Today was Round #1 of the big Stargate Ice Cream Showdown pitting big-time writer/director/executive producer/showrunner/show creator Robert C. Cooper vs. humble little me.  The judges’ table was comprised of the regular writers’ room attendees – Ashleigh, Lawren, Brad, Paul, Carl, Remi, and Linda – with the addition of producer John G. Lenic and Kerry who made her way up from post for the sampling.

Rob’s Mint Chip Ice Cream vs. Joe’s Advokaat-Laced Vanilla with Crumbled Flake Ice Cream

Which would you choose?

As I said in yesterday’s post, mint is a polarizing flavor.  There are those who love it (ie. Ashleigh, Brad, and Kerry) and there are those who hate it (ie. me – not that it did me any good as I didn’t have a vote).  I countered with an ingredient I had a feeling Ashleigh, Brad, and Kerry would love even more. Vanilla? No, I’m talking about booze.  We sampled a scoop of each and the voting broke down as follows –

Kerry: mint chip, Ashleigh: mint chip, Paul: vanilla crumble, Lawren, vanilla crumble, Linda: vanilla crumble, and Carl: vanilla crumble.

At this point, I was ahead 4-2 with two votes to go.  Both Brad and John Lenic maintained they liked both ice creams equally – but, when pressed, ended up going with the chocolate mint.

Final score: 4-4 (tie)

Rob’s Coconut-Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream vs. Joe’s Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream

Coconut-Raspberry Swirl

My version is fairly busy – graham crackers, toasted coconut, dark rum – and I figured I would be in trouble if, as I assumed, Rob went with a clean and simple coconut.  Instead, he decided to go fruity – raspberry no less! – which I felt was a huge strategic error on his part.  Alas, I didn’t bank on an error in judgment on my part- specifically, the addition of too much crushed graham crackers that lent the whole an almost paste-like consistency.  In this round, the voting broke down as follows –

Kerry: coconut cream pie, Ashleigh: coconut raspberry,  Paul: coconut cream pie, Lawren: coconut raspberry, Linda: coconut raspberry, Carl: coconut raspberry, John: coconut cream pie, and Brad: coconut raspberry.

Final score: 5-3 coconut-raspberry.

Rob ended the festivities with a third, out-of-competition flavor – Smores Ice Cream – which I thought was his best.

Smores Ice Cream!

So, heading into tomorrow’s second and final round, it’s Rob 1, Joe 0, and 1 tie.

Okay.  While I’ll admit that there were textural flaws with the coconut ice cream, I personally preferred its flavor over the coconut-raspberry which I thought was closer to ice milk than ice cream.  But I respect the judges’ decisions.  I don’t, however, respect their decision on the mint chip over the vanilla crumble. That’s just crazy.  Seriously.  I haven’t been this outraged since the O.J. verdict.

Well, it all comes down to a round two chocolate face-off (his chocolate brownie vs. my premium milk and dark), and wildcard free-for-all (his peanut butter crunch vs. my salted butter caramel).  Despite Rob’s confidence, I’m confident I can sweep tomorrow’s contest for the win. There’s no way anything is beating that salted butter caramel.  As for the chocolate brownie, if store-bought brownies can beat a chocolate entry made with Pralus 45% Melissa and Amedei Chuao then fine.  In the future, I’ll find it far easier to bring in ice cream cake from Dairy Queen than spend a day making ice cream at home.

Today’s entry is dedicated to the men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present.


dasNdanger writes: “I guess if you just read the first couple issues that means it didn’t captivate you or anything, eh?”

Answer: I did like it, but not enough to continue reading – so, yes, your assessment is correct.  In the end, it didn’t really grab me.

Sean D. writes: “Have you read all of the sequels to John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” series (“The Ghost Brigades”, “The Last Colony”, “Zoe’s Tale”)? Watcha think of ‘em?”

Answer: I have and enjoyed them all.  However, like first love’s and firstborn children, that first Scalzi – Old Man’s War – remains my favorite.  I strongly urge you to check out John’s The Android’s Dream, an equally incredible read.

Sean D. also writes: “What would you recommend starting with from Iain Banks’ collection?”

Answer: I’ve been reading them in the order in which they were published, starting with Consider Phlebas, and it’s worked me.

Sean D. also writes: “Which author is your favorite – or one of your favorites – as far as it involves inserting humor into the stories?”

Answer: John Scalzi in the world of literary SF; Joe Abercrombie in the world of Fantasy lit.

BStearns writes: “Everyone is always saying that Destiny is so important, and Rush even said it’s the most important discovery since the Stargate itself. What I fail to understand is why?”

Answer: Yes, why?  Why did the Ancients go through the trouble of launching Destiny and the seed ships?  Why is the Lucian Alliance so interested in the ship?  The answers are coming in season two.  And they may surprise.

