Today marked the second and final round of the Stargate Ice Cream Throwdown pitting Writer/Director/Show Creator/Show Runner/Executive Producer Robert Cooper against Blogger/Orange Belt in Judo/High School Clarinet Player yours truly.  As those of you who read yesterday’s blog already know – which should be all of you – I was down after a (debatable, in my opinion) first round tie and (fully acceptable) loss.  My record stood at 0-1-1 going into today.  I would need back to back wins to pull off the victory.  Could I do it?!

Rob’s Peanut Butter Crunch Ice Cream vs. Joe’s Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

The Peanut Butter Crunch went fast.

I started with this one, my strongest entry, figuring I would probably take the round and set up a nail-biter of a finale in the Battle Chocolate round.  The Peanut Butter Crunch was, in my opinion, Rob’s best creation, beating out yesterday’s Smores Ice Cream.  A nice balance of taste and textures.  While the flavors of my Butter Salted Caramel were definitely bolder, texture was again a problem as it started to melt the instant it hit the bowl.  Rob went so far as to declare my creation the “Best Sauce”.  When it came time to pass judgment, the jury was conflicted.  Carl felt both flavors were the best of the two days, “1A and 1B” so far as he was concerned…but he had to choose one.  They all did.   And the voting broke down as follows –

Brad: salted butter caramel, John: peanut butter crunch, Carl: salted butter caramel, Linda: salted butter caramel, Paul: salted butter caramel, Lawren: peanut butter crunch, Ashleigh: salted butter caramel.

Final Score: 5-2 (Butter Salted Caramel – Thank you, David Lebovitz!).

And that set up the final battle…

Rob’s Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream vs. Joe’s Double Chocolate Ice Cream (Pralus Milk Chocolate with Chopped Amedei Chuao).

So did the Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream.

We’d each won one and shared a tie.  This was the deciding ice cream.  And, because Kerry was unable to make the tasting, a potential tie was out of the question.  Still, this one was VERY close.  The voting broke down as follows –

Brad: chocolate brownie, Carl: chocolate brownie, Linda: chocolate brownie…

Immediately putting me down 0-3 with four votes to go.  Then –

Lawren: double chocolate, Paul: double chocolate, Ashleigh: double chocolate.

Which left the deciding vote to John Lenic.  Yesterday, he cast a final vote for Rob’s mint chip that forced a stalemate in the opening battle.  Today, after much hesitation (and, I suspect, a desire to slip away unnoticed), he finally cast his vote…

For my double chocolate!

Final Score: 4-3 (Double Chocolate).

Which gave me the come from behind win with two victories today and a final all-round score of 2-1-1.

No sooner had I claimed the win than Ashleigh intimated the voting may have gone differently had it been a secret ballot, that – just maybe – some of the voting may have been a little…political.  Of course, she immediately backtracked when I asked her to elaborate, but the damage had been done.  My victory was tainted, now rendered as bittersweet as my chocolate ice cream.

Ashleigh throws a wrench into my ice cream celebrations. If I'd have hung out the office long enough, I'm sure she would have kicked me as well.

Looking back over the Throwdown as an impartial (as possible) observer, I honestly thought the throwdown could well have ended in a tie.

My Vanilla-Advokaat with Flake Crumble over his Mint Chip: I’m sorry.  I’m sure that Vanilla was killer, the best ice cream I made last weekend.

His Coconut-Raspberry over my  Coconut Cream Pie: Although I preferred the flavors of my entry, I have to admit there were major textural problems that sunk it.

His Peanut Butter Crunch over my Salted Butter Caramel: To be honest, this one was a toss-up and could have gone either way.  The caramel was unique and delicious, but that Peanut Butter Crunch was damn good.  I would have accepted a close loss on this one – provided I got the win on the vanilla.

My Double Chocolate over his Chocolate Brownie: The stellar bittersweet combo of the Pralus milk and Amedei Chuao was tough to beat.

So, I would have been perfectly happy with the tie.

But I’ll take the win.

Today, we had a discussion of Rob’s new story that eventually devolved into a heated debate about gate travel, subspace sensors, and Swiss Family Robinson.

Don’t ask.

Tomorrow = that long awaited Q&A from actress Elyse Levesque, SGU’s Chloe Armstrong!

53 thoughts on “June 1, 2010: Battle Ice Cream – Round Two! Peanut Butter Crunch vs. Salted Butter Caramel! Chocolate Brownie vs. Double Chocolate!

