I think Ashleigh, our Executive Producer’s Assistant, is plotting against me.  I don’t have any evidence to back this up outside of a sneaking suspicion, a personal hunch, and a presumption based on the uneasy sense of foreboding I experience every time I stroll by her office.  She looks like she’s up to something. Don’t believe me?  Check this out –

Now, THAT is the look of someone scheming and/or thinking generally nefarious thoughts.  What’s she got planned for yours truly (outside of the usual snarky commentary about my personal life)?  Who knows.  But, just in case, I’m keeping her in my direct line of sight – even walking backwards when I have to.

Hey, Psychology Today mentions a study that found chimps are not unlike humans when it comes to gambling, preferring the “the rush of occasionally hitting the big time, even if it also means occasionally losing out.” (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-inner-bonobo/201006/are-you-gambling-chimp-or-sure-thing-bonobo).

Speaking of Ashleigh and potential gambling addiction, guess who’s organizing our inter-office World Cup Pool?  Yep, that’s right.  Emboldened by both her NCAA Basketball AND NFL Reverse Darkhorse pool wins, Ashleigh has set her sights on making it three for three.  And she plans to do it in incredibly lame fashion, choosing Brazil to take it all.  Yawn.  Carl is, of course, supporting team USA.  Ivon is going with with England.  Paul walked into my office about an hour ago to announce he was picking the perennially underachieving Netherlands.  Remi, who seems to be the only one who knows anything about soccer, is backing Argentina.  I, of course, will be supporting Italy.

Some great feedback to yesterday’s entry “Seminal Films From My Youth!  Do They Still Hold Up Today?”  In addition to input from you blog regulars, we had two former book of the month club authors weigh in.  James Enge (Blood of Ambrose, This Crooked Way, and the upcoming The Wolf Age) dropped by to tell us that his fave installment of the Planet of the Apes film series was the third one, Escape from the Planet of the Apes.  For my part, I missed the gorillas. Jeffrey Ford (The Empire of Ice Cream, The Shadow Year, The Drowned Life, and many more) also stopped in to respectfully disagree about my take on The Poseidon Adventure, and then offer up some seminal films from his youth including Night of the Living Dead, What’s Up Tiger Lily?, and Island of the Mushroom People.  Island of the Mushroom People?  Really?  I was dubious, until I saw the trailer –


My list of seminal films could have been much longer, but I limited myself to mostly genre flicks I watched before I hit the big one five.  Other non-genre movies that could have made the list include: The Great Race, The Three Musketeers, The Four Musketeers, The Great Escape, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Longest Yard, Jaws, and It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

Heard from my agent today.  Apparently, Paul and I have closed the deal on that comic book project.  We sign the contracts next week and then we can start moving forward on that initial four-issue series.

Speaking of moving forward, once work on SGU’s second season wraps up, I’m going to start work on my can’t-fail pilot script for that new series.  I’m very excited about it.  It’s a cross-genre show that combines the very best of television’s most popular offerings, the perfect show for anyone who enjoys Tru Blood or Grey’s Anatomy or Criminal Minds or The Good Wife.  I can’t give too much away since it’s in its very early development stages, but I can reveal the title: Detective Vampire M.D., Attorney at Law.

Hey, Incursion I airs tonight, the first part of the big Stargate: Universe first season finale (written by yours truly).  Check it out, then swing by and chime in with your thoughts.  I’ll be here waiting for you.

101 thoughts on “June 4, 2010: My scheming assistant! World Cup fever! More seminal films from my youth! Upcoming projects! And Incursions airs tonight!

  1. After seeing Ashleigh scheming face I can only say:
    Marry me Ashleigh!!!!
    Seriously, I don’t think Brazil is going to win this time. I may be wrong, but as a Brazilian myself, I would put my coins in Spain. But my heart will be with one of the Africans teams. Cameron maybe.
    And Joe, Italy? This time they have no chance! Better support Brazil then, since “Dunga” the coach, è la traduzione dal portoghese di “Cucciolo”, uno dei sette nani. Dunga ha origini italiane.

    Looking forward for Incursion!

  2. Oh I forgot Day of the Dolphin as one of my favorites. I mus have watched that two dozen times on tv and always wanted a happier ending.
    Congrats on the comic book project! I haven’t picked up a comic book in ages but good luck anyway.

  3. Go Ashleigh Go!
    OOoops, sorry did I say that?!

    I laughed when I read that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang didn’t make the test of time. My neighbour had a different but rhyming name for that movie around the 800 th time his two sons wanted to watch the movie.

    One my brother and I loved as kids was the 1979 The In-Laws, with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin. Our late mother took us as kids to see that movie. I think it was one of maybe a dozen movies we every got out to see at the cinema. The In-Laws was on television was on CTV on the Victoria Day weekend. We laughed as hard as we did with the original.

    I also loved Monty Python and the Holy Grail as a kid. My mother, a kindergarten teacher at the time, was very glad to have seen the movie before her student explained that in olden times people in Mexico ran around hitting coconut shells together because horses hadn’t arrived yet. She’d have called for a Psych consult for the kid.

    I love Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Midway, A Bridge to Far, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The 3 Musketeers, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

    I’ve had a great conversation with my brother on this topic, thanks for the idea.

    Oh, you know what I miss, how prior to the first movie of the day they’d play O’Canada and everyone would stand. Ah the good old days. 🙂

  4. Hey, Joe.

    I never got these questions answered, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to post them again.

    1.) Are we going to get a Ben Browder (Cameron Micthell) appearance on SGU or in ANYTHING Stargate-verse related in the near future? I happen to be a huge fan of the character and actor and I was pretty disappointed to learn that he’s apparently not going to be appearing in Stargate: Revolution. Will we be seeing any more Browder/Cam any time soon?

    2.) Are we going to get a fun, Riley-based episode any time soon? Sgt. Riley is AWESOME. He’s my favorite nerd character next to Eli and tied with McKay. Are we going to see a full Riley-centered episode where he does something epic and hilarious? It would be cool to see you or Robert Cooper write it (hell, why not BOTH of you write it?). You know, something in the vein of ‘Window of Opportunity.’

    BTW, I’m enjoying Incursion. Also, did you hear about Drogba’s injury? It sucks, man.

  5. its clear now to me that Young would not mind to lose Rush to the LA, hence he is not sending Telford back.

  6. Joe, what’s Ventrell’s name in this one? I keep thinking it’s the same guy.

  7. Not sure if everyone saw but there’s a Brian/Alaina Q&A on Syfys chatroom live at the moment, Brians showing his godly typing speed answering everything quickly, and Alainas playing catchup, either way a fair amount of info is being mentioned, a few small things being Lucian Alliance explored, Alaina mentioning the gate being used more, more aliens etc, and more exploration of Destiny.

    Rest being generic questions that anyone would ask.

  8. Congrats on signing your comic book deal – I can’t wait for it to hit the bookshelves. How can I get one autographed?

  9. Just finished watching Incursion I, and it was absolutely positively awesome!! I really liked that everyone banded together to defend the ship and get past their differences. That disintegrating thing was cool. I’m guessing that’s part of the ship?? I’m really looking forward to next week.