Kevin writes: “Thanks for answering my questions…this time and others…your my new favorite SGU Exec Producer :)

Answer: Would did I bump out of the number one spot?  I need to know so that I can go rub it in.

Kevin also writes: “Rush and Scott have both had these ‘visions’ of Telford some time after connecting thru him. Young has connected thru Telford as well, but to our knowledge, never had the ‘visions’. Should we read something significant into this?”

Answer: Don’t read too much into it.  Young may well have experienced similar visions at night and dismissed them as somehow related to his past experiences (ie. given the time Telford has spent with Emily).

Kevin also writes: “Also, in the premier, Young has a seizure concurrently in both a dream sequence and in real life. Was he starting to have real seizures before Icarus and this is why he turned down the expedition? Or was the seizure totally related to the blow he took after being ejected thru the gate?”

Answer: His collapsing in the flashback was a bleed-thru of the concussion he received/seizure he experienced back on Destiny.

Shawna writes: “So… are we ever going to see someone make use of the fact that when they use the stones, they’re in a body not their own.”

Answer: We’ll be exploring the dangers inherent in the technology in season two.

PG15 writes: “How did Rush know Kiva’s name when he was on the Cargo ship?”

Answer: Rush’s hesitation is meant to convey him searching the fragments of Telford’s residual memory, which allows him to finally fish out her name.  A lot of good it did him.

Anais33 a ecrit: “Vous allez utliser tout ces ingrédients pour la glace!! Qui vous a appris à les faires? Je voudrai en réaliser vous savez où je pourrai avoir la recette?”

Response: La plupart je les ai créés moi-même.

Gilder writes: “Joe, any advice or links to info on adjusting sleep before travel?”

Answer: Simply force yourself into a new sleep pattern and, if possible, swing my a drugstore and pick up some of those melatonin tablets.

Gilder also writes: “I’ve mentined that Ronny Cox is going on this tour. I’ll also see him this coming week at Kerrville (TX) Folk Festival. Any messages, gang?”

Answer: Definitely say hi from us.

Lloyd67 writes: “Do you want include Maximus in a SGU episode?”

Answer: I want to include all four dogs – but they’re holding out for a bigger role.

TBA writes: “Are there any plans to, other than the Lucian Alliance, bring back any unresolved plot elements from SG1 into the show, like The Trust or the search for the Clava Thessara Infinitas?”

Answer: No plans to do so at present.

Echelon writes: “Is it safe to assume that the time slot move will happen when the show returns from hiatus?”

Answer: Yes, it’s planned for our fall return, season two.

niall mcnamara writes: “i was wondering how did you make stargate the entire series into a tv show.”

Answer: I didn’t.  Stargate: Universe, like Stargate: Atlantis before it, was created by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper.

Laila writes: “Is he portraying the same character in SGU as he was in SG1, or a different one?”

Answer: You know how they say there is a twin of you somewhere in the world?  Well, there are no doubt triplets of you somewhere in the galaxy.  The bounty hunter did look a hell of a lot like Varro – which is how he was able to get onboard that Lucian Alliance ship and so close to its commander.  See, plans for this character were in the work years in advance.

DANIEL FLEMING writes: “hi, do you think that a renewal of “SGU” season 3 is likely?

Answer: I wouldn’t even hazard a guess at this point.  It’ll all come down to how those first ten episodes of season two perform.  Ideally, I’d love to see the show go five seasons (and I think chances are very good).  Still, when Paul and I joined the franchise way-back-when, it was with the understanding that it would go two more years after which we’d be out looking for work.  Instead, we’ve gone twelve and counting.  So, whenever Stargate ends, it’ll be a sad day, but I’ll be thankful for the time we had.

Jordan writes: “1. Do you need to have an Agent to be considered for employment as a writer or freelance writer?

2. When do you guys read/skim pitches from freelancers? (With or without Agent.)”

Answers: 1 and 2. Yes.  As soon as we get an official pick-up, we put word out to the various agencies who will scour their rosters and put forth potential candidates for staff positions or freelance opportunities.  We accept freelance pitches as long as there are open story slots.

Greg writes: “Were you involved with the Stargate MMO (Massive multiplayer Online Game) ? Are you into anything like that ?”

Answer: Nope, wasn’t involved.  And I’m not a gamer.

Holloway writes: “I understand you are busy as well but still I would have thought by now you would have at least commented on my remarks at least once.”