  1. Glad you won. I don’t know if I would have been able to decide on the chocolates because I love anything to do with chocolate. I even had a chocolate brownie ice cream cake last December for my birthday.

  2. Hurrah! Told you you’d win ( just ignore the hypothetical questions I asked yesterday). congratulations. What you need now is a dark chocolate medal to proclaim your achievement. That way you can eat it before having to turn it over next year in the event of a loss.
    Good to see a nice tight contest though, and I do feel somewhat bad for Mr. Cooper. You both put a lot of time, effort, and a fair bit of cash into producing some stellar goods. If you ever go mass market let us know…
    power is out so time to head out before the battery fails. Thanks for the nail biting narrative, and sorry, but I have to ask, what ABOUT Swiss Family Robinson?

  3. Congratulations Iron Chef Joe!! Your ice cream reigned supreme!! Sorry Rob, you have been chopped!

    “So, I would have been perfectly happy with the tie.”

    No you wouldn’t have! Go for the jugular everytime! What did you once write?,…”no mercy for the fallen!”

  4. I agree with the folks that said it should have been a blind tasting. Then there would be no chance that politics could come into play.

    But with summer just starting, I’m sure everyone would be happy to have another ice cream tasting in a week or two. Or even on a weekly basis!

    That salted butter caramel ice cream sounds great to me! Now I’ll go have some Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche to satifsfy my caramel and ice cream craving.

  5. Congratulations!! I have to admit I was kind of worried for ya, it didn’t look good. So what do we plebs call you now? Shall it be King Joe, or will Your Majesty suffice?

    I feel kinda sorry for John Lenic – no pressure there eh! It all came down to him, or he would have forced it to sudden death. Hey wait, I would have enjoyed a sudden death overtime. RATS!!

    Awww yes, Ashleigh has introduced the tiny *ominous voice* Niggle of Doubt … verrrrry clever.

    You played the clarinet? *snicker*

    Have a good one!

  6. Hurray For Joe! Hurray for Ice-Cream! Hurray for Elyse’s Q&A tomorrow! And . . . Swiss Family Robinson???

    And Joe, remember who stood loyally at your side, cheering, encouraging and supporting you – can we have recipes, please? Rob’s too? *Salivating over the mere idea of Peanut Butter Crunch*

    Smiles, Julie

    Mr. Mallozzi stands tall and bows deep… (envisioning you in your Judo Gi with a snug orange belt tied at the waist)

    ***WINNER of the Stargate Ice Cream Throwdown (2010)***


    2cats… grinning like the Cheshire cat 😀

  8. This winter, a movie of epic proportion, of how one writter beat the odds and was king for a day. This December, Joseph Mallozzi in Stargate- The Ice Cream Throwdown!

  9. Awww, tell Ashleigh I am always on her side but that was just mean! However, next year, blind taste test, ballots. That way it’s unquestionable!

  10. Psssst. Joe. Over here.
    Don’t you know you NEVER beat the boss at anything. You are so going to suffer when you hand your next script in.

    Anyhoo, no need to whisper any more.
    With the increase in home cooking at the Mallozzi home have you thought of getting a composter?

    We have one of these.
    Means your vegetable waste gets used, there’s no smell at all with the Can O Worms and you have some great castings and liquid for any plants around your place.

    Tammy – I work in the CRM space. Predominantly work with SQL databases but also work with Java, XML, HTML, PHP for integration purposes.

    Interesting to read what you said about the Nook. Glad the Reader is still working for you. I haven’t turned on my Reader for 2 weeks I’ve been feeling that flat. Eyeball movements make my head spin. I’m hoping to get my reading shiz back soon because I miss it. Maybe I’ll re-read the Weather Warden series. Fun and easy and my brain doesn’t have to think that hard. Hmmmm?

  11. Congratulations on the win! Yes I definitely want all recipes from both sides.

    To all: Lawyer called me back and advised on best way to answer to keep all legal avenues open until she and I have time to sit down and go over options, while assuring they at least move forward so Patrick isn’t hurt. The “something is better than nothing” mindframe. She is filling me out a lengthy questionnaire that I will have to fill out before we can even get to the meeting. Sitting here going over their proposed “maintenance schedule” list for the summer and it doesn’t match AT ALL the “maintenance schedule” list they have they said they started in April 2010. Heavy sigh. They are so disorganized. Why do I think that this is going to be longer than a 4-hour meeting? I still have 3 pages of questions they still need to answer.