  10. When are we going to see the military on the ship start to act like military. Scott is a wuss. Young acts military but then is waaaay to indecisive. And TJ saying “you’re going to kill them” … well what else will you do? they are hostiles and are invading. They are military they don’t act like that sorry, Greer is the only true soldier on that ship. I think many would agree with me. Its fine for the civilians to act like that, they should. But I mean Chloe’s reaction to the bullet wound was better than I would expect from Scott, and that is sad.

    beef them up give them some balls PLEASE!

    For reference, watch a little 24.

  11. Ohhh yes, I think Ashleigh is definitely plotting something. *rubs hands together with glee* I can’t wait to hear.

    I don’t follow Soccer, but I am super excited that the Tour de France is starting in less than a month. I *heart* Bobke…

    Oh yes, The Longest Yard – Burt Reynolds *football you bet* The Musketeer Movies also good.

    Island of the Mushroom People, I was OK, then I saw the trailer and NOW I’m dubious…

    From yesterday’s post:

    @ Ytimynona – thank you for the link. I laughed my butt off. Nerdgassing is a perfectly coined word. I’ll definitely have to remember it, plus some of the other ones in the comments section, as well.

    @ Dharmabum 1969 and otros ojos – Ding!! Ding!! Ding!! You are correct! I love that movie too. It always makes me laugh every time I watch it. I then proceed to go around saying that phrase for about a week *with the accent and feigned fencing move, of course*

    You know I’ve seen that Comedy Now special before, but I never made the connection to SGU’s Peter Kelamis. I guess I didn’t recognize him without the pig tails. *giggle* He’s very funny, does a killer Don Cherry impression, by the way, this female happens to LOVE Don Cherry. I hope he never retires!!


  12. Wow, Joe, what a superb job on tonight’s episode of SGU! I was so riveted to the TV that I could barely tweet and I gave up on trying to keep up with the SyFy chat. I couldn’t take my attention away from the show it was moving so fast.

  13. Hi Joe,

    Hmm, I never would have suspected Ashleigh was Brazilian, but she must be, considering the office trend. 😉

    During the entire Mushroom trailer, all I could think was, “This is an entire movie made of scenes about hats!” Hee, heee.

    Excellent news about the comic – congrats to you and Paul! And a new series pilot? You wouldn’t leave SG would you? *oh, horror!*

    Looking back at my current comment I realize I have been adversely affected by Twitter. 8) Oh, dear.

    Waiting for the Live Chat with Brian and Alaina – eventhough I won’t get to see the ep until Saturday week. *grumble*

    Smiles, Julie

    @ PBmom – how’s it going? You holding up?

    @ Das – Why is track the least popular sport in the Pegasus galaxy among those with speech impediments?
    A: None of them are willing to run a wraith

  14. First, loved SGU tonight! I wanted to comment on Twitter more than I did and partcipate in teh chat with Brian and Alania more than I did, but the show ended up distracting me so much! But I’m not complaining :). Is it June 11th yet????

    Second, normally I go for England, which I will still watch their games with interest. Thankfully USA has a team worth while, which we haven’t in a long time. But I think one of the teams to watch is Portugal. I have a feeling that they might have a few surprises in store for us all. Especially with Ronaldo on the team.

  15. I didn’t catch SGU tonight – went out to dinner and met up with friends instead. Decided I had to do that ’cause, ya know Joe, you once said something to me about those strange people who stay in Friday nights to watch tv. 😉 Now I’m watching the NCIS ‘marathon’ on USA. Sorry…it’s been a rough week and I need to unwind tonight, not get more tensed up. Will try to catch up over the weekend (I tivo’d it), or will just wait until next week, and watch it then. Or…mebbe next season. I hate cliffhangers…I need instant resolution! And right now I need to relax.

    Have a good evening and weekend, sir. Hope mom and sis are well, and the pups, too. Nites!


  16. I loved the psychology article. I play online poker pretty regularly right now since i’m in between jobs and it has been an income supplement. (I used to work in the addictions field professionally as well which is a little different).

    I had to miss the 11pm showing of Incursion because I was in the middle of an online poker tournament…i’ll catch it again in a few hours..but i did make a few hundred dollars after beating out 3,500 other people. Was pretty happy with that.

    Even though I play poker regularly..I think i’m still more of a bonabo then a chimp. I would take guaranteed money every time over a variable amount as long as the guaranteed amount was still decent. I’ve played poker long enough to know that the easy money is the better go in the long run.

  17. @ JulieAloha – It took me a second…but I got it, finally! 😆

    I’m kinda slow tonight. 😛


  18. Italy because they won last Cup, or because you’re Italian? 😛

    I’d make a list of seminal films from my youth, but it would make Carl feel old (because Pocahontas would totally be on it!!!), and I’d never wanna do that! So in deference to Carl’s feelings, I must decline! 😛

  19. Time for you to start channelling Baron Destructo, and quit letting Ashleigh intimidate you so. Not that you’ll prevail over her machinations, but it will be much funner for we, your (relatively) faithful readers to follow your skirmishes if put more effort into the contest.
    Overall, not a bad episode. Like the mirror imaging of the pilot episode, with the Alliance in the position of forced retreat through the Stargate. However, I do have to agree with zainea. What’s the difference between shooting people, and killing them via hypoxia/asphyxiation? TJ’s apparant repugnance seemed out of place. And the defenders seemed to have foregone the innate advantages of being the defenders. Face it, people coming through a Stargate are the recieving end of the proverbial turkey shoot, or the fish in a barrel. The enemy can’t even safely use grenades because they don’t know how much damage might occur. Two men with sufficient ammo could pretty much have stopped the invaders cold. Even the corridors could have been boobytrapped to slow or stop the enemy from advancing. All in all, a poor performance by the military boys on board Destiny.
    That said, I am very interested in seeing how the finale ends. A Lucian alliance win would make me expect a slaughter of the military personnel, and enslavement of the civilians. Which won’t happen or it won’t be much of a show(and I’ll never forgive you for killing Greer,at least in that way). If our heroes win though, at what cost? Total destruction of the invaders, or them capturing some of the Alliance, thus stetching their supplies thinner? One thing the last few years have shown, is that you are a master of the two part cliffhanger. It looks like this season’s finale will continue that streak.
    thanks for the daily installment, and yes the Michael York Three and Four Musketeers was a masterpiece, no small thanks to the script by the author of the Flashman series. Brings a smile just thinking about the movies. Hope the weekend finds you well.

  20. @ Das – made that one up today as one of my kiddos was hollering, “Race me! Race me!,” but they have a lisp so it came out as “Wraith me! Wraith me!” I immediately thought of you. 🙂

  21. You probably have already answered this question, but what happens if, while using the stones, one of the hosts dies? Does the consciousness of the other person die with him/her or revert back to its body?

  22. Congrats on the comic deal!!! Great news.

    Tonight’s epi – brilliant! Can’t wait for the second part….and wait, and wait….sigh.

  23. ok joe great epp sofar but why didn’t carter just beam out the two pilots that were on their way back to the hammond?

  24. detective vampire M.D attorney at law?

    wow that sounds AWESOME 🙂 and very “geekalicious” if i might add… is it going to be a project with a mythos (highlander) character? or someone like that dude from “Man from Earth”?

    i’ve always wondered how far the human (or vampire) mind can go if one can live forever, having the time to absorb all the knowledge, falsehood, superstitions, and enlightenment of the human race from cro-magnonom era all the way up to the time of Quantum chemistry.

