I’ve lived in Vancouver 11+ years, yet when it comes time to recommending fun activities for first-time visitors, I draw a blank.  I don’t ski, skate, hike, or bike, nor have I visited any of the city’s major landmarks.  I have attended the occasional festivals (so long as they were food-related) but I’ve rarely ventured out of my comfort zone (ie. my house, car, a restaurant or department store).  But this month will be different!  I’ve got a list of ongoing local events and YOU’RE going to help me choose which one I’ll be attending.

So far, I’ve narrowed it down to –

Interlacement at 75 – The Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild: “To celebrate all they have achieved in the past 75 years and to look forward to the future, the guild is holding a symposium focusing on their core activities of weaving and spinning. The symposium week will end with the celebration party opening their exhibition of “scarves” at the Seymour Art Gallery.”

Espalier (course): “Espalier is a pruning technique for training fruit trees into interesting shapes.”

Vancouver Mandolin Workshop: “Improve your technique and learn more about the history of this beautiful instrument.”

Lez Hookup Is Hooking Up Coquitlam: “Lez Hookup will be holding a Speed Dating event in the Tri-Cities.”

Irises (lecture): “Enjoy an illustrated overview of the iris in art, history, horticulture, and the Botanical and Nitobe Gardens at UBC.”

Gong Meditation: “The beauty of the gong is its tremendous potential for healing and rejuvenation. Because the gong covers the full spectrum of sound, it vibrates all the cells, bones and organs.”

The other events listed are a little out there and don’t warrant a mention.

Hey, look who dropped by the office this afternoon….

Ella Gov’na! The chimney sweeps take a break to film their special feature.

It’s like YOUR on t.v. and they’re watching YOU!

The Three Amigos. Why hire a wedding band when you can book these guys instead?

So, what’re you all doing tonight?

Trick question!!!  You’re all watching Incursion II, the big Stargate: Universe season finale!

But not before phoning your friends to tell to do the same!


Jeremy writes: “1. Will there ever be an extended opening credit sequence like Sg1?(sorry if question was already asked)

2 Whats the key to writting dialogue for the characters? (i suck at writting dialogue for my own hobby projects)”

Answers: 1. Alas, no plans to produce one.

2. “Be” the character.  Decide what needs to be said, find their voice, and say it.  Also – and this is something many first time writers have a problem with – be conversational.  More often than not, people don’t say exactly what’s on their mind all the time.  Don’t make your scene an info dump.  Create a believable conversation by having it build, finding a natural rhythm in the back and forth between your characters.

ytimynona writes: “You all (actors, writers, producers, Craig who tweets as SyFy, etc) say that to help out our show and keep it on the air we should watch live. Well, that counts for NOTHING if we don’t have Nielson boxes.”

Answer: Untrue.  While things like DVD and iTune sales may not impact the network’s decision in SGU’s case, they are very important elements to the studio (who are the key contributor to the show’s production).  Also, by watching and, hopefully, enjoying, you’ll be inclined to tell friends who will check out the show and, hopefully, enjoy as well and get the word out to their friends.  The more the word spreads, the more people will tune in (Nielsen viewers and non Nielsen viewers alike), and allow us to grow our audience.  A very good thing.

SpectreFire writes: “1) Are secondary characters like Becker, Boone or even Dunning going to get more screen time and more things to do in the 2nd season? (provided they survive the season finale).

2) Are any plans to promote some of the more prolific secondary characters like Brody, Volker, James, etc to a regular slot?”

Answers: 1) We’ve got a pretty big cast, so we’ll be concentrating on our main players.

2) No – but this doesn’t mean they won’t see some significant action/screen time in season two.

Cat writes: “Joe, you’ve lived in Vancouver how long and you still don’t know what a Class 5 license entails? Look on the back of yours, it’s probably a class 5 as well.”

Answer: I’m licensed to drive one of this tiny clown cars?

Becky writes: “If for any reason SG were to go away, what would you envision yourself doing (professionally) going forward. Would you develop a different sci fi show – or do you see yourself writing for a different genre – say comedy or even police procedural type stuff?”

Answer: Paul and I have just closed a deal to write a comic book series for a major comic book publisher.  The project originally envisioned as a SF television series, one I’ve been working on for several years now.  We’ve been sitting on the pilot script for a while and eventually elected to go the comic book route as we felt it would allow us to a) do something different, b) produce something that didn’t impose on our Stargate commitment, c) have the creative freedom to tell the story we want to tell.  Ideally, once established as a comic book series (we’d kick off with a four-issue arc), we would like to develop it as television series as well (maybe even a movie).  We also have a few other pilot scripts kicking around that we’ll go out with eventually.  Working on Stargate has been a lot of fun and rewarding in many ways, but it’s also been very taxing and I wouldn’t mind a change of pace, even if it’s only for a little while.

Kymm writes: “I loved how you came up with the name for the new character Henri Thibodeau.”

Answer: Bad news on the Thibodeau front.  Because he’s never mentioned by name in my script – and IS mentioned by name twice in the second part of the mid-season two-parter, Paul has decided to with Baras.  Baras?

Kymm also writes: “How many episodes in total for Season 2?”

Answer: 20.

Kymm also writes: “So at this point, in time, are you in the I Hate This Blog phase, or I Like This Blog phase? Or is it more on a day-to-day basis…… I don’t wanna post todayyyyyyyyyy *whine*”

Answer: Oh, it’s definitely day-to-day.

Kymm also writes: “I don’t recall you ever having a good rant.”

Answer: Really?  You MUST be new here.

Michael Jones writes: “How much as a writer does having a standing set that you can walk around does writing the action that takes place in that set? Do you think that standing sets give you a better feel for the way a story should flow?”

Answer: Depends on the set.  If I’m writing a scene that takes place in one of our standing sets, I don’t need to make the trip over to Stage 4 for a refresher.  If, on the other hand, I’m writing a complicated scene that takes place in our new set – as was the case with Resurgence – then I will head down and walk through the action (or, at the very least, consult the plans helpfully provided to us by Playback).

E writes: “Just for kicks, what kind of notes do other writers usually add? Like, ‘she wouldn’t say that’ or ‘the gun can’t shoot that far’ or ‘Why didn’t Eli turn the night vision on’… ?”

Answer: Everything from pointing out simple spelling errors to requests that necessitate a significant rewrite on certain sections of the script.  And, yes, logic rules.

JulieAloha writes: “Okay, what’s your deal with mangoes?”

Answer: https://josephmallozzi.com/2007/01/21/january-20-2007/

Sean D. writes: “How do your dogs behave around cats?”

Answer: If they’re in a pack, like most dogs.  If they’re alone – depends on the dog.  Maximus was buddies with the cat owned by a previous dog nanny.  They would sit side by side on the back porch, sunning themselves.

Sean D. also writes: “Will the significance of the number 46, as discovered in episode “Human”, be revisited in season 2 of SGU?”

Answer: Perhaps in time.

Daniel Fleming writes: “When will Stargate Universe season two be aired?”

Answer: This fall.

dasNdanger writes: “However, don’t you think that the blog followers give you something in return, perhaps spark your own imagination?”

Answer: Sure.  My dialogue with you regulars has been very rewarding.

Sean writes: “1. If another Icarus tpye planet was able to be found by the alliance then why did stargate command not have a ship out all this time looking for one in order to send troops and supplies.

2. Jack asked the Col. if he needed to be replaced as commander. How would that be possible. Would some poor soul have to give up their life and be connected to the stones all that time?”

Answers: 1. Oh, they’re out looking for one.  How’s the search going?  We’ll find out in season two.

2.  Or, more likely, someone aboard Destiny would replace him.

mitcheron writes: “is there any chance in season 2 of sgu you can go back to the story line types of sg1 and atlantis i love both of em and sgu doesnt grip me any more i love the ship the main idea of it too but i miss the style of sg1 and atlantis most of sgu sofar is rush and young trying to beat each other and the small comedic lines have disapeared its turning into a soap you remember when you go to watch tv middle of the day turns out there is a soap on and all it is is over dramatic acting i dont wana see sgu turn into that please can you atleast find away to bring a few laughs into sgu?”

Answer: sgu is a different type of show from the previous incarnations and its unfortunate it didnt grab you but have you checked out the back half because id say there is a definite progression in the series as we move along with the first part of the season dedicated to establish our characters and the shows basic premise while the next two thirds offer much more in the way of action aliens and even humor which is something we are continuing into season two.

Sam V writes: “Will we find out in season 2 why there’s a countdown timer and why the time is variable?”

Answer: Nope.  The assumption is the Destiny sets the time based on its assumption of how long it would take the crew to explore or retrieve resources from a given planet.

jinx writes: “Just curious, are there any plans to make the story lines more palatable for families with teens?”

Answer: Yes.  Less displays of affection and much more violent mayhem in the last few episodes.

Kevman writes: “I just watched a rerun of the Atlantis episode “Harmony.” I was wondering, who came up with the idea for the image that’d be on the painting? I was also wondering if there were any other ideas for what would be on the canvas? What ever happened to the painting, is it in someone’s office?

Answer: Don’t recall who came up with the idea for the image but I do remember we discussed what we would want to see: McKay heroice, Sheppard cowering, and Harmony front and center.  The painting was huge – and adorned the production offices for Atlantis’s fifth season.  I’m not sure where it is now.  Quite possibly, it’ll end up as an item for auction.  I loved that painting!

Seahen writes: “Joe, how’s Carl holding up after the news regarding u$c today”

Answer: None too well.  He was depressed all day yesterday – and is still bummed today.  Looks like he’ll be rooting for Washington this year.

jinx writes: “After your response to my question about “deadly force” I went back to see if Young indeed use deadly force. Threatening deadly force doesn’t count. The correct response was to pick them off as they came through.”

Answer: Venting the atmosphere to a section and wiping out the enemy is deadly force.  Whether that deadly force is used or not is another matter.  And why waste the limited amount of ammo you have shooting the enemy when you can wipe them out with the simple push of a button?

DJ writes: “My personal road rage setoff… people who *know* that there is a construction merge and ride all the way up to the merge and expect the people who merged 1/2 a mile back to let them in. Yeah, I’m the bitch who gives them the finger and rides the bumper of the guy in front of me and won’t let them in.”

Answer: And I’m the bitch right behind you, riding your bumper, so that jerk can keep on waiting.

141 thoughts on “June 11, 2010: Help me decide what I’m doing this month! The Three Amigos drop by! Mailbag! And Incursion II, the SGU season finale airs tonight!

