Seriously, what does a guy got to do to get a good slice of pizza in Vancouver?  Without leaving Vancouver?  We tried a few places tonight.  Our first stop is purported to be the best pizza in the city, Nat’s Pizza, which serves a New York style version of the Italian staple.  Unfortunately, the by-the-slice selection was mighty slim pickings (a couple of veggie options and the Hawaiian, of course) so we hopped back into the car and motored over a tiny hole-in-the-wall I’d heard about.  The placed looked kind of seedy from the outside but when you were inside – well, the pizza’s looked just as sketchy.  So back it was back to the car and another drive over to another place where I had a slice of very salty pepperoni and cheese.  Then, back in the car again and over to yet another place where I sampled a trio of slices – a not very good pesto, a not very good meat lovers, and a so-so spicy triple sausage.  I ended up having to drown my sorrows with ice cream.

Pizza?  Ice cream?!  I know, I know.  I do usually eat better but today.  I had steelcut Irish oatmeal for breakfast and, thanks to my buddy Ivon, I’m now juicing on a semi-regular basis.  About a week ago, I was talking to Fondy and mentioned I was thinking of picking up a juicer – only to have her inform me that we had one.  It had been sitting in an unopened box under the sink for the past eight years!

So I’ve been mixing and matching various fruits and vegetables.  I’m partial to carrots, green apples, beets, and ginger.  Broccoli, not so much.

Have to remember to drop off this urine sample tomorrow.

Speaking of Ivon – did I mention he’ll be joining me on my annual trip to Tokyo this December?  Yep, looks like I’ll have a wingman to back me up.  Why do I have a feeling I’ll probably be doing as much drinking as eating this time out?

Editor Lou Anders dropped me an email to let me know that designer Richard Yoo is blogging about the cover to that superhero anthology, Masked, of which I am a modest contributor.

Richard talks about some initial concepts for the cover, some alternate ideas and sketches from artist Trever Hairsine, and offers a peek at both the finished front and back cover:  The book comes out in late July and boasts a terrific roster of writers including some heavy-hitters from the world of comics.

I leave you with some pics of the pooches enjoying their typically lazy Sunday afternoons…

Whoops. Looks like we caught Lulu by surprise.

Maximus is enthralled by the Lost series finale.

Jelly and Mr. Ducky in an amorous moment.

Bubba is soooooooo unimpressed.

We kick off prep week on episode #10, Resurgence, tomorrow with a nine o clock concept meeting.  Hurray!

48 thoughts on “June 6, 2010: Where’s the good pizza at? What the hell else is under that sink? Masked! And dogs!

  1. The puppies are looking good.

    I have a juicer and a smoothie maker – I wonder where I stashed them. Probably with the blender, wok, microwave vegetable steamer and all the other gadgets that I just had to buy.

    I am off to bed – good night everybody.


  2. “…thanks to my buddy Ivon, I’m now juicing on a semi-regular basis.

    *Bites tongue really, REALLY hard.* 😛

    Thanks for the puppy pics, Joe – always a joy to see them – and the link to Yoo’s blog. I like the cover, but really need to see it up close and personal before I offer up a final opinion. Looking forward to the book, even though I am so far behind on my reading it’s not funny. Tonight I’m reading a Gambit TP – just catching up on some old stuff I missed. Still have last week’s…no…the week before last’s…to read, and a few Spider-Man books that have backed up on me. I’ve been so busy that when I finally have time to sit down and read, I fall asleep. 😛

    Have a good night, Joe – and go easy on the juicing…don’t wantchya bruisin’ the fruit. 😉


  3. Congrats on the comic book deal Joe! Hopefully the economy continues to pick up and the comic book is so successful you get your own series or movie (as originally planned). Oh yeah, I also put my hand up for a signed copy 🙂 I promise to ship it to you. Pleeeeeeease?
    Any idea on distribution, stockists yet?

    From my travels it seems that Aussies do pizza very differently from everywhere else. In the US and Asia the toppings are quite light on. Here, we pile them on. And the more alcohol that has been consumed, the more toppings.

    I’m putting in my vote for a Japanese WFPOTD Liquor Edition with you and Ivon.

    Have a good night!

  4. Squid and corn pizza in Japan. Japanese pizza tends to have eclectic toppings, especially on the little hole in the wall places. I drew the line at mashed potatoes and mayonnaise as toppings.

    Ramble: That dinner was with my house owner’s wife’s sister’s family. My parents were visiting and the Hattori family wanted to meet them. Their father and my father had both been in the war and were trading war stories, obviously from very different perspectives. The mashed potatoes on the pizza was not the strangest thing happening that evening!