    Thanks you all for your thoughts, messages, assistance (thanks Gilder). It helps keep me sane.

  12. Hi Joe. thank you for introducing me to John Scalzi writing. I began reading “Old Man’s War” and I couldn’t put it down until I’ve finished it. I can’t wait to see it turned into a big motion picture – it would put “Avatar” to shame in my humble opinion. Please let him write at least one of the episodes next season.

  13. Yay!! Well done Joe.

    Judo huh? Clarinet huh? Was that ever used as a weapon??

    “You callin’ me a geek?” *THWACK*

  14. Congrats on your win! YOU ROCK, DUUUDE!!!

    (Some people played clarinet. I played middle linebacker. [Very strange drama teacher; don’t ask.] But one of my best friends was a clarinetist.)

    So what are you guys gonna do for fun next week?

    @das – Heaven forbid, but what if Joe was telling a little white lie about it not being him wearing the pink apron? I mean, we have seen him wearing something very like a pink corsage. . .

    @PBMom – I’ve been thinking about you a lot – haven’t said anything before because the same issue touched me very closely (and was painful), via an aunt who’s like a mom / older sister to me, her husband, and their multihandicapped daughter, whom I love dearly. I know this is not at all the same as being a parent, but I went to two IEP meetings with my aunt and my cousin, and got a taste of just how much the educational establishment can try to make themselves look all concerned and altruistic while spouting a load of BS about why reduced time in therapy was acceptable, as well as less time spent in a proactive educational environment. (To be fair, in my cousin’s case, not everyone was like that. Also – thank goodness – last year she left the school system.) – I very much regret not having said anything before, but I sincerely hope for the best of all possible outcomes for you and your son.

  15. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the input on the books.

    I read Scalzi’s “The Ghost Brigades”, really enjoyed it. I have to admit I enjoyed “Old Man’s War” more but I still liked Ghost Brigades. Another quick read (and page-turner)! One of my “book a day” reads.

    Next up… “The Last Colony”. 😀

    I’ll definitely buy his “The Android’s Dream” and give that a read too. Scalzi’s a great author!

    I’m hoping the Old Man’s War “universe” keeps going, even if it doesn’t include John and Jane (but perhaps adventures with Zoe (beyond “Zoe’s Tale”)).

    Regarding Banks’ books… I’ll be sure to check ’em out starting with “Consider Phlebas” (reading in published order).

    I was curious about authors you like who are good with writing humor into the stories because I noticed some very refreshing humorous moments in Scalzi’s books. It makes sense that you’d mention Scalzi for literary SF. I haven’t read any Abercrombie yet (fantasy) but I’ll check it out. 🙂


  16. Coucou Joseph!

    Lol j’adore ce concour de glaces, on se croirait dans un tournoi de tennis ^^! Encore merci pour ces photos!

    Impatiente d’avoir les Q/A d’Elyse!!!

    Gros bisou ♥

  17. Hi again Joe,

    Question about Banks’ books, it looks like there is a variety – some of different genre – like:

    “the wasp factory”, “walking on glass”, “the bridge”, “consider phlebas”, “espedair street”, “the player of games”, “canal dreams”, “use of weapons”, “the state of the art”, “the crow road”, “against a dark background”, “complicity”, “feersum endjinn”, “whitt” (“isis amongst the unsaved”), “excession”, “a song of stone”, “inversions”, “the business”, “look to windward”, “dead air”, “raw spirit”, “the algebraist”, “the steep approach to garbadale”, “matter”, “transition”

    Though, I found these listed as the ones written by him with his middle initial “M.” (Iain M. Banks)…

    Are these the Banks books you’re talking about?

    Consider Phlebas
    The Player of Games
    Use of Weapons
    The State of the Art
    Against a Dark Background
    Feersum Endjinn
    Look to Windward
    The Algebraist



  18. So it’s my birthday this month (bleh!!), which makes me a Gemini. I can’t sleep tonight, so I was on the MSN site and they have a horoscope section. I don’t know that I put much stock in the whole astrology thing, but I was looking at the Gemini Personality Traits and it’s kinda spooky. The whole dual personality, the nervous energy, and the food thing *OMG* I still have rather …..unique… rituals to this day (not just when I was a kid). Moody and isolative, definitely, but I don’t think I’m cruel though, sarcastic yes, but not deliberately cruel.

