stargate, though I probably won’t have time to do research then). I have a lot of ideas on that. I don’t think one can just do straight science without having a creative outlet somewhere.

  72. Joe,

    You need to talk to SyFy about the promos after the season ending clifhanger. They totally ruined your all the tention you built with the clifhanger by showing clips from season 2. They should have cut to black and left us hungry rather than show [edit] among many other things. A simple voice over of the SGU logo with, “SGU will return this fall,” would suffice. Granted I’ll be back for Season 2, the promo ruined all the tension for me built by the clifhanger. It painted a picture of things to come and didn’t leave anything to the imagination.

    On another note, why the page difference between SG1/SGU (51) and Atlantis scripts (56-57)? Does it have to do with how fast Rodney talks?

    Third note: What is with Syfy’s scheduling? It seems before the season break they always have a holiday that bumps the season/mid-season finally an extra week resulting in lower ratings. It happened with Thanksgiving and Memorial day weekend. Wouldn’t it be better to start the season a week earlier so this doesn’t happen?

  73. Do you by any chance know the music from the SG1 episode “the serpents venom” ? In this episode Sg1 is trying to reprogram this mine in space to attack apohphis’s ship. It’s the music that plays right as they enter the mine field….

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