Today’s game plan was to finish the rewrite of Resurgence.  Yesterday, I got as far as the top of Act V before running out of steam.  So, all I had to do was finish that final act.  Seven measly pages.

Well, the day is done and here I sit, staring at the top of Act V.  Wha- happened?

First, there was that 8:30 a.m. Playback meeting.  Digital Effects Supervisor Krista McLean tried to keep things lively by incorporating hand-outs into the proceedings: layouts of the beautiful new set, its seemingly endless playback possibilities, scene by scene breakdowns of who’s doing what where and what they see, and big framed single sheets for doodling (which I honestly didn’t think we would need but did end up making fair use of).  Ninety minutes of Level One Badness, Level Two Badness, and Level Two Badness With Fritz later – and we were done.  Next time, it’ll be puppets and dancing monkeys.

The 10:30 a.m. Visual Effects meeting was fairly tame in comparison – which is kind of surprising given the number of visual effects in this episode.  17 pages worth in the initial VFX Budget hand-out!  Will and I trimmed out those shots we felt were unnecessary, but there is still plenty of eye candy for the discerning space battle aficionado.

By the time I sat down to resume work on the rewrite, I had a slew of notes from the morning meetings to incorporate into the script.  And once I’d incorporated them, had lunch, and given Paul notes on the second part of the mid-season two-parter (Deliverance), I was right back where I was yesterday – at the top of the fifth act.

In addition to that fifth act, I also have to get around to watching the auditions for the role of the marine.  Paul wasn’t sure what I was going to name him so, in part two, he just decided to go with TBD (To Be Decided).  When you say it fast enough, it almost sounds like Thibodeau – so I went back and renamed him Thibodeau.  Private First Class Henri Thibodeau, the ragin’ cajun from Louisiana!  Doing a preliminary scan of the twenty (yes, twenty!) candidates vying for the role, I notice some interesting entries in the various Special Skills categories accompanying each resume.  Highlights include: ping pong master (actually, plenty of ping pong masters in this line-up), professional scooter driver, beginner level Irish jig, whistler, super fast bartender, musically inclined (if we happen to be casting for a character who can hum a few bars), mask making, contact improv (?), mime (contact mime would be even cooler!), breast stroke (I bet, you dog you), and “can cure anyone’s hiccups in under one minute” (I shit you not.  That was on the list.).  And what the hell does a “class 5 driver’s license” cover?  Unicycles?  Camels?  Those kiddie choo choo trains?


Lewis writes: “1) Is there any chance David Hewlett makes an appearance on SGU? 2) I know that the first few episodes of Season 2 will determine a lot for the future of the franchise, so besides just watching (and setting DVRs) what can we the fans do on our end to help?”

Answers: 1) Of course there’s always a chance since the McKay character is part of the extended Stargate family.  2) Put the word out, get your friends and family (and their friends and family) to tune in.

Sean D. writes: ”

1. Will the character Varro (of the Lucian Alliance) end up having a more significant role – or at least a recurring role – in season 2?

2. The recent Syfy chat with some of the cast revealed cool clues and hints about season 2, could you please confirm those things?
2a. Lots of aliens? “BUNCH of new aliens”?
2b. Using the stargate a lot?
2c. Reveals what happened with Franklin and the chair?
2d. Reveals more about the previously unseen aliens from episode “Faith”?
2e. Reveals a “TON about the Lucian Alliance”?
2f. Reveals a lot about Destiny?

3. How many season 2 episodes will include actor Robert Knepper?

4. Who invented the tech that the Goa’uld used in Stargate SG-1, like that ha’tak, death glider, zat gun, staff weapon?”

Answers: 1. If he survives the incursion, it’s possible.

2. a) Several. b) More gate travel, yes. c) Yes, we’ll be learning more about that.  d) Yes. e) “More” anyway.  f) Significantly more.

3. Remains to be seen.

4. We never answered that question.  And, obviously, I’m not answering it here.

Milmer writes: “Will the crew of the Destiny be gating to a world with an advanced civilisation on it any time in series 2?”

Answer: It’s possible, yes.  We’ve discussed a potential scenario.

Thornyrose writes: “Have you been considering any changes needed to the Atlantis movie script to account for the time shifts?”

Answer: No.  However, if and when we do use an Atlantis cast member, it will necessitate a re-thinking of the movie script – unless we simply establish that the movie takes place soon after the events of EatG.

StellaByStargate writes: “That said (and yes, you probably knew I was leading up to a question), is there any chance that this type of story-telling will be reflected in either the SG1 and/or SGA movies or will they be “old-style”?”

Answer: Stargate: Extinction, the Atlantis movie script, maintains the same tone and feel of the Atlantis series the preceded it.

Brian C writes: “So say someone sold everything he owned bought a plane ticket to Canada, turned up at the Stargate studio and said. “Hey, I’d love to work for you guys, I’ll do anything and I mean anything, I just want to work in this industry and learn from the best, eventually I want to be a writer”  What are this guys chances? 100% serious here.”

Answer: Without an agent and an invitation to pitch the show?  0%.  Sorry.

steph writes: “And a question regarding SGU will be seeing more of Chloe using her smarts soon?”

Answer: Something like that, yes.

Kymm writes: “When does Season 2 wrap up shooting? How many episodes left to shoot?”