  1. http://www.vcma.shawbiz.ca/home_e.htm
    Chinatown Night Market

    Bard on the Beach

    Jazz Festival

    the Folk Festival

    The order has gone out in my house that no one is to interrupt Incursion 1 and 2 (playing back to back in Canada). We’re counting down the minutes now.

    A question: During Subversion, I had the feeling that Young, and possibly Greer, were on the planet that was attacked while Telford was undercover but couldn’t be certain based on the dialogue whether it was a discussion of the events on the Icarus base solely. Were Young and Greer stationed there when it was attacked and is that where a good deal of the anger toward Telford is coming from?

  2. I’d go with the gongs if I were you – you can get your organs vibrated without the hassle of speed dating.
    Hey, good luck tonite with Incursion II!
    And re that painting, I bet you did….

  3. ” I loved that painting!”, I just bet you did…. 😉 .

    DJ: I had a boss that used to do that car thing all the time! “Somebody will always let me in. Why should I have to wait?” Grrr.

    Hanging out and waiting for SGU.

  4. As for activities for your guests. Drive them out to somewhere remote, drop them off with some basic supplies and tell them they’ve now got to make it back to your place within a week otherwise they’ll run out of food and water. I’m sure it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

    Tammy – The main systems my Company implement are storing and analysing communications so I’m a junkie when it comes to getting things in writing. Whenever someone disputes a bill or argues over a decision it is so much easier to be able to produce a History report of all emails, phone calls, appointments than get involved in a game of he said, she said.

    Gilder – The article wasn’t very specific about the level of funding. With only 3 out of 10 birds being saved and the groups working out of warehouses without any cooling, still sounds like not enough is being done.

    PG15 – Teachers should be some of the highest paid workers in the force, but that needs to be backed up with being skilled to the degree of earning the pay. They’re educating our future. While I don’t have children myself by choice, it doesn’t mean they don’t amaze me with their little sponge brains and incredible ways of seeing things.

    I’m going to a session on Sunday which is about the energy output of certain plants and how the application of and even nearness to those plants has an effect on the human frequency. It’s fun being the frequency guinea pig. Love stuff like that.

    Everyone enjoy the last episode for this season of SGU. There might be a few Aussies less present here until all the discussion calms down. We’re a week behind.

  5. Joe:

    What if 95% of my friends, whom I’m supposed to tell to watch Incursion Part II are already StarGate Fans and the other 5 % hate sci-fi? Can I tie them to their chairs and tell them it was your idea?

    I’ll be watching tonight. Please keep Varro around for a while. He’s so cute!!


  6. And, I’m right behind you riding your bumper so the jerk can keep on waiting!!

  7. What did you do to those poor guys? They only have the clothes on their backs. Oh wait. Now we know that they survive tonight’s episode? I hope so. Gotta keep the bar going.

    Those are the local events? Personally I’d go to the spinners and weavers event, but I really do think you pulled some of the more “interesting” picks out of the paper this morning.

    I’m just wondering what kind of influence T.J. has on Young? When she told him that she thought it was wrong to vent the atmosphere in Incursion, I could tell that he was hurt by her comment. Is that possibly why he didn’t? I can’t tell if he really wants to know what she thinks or not. Lots of things to explore with these two.

  8. As long-time fan of stargate from the movie down, I must admit today/tonight for first time since i begun watching, I really don’t enjoy SGU. this is not meant as a negative against any actor, writer or production person but when I was viewing last week’s episode it just became apparent to me that I was not enjoying it. So after this whole season I can honestly say that this is not a show for me and after listening to an interview that David Blue did early in the week when he said that season 2 will be following in the same formula as season 1 because that is the show, it told me that the view of a BSG themed stargate is what the producers and network want even though clearly the viewers don’t.
    So thanks for 15 great years of entertainment and I hope for success for SGU and hope that very soon TPTB will get the go ahead to do those movies for SG-1 and SGA .

  9. AHHHHHH!!!! Some asswipe at Gateworld just bluntly posted the shocking event at the end of Incursion II randomly in the middle of the Nielsen Ratings thread, and without a spoiler warning or anything!! Oh my God what a jerk! It was his/her first post and he/she just said what happened. GAHHHHH!!!


  10. So i’m looking forward to Incursion II tonight

    But i’m not looking forward to the time afterwards once it is over, and here’s why.

    My t.v lineup afterwards sucks…

    Sunday – No new Smallville or True Blood
    Monday – No new House or 24
    Tuesday – No new V
    Wednesday- Meh..wasn’t much I watched wed.
    Thursday – No new CSI or Greys
    Friday – Self explanatory

    Looks like Caprica won’t be on until the Fall either. So wtf am I going to do Joseph? Am I supposed to….enjoy the summer? pfff…overated,lol.

    I don’t suppose you and the rest of the crew could bang out season two 3-4 months earlier then planned? (was worth a try)

    At least I have your blog to look forward to reading. I’m glad your giving some attention to Vancouver sites’n’sounds because I’ve been playing around with the idea of making a trip there sometime just ‘because’ I’ve never been to B.C before.


  11. On one hand, gong meditation sounds very relaxing. But on the other hand “Espalier” is a great name. Tough call, but I think I’m going with Espalier. Do you have to have your own fruit trees for this, or can you hack away at someone elses? Either way, I trust you will post pictures of your adventures in the class, yes?

  12. I guess it’s grumpy time here on the planet earth… feeling the same way with the cold setting in down under and playing havoc with my sciatica and god knows what else.

    The late and great comedian Bill Hicks once called himself a ‘curmudgeon’ .. does that describe you too?

    Are you gonna be that ol’ curmudgeon Joe who won’t give the neighbour’s kids the confounded ball back??

  13. Lez Hook-up is Hooking up Coquitlam – I was thinking French Hook-ups as in Les Hook-up. Took me a second to figure out it meant LESBIAN Hook-ups. Although the male/female odds would be greatly in your favour, I don’t think you would have much success. NEXT.


  14. Just got in from a long day – recording SGU while waiting for dinner to arrive (it’s 9 pm – I’ll be eating at 10! But it is a salad, so I’m good. 😀 ). Spent the day in Philly – decided to skip Wizard World Philly comic con (it looked crappy) in favor of the Shofuso Japanese house and garden in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park –


    Simply beautiful! AND peaceful! Mr. Das and I want to arrange to get up there for the tea ceremony – hopefully this summer sometime. I really want – NEED – to go back…it was a wonderful escape.

    We ended the day in Philly at the Reading Terminal Market –

    Met up with an internet buddy from the Bendis forum who was working at the comic con, we chatted a bit and grabbed a bite to eat at the Middle Eastern stand before she had to get back to work, then we ran into two great guys – strangers – from the islands…one from Trinidad, the other from the Bahamas (hubby and I are famous for chatting up complete strangers 😛 ). Had a blast exchanging stories about the islands (hubby’s been to several, including the Bahamas, I’ve only been to Jamaica). They helped me find the chocolate vendor, and I ended up buying a bunch of truffles. 🙂 Also grabbed fresh ground coffee, honey, sassafras root, hot sauce, juniper berries, several whole spices, and herbes de Provence.

    Of course, now I’m too tired to cook, hence waiting on the food delivery. 😛

    Answer: Sure. My dialogue with you regulars has been very rewarding.

    I better not pop up in one of your books!!! 😡 (But, hey…if such were to happen, what sort of character would I be?? )

    Gotta run – will have to read the blog more thoroughly after I eat.


  15. my vote, because you can never beat music.

    Vancouver Mandolin Workshop: “Improve your technique and learn more about the history of this beautiful instrument.”

    Thanks for answering my questions

  16. Hey!! It’s the calendar I made Joe behind the guys….thanks Joe….that’s awesome!!! What’s your favourite Month?

    On your behalf I checked out what’s happening at VPL (that’s the library in case you don’t know the acronym)

    It’s Magic with Peter Rooke
    A program open to all ages
    Sunday June 20
    1:30 pm-2:30 pm

    Joe Fortes Branch
    870 Denman Street

    Peter Rooke puts on a magic show for the entire family. Come celebrate Car Free Day on Denman Street with loads of fun, lots of laughs.

    Awesome!! Take a date!!

    Cheers, Chev

  17. Episode over and I have one utterance:
    How long do we gotta wait for the next episode?

  18. Hi Joe, excellent episode, but what a way to leave us hanging! My comment at the end of this nail-bitter? “Bastards!”. Kudos to you and Paul, this was the best so far. Have a great weekend 🙂

  19. While I sit here continuing to giggle over your answer to mitcheron’s question (heh), I will weigh in on the events:

    Definitely go for the weaving and spinning. The last few years, I’ve been feeling a little, hmm, agitated over the fact that craftsmanship is dwindling here in the U.S., seemingly exponentially. I dunno if it’s the same way up there in Canadia (as I like to call it) but if it is, then you never know how much longer you’ll be able to see stuff like that.

    Then again, it’s weaving and spinning, so f-that and go to the mandolin gig because at least there’s music.

    And now…we wait for our 2-year-old to fall asleep so we can watch SGU…

  20. So Joe, did they actually film the Special Feature in your office ‘cos that would be epic if my calendar was in the background of the special feature…you know small things and all…

    Cheers, Chev

  21. 9:18 PM CT, 11 June

    “Eye on the target and WHAM! One shot, one gun shot and BAM!”

    This line from “Don’t Rain on my Parade” (FUNNY GIRL) sums up my reaction to the S1 finale.

    Going back to my travel prep thorougly energized. 

  22. I know your trying something new with SGU, and I did give the entire first season a chance, but honestly I didn’t like it. Here are my beefs:

    1. SGU is an interesting concept, but not a Stargate concept. The tone is just to radically different. You can try a new Stargate tone, but what happens if you loose the spark and magic that made the franchise successful for the last 15 years by trying something new?

    2. I like complex story arcs. I was a big fan of Alias & 24. But I do not like questions given just for the sake of questions. (I have feelings of deja vu from Lost- Ex. What were the hieroglyphics they found on the island. Real answer: The writers never new. They were there just to entertain the audience with no real thought.)

    So after an entire season of SGU, we have no idea what is so important about Destiny, no idea what happened with the crew-members left behind on the planet or what the light beam was, no idea of why the Lucian Alliance wanted on-board Destiny for a one way trip, and no idea of what the blue face aliens are after.

  23. “Answer: None too well. He was depressed all day yesterday – and is still bummed today. Looks like he’ll be rooting for Washington this year.”

