Today, I took a break from a heavier-than-expected script rewrite to take in that oft-rescheduled model shoot going on out back.

Ivon Bartok on hand to capture it all for a future DVD special feature.

Carl and co. come down to check out the on-set sandwiches.

Setting the stage…

...and the explosive charge.

Ready to roll.

I got more revealing pics and vids of the actual stunt but, alas, those will have to wait for another time.

Then, it was back to the rewrite that’s going – well, less than swimmingly.  I figured it would take me two hours tops yet, so far, it has taken me two days and counting. Those seemingly simple little changes have reverberated throughout the script, forcing me to reconsider some of the scenes and dialogue.  It’s been exhausting.  Fortunately, I’ll be kicking tomorrow off with a nice relaxing early morning Playback meeting.  VFX, meanwhile, has been pushed to Friday.

Don’t forget to get those questions in for Remi Aubuchon.  He comes by my office every hour on the our asking about them!

Today’s entry is dedicated to PG15.  Congratulations!


dasNdanger writes: “While I’m at it, I asked before if you ever read The Dark Tower graphic novels based on Stephen King’s series of books by the same name?”

Answer: I’ve enjoyed almost all of Stephen King’s work – except for The Dark Tower series.  Couldn’t get past The Gunslinger.

Sean D. writes: “What if they vented the gateroom and the neighboring corridors *before* the stargate even activated so there would be zero air the moment L.A. stepped through; have an armed military person in a spacesuit hiding behind something, ready to retrieve Telford (perhaps even rig a mini-breathing apparatus from one of the spacesuits to offer Telford); thus leaving L.A. to die? Would that have been a feasible option?”

Answer: They step through.  Everyone’s fighting for breath.  Our suited soldier moves over to retrieve Telford.  A Lucian Alliance member – or several – open fire and kill Telford and possibly damage the suit (remember, those suits are damn old and didn’t take much to damage one in Water).  Wouldn’t it be easier to give them the opportunity to surrender and, if they don’t, just vent the gate room?  Again, you’re operating with the knowledge that they possess technology that will allow them to open the doors.  Young didn’t.

duneknight writes: “i wouldve just had a few armed men shoot the incoming enemy, they even couldve used that balcony.”

Answer: And the Lucian Alliance shoot back and your men are wounded and/or killed.

Sean D. also writes: “If two people swap bodies via those intergalactic communication stones and one of them ascends mid-swap, what happens to the other person?”

Answer: My guess – one would ascend and the other would die.

Sean D. also writes: “Are we going to see any more “former Goa’uld-possessed” tech in the hands of L.A. in future episodes/seasons (in addition to what we have already seen)? Like the zat guns?”

Answer: Nope.

Sean D. also writes: “How do the communication stones work? Do they actually swap consciousnesses?”

Answer: Yep.

Kymm writes: “Have Brad and Robert told YOU how SGU will potentially end?”

Answer: Yes.  The writing department has discussed how the series ender, how to get there, and the tidbits of information we’ll be dropping along the way.

Darren Duncan writes: “I have a prediction to make regarding “Incursion, Part 1″. I predict that ever since the Destiny came out of FTL, it has been in some proximity to a black hole or some other star with an accretion disk, and that the thing which vaporized the Alliance person was a gamma-ray burst or other kind of narrow-beam radiation from said object. The ship’s hull may have generally protected the occupants from this, but the vaporized person was standing under a gap in the hull, under shields barely not strong enough to keep in the air, never mind strong radiation. If this is the case, they may get hit multiple times as the star/etc rotates. This star may also be unexpected, which may explain why the Destiny’s countdown clock stopped, as it did with the “new” planet. Anyway, that’s my thought for a “real science” explanation. We’ll see at the end of the week if it was true.”

Answer: Now THAT is an interesting theory.  Let’s discuss this weekend.

Shiningwit writes: “Its been a tad hectic here of late hence the lack of inane ramblings, at least on my part;)”

Answer: Sending positive thoughts your (and your mom’s) way.

PG15 writes: ”

1. Who’s the director of Trial and Error?

2. Who’s the director of The Greater Good?

3. Who’s the director of Visitation?

4. Who’s the director of Deliverance?”

Answers: 1. Andy Mikita.

2. Will Waring.

3. We’re shooting Twin Destinies in its place.  Peter DeLuise is directing.

4. Andy Mikita.  I think.

E writes: “Hopefully we fans won’t know anything about SGU’s ending for at least few years. But are you happy/excited/meh about what the finale will be? Was it a collective decision?”

Answer: Yes.  The Lucian Alliance incursion was planned from the beginning of season one and the entire writing department took part in the breaking of the story – as with most every episode we produce.

Jacque writes: “Hmmmm. Do I detect Zero-G?”

Answer: Now THAT is an interesting theory.  Let’s discuss this weekend.

Ryusei writes: “Not to be comparing series, but do you have any information as to when a soundtrack will be released?”

Answer: Sorry, I don’t.

Major D. Davis writes: “Do you think it’s possible that with enough promotion you guys can get enough viewers for season 2 to get a season 3?”

Answer: A third season pick-up will be contingent on the performance of those first ten episodes of season 2.  And, yes, promotion will play a huge role in how we do.  After all, you’re not going to tune in if you don’t know we’re on.

Elminster writes: “Was just listening to Michael Shanks on Sci-Fi Talks and he said the third SG:1 movie is filming this fall. Any comments?”

Answer: News to me.