  5. Oh, and when I say ‘the economy continues to pick up’ ignore the $40b that has been wiped off the stock market today. And the Aussie dollar diving. And Greece. And Hungary. And the oil spill…

  6. Hi Joe I liked Incursion except I was hoping that the Lucian Alliances planet could be captured intact by Col Carter once the Lucian Allican gated out to Destiny.
    One question though if the sgc should find another a 3rd icarus planet with enough naquadria desposits in it to gate to Destiny can they only use it once one shot per icarus planet and of course one-way travel to destiny.
    I was hoping they could gate Destiny some new socks for Col Young!

  7. ROFLMAO at: Jelly and Mr. Ducky in an amorous moment.
    Does Jelly get NO privacy?

  8. Yay puppies!!! Bubba’s got his “Don’t BUG me” look on! 😀

    By “juicer” do you mean blender? (Is this a Canadian colloquialism?) That’s what I use to make my juice anyways! Strawberry banana orange is sooooooo delicious! And just freeze the strawberries to make it a smoothie! [[I would never use vegetables though. Not a fan of vegetables.]]

  9. Again, I just wanted to put out a huge congrats to everyone who has had anything to do with SGU for winning “Best Dramatic Series” at the Leo Awards. And to all winners a huge congrats also, and even to those that didn’t win in their categories, they are all winners too for helping make SGU the best show in the universe!

    Just saw Incursion on SPACE’s site (I don’t have cable) and must say that it was an absolutely brilliant episode! A couple of plot details that I wasn’t wild about but overall amazing. Was it really a full episode??? Went by too fast! And I almost cried when they captured TJ. All I can say is that when you guys cast AH for the role of TJ you got the purest gem!

    With ScyFy moving SGU to Tuesdays, do you think that SPACE will do the same? And have you done any Q&A’s with Louis Ferreira or BrianJSmith? And if you haven’t are you planning on any with either of them?

  10. hi Joe,
    Just finished watching incursion about 1 hour ago.
    Nice work! I’ve just finished reading yesterday’s comments on the episode. I didn’t feel it was such a bad idea from Young to try to negociate with the Lucian alliance before venting the room. It could have worked. Liked the fact that his judgement re: this decision was being questionned in the episode by his superior. I think it made the situation feel more real .
    Liked the part where Eli is looking up information on the Lucian alliance; nice way to fill the viewer in on the group.
    Cool desintegration ! Was it a malfunction in the shield that exposed the soldier to the atmosphere and killed him?
    I liked the armed encounter on the Destiny with the Alliance. Looking forward to next week’s episode.
    Will probably not get the chance to rewatch the episode before the finale. I tried to watch the episode earlier on the Space channel online and kept getting the “server is too busy” message…. ended up watching it on the Sci-Fy channel. 😀

  11. Lulu is so cute! I’d love to find a good pizza place too. There’s one sort of near us that’s pretty good. But they don’t deliver. I have found a decent Chinese place though. And they deliver. Score on that one.

    “I’m now juicing on a semi-regular basis.” I knew that someone would take that phrase a funny way! That’s OK. So did I. Tell us if you do find a good juicer. They are either really cheap and don’t last or way expensive and don’t last.

  12. Oh man, that Maximus pic is just asking for a caption, like…


    Or something.

    And a big CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of SGU for winning all them Leos! You guys deserve it! The show’s Awesome, which unfortunately means a boring summer while the show’s off the air.

    But, but you’ll still be here to entertain us, right Joe? RIGHT?!

    Well, whatever the case, at least we’ll still have das. 😉

  13. Joe…you stopped reading Wolverine Origins and Dark Wolverine, right? If so, you might want to check them out in trade. These two books have really hit the mark for me – especially character-wise (though the story’s pretty damn good, too). Of course, I am a bit partial to the feral little fuzzball and that ruthlessly perverse brat son of his, but I can tell (I think) a good Wolverine story from a bad one, and I’d say this is a pretty damn good one.


  14. @ ytimynona – Around here, a blender chops up the fruit – pulp and juice – and turns it into a thick purée. A juicer separates the juice from the pulp, so you just end up with the liquid part. Veggies, like beets and carrots, are often good in these juices because they’re sweet, and adding fruit like apples and strawberries can minimize the veggie taste.


  15. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the puppy pics! And congrats to SGU for well deserved recognition at the Leo’s – I got twitter updates and pics all night long primarily from naddycat, but also BrianJacobSmith, DavidBlue, LouDPhillips, marksavela, PeterKelamis and PatrickGilmore – red carpet pics, award announcements, and drinking competition challenges into the wee hours of the night. There were a few aching heads this morning – and posts to that effect.