    Yay! Go Dawgs! 🙂

    Oh and Great episode tonight. I really enjoyed season 1. 🙂

  24. Personally, I would like the Vancouver Mandolin Workshop. I’ve always wanted to learn something about that instrument.

    Wow, oh, wow!!!! Incursion 2 was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I had to throw things at the TV when it ended. My husband and I caught the tail end of the SGU marathon and were watching from about 6 on (East Coast, US). When I can watch the episodes in sequence like that, I always catch things I missed the first time around.

    Looking forward to October!!!!!!!!!

  25. I feel like screaming and throwing my tv out the window,which means that was an awesome super giant cliffhanger.

    Who knew that Rhona Mitra could be such a badass; she’s a ruthless old school meanie and boy is she fun. I think it’s going to take Shaft himself to take her down.

    And Varro aka Mike Dopud, nice! Mike was awesome; just when you think Varro’s not that bad a guy he turns to the Dark Side again. Loved the stunts in that Varro scene at the end. Looks like Varro studied Gun Kata at Kurt Wimmer’s knee, cool.

    Congrats to all the actors, Louie was fabulous and Rush had the most evil Mr. Smith line yet; so smarmy that even my granny would’ve kicked Rush’s butt.

    I would just love it if Telford and Varro were regulars next season, they are the bidness.

    Jennifer Spence was awesome too; love her interactions with Young. Kudos and congrats to cast and crew.

  26. Whoops, I called Rush a Mr. Smith when I meant obviously Doctor Smith. Oh the pain, the pain…!

  27. The weaver’s guide will have wriggly little silk worms with them, and possibly demonstrations. Aside from that, it will be full of women, and as weaving has a high entry cost (looms are expensive; as opposed to knitting where the entry cost is quite low) you even get to filter based on income. Very clever…

    Considering your love for gimmicky art, and for musical theater, you may also wish to consider participating in the city-wide “draw down” featuring public chalk art, or attending a performance on Granville Island focused described as a musical spelling bee…

  28. Yup, Varro (Mike Dopud) is looking like a very studly…ahem…interesting character. I had hopes of … well, that will be a confidential post.

    Both the weaving /spinning event and the gong meditation appeal to me. If you attend the former, support one of the vendors by purchasing 100–200 grams of the hand-spun wool (yarn) you like best. Send the yarn to me, and I’ll crochet it up into a scarf for you.

    As for the gongs, as a hobby drummer, I can testify to the salutary effects of similar vibrations. Some of my most, um, vibrant years were spent playing a deep-toned drum in a samba school. Helped appreciate the view as I marched behind and beside gents with drummer bíceps (similar to Dopud’s) and well-shaped, um, jeans. 

    Don’t look so shocked, y’all. I was then and am now happily married, but I’m NOT dead! 

    Back to the trip prep again. Wonder if I’ll meet any Irishmen who look like Gerard Butler? 

  29. Joe, thank you for crafting an excellent two-part season finale. You did a fantastic job with parallel development of action sequences and character moments, IMO. I loved how the Eli / Chloe subplot wound up dovetailing perfectly with the pulsar-proximity dilemma, therefore with Scott and Greer’s predicament – not to mention everything else that was kept spinning, and that you made sure the viewers didn’t lose sight of. Seeing all the story elements being deftly woven together made for compelling watching, to say the least. And, of course, the stage is now perfectly set for this tale to continue in October.

    Excellence in acting and in everything done behind the scenes took the show into that enviable state where, again IMO, everyone involved can give high-fives (and whatever else) all around, and remember that all of you rocked the house when you made Incursion. – Not trying to sound like Henry V declaiming “Once more into the breach” – just expressing some emotion over a viewing experience that made me pretty emotional.

    It would be a long, long summer without the crew of the Destiny – plus the acute awareness of those who do their work off-camera – if not for the DVD’s; so I’m very happy to have those. – As always, kudos to one and all.

  30. I just gotta’ point out the irony of a symposium celebrating 75 years of weaving and spinning achievement and a display of scarves is their capstone event. Solving world hunger they are not.

  31. Damnit, Joe, I dont think i can wait till this fall, lol

    Insane season finale!!!! Im so angry they have control of the ship and cant wait till they somehow take it back, which im assuming will have something to do with rush, eli, greer, brody, and scott. (not a bad team to do it with)

    man, way to keep my interest in this new show. cant wait to see how its all resolved. you and the writing staff keep up the good work.

    i think im gonna set up a countdown clock for the fall premiere lol

    take it easy,


  32. Thank you for the much needed adrenaline rush tonight. It helped to alleviate some of my pain! This was an all-time PERSONAL BEST for SGU and I do not know what I’m going to do until October to see what happens to everyone.


  33. I’m voting for Gong meditation with Mandolin workshop in second place. Good luck tonight.

  34. Hey Joe,

    The Return of the Mystery of Former-Goa’uld-Possessed Tech.

    I happened to see a couple comments in response to the question about the Goa’uld tech…


    @ Sean D. :

    4. Who invented the tech that the Goa’uld used in Stargate SG-1, like that ha’tak, death glider, zat gun, staff weapon?”

    Best. Question. Ever.”

    …I don’t know about best question ever but I certainly hope it is eventually answered.

    But what has me wondering and pondering on the subject now is another commenter’s response…


    @Sean D. :

    4. Who invented the tech that the Goa’uld used in Stargate SG-1, like that ha’tak, death glider, zat gun, staff weapon?”

    Ha’taks, Death Gliders and Tel’taks were designed by Ptah the Goa’uld. Though I don’t know who designed the Zat’nik’tels and Ma’Tok staffs.”

    …gotta ask ya about that, if you can confirm that other person’s “Ptah” reference:

    Did “Ptah the Goa’uld” invent the tech – at least the ha’taks, death gliders, and cargo ships – that the Goa’uld used? I don’t recollect any mention Ptah in the shows, though the name comes up in Bill McCay’s books (which I understand is an entirely separate canon) and those old short-lived RPG gaming books (which I don’t consider any canon at all)… Or does that separate canon, as far as Ptah is concerned, pertain also to Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe canon? Or, better yet, and this is totally understandable: does your original answer still stand (that the original question is not answered for a reason)?



  35. @Gilder Have a fantastic trip. When you get back, DM me and I’ll send you my email address. Would love to hear about your meeting with Ronny Cox.

  36. Hey Joe,

    Been a while since I’ve left a comment but I’ve been keeping up with the posts.. Loving it as always.

    Just wanted to say that I loved Incursion part 2 tonight… Was *incredible*. Can’t wait to see how everything is resolved next season!

    Hope everything is well with you 🙂
    Nadine Ramsden
    (naddycat on Twitter)

  37. Espalier because I’d love to see what shapes you would prune things into. Gong meditation because I want the report of what you say to the woo -woo worshippers ( ” Yes, I feel it, I feel it, in my toes… no..no! The resonance frequencies are tearing me apart!). But then, you’re reasonably ambitious and I could see you doing all of the listed events. Good news for us readers whichever ones you attend, as I have no doubt the reports will be hysterical.
    Ok, quite the cliffhanger. Satisfying number of characters dead, on death’s door, or about to die horribly. My biggest fear is that with so many injuries, that most will survive despite the limited medical equipment and personnel available. Time will tell.
    I’ll have to rewatch the episode a few times, as I suffered from distractions. Enjoyed the astronomical expklanation for Destiny’s actions/inactions, the moreso since one of your readers already deduced the problem. Not real happy with how Young has managed the crisis. Even with Telford as his ace in the hole, he’s been allowing events to lead him, not the other way around. Ah well. Now for the too many months hiatus before SyFy deigns to air the second season.
    Huh. Your grumpiness from yesterday is rubbing off. Guess I’ll call it a night. Thanks for the pics, as well as the post. those two gents are moving up in my favorite character rankings, doubly impressive a feat given the relative lack of screen time they get compared to others. Hoer you have a fun weekend.

  38. BTW–update on me. Neurologist today. Having MRI/MRA of brain tomorrow morning. If stable, then she is going to chalk it up to an increase in intracranial pressure from my existing medical condition, increase one of my medications to control the pressure, and if that doesn’t work in 2 months, they will do a therapeutic lumbar puncture. Someone on Twitter said those two words should never belong in a sentence “therapeutic” and “puncture.” It is very painful even with the local anesthesia they give you, especially if they miss and hit your nerve, but I get good relief for many months doing this. The goal is not to have to get a shunt. Last LP I had was in 2007, so I got 3 years before getting to this point.

  39. hey joe

    mail bag question

    1. Will we ever see the 304’s asgard beam weapons in sgu?

    2. How was it that the daedalus in no mans land was able to beam shepperd his team and micheal off the wraith transport and on the daedalus while taking fire with the shields up,and in search and rescue they had to lower the shields to beam them aboard?

  40. Congrats on a very enjoyable season 1! I think you ended it on a very strong note. I will be a loooong wait for the start of season 2.

  41. Absolutely amazing season finale, Joe! Great work! As usual everyone involved was in top form. Thanks to everyone.

  42. Wow – regarding the comic book news! I am waiting with baited breath!

    With respect to tonight’s episode of SGU … AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It was, however, a bloody brilliant episode!

  43. Wow! I thought last week was the best episode of the season, but Incursion Pt2 was definitely the best of the 20! It is amazing how the second half of the season was 200% better than the first half, with the exception of “Time”. I don’t know if you just found your writing legs or if you just spent too much time in the first half trying to introduce everyone and set up all these relationships, but if the beginning of Season 2 is as good as the back half of Season 1 we are in for quite a ride. I just can’t believe I have to wait 4 MONTHS for the resolution of an unbelivable cliffhanger…






    From beginning to end, the action was fast and furious. From Greer having the shot to take out the LA leader and not being allowed to take it to the shootout in the makeshift infirmary to Eli trying once again having to be the hero to our military heroes facing a firing squad…you packed in what seemed like several hours of drama into a tense 43 minutes. Great performances by A. Huffman, L. Ferreira, D. Blue, R. Mitra, and finally a great job by Ming-Na. I don’t like the idea of our heroes transfering control to the LA and surrendering, even if it is supposed to be a temporary trick. It did lead, however, to the scene of the season, where Kiva and Telford draw their weapons and fire, and then you go to commercial. Seriously??? As much as I am not really into all the personal stuff you stick in the episodes, the scenes between Eli & Chloe were brilliantly done. The fact that he seemed so surprised that she knew of his feelings the whole time and he was simply oblivious to them was so sad and yet so in character. She really needed a friend, and that is what Eli has been to her through thick and thin. Great FX as usual as Scott & Greer are outside of the ship. It is amazing that you do not blow your whole budget in one or two episodes. The previews for the fall looked amazing and left me again pounding my head onto the desk in annoyance that I have to wait until October. I want to praise everyone involved in SGU’s first season, from the writers, to the actors, to the stuntmen/stuntwomen, to everyone else involved. I’m sure I will have more to say later, as well as some questions to ask that I’m sure you will not answer but I am going to ask anyway. Bring on Season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Hi again:

    I agree, Joe. Go with the gong show. And while you are there, play this on your iphone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVEhDrJzM8E

    I got involved in Space Channels after show. Alaina huffman, Ming-Na and Louis Ferreira were in their chat room answering questions while David Blue and Andy Mikita were being hilarious on TV. Great clips of Papa Smurf as well. Looks like the newest SG crew is having about as much fun on set as SG-1 and SGA did in their time. Geez…I still miss those guys.