BoltBait writes: “How many pages do you write for a ~42 minute episode? Is that typical amoung the writing group for your show?”

Answer: Depends on the show.  SG-1 and SGU, you’re looking at about 51 pages.  Atlantis = 56-57.

BoltBait also writes: “What is the ratio of descriptions to dialog to direction?”

Answer: That’s entirely script dependent.

BoltBait writes: “Do you story board an episode? If so, who draws the pictures?”

Answer: We break an episode, first spinning out the idea, then fleshing it out on the whiteboard by breaking it down into acts and individual scenes.  From there, we go to outline, then script.  If the director is presented with a fairly complicated bit of choreography, he may story board the sequence – like Andy Mikita did in Awakening.

BoltBait also writes: “How do you manage continuity? In other words, with all the writers working on different episodes at the same time, how do you know where the characters will be at the start of your episode?”

Answer: All the writers are involved in the breaking of each story so we know exactly what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

jinx writes: “What was the reasoning behind Col Young’s decision not to use deadly force?”

Answer: Venting the atmosphere to a sealed off section IS deadly force.

68 thoughts on “June 8, 2010: Script rewrite! Model Shoot! And mailbag!

  1. So, I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’m gonna win the set visit sweepstakes (like everyone else who entered) and was wondering if i were to win, what the likelihood of meeting you while on set would be?

    Also, the atlantis gateroom is still up correct? What sets were actually taken down besides the SG1 gateroom?


  2. Hi Joe,

    Great pics, thanks! I love all the behind the scenes stuff! I wish we could help you with the script – how about you explain your dilemmas, we’ll help you sort things out and then you can replace our memories with inane chatter about something else, oh, like pizza for instance . . . or have you already done that recently . . . hmmmm? Hey, have you figured out what Ashleigh has up her sleeve or does she still have you frantically guessing? Maybe that IS the plan – so cunning you could brush your teeth with it!

    For everyone who wants to know why Young didn’t just wipe out the LA as they came through the gate (and this from someone who has to wait until next Saturday to see Incursion 1) – it’s because if he wiped them out they wouldn’t be on the show and what would be the point, hello? Necessary plot point and hindsight’s 20/20. Moving on!

    It’s finally SUNNY in Seattle, and I hear from naddycat it is in Vancouver, too – I intend to enjoy it before the rain comes back . . . tomorrow. 🙁

    Smiles (til then), Julie

  3. hi Joe,
    was not able to watch “person unknown ” last night since I was working . I would, nevertheless , like to ask Remi Aubuchon the following questions for his Q &A.
    Hopefully my very straightforward comments on SGU will not intimidate him and discourage him from answering .
    here they are:
    Hi Remi!
    I saw the trailer and like the idea put forward by you tv series. In spite of the fact that the trailer give us a fair good idea of what the show will be about, can you elaborate a bit more on the tone that you plan to give to the series ? Will it lean toward a psychological thriller with a lot of blood, a suspense /action type or do you plan to give it at one point a paranormal/science fiction aspect?

    How do you feel your series will differentiate itself among the multitude of new tv shows that we have at the moment?

    As an executive producer are you involved a lot in the writing of the episodes or do you use the same formula utilized in SGU i.e multiple writers ?

  4. Will Daniel Jackson make more appearances in Season 2 especially of the guest star variety?

  5. @ Bailey – Sometimes Joe takes a jump to the left…then a step to the right. With his hands on his hips, he brings his knees in tight. But it’s his pelvic thrust, it really drives you insane.

    @ Joe – Yup, Joe, you’ve done the Time Warp again. 😉

    Thanks for the feedback on The Dark Tower. I am going to try reading the graphic novels, and I’ll let you know how they work for me. Seems like a character I would like, but not sure how I’ll take to the story.

    Have a good night, sir!


  6. @ Bailey – Wait. Are you suggesting that our Joey is a bloodsucker??! 😮


  7. Questions for Remi:
    1. How is writing for SGU different from other writing jobs you have had in the past?
    2. What is your favorite thing about writing for SGU?
    3. How do you like Vancouver? What is your favorite thing to do in Vancouver besides work?
    4. What are some of your favorite eating spots in Vancouver?
    5. Did you watch any episodes of Stargate before coming on board SGU?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

  8. I’m glad to see fun happiness explosions are happening next season. T’will be fun. Good luck on the rewrite, I’m sure it’ll be grand! I’m very interested to see what that crazy light thing was, and we better find out in the next episode or I will be a might ticked, heheh. Thanks Joe!


  9. Hi Mr M!


    Holy Smith! What an ep! Just caught Incursion Part I. THIS is why I watch SGU!

    Great pace, dialogue, jeopardy, fx,VFX…… choc full of jam episode. Holy Hannah!

    About 5 minutes in, I said…this is soo Joe and Paul.
    What a great ep! Congrats. This is a return to SG1 and SGA style, but you’ve kept up the character intrigues and managed to marry the two.

    The acting perfs were all stellar, but I’d like to single out Alaina Huffman again. I do not work in the biz, but gosh that lady can act…versatile and subtle are too small words for what this actress can do…. as you guys say : She knocked it outta the park…… and we caught it all the way over here in Ireland.

    Have to admit, to my mind the Lucien Alliance were never more than a bunch of misguided punks to me back in the SG1 day, but I suppose I can see that time has moved on, and in the absence of the Goa’uld they have flourished and much like The Travellers in SGA have scavenged enough to become a credible force. (Love the abbrev of L.A. by the way…..Are Californians really that bad?)