    Another site mentions that Gemini’s talk with their hands, are independent, commitment phobic, restlessness of thought, short attention/concentration span, multi-tasker, curious nature (gee, this one is out of left field, I don’t know where they got that from, I never ask any questions, do I? *smirk*). So apparently I’m not flighty, I’m just a Gemini *sticks tongue out and blows raspberry*

    Oh, and I’m witty too, see I keep telling all of you that I’m funny. I don’t know why you won’t believe me, but now that you know I’m a Gemini, I’m sure you’ll laugh at my jokes from now on, right? OK maybe not…..

    Sleeeeep, why can’t I sleeeep? I have to get up at an insanely early hour tomorrow…… *aaaaarrg*

  19. dasNdanger wrote: [i]”I would love to hear some fun behind-the-scenes stories involving ‘Todd’, or any of the other Wraith actors. I doubt, however, that Joe has any since he seems to spend most of his time in the office, eating. 🙄 (One would almost suspect Joey of being a Wraith, eh? 😉 )”[/i]

    Hehe, you’re probably right, but nevertheless he did those awesome behind-the-scenes photos of Todd, so at least they did meet sometime! 😉 *continues to glance at Joe*

  20. Ahhhhh Ashleigh…. The Nemesis strikes again – the lady with the face that could find a thousand ship wrecks 😉

    Next throw-down – secret ballots.

    Or you could just install a realtime webcam with audio, because I’m sure the antics in the main areas of your office would make compulsive viewing – that and you could also spy on what they’re all doing.

    Does Ashleigh have odd quotes that she lives her life by? Like; A knife can never be sharp enough to work with, as too – a sharp tongue… Deflating someones balloon takes less effort than inflating one etc.

  21. Hi Mr M!!

    Meant to ask:

    *****GEEK ALERT*****

    As Telford/Rush is dropped off at the apartment, the agent driving him says he’s reading a book…..Though I have an incredibly busy life, and don’t possess freeze frame technology (story involves remote control, child, ice cream and a dog)….I am guessing that the book is :

    OLD MAN’S WAR by supremo Scalzi???

    Would love to know….am guessing others have spotted this too??? (or am I alone in my geekiness??) *points at PG15*



  22. That was some pretty stiff competition! Congrats!

    PBmom: I hope this means more progress will be made and the stress will get better. Good luck!

    Narelle: Impressive! Hubby has worked with too many too for me count (he’s been programming since the 80’s). When I met him (long ago), he was working with Clipper. Now I hear him talking more about SQL and .Net.
    I have a cuz that does Java. My Hubby and she get into interesting discussions 😀 . Cuz’s hubby is doing iphone applications.
    Did you see a doctor? Sounds like you need some blood work. All those creepy crawlies in Aussie land, one might have bitten you.

    JulieAloha: check the blog from a couple of days ago. Mr. M had a link for the Salted Butter Carmel recipe. It does look mouth watering….. If you can’t find it, I’ll look later for you.

  23. Morning Joe, Kudos for the win! and thanks for the pictures, yummy.can almost taste them. Yes maybe secret ballot is best, no hurt feelings and such, less pressure. But a great showing by all nonetheless.
    I played the clarinet in school, and not sure how that helps me now, but it was something then. good to have other skills. Never to old to learn is what I hear.
    The oil spill is getting closer to our shores in FL. Not a good thing, someone really messed up with that. Hope they get it resolved sooner rather than later, it would be different have an oil spill in space I imagine, where would it go? Maybe like when a star explodes or a star gate..
    Enjoy your day and keep cooking up things!

  24. @ PBmom – just hang in there, hon, your cheering section is steadfast and LOUD!

    @ Gilder – Shoreline Children’s Center, Shoreline Schools in WA; I chose to teach before/after care at the elementary level (we have a site at each elementary in the district) rather than in a regular classroom because I’m able to do more for my kiddos in social skills and base activities than the current public curriculum allows – there’s just not enough time in a reg class day for the life skills I believe are so essential. Our district is very good at special services and most of our kiddos with special needs are mainstreamed with lots of support and do very well – we’re also very good at making sure our staff, cert and classified, are trained and supported so we can in turn support our kids. Not perfect, of course; IEP assessment can be a real bear, but we try to do what is best for the child on a case by case basis and as early in their educational career as possible. I just can’t abide the idea of “educators” withholding whatever help and support they could offer to children – I believe they should stand up and fight for each and every child’s success.
    *Whew! Backing away from Speaker’s Corner* I do tend to orate when I address my passion. 😉

    Forgive, Julie

  25. Hello Joe.

    Congrats in the big win!!! You know, I was watching Subversion and noticed a nice little nod to the other series. Leave it to Camille to not be willing to do all that is necessary.