    Figured out that [redacted] issue yet? You could always do that dream within a dream thing; that takes a few minutes. Or the “one of us has been taken over by the evil whatchimacallit, but we don’t know which one of us it is” standoff. Or the “we have to build the hooziwhatsis so we need all the thingamabobs from various corners of the ship in order to save the day” gambit. And I still like the SGU Musical idea.

    Afraid I can’t recommend a pizza place – I usually make my own or get take&bake from Central Market, very yum! Are you thin crust or pan pizza man? Tomato, white, pesto sauce or other? Wild toppings or standard? Mmmm, I may need to do pizza tomorrow.

    Smiles, Julie

  16. as a pizza addict, I have to admit, I hit up Uncle Faith’s and Megabite after work, on my way home. Try Megabite

  17. Hey there Joe

    Big big fan of your work, in fact, so far out of the season ‘Incursion’ has been my favorite episode of Stargate Universe, great job 🙂 While I do appreciate the slower pace and character building of this new vein of Stargate, its nice to have the tight suspense and action sequences of the SGA and SGU incarnations.

    On the topic of SGU though Joe I was wondering if I could ask u a small question, will we by any chance be introduced to any other LGBT characters onboard the Destiny in the future? While I do enjoy Camille’s long distance relationship with her girlfriend on earth, I sort of thought an onboard romance would be great too because we’d get to see more of their interactions on a regular basis, plus I’d personally find it easier to relate too than the straight relationships. (crosses fingers for a studly soldier and/or dorky scientist)

    Keep up the great work Joe, looking forward to the second part of Incursion, your fan,


    P.S. Oh and lastly, lol this is sort of random but i just came across it so i thought id share it with you, its a video of a really cute sleeping Kitten, and while I realize your probably a dog person Joe, i thought you might enjoy just the same.

  18. When I lived in Vancouver 19 years ago there was a place called Dynamite Pizza – won’t do you any good though because it blew up after a gas leak or something. Tragic for the owners and staff but still makes me chuckle after all these years..

  19. Why the earth style weapons? Zap guns are too neat and bullets allow more bloody graphic scenes.

    Col Young’s should have killed the “Lootin liance” as they came through the gate. Deadly force was necessary and justified. Peace niks really need to leave the room in this type of situation. If someone where entering your home to harm your family, there would be no question.
    Hopefully his commanding skills will improve in the next episode.

  20. Hey Joe, just read the other day’s post about that World Cup pool and I was wondering… why no-one bet on Spain to win it? After all, we won the Eurocup.

    And, speaking SGU, do you have any cool behind the scenes on the Incursion shootout? And, why don’t you leave the original shooting sounds instead of putting the “movie-sfx” sounds? I’ve seen some of the videos of Atlantis shootouts, and the weapons sounded pretty cool.


  21. [2nd posting ever – long time reader and SG fan]

    The first time I posted a comment was to criticize the idiotic personal attacks towards the actors by the fan base … but I also commented that I was giving the series a few more episodes and then ready to ‘break up with it’ and stop watching.

    … glad I kept watching. 🙂

    The 2nd half of the season has been fantastic; in particular, the last few episodes. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched a show where at the end of the episode I’m yelling “…awww c’mon!!” because I didn’t want it to end. I hope you plan to maintain the serialized version of story telling in the 2nd season.

    I have a question that you might not be able to answer but giving it a try anyway (note: I’m also a Lost fan) … do Brad and Robert already know how the series is going to end? Just curious if that plays a role in the story telling or is it all seat-of-the-pants kind of thing. Paint yourself in a corner and then start climbing up the wall to the ceiling.

    Anyways, not sure if that made any sense but there it is.

    Thanks for an enjoyable blog and SG series.

  22. Seriously, what does a guy got to do to get a good slice of pizza in Vancouver? Without leaving Vancouver?

    You could try making your own Pizza, or am I missing the point?

    I’ve been throwing my own pies for about a year and a half now. The greatest thing about making your own is you can experiment and make one pie that meets the requests of all involved (my son likes pesto, my wife likes cheese with extra sauce, and my daughter likes light sauce and light cheese with extra pepperoni).

    I got the basic recipe from the book “Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man” (the title says it all):

    and I experimented from there.