    Have a good night, Joe.


  45. The following words are to be read in Shatner’s Wrath of Khan voice: “Malloooooooooozziiiiiiii!!!! Mulllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiie!!!”

    That ending was just…. just…. I am at a loss for words. And ummm, that’s all I’m gonna say for now. Rewatching as we speak. Hopefully blogging my reactions after this rewatching.

    I’ve got a creepy laundry story for y’all. For later. I’m too creeped out to tell you now O.O

    Can’t wait to see how this cliffhanger is resolved…

    Good night! 😀

    Wow. See why I can’t blog my reactions yet? They make no sense…not even to me!

  46. yes joe thank you, danke, gracias, arigato, xie xie, shukran…. finally DEAD PEOPLE. POOLS of blood, YES (screams of ecstasy) and i just love how they all died quickly, none of that slow motion, dramatic crap… and you got rid of the baby too, yes! (you DID get rid it right?)

    now if we can only see that at least twice every episode, i’ll be one happy fan…

  47. Ok let me first say that was a friggen awesome ending. I watched it 5 times in Ukrainian but I still got goosebumbs and chills watching it tonight. Seriously… Best ending you guys have written in a while for a season finale.

    However I will say it lagged a tad in the middle of the ep. It needed a story beat or something exciting or action oriented, I was starting to actually get board in the middle, but the end totally made up for the sins of the middle of the ep. Im not sure wether it was better or worse then part 1. I’d say about the same. Still, in all a very good finale. Fall can’t come soon enough.


    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  48. ******CONTAINS NO SPOILERS******

    Careful not to give away any spoilers, I just wanted to say…Joe your Incursion I & II was really, really good. It sparked a lot of discussion! In the season ender I was so surprised when…that happened. I was shocked at all the…you know. And I was very sad when…you know what happened. I’m looking forward to the… well you know. I can’t believe you did..you know what. I think your second season opener will be…well, you know. And I wonder how many…you know what I’m talking about.

    I just want to say, that no matter what you are doing in the future, as long as you are blogging, I’ll be reading. You are a very interesting person and a great writer. I’m excited about your future.

  49. I’m torn on how to vote for which of the fascinating local events you should attend. On the one hand, of course we all want you to enjoy the event…. on the other hand, a spectacularly bad experience makes for highly entertaining blog reading. Hmmm… Maybe there’s a compromise somewhere.

    I vote for the Gong Meditation. Get those cells vibrating. And then tell us all about it.

    And now for something completely different… Here’s something you might check out before your next Japan trip, just so you can be up on the current events::

    – KB
    (averting my eyes from the comments as I am cableless and can’t watch “Incursion II” on iTunes until tomorrow. But I do tell my more cableful friends to watch SGU live.)

  50. Long time lurker, first time poster!


    That was the best hour of television I have ever seen in my entire life. You managed to ramp up the tension brilliantly which allowed for some great character moments, Young losing his authority and Wrays shock at Riley. Trying to keep this as spoiler free as I can!’ Chloe and Eli’s ‘you know’ conversation the best scene on the show, end of.

    How in the name of all that is holy and Ancient did you manage to keep all of those plot lines going?! Now I realise why you were telling us of ‘exploding brain syndrome!’

    The fate of everybody is in the balance, in more ways than one (damn you binary pulsar), but please say you didn’t wrap everything up in the opening episode of the now hotly anticipated Season 2. Let the ramifications be felt for everybody both physically and emotionally, like giving Chloe a gun-crutch! 😉

    Mr. M, you are now firmly at the top of my all time episode list, beating every single episode of SG1, SGA, Lost, 24, CSI:All 3, Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Mentalist etc… you get the idea how much I loved it!

    October cannot come quick enough now!

    Peace and Love, Josh x

  51. I’d be going for the spinners and weavers. Take Ashleigh and buy her something nice for being so horrible to her.

  52. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!!

    Baras seriously? Sounds like Bare Ass. Curt from Glee was on Leno, the other night, and he let slip that their choir name New Directions, was meant to be said faster (Nude Erections). Well, I have said that I am relatively new to your blog, but since I found your rant funny, maybe the other ones didn’t sink into my head, as being a rant. Is that roughly equivalent when guys say to girls “You look so cute when you’re angry?” …..*Ohhh nooo you di’int*…… LOL!….

    Yes, I am sure you would enjoy all of those activities, perhaps the Espalier can be translated into pruning pugs (instead of trees). Are Iris’s edible? Maybe they could include a few recipes. Gong meditation, maybe you could read a scene that you are having trouble with and if you don’t get gonged, then you’ll know it’s a keeper. SGU needs some background music, just think of all of the budget money you could save, if you learned the mandolin and did it yourself. Sorry, but I got nuthin’ for the Weavers and Spinners Guild, it’s not like you could make the crew a new wardrobe; you still don’t have a delivery system to Destiny.

    Truth be told, I bet each summer you spend a lot of time out at the nude section of Wreck beach, (or clothing optional to be more precise). Been there, done that, not nude though!! *snicker*

    Those two curly headed moppets (Patrick and Peter) just need a couple of bowls and they can re-enact one of my favourite scenes from Oliver Twist. “Please sir can I have some more?”

    Further to the mango – try using a grapefruit spoon, the end is sharp and it will cut through the fibres better (even though it is not as big as the soup/serving spoon).

    Man, for the second night in a row, major tension headache, don’t know what’s up with that, but it really hurts. I gotta go to bed and try to sleep it off…..

    I’ll comment further on SGU/InnerSPACE tomorrow, I want to watch them again…..

    Have a good one!

  53. Joe,

    You need to talk to SyFy about the promos after the season ending clifhanger. They totally ruined your all the tention you built with the clifhanger by showing clips from season 2. They should have cut to black and left us hungry rather than show [edit] among many other things. A simple voice over of the SGU logo with, “SGU will return this fall,” would suffice. Granted I’ll be back for Season 2, the promo ruined all the tension for me built by the clifhanger. It painted a picture of things to come and didn’t leave anything to the imagination.

    On another note, why the page difference between SG1/SGU (51) and Atlantis scripts (56-57)? Does it have to do with how fast Rodney talks?

    Third note: What is with Syfy’s scheduling? It seems before the season break they always have a holiday that bumps the season/mid-season finally an extra week resulting in lower ratings. It happened with Thanksgiving and Memorial day weekend. Wouldn’t it be better to start the season a week earlier so this doesn’t happen?

  54. Now that Telford is on Destiny, has Lou Diamond Phillips been upgraded to a series regular next season, or is his contract structured like this season where we will see him every other episode in much the same way we saw Keller her first season on Atlantis credited as a guest star? (And yes I know LDP has been on set filming through out season 2)

  55. I’d say go with the mandolin gig. Good episode tonight, by the way.

    @Sean D. Didn’t they also say Nerus invented a lot of the tech?

  56. Hey Joe…more kudos for another great episode(Incursion II)! I like the ‘sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-seat’ type of scifi drama.

  57. Just a thought, but since destiny always intends something when it enters a system, entering the sun, going by planets where they can gather food/water/etc, perhaps the ship is controlled by an ai? early replicator version? they have not found the captains quarters yet.

  58. Great first season!

    What was the name of the male marine that tried to fight back in the med bay but was shot dead by Varro?

  59. ok…I finally get it, I think. The list of things to do is also to keep us entertained until season 2 airs…right?

    Thanks for the pix of the guys – they can be a hoot. Some of their tweets are – well, very interesting.

    One interesting thing on tonight’s finale was the discussion Chloe and Eli had. It was a little reminiscent of the dialogue between Jack and Daniel in the SG1 second season episode with the plants – One False Step.

    now for the ice cream and chocolate while we wait, wait, wait…did I mention wait, sir?

  60. Okay, one question. One very important question: Is Riley still alive and will he be sticking around for season 2?

  61. Hey Joe,

    I have a mailbag question for you.

    This has me stumped, Early in the season they try dialling Earth while inside the sun for the extra power. Then later on, someone says (I can’t remember who, possibly Eli), that Destiny’s gate is an early design of the ones in the Milky Way, which shows why Destiny gets out of range of gates after it jumps.

    So my question is this, How can Destiny EVER dial Earth??

    From what I can see, even if they get enough power, with Destiny’s inferior gate it will not be able to connect back


  62. Oh rats…wrong episode…not One False Step and of course now I cannot remember the title. The episode where it is believed Daniel will die and then Dr. Frasier announces that there is nothing wrong with him.
    Sorry bout that.

  63. ***Possible Spoilers***

    Joesph Mallozzi that was an excellent episode. The Chloe/Eli conversation was hard for me, since I’ve been in the Eli situation before. Being someone’s ridiculously close friend does feel like being in second place, and all that matters is that the person knows how you feel.

    The action was great. I can’t imagine how it’ll all work out. October will be lots of fun.

    It’d be more fun if I was employed. Too bad I don’t know anyone who could use someone with an MPA and internship experience in government finance, human resources, policy analysis, emergency planning, and strategic planning. That way I can get on with my life… and get out of my mom’s house. I wish it was a series of little things. These are things that are upsetting me on a daily basis. No career and no signs of having a life. Sorry fellow Joe blog readers, a bit of a personal rant.

    Also…none of those things on your local Vancouver outing list seem appealing.

    Here’s something… some theatre… it’s located at some place called Vaneir Park. I’m from California so I have no idea.



  64. Finally watched an episode when it was happening.

    October? Are you freaking kidding me? Damn SyFy. I hate that. And why’d you have to sh….. oh wait…

    SPOILERS–Don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet.