    Am riveted to see what happens next!

    Best to all at the Bridge


  10. Hi, Joe!
    I just found your blog and love it! I’ve always loved your commentaries on the dvds over the years and now to read your blog … well, talk about a great read! There are 2 questions I wanted to ask you, and if someone else has already asked them then I apologize for the reruns. 1) Is there any chance David Hewlett makes an appearance on SGU? Since technically Atlantis is still on earth and McKay is the foremost expert in Ancient technology, it seems like a natural fit to use his skills in the midst of a crisis with him only being a stone’s throw away and all. McKay vs. Rush would be a classic confrontation, plus seeing David & Bobby throw dialogue back and forth at each other would be priceless! 2) I know that the first few episodes of Season 2 will determine a lot for the future of the franchise, so besides just watching (and setting DVRs) what can we the fans do on our end to help? Is there a specific address we can write SyFy or MGM to let them know about how much we appreciate the shows/movies? Okay, that was actually 3 questions… sorry about that, think of it as 3 for the price of 2. Thanks again, Joe! Not just for keeping us fans updated with your blog, but also the great stories and character moments over the years. Take care!

  11. You know what I like about using the guest stars on SGU (like O’Neill, etc.), you’re using them for a purpose. It fits. Not just a stunt for more ratings.

    Question for you (I don’t know if someone has asked this):
    Has Young had command before? I see him questioning himself a lot lately. I know, heavy burden and all. I was just a little surprised that he used the stones to ask O’Neill about what he should do in the last episode.

    Loving the conflict between Young and Matt too.

  12. For Remi Aubuchon: From what I have read about you, you are a very prolific writer with an impressive resume. You have been involved in several episodes of ‘Paper Chase’, ‘Chicago Hope’, ’24’, and have played a major role in the pilot of ‘Caprica’. SGU has indeed been fortunate to have you on the team. You have been in the business for a lot of years. I’m sure that each writing position has presented it’s own unique challenges and opportunities. Of all the shows you have written for, which one(s) do you feel have been the most beneficial to you in honing your craft?
    – Who would you call a mentor?
    – Have you worked in Canada before?
    – What is your opinion of the differences between American productions and SGU?
    – Did you require any special work permits to work in Canada?

    @PG15 – Congratulations!!

    @Joe – I love Mike Dopud’s acting on SGU. I hope you guys keep him around a very long time.


  13. Hi from another SG fan 🙂

    Just love all those behind the scenes shots 🙂

    A quick question:
    Will there be a CD with SGU’s soundtrack and if yes when will it be out?
    I just love all the tracks from Alexi Murdoch, Embassy, The Heavy and other great previously unknown to me (and probably other people) performers/groups and also very much like the background music from Joel Goldsmith.

  14. What the hell is wrong with SGU’s ratings? The show is simply amazing, and it keeps getting better. Ratings don’t live up to it. I sincerely hope that SGU does better in the fall in the new timeslot, and gets renewed.

    If Universe lasts less than 4-5 seasons, then I’ll be sorely disappointed. In life. In TV industry. In Americans.

    (In no specific order.)

  15. Hello =P ça va bien? Moi oui, je viens de conduire et je vais peut être passé mon permis bientôt!!!

    Merci pour ces photos de tournage 🙂
    Désolé je n’ai pas trop le temps!

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou ♥

  16. Hey Joe, thanks for your answers.

    The whole thing about venting the gateroom before the stargate even activates: I think that would have provided interesting results, leaving incomers from “Icarus 2” pretty much incapacitated, perhaps even enough to extremely distract and hinder their ability for immediate offensive or defensive action. Though, I personally like the way things turned out with the decision Young made to not vent the gateroom after discovering Telford gated through also.

    Plus, if they *did* kill off all of the L.A. so fast then that would just… suck! 😉 Plugging L.A. into the picture makes things very interesting in a whole new way.

    Regarding the ascension question mid-swap: it’d be cool if something other than dying happened to the person who didn’t ascend during a body swap (communication stones).

    The whole question of more Goa’uld-type tech showing up in future episodes or season 2 (via L.A.)… I figured that’d be the case. (No more of it.) Though I’m really curious how the L.A. managed to get a hold of those fancy door-unlocking devices that magically fit on Destiny’s doors! 🙂

    Some fresh questions…

    1. Will the character Varro (of the Lucian Alliance) end up having a more significant role – or at least a recurring role – in season 2?

    2. The recent Syfy chat with some of the cast revealed cool clues and hints about season 2, could you please confirm those things?
    2a. Lots of aliens? “BUNCH of new aliens”?
    2b. Using the stargate a lot?
    2c. Reveals what happened with Franklin and the chair?
    2d. Reveals more about the previously unseen aliens from episode “Faith”?
    2e. Reveals a “TON about the Lucian Alliance”?
    2f. Reveals a lot about Destiny?

    3. How many season 2 episodes will include actor Robert Knepper?

    4. Who invented the tech that the Goa’uld used in Stargate SG-1, like that ha’tak, death glider, zat gun, staff weapon?

    Thank you!


  17. Will the crew of the Destiny be gating to a world with an advanced civilisation on it any time in series 2?

  18. Perhaps I didn’t make my question clear enough in regard to the use of “deadly force.” I referenced a previous poster duneknight
    who stated
    “but if they were dropping out of the gate disorientated, i wouldve just had a few armed men shoot the incoming enemy, they even couldve used that balcony.”