  23. OMG Das….warn a gurl when she’s drinking eh? I already knew about Ivon and juicing…but that’s just too funny.

    I’m thinking this is going to be THE BEST TOKYO TRIP EVA!! I want heaps of photos. Oh and I agree w/ Narelle….a WFPOTD Liquor Edition is a must…..hell maybe we’ll even get a comeback of LOMWASWIS. I miss that Ivon.

    Why don’t you make your own pizza if the Vancouver Pizza sucks so bad?

    Good luck with your meeting Joe.

    Btw, how are Brie and Stewie doing? I bet they’ve grown heaps.

    Cheers, Chev

  24. Gosh, you are making me hungry with all the pizza talk. I like a lot of toppings, too Narelle. Aussie pizza sounds soooo good. There is a lady in my karate class from Queensland. I love to hear her talk.

    Congrats on the awards! All of you deserved it. I hope all the SGU haters back off some. I can understand not liking a show but who has the time/energy to crash a show?

    Hubby is out of town this week. So I’m bummed about everything.

    The oil spill is so awful. It amazes me that some of my friends’ first comments are: “That will just ruin my vacation.” I’m more worried about the marine life, birds and such. Not to mention all the fisherman and businesses. We get all of our seafood from the Gulf over here. So sad that it will many years before life returns to normal in the Gulf.

    The dog pictures perked me up some. Thanks! I love looking at pet pictures. I suppose because pets are so innocent.

    Chevron7: glad your sis is back with the bunnies. I’ve read that calicivirus was hitting rabbits hard over there. Over here it’s mainly the cat population. It wipes out whole catteries at some shelters.

    Me thinks, I need to go hit the bag tonight at Karate class. I’ll pair up with number one son. He likes to get me in a headlock and ask for more allowance. 🙄 Then I kick him in the head (just a tap), and it’s not child abuse 😉 . Having a boy is fun 😀 .

    Everyone have a good one!

  25. Coucou Joseph!
    ça va bien? Moi aussi bientôt 3 jours avant la Coupe du Monde Yahh! 🙂
    Sinon ma journée c’est bien passée mais avec peut être trop de chiffres (3 heures de comptabilité et 3 heures de mathématique -_-‘)

    Toujours aussi adorable vos chiens.

    gros bisou!
    je vous adore!

  26. Hi Joe,

    Loved part 1 on Friday night, but hate the fact there is only 1 fresh episode left before the long break!

    I know you don’t take fan story ideas, but my wife was on the edge of her seat YELLING a good one at you (and me) while watching Incursion Part I. She said you should have made Col. Young force the LA captives to use the stones and replace them with SG-1, then do a prisoner exchange so that Jackson, Teal’c and Mitchel could save the day on Destiny!

    Like I said, I know you don’t take fan ideas, and the episode was written a long time ago, but she made me promise I’d tell you her idea.

    Keep up the awesome work, you’ve got fans so engaged, were on the edge of our seats!

    Thanks as always!!

  27. @ Chev – “OMG Das….warn a gurl when she’s drinking eh?” – spit take? *g*

    @ Tammy – This has been the worst allergy year, pollentastrophic – I’m beyond the OTC now and am single-nosedly keeping PuffsPlus in business.

  28. Also, should Stargate Resistance be considered canon? ’tis just odd, I don’t see Carter as the head of SGC and as a General, even if it is in 2012…

  29. Yummmm pizza. Oh-oh now I want pizza……I mean, REALLY want pizza……….. Oh crap!! Now it’s all I’m gonna be able to think about all freakin’ day…………*%^$7$%%*

    Juicing… it sounds like you’re on the roids. If you were a professional athlete, you would sooooo be getting drug tested right about now.
    Have you tried experimenting with combo’s that include celery, watermelon, or cucumber? They have a high water content which helps to cut the concentrated fruit sugars while still providing some nutrients. When I juiced, (I didn’t last long) I would add some water to the serving. (How much depended on the flavour combination). If you don’t like the idea of adding water, even for ice, you can juice and make ice cubes out of the fruit/veg juice, for your water bottle.

    Awww you got Lulu’s good side. I laughed at Jelly planting a big ol’ wet one on Mr. Ducky, I definitely agree that some privacy was in order * cough* voyeur *cough*…..Thanks for the puppy pics!!

    @ Louis – I’ll take your adorbs Dreaming Kitty and raise you Surprise Kitty. I have already linked to it once but it is just sooo cute. I thought I would repost for anyone who may have missed it the first go ’round.

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet. But, just to let you know, David Blue will be on InnerSPACE after the SGU season finale on Friday. It’s a full one hour special episode (instead of the usual half hour). The link doesn’t mention David by name, but the hosts did announce that he was going to contribute. Not sure if he will be there in person or over the phone (which they do a lot of). Should be really good… I love the fact that he was a S.F. fan before he even got the part.

