Forget the show, the upcoming short story, or my general health.  What everyone wants to know is “Did you remember to bring in the ice cream for Carl?”  The answer is…

Carl perks up at the prospect of ice cream.

Ooooh! What do we have here?!

Yes.  And he enjoyed it immensely – although that didn’t stop him from insulting one of my episodes about an hour later (What the hell, I’m sure he thought, I’ve already had my ice cream – failing to realize the potential of future treats.  He’s like a lab rat in that respect.).  The Vanilla with Shaved White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Flakes was a hit, but it was the Sweet Corn with Cheddar Chip that had people talking.  So, for those who asked, here’s the recipe:

1 1/2 cup whole milk + 1/2 cup condensed milk in a pan and bring to a boil.

Turn to low.  Drop in a couple of vanilla pods.  Let sit for 30 minutes and allow the flavors to infuse.

Strip the vanilla into the mix and discard the pods and add one can of creamed corn.  Strain.

Combine 8 egg yolks + 1/2 cup sugar.  Whisk.

Add infused vanilla base to yolks and sugar, and whisk.

Return to pan over low heat, stirring constantly until it thickens.

Wrap and refrigerate, preferably overnight.

The next day, pour the custard into your ice cream maker and churn.

As it begins to thicken, add your liquor (which I find helps keep the ice cream from crystalizing).  I prefer the fairly neutral vanilla flavor of Galliano.

As it continues to thicken, add what those in the ice cream industry refer to as “particulates” (ie. crushed graham crackers, smarties, pachinko balls, etc.).  In this case, add about a half cup of crunched up Cheddar Potato Chips.

Refrigerate overnight and serve.

Emboldened by the success of this particular recipe, I’m going to try my hand at a few more exotic flavors – one an Ashleigh request, one a blog regular suggestion, and one I saw the other day on Food Network: Blue Cheese Ice Cream, Avocado-Coconut Ice Cream, and Maple-Bacon Ice Cream.  Carl will be thrilled.

Hmmm.  Looking over these live+7 numbers.  Human, the last episode charted, received a whopping 47% bump from time-shifted viewers, the biggest to date.  That’s almost half our original viewing audience!  I guess that’s what you get for having a techy fanbase.

Some goodies from the Atlantis Art Department vault –

This is why they tell you not to eat in bed – Stargate: Atlantis, The Seed.

Insert your own Satedan Courting Ritual gag here. Das. Stargate: Atlantis, The Seed.

Room with a view. Stargate: Atlantis, The Seed.

Wraith consoles with built-in inter-hive skyping ability. Stargate: Atlantis, Kindred II.

Flimsy bad guy hideout. They sure don't make 'em like they used to. Stargate: Atlantis, The Last Man.

69 thoughts on “May 13, 2010: Ice Cream! A Big +7 Pop! And Atlantis Goodies!

  1. Greetings from planet Menopause and the puncture repair kit is only sort of working. Thankfully I can watch SGU and feel comforted in the knowledge that you’re putting those guys through the wringer and that makes me feel better:)
    Is that 1/2 cup or 1and 1/2 cups? Not that I’m likely to make any but IF I did I want to know.

  2. Glad Carl finally got his ice cream.

    Interesting recipe.

    Craig at SyFy on twitter just posted a blog on how they can’t really use Live + 7 numbers for renewals. 🙁 Hopefully the audience stops DVR’ing and starts watching.

    “Listen to the Nielsen numbers/Not listen to the great DVR numbers
    The industry standard right now is Nielsen ratings, which are the best measurement tool that’s proven workable at the scale needed (i.e. not just theoretically possible but actually able to be implemented and to get everyone to agree to use them). Ratings are the currency of the TV business at the moment, and they’re the only way to do business. If a TV network didn’t want to use Nielsens it’d be like saying they want to start an ice cream shop but they’ll only take gold bars as payment, not the standard cash or credit. DVR numbers are a mixed bag. On the one hand people are watching the show, on the other hand, if they’re fast forwarding through commercials, the network isn’t making the money it needs from them to support the show. Counting them is tricky.”

  3. SWEET!

    Good to know people are at least watching! Hopefully they’ll watch live when it matters now!

  4. I’m going to make ice cream during the summer when I have more time. I’m going to try your Sweet Corn with Cheddar Chip recipe, but I’m having a little trouble seeing where you put in the sweet corn. Am I missing something?