    ….shoot everyone? Well, not everyone, but still. Can I tell you David Blue did an amazing job on this episode. If you kill T.J. off, I’m not gonna be happy. Got it. You and Paul are just cruel cliffhanger writers. Cruel. Both my son and I literally screamed when we heard “next October” right after the blood. That scene was a little graphic for me too.

    Possible more spoilers ahead…… (mostly speculation)

    Here’s what I see (yeah, I watched the “next October” so we know some of the people survive: Eli saves Greer and Matt. I’m thinking that someone on the cast has to die though. It’s not Young. I don’t think it’ll be T.J. (although it’s not looking good for the baby, dammit). It’s not Rush, probably not Camille. Chloe wasn’t looking so good. Neither was Telford. My money’s on Telford. I so do not know anything. I kept wondering throughout the episode if Telford was going down.

    Finally, will you quite making me jump out of my seat? Man that episode was intense to the nth degree.

  65. Question for Joe

    1. When you say “Season Two starts in the Fall” You mean next week right? Next week thats what you meant isnt it. So it’ll be on next week.

    2. Season two, you dont have to tell us the part but what guest star in your mind got the best guest part.

    3. Lt James and Eli? I think so

    4. I watched the Kino 25 “Drop the Sirs” Who ever wrote this needs awards. Both Scott and Greer were in my mind weak characters, well acted no not weak, just predictable. Greer is the oxy-mornoic character the military man who doesnt like authority, Scott is the young man unsure of him self in the big boy world.
    “Drop the Sirs” completely fleshed out those characters and made them real. Greer doesnt hate authority he just holds military commanders to a high scale, Scott isnt unsure hes just desperately trying to get it right and wants help to do it. Some of the best dialogue i have seen anywere. A real crime it didn’t make it to an episode. Sorry… the question, can we know who wrote this and will we see more by this person?

    5. (I asked the move to Canada question) Would i need an agent to get a job as a gofer or grip or something similar, i just want to get my foot in the door and learn how the biz works, much as i love australia. Our TV kinda sucks.

    Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us here, and (if you do) for answering our questions. I for one love the chance to interact with you and the cast members here.

  66. Coucou Joseph, ça va ?
    Waou, vous avez prévu de faire de nombreuse sorties!! Certaine on l’air vraiment bien, ça m’étonne qu vous ne l’aviez pas fait avant…déjà 11 ans que vous êtes à Vancouver 🙂

    Merci pour ces nombreuse Q&A .

    Vous avez un peu regarder les 1er match de la coupe du monde? Pffff hier la France à joué très mal..ça n’étonne personne.
    Ce soir US vs UK ==> Moi je suis pour les Etats Unis!

    Bonne journée!

    Ps: je vais regarder le final de sgu 🙂

  67. Agreed… the season’s finale was OUTSTANDING… the best cliffhanger EVER!

    THANK YOU x 100000000000000000 times over!!!

    ps.. I agree with

    You need to talk to SyFy about the promos after the season ending cliffhanger. They totally ruined your all the tension you built with the cliffhanger by showing clips from season 2.

    Please ask Brad Wright to talk to Syfy…PLEASE!!!
    Patricia Lee

  68. If Telford survives, will Young then give up command of the ship to him, willingly or otherwise? (Assuming they regain control of the ship of course.)

  69. Regarding DJ’s and your road rage comment:
    I don’t know about Canada but in Germany and Austria you are required by law to drive till the end of your lane and only then merge into the remaining lane. The driver on the “good” lane is also required by law to let you in. (It’s called “Reißverschlussverfahren” in german because the cars should move like a Reißverschluss => zipper in english)

    Here is why:
    Lets call the open lane A (for A-OK) and the closed lane B(roken): If everyone uses B as long as they can, the drivers on A only have to let exactly ONE other car in front of them. If people merge earlier, there will be drivers that have to let more than one car on front of them, which is unfair and most likely the reason why people become frustrated and behave like you described.
    The other way around: If everyone on B merges as soon as possible, you might as well close off B completely because it will (in the extreme) no longer be used by drivers; instead, they will all be on A, making the waiting line for everyone even longer.
    So if you use B as long as you can, the traffic will still move slower than if both lanes were open, but it will flow more even and fair on both lines.

    So if you hadn’t thought about it this way, I hope I could “enlighten” you. If you already did but still decided to act the way you do, I just have to call you stupid and a doodiehead. 🙂

  70. Incursion(2) was amazing! I loved almost every minute of it – I will love the remaining minutes, too as long as T.J. and her baby aren’t really dead! Much more than all the battle and blood scenes, the Eli-Chloe conversations were great! She knew: perfect, so much more realistic than a surprising revelation, though I have to say I was sooooo sad for Eli, because I think the fact that she knows makes it much worse for him.

    Seeing as we now have to wait far too many months for the show to continue, do you have any suggestions of good science fiction past or present to fill the time with?

    Thank you for a wonderful hour of television!

  71. A fairly fundamental question, did you ever establish what would happen if a person tried to go through an open gate the wrong way?

    Would it physically block them from entering, spit them back out or just disintegrate them?

    I’ve had all the dvds for years, but apart from people occasionally firing weapons back at a gate they just escaped through, I can’t remember any mention of it.

  72. Wow, wow, wow. Incursion II was one of the best “oh my god!” moments of this season of TV…all TV (not just SGU).

    Cliffhanger my ass…you threw the whole cliff at us!

    Very nicely done on everybody’s part.


  73. Will the crew of destiny come across any ancient
    tech we haven’t seen. E.g. Weapons or medical kit.

    Will any of the crew on destiny give info on how big destiny is? Will their be any flashbacks like the ark of truth?

    One last question;
    what are the Hubs used for on destiny?

    Thanks for your time joe

  74. Excellent SGU Finale, Incursion, pt.2. was great! Looking forward to the next season. 🙂

  75. Hi, Joe. As a recent visitor to Vancouver, I have a non-SG question. As a pedestrian, I noticed that a lot of drivers drove through pedestrian crossings… driving around the pedestrians, or expecting us to get out of THEIR way. Was I being foolish for thinking that the little white man means I’m allowed to cross the road?

    Loved Incursion I, can’t wait for Incursion II next Tuesday here in the UK. Judging by a brief glance at the comments here, it should be good. Here’s hoping for that season 3 pick-up… if only because it would push Stargate past the 365-episode mark. Finally, an excuse to watch Stargate every single day of the year (as if I needed one)!

  76. @pg15 and anyone interested
    So it seems it isn’t the ceasing of storm activity on Jupiter that’s caused the apparent disappearance of the SEB, but an increase of cloud cover masking the storms from our view.
    Should return back to normal soonish. Happens pretty regularly. So I’ve heard.

    It would be extremely intimidating to make a statement of prediction against something the size of Jupiter.

  77. As far as activities, how much time are you willing to devote?? The tree shaping thing could take a while and the gong meditation sounds interesting, might be just the relaxation you could use, after pounding out scripts… Wonder what the rest of the “out there” activities could be after this list. But maybe you should stick with what you know restaurant expert and critic. You do it so well and I enjoy the pictures. They can hire you to do the reviews of all restaurants in the greater Vancouver area, (or travel to Japan)newspaper, books, maybe another avenue to explore. in your spare time. And I have seen a mango cutter,really, in a junk catalog somewhere,(don’t they invent something for everything?) last mango I got, really got tore up b4 I could really enjoy the fruit. Enjoy your day!!

    Maybe spoilers….
    The episode last night was great, hate having to wait til fall. and maybe the previews of next season could have waited, but hey its television and its not real,,right, so now I can breathe a little easier(or canI???) waiting for the fall season to return.
    Everyones performance was really convincing, I could feel their emotion, both part 1 and 2, tell them how great they all were, and the writers,, yes let them know also, great job.! Run Eli Run!!
    The thing I was thinking at the end, you know the end, b4 it went dark, was, where was the fart machine, made me chuckle, really not sure why I even thought that right there.., but last face was Young’s.. thanks Luis.
    I know I missed parts, so much action, want to watch it again.
    Bravo to everyone and thank you. See you in the fall.!

  78. Nice cliffhanger. Not quite as epic as Siege II, but certainly quite enjoyable. Very good. 🙂

    *However*, something someone pointed out to me about this episode now ranks in the “should have vented the atmosphere from the gateroom to incapacitate the LA troops” area. What, you ask?

    Their control of gravity.

    If they can control gravity in specific locations, why not shut down gravity in the Gateroom. No air and no gravity – that’s pretty damned incapacitating.

    There is simply no reason why the ship was ever taken, not with the ability to specifically control air-flow and gravity on such a small scale that it can be done room by room.

  79. Nice cliffhanger, Joe.

    And I like the Varro character, but that’s usually the kiss of death when I’m watching TV shows or movies, so I assume that he is doomed.

    Funny you should mention Gong Meditation. I’m going to my first one this Sunday afternoon. I’ll post after I go and let you know how I like it. But it might be right up your alley – you just lie there with your pillow and blankie and let the sound wash over you (and through you) for an hour.

  80. You were right, it was “WTF”, but more like “WTF is this cliffhanger!?” rather than “WTF How did that happen”.

  81. Hi Joe,
    if you want to do something more active than just listening to a presentation, I recommend checking out one of the workshops from Academie Duello.


    There you can learn how to use a rapier, a longsword or even about mounted combat. The falconry workshop also sounds promising.

    I haven’t been to any of those workshops yet, as I still have to move to the Vancouver area. But this school is something I definitely will check out.

    From the events you listed, the Vancouver Mandolin Workshop sounded interesting. I would go there.

    Have a great weekend!

  82. Do you think that the emotional tone at/of the end of the
    season one finale episode was at least somewhat *ruined*
    by the near immediate airing of the season two trailer/scenes?

    I understand that doing that was probably a business decision
    and that it probably had to be done.
    (…but like that?..and right then and there??…Ugh!!)

    Did someone flip a coin?..or lose a bet?

  83. Copy pasted from my @DRLDeBoer Twitter:
    yes happy w end of s1 cliffhanger sufficient peril. Really liking the Lucian ppl on board n plenty of action. Will b looking at s2.

    Continuing to find challenge in condensing then expressing a thought in 140 characters. I’m also getting very proficient at inventing and guessing shorthand.
    🙂 DD

  84. xxxevilgrinxxx! Fancy seeing you over here 🙂 (I’m Nynaeve over on GW).

    Joe – I give Incursion to thumbs and two big toes up 🙂 I think that last scene with Young is probably one of the best shots in television – Louis Ferreira (forgive me I always get his name screwed up and I’m too lazy to google) – has been a treat to watch – especially with his interactions with both Rush and TJ (also, both incredibly strong actors).