Answer: Season 2 wraps production at the end of November.  We’re presently shooting our ninth episode and I am prepping episode 10.

dasNdanger writes: “As I come here each day to frolic, I sometimes get to wondering how things will be if Stargate fizzles, your pilot doesn’t pan out, the comic book deal ends, and no one wants to read your stories. If you have to step away from the entertainment world and take on a lower profile job – one that doesn’t come with a built-in fanbase – how do you think you’ll feel if blog traffic dies and you’re no longer getting the interaction you do now? Do you think you’ll feel a bit of a let down – a little lonely? Or do you think it’ll be more of a relief not being so ‘married’ – or obligated – to the blog?”

Answer: If I was actually charging for content, advertising, or generally making money off this blog, then traffic would concern me.  I don’t, so it doesn’t.  It does, however, serve as a point of interest in tracking what topics seem to resonate more strongly with readers.  When I first started this blog in 2006, I never imagined I’d be still writing it some four years later – to say nothing of never missing a day!  I suppose I’m somewhat obsessive-compulsive in that I feel driven to maintain that string of consecutive days blogged.  There are some days I enjoy it and other days I downright hate it, but I do it because I’ve convinced myself that, as a writer, I should be writing.  As much as possible.  It’s also a great way of keeping a continuously updated journal.  And the people I meet along the way are a terrific bonus.  However, when the time comes, I’ll call it a day – not because Stargate has ended or because blog traffic dips – but because I’ll have said everything I want to say on such hot-button topics as crispy duck, comic books, and the sheer impossibility of eating a mango.

Jim writes: “1. Was there any discussion by the network and Syfy of making Incursion a two hour special event SGU episode on Syfy? Did you feel this would have been a ratings booster opportunity? Following up, promotion outside of Syfy commercials for SGU seems lacking. I know you are a writer not a marketer, but does this disappoint you for a show that trying to draw in new viewers?

2. I was dissapointed by your comment that their wasn’t plans to include other Stargate shows technology and aliens. Can I assume this is a cost saving measure- (zats use SX money compared to guns, make-up design money is saved by having Lucian Alliance humans instead of special aliens?)

3. Darren Dunkan appears to have some Ukrainian and Russian smarts.

4. Since SGU seems to be a show that gives more questions than answers, what assurances do we have that the show runners won’t give us a Lost series ender that doesn’t answer anything?

Answers: 1. I don’t know whether or not the network discussed this option and also don’t know whether it would have necessarily garnered more ratings.  As for promotion – hey, I always want more!

2. It has nothing to do with cost, more a desire to maintain SGU as a separate entity (although there will the occasional bleed-thru).

3. That he does.

4. Most of the questions we’ve asked will be answered in season two, while a couple of the bigger questions won’t be answered until the finale.  But, like I said, we do know where we’re going.

Mark writes: “I have a question to vfx-team, are the details on the ship (like the ftl-modules) made for only the episode or are they there (at this level of detail) from the beginning?”

Answer: Most of the detail is there from the beginning, then enhanced on a script by script basis.

62 thoughts on “June 9, 2010: That infernal fifth act!

  1. I have a question for the mailbag.

    1. Will there ever be an extended opening credit sequence like Sg1?(sorry if question was already asked)

    2 Whats the key to writting dialogue for the characters? (i suck at writting dialogue for my own hobby projects)

  2. .
    Forgive me if I seem sad/upset/angry here (I swear I’m not; this is me being disenchanted):
    You all (actors, writers, producers, Craig who tweets as SyFy, etc) say that to help out our show and keep it on the air we should watch live. Well, that counts for NOTHING if we don’t have Nielson boxes. Sure, it’s great that I have converted at least ten people to Stargate fans since my own conversion… but none of them have Nielson boxes, and thus, I have overall contributed nothing to SGU’s ratings and thus contributed nothing towards SGU’s success. The only way anything I do on the “watch it live” front will help is if, in the long run, those converts in turn convert people who DO have Nielson boxes. Which may happen, I’ll allow. But telling ME to watch live is not helpful.
    What SHOULD be MORE helpful is watching on Hulu/ (once the episodes go up) since those numbers are ALL tallied, buying and watching on iTunes (again, all votes count there), and buying the DVD’s as soon as they are released. However, I get the impression that even buying DVD’s is not as helpful as it ought to be because SGA S5 DVD’s sold like hotcakes and it was STILL cancelled. 🙁
    So forgive me, powers that be, if I feel helpless to keep my favorite shows from being cancelled. I almost wish I could go back to the days where I thought there were magical little men hiding in my TV set sending a message telling TPTB what I was watching and that my vote actually counted for something. 🙁
    I don’t expect you to respond to it, Joe, because I suspect you feel similarly helpless but don’t want to/cannot legally comment on America’s biased and useless ratings system.


    Isn’t the story of how Walter Harriman (sounds like “Airman”) very similar to that of Thibodeau? 😉

    Krista McLean is amazing. I really had no idea what she did until she did her guest blog here (thanks!) and now I am just in awe of everything she does! One of the behind-the-scenes heroes of SGU!

  3. BS to Impress: This isn’t [t]he first space set scifi show Robert Carlyle has been on: as a child, he actually appeared on Star Trek: The Original Series.”

    Is that true? Or is the “BS to Impress” simply BS itself?

    Okay, did some poking around on IMDB and have come to the conclusion that the “BS to Impress” is simply BS, especially given what Robert Carlyle’s age would have been during the run of Star Trek and that he would have been in Scotland. Given what I’ve read of his childhood, I seriously doubt that his father could have afforded to take him to Hollywood at that time.

    However, there was apparently a Richard Carlyle who played a character named “Jaeger” in The Squire of Gothos, and I’d guess that the author of the article got the two of them mixed up.

    Mystery solved.