Answer: Much of the time, my failure to respond to a comment has everything to do with timing.  If a comment is posted on a day in which I don’t do a mailbag, chances are it won’t receive a response.  Touching upon your concerns re: Greer, supports of other characters have had similar complaints and, while I can sympathize, I nevertheless feel we’ve done a pretty good job of establishing the show and offering a mix of one-off and arc-driven episodes while, simultaneously, servicing a pretty large cast.  Some of those character opportunities you mentioned (ie. the Greer-Wray relationship) will be explored in future episodes and hopefully answer some of your concerns.

dasNdanger writes: “Mebbe you shouldn’t be nekkid when taking pictures of something so shiny… and reflective…”

Answer: Alas, despite initial assumptions, that isn’t me in the pink apron.

me writes: “I just saw David Blue in a Subway commercial – right?”

Answer: Correct.

me also writes: “How long does it take you to make your ice cream?”

Answer: Depending on the base, about 45 minutes to make the custard.  Allow it to cool overnight.  Then, another 45 minutes in the ice cream machine.

niall mcnamara writes: “is there any possible way for you to have a read of my book”

Answer: Sorry, but I’ll have to regretfully decline.

Ponytail writes: “Is there nothing you can’t do?”

Answer: Yes.  Apparently changing the lock on my garage door has proven beyond me.

HBMC writes: “Are you afraid Ashleigh’s bias will make her vote against you?”

Answer: Oh, I think everyone will be impartial.  Unless I lose.  Then everyone was clearly biased.

Thornyrose writes: “What happens if the voting goes 2/2 though?”

Answer: We go to the tiebreaking fistfight.  Winner take all!

Shiningwit writes: “You’ve probably told us before but I’ve slept since then so could you tell us (again) how come you became such a gastronome?”

Answer: My parents instilled in me a love of food at a very early age.

PSYCHObaatezu writes: “I’ve learned doing caramel that usely, you don’t stir at all the sugar water mix while it’s on the cooking fire. You lay it flat and let it do its stuff. But by looking at the picture, you seem to stir it alot. Was it mentionned in the recipe?”

Answer: Sugar.  No water.  According to the recipe  – “Use a heatproof utensil to gently stir the liquefied sugar from the bottom and edges towards the center, stirring, until all the sugar is dissolved.”

Dodoalda writes: “Why are you still ignoring my soundtrack question?”

Answer: What was the question?

Daniel Fleming writes: “1, I am 15 now and i live in the uk and i have watched Stargate ever since i was very little, and I have always wondered how much did a SG1 episode cost, and did the budget per episode ( or season, whatever easiest) ever go up or down, and could you please answer the question for Stargate Atlantis and Universe, thanks very much.

2, Is there any chance of a spin off show to Stargate Universe and will stargate come to an end if SGU gets cancelled? (I hope SGU lasts a very long time)

3, Is there any chance of MGM cancelling the movie and renewing Stargate Atlantis the TV series ?

4, Will Peter DeLuise direct any more SGU episodes?

5, This is very random but, will you use any of David Bowie’s music on SGU, as it is often about isolation and depression? (David Bowie is my favourite artist)

6, As i live in the uk, i was wondering what is it like in Vancouver?”

Answers: 1. The budgets vary from year to year as the costs of producing the series rise.

2. That is ultimately a studio decision.

3. No chance whatsoever.  Sorry.

4. Yes.  As a matter of fact, he’s prepping Twin Destinies this week.

5. No plans to use Bowie’s music at present.

6. I’d imagine it’s very similar to London but with more mountains, less traffic, and fewer zombies.

58 thoughts on “May 31, 2010: Battle Ice Cream! Round One! Mint Chip vs. Advokaat-Laced Vanilla with Crumbled Flake! Coconut-Raspberry Swirl vs. Coconut Cream Pie! Mailbag!

  1. Great mailbag Joe…. and I can see that the ice-cream showdown is gonna have braging rites from hell! 😀 Can’t wait for the verdict tmw.

  2. Thank you for the early post!

    Yikes on the scoring…. and what’s up with the third flavour from Rob?

    I’m off to bed.

    Have a good one!!

  3. I wish I could let you rub it in Joe…but to be honest…you’ve always been my favorite.

    What I wrote was akin to me saying to my restaurant server that my meal was ‘okay’ when in reality it was ‘awesome’. If I told them how I truly felt…I think i’m just setting myself up for disappointment later if they think they couldn’t do things any better.

    I’ve been an SG fan for many years, but it was only in the past year that I discovered your blog. I read it pretty faithfully every day now and I enjoy it very much.

  4. 10 seasons for SGU! please!

    Can u give us a hint of what “Resurgence” is about? 😀

  5. What? Peters prepping twin destinies already. I mean I know you shoot out of order but isn’t twin destinies in the second half(episode 12)? That’s kinda far away… Right?