    @joe, if, as i suspect, you’r gonna write about some vampire dude (or chick) who is super smart because he/she had 150,000 years to learn everything, i’d highly suggest the non-fiction “structure of scientific revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn (if you haven’t read it already) i think its gives a good perspective on how an immortal brainiac would view the world having lived for thousands of years

  25. A confused WTF?

    Why would the connection not break when Telford/Rush died? I thought if someone died, the other person died as well. Which does sound like it happened (Rush’s hand), but I would have thought that the connection would have broken. Hey if rebooting the brain erased the brainwashing, why would it not break the connection? Then it did break when Rush simply walked through the gate, why? Is something happening with the stones at that point? I’m going to have to watch again and see if it was explained and I missed it, which is entirely possible.

    One word – Sniper…. I know too easy.

    I would have preferred that the Lucian Alliance not to have been reintroduced into the series. *just my opinion*

    I’m glad that Young put Scott in his place. It was definitely called for.

    In the preview for next week, the Inner Space guys mentioned that they put Greer in a red shirt. In Star Trek terms means he’s gonna die!! Did you not say that someone was going to die by the end of Season 1 or you may have been pulling our legs? I can be such a sucker sometimes.

    Anyway, Have a good one!!

  26. Tell Ashleigh that she photographs well. She does. I’m serious.

    Congrats on the comic book series. What’s your take on writers of the scriptwriting persuasion getting into the comic trade? There are lots of your fellow writers now getting into comic book writing. I think it’s awesome. Is the writing similar to scriptwriting?

    Off to watch SGU!

  27. Um. I just saw Incursion Part 1.

    How should I put this…




    Oh, and Ashley continues to be hot.

    That is all.

    For now.

    (Feel free to snurch this comment to make fun of in your ample free time, denizens of Site That Must Not Be Named.)

  28. Thought Incursion part 1 was quite good. I was glad to see O’Neill questioning Young’s command decisions, as I thought they were pretty poorly made myself. Also cool to note that Telford is now physically on Destiny. I’m curious as to how long this will last – and if he’ll get a proper uniform if he’s there for good.

    As for the Lucian Alliance guy that got fried – I’m thinking Destiny/Franklin had something to do with it and the ship probably isn’t jumping back into hyperspace in order to keep the Stargate from locking onto a planet’s gate so that the Alliance can’t send any hostages through to an unknown planet and strand them there.

    Nice to see that Wray is starting to stand up to Young and Rush. I hope she becomes a more pivotal player in the future and doesn’t get treated as the H.R. lady with the hidden agenda and pissy additude all the time.

  29. Good episode.

    Is it me or has Jack become crabby since he became a General?

    It looks like Rush is the voice of reason.

    Dude, Ashleigh totally wants you.

    Hey, why don’t you ask out some of the guest starring actresses? There have been a lot of attractive actresses that have appeared on SG:A and SG:U. Leela Savasta, Jill Wagner, Michelle Morgan and Julie McNiven to name a few.

  30. Oh, and congratulations on the comic deal!!

    Still…and I know this is selfish of me, but I hope it won’t stop you from writing for Stargate. Incursion Part 1 was Freaking Amazing – yes, the capitalization is entirely warranted.


    Ok now that thats out of the way: Joe, you continue to impress me with your writing and how it can leave you on edge guessing what is going to come next.

    As some have inferred that destiny itself/franklin is behind the guy being disintegrated i must point out that in the scene it is meant to show the relationship between the shield and the ‘light’ which was coming through it at the time. This is more likely the cause.

    This then throws into question what is it that would have such and effect even through the shield, and is it in fact what is wreaking havoc on destiny’s systems.

    Cant wait till next friday but also don’t want to see the season over 🙂 🙁

    Thanks always,

  32. My best friend is getting involved in a pool for once in her life and yep, it’s all about the World Cup for her (I suspect she’s betting on Italy, too). I realize it’s the world’s most watched game, but there’s no accounting for taste. I guess out of a strange kinship I might bet for England, but frankly, I doubt that’s a good tactical choice and in the end, it’s only soccer. 😉

    You know, I can’t even think of good seminal films from my youth. I mean, what are you considering “youth” here? Ages 5-10? High school? Anything under 25? Because all I’m coming up with is Pretty Woman, Titanic, The Matrix, and The Lord of the Rings. And I don’t know if Pretty Woman counts if I didn’t see it until I was about 18 (I know, a definite lack of movies comprised my childhood).

  33. I found Escape a bit too somber, but anytime is a fun time when Ricardo Montalbán is involved. I liked Conquest.

  34. Another solid episode leading up to the much anticipated season finale.

    My only thing is, i dont see why the Hammond couldnt just lock on to the 302s that were on there way back to the ship, and use the asgard beaming technology and beam them onto the ship and take off. they didnt havet to wait for them to get back adn board, just lock on to their life signs and beam them off.

    oh well, it was a great way to show the sacrifice and quick decision making Carter made, that Young didnt do as the Alliance was coming onboard thru the gate. I get that. It works for me, Im fine with it.

    Again, great episode!

    ps. i hope eli and chloe’s bonding time in this episode leads to “more bonding” next season 😉 lol

  35. Thank you Joe! That was a proper Stargate episode. Exceptionally well done. Kudos. 🙂

  36. Great episode, just loving this show more and more as it progresses. Randomly watched some old SG1 episodes this past week that dealt with the Lucian Alliance, so I guess good timing on my part??

    Anyway, World Cup talk now. It could be between Brazil and Portugal, which is even more interesting since they’re starting in the same group. I think I’m going to go with Argentina.

    @zainea-TJ’s a medic, military or not, I think it’s most believable that she be against killings. As for Young second guessing himself when he sees Telford walk through the gate….I assumed Young thought it was still Rush and weighed his importance for possible return to Earth.

    What am I most excited about regarding Telford’s presence on the ship and his possible survival? The power struggle between him and Young.

    The seminal films of my youth? I laughed out loud myself when these popped up in my head: The Monster Squad, The Land Before Time, and The Sandlot.

  37. Kudos for Incursion I, Joe! Your new series sounds very interesting, too. Congrats on the comic book project.

  38. Hi Joe:

    Just a teeny tiny criticism. When Telford’s quarters were made vacuum, a person experiencing anoxia (lack of oxygen) becomes euphoric, giddy, extremely confident, and uncaring about consequences. It would have been cool to watch Telford act like an idiot just before he passed out.
    On the positive side, it’s cool to watch Eli and Chloe see more of the ship. There are a few background props that have me curious. Also, the disintegration of a bad guy was pretty awesome.

    A question regarding your comic book series. Have you had to lay out any of your own money to get this off the ground, or is it more like writing a novel and getting your agent to sell it for you?



  39. HARDY CONGRATS to the Crew of SGU who have won Leo Awards so far. 3so far NOT BAD AT ALL!!!

  40. I’ve wanted to add my perspectives on why I don’t like SGU since the day that I decided to become a continuing member of this community, but I haven’t had the opportunity to write anything substantive until now. As the post title states this is freaking humungous. So, with that being the case, for anyone that takes the time to read this I want to thank you in advance and say that if I don’t provide anything remotely enlightening, hopefully I at least provide something a little entertaining.