  4. Omg having McKay appearing in SGU would be so much fun!! To watch him and Eli battle it out in the wit department… I can just see McKay treating Eli as a little snot nose upstart and Eli counteracting with smart arsed comments. Bring it on!

    I think if the Stargate series dies off etc you’d still have us regulars ‘tuning’ in to your blog everyday.. It’s part of my life now..

  5. How is that possible…we here in Germany are ahead you in the US with the Season Finale….Tonight i´ve seen Incursion Part 1 and 2 and i have to say the finale was thrilling…..ahhh i hate those cliffhangers…but aside of the very open end…..WELL DONE…I will not Spoiler anything but you have to watch it…..breathtaking

  6. Hey Joe, I’ve got a few questions for SGU’s season 2.

    1) Are secondary characters like Becker, Boone or even Dunning going to get more screen time and more things to do in the 2nd season? (provided they survive the season finale).

    2) Are any plans to promote some of the more prolific secondary characters like Brody, Volker, James, etc to a regular slot?

  7. Joe, you’ve lived in Vancouver how long and you still don’t know what a Class 5 license entails? Look on the back of yours, it’s probably a class 5 as well. 😛

  8. Okay. Thanks so much for answering my question about what happens if a host dies whilst using the stones. I don’t know why I am so fixated on this. But, from a plot standpoint, it might be interesting to see what happens when someone’s consciousness is trapped in another person’s body – how that would play out on the show. Granted, I don’t want Telford in Rush’s body indefinitely, but it would be interesting to watch (and, I bet, to write).

    A question completely related, and completed unrelated to the Stargate Universe. If for any reason SG were to go away, what would you envision yourself doing (professionally) going forward. Would you develop a different sci fi show – or do you see yourself writing for a different genre – say comedy or even police procedural type stuff?

  9. You had a groundhog moment!! Even though you were busy all day, you are in the exact same spot as when you started. Hopefully, you will be able to knock it out tonight or in the A.M.

    I loved how you came up with the name for the new character Henri Thibodeau. My vote is for the musically inclined actor, that way he can sing back-up in SGU: The Musical (named SGLee). Or the guy who can do the breast stroke, you gotta love a guy who can do a good breast stroke.

    Thank you for answering my question(s).

    Follow up question. How many episodes in total for Season 2? (I’m sorry if this has been answered before, I’m just trying to get my head around ‘stuff’).

    Have you ever seen Hercule Poirot prep a mango for consumption? The episode aired (again) just the other night. It was really slick and super easy. Unless, of course, since fruit is not your favourite thing, you meant that you couldn’t choke it down. If that is the case then “never mind!” *said in my best Rosanna Danna voice*

    @ BrianC – you would also have to get past the Canadian Government and all of their loverly red tape. They has rulz 4 workin’ in this berg (iceberg that is), ya know!! So you may not want to start the garage sale just yet. *chuckle*

    @ Cat4444 – thank you for researching that Robert Carlyle/ Star Trek thing out. I got really excited when I read that, and had just started looking into it, so you saved me some time!!

    I actually admire the fact that you haven’t monetized your blog. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to make money from writing a blog. But….

    So at this point, in time, are you in the I Hate This Blog phase, or I Like This Blog phase? Or is it more on a day-to-day basis…… I don’t wanna post todayyyyyyyyyy *whine*

    You know I’ve been reading this blog for awhile, and commenting for a couple of months now. I don’t recall you ever having a good rant. (It’s very cathartic, you know)…..Or is that just part of the blog title because it alliterates with rumination. I know one sort of has to be in the right frame of mind for a good rant, but has nothing ticked you off in a while? I mean you were even fairly calm over the Olympics and that must have been a HUGE pain in the butt.

    I maintain something is off with Chloe. How can you tell, I want to be able to do a big ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’ when it has been revealed. Not that I’m the type to do that, you understand…..*shakes head*..… oh no, not meeeeeeee……..

    Have a good one!!

  10. hell no, if i was ever to be a TV writer i would never want to work in a stargate show. id rather work on a new show or one that im not a fan of, that way i would have something new to bring to the table without the worry of messing up my fav franchise lol.

  11. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the reply!

    Thibodeau, huh? Wow. How cool! That was my grandmother’s maiden name. But not Louisiana cajun…she was born and raised in Quebec.

    As for casting, I think I’d go with the guy with the musical inclination. Destiny could use a little Zydeco, don’t you think? I’m sure Mr. Goldsmith would be up to the task….

    Still loving the music from SGU, btw. I vote for a soundtrack too, if anyone is keeping tabs!


  12. Just curious. Do you usually take joy in talking about your day in ambiguous tones so as not to spoiler things for fans? I know I would… But then… sometimes, aren’t there times when you just want to tell the whole world something (exciting), but can’t, because you’re not allowed to?

  13. Joe,

    How much as a writer does having a standing set that you can walk around does writing the action that takes place in that set? Do you think that standing sets give you a better feel for the way a story should flow?

  14. Most of the questions we’ve asked will be answered in season two, while a couple of the bigger questions won’t be answered until the finale. But, like I said, we do know where we’re going.

    You have no idea how happy that makes me. 😀 Well, very. 😀

    I remember, after SGU premiered, all those questions drove me nuts. It was something new that the audience didn’t get all the answers by the end of the episode. Of course, now I’ve gotten used to it.

    I’m sure you’ll finish the rewrite in no time, and the script will be another kick-ass episode.

    Just for kicks, what kind of notes do other writers usually add? Like, ‘she wouldn’t say that’ or ‘the gun can’t shoot that far’ or ‘Why didn’t Eli turn the night vision on’… ?