    Oh and a couple other questions

    1. What episode are you currently shooting?

    2. Is Will Waring directing Vistation?

    3. What season 2 episode is your favorite and which do you think will be best recieved by fans?

    4. Do you guys have any ideas for the season 2 finale.

    5. If the ratings continue to hit around 1.5 million average for season 2 (which I highly doubt, but it could happen) do you think(I know it’s MGMs decision but I’m curious of your opinion) it’s more likely that the show would be canceled, or renewed with budget cuts or a 13 episode order instead of 20?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  6. As they say in Australia… ‘CARN’ Joe. (that’s the Aussie drawl saying ‘Come on”….

    I don’t think I’ve ever tasted Coconut icecream. Actually I’ve never had home made icecream… must have a go.

  7. I see a flaw in the contest….you should have an odd number of voters so there is no tie. I’m sure that you could find someone to help out.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. I have no phone or Internet at the moment so am incommunicado

  8. Answer: We’ll be exploring the dangers inherent in the technology in season two.


  9. You wrote… “Today was Round #1 of the big Stargate Ice Cream Showdown pitting big-time writer/director/executive producer/showrunner/show creator Robert C. Cooper vs. humble little me.”

    Aw shucks, humble little you… chuckle/ 😉

    As much as I wish you to win the Stargate Ice Cream Smackdown, er, Showdown Joe, mightn’t it be better to hope Rob wins? As per above titles of excellence.

    Just say’in.
    Mr. Cooper reads this blog, doesn’t he?

    Good luck & g’night!

  10. Interesting how the votes are going…Paul and Carl consistently pick your ice cream and Brad and Ashleigh voting for Rob….I think we need a blind contest.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. best wishes for the next round Joe

  11. Then who is it in the pink apron?

    First of all, let me just say, if I didn’t have a 1/2 gallon of Dutch Chocolate in the freezer, I would be pretty hacked off right now reading about all this delicious sounding/looking ice cream.

    Oh sure, Rob goes for the commercial stuff that is a safe bet. You should be proud of yourself for thinking outside the box and making more of an artistic gourmet selections.

    PS: break down and call a locksmith. It will be fixed in about 10 minutes.

  12. Hi Joe:

    If you go to a tie-breaking fist fight, please…lots of pictures. Especially of the bruised and bloodied Rob, since I KNOW you will win.

    Just a suggestion for future episodes; how about casting Frank Cassini again. As people may remember, he played that bad guy colonel who messed with the Sentinel in the episode of the same name. He’s a veteran Canadian actor with loads of talent.


  13. Hi Joe,

    Well, I do like mint chip ice-cream, but I don’t think there’s any question that the Vanilla Crumble should have won – you got Robbed (pun intended 😉 ) or should that be Cooped? Keep that chin up for tomorrow and DON’T FORGET THE ICE-CREAM. Just making sure we remember to remind you – wouldn’t want to disappoint Carl.

    Back to school tomorrow – 13 more days (!) – so early to bed, too early to rise, but I’m telling you opening the classroom for kids at 6:30am makes me neither healthy, wealthy nor wise.

    Nighty-night, Julie

  14. I made some caramel right after reading yesterday. It wasn’t until it was all bubbly and delicious that I realized I didn’t have anything to do with it.

    Personally, I think it would be very fitting to use “Ground Control to Major Tom” on a ship as decrepit as Destiny.

    Too soon?

  15. What you and your ‘assistant’ get up to while making ice cream is your business.

    My brain is strange.
    While watching Sabotage on Thursday night I was looking at the actress playing Perry and wondering where I knew her from. For a good 20 minutes I had flashes of her in the show I’ve seen her in previously, but still no luck on where (on occasions I prefer to use recall rather than Google). Still no idea. Just knew it was somewhere random.

    Come Saturday and I’m in bed again with a skull crushing migraine. I was thinking to myself, “I just need someone to put some pressure on my neck. Man I’m out of energy. Now where have I seen lately someone putting pressure on someone’s neck and taking energy? That’s right, The Dresden Files. Oh! That’s where Perry is from!”

    It gets there eventually. Although it tends to take the longest route to recall the information on occasions.

  16. Good luck with the second round!

    Thanks for the jet lag advice. I have Rx sleep meds now, courtesy of my TMJ pain treatment.

    May see Ronny tmw. /Tues. night, will certainly pass the greetings along.

  17. Uh, Das? Spider? Wraith at the door… no, then you’d be purring, not screaming… update, please? Hoping all is well…

  18. A tie! A TIE! Are you kidding! That Vanilla/Flake concoction had me salivating just thinking about it! A TIE! I can not, nay, will not stand for this! This is clearly a rigged system and should be brought to the proper authorities immediately! A TIE!

    P.S.: If you are unsure as to who the proper authorities are, feel free to send the evidence to me and I will ensure it gets to the proper place.