    When I first began this post I had plans to write as fully comprehensive an essay on the problems and shortcomings of Stargate Universe as I could possibly manage. However, at about 1,000 words into the section on character development, with the tide of the shows flaws and associated ideas on how to present them crashing down upon me ever more quickly, I realized what a gargantuan undertaking that would really be, because there is just so much wrong with the program. So with the vastness of the subject revealed to me and being unwilling to spend the amount of time and effort necessary to fully cover everything (I would have been looking at 25-30 pages minimum) I decided to pare it back, to condense and even to omit whole topics that I wanted to touch upon. (Even though I intentionally limited my initial barrage, I can and will expound on any item that anyone wishes to discuss further.) And although this is a much shorter version in comparison to what I could have written, it is still quite long and I believe more than sufficient to illustrate why I find SGU to be a terrible piece of television programming. […]

    [Joe: Hi, Dave. Would be more than happy to publish the rest of your comment. My only request is that if you’re going to copy and paste your argument from another forum, you at least make an effort to edit out the personal shots taken against me and my fellow producers. It would require significantly less time from you to do so than it would for me to read your lengthy post.


  41. I loved Incursion. congratulation on a fantastic episode. I am going to watch it again later this week to catch more details I missed tonight. Loved it!

    I have to agree with earlier comments on the “unmillitary” words and behavior of some of the military aboard Destiny. Young does make decisions, some I disagree with, but his refusal, up to now, to compromise and work with Wray and Rush mystify me. A man of his rank should know how to coordinate his resources and desiginate responsibilities among his people. Young seems to be: do I say or I have no use for you. Additionally, knowing that the people onboard the ship are all that he has to work with, why not “train” these people to use weapons, fight, etc. sure, they are civilians, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn? Young should use all the resources he has at his disposal. What else do the civilians have to do that would be important that defending the ship or theimselves when off the ship? Especially with the knowledge that the LA was planning to board the ship. That should be a call for everybody to help out…not just the military on board.

    I agree that Greer seems to be a real military man. I love him!! He is determined and stands his ground. He found a creative way to get people working together (Faith) and has no problem being on the front line to defend the ship/people. and those looks…..wow, don’t cross him. If I were in danger, I want him on my side. I think he should be a LT instead of Scott. just my opinion.

    I think the LA coming on board is just a fantastic plot. can’t wait for next week!

  42. Well, this episode was the final straw in me deciding to give this show the deepsix. Too many illogical decisions made by characters just so “tension” can be added to show.

    No explaination why the Lucian Alliance would want to go to Destiny when it is known to them it will be a one way trip with only a 0.0001% chance they can return. What could they gain by going there? Spys and/or brainwashed agents within the SGC could probably learn just as much.

    With the LA knowing the situation aboard the Destiny from Telford, they took even LESS equipment and supplies than the humans from Icarus? I really don’t know what you guys were thinking when you broke this story, but there were MANY other (better, IMO) ways to have an “incursion” on the ship. This was very poorly done and now I know why most of SGA’s seasons 4 & 5 quality of stories were so low.

    Just awful.

    It is sad too, because I thought you guys had finally found your way and direction in this story in the second half of this season. This episode just shattered my belief in the talents of the writers and producers and where the story is going.

    For the sake your employment, I hope you kept enough viewers around after this stinker.

  43. DB Bistro did a salt crusted Red Snapper special tonight. It was pretty cool. I’ll upload a picture when I have more time

  44. The way the Lucian Alliance succeeded in Incursion 1 was just absurd, especially when you consider at the start of the ep we saw it was possible to have a person unconscious on the ground after a few mins of venting air.

    You vent the air for half that amount of time, and every LA member is then on the ground gasping for air, which incapacitates them, which then allows Young’s group to rush in and take them all without firing a shot.

    Sure, Telford is gasping for air alongside them, but really, removing the oxygen from a room doesn’t kill people instantly. 20 seconds would’ve been enough time.

    Badly thought out action sequence with a gaping chasm of a plot-hole, made all the more infuriating by the fact that they’d done something similar only twenty minutes prior.


  45. Stargate is the silver lining on my cloud this weekend: being sick means I have no reason not to spend all day watching television. Now a confession: for a very long time I have avoided SGU with no better reason than many other die-hard SG1 and SGA fans saying it was no good. Yesterday I saw the pilot: it was amazing! I am now properly hooked and expect to get through most of the season today (at which point I am certain many, many questions will be coming…).

    One week minus one day till the world cup! Hooray! Germany seems to be a bit left out in your office, but despite having a few injuries I think they stand a good chance, not having any ‘super-teams’ in their group. While I will be half cheering for Team USA I am afraid that starting out with a match against England will not do much for morale – unless we win, in which case it will be amazing.
    Looking forward to a lot of good games!

  46. >but the show ended up distracting me so much

    Speaking of which, Brian was literally able to chat with everyone, and watch the show at the same time, he really seemed into the whole Syfy chat event thing, Alaina apparently was just typing, typing and more typing, catching up, someone should of told her that it’s fine if she doesn’t answer everyone, no one would hate her, just answer what you can kinda thing.

    Syfy only really seems to have decent chat events when it involves SG cast members.

  47. Question (INCURSION 1 SPOILERS)
    Why didn’t the F-302 pilots use the Hyperdrive on the ships to jump out from the AoE? (Area of Explosion)

  48. Welldone Joe, i’m not joking here, but that has to be one of my favourite SGU episodes also, when does the next series start please?

  49. Firstly, Joe…my apologies. I didn’t realize you wrote last night’s ep. Now I feel bad for missing it. But I have a good excuse! I have been running around like a head with my chicken chopped off lately, and a lot of things are slipping past me because of it.

    For instance, week went something like this…

    Monday (a holiday) was spent getting my Japanese garden cleaned up and running in the morning (trimming back bushes, weeding, re-setting stepping stones, etc), getting hubby off to work by 1pm, cleaning the entire house, and doing 3 loads of laundry (amongst other things).

    Tuesday was spent on daily chores, errands (inc. buying a new 3-in-1 printer for the office – woo!), helping mom plant rosebushes and other stuff, office work and finally stumbling home around 7:30…no idea what we did for dinner…lol. Oh! I think we ate out.

    Wednesday hubby and I ate a quick breakfast out so he could head off to work by 8 am, then I came home and trimmed back the giahugic grape vine between my yard and my neighbor’s, cleaned up her side of the fence and trimmed some of her trees (she’s a nice lady, I like helping out), did the dishes, made the beds and straightened up the house, paid my bills for the month while taking the office calls and dispatching the mechanics, ran errands, finally got to the office and worked until 7pm, came home, mowed the grass and finished around 8, cleaned up, made tacos, and finally collapsed for a late dinner and a little tv and internet around 9.

    Thursday and Friday have been mostly office work, but with the week in the high 80s/low 90s and humid, and major employee problems (again! Guh…men are such babies!! 😡 ), it’s been a stressful week – so I just wanted to go out and relax last night. Today I plan on boarding and bagging my comics, and catching up on some reading while hubby works, so we’ll probably watch SGU tonight.

    Secondly, Joe (bolding just so you know I really am talking to you, believe it or not 😉 )…I missed a whole section of your blog last night (I thought it ended at the video and over-scrolled 😛 ), and didn’t see that your comic book deal is moving right along. Congrats! Very interested to hear what it’s about! Looking forward to reading it – and anxious to hear who the artist will be.