  15. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the mailbag; you know how to please! Only one little thang – if Henri is from Louisiana, he’s probably a Thibodaux, not a Thibodeau. My college roommate was from Thibodaux, LA and we always teased her by pronounciating it rather than . And if you cast the guy who has musical skills you can still do that SGU Musical I’ve been carping about *hint, hint.*

    Okay, what’s your deal with mangoes?

    Smiles, Julie

    @ PBmom – read your previous entry and just got off Twitter with you – you hang in there, y’hear! I feel like I need to jump on an airplane and head to Houston myself – I don’t know what that would accomplish, but I feel so helpless wanting to help you in some tangible way. Just know that there are people out here who believe in you and what you are trying to do for your son and others who will benefit from your struggle.
    Don’t give up, don’t give in, no matter what – when you stand, you win!
    You’re not alone and we love you!

  16. Hey Joe,

    I want to say thank you for your continued responses to questions. Your Q&A Mailbag is a wonderful thing that you’re offering readers. I’ll admit I even find your NON-Stargate-related ramblings interesting. Really. The food topics. That’s GOOD stuff! And your dogs too. They should meet my two cats. My cats’ first home was around a bunch of dogs, they miss chillin’ with ’em.

    Also, thank you for answering those questions from the Syfy chat (the 2a., 2b., 2c., etc. stuff) where the cast gave teaser hints about season 2.

    Regarding the former-Goa’uld-possessed tech, like ha’taks, etc. and whoever invented that stuff… it’s understandable that you’re not answering that question. Some mystery – even dating all the way back to Stargate stories from 1997 – is always good. However, I do hope that one day that question will be answered. 😉

    You mentioned, regarding one of the resumes, “musically inclined (if we happen to be casting for a character who can hum a few bars)”… it’d be awesome if any of the characters in SGU get to put some musical talent to use at some point. Perhaps in a science-fictiony kind of way.

    Anyway, more questions-

    1. “…and the sheer impossibility of eating a mango.” What’s your beef with mangos? 🙂

    2. How do your dogs behave around cats?

    3. Will the significance of the number 46, as discovered in episode “Human”, be revisited in season 2 of SGU?

    Thanks! 🙂


  17. I bet my serious Tae Kwon Do skills would count for something – and I do mean serious, but would quickly be negated by my complete lack of acting ability or tendency to snarl at cameras. On second thought, those downsides didn’t stop Seagal.

  18. First of all, thank you, Joe, for yesterday’s blog dedication! It was very cool. 😀

    Oh, and thank you for answering my questions! Andy Mikita sure seems busy.

    I’m afraid I’ll have to echo the others regarding the Incursion Part 1 ratings. It’s very disheartening. I know it’s all subjective, but the episode was one of the best of the series IMHO and it gets the worst ratings?! Ugh. Luckily, it’s not the lowest-rated episode of Stargate history, but it’s close (it’s the 2nd lowest rated episode, after Tabula Rasa). Why do all my favourite shows get crap ratings?!

    @ Randomness: LOL wow, a whole thread, that’s impressive. I thought they’d just snark about my rant on that rabid fan list thread but sweet, now I get a thread dedicated to little ole’ me, one among several random people over the Internet that these peeps are inexplicably obsessed with. It’s not just creepy, it’s also a bit sad. They remind me of those people who harass people over the Internet until their victims are driven to suicide, but thankfully they’re not nearly that bad (at least they’re keeping it strictly on their forum, as far as I know). Then again, who knows how low they’ll sink – at least, not yet low enough to attack me on my LJ, which is good, though the fact that they posted the link in the first place is kinda…strange.

    But then, of course they’re strange. What kind of people would start websites dedicated to a show they hate and talk about said show day in and day out?

    What I’m confused about is, when they chastise people for being close minded, or for attacking people, or for being fanatics – do they realize that they are pretty much the same way except they’re on the other side, or do they already know that and just don’t care?

    And I don’t know what they’re on about with me being a Joe intern. That’s typical misinformation/false rumor/wishful thinking that’s been prevalent in that group since the Season 4 SGA days. Good times. Good times.

    Then again, being an intern at the Bridge Studios would be hella sweet. I don’t know why that’s suddenly bad, being that close to the people who create the Stargate universe, and thus being potentially very influential. One day I’ll be giving Joe coffee while he’s rewriting his script, and in that instant he turns away to spit it out in disgust, BOOM, I put a brand new character in his script, a super kewl Awesome lion tamer/trillionaire/spy code-named PG15 who’s a pretty cool guy. eh kills blue aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.

    I wonder if they’ll start a thread on this comment.

    @ das: Bra? I’m sorry, all I saw in that video was Kelly LeBrock. 😛

    Thanks! 😀

    @ JulieAloha: Thank you!! LOL. Yes, I’ll get right on that. 😉

    @ Narelle: Thank you!! I head off to CalTech at the beginning of September. Gonna be interesting!

    Actually, I tutored math this past year and, though I don’t like to “tut” my own horn (get it? Get it? HAHAHAHA), one of my,tutees did say I was the best. 😀

    You’re welcome about the link. It’s a great series of videos.

    That teacher of yours is an idiot. Learning is not just about following the instructions, it’s about seeing what your mind can do with the knowledge you learn. What you did with those fruits was applied knowledge. Not only did you build the molecules, but you also recognized what things those molecules are found in. That’s great! Stupid teacher. And there’s plenty of science in music; we have a Physics of Music class right here at UBC!