    I’ll be honest, about halfway through the first season I was like “meh” and was at a place where I could take SGU or leave it… maybe catch it on the reruns or on DVD years later… but because of my love of the franchise I committed myself to the entire season. By the time we faded to black in Incursion II I was feeling incredibly sad that I had to wait until October to have more. Needless to say, I’ll be back next season 🙂 (especially since it’s taken the Tuesday night slot which was Lost and my Tuesday nights feel especially empty…)

    Thanks 🙂

    Now I’m off to get ready for the Stargate convention (and thus be endlessly mocked by my co-workers on Monday morning).

  85. PS I’m also in process of watching the Spartacus series per your recommendation, yeah its visually & verbally a bit much at times, but the cast is making it worthwhile.

  86. Last night’s finale was fantastic.

    1) Was there a spark of interest in TJ from Varro?

  87. I just wanted to say that i LOVED the series finale and the entire show too! in my opinion, not a single bad moment throughout the season. please continue to make FANTASTIC tv for us to enjoy.

  88. I just wanted to say amazing season finale! I really can’t wait till next season. So many more questions.

  89. @ Joe – Finally have a moment to address your ‘what to do’ question. My answer? Gong Meditation. Anything that ‘vibrates your organ[s]’ can’t be all that bad. 😉

    Answer: I’m licensed to drive one of this tiny clown cars?

    If the car fits, drive it. 😉



    OKAY, THIS is REALLY weird! RE: 46…I mean…reeeeaaaally weird…

    As you know, yesterday I visited a Japanese house and garden in Philly, then went to the Reading Terminal Market in center city, and came home. Oh, we also stopped at a yard sale on the way.

    I get home…and was really tired, so just ate dinner, watched SGU, read some comics, and went to bed – didn’t feel like taking a shower (I KNOW! I’m SKEEVY! 😀 )

    So…anyway…this morning I feel something ‘scratchy’ on the back of my neck. I reach around…and pull off a little sticky thing with a number on it. The number?? 46. 😯

    Now…it wasn’t an ‘inspected by 46′ tag, or anything . I have long hair, so it’s not something that could easily be put there (I also had taken a shower before going to Philly, so I know it wasn’t there before our trip).

    Now…I came in contact with two people who gave me hugs – the gardener at the Japanese house, and the net-pal I met at the market. Also, the gardener lady massaged my back because I had this wicked-mean knot in my shoulder blade…so maybe this sticky number was on her hand or something and it was transferred to me. I can’t imagine that the girl I met at the market would have stuck it on me. I don’t know if it was done on purpose, or by accident…but it has me kinda weirded out. I’ve looked up all the significant meanings for ’46’ to see if it could have been done on purpose, and none seem to make any sense.

    Heh…so mebbe I’M the key to unlocking Destiny… 😆


  90. Wow, that was such an exciting episode. But why did you kill off all the characters? And why are all the actors pretending to be working on season 2.
    Someone on the chat last night said next year better not start with a ‘it was all a dream’ sequence. But I know you guys are tricker than that, there will be a logical explaination for everything that happens and how they all survive to tell the next step.
    Wish we didn’t have to wait until October, but then again I felt this way last year when you were teasing us with hints of SGU to come. You know what, this year it is even harder 🙂
    Oh, I think you should go to the fiber arts celebration. I mean that’s what I’d want to do.

  91. Wow! Was that full of tension and suspense, or what!! I watched it live and then again and will watch it yet again. To me, the Varro character and situation is reminiscent of SG1. I would love to see him again and again.

    Oddly enough, speaking of SG1, the one character who could legitimately appear as part of a human invasion like the LA, would be Vala (working under deep cover, of course). She would not be out of place. But I could take Varro, working under deep cover too. Someone has to take charge on the ship. On the other hand, they do seem to be finding their way to a resolution – which always seems to be a surprise. It’s interesting how the danger and chaos is bringing unlikely characters together to some mutual understanding.

    The show sparked with talent, both behind and in front of the camera. You all should be very proud of yourselves for a job well done.

    Someone actually said they were bored….. for real?!? I don’t know what it is that people expect… it’s a show! They are not on a real ship, they are not in space – they really didn’t get invaded and no one died. It was a very realistic portrayal of such and one hell of a good episode.

    I’m not happy that I have to wait til October.

    And yes, still missing SGA and SG1. The summer is such a watching desert – there is literally nothing on. New shows could fill the huge summer spot from April/May to October. I really wish that the PTB would consider the quality of the shows presented instead of using these shows as chess pieces to see who could knock the other off. It ends up resting on the path of least resistance – which is usually a mindless reality show – I refuse to watch them now.

  92. @strombringer I think (can’t speak for everyone, of course) that they are refering to well posted, permanent, lane reductions. We have large highways in Ontario that have limited access and the merge lanes are long. The highway speed is 100 kph and the merge lane is enough to reach that speed and, well, merge. What we get is all kinds of morons that drive slowly out to the end and wait until until the traffic is all clear. It’s the frickin’ 401 for Christ’s sake, it’s never clear. Then, during rush hour (about half the day) with traffic moving around 70 – 80 kph you get the other kind of moron that drives out to the end of the merge at 100 kph and gets mad because no one will let them in.


  93. Ok, Joe, you can have your weather back anytime. I’ve seen enough rain.


  94. I have to say, that Season 1 was really great and i don´t want to say what Season 2 is going to be ^^

    And i have some questions about season 2

    1.Can we expect a score like in Air Part 3 (running to the Gate) and Incursion Part 2 (the last minutes)?

    2.Are we going to see the Destiny making a maneuver like in Darkness?

    3.Are we going to see Mrs.Armstrong and Amanda Perry again? because they are both nice characters and it would be interesting to see them again

    4.Does the Destiny have only one repairbot?

    a)How does this robot works? can it produce material? (to build a ftl-modul or a shuttle perhaps)

    b)Can this little robot repair big sections like the dome? or does they need bigger things like a repairship?

    5.Are we going to see a Seedership? Or only a view on a hologramm perhaps?

    a).If the Crew of the Destiny finds one of the Seederships could they use it to build a Supergate?


  95. Wow! Oh my gravy!! You didn’t just do that to us!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!
    which means that was a fabulously written episode… That was a twisted, evil ending to leave us with.
    While I know logically for the show to continue, you can’t kill off all your main characters, my mind and heart believed it was about to happen.

    When you’ve written an episode, do you write in or work with the director and DP on camera angles; or is that their choice?

    Was loving all the interesting camera angles from Incursion.

    As for broadening your interests:
    Gong Meditation — great stress relief and can concentrate on latest evil scheme for world domination.
    Espalier — Besides a cool name, impressive to women. You’ll be able to do that “Edward Scissorhands” thing.

    I read on different sites comments about the “Stargate concept”. And how SGU is not part of the “Stargate concept.” I’m under the impression that the “Stargate concept” is what the makers of Stargate envision and conceive. And if they kept giving fans 10 years of the same thing every version, people would complain that the show was too static; that all the versions are not different enough.
    Yes, SGU is more dramatic; the idea is more dramatic. The people on Destiny don’t even have all their basic needs with them (food, water, etc.) They didn’t plan to go to Destiny, so they didn’t have correct equipment either.
    In SGA (which I am a huge fan of), the move to Atlantis was planned, so they brought all they could with them.
    I see a lot of basic similarities between SGU and the other Stargate shows, enough to make me believe it is a Stargate show.
    Either watch it or don’t; but quit belly-aching about it all the time.

  96. Episode was okay, but honest… had to replay several parts to hear what was said (daughter couldn’t understand it either); to much rapid action …had to replay a few parts to see what happened and finally got mad and no longer cared. Will rewatch later. Way too many loose ends. Puts me in mind of some show that had nearly entire cast in burning building as contract leverage so if they didn’t die, easily dead. Felt that way with Lou D Phillips… is he dead? Alive? Dialogue says shot, not dead but they carried her out. Otherwise, very good. Poor Eli. Though is opening lock with back to it was beyond stupid.

  97. Joe

    The season ending was fantastic well written and directed by Andy M. Kudos to everyone involved .. looking forward to season 2.. so what do you thing of the Chicago Blackhawks wining the “Sir” Stanley cup.. and who do you tip for the World Cup..

  98. Post-Stargate career? That’s easy. You like to travel. You like to eat. You like to try new and weird things. You know how to write.

    Go to work for Condé Nast.

    With respect to the activities, definitely the gong meditation.

  99. Fabulous eppy last night Joe and gang… Incursion II was one hellouva cliff hanger!

    It is frustrating though to know there is a lo-o-o-n-n-g wait until October to see what happens with everyones predicament. Good story Joe, thanks so much!

    I won’t go into particulars of what I especially liked right now in deference to those who have yet to see the eppy, as in our down under friends of the blog family.

    Here’s wishing, hoping, praying that the ratings numbers remain solid and rise, up and up into the next season and beyond!
    GO SGU!

    So, how’s that video of TJ’s hair do creation coming along? Asked Ivon to capture the technique yet? Alaina said she’d speak with you about getting the vid on your blog. I’m just say’in…


  100. Hey Joe just had a couple questions cone to mind.

    1. I remember in Justice Young made Eli copy the footage of Rush framing Young on Youngs Thumb Drive. Will we see anything involving this thumb drive in season 2.

    2. Will there be any Stone/Earth episodes in season 2?

    3. About how many people from the Lucian Alliance made it to destiny?

    4. Any guess on when we’ll see an MGM trailer for season 2. Is there a chance we’ll see it before comic con?

    5. I know I’ve asked this a lot but now that you might have spun more stories I thought I might as well ask it again. Will there be any SG-1 or SGA characters in season 2 of SGU?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  101. ***** SPOILER ALERT *****

    ***** SPOILER ALERT *****

    By the way, I just wanted to follow up to say that I loved loved loved the way you guys showed us that TJ & Young’s baby is in jeopardy without hitting us over the head with it. Seeing her turned over and the blood on her shirt toward the left side of the screen was a very decent way to handle something so tragically terrifying. Nicely done.



  102. OK I may have missed the boat on the Espalier. Pug hair is wayyyyy to short for trimming, maybe for your fifth dog you may like to consider a poodle. Look at this guy’s do.

    Or if you insist on putting your new found tree pruning/trimming knowledge to use on an actual tree then perhaps you would like to ring your property with these tree/ shrub combos. This picture was taken in Kits, so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you driving by and asking for ‘pointers,’ and actually these look rather rough around the edges, so maybe you could share some of your new found knowledge with these owners.