    I agree the destiny crew had the home advantage. Of course the “lootin liance” will “shoot back” but to vent the air and hide was weak. Thus far no one has initially entered the gate without some sort of disorientation.

    I assume the answer was no in regards to female character research.

  19. real life has been annoying me, especially with its insistence on delaying me in reading the blog. Worth getting up a little early to catch up. Great pics, great mailbag.
    Just curious. Any chance we’ll be seeing any Atlantis cast crossovers in the first half of the next season? Have you been considering any changes needed to the Atlantis movie script to account for the time shifts? Not that I’m optimistic we’ll be lucky enough to get the movie, but I hang onto that one hope. And it’s downright annoying to have Atlantis bobbing off the coast of San Franscicso and not know what happened next. Fan fic just doesn’t do it for me.
    This Friday brings season 1 airing to an end. Who if anyone gets to go on hiatus, and when will the next big break to production be? And how come we’ve not had any dining reports lately? The pizza non-adventure doesn’t count because there were no pictures. Your blog is like one of your ice cream concoctions. A perfect blend of disparate substances that combine to bring the reader to the brink of ecstasy. I, as a dedicated reader, simply want to help you remind you of what you’re forgetting. (but no, I’m not dedicated enough to do any dishwashing or other actual work involved).
    Thanks for all the work, and apologies for the rambling. Maybe I should have gotten that extra hour of sleep after all.

  20. Joe, youre right obviously about that, realistically guarding the gate wouldve been catastrophic but it wouldve added a more dramatic effect. i think excessive realism and rationality undermined the dramatic action alittle in that scene. in a situation as unpredictable as this one (although by now their shouldve been a specific protocol followed concerning stargate defense) military would take risks such as shooting as they come through the gate. and its now clear that Young did LA a big favor IMO. but the door openers thing was pretty cool surprise. and it was great watching Telford fool LA.

  21. Oh I thought you meant “model” shoot like in Kathy Ireland but hey I like it that Ivon is the first picture on the “model” shoot, works well for me, thanks.
    -@pg15, very happy for you, congratulations!!
    You guys have seen Joe in his suits, very becoming, could be looking Vlad-like,(compliment) vampires can be sexy.
    —Remi, how do you like craft services,I understand the desserts are terrific?
    Is Joe really as nice in person and fun to work with?(other than maybe wanting to break his camera at times)
    Do you think Ashleigh is out to get Joe or is he just imagining it all?
    Enjoying your work on the series, may you have a job there for a long time to come. thanks for taking time to answer questions(ok maybe silly ones).

  22. Hello there ! Long time no see!

    I have my prediction to make regarding “Incursion, Part 1″. I predict that ever since the Destiny came out of FTL and the LA guy killed is related with the guy who desappears when he sat for the second in the chair ( the one who was bizarre after the first try). He might be ( or his conscience) somewhere in the system of the ship and take care of his fellow friends .

    Am I hot or cold ?

  23. For Remi,

    I think we would all like to know – what is your favourite flavour of ice cream? (Either store-bought, or made by the SGU Ice Cream Brigade)

  24. @ JulieAloha – As long as you’re not prancing about in drag, you’re good! (Better keep an eye on Joe, though…not sure how’d he look in fishnets and heels… 😉 )


  25. Hi Joe,

    A friend and I have been discussing the depth and complexity of the characters and situations in SGU and how much we’re enjoying seeing even familiar characters portrayed (albeit briefly…) in this more realistic environment. I know a lot of people miss the more simplistic renderings of SG1 and SGA, which is fine, but personally we’re finding SGU as–if not more–enjoyable because there are no simple answers or paper-thin characters, and things aren’t wrapped up nicely at the end of each episode, ready for the next great adventure. One of my laments over SG1 and SGA is that certain, more personal events that had to have had deep ramifications for the characters were rarely shown to have had any impact on them by the time the next episode rolled around. But that was SG1 and SGA, and I loved them anyway. But I have to say, I am finding myself quite drawn to the more mature story-telling style of SGU.

    That said (and yes, you probably knew I was leading up to a question), is there any chance that this type of story-telling will be reflected in either the SG1 and/or SGA movies or will they be “old-style”? I strongly suspect the latter, as they’re meant to appeal to their long-standing fans. Still, for what it’s worth, I find Jack’s character to be much stronger and more dignified (and believable for someone of his experience and capabilities) in SGU than his old quippy-self from, say, Continuum (and if you knew how much I adored Continuum, you’d appreciate how it pains me to suggest that…). It would be great to see more of SGU-type Jack in Revolution.



  26. 1. The ratings for Incursion, Part 1 were disturbing, horrifying and really makes me worried for the show. And yeah, I know what you’re going to say, renewal depends on more than just ratings – but what can I, as a fan, who doesn’t know ANYBODY with a Nielsen box, do to help the show survive? I watch live (even though it doesn’t matter whether I do or not), and when S2 starts I’m going to start buying the episodes on iTunes. What more can I do?

    2. You probably shouldn’t defend Young’s tactical decisions when most people believe he made the wrong call in not venting the gateroom and the show itself seems to point to that (in my opinion). Also, it’s hard to shoot back when you’re doing a diveroll and/or falling onto your face. Not to mention your eyes adjusting to the dark! Putting soldiers in the gateroom to mow the LA down would have worked a lot better than what happened, PERIOD.