    I’ll tell you this: raw science is nothing without the raw emotions of scientists wishing to pursue it. You have to passion for the field, or else you’re just going through the motions, and that’s boring.

    Oops! I knew I should’ve actually clicked and read that link. I thought you posted the same link on twitter after I failed to comment on it after you initially posted it here. Anyways, I’m not as knowledgable on these gas giants as I am on possible life-bearing ones (and even then I’m faaaaaar from being an expert – I’ll have to wait 6 more years for that!), but this is definitely a cool story. That band is huge (looks like at least 2 or 3 Earths in width) and it just ups and disappears! I wonder what makes the clouds have different colours; I should look into that.

    Neat article! Thanks!

    No, you’re not very mature at all – but that’s a good thing here. LOL. 😀

    @ Kymm: Thank you!! Well, it’s a cool milestone, but unfortunately I’m not free. I still have to return to UBC everyday to work on a research project with a professor! But, I get paid for it so it’s all good. LOL.

    Nuh uh, you can keep that rain. I need some sunshine, for once!

    @ cat4444: Thank you!! Yep, not quite free yet. As for packing…hmmm, gonna have to make room for all my Stargate DVDs. That’ll be tough!

    And, finally…

    @ Deni, Major D. Davis, kabra Tammy, Elminster, Ultracurious, Arctic Goddess, Airelle, sylvia, and Montrealer: Haha! Thanks, you guys/gals!! I really appreciate it! 😀

  19. @ Joe – Obviously, a class 5 driver’s license covers guys who run out of steam before the final act.


    Thanks so much for answering my question. I hope you do continue on as long as possible – or, at least until you post those pictures of yourself as a kid. 🙂 You said that you think it’s important to write since you are, afterall, a writer, and as readers we do appreciate your sense of humor and creativity. However, don’t you think that the blog followers give you something in return, perhaps spark your own imagination? I ask this because on forums my own ideas and comments are often stimulated by what others have said in the discussion – the whole, “I’ve never thought of that!” thing that takes your mind in an entirely new direction. Has that ever happened to you here? (I’m not talking about ‘stealing’ ideas, of course, but rather having a comment open your mind to new thoughts.)


  20. Good luck with Act V. – The puppets and monkeys will all be dressed like Pierrot, in honor of your well-known love for clowns.

    From yesterday: Nice pics of Ivon, Carl, and the people working the camera and/or hugging the camera-working people. I love getting to see these behind-the-scenes snaps. And fun pics of the models.

    Thibodeau, eh? “It’s a small, small, small, small world. . .” But then in Looziana, that’s a common name, as is Boudreaux. My dad (and by extension, my bro and I) has a longtime buddy named Boudreaux who used to live in Thibodaux. We visited the family a few times. “Ragin’ Cajuns” may not apply to all; but when it does, it couldn’t be a more apt description. Never knew billiards was a contact sport. . .

    Just for fun:

  21. @ Kymm

    You made me laugh with your “best Rosanna Danna voice.” “NEVER MIND, CHEDDAR!” is an expression I’ve heard often from a close relative, whenever I’ve clearly tuned him out. (Ex- radio DJ’s never seem to lose their gift for gab. Not that I should talk.) He’s explained the entire classic SNL skit to me in some detail, but either I’m very s-l-o-w to catch on to certain types of humor, or else you really had to be there. (For me, the best part is hearing a bass voice doing falsetto. Funny guy.) – I should probably check out a DVD. . . Any recommendations on which season was best?

  22. 2 Questions.

    1. If another Icarus tpye planet was able to be found by the alliance then why did stargate command not have a ship out all this time looking for one in order to send troops and supplies.

    2. Jack asked the Col. if he needed to be replaced as commander. How would that be possible. Would some poor soul have to give up their life and be connected to the stones all that time?

  23. Joe have some chocolate and maybe the act will come to you, couldn’t hurt.
    I was thinking when Chloe got shot, her blood might be a little blue, from the blueberry aliens, I was thinking she and Rush might have been cloned or experimented on and well you know how the imagination gets wound up. Cool to see the LA guy get fried by the ship, maybe Franklin, and he is getting used to his newfound properties of the ship, like the ship in farscape. Greer was very focused, and a great performance there by Jamil, intense is a better word. Eli is so calm, and now I figure will have to wash that jacket or throw it away. and I think Chloe is in shock. Great episode Joe, thanks, looking forward to Friday, but not to it being done for a while.
    And I hope you continue blogging, it is entertaining and fun to read your comments about everything from stargate to wfotd. thanks.

  24. Hey for the mailbag

    1. is there any chance in season 2 of sgu you can go back to the story line types of sg1 and atlantis i love both of em and sgu doesnt grip me any more i love the ship the main idea of it too but i miss the style of sg1 and atlantis most of sgu sofar is rush and young trying to beat each other and the small comedic lines have disapeared its turning into a soap you remember when you go to watch tv middle of the day turns out there is a soap on and all it is is over dramatic acting i dont wana see sgu turn into that please can you atleast find away to bring a few laughs into sgu?



  25. PBMOM: I’m so sorry that you are going through this mess. I was in tears reading your post from yesterday. You have to get some relief and it seems the school board’s strategy is to wear you down until you give up. You are made of stronger stuff than I am. I chucked the public school years ago! Memphis schools have the lowest graduation rate in the state of Tennessee. We moved into Mississippi about five years ago but budget cuts (because of the Memphis kids moving here) are taking its toll on their system, also.
    We put money back each month and use our tax refund to fund private school. Sure, we don’t get a lot of vacations or new cars often but I don’t have to deal with this kind of mess. I’m sure a special needs school would be much more expensive than a mainstream private school but how much is the lawyer charging? How much stress is this costing your family? It sounds like this drove you into having a mild stroke!
    Private school is not perfect but take a minute to think it over. Prayers going to you and I hope the doctors report is good!