    (only four more sleeps until the finale).

    Have a good one!!

  30. JulieAloha: I’m on allergy shots every week and about five Rx allergy meds daily. Add in four Aleve tabs in a 24 hour period, Mucinex and a ton of pseudoephedrine. My problem is the sinus swelling causes blockage and then pressure build up. Sinus surgery helped but….as the ENT warned me, the allergies are still there.
    Pseudoephedrine is illegal to buy OTC here. So I either have to call the dr for an RX or go across state lines to buy the stuff. Stupid meth addicts ruin it for us allergy suffers! Ok, I’ll quit bitching now.
    Hope you allergies get better soon.

    That is all.

  31. Sorry, Mr. M., I’ll try to keep the post down after this but do you know when/where Brian J. Smith’s film “Murder on the Orient Express” is going to be shown? Is it going to be on PBS? They have an Agatha Christie series playing now so I thought I would ask. I looked it up on-line but I didn’t find which network would air the show. If you don’t know, I’ll keep watching PBS to see if he shows up there. Many Thanks!

  32. MAJOR CONGRATS to the SGU family on all your wins at the 2010 Leo Awards this weekend. It was such a honor to share in your wins (High fiving Patrick Gilmore totally cool. And the hugs from Brian and Elyse made my night).

    Continued success to everyone. And can’t wait for the finale of season 1 and the return for season 2.

  33. Jelly is all cuteness! Mr. Ducky is a lucky man.

    This past week I’ve read that MGM has had to shelve The Hobbit due to it’s financial and/or possible sale problems, and now they’ve shelved the next Bond movie as well. So it’s making more sense that MGM can’t greenlight any SG movies went even their tentpole fund has run dry.

    So guys don’t blame Joe or the SG producers for the lack of an SG1 or SGA movie; MGM is just going through some issues.

  34. Way back when I used to live in Kits and Sympatico on Fourth Ave. was was the place for pizza. Is it still there?

  35. Congratulations to SGU and those receiving LEO awards. So AWESOME!

    Thanx for the puppy pix…YAY!!

    Now to find pizza….or maybe skip disappointment and just go straight for some good ice cream…yeah…

  36. Hello,

    I just saw Incursion (1) and now hate myself: I decided I wouldn’t watch the rest of SGU all at once so that I wouldn’t have to be nervous for the long summer break.
    Now I have several questions:
    1) Are there any rules/standards as to what you are allowed to do when using another person’s body (i.e. having sex with someone)?
    2) Will we be meeting Dr. or military officer Cassandra any time soon? I know an episode of SG1 showed her in the future talking to the team, which implies she has access to the base.
    3) Is there any chance of meeting some of the cool peoples we met previously (i.e. Asgard, Tollan, Nox, the old man whose wife died in Babylonia)?
    4) Do you believe commanders of ships out all alone in space become alike or is it happenstance that there are many similarities between Col. Young and Admiral Adama of BSG?

    Thank you!

  37. Ack. almost missed the post for the 6th. Dang work. Juicing eh? Best of luck with that. Given your eclectic tastes in food, we should be hearing about some seriously unusual combinations in the future.
    And dog pics! Thanks for making my evening. The more so since I have at least the hope of getting to read another blog entry later this evening.

  38. @Tammy – I feel ya – I don’t have it as bad as you, but I know what a hassle allergies can be. I usually get migraines from my allergies. I used to get shots every week, now it’s just every three weeks. I never know if hot compresses or cold compresses on my face, which one is better. Sometimes I just want to stick my head in a bucket of ice and other times in hot water. Cold will shrink the swelling, it’s worth a shot.

  39. Kabra and Narelle: Thanks, I’m hoping to shake this headache tonight. I feel better after working my son over in karate class 😀 . Of course, then it was his turn.

    Kabra: yes, my sinus headaches go into migraines too. Cold helps me most (everyone is different). I’ve been going to the YMCA and swimming slow laps in mornings. The water is nice and cool on my head/neck.

    I asked the allergist when I could quit taking those shots (it’s been about five years). He laughed. I guess that was my answer.

    Last post Mr. M. Promise! 😀 I hope you are having a great evening!

  40. My friend and I had the same problem finding a good pizza place when I was up there in April. Someone suggested Charlie’s, but we wanted a real pizza joint, so we ended up at Bella Pizza. They have a few locations, but we went to the one on Homer street. It was good.

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