    Or perhaps a little personal grooming/manscaping….. You may need some help from an ‘eager companion’ but that could be a lot of funnnnnnn. *sing song voice*

    OK maybe you aren’t in the market for a new dog, or your property already has pre-existing and established greenery and cannot fit in the suggestive …er… suggested trees/shrub combos anywhere. Perhaps you don’t require the manscaping and simply have the happy trail. Then perhaps one of these would be more appropriate. Everyone goes awwwww.

    I just thought of something for the Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild. You could make little outfits for the dogs, well, because everyone knows that animals love to wear clothes. Otherwise they just walk around all day in the nude. Noooo sense of decorum What.So.Evah…. I mean seriously when you have company over, do they not whisper to each other behind their hands, and you catch the odd word/phrase ‘shameless,’ ‘must be shooting a porno, he is a writer you know,’ ‘nudist colony,’ ‘I think we interrupted something, I think we should leave.’
    ….and seriously can you not see Max all decked out in a Red Baron scarf, aviator sunglasses and woven leather jacket. Lulu in a hand woven pretty pink frock, with a bow in her hair …er… tied around her ear, Bubba in a pair of knitted overalls. For Jelly maybe you could knit her a new ‘companion’ just in case Mr. Ducky flies the coop, you know how flighty those ducks can be…..

    So, as you can see, I could not pick just one activity for Mr. Mallozzi to attend, when they all have SOOO much potential. I think he should HAVE to attend them all, whether he wants to or not *evil chuckle*

    OK, enough playing, I’m off to re-watch.……


  103. I love this show and I really like all the little plot threads piling up. That’s what I’ve always loved about SG.

    However every episode makes me hate Chloe more and more, not just as entertainment material but as a person.

    For a second in episode 19 I thought she died, then when she woke up it was very disappointing.

    Please make her useful or something. The SG1 characters were all awesome because they were competent people.

    Except for Mitchell. Mitchell was a dunce.

  104. Actually… if any of your guests are into any needlecrafting of any sort [or art in general], that Weavers thing might not be half bad. In fact, I’m half tempted to endure airport molestation and fly out to see that myself… BTW, any openings at Joe’s B&B? 😀

    Ah, but wait… Can’t go – *didn’t* win zip on that LOTTO MAX, and got relatives coming into town end of the month. Not to mention, Liz & Phil coming over from the UK for a visit.


  105. mishmee, what do you mean by kill off all the characters? Just because 1 Lucian Alliance member has over reacted, doesn’t mean he will kill all the military. I mean for one someone could come along and say hey, let’s keep them alive, or Destiny could jump into FTL, or even both groups uniting for a common goal. It’d be silly to assume everyones dead lol, there wouldn’t be a show otherwise.

    Anyway Young is an amazing character, it just shows his strength of character, he gave up his position of power in that ep to save the lifes of everyone aboard, it was more a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation though.

    Great Episode Joe, now let’s hope the ratings improve, I mean if they drop below Episode 19s, that’d probably make me cringe more, quality episodes like these deserve double the ratings they recieve.

  106. In Incursion Part 2, Kiva and Telford shot each other simultaneously. How many takes were needed to achieve that simultaneous shot?

  107. Evil, evil cliffhangers!

    Spoilers below – don’t read if you haven’t watched

    I adore Greer. One of our crew said “since when is Greer the voice of calmness and reason?” Seems perfectly consistent to me. He’s not just the fly off the handle at the drop of a hat type of guy. He trusts Young and is entirely loyal to him. He’s got the temper, yes, but it takes quite a bit to push him to use it. I suspect he tends to use it only on those he doesn’t respect. And/or possibly on people who insult those he does respect. Either one could have been a trigger for him punching Telford before the start of the show.

    If TJ loses the baby, I will grumble a lot. I hate it when pregnancy is used to up the angst in a story.

    Loved Kiva & Telford shooting each other! Didn’t see that one coming. Very much awesomeness. I suspect we may see factioning within the Lucian Alliance folks on board.

    It would suck if Telford died just when he’s getting really interesting!

    Kive is/was an excellent villain.

    Eli rocks! I love his character arc thus far. He’s come a long way in terms of confidence and practical experience.

    I really hope Chloe does more next season than be the damsel in distress.

    Wray needs to be both more assertive and more practical. Young could use more consistency – he keeps waffling between being a forceful commander and second guessing himself into doing nothing.

    My favorite characters right now are Rush, Greer and Eli. Young and TJ are also pretty cool. And I love a bunch of the secondary characters like James, Brody and Volker. And Riley! I know they’re not going to get the big parts of stories like the main characters, but I hope that in the coming season they get their chances to shine here and there, like they have this season.

  108. SGU may have a new fan, Joe….For the first time, my husband actually sat down to watch a whole SGU episode. Plus, he was talking to the TV — “You can’t trust her! Just shoot her!” — and he only does that when he’s into a show.

    I was right there with him:
    “Oh, that’s not good.”
    “Oh no! Close that door!”
    “What?! No. What?!”
    “Run! Run!”
    And then in the last second….it took me back to that SGA episode (can’t remember the name) where the screen goes black and you hear McKay say “Oh, crap.”

    Yeah, great season ending. Excellent acting. Fine writing. I’m still not a fangirl like I was with SGA. For instance, while waiting til October is a bummer, I don’t have the “OMG, I can’t wait” feeling like I did for SGA. But SGU definitely has my attention, and I’ll be happy to start watching again in October -with my husband this time, I think.

    Nice work to all of you, Joe.

  109. Joe, you did WHAT to TJ and her baby?? Excellent finale, but… I had hoped you’d keep the baby… Oh wells.

  110. OK, the Eli/Chloe relationship was handled masterfully and let me explain why…..(or at least try to in a semi-articulate way). This is just my opinion.

    When a guy is twitterpated with a girl, she knows……. When the girl doesn’t feel any chemistry she hopes and prays that the guy NEVER says anything. Why? Well, because it makes for a really, REALLY awkward conversation. It’s not fun to BE rejected, nor is it fun to DO the rejecting. From that point on, that awkward conversation will always loom between you. ALWAYS. It’s like the elephant in the room.

    I know that some people may argue about taking a risk, taking that leap of faith. Yes, I agree with that, but you have to take the surrounding circumstances into account. By all means take the shot, if you never have to see the person again, or only occasionally. It’s a different story if you work together or are on an abandoned on a ship in a different galaxy, there is no where to go to get away from each other. So if nothing is ever said then no one gets hurt or angry and they can still be friends.

    So, up until this point, I had been thinking, for this particular situation, it would be best for Chloe to just pretend that she doesn’t see it. Eli could save face and make doe eyes from afar. Plus, there is the issue of Scott, can’t forget him.

    Now here is where the masterful part comes in, I attribute the success in equal parts to the writing and the acting. For the writing part, it was more of what WASN’T written. The simplicity, if you will. Chloe was able to say what his friendship meant to her, it’s not a superficial friendship, but a deep, solid friendship and Eli was not only allowed to save face, but he was also able to feel …. umm what’s the word…….. acknowledged maybe understood. There was no awkwardness for either of the parties involved. It was very poignant and touching…

    Then there was a slight interjection of humour with Eli’s dog/squirrel moment….’CONSOLE’

    I don’t know if I explained myself very well, but I know what I meant. I also don’t think that there will be short/long term negative fall-out from the way it was handled.


    P.S. for all of the 12 year olds out there twitterpated is a movie reference to Bambi, not to Twitter.

  111. Joe,

    Incursion II was a great ending to the first season! I have enjoyed the entire 1st season and am really looking forward to season 2 now. I have to wait how many months! What every am I going to watch in between time? Maybe you could make some suggestions…

    If I were you I would go for the Gong Meditation. I could really use some relaxation right now. I haven’t been able to keep up with your blog lately…I know…shame on me. 🙁 We are right in the middle of closing on a new house and have been busy every night for two weeks in a row now. I’m need to read your blog backwards now…well not really read backwards but…you know what I mean!

  112. *********WARNING*********
    *********LOOK AWAY*********
    ********DON’T DO IT**********
    *****GO TO THE NEXT PERSON*****
    *********I MEAN IT!**********
    **********GO NOW*********
    *********HERE I GO*********
    ********LAST CHANCE*******
    *********THIS IS IT********
    *****YOU ASKED FOR IT*****

    Joe, are you going to kill off TJ’s baby? Please don’t. It looked like TJ was shot in the stomach. That part was so sad to me. Even today I am still disturbed by that. I agree the Destiny is a horrible place to raise a baby, but isn’t there any other options other than the baby dying? Even if she has it but we don’t see it very often, would be better than killing the baby. Do we need to get ready for a very sad space funeral in the second season? Also, the person who was shot close range in the stomach and blood and gutts flew out his back…now thats just gross. I was disturbed by that too. That was not a cliffhanger. That was more like you pushed everyone off the cliff. (Excellent writting, BTW) (except for the baby part)

  113. Wow! Incursion (1) and (2) were brilliant. I echo the positive sentiments of those who posted before me. October just seems too far away.

    Here are some of the thematic elements I thoroughly enjoyed in the first season:

    1. Eli as the personification of the participative audience

    In Incursion (1), Eli’s red “You are here” t-shirt was in full display, orienting viewers to their role in this drama. We aren’t Rush, Young, Scott, or Greer. We are Eli.

    With this view in mind, I was curious as to why Eli and Chloe were so isolated from the action that had enveloped the ship. The end of Incursion (II) provided important clues. I think it’s safe to assume that Eli will find a way to rescue Scott and Greer from the death-by-gamma-ray scenario, while they (Scott and Greer) will be presumed dead. He’s also located another console that’s away from the action. The stage is set for Eli, Scott, Greer and possibly Chloe to rescue the crew.

    2. Flawed leadership

    I love Colonel Young, but I echo Jennifer Spence’s well-delivered line: “Don’t shout”. Having Colonel Young lose control is so antithetical to my (everybody’s) view of a military leader. He’s an incredibly flawed leader, but still the best of a bad lot aboard the Destiny. I certainly don’t want Camille Wray in charge. Rush would simply run roughshod right over her.

    Ming-Na’s character is by far one of the most complex characters aboard the Destiny. Camille Wray is alternately cunning and naive, power-hungry and egalitarian. Whereas I can sympathize with Young, I usually want to open an airlock and throw out Wray. The “civilian authority” does have her uses however.

    Rush? enough said.