    Typical IOA, talks a good talk, but not willing to back it up with action when necessary. Can’t wait to see how all this pays off this Friday.

    Best wishes.


  26. Joe, you are so NOT HELPING my diet. Ice cream is one of my triggers and now I want, big time. Salted Butter Caramel? OMG, I’m drooling! Jenny Craig is not going to be happy with me today.

    Congrats on the win though!

  27. Ashleigh’s only saying that ‘cos I pointed out the flaw yesterday and highlighted the fact she voted against you at every turn. She made sure she voted for you today – interesting…I think she wants something.

    I don’t know that it was necessarily political, but if it was then wouldn’t Rob have won? With all due respect isn’t he higher in the food chain?

    So congratulations Joe…King of Ice-cream…I think that deserves a photoshop project of it’s own….Give me a few days and I’ll see what I can swing.

    Speaking of photoshop projects I promised to share my zombie Ivon pics here…the first one I did from your photo of Ivon the other day, that was the inspiration to do a zombie tutorial…the result is pretty creepy. The second is from the “dreamy photo” the other week (it’s my fave)

    Zombie Ivon 1
    Zombie Ivon 2

    Admittedly I don’t know a huge amount about zombies so I’m kinda guessing… 🙂

    Gotta say thanks to Joe for sharing the photos and a huge thanks to Ivon ‘cos he lets me photoshop him all the time.

    Cheers, Chev

  28. Questions for Joe (sorry put these on yesterdays…you can delete that if you want):

    1. Do you make gelato or sorbet?

    2. Have you ever thought of inventing your own ice cream concoction…foie gras something or other?

    3. Were Young and Telford close friends? I got the feeling they more than just knew each other casually from work. Also I still believe that Young is the bad guy even though things don’t look so good for Telford.

    4. Are you into soccer?

    5. What preparations will they be making for TJ’s baby’s birth….is Destiny equipped? Has anyone delivered a baby before?

    Cheers, Chev

  29. Congratulations on the win.

    Many, many years ago I came to experience actual Italian gelato, and was hooked. At the same time, I was treated to the inexplicable sight of Italians eagerly lining up to buy American melorine from a vending machine.

    One man’s meat, I suppose.

  30. I’ll tell ya right now, Joe, I probably would have picked the peanut butter crunch AND very possibly Rob’s Chocolate brownie creation. How differently the day would have been had I not been recording ADR…

  31. When are you getting back into your spambait ministry? You know, wasting scammers’ time so they have less time to email my aunts.

    If you’re not getting good spam, try Craig’s list for Vancouver. There’s this scam where anyone in the world posts random addresses, some for occupied houses, some for vacant, on Craig’s list. The scam is to try to get the person to send a deposit for rent on the home. The scammers like to pose as missionaries out of the country because, ya’ know, when someone with a Crag’s list account claims to be a missionary you automatically know they can be trusted.

    I could look some up for you, but I’m too lazy.

  32. Congrats Joe!! Sounds like Rob gave you a lot of competition. I bet his ice cream was good too. If the franchise folds… you could always be Rob and Joe” Ice Cream. ( or Joe and Rob’s) Canada’s equivalent to Ben and Jerry’s.

  33. The morality tale behind all ice cream wars dictates that all parties are winners because of the surfeit of ice cream. The lack of ice cream is clearly the cause of centuries of unrest in the Middle East.

    The ice cream looks delicious but for creative types those were some rather bland names given for the treats. I was expecting something like Graham Bunny Roadkill Surprise or Gotta Chocolate.

    I forgot about the holiday interupting the SGU sked, but thankfully this week is flying by due to the same holiday that screwed up my SGU viewing.

  34. Hi Jeo, I don’t like asking this but, how likely is it that the movies will be cancelled? Also, do you know when there’ll be any new news about the movies? If MGM goes bankrupt, will this spell the end for stargate? Finally, do you know why Claudia Black is not going to be in the next movie?

  35. Hi Joe, i am sorry to keep bothering you, but I can’t seem to get a straight answer to this on the internet, many conflicting sources. Why did Michel Shanks leave SG1 and then come back? (I’m glad he came back)

  36. Hello Joseph, i have a new question for you :

    How come that the crew took with him jogging and extra clothes? And also razors electric and ammunitions so important?