    @ Ashleigh – Seems you may have a not-so-secret admirer…and no, I’m not talking about Joe…I don’t think…

    @ pg15 – Two-timin’ on Carl, are we?? 😉


  50. Joe,

    Totally loved Incursion pt1 tonight. Was great seeing Sam and Jack..

    Very clever way to get Telford on board Destiny too.

    I was left with Wow at the end. Just brilliant.. and very Stargate.

    Thank you! Thank you!

  51. My honest opinion is “Incursion” would have been a perfect start to the series. As the season finale not so much. Why is the “Lootin’ Liance” using earth style weapons? The soldier vaporization was definitely a throw back to the 60’s Star Trek/Blade/Buffy.
    I agree ….Col Young was too indecisive and reminded me of a little girl (I’m a girl) when he used the stones to second guess himself. The Lt is a wuss and seems to be manipulated by women.

    What was the purpose of the Camille character…it’s really annoying to hear her say that she is the boss/leader of the civilians. It comes off as whiny, especially when you compare her to the Kiva character. She does not have an authoritative presence at all!

    TJ the medic was idiotic…a very pregnant woman running around the ship baby exposed, bullets flying, disobeying orders….not believable. I felt as though you guys were trying to manipulate the audience with TJ’s capture and Chloe getting shot. It didn’t work!

    I did have high hopes for the show. I see a sort of camaraderie amongst the military, less amongst the civilians, with too much emphasis on petty personal disputes. Sex never enhances, but always distracts. When you guys used the sex card…it immediately put some on alert for a horrible show.

    Too bad because I love the Greer character, Rush, Young, even Telford. You’ve muddied the TJ character, replace Camille with the Kiva character or actress, and space Chloe.

    If Eli is going to be the youthful genius to Rush’s character…give him something to do other than pine for Chloe.

  52. hummm! comments are good on Incursion 😀 .
    Plan to see it tomorrrrrrrow!!!!!Hope the Telford comment i’ve just read above is true !!!

  53. Wow if you guys kill the Greer character….that would be a terrible move. The episode “Lost” was an excellent mix of drama and scifi fantasy. It provided us with an insight as to the characters psyche.
    In comparison with the Camille character yes, she is lesbian but I felt you really didn’t give us much past who she sleeps with. What was it like growing up being an Asian in a traditional family when her goals were far more western. With our societies view of Asian women being more subservient it would have been nice to see her struggles with defining her own character. You chose instead to titti-late. Bad move. Fifty year old women have more to say other than who we sleep with.
    Oh well.

  54. Joe I think Ashleigh likes you! That picture looks like maybe she had your credit report up on her screen. She’s checking you out. She has probably already obtained your passwords and looked at your bank accounts, and reviewed public records for the value and square footage of your house. I knew someone who did that once before marrying the guy. She had that sneaky look on her face too.

  55. WOW Awesome job you and Paul did on that script, Joe. So just to make sure I got this correct, Telford is now aboard Destiny physically and mentally? So how does this open the doors for more Destiny/Earth travel???? Can’t wait for next season, glad I stuck with it…

    @Julie -LOL good one very creative.

  56. >It looks like Rush is the voice of reason

    Depends on how you view it, they were stuck in a situation that couldn’t be resolved without loss of life, Young however wants to save as many people as possible.

    Speaking of which, if I was in command of Destiny, I would of vented the atmosphere of the Gate Room before Lucian Alliance even arrived, critical thinking wouldn’t mean much to them if they gated into a room with no air what so ever, then in the event they bring Telford on through, restore the air after wiping about most of Kivas men, and capture the remnants of her group.

    Easy way to stop an incursion in my opinion, Young should go along this route in the future, may seem barbaric but in reality when a bunch of Intergalatic thugs who want to cause you harm and take your ship are about to arrive, mercy should come 2nd to the lives of anyone under your command.

    Though speaking of which, had Young of done that we probably wouldn’t of heard much of Rhona Mitras amazing British accent, honestly if a Male British guy was cast as her 2nd in command, you could almost call it, the british invade Destiny! lol

    Anyway, logically speaking had Young done what I mentioned Lucian alliance wouldn’t of posed much of a threat and Episode 20 would be less climatic lol

    I agree though, amazing episode, well done Joe. Quality as always.

  57. Joe! I just watched Incursion part one! I feel like using lots of exclamation points because it was so action packed!!! And exciting!!!! !!!. !!!!.

    In seriousness, though, I thought the episode captured the characters so well and just again demonstrated how well you all have thought out these people. The music at the beginning as Telford was dying just made my heart stop as I waited on the edge of my seat to see what would happen. Later the contrast between Colonel Young and Colonel Carter was so spot on. It made me a little proud of myself that I had been reading Young correctly because it made perfect sense to me why his character would choose not to vent the atmosphere (although please, nudge me in the right direction if I’m off here) – Young strikes me as an incredibly emotion-driven person. He makes knee-jerk reactions that get him in trouble and then he reacts to his reactions because he feels guilty. The dressing down he got by O’Neill was well deserved. Part of being in command is knowing that sometimes people are going to die (and that you have to be the one to decide it).

    Chloe and Eli’s scenes were gut wrenching at moments. I hope you’re doing a mailbag :: fingers crossed :: because I have a question (although you may go, really? I wrote this episode and *this* is what you want to know about?!)

    1. Where do you guys get your World of Warcraft references? They make me laugh because a) I get them and b) because it just affirms that I am, in fact, a geek.

    Anyway – looking forward to next week’s episode (which there’s a convention here in Mpls the next day! Perfect timing! And another reason for my co-workers to make fun of me!) and more exclamation marks !!!!! !!!! 🙂

  58. Joe wrote: “Speaking of moving forward, once work on SGU’s second season wraps up, I’m going to start work on my can’t-fail pilot script for that new series.”

    Wait…what?? *re-reads* 😕 Okay, okay. This is raising all sorts of red flags for me. Why wouldn’t you start working on SGU‘s third season?? Are you not expecting a third season?? Or…are you not expecting to be around for a third season?? Or – if this new series is picked up – are you going to try to juggle both (which I would think doubtful)??

    I dunno, Joe…that sentence just sounds like one of your ‘lemme drop a little subtle hint to lessen the blow before the big news’ sentences you’re so famous for around here.


  59. So my thoughts on Incursion pt.1:

    I’d say it was definitely one of the best episodes of the first season. I was surprised with the way of resolving last eps’s cliffhanger. Telford is on our side…or not? I loved the acting and effects. Exploding pyramid and that man turned into an ash (what the hell was that?) were cool and I enjoyed every single shot. I’m so happy that Eli and Chloe explore the ship, even if they needed an attack to do it. I allways loved the aspect of exploration on SG, so I wonder what are they gonna find? Lucian Alliance grew up and they aren’t just those dumb band of criminals like in SG-1. Kiva is such an evil commander and that’s exactly what the show needed. Now we have somebody to fight with. Music was also awesome. Joel Goldsmith deserves at least one of those tasty cakes whose pictures you post here often 😀
    I also loved the appereance of old SG-1 members. If this show continues like those last two episodes, it will become the best SG series for me. And some questions at the end:

    1) Did LA guys found those “door openers” somewhere or they just created them using Telford’s informations about the Destiny he told them?