  19. Hey Joe!

    Just got to enjoy Subverged this past Friday (We Canucks got it a week later than the US) and it was extremely well done! One of my favorites thus far! I am absolutely loving Alaina Huffman’s performances. Her portrayal of TJ has been absolutely brilliant and TJ IMHO has been such a strong character on the show.

    Any chance we will see an episode where we get to see some of her backstory?

    And also, with ScyFy moving SGU to Tuesdays, do you know if SPACE will do the same??? I am saddened by the thought of having to wait till the Friday to see it when everyone over on GateWorld will already be discussing the episode for a few days before us Canucks! 🙂

  20. Thanks so much for dedicating this blog entry to the men and women of the armed forces, past and present.

    – It makes me laugh and shake my head when I read the XY take (okay, specifically yours, but I’m sure Rob Cooper can talk the talk just as well) – anyway, your species’ perspective on Battle Ice Cream. *w* “Humble little me,” riiiiiiight. . . (cf. “As for the chocolate brownie, if store-bought brownies can beat a chocolate entry made with Pralus 45% Melissa and Amedei Chuao then fine. In the future, I’ll find it far easier to bring in ice cream cake from Dairy Queen than spend a day making ice cream at home.”)

    Yes, humility is a wonderful thing. *g* (Not saying I can’t be a tiny little bit macho when it seems needful to me [*best baritone* “YOUR TEAM SUUUCKS, MAN!!!” *coughs politely* please pardon that little outburst] but guys just seem to be better at that sort of thing. . . En fin, vive la différence. – So, you got a coupla Super Bowl picks yet? Raiders gonna run with the big dogs this year, for a change? lol)

  21. Hi Joe, i have a couple of questions for you
    About atlantis:
    1. i don’t really understand why the atlantis movie is still in limbo, wasn’t sci fi supposed to be involved and also broadcast it first? Or am i missing something?
    About universe:
    2. The show seems to go the same way as Lost, with the mysteries of Destiny and character drama at the center.Was it intentionnal from the start?and are you really gonna answer the questions (unlike that damn lost)?

    Thank you in advance and sorry if the questions aren’t clear, english is not my first language.

  22. ……..and THAT”S when it hits you……..and you have to ask yourself…… Do you really have nothing better to do this afternoon, than sit around eating crappy-tasting, smutty bunnies, trying to catch a reflected glimpse of some stranger’s rumoured body parts on the internet? Hmmmmmmm I’m thinkin’ yes, I do have other things I could/should be doing, a LOT of things, in fact.

    I decided to sleep on the whole situation….

    I actually didn’t get a lot of sleep *shocker* but decisions have been made. My conclusion? I need to shake things up, because this isn’t working for me anymore. So today is June 1st and until the end of the year, there will be some major changes for me. For the most part, I’m looking forward to it, I know there are several things that I have been avoiding, but hey it’s the same for everyone, no? Put on the big girl pants and suck it up, eh! So, anyway….

    Don’t forget the ice cream!

    Good luck on Round 2.

    Have a good one!

  23. Hello Joe! I am currently rewatching SGA and I was wondering: it must have been very amusing to have Chris Heyerdahl around at the Bridge Studios being fully dressed up as Todd.

    One would expect the mighty wraith commander to be far away on his hive ship when he’s actually just walking round the corner! 🙂 I know it is quite some time past, but could you tell a little anecdote on “Todds” presence at the set?
    That would be so nice to hear.

    Greetings from Munich, Germany.

  24. Well, hopefully tomorrow’ll be a mailbag day. 😀 I’ve got a question or two.

    Will we ever see Destiny crew members actually using the elevator seen in “Air”?

    When will we get some backstory for TJ? All we know about her past is little tidbits from “Time” and “Faith”. She hasn’t gone anywhere near the comm stones in S1.

    Can we safely assume that Young’s marriage is over? Are we going to meet Emily again in the future?

  25. alas, I was right about the bunny-bashing. they got their revenge by fouling up your texture. but that doesnt explain how the mint held out to a draw. By all rights you should have managed a clean win there. Still, I am confident you;ll pull out the win today. If not, well, losing to one of the franchise creators isnt all that bad. Just smile knowingly when you congratulate him, and leave him wondering if you threw the contest. I know, you’re too competetive to do so, and he knows it, but you can plant that little bit of doubt to spoil his victory…all hypothetical since you will win.
    Thanks for the mailbag. Wish I had your skills at multitasking. Mailba AND ice cream making and posting. And somewhere in there actually producing a show and writing scripts. truly a man of our times. Best of luck today with the second half, and one question. What would you have offered up as the tie breaking ice cream had./should the contest come to that?

  26. Re: the controversial nekkid bunny crushing picture

    I was pretty sure you had a female assistant in the kitchen, but did I also see Maximus or Jelly up on the counter there? Do the dogs often help you cook?