  27. Whoo! Sweet pics. Looks like a sweet shoot! I think I might have picked up a hint but I might totally be dreaming…we’ll see when the episode airs though.

    Thanks for answering my question by the way. I really hope that if you get really good trailers you can not only get your existing audience to tune in, but some other people who’ve maybe stopped watching SGU will decide to give SGU a second chance after seeing the trailer.

    Also just a quick question….

    Will the lower ratings of season 1.5 have an impact on season 2s budget or was the budget already decided before season 1.5 aired?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  28. @Kristina – I beleive the first part of that interview was ‘old’, however, the second part is much newer. In it he mentions Desperate Escape is airing, which according to IMDB aired in the states in Feb 2010.
    I was just hoping that this tied in with Joe’s mention a little while back that he heard ‘rumblings’ about it. Nothing more.

    🙂 Or Joe’s paranoia doesn’t go deep enough. The entire Stargate front office, not just Ashliegh, is in on this! 🙂


  29. 4 PG15 – Congratulations!!! Good on you!

    Joe, thanks for the pix. Why does Carl look like he is ready to become the new masked super hero?

  30. *blinks* Trying to forget image of Joe in fishnet and heels doing Time Warp. *blinks*

    Are you sure you guys aren’t just playing “Pictionary: The Stargate Edition”?

    For Remi, okay I will ask the $64,000 question:
    So, Remi, how is it really to work with Joe? You don’t have to hold back on our account. Tell us how you truly feel. 😉

  31. I was extremely excited with the SGU announcement after the Atlantis cancellation, however this franchise so far has failed to deliver on it’s promises. If the crew on Destiny were Black, if Young was doing his subordinate, the medic became pregnant, Scott does Chloe /the broom closet scene, body swapping to have sex with the stones….people would be up in arms and the characters would be defined as oversexed clowns reverting to the basics of animal instincts.

    So why is it ok with this cast. I do not understand this so called need to go to the gutter for entertainment.

    Bring back the wonder of science/fiction/fantasy and do leave the JerrySpringer/MauryPovich/90201 antics to those who do it better. This ain’t workin’!

  32. Shouldn’t Young have assumed that the Lucian Alliance would come through with some time of explosives? He wouldn’t see the keys coming, of course, but why wouldn’t he assume they couldn’t just blow the doors open?

  33. The gamma-ray explanation by Darren Duncan was very clever! Never thought about that. I personally think it was Franklin who become the “AI” of the ship (or something like that). I dunno, I thought that as soon as the lights started to blink. Plus, I think it’s him that stop the ship from jumping.

    Sorry if this question have been ask/answer already, but do you guys planing on renaming the episodes who have more than one word on the title? Or you just don’t care? (It’s stupid but I love the “one word” concept!).

  34. “Again, you’re operating with the knowledge that they possess technology that will allow them to open the doors. Young didn’t.”

    This made me chuckle. The LA is some space faring (para)military group. They are on earth, with a ship and transporter scrambling tech, having planted a mole in the SGC and he didn’t think they even had gotten their hands on some explosives somewhere along the way to go at the doors with (for door = probably not outer hull)? I know he’s not written to be one of the greatest of military tacticians earth has to offer, but I’m pretty sure he’s able to think at least that far.

  35. Answer: Depends on the show. SG-1 and SGU, you’re looking at about 51 pages. Atlantis = 56-57.

    Is the increase in page numbers for SGA scripts due to the fact that David Hewlett could do one page of dialog in the time it took a normal actor to do one paragraph?

  36. @PG15 Congratulations on the B.Sc.

    If you want a bad ass flashlight get a MAGLITE using 6 D-Cell batteries with machined aircraft aluminum body. Would make a handy mace since the thing weights about 1.4 kg and 50cm long. Should not that hard to find on the web.

  37. The low SGU 1.5 ratings might have something to do with downloaders getting files of the Ukrainian TV broadcasts that aired several weeks back.

  38. Hey Joe, hey blog readers,

    long time irregular reader from Germany here. Just too lazy for all those flamewars. Have to say I was very impressed of the looks of the show from the start but I really needed time to adjust to the new tone of the show.

    We started to nickname SGU ‘Raumschiff Drama’ (Raumschiff = Spaceship). Drama results from the exclamation ‘Drama Baby!’ which Bruce Darnell ( used in the German wanna-be-a-model show ‘Germany’s next topmodel’.

    Well, glad I stayed with you and continued watching. The second half rocks! ‘Raumschiff Drama’ is more of a running gag than an insult.

    The reason for finally posting a comment is this: Have you been aware of the fact that the series finale premieres in Germany, actually? It’s less than fifteen minutes until Incursion Part1 starts and Part2 airs straight after that!
    I’m really exited! Keep up the great work; hope all your efforts will result in some more years of Stargate.

  39. Q for Joe.

    1. So say someone sold everything he owned bought a plane ticket to Canada, turned up at the Stargate studio and said.

    “Hey, I’d love to work for you guys, I’ll do anything and I mean anything, I just want to work in this industry and learn from the best, eventually I want to be a writer”

    What are this guys chances? 100% serious here.

    Q’s for Remi

    I’m in Australia so I haven’t seen the show yet. I’ve read alot about it and its one of the new shows I’m excited about. I’m glad to see that Jason Wiles is in the series, i have loved his acting chops since third watch (moment of silence please for another show cut down in its prime…. ok done)

    1. Whats it like working with Jason Wiles

    2. I see that your show is dramatic periodical with a story arch, and a lost-ish plot reveal style. I.E develop questions thought plot and release information slowly enough to keep everyone interested.