    2) Is that elevator mechanical or it’s more like SGA’s transporters?

    3)And my traditional at the end: Is Joel Goldsmith planning to release the SGU soundtrack? We haven’t heard about it since last October when he was talking about that in Gateworld interview and the score is really phenomenal. Please release the soundtrack…I believe that’s what many fans wish.

  60. If I have to place money on one of the teams in the upcoming FIFA World Cup, I would go with the very Dark Horse DPRK. Their chance of Winning is astronomical with a huge payout. A side-note, they defeated the Italian team in their only previous meeting in World Cup play.






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  61. Joe, im watching the episode again, and i couldnt help but notice that the Lucian Alliance is using earth weapons. Um, how did they get those? were they supplied to them by Telford? why wouldnt they use there zat guns, or some other form of alien weapon we’ve seen on sg1?

    either way, made for really awesome action scenes!

  62. WOW. Inucursion part 1 was pretty sweet… Let me focus on pros first

    Friggin awesome changing the tables… gonna be a lot more complicated with the LA on board. Lots of great character moments…. It really was suberb.. It was truly a great episode..

    Seeing Young and Wray work together.. Seeing firefights on the ship.. Seeing the LA being a much more organized force was pretty sweet too.. I really like the way they’re portrayed in SGU…

    However I have a few nitpicks.. Not really with the episode but with SGU in general.

    I only feel a little cheated with the VFX(believe it or not, despite the VFX being breathtaking )….

    Im starting to actually get tired of the OMG were under attack and never seeing anything… During air part 1 we got to see very little of the battle outside and I didnt let it bother me.. because it must have been an expensive episode anyways and you might not have the budget..

    But with BOTH sabotage and Incursion, all we hear is OMG were under attack.. we see like one establishing shot.. and then the rest is internal shots… I mean, how bout you show us the base being attacked… how bout we see the smurfs actually shooting at destiny and destiny firing back.. How bout we actually see the gou’ald ship take off in subversion, how bout we actually see the F-302s attacking the base or see the 2 F-302s getting engulfed by the exploding planet.. I mean i could understand you skimping on maybe a sequence or two but we got to see like the Hammond hop out of hyperspace.. launch F-302s and jump back.. we got to see none of the action stated in the dialogue.. For such a superb series like SGU to do that I have to say im a little disappointed.

    It makes it much more serious when you see the planes so close to the Hammond and then see them get abondened and vaporized… And its not like you were loaded with a ton of other VFX shots.. The episode didn’t have to many and i feel like you could have shortened other shots or taken out some to add more VFX where it mattered..

    HOWEVER…. I Will say you guys did a great job with episodes like Light and Space and Divided with VFX.. and Air wasn’t really skimping that much…

    Only other thing was Young not cutting the connection and immediately venting that atmosphere.. He just stood there like.. “Crap what are we going to do we’re going to kill Rush if we vent the atmosphere”….

    Im like CUT THE CONNECTION AND THEN VENT THE ATMOSPHERE! Then revive telford like you did at the beginning of the episode.

    Still Young thought he had more time.. So I can understand that its not a plot hole just a mistake on Youngs part.

    Still it was a pretty good episode.. 🙂

    8.5/10.. But subversion was a bit better in my opinion. 🙁 Sorry Joe.. Still it was a great episode! Looking forward to part 2.. From what ive seen of part 2(in Ukrainian) I think it will be much better then part 1 and subversion!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  63. Das said: “I dunno, Joe…that sentence just sounds like one of your ‘lemme drop a little subtle hint to lessen the blow before the big news’ sentences you’re so famous for around here.”

    Yeah, that’s what it sounded like to me, too. 🙁

  64. What’s the difference between “back ordered” and “out of stock”? Either way the item isn’t in the inventory and you still have to wait for it to arrive. Is one or the other suppose to make me feel better as a customer?

  65. my criticism is as usual, not enough dead people 🙁 and not enough Amanda Tapping..

    1. why didn’t they just vent the atmosphere, and as the Luciens were grasping for air, go in, shoot them one by one in the back of the head, easy picking, it’s already established previously that when you vent the atmosphere the people don’t die immediately.

    2. or just station soldiers behind/sightly to the side of the stargate, so as the lucians came out one by one, they can be shot in the back.. as they are struggling to get up… why give the enemies the time to regroup and form an assault?

    in fact, why is it that SG commanders always station troops in front of the stargate??? it’s the case in SGC, it’s the case in Destiny… if you’re gonna enter a fire right, won’t you want to shoot the enemy from the back when their guns are pointed away from you… rather than have them charging in with guns facing your direction? even if you only want to threaten them, a threat from the back seems more effective..

    3. not enough dead people! not enough dead people!!! not enough dead people!!! /foam in the mouth… kill kill KEEEEELLLLL!!!!!

    btw. joe, what are the limits of the communication stones? can a human use it to swap bodies with say a dolphin? or an ant? or a guaold snake? how about having someone swapping bodies with Destiny’s AI, If TJ use the stones, any chance of someone swapping bodies with the fetus? rather than mama TJ?

    oh and will camile get pregnant with Rush’s kid? the SG folks seem horrendously casual about having sex with someone else’s body…

    and speaking of sex, i’ve always wondered… if someone makes a Stargate themed porn, would they get sued? i know the actress from The Girlfriend Experience made some star trek themed porn sometime ago, i can’t imagine the copyright holders of Star Trek franchise allowing something like that to happen if they can help it…. how do porn producers get away with something like that? are porno considered parodies in show business?

  66. Loved Incursion. Can’t wait till Part 2 next week, even though I know the wait until S2 may be unbearable.

    Joe, love your blog, esp. the insider tidbits on the SG shows, including the updates on the SG1 movie (keeping fingers crossed).

    But OMG, I nearly flipped when Jack called Carter “Sam” (rather then “Carter”) when they were talking to each other about the lost 302s. Is that a slip of military protocol that may portend of something about those two in the hope-to-be-made movie ? Hmmmmm (even though I really believe in the less-is-more when it comes the whole Jack/Sam ‘ship status)

    Also, did you see the recent Business Week and/or Bloomberg article about the MGM mess and someone’s suggestion that they sell certain assets, including Stargate and maybe Bond franchises, independently.

  67. I’m a long-time lurker, so I just wanted to send a quick thanks. Yours is the only blog I follow religiously, because its always updated and always fun. Favorite recurring characters–Ashleigh and Carl. Thank them for being so very entertaining. (*Do* you ever thank them? Surely they enjoy the attention.) Cheers!

  68. Joe, you should be proud of the extent of Ashleigh’s scheming and deviousness. After all, didn’t she learn of all that from you? She came to you a shy, retiring assistant. But after all this time under your tutelage, she has blossomed into this scheming, nefarious assistant. Behold your creation, Baron! 😉

    I always start by supporting England, just cause I’m a total Anglophile; but I also have to support Italy cause of hubs. And a bit for USA to be patriotic.

    @Kymm — I am a total pro cycling fangirl! Love the Versus guys over anyone else. Just endured coverage of the Giro for the past few weeks, pining for the dulcet tones of Paul, Phil and Bobke! The month of July is always about France for me!

    Joe — so chuffed for you about the comic book deal.

    Haven’t watched Incursion yet. Yes, I did read the other posts. Spoilers don’t bother me. Hope to watch it tomorrow afternoon (Sunday for me) .