    Re: The Android’s Dream

    I’m reading it now, and whew, what a ride! I live in DC, so it’s extra fun for me.

  27. So when will these ice creams be hitting the shelves? 😉 I’d love to sample them all – they sound soooo much better than Ben & Jerry’s.

    I know you just did a mailbag, but I’d love it if you’d take just a quick moment to answer a question or 2 of mine. 😀 With delicious ice cream on top?

    1 – I read somewhere that in the commentary of Critical Mass, there’s mention of a Carson/Teyla kiss scene that was cut. Does one exist?

    2 – I know this is a long shot, but would you ever be able to post that cut scene on your blog? Or – would they ever include the cut scenes in a behind the scenes DVD? I’d seriously pay top dollar for it. MGM could make a ton of money from something like that.

    I just bought the SGA Perchance to Dream audiobook narrated by Paul M. It’s absolutely fantastic and it made me think that the Teyla/Carson angle would have made for some beautiful scenes. 😀

    Anyway, I know it was a long shot to ask, but I’d really love to see that scene if it exists. I’d do anything/eat anything. LOL.

    I just wanted to add that I just finished listening to the audiobook narrated by Claudia and Michael and was amazed! Claudia Black is absolutely brilliant. I found myself chuckling as she told the story along with her interaction with Michael Shanks. She just made the top of my list of people I’d love to meet some day. Of course sharing a macaron with you is up there too. 😀

    I sincerely hope you have a lovely day, and that you win the ice cream challenge. Please let us know if any of yours or Rob’s specialties will be hitting the stores!

    Well, I think I’ll go back to lurking and watching my SG box sets. 😀

  28. >2. That is ultimately a studio decision

    Personally I would love to see Stargate return to the Milky Way after SGUs had a nice long season run, I know some people would say it’d rip off SG1, but having an SG1 style team go through the Gate on a semi weekly basis would be kinda cool again.

  29. As PG15 stated a few days ago, there are no losers in this ice cream contest (I paraphrased). I’m fairly certain you had most of your blog regulars out buying ice cream this weekend. 😆 I know I made a Ben & Jerry’s run.
    However, I believe the Salted Butter Carmel victory will be yours! Either way it goes, you found some awesome new flavors!!!!!!!

    Narelle: so sorry you are still feeling bad. That flight flu must have had a lot of punching power. I’m sending good health vibes your way!
    I took a test drive with the Nook. The Nook is not for me. You have to go through several layers of menu to find the magnify text option! Or at least, that is what the product demonstrator showed me. I’m not for certain the demonstrator had ever used the Nook. 😉 I kept asking him questions and he had to struggle for answers. Too funny! In short, I’m very happy with the Sony e-reader! Thanks again!!!!

    PBmom: I’m praying things will go better with your son very soon. If it were me, I’d bring the lawyer in this mess now. The school board is not looking out for your son and it seems like they are taking this as a personal attack. Maybe, a lawyer could better handle things from a fresh perspective or do mediation? Things might progress faster, with the two lawyers talking without the personal feelings of the school board directly involved. Either way, a lawyer might be able to take some of this stress of your shoulders. It sounds like your son is picking up on all the tension.
    Sending peace vibes your way!!!!

  30. Well, SG7, I could only find avoiding any SG related website (yes, sadly, including this blog!) as a workaround to avoid spoilers, until the episode airs.

    Still, are you sure it aired too in the US? Because I couldn’t see any synopsis on IMDB until it aired here and searched real hard the “not so legal” websites and couldn’t find it either. That’s very rare; if it does air s.o.t.b., it usually appears “out there” in the hour following the end credits. My guess is it didn’t air either in the States or they missed an episode this last Friday, cuz the air date now mentioned at IMDB for the next episode, Incursion 1, is June 4th.

    Yup, you writers do like this Varo-Kiryk-Odai-Chernochev-Dopud guy. Must say I was happily surprised with his return. He does punch right through the screen ant into our living room. Sad that I think you couldn’t pull the same trick with Acastus-Robert Davi-Kolya. The man did make too strong an impression in Atlantis. Well, at least, he did payed us a visit in Criminal Minds this week!

    Finally, concerning the Canadian schedule, as the season is nearing the end, I don’t think they’ll move it that soon. (or they really don’t understand how they loose customers by messing with their habits!) If something changes, it would be for next season and would bet real money (and this is rare!) that Space will align its schedule with SyFy. Now, where does it puts Fringe? That is the main question. Would make for a great Tuesday to have both on the same night, one must admit!

  31. “Do we need an agent? Yes”

    But what could an agent do that the writer couldn’t do himself? 😉


    David Blue in a subway commercials? Does that mean he’s going to be on Chuck next season? *g*

  32. I’m going to have to come back and read this blog another time… I had major food poisoning this weekend, to the point of running a fever all with the usual horribleness and …blurg, bleh, urp…..