    The crew nevertheless arrived in a panic, no?

    Thank you very much Joe.


  37. ohhh, what Twbrit said:
    Just like the movie – The Truman Show. That would be compulsive viewing 24/7. You guys would blow the ratings off the chart.

  38. @ Das – great example vid, that’s exactly what we were talking about!

    @ maggiemayday – feeling better?

    @ Kerry – say it ain’t so!

    @ Tammy Dixon – got it, thanks – but I’m greedy – I want Rob’s, too!

    @ Joe – Seriously, we would buy an SG fav recipes book, proceeds to help secure SG movies!

  39. Das: too funny! I saw that ad on TV last week and did think of the thread you started about realistic love scenes.

    JulieAloha: I just can’t abide the idea of “educators” withholding whatever help and support they could offer to children – I believe they should stand up and fight for each and every child’s success.
    It seems so simple, doesn’t it? I wonder why PBMom’s school board doesn’t seem concerned about her son’s education? Or why the school board is taking her concerns/requests so personally. Why BE a school board member if helping kids isn’t the main objective? I’ve heard a school board position CAN be a stepping stone for political aspirations. That might explain some things.
    We are rooting for ya PBMom!

  40. Seems like you guys are having fun with this competition! 🙂

    Sweet… Looking forward to that Q&A… In case you get time for questions, I have a couple if you dont mind.

    1. What episode are you currently shooting

    2. Is Will Waring directing Vistation?

    3. What season 2 episode is your favorite and which do you think will be best recieved by fans?

    4. Do you guys have any ideas for the season 2 finale.

    5. If the ratings continue to hit around 1.5 million average for season 2 (which I highly doubt, but it could happen) do you think(I know it’s MGMs decision but I’m curious of your opinion) it’s more likely that the show would be canceled, or renewed with budget cuts or a 13 episode order instead of 20?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  41. Joe,

    Congratulations on the win.

    Who’s your next victim — Bobby Flay?

    Ashleigh loves to mess with your mind.

  42. >4. Do you guys have any ideas for the season 2 finale.

    I know, I know, someone should shoot an episode which intails a giant planet made of Ice cream randomly appearing in Destinys flightpath, but this Ice cream is special, it can breach Destinys shields, suddenly the ice cream pours through the battle worn hull of Destiny, randomly killing guest stars, as the ice cream threat slowly becomes real, Young orders the crew to survive, to eat the ice cream, and to wait until Destiny enters FTL. Only problem being, Ice cream has entered Destinys FTL drive. *To be continued*

    Ice cream end?

    It’d solve food problems aboard Destiny anyway and mellow Greer out.

  43. I hope that doesn’t offend any commenters without a sense of humor 🙂

  44. @Chevron7 – that second shot of Ivon – he looks like Ty Pennington (guy from Extreme Home Makeover).

    @Airelle – that oil spill is devastating, to the ocean, the wildlife, and is going to have a huge economic impact. The media is reporting that it may not be capped until August. I sure hope they’re wrong…. Their efforts of trying to cap the spill is like watching the Keystone Kops. Then there is the issue of who will be picking up the tab. Why is this even an issue, fairly obvious to me…..

    I have to agree with the people about the battle for next year, blind taste test and secret ballet. Although it IS fun to hear all about the ice cream as you are in the planning stages, making it etc. etc.

    Ohhh looks like you lucked out that Kerry WASN’T there. If she had voted for the Peanut Butter, you would have still won that one, but if she had voted for the Brownie it would have been a tie, so would have went to a tie-breaking round.

    I have a question regarding Callebaut Chocolate. Have you taste tested the Callebaut out of Belgium? I assume that you will have tried the rebel brother/son Bernard Callebaut’s chocolate out of Calgary (he has a storefront in Van.). So my question is; have you found any difference, taste-wise or quality-wise, between the two chocolates? Does the Callebaut brand make it anywhere on your list of favourite chocolate(s)?


  45. Is that Kerry with a Y up there saying she would have sold you down the river? I swear!

  46. @ JulieAloha & Tammy Dixon – If I didn’t know better, I’d SWEAR that was a video of my honeymoon! 😆


  47. @ Joe & Das & everyone – for the last month I have rushed home every evening so I can read the latest on Joe’s blog – just knowing what I find here will make me think, make me smile and make my day. (I hope that’s not too Pollyanna, but it’s true!)

    Thank you all!

    Smiles, Julie

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