  69. >Im starting to actually get tired of the OMG were under attack and never seeing anything

    Correct me if im wrong Joe, but Lucian alliance base was shielded, meaning even if the visual effects were there, having some craft taking pot shots at a shielded base wouldn’t of really done much in the long run as Lucian Alliance dialed Destiny the moment they were under attack, not to mention it seemed like the shield was breached just as Kiva stepped through the Gate. Personally I would rather see more Lucian Alliance coverage then some fancy SFX in that respect, I mean why go through all the effort to build the Lucian Alliances staging area, only to not show it destroyed?

    >not enough dead people! not enough dead people!!! not enough dead people

    That’s because Lucian Alliance had the Destiny crew on the retreat, it turned into a more run and gun, then a stand a fight battle, one of Kivas men appeared to be mortally wounded, several Destiny crew also had injurys. We’l never get to see everyone aboard the ship.

  70. >and not enough Amanda Tapping..

    Couldn’t agree more but as they couldn’t essentially beam anyone in, she couldn’t really do much, her character in general has always been a right in the middle of things not wanting to sit waiting around kind of woman, if given the chance I would bet anything she would beam straight into a secure area of LAs base and give them a damn good fight, SG1 style.

  71. I am running catch-up on SGU, I’ve reached episode 10 just now and I have a few questions/comments I’d like to throw out there. First: any super-fans of the other SG shows who are avoiding this one: Get over it! The show really is great, don’t consider it an extension of SG1 or SGA, but its own entity.
    2) Are the characters on SGU purposefully less likable, less ‘nice’ (perhaps personable is a better word) than on SG1 and SGA (I mean on those shows you had Jack, Sam, Teal’c and Daniel – all great folks who got along, then Cam and Vala joined, also real nice people; on SGA we had John, Teyla, Ronon and McKay who were all essentially a ‘happy family’ with Elizabeth/Sam/ and even Woolsey and Doctors Keller and Beckett) But on SGU if I had to choose one character to survive the series I wouldn’t have to think twice – Eli, he’s the only truly ‘nice’ guy.
    Is this just me? Or have any of you felt this way towards these characters (Please, please, please don’t take this as an insult, I like SGU and I think it says a lot about the story that I can like it without really liking any of the characters, it’s a lot like BSG in that respect).
    That’s all – for now 🙂

  72. Joe.

    Incursion, part 1.

    Did you have any idea that it would end up being so much fun when you were bashing your head against the keyboard?

    Definitely looking forward to part 2 and most definitely looking forward to Season 2.

    Looking back over the season, I can say I really liked the way that it played out. Slowly devolping and layering. I can also say I like that “exposition” is pretty minimally used. As a writer I dig having to infer what may or may not have happened … such as the end of “Time.” And that’s a shout out to all the writing staff for Season 1. Could you please pass along to Carl, Paul, Alan, Martin, Rob and Brad that one little ol’ writer loves what you and they have brought to us this year?

    To those above who commented about the so-called “huge plot hole” of the Lucian Alliance not getting suffocated into unconsciousness … it’s called not being a butcher. Which is what Young didn’t want to do and what T.J. was calling him on. Don’t kill them, you say? Sure! But where would they hold them? How would they hold them? Feed them? Let them get cleaned/washed up? All those little things that make the idea of the Geneva Convention an inherent basic morality, even if the “enemy” doesn’t recognize the same conventions/ideas. And by taking them captive, they would have been having to deal with large amount of people with a limited number of personnel to help … even if it was just to chuck them through the Stargate on the first habitable world they came to.

    As for them not bringing a lot of supplies? They probably did have a lot of supplies to bring with them. Under the idea that they wouldn’t come under attack, … wouldn’t blow up a planet to get there. For all we know, and I think it’s safe to assume that Kiva was actually thinking (which we can base on materials that they did bring) that it wasn’t going to be a one-way trip … that with Rush helping them, they could get thet Stargate to dial with the planet’s core and not explode it. Lots to infer. But I guess I can see the joy in assuming that things were dumb the way it was done … Wait. No. I can’t.

    And lastly … for those who are upset that we don’t know why someone from the Lucian Alliance would risk a possible one-way trip and not explain it to us? That’s as silly as having it explained to us all monologue/exposition style. And perhaps is part of the way the writing staff want to keep up the ongoing mystery elements of the show … well, going.

  73. So i stayed up late and watched ‘incursion’ after my nice little poker win.

    It was a good episode..but it left alot of room open for nitpicking though.

    (1) Young vents Telford’s room to undo the brainwashing and manages to revive him…yet doesn’t vent the gateroom the moment the L.A invades for concern over Rush/Telford. He could’ve vented the room and tried reviving Telford again..no 100% certainty it’d work but Telford would have understood the risks. Much better to do that then allow armed boarders to gain a foothold.

    (2) Has the L.A always used firearms? I don’t recall seeing them used before. Would have thought they’d be using staff weapons and Zats. Would have been neat to see Zats onboard destiny since they..and stun type weapons in general…have been a SG staple.

    (3) I can’t comprehend Young leaving Destiny during the middle of a boarding operation to consult with O’Neill. I’m former military and I can’t see this happening. Critical moments in battles are sometimes decided in seconds and minutes and for him to remove himself at this critical time is…bizarre. He deserved the dressing down he got from Jack.

    (4) I agree with the others on the loss of the two F302’s. The Hammond could have just ‘beamed’ the ships or pilots and/or both aboard I would think. It is a cheat I know and reduced the dramatic effect of losing people…but I can’t help but remember in the last season of SG-1 that they beamed an entire skyscraper into space from downtown Seattle.

    I’m guessing that for new fans of the show that aren’t familiar with SG1 and SGA that the writers might be limiting references to Gouald/Tokra/Jaffa/any other MW or Peg. Galaxy race/tech to avoid confusion…but for long time fans of the show…I think that avoiding mention of this where it is appropriate is a bit of a let down.

    Just a few thoughts. Overall i’m happy with how it is all going…but i’m sure you can understand how sci-fi fans in general can be a pretty nitpicky bunch,lol.

  74. So chimps like gambling, eh? Do they like writing stories? 😉

    Fetching do Ashely is sporting, she looks more like someone who is about to sue you than pull a prank though.

  75. I watched the episode again. It sounds like the disconnection was a surprise for them, as well. I didn’t miss something after all *sheepish shrug* If I had to guess, perhaps it’s a proximity thang, for each individual, to the alien technology. Umm they each have to be in range of their own stones/technology and not just in range of the alien technology, in general.
    When they died and were revived, they would have still been within range of their own stones and thus the connection would not have been broken. Don’t know. Given unlimited time and unlimited budget, all questions would be answered to everyone’s satisfaction. Since this is not possible, some leaps of imagination are required.

    I did have a couple of other questions, but now that I know the agony a writer goes through getting out of situations. I feel bad about nitpicking….So on one hand this is an unprecedented opportunity to get questions answered. I can also understand how it could feel like criticism, which it isn’t, just curiosity or clarification, if you will. I am however, trying to learn restraint….I know, good luck with that, LOL, but I’m tryingggggg……

    I really enjoyed this episode, and am looking forward to next week’s part 2, even though I know it’s going to be a cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers…… *sigh* ……..Plus, it’s going to be months until the new season starts. *sniffle*

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!