  33. Hi

    Just thought I would pop in and let everyone know that David Hewlett’s DGEEK Website/Forum is back up. It is all SHINY & NEW. : )

    Hope to see some of you guys over there. The Squirrels are a friendly if slightly nutty bunch. ; )

  34. @ BMc – Joe said, “Alas, despite initial assumptions, that isn’t me in the pink apron.”

    This suggests that Joey had a ladyfriend helping him make ice cream (OR, a dude who likes to wear pink aprons… make of that what you will… ). Thus my ‘AAAAHHH!’ of… comprehension.

    Of course, if he did, in fact, have a ladyfriend helping, then 1. Joey has a ladyfriend (the old dog!), and/or 2. He’s had help in the ice cream contest, and therefore is cheating.

    Rob should win by default.



  35. I agree with chevron7 and otros ojos – next time, a blind test…and don’t try to pull this ‘humble’ crap on us again. 🙂

    @ Narelle – Hope you feel better soon, luv! At least with that headache, you have a good excuse if that amorous kangaroo comes a callin’!

    (link for anyone who missed the story earlier: )

    @ Ponytail – My husband is a locksmith. He’d gladly come up and help Joe with that garage lock. He’d even do it for free…IF we get invited to next year’s chocolate party! 😀

    @ Naeemah – I would love to hear some fun behind-the-scenes stories involving ‘Todd’, or any of the other Wraith actors. I doubt, however, that Joe has any since he seems to spend most of his time in the office, eating. 🙄 (One would almost suspect Joey of being a Wraith, eh? 😉 )


  36. @TammyDixon: I’ve had a call into a lawyer for a week now and no one has returned my call yet so I’ve been muddling through. I did have an advocate with me to try to keep peace (she teachers yoga and was instrumental in getting the autism insurance coverage legislation passed, so she’s dealt with legislators and their politics before). She’s done a fantastic job, but even she lost it the meeting before last. I was told by other advocates this district will refuse mediation (and it is optional to them, not required in this straight) to go straight to due process. Only problem with that is that if I go to due process, in Texas, I only have a 5% chance of winning, versus 50-50 in other states, because of the political corruption. If I lose, I have to pay my lawyer fees which could be $10,000 – $30,000 of money I do not have. If I lose at due process, that gives them written license to do whatever the hell they want for the remainder of my son’s time in this district, which is another 8-9 years (22 or 23). I will have no say whatsoever in that and it will become glorified babysitting. Homeschooling is not an option. Moving is not an option.

  37. Coucou Joseph!!
    Comment ça va ?

    hummm ces glaçes ont l’aire délicieuses !!! miammmm!!!! ♥

    Merci de m’avoir répondu!! Vous devriez écrire un livre de recettes^^!!

    Tiens, je ne vous ai pas dit, je vous ai en photo sur mon portable et mes amis on cru que vous étiez mon oncle? allez savoir pourquoi? Lol les gens me prennent pour une cinglé, c’est vrai que c’est étrange pour quelqu’un d’avoir la photo de son producteur préfére sur son portable..^^ m’enfiche j’♥.

    Bonne journée!!

  38. Hi Joe:

    How much do you think MGM’s financial troubles have been affecting the greenlights for the SG1 and SGA movies? With nearly $4 Billion in reported debt and almost a year for sale, do you think new development might be on hold until they shutdown or a new owner is found?

    With del Toro walking away from directing “The Hobbit” things are not looking so well for MGM 🙁

  39. So my soundtrack question:
    I just want to know if there’s going to be released some original SGU soundtrack from awesome Joel Goldsmith? I’m sure a lot of people would buy it. There are some extractions on youtube but they are usually bad… 🙁 So I’d be happy even with a simple answer like “yes” or “no”. (Of course I’d prefer the first one). Thank you in advance.

  40. “…the addition of too much crushed graham crackers that lent the whole an almost paste-like consistency.”

    Ah ha! See? You shoulda left those poor defenseless bunnies whole and just mixed them in.

    (Sorry for the comment spam, by the way. I was doing non-internet things over the weekend.)

  41. PBmom: What a mess! I hope the lawyer calls back soon. Wishing all the best for your son!!!

  42. @ PBmom – As an educator, it makes me SO MAD when educational institutions give up on kids – what the hell do they think they are there for? It is absolutely shameful that they have put you and your family through all of this, not to mention all of the other children not getting the service and attention they deserve. Can you contact the State Superintendent of Public Instruction? How about local news, human interest stories, people helpers? Oprah, for Heaven’s Sake! I think you need more public power behind your punch!

    @ Maggiemayday – so sorry, food poisoning is NOT fun, hope you feel much better soon!