    Mr. M.: Thanks for another great post! The variety of your day sounds so fun!!!!! I’m hoping there is an SG show on forever!

    I talked my mom into visiting me. My dad was bedridden, so it was impossible before now (he passed away last year). So next week, I’ll go pick her up and bring her here for a few days. I just hope I don’t over exert her, I’ve got so much planned for the days she is here. I told her to pack extra blood pressure medication!

  26. @ Sean D. :

    4. Who invented the tech that the Goa’uld used in Stargate SG-1, like that ha’tak, death glider, zat gun, staff weapon?”

    Best. Question. Ever.

    @ PG15, congratulations?

    @ytimynona Of course the problem with Nielsen boxes is the first rule of Nielsen boxes is you never talk about having a Nielsen box.

  27. Sometimes it pays to walk to work…

    See, my car is in the shop, so Mr. Das had to drive me to work. Howerver, we were running a tad late, so I just got out in town, hoping that mom or dad or a workman could come pick me up. Well, nope…no one was available…well, not for about a half an hour, or so. I could have opted to just stay in town and shop or something, but decided that – since it was such a lovely day – I should walk the two miles to the office.

    So glad I did! The sun was high and the sky was…well, it was just like the opening credits of The Simpsons. 🙂 The air was full of the scent of flowers and the songs of birds, especially mockingbirds, which seemed perched in every tree. I saw rabbits and squirrels and right in front of me a muskrat waddled across the road before slipping into the marshes. It was such a peaceful morning – no noise from lawnmowers or even cars on the road I decided to take – only the birds and the breeze rustling through the reeds and the leaves. I stopped to smell the wisteria and milkweed and – yes, the roses, too – and nibbled on mulberries and tasted the sweet nectar of honeysuckle, and I swear it was just like being on Little House on the Prairie, only it was more like Little House at the Seashore. My only regret is that the blackberries were not yet ready…but at least now I know where they are! 😀

    The simple things in life are always the best.


  28. Will we find out in season 2 why there’s a countdown timer and why the time is variable?

  29. I just want to take a moment to thank you for your dedication to your blog and the fans of Stargate. I really appreciate your taking the time to share your professional and parts of your personal life. I also appreciate your book club. You’ve introduced me to a LOT of great authors, not the least is John Scalzi. I may not comment every day, but be assured that your blog is one of the first things I open when I get on the computer. Whatever is second, and you can tell Scalzi that!

  30. I have suggestions for Brian C who wants to work in the industry; if you live in a city where films are made (and that’s pretty much everywhere these days, from Detroit to Phoenix to Georgia) then contact your local film office; they are usually based in the Mayor or Governor’s office in your city.

    If you are in Canada then you are a lucky boy cuz you have access to grants and training offered through the govt to teach and train new writers:

    If you are in the UK then you also have access to fantastic training opportunities through the BBC:

    Same goes for France and Austrialia, even China; they all have state funding to train new writers, great film schools and tons of movies in productions. There are great film and screenwriting classes in cities all over the world, and you can sign up to be an extra or crew person on local productions to gain experience.

    Most TV shows and production companies won’t let you send in scripts, but if you do write one you can compete in the Austin Film Fest or the Tribeca Film Festival with it, or you can enter the Warner Bros workshop contest which trains writers who’ve gone on to work on many shows.

    Moviebytes has a free newsletter and full listings of the workshops and fellowships available to new writers:

    There’s no easy route to getting an agent, but there are many simple steps you can take. If you’re willing to do the work and are creative there is a path you can start on that will lead you where you want to go.

  31. Narelle: I had no idea how many disciplines of physics there were. I have a friend that specializes in acoustic and optical physics. Although, we mainly discuss Sci-fi, since, what he does is way over my head 😉 .

    PG15: So have you decided what your area of interest is?

    Has anyone seen this link about the increased solar activity?
    Hey, just add it on the list next to the oil spill.

  32. Yesterday I watched the season finale (yes, “Incursion (2)” aired yesterday in Germany!). For me there were not as much eyebrow-raisers as you promised, but nevertheless it was a blast and in my opinion one of the best season-endings in the SG-franchise.

    But curse you Mr. Mallozzi for this beast of a cliffhanger! To wait for this to be resolved until fall can just be called pure torture!

    Nevertheless, congratulations for this script and in my opinion excellent plotline 🙂

  33. Hey all.
    @JulieAhola: Hugs

    @TammyDixon: Because of the severity of involvement of my son’s autism, the cheapest private school I could get him into is $48,000 a year (that is not a typo). Between the 2 of us, we don’t even make that much in after-tax salary, so that is just not an option, not even on a part-time basis.