    3. The premise sounds super interesting, how was it realised, feaver dream, LSD, excess redbull consumption?

    4. If you had to give us one sentence, that would let us know whats instore but wouldnt spoil it, what would you give us.

    Thanks to both of you for taking the time to answer these.


  40. It just hit me its the ghost or life force of Dr.Franklin in Destinys computer that killed the Lucian Alliance guy and Dr.Franklin is disrupting the systems to try to protect the icarus team but he cant completely control it yet.

  41. Elminster writes: “Was just listening to Michael Shanks on Sci-Fi Talks and he said the third SG:1 movie is filming this fall. Any comments?”

    Answer: News to me.

    To echo Kriss’s comment, the interview is old however that point is deceptive as it has been re-released as part of a ‘best of’ group of interviews Scifi wire have posted recently.

    Sorry! I wish it was this fall 🙁

  42. I really enjoyed ‘Persons Unknown’. I was especially excited to see Lola Glaudini, as she was my favorite character on Criminal Minds before she left. Will be seeing more of her?

    And a question regarding SGU will be seeing more of Chloe using her smarts soon? I really liked her finding the map; I know she’s very intelligent, and I hope she gets an opportunity to show it in the future.

  43. jinx, what show are you watching? Stargate Universe has science/fiction/fantasy, however it’s mixing some realistic elements into the mix, it’s not mindless or simple, it’s showing the reality of things, the relationships between characters, it’s not something where, if Young was annoyed at TJ, it’d be gone the next episode. This is the human element added in.
    Thus far SGU has covered everything, there is the blue aliens, the various planets, there’s the planet in life(like a fantasy story as it has no scientific reasoning behind its existance to the crew) there’s the weird creature things in time, there’s the ticks causing hallucinations, there’s the gamma ray bursts as seen in Ep 19/20, there’s the repair robots.
    Needless to say there’s a ton of Science Fiction and Fantasy elements in the show, perhaps you were blinded by your dislike for the series?

  44. Thank you for answering my question. That is so cool, I thought they may have the grand plan and the Writer’s Room had more of a season by season view. Umm…. bribes? I’m thinkin’ you can never have too much chocolate….. no?

    When I saw Model Shoot! I also was thinking of the long stemmed variety.

    When does Season 2 wrap up shooting? How many episodes left to shoot?

    @ Pg15 – congratulations on the B.S. I bet you have a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders. You’re FREE!!!!!

    We’ve gotten your rain for the last few days, I would like for you to have it back.

    Wow – the Darren Duncan explanation is good, but then so is the Franklin theory. Can’t wait to see which one it is, or if it’s a totally different solution altogether. I hope we find out in this last episode.

    Only two more sleeps!! It is Wednesday right? Yup, two more sleeps it is……

    Have a good one!!

  45. Joe, a real, serious question…

    As I come here each day to frolic, I sometimes get to wondering how things will be if Stargate fizzles, your pilot doesn’t pan out, the comic book deal ends, and no one wants to read your stories. If you have to step away from the entertainment world and take on a lower profile job – one that doesn’t come with a built-in fanbase – how do you think you’ll feel if blog traffic dies and you’re no longer getting the interaction you do now? Do you think you’ll feel a bit of a let down – a little lonely? Or do you think it’ll be more of a relief not being so ‘married’ – or obligated – to the blog?


  46. Just watched Incursion part 2 on the german channel Rtl 2.
    What a freakin epic cliffhanger. Loved the last sceen with young.

  47. OMG! The last episode of season 1 (Incursion II) is running right now on german tv channel “RTL II” (free tv viewable on basic cable or satellite) 2 days before it airs in the US O.o

    This is the absolute first time I’m witnessing such a thing… usually we have to wait 1-2 years until we get to see the episodes.

    So whoever lives in germany or has satellite access to the astra satellite in europe, you can watch it too cause it gets repeated in a few hours! The exact airing time of the repeat: Incursion I – 0:55 GMT+1 and then Incursion II – 1:40 GMT+1 on June 10th, thursday.

    Oh and keep in mind, this is the german dubbed version 🙂

  48. 1. Was there any discussion by the network and Syfy of making Incursion a two hour special event SGU episode on Syfy? Did you feel this would have been a ratings booster opportunity? Following up, promotion outside of Syfy commercials for SGU seems lacking. I know you are a writer not a marketer, but does this disappoint you for a show that trying to draw in new viewers?

    2. I was dissapointed by your comment that their wasn’t plans to include other Stargate shows technology and aliens. Can I assume this is a cost saving measure- (zats use SX money compared to guns, make-up design money is saved by having Lucian Alliance humans instead of special aliens?)

    3. Darren Dunkan appears to have some Ukrainian and Russian smarts.

    4. Since SGU seems to be a show that gives more questions than answers, what assurances do we have that the show runners won’t give us a Lost series ender that doesn’t answer anything?

  49. @ Vivs4488

    don´t scream it to the world omg

    No one outside our Country should know that because it can ruin the SYFY rating. Think twice before you make such posts

  50. Ohoh, guess this is what you call a revenge for all those nasty comments from the past months. How can anybody endure _that_ cliffhanger?

    btw: those German translations are total crap. They used ‘hyperraum’ (hyperspace) instead of ‘FTL’ until ep14 or so and started calling it ‘FTL’ then. I mean, being driven by FTL is one of the key attributes of Destiny.