    @ Das – Oh, you make my day! 🙂

  43. FYI, the Travel Channel is airing a show called Ice Cream Paradise tonight at 8pm PST. Don’t know if it will be something you would be interested in but thought I’d let you know anyway.

  44. Hi Joe,

    Any plans to market that chocolate flake crumble ice cream? I’ll gladly test market your product in the southern Ontario region.

    I discovered that “Flake” bar at my local corner store about 6 months ago and was blown away by the texture. I am going to take my inspiration from you and try it in some of my kitchen creations (I dabble).

    And from the “Late to the party” segment. I caught a re-run of SGA last night on SPACE it was Carl’s “Letters From Pegasus” from Season 1. I’ve seen it before but never thought….. What was that stationary “Beam” doing the Wraith used during the culling that drew Sheppard out like a moth to a flame? The DARTS were buzzing around doing the teleporting. I don’t recall any explanation or use in any future SGA episodes? Did I miss something? Just curious.

    Thanks as always, and pass along the kudos to your wonderful co-workers, they are all appreciated (you most of all of course).

  45. Hi Mr M!!

    Now that we’re all caught up…I’m BACK!









    RE: Subversion:

    Mana from Heaven!! What an ep! Shades of SG1 Kick Ass, blended with intrigue from Destiny….Danny boy as back up and Jack on board….

    Aside from the obvious SG1 cast appearances, the ep was a good solid mystery.

    The Character beats and fraught tension between Young and Telford coupled with the Rush undercover story really made for an EXCELLENT top notch ep!!


    More please!!


    PS: Hope all the cast and crew are well, and hope Mom is doing good.

    Best from Ireland.

  46. Dear Joe, a question or so. First, have you ever eaten both actual Kobe beef and American Kobe? Do you find much of a difference if you have?

    What is so horrible about a good, simple VCS (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry). I always see people adding stuff nto the mix as if the base flavors needed a full orchesral back-up whenit can perform solo.

    Stargate: Timeline issues: Don’t want to know when and ho long the Ancients were in MW but when did they leave, 2-5 million years ago as indicated in ‘Risin’ or te 50 million years ago as indicated in ‘Frozen?

    Second, in Pain, how far along is TJ’s pregnancy?

    I know you aren’t a tech fan but a hint would be nice. Did the Ancients choose the FTL drive over the hyperdrive or dd they just use wht they had that was available? My personal theory isthat they chose the FTL system because it could be powered bythe stars, had fewer movin parts and was more robust than the hyperdrive. I mean Destiny has taken shots that in the more modern Earth cruisers, etc., blows their hyperdrive until it has to be fixed.

    Finally, somet

  47. Is there any chance that you could have a rake around the Destiny to see if you can locate the fantastic shampoo and conditions that keep everybody’s hair so bouncy and shiny.

    When you do manage to find it get back in touch with me and I will give you my snail mail address.


    Susan – having a bad hair day.

  48. @Shirt’n’Tie ya, didn’t it remind you of, say, season 8 of SG:1


  49. Das wrote, “@ Ponytail – My husband is a locksmith. He’d gladly come up and help Joe with that garage lock. He’d even do it for free…IF we get invited to next year’s chocolate party!”

    See Joe, I got ya all fixed up. A locksmith and his assistant ready to go. Just post directions to your house and they’ll be right over.

  50. Does anyone know of a good emoticon that represents someone wearing concrete boots?

    Tammy – Recovery has been hindered by STRESS!! I’m a deal with it, suck it up kind of person when it comes to being put under stress, probably because it’s the usual state of things, but unfortunately when my energy levels are drained it takes its toll. Ah well. If PG15 would hurry up with the teleporter I could zap myself to somewhere waaaaaaaarm, and ocean-yyyyyyyy and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Das – I have my suspicions that the kangaroo is just some randy guy in a costume.

  51. Ummm what happened to Remi’s vote. You list 9 people as judges which would mean no ties. Then I noticed that Remi was not included in the count breakdown. Wh-wh where did he go?


  52. Narelle: I hope your stress lets up and you start getting serious z-time soon. If only PG15 WOULD invent such a device but…..they did have a few accidents with those teleporters on Star Trek. You go first 😀 .
    Hubby would like to ask what kind of software that you are involved in. He works for Microsoft, so you can guess most of the languages he likes 😉 .
    Feel better soon!

  53. I see a few of us are I’ll. May you all recover quickly!


    For others…I also live in Texas. Other states’ educational systems are stronger in the special-education areas. Also, our local school districts are locally governed and supported by local tax revenues; therefore, probably more autonomous than in other US states or in other countries. (PBMom, feel free to correct me. I have no kids, get my school info third-hand.)

    @JulieAloha: Where do you teach…what state or country? FYI, local media covered PBMom’s son a couple of years ago.

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