    This becomes a civil rights issue. This is what they want. The percentage of special education kids in this district has gone from 12% to 8.5%. They’ve dropped 300+ kids in just the past 2 years. The state does not require that they keep track of them so there is no telling what percentage are people moving to other states, better districts within this state, pulling out for private education or pulling out for homeschooling. With the stimulus money they received from the government, they were supposed to invest a portion of it in special education. Our district to-date has only spent 34% of the money. They have the rest of the money sitting in their general fund which is drawing interest (so it has become a profit-maker for them to use that interest amount in other areas without any accountability). There was no law in that stimulus stuff that said they couldn’t do it, so they decided to do what was in their best interest versus what the intent of the money was supposed to be for. Whatever they do not spend has to be returned to the government by the end of the year. While my district has spent 34%, the news did a report where Houston ISD has not spent 1 penny of the money yet. Again, they’ve been sitting on it letting it draw interest income. I know where at least 100 of the 300 kids went (some left because they were tired of fighting “the obstructionist”, some left because of job transfers and one who transferred to Bogota, Colombia said her child is getting a better education there and she is terrified of being transferred back here to this district and keeps asking me if “she” has left and if things have gotten better. Then there is another group of parents entirely who have given up fighting and will accept whatever the district gives them because they are tired of it all. Then the new tactic is not to let new kids in if they are higher functioning. Despite having a medical diagnosis of autism, their “expert team” will do their own evaluation and if they disagree with the doctor, they don’t have to provide services. So the kid winds up in general education, struggling, the teachers not supported in how to help educate a child like that, then their behaviors spin out of control and they clog up the school-to-prison pipeline. In Texas, more than half the kids in the Texas Youth Commission (like jail for kids under 18) have disabilities.

  34. Oh, and PS, I was able to get worked in with my neurologist tomorrow. Don’t know if she will actually order testing while I’m down there or set up something for next week, so I’ll find out.

    I’m bittersweet about tomorrow. On one hand, I cannot WAIT to see Incursion Part 2. On the other hand, I will have serious withdrawal until Season 2 airs.

  35. “Private First Class Henri Thibodeau, the ragin’ cajun from Louisiana!”




  36. Hey Joe,

    Do you know when we’ll see the first trailer or footage from season 2? I’m really psyched for it and I’m dying to see some sneak peaks!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  37. @PG15

    Don’t be discouraged, let’s wait to see what incursion part 2 gets before we freak, it could just be a freak fluctuation. Also, do you know how SGU is doing in Canada ratings wise?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  38. @ Otros Ojos – Here is a somewhat long answer to a somewhat short question.

    When Gilda Radner et al was on SNL, I was actually too young to watch it LIVE! I mentioned, not so long ago, that I am the youngest of eight children (yup French, we breed like rabbits). So I have picked up sayings, quotes, information, trivia, etc into my mental lexicon that I, sometimes, have no idea of the original source (or have since forgotten). There have been times I will be watching a classic show and start laughing, “Ohhh THAT’S where that came from!!” Or I have asked a sibling (parent, cousin, friend) and they will tell me the origin, and I will source it out to watch/read. I also do a fair amount of surfing, so I have picked up a lot that way as well. What sticks in my memory is hit or miss. Sometimes I can remember the most obscure of reference, but then sometimes I forget the PIN number of my bank card. Memory is a funny thing…..

    So in this case, although I have watched clips of Roseannadanna and various other SNL characters, I can’t say that I have ever been a regular SNL viewer. As a result (to finally answer your question), I can’t recommend a particular season of SNL. Although I hear that the first years, with all of the original players, are the best. Plus, I also think they have a series of The Best of … DVD’s. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    Does anyone out there have an SNL season recommendation for Otros Ojos.

    Have a good one!!

  39. Just curious, are there any plans to make the story lines more palatable for families with teens? You guys are missing out on increased numbers of viewers, action figures, toys, etc because of the in your face sex scenes.

  40. Hi. I was hoping you could tell me how big Destiny is? It looks suitably massive for an Ancient ship, but then you get those pull-backs which kinda make the scale all wonky.

  41. Digging around the old mailbags searching for you saying that the DE’s the first living/semi-living/energy beings/sentient beings to come aboard Destiny after it’s launch (are they?) I found this…

    Osiristi writes: “You’ll look back “on all three shows”? Does that mean SGU will be the last of the franchise?”

    Answer: Possibly not for the franchise, but certainly for me.

    Really? 🙁
    That would mean that we can’t ask Stargate related questions from you, correct? 😐 But would you still continue your blog? 🙂

  42. @Sean D. :

    4. Who invented the tech that the Goa’uld used in Stargate SG-1, like that ha’tak, death glider, zat gun, staff weapon?”

    Ha’taks, Death Gliders and Tel’taks were designed by Ptah the Goa’uld. Though I don’t know who designed the Zat’nik’tels and Ma’Tok staffs.

  43. Joe,

    I just watched a rerun of the Atlantis episode “Harmony.” I was wondering, who came up with the idea for the image that’d be on the painting? I was also wondering if there were any other ideas for what would be on the canvas? What ever happened to the painting, is it in someone’s office?

  44. @pg15 – You tutor math? Can you do tutor long distance, I’m gonna need to take some math classes that are gonna make my 4.0 gpa crumble to nothing. I keep putting them off ’cause I know my grades will drop.

    @ Joe – well feel the burn and reap the rewards. Your dips really work, Das, get your mind out of the gutter 🙂 Someone at work actually noticed my arms. And the green tea and citrus, that’s working too. What really hurts is doing the dips in slow motion, really slow, I’ll be sore tomorrow. Thanks again for the dip tip.

  45. Just for the record, I’d like to speak up for hedgehogs. Monkeys keep stealing all their roles, and the monkeys aren’t even native to North America. And with due respect to the nameless actor listing mime as a skill, anyone who admits to that should be banned from the studio. They’re like clowns, only not as funny.
    As for page five, you need some sort of motivation. We know of your dislike of clowns. What other phobias or aversions do you have? We, your faithful readers, will be more than happy to threaten you with them. Or we can use our own imaginations. That could be terrifying though.
    Thanks for the mailbag. And while I’d love to see McKay make an appearance in SGU, I’d also be more than pleased to see Zelinka, with or without McKay, try to help out. And there there is Lorne. It would be really nice to see him as a recurrent character on the third show of the franchise. And face it, his dry wit is badly needed on the show to lighten things up just a bit. Just saying…
    thanks again and good luck with the last 7 pages.,.,

  46. Ok Joe… There’s something that I’m sufficiently curious about.

    Can you explain the sheer impossibility of eating a mango?