    But what’s even better (sarcasm):
    ‘venting the atmosphere’ was translated with ‘die Atmosphäre einlassen’ which is (re-translated) ‘letting the atmosphere in’. Well, is inhaling too much oxygen lethal? They even used ‘Außenatmosphäre’ which means ‘outer atmosphere’.

    At least the German voices are quite okay which isn’t always the case – Ronon’s German voice was terrible!

  51. Hey Joe, found this just recently, it’s a fairly decent write up on the series from I assume to be a large website, they look large anyway, could be worth a read if you have a spare 5 minutes.

    Person praises the series, and talks about it in a little detail, giving his thoughts.

    So much negativity around considering the fate of the series after the last episodes ratings, here’s one positive note anyway.

  52. @sven

    Nah, it won’t have any effect on syfy viewership in the US. Sure, some ppl might torrent the ep tomorrow, but they would have to understand german to really get what’s happening. Even if they did, I’m sure they would at least record the english ep to their dvr when it airs on friday.

    btw my real name is Sven too 🙂

    Oh and about the translations: Agreed, they are generally crappy. One of the reasons why I prefer watching the english originals on DVD. Thank god english is easy to learn for germans 🙂

    Oh yet another thing: Thanks alot Joe for writing this blog – I’ll continue to read it even if stargate gets canceled for good (lets hope that doesn’t happen for another few years, i’ve grown really attached to SGU)

  53. Many thanks, Joe. I knew there was something I wanted to watch when I got back, but I don’t have this week’s idiot guide and couldn’t remember what it was or what night it was on. Great timing on the reminder. Oh, by the way, I’m back! Did you miss me? Of course you did!

    Hey, guess what, I recently discovered I share the same birth date with Mike Dopud! Not the same year, I got Robert Carlyle for that one. Ohhhh, a Stargate twofer. Go me!

    Comments for Remi:

    Re: Persons Unknown

    Very Hotel California meets the Prisoner. Who took these people and why? Why dump them in that little “town”? Yay, Jason Wiles is in it! I miss Bosco.

    Anyway, some speculation: Janet’s mother seems to be very well off given the look of her home. She also doesn’t seem to be too broken up about her daughter having been kidnapped. Rather, she seems ecstatic to have her granddaughter with her. She also seems to be a little bit on the nutty side of the road. 😉

    So . . . I’m going to guess that each of the people taken is in some way linked to someone that does have money, even if they themselves don’t, and that person, for whatever reason, doesn’t want him/her dead, just out of the way, and so has paid to have him/her “removed” but not killed.

    The night clerk at the hotel said he answered an ad and wound up there. Hiring people to look after their “charges” perhaps? Nice twist that not everyone was kidnapped, some were hired.

    I also liked the whole implanted tranquilizer bit. I suppose it may also be an RFID chip in case any of the “guests” somehow does manage to get out, that person can then be tracked down in short order and brought back. Looking forward to finding out how the chip is triggered. Are they only allowed to go a specific distance from the hotel or is there some sort of perimeter “alarm” that triggers it?

    Joe (no, not Joe M) is being very mysterious about who he is and what he does. Looking forward to finding out the who, what, where, when, and why of that.

    And, um, a guy only three years older than Jason is playing his dad? Ouch for him.

    OR . . . it’s an experiment in human psychology that’s waaaaaay off the books and that’s why the surveillance cameras are everywhere.

    Very much looking forward to the next episode and congrats on the new show.

    PS: Joe (yes, Joe M) says to ask how delightful he is to work with. Yes, I really added a question to this!

    PG15: Congratulations on the degree. Now you can go to California for more of “thet thar book learnin”. As Kymm said, “You’re FREE!!!!!” at least until September anyway. Except for having to move. And having to pack up to move. And . . . okay, maybe not so free after all. But kinda free.

    😕 Well, I tripped over a big-ass spoiler that gives away the answer to what happened to the Lucian dude. Crap. Better the suspense until it’s revealed. 🙁 (Nope, not that. I didn’t watch the Ukranian or German airings, nor did I You Tube them. I’m holding out for Friday. 😀 )

  54. From: before the start of the second half of the season.

    Rush For a Change of Atmosphere

    There’s a lot of minor conflicts in SGU, and a ton of characters running around. The most important one – and the only one you won’t be able to figure out in two seconds – is between Colonel Young and Nicholas Rush. To make this simple: Young is Admiral Adama, but younger, and more unsure of himself (and not Edward James Olmos); Rush is Gaius Balter, but way more effective, and less whiny. Rush (Robert Carlyle), a scientist devoted to Stargates and Ancient tech, tricked everyone into the Stargate, causing this whole mess. He also has repeatedly manipulated the crew, and Young in particular, finally pushing the Colonel too far. When last we left them, Young had pummeled Rush, and left him for dead on a deserted planet – though next to an alien spaceship that’s faster than Destiny, and can only be fixed by Rush. So I have this weird feeling we’ll be seeing him again.

    BS to Impress: This isn’t [t]he first space set scifi show Robert Carlyle has been on: as a child, he actually appeared on Star Trek: The Original Series.

    Is that true? Or is the “BS to Impress” simply BS itself? If he was, was it in “Miri” given that he’d have been 5 – 7 years old during the original Star Trek run? And which of the brats was he? Huh? Huh? If you don’t know, ask him. Nosy minds want to know. Never know when such a tidbit of information will be required for a game of Trivial Pursuit.