  76. Wow, Joe, wow. “Incursion”, part 1 was simply amazing!! Never mind my dozen elevator questions, lol. 😀 Good stuff. Really.

    Do the other projects mean you’ll be leaving the SG writing team? Please say it ain’t so. You have to write more eps like “Incursion”.

  77. Excellent episode. But Young seemed to walfle and pushy-foot too much. No wonder O’Neill wanted to put a boot up his ass!

    Yeah, vent the air from the gate room. Don’t bother wasting ammunition, those Marines can snap necks or use knives. Just keep the blood and holes to a minimum so when the bodies are stripped of everything useful and tossed into space, you have a whole new wardrobe for everyone on Destiny.

    Although that is one hgeck of a lot of fresh emat to toss away…

    Hey survival is survival.

  78. Someone mentioned Macross Frontier earlier,
    here is one particular song “Aimo OC” from that which just refuses to get unstuck from my head, the song is sung in the anime in a few variations, but for some reason the OC variant is the most haunting one.

    Perhaps due to how beautiful it is while having a militaristic edge, and as I recall it created the right effect during the anime when it was used.


    The music otherwise in the anime is also great,
    note that this is the original Japanese,
    no idea if they changed the songs in the English dub but…
    My advise (and as Joe has stated previously) originality Japanese with subs is the only way to truly experience anime.

  79. @ Joe – I have always loved your writing style, and I think your Stargate contributions just keep getting better and better as time goes by. You are a fantastic, multi-talented writer and person!!

    @ Hi Dave – You obviously prefer to dwell in unhappiness and gripe about things you cannot change. I am very sick of the petty bitching showing up on this personal blog concerning Stargate Universe. How rude! If it is not your cup of tea, go get some damn coffee! Television is absolutely loaded with other shows to watch. Pick one!!!

  80. Wow, Joe…some very interesting points and questions this time around. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for your answers! Really! I am!

    Should I wish you good luck?

    Good luck!


  81. Great episode, Mr. M. and Congrats on the comic book!

    Ok, is it just me or are one or two of the comments today disturbing?

  82. >Someone mentioned Macross Frontier earlier,

    I did a week or so ago, nice to meet you by the way. Personally I think once Joe is confident enough in Japanese to watch anime without subs, he should pick up on his next Japan trip on Blu Ray as Japanese Blu Rays work on U.S/CA players etc. Or DVD whichever works.

    It’s the kind of anime you could easily watch on a big screen and be impressed literally.

    >Yeah, vent the air from the gate room

    Though I said above I personally think Young should of vented the air before LA arrived, but thats just me, it just shows that regardless of how mean he may seem the guy has a heart, even to ruthless unforgiving merc thugs that want the Destiny lol

  83. I’m sorry, Joe. I really tried to get into SGU. Sadly, it’s not for me. It’s not the Stargate that I love. I cannot get invested in the characters. Even Jack and Sam seemed a bit off. I remember Colonel O’Neill getting more upset when someone wasn’t following orders. General O’Neill seems a bit softer. I was never a fan of BSG and SGU seems to be leaning in that direction. I’ll miss the Stargate franchise and there’s always the DVDs.

    Good Luck with your comic book series!

  84. incursion was cool! but why do i have to wait another week!? this torture gotta stop. now ill have to waste hours of my life trying to figure out whats going to happen in the next episode thanks alot Joe. oh and tell Elyse Levesque thanks for answering my questions, really appreciate it.

  85. Twelve episodes in one day later and I have to say, SGU has found its way into my heart. I feel enlightened as to why so many people like the show – and why many don’t. I think that it would be a fair guess that most of those who like SGU also liked BSG (I did, even though it depressed me). I believe it was Michael Shanks (though I might be mistaken) who said in a Gateworld interview that what made SG1 and SGA ‘special’ was that they were happy shows, he was watching BSG and liked it, but it wasn’t happy. This for all those who are haters: SGU is NOT SGA or SG1, just like the Lord of the Rings movies weren’t the books: both were brilliant in their own rights.

  86. Technically speaking, if the Lucian Alliance can dial Destiny in another universe from their Icarus-type planet, could they have dialed Atlantis in another galaxy as well?

    Why is the Lucian Alliance going after Destiny when Atlantis is so much closer and has much more advanced technology? (You probably won’t answer this one.)

    Have you ever watched True Blood? It is excellent. Very unlike the kid-friendly vampire stories. It is also made by the same people who made Six Feet Under (which in my opinion was one of the greatest series ever created).

  87. Hi Joe,

    Great episode, on so many levels! I’m on my third viewing so far and I keep finding things I missed the first time through.

    And thank you, by the way. The last time we heard *that* was in Serpent’s Song. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot.

    Can’t wait for next week!


  88. Thanks for answering my questions to “subversion” (sarcasm).
    Well, i think that objective criticsm doesn´t be desirable here.
    I hope, there comes a new SG series without this SGU Elements. I also prefer a new Roland Emmerich film, to revive the franchise for a new beginning.
    Finally, a small quote:

    “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticisms.”

  89. It’s a pleasure. Long time reader, first time poster!

    Joe, the series is incredible, and this episode was awesome! The complexity and depth of the characters in this show are the best I have ever seen in any sci-fi show. Thank you for that! I really enjoy it.

    To the individuals who don’t like the show… don’t watch! Seriously! This show isn’t SG1, or SGA. Those shows I really enjoyed too. But they were as one poster said, “happy shows.” The plots always had happy endings. The military always acted better than is possible in real life. The shows were wildly unbelievable, but that’s why we loved them.

    The SGU series is a completely new breed! It’s dark, dirty, and gritty. The characters are complex and realistic. It’s BSG on steroids! It’s different than SG1 and SGA. And that’s ok, because it’s a NEW series.

    You know it’s funny, I really like watching the news. But I hate Glenn Beck. So I simply choose to not watch him. I don’t go and grippe about it on the web for two reasons. First, it would be such a waste of time. Second, there are other people who DO like his show. So let the networks decide when too few people support the show. You’re not god, why ruin it for me and everyone else?

    My thoughts on why Young didn’t vent the room:

    Personally I’m glad he didn’t. He’s human! In hind sight I think he would have but we have this wonderful curse of time and he can’t go back and change his actions. It appears that he thought there was no fast way to leave the gate room and that there would then be time to negotiate first. Woops… mistake. It’s human… it’s what made the episode wonderful.

    Perhaps he didn’t vent the atmosphere right away because he might realize that it’s possible that it’s a one way trip they are on and having more humans on board would greatly increase their chance of long term survival. He made a mistake, and that’s what makes this show better than SG1 and SGA.

  90. aaron said:

    “You know it’s funny, I really like watching the news. But I hate Glenn Beck. So I simply choose to not watch him. I don’t go and grippe about it on the web for two reasons. First, it would be such a waste of time. Second, there are other people who DO like his show. So let the networks decide when too few people support the show. You’re not god, why ruin it for me and everyone else?”

    This is my philosophy exactly. There is so much out there to like and support, it would be a big waste of my time to gripe about something I didn’t like.

  91. Incursion. So incursiony. Loved it all, but I think that the Microwave Light Beam should ash people much, much faster. I didn’t see Mike Dopud but I hope he survived the mayhem and destruction and will in next weeks installment.

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