    3. Unrequited love

    I think there are are only a few men alive (Brad Pitt, Tom Brady) who can’t sympathize with Eli, and perhaps there’s not a woman alive who can’t sympathize with Lt. James.

    Kudos on making Chloe a deeper character than I imagined she’d ever become in the first season. Her acknowledgement of Eli’s feelings without having him actually say the words was a subtle and sublime. That’s a great piece of writing.

    4. Divided Loyalties

    Brody backs Young after being part of the mutiny to overthrow him. Chloe backs Rush over Young after he puts his freedom in her hands. Scott follows his heart (which resides in his pants), except when he doesn’t. Whom can you trust? Greer! Greer?

    Yes, Greer. He is who he represents himself to be. Greer’s enemies know where they stand, as does his friends. Those who think there are friends but are not will soon be disabused of that notion. Just ask Eli and Chloe.

    Whereas Eli represents the heart of the show, Lt. Johansen is the symbol of integrity. Can I profess undying love for Alaina Huffman, or is that inappropriate?

    Thank you Joe, cast and crew, for an immensely satisfying first season. This complexity is exactly what I want from my Sci-fi. Looking forward to next 4 seasons at least.

  114. I really enjoyed part 2 of Incursion – great acting, writing, directing, everything! In particular, though, I thought the final slow-motion shot as Alliance soldiers came into the room holding Colonel Young and his men was particularly beautiful.

  115. InnerSPACE One Hour SGU Special

    David Blue on InnerSPACE was fantastic, a truly excellent ambassador/representative for SGU. He is so happy/bubbly (in a manly man way, of course). I loved his Marvin the Martian T-shirt!! I had heard he was a fellow Sci-Fi geek, and boy is that true. Brad Wright was quoted as saying that David is a twofer, a cast member and a tech advisor.

    They (hosts and David) were then joined by Andy Mikita, it was interesting to get his point of view on the new way that they film for SGU. More of a documentary style, w gorilla camera work. My only complaint with Andy is that he stopped David from spilling any spoilers *just kidding*

    Behind the scenes with Alaina with the handheld camera, hilarious! Louie and the golf cart – people jumping out of the way of his crazy driving, someone should paint Death Race 2000 on the side of the cart. I particularly enjoyed Louis’ quick ADD “dog/squirrel” comment; it really cracked me up, cuz that’s the way I can be sometimes.

    My only complaint NO SEASON 2 SPOILERS!!!

    Joe – did you watch this episode of InnerSPACE?


  116. I just don’t understand whats going on with Universe. Season 1.0 was more like a WB show for teens then anything else. Season 1.5, by all accounts, had really picked up and become an intelligent, interesting show. Much of the teen angst and the unintelligent, unsympathetic cast seemed to have been toned down and replaced with people we could actually root for in plotlines that actually had dramatic payoff. Universe had actually managed to change my mind from my initial impression.

    But the season finale completely reversed that progress. I’ve seen comments about how anxious we’ll be for the next season…I’m not anxious at all! I don’t even see why I should care anymore. If I can watch the show with a 10 year old and have the 10 year old get angry at the characters for stupid decisions, then the writers and producers need to rethink the intelligence of their characters. This has nothing to do with the actors, this is entirely the fault of really, really poor plotline development and writing. Throughout the entire season finale the characters had plenty of common-sense options they could have explored, and decisions they could have made, but they failed to act like military officers or even rational human beings. I am sick and tired of stupid and weak decisions followed by teenage angst and remorse.

    I stuck through it. I gave season 1.5 a shot because I figured ‘Hey, you know, these things take time’, and ‘It’ll pick up, see the entire product before you judge’, but really, I’ve now seen it all and all I can do is roll my eyes and forget about it. A boring, forgettable finale mostly made dramatic through artificial means.

  117. Great first season. I just found Young’s tactical decisions very frustrating in the last two episodes. I have to agree with Rush, he’s not fit for the job. He can’t make the necessary decisions for the “greater good”.It was hard to watch our crew get taken over by the LA, when it feels that it could have been avoided. I thought the most powerful moment of Incursion 2 was when our military was forced on their knees about to be executed, and Young knew that it was his fault. I appreciate the break in the first season now, because it makes the wait for the second season less. One thing that I loved about SGU, is that there were no obvious budget episodes. Looking forward to season 2.

    Personal ranking of SGU’s season 1 episodes:
    2. Air 3
    3. Human
    4. Lost
    5. Subversion
    6. Justice
    7. Air 1
    8. Air 2
    9. Space
    10. Divided
    11. Darkness
    12. Incursion 1
    13. Light
    14. Sabotage
    15. Incursion 2
    16. Pain
    17. Earth
    18. Faith
    19. Water
    20. Life

  118. “Working on Stargate has been a lot of fun and rewarding in many ways, but it’s also been very taxing and I wouldn’t mind a change of pace, even if it’s only for a little while.”

    Sounds like someone talking about their last job. Are you done with Stargate then ? Why comic books of all things ? Its a very hard market to break into given so many characters are established and most new comics seem like lame copies of the originals. Granted you don’t see many sci-fi comics, other then old Heavy Metal magazine which I used to buy all the time. Maybe some adult graphic novels or something instead of comics ?

  119. Narelle: data storage sounds like a well needed area! I’ve heard some “no back up” horror stories through hubby.

    Loved the show Mr. M! I’m following some the cast on Twitter, so I have a good idea of who is in season two.

    I would recommend Gong Meditation for the relaxation or Speed Dating for the fun of it.

    I just saw Alice in Wonderland, and enjoyed it. I’m still kind of creeped out from Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka but he was very good in this movie.

  120. Just popping my head in to say Goodbye for the next two weeks.

    Shirt’n’Tie, you should now have a couple of emails dated 6/12 from me.

    *Wonders if she’ll finish packing in time*

  121. You know I love this show. But I have to say: I really hate these cliffhangers. I KNOW stuff gets resolved, and most everybody survives. But, did I mention? I really hate these cliffhangers. Anxiety is *not* a recreational feeling for me.

  122. Wow, enjoyed Incursion part I quite a bit. Good to see Eli getting some time to be a hero to Chloe.

    I GREATLY appreciate the dressing down about leadership and decisiveness that General O’Neill gave Young, and that you’ve resolved the issue with Telford’s asshattedness by explaining it as brainwashing by the Lucien Alliance. Young really needs to get a lot more hardass and shut down that HR bitch’s pretensions to leadership. She doesn’t have the authority, she is a civilian employee of the Air Force even if she is from the international cadre, and her little manipulations are contrary to her job description of keeping up crew morale and skills. Her comment about civillians running the military was again horse puckey. She’s not an elected official or appointed by the President to higher rank than Young.

    Lou finally gets to Destiny as he wanted and to be back on the good side.

    The funny stuff happening with ship electronics is an interesting twist. Is that supposed to be the ships AI asserting itself in defense of the ship, or some Ascended Ancients futzing around with things?? Or, perhaps our departed shipmate who disappeared after using the chair, I’m betting he was helped to Ascend by an Ancient and he is now helping out as he can…

    I’m also betting that Eli pulls a Hail Mary move and discovers some new tech out in the nose end of the ship that he can use to overcome the Lucien Alliance.

    Young also needs to straighten out Scott’s cart a bit. Young does a lot of warning and very little punishing, and troop discipline is suffering as a result. 20 laps around the ship on punishment detail is just what a body needs to cure insubordination and other manifestations of le bug, as the Legion used to say. Scott should be the last person to be insubordinate, as Senior lieutenant, he shouldn’t be like a green middie on summer cruise.

    Jamil is doing a fantastic job as senior NCO.

    You need to have Young organise his unit structure more. Brevet promote Jamil to Master Sergeant and make him the unit First Sergeant. Make the next one down the Senior Enlisted Advisor, etc.

    Now that you’ve got two Colonels on board ship you are gonna need to deal with some rank issues there, possibly have ONeill demote Telford to Major or Lt. Col. for getting brainwashed etc., and make sure Young is a full bird Colonel. If James or Scott perform well in the Incursion battle, promote them to Captain. This will fill out the officer ranks on board ship to be better delineated.

    I am very curious about what you intend to do with the Lucien Alliance people. I haven’t seen part II yet (I watch on Hulu.com since I get zero control of the remote in this house). Are we supposed to learn that they aren’t the no good hoodlums we’ve been led to believe they are? That we can have some sort of detente with them? Or are we gonna wipe them out, or else they wind up escaping in a shuttle?

    The fact that weve now got a second planet being used to transport people to Destiny, perhaps Destiny can start scanning nearby worlds for na’quadria deposits to use as worlds by which to gate home to?

    Furthermore, SGC should go find that n’aquitah asteroid that SG-1 jumped through the Earth way back when, and put a gate on it, convert some of the n’aquitah into na’quadria, and use it to power a gate to send releif supplies and fresh crew to Destiny.

    Finally, since Daedelus can travel between galaxies, why hasn’t an effort been made to determine which galaxy Destiny is in, and use Daedelus to go rendezvous with it?

  123. @dasNdanger

    “I better not pop up in one of your books!!! 😡 (But, hey…if such were to happen, what sort of character would I be?? )”

    A vampire lover 😉

  124. Actually, Shadow Step, I do NOT like vampires – with the exception of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, and the old campy tv show, Dark Shadows. But I seriously dislike most modern takes on vampires, and have never been into the whole ‘vampire’ thing. It’s hard to avoid vampires – they’re everywhere now – but I still don’t care for them when I do catch a show or movie featuring the undead bloodsuckers – they’re just not my cuppa.

    What makes the Wraith different (in my mind) is that they are not some dead thing greedily seeking undead immortality, but a living species that has a unique – and specific – dietary requirement in order to stay alive. Humans are to Wraith what eucalyptus is to the koala…or, at least that’s how I see it. (As far as Elric and his soul-sucking sword are concerned – well, I like that ’cause it’s just cool! But it’s also a metaphor for addiction (drug, sex, etc), so that at least adds some depth to the sword’s vampiric habits.)

    I hope that made sense ’cause I’m falling asleep…big – and HOT – day already, need a nap. 😛


  125. Is metaphor the right word?? I seriously can’t think… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


  126. Adding my .02 cents about SyFy spoiling with their previews, again!!! First Carson, now the SGU finale? They suck.

  127. I watched season 1 of the universe is not bad, but something is missing. but I love this series, esle need help, I’m ready to help, I’m an aspiring novelist
    I write sometimes in my spare time, and I have a couple of ideas how to create one series steeper and join all Michiya one.

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