  55. Sorry I’ve been absent. Here is the next chapter in the “Oh, no, they didn’t” Chronicles: They crossed a serious ethical line on Thursday (if they hadn’t already). It is a long story. I was in bed all weekend. Not doing well this week. Let’s see if I can give you the short version: I had gotten 4 hours sleep in 2 days. I was fine driving to school. I had Patrick at the trunk area (oncoming traffic in the car lane dropping off kids). I leaned over to pick up my bags and completely collapsed and was nonresponsive. I don’t know how long it lasted. I was aware of some people around me. I freaked out when I realized Patrick was not there (and he does not understand danger) and I remember someone telling me someone walked him into school before passing out again. I remember looking up and seeing a wheelchair. They let me rest in the nurse’s office but never called an ambulance and they are aware I have a brain aneurysm. I remember seeing the wheelchair again at 9:45 (cause I looked at the clock) and they were wheeling me into their meeting. Oh yes, they thought it was perfectly fine for this meeting to continue. I don’t have much recollection of anything that was said to me or I said to them except for my tape recording where you can hear me slurring my words, I’m making absolutely no sense, there were long 45-60 second pauses where I just stopped talking. I remember it taking a lot of energy just to concentrate on speaking. I do remember needing to rest for brief periods of time and instead of them letting me rest, them coming into the nurse’s office to negotiate with me. I remember them trying to cut his speech therapy services based on purely a subjective opinion. I absolutely requested a complete speech evaluation, which I’m entitled to ask for at any time by law. Then they tried to make me feel guilty and put on the heavy pressure in my already neurologically compromised state to say that the general education teacher wanted to be able to say good-bye to her students (since it was the last day of school). I remember having a complete emotional breakdown and throwing a lot of F-bombs out there, but what exactly I said I do not remember, but I was uncontrollably sobbing. That did not get on tape (unless someone was secretly taping). My husband went off the deep end when we had to meet again this past Tuesday for another meeting for a different subject matter. The principal said he thought I was just fine to continue the meeting; my husband asked him where he got his medical degree.

    On Friday morning, I was having word substitution problems in an email I was writing (don’t remember what I was typing but for example my head would be thinking one word like phone but typed out ground or something unrelated and weird. I called in sick (can’t obviously transcribe someone’s medical report if I’m having THAT kind of problem, LOL). Still dizzy; not safe to drive which has made things very inconvenient for me this week. But speech has cleared up and I am remembering things for the most part (just a few technical difficulties). Trying to get in to see the doctor and coordinate it with my husband who will have to drive me down there (50 minute drive into Houston one-way).

    Hopefully this was nothing more than stress and exhaustion that exacerbated my underlying medical problems and isn’t something new, but I’ll likely be going for MRI, MRA, CT of the head.

    It tragically sad. I think I figured out why they made 17 people continue to stay at these meetings. Check out the Delphi technique. I forgot the lawyers were teaching this to the school districts in Texas several years back before our senators clamped down on their “educational” seminars.

    I want so badly to go to Austin next week where the Senate Education Committee will be taking parent/public testimony on why the special education programs in Texas are not working. I need to find someone who is going from this area since I would not be able to drive. There is no accountability in this state for this psychological warfare they play. It is supposed to be about coming together as a group to work together to come up with an “appropriate” education plan for the child.

    Now for the bright side — Questions for Remi! Awesome. I’ll think of some tonight and post.

    Thank you all for your kind messages and your thoughts. I wish I had you all here with me so we could have a protest or something.

  56. @Randomness
    Fans come in all shapes and sizes, likes and dislikes. Perhaps you are overwhelmed in your desire to please and have become the worst type of fan… a yes boy. There is always room for improvement within any endeavor and if SGU hopes to recapture it’s lost fan base….those like me whose concerns are just as valid.
    Sorry I couldn’t get back sooner but this is the first I could get back to answer your questions/charges.

    Ticks in space? Not impressed one would expect ticks in ANY wilderness/woods/my back yard area. Not much of a stretch to make their venom a hallucinogenic as in the poison dart frogs you can buy at some local pet stores.

    The fish people I’ve seen in Star Trek TNG (baaad CGI), marine aliens Star Trek Enterprise, Blue aliens in a tank Avatar, people in a tank Aliens, 28 days later off the top of my head. Aren’t there a few video games with fish aliens?

    The “gamma ray burst” -Star Trek TNG (out lawed disrupter), Blade 1, and Buffy the Vampyre Slayer.
    Hey aren’t gamma ray burst associated with collapsing stars or black holes? Random chance or booby trapped ship? (Can we say convoluted?)

    Robots in Space new Will Robinson? Or try a real oldie “Robbie the robot?
    I did like the creatures in “Time.” They reminded me of the hydra’s I saw in my high school biology class.

    The earth like planet was a breath of fresh air from a usually dark and depressing set.

    Some of the episodes could have been condensed because they were incredibly sloooow.

    One of the best episodes to date was the one around the Greer character “Lost.” that was a smooth mix of sci/fi/fantasy drama that was an engaging wonderful.

    Some episodes”Air, Water, Light” should have been combined.
    It would have been nice to start with episode 19 incursion and let the other episodes become the back story and then end with episode 20.

    Maybe the writers could add stories from other cultures …like the Masai and adapt them to a space theme. Just a thought.
    Please excuse any typos…it’s early.

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