    It’s not a fruit that I have a particular fondness for. I’m mean it’s alright, but give me an apple, pear, peach, plum, orange, asian pear, or whatever any day… I’m just curious why the mango is so challenging? Unless of course that was just a random thing to say.

  47. Ok you McKay fans, I need to know what ep my McKayism is from – It goes something like this ” If only we had a magical tool that could slow down time, I foolishly left my mine on earth did you bring yours?” something like that, I’m a little unclear of the “foolishly left mine in earth part” – Joe can you clear that part up? Is that what he says?

  48. @ Kymm

    Thanks for your long explanation to my short question. *smiles* I got some giggles from your comment about the French (or French-Canadians, I guess – yay Habs!) breeding like rabbits. My Quebec-born grandmother was one of nine, so I can relate somewhat.

    Gotcha on the “heard it somewhere, don’t remember” scenario. That’s how things work in my extended family. – LOL re. forgetting your bank card PIN. That’s a number I can remember – if I didn’t leave my wallet in another purse. . .

    Starting at or near the beginning with SNL makes sense. By the time I was old enough to watch, it seemed pretty uneven. On the other hand, I’ve seen a few episodes of the show Community, and Chevy Chase is one funny man. So, I’ll check out what Netflix has to offer.

    Thanks again, and you have a good one, too.

  49. @ das

    I really loved your description of your walk to work. I can taste the mulberries, and see and hear everything I love best about walking in the countryside. It’s so true that the simplest things in life are the best. 🙂

    Mmmm, wild blackberries.

  50. I’m curious about something: How long was Rush actually with the Alliance, and what did they think about his being left with them rather than the connection with the stones being broken once he was taken? What’s Rush’s take on it? Is this something that will be visited down the road in a further squabble between Rush and Young?

    Also, what sort of consequences might be in the offing for Young as a result of not breaking the connection since he effectively handed Rush over to the Alliance and thereby gave them the means to get to Destiny (other than the obvious one of the Alliance getting on board)?

  51. @Kabra: Yep, that’s what he says, and it’s from “The Storm”, I think. 🙂

    Nite everybody!

  52. Sorry to be absent past few days. Will show up sporadically until July. Am doing final prep for Ireland trip. Depart Sunday 13th, return 28th.

    @Shirt’n’Tie…Got your email, thanks for #s, will email you tmw./11th.

    @Joe…sent you a Google link on Yahoo addresses. Might be good fodder for a blog paragraph. I think it proves that original SG-1 casting was spot on…but I’m prejudiced. 

  53. Joe, how’s Carl holding up after the news regarding u$c today? I hope he gets more Washington Husky sweatshirts from his daughter. 🙂

  54. Granted, you guys never did state where the Goa’uld got their tech, but it seems to me that there was maybe an implication that they did a nice bit of lifting from the Ancients (the Ori weapons, for example, seemed like far more sophisticated versions of what the Jaffa had been using, which would make sense if the Ori were a split and part of the original group making the weapons, you know, sort of like if the Jaffa were using the first version of the iPhone and the Ori were using the one from fifty years from now…).

    And then the other tech was just snurched from other random races we never met? Like the Furlings? Still a little sad we never met the Furlings 😛

  55. 1054 PM CT/USA, 10 June: Now caught up on entries and comments, with a 4×6 in. page of notes. Not enough time and coherence to respond to everything, so sending blanket best wishes to all.

    US posters: May I suggest, if you want to support PBMom’s and other autism families, the following Charity Navigator article? There’s a chart that lists US autism charities from highest- to lowest-rated.

    You might also consider supporting local autism charities in your community (for our international friends, in your country).

    I’ve mentioned before that my nephew is also autistic. Will ask his parents for a charity recommendation.

  56. Joe I figured it out! The re-cap music…I found it!

    I came back to Toronto for a conference this week and am spending a couple of days in Whitby with my fam. Tonight I was doing my best to convert my parents to SGU and so we were watching the extended version of Air. All of a sudden I heard the re-cap music.

    A slightly different version of it plays for the first time during the “this ship simply doesn’t have the capability to dial earth” scene in the Gateroom about midway through the episode. It then plays again as part of a larger part of the music during the final run back to the gate before Destiny leaves the desert planet.

    Mystery solved. Go Team Joe and Tim! 🙂

  57. You have an evil streak in you, I like that.


    mitcheron writes: “is there any chance in season 2 of sgu you can go back to the story line types of sg1 and atlantis i love both of em and sgu doesnt grip me any more i love the ship the main idea of it too but i miss the style of sg1 and atlantis most of sgu sofar is rush and young trying to beat each other and the small comedic lines have disapeared its turning into a soap you remember when you go to watch tv middle of the day turns out there is a soap on and all it is is over dramatic acting i dont wana see sgu turn into that please can you atleast find away to bring a few laughs into sgu?”

    Answer: sgu is a different type of show from the previous incarnations and its unfortunate it didnt grab you but have you checked out the back half because id say there is a definite progression in the series as we move along with the first part of the season dedicated to establish our characters and the shows basic premise while the next two thirds offer much more in the way of action aliens and even humor which is something we are continuing into season two.

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