  5. Now we can all relax and enjoy tomorrow’s episode guilt free, knowing Carl is not still pining away for your sweet treats. Now, if I only had an ice cream maker I might try out your recipe. As it is I’ll note it and see what the summer brings.
    Thanks for the pics, and looking forward to your next installment of how the stargate spins.

  6. This is the same problem we have with the Nielson numbers for SGA. If they are going to stick with counting only the people who have watched it when it aired as a means for renewal then we are screwed. I guess you should just stop making scifi shows in general because this problem is just going to get worse, especially with a techy fanbase. The way in which people watch TV is changing and the means to rate a show are stuck in the past.
    Sorry about my grimness…

  7. Hey Joe,

    First off I am really enjoying SGU, especially the 2nd half, so please don’t take this post the wrong way, but I am not going to get excited over Live+7 numbers, it did not help SGA. SGA was pulling in 2.1 Million viewers Live+7 for it’s final season, and “Human” managed to drum up just under 2 Million, right? But my main concern is the Live+Same Day. SGU is just under 1.5 Million now, SGA was pulling in over 1.6 Million for the entire season, and almost 1.7 Million for the 2nd half. You don’t see this as an issue? The Live numbers for both shows are becoming neck and neck. A few more 1.4 to 1.5 Million viewers for this season are gonna match it to SGA’s Live performance. SGU has also seemed to lose a lot of it’s younger audience, likely warmer weather.

    I do hope the fall and move to Tuesday will uptick the show. SGA did it, but it got cancelled for it.

    I hope SGA was not cancelled due to poor ratings performance, because if that is the case, how can SGU survive on 1.4 Million viewers live?



  8. Courting ritual, Joe? Really? I thought, perhaps, that you had churned your custard a bit too vigorously. 😉


  9. I don’t like liquorice flavoured (I mean aniseed) flavoured drinks like pastisse but man, licorice icecream would be yummy!

    Joe , what is live+7 ?

  10. From a production stand point, how do you feel about the 47% bump in time-shifted viewing? I’m guessing you’d prefer live viewers, so is the large increase a blessing or a curse? Also, do you have any idea how much larger your audience is if you include those that watch by ‘other’ non-conventional means?

  11. Joe – if we can set aside the jocularity for a moment…

    Now that Atlantis is kaput, can you touch a little further on The Seed, and the idea that (some? all?) Wraith tech is grown from a living host? I know we asked way back in the day if this meant that all Wraith hive ships started with a living host, and if that host was Wraith or human, and if that meant that a hive ship was sentient in some way (which would have been totally cool!). You were your usual vague self, and so I wondered if you could elaborate a little more on this – on how you imagined it when you and Paul penned the story.

    Thankies, sir!


  12. Joe — I’m curious about how soggy the chips were in the ice cream. Hate soggy chips! I wonder if Cheetos would hold their crunch?

    I also missed where the corn went into the Sweet Corn… recipe.

  13. Ooh, brainstorm. Blue Cheese and bacon ice cream. Now that would be worth a taste.

  14. I’m not Joe, but I can help. Live + 7 is referring to ratings done by Nielsen on a show. There’s a multitude of different types of ratings, but the ones we’re most likely to see as viewers is Live + SD and Live + 7.

    Live + SD is a ratings number that takes into account people who watched the show live or DVR’d it and watched it the same day it aired. These are the numbers to look at for renewal purposes as it’s more accurately showing how many eyeballs advertisers had during the show. Higher Nielsen rated shows, mean that more people are seeing the ads, so advertisers are spending more money to purchase slots.

    Take the Superbowl for example. Those spots go for several million because advertisers know that there will be a large number of people watching.

    Live + 7 is a ratings number that includes people who have watched it live plus people who have DVR or TIVO’d the show and are watching it within a week. These numbers are great to show how popular a show is. However, they are not an accurate nor reliable number in showing how many people watched the advertisements. Most people fast forward through commercials so the network does not make any money with the Live + 7 ratings numbers.

    Advertisers are far more interested in knowing how many are watching their spots, and more importantly, how many in the key demo of 18-49 age group are watching.

    So if you want to see how well a show is really doing, you need to look at the Live + SD ratings and pay close attention to that 18-49 share rating.

  15. I must be in the minority, because there are only a few ice cream flavors I really like:

    Mint Chocolate Chip
    Coffee (especially Eddy’s Expresso Chip)
    Rum Raisin

    I think that’s about it. I can eat other kinds, of course, but I don’t find them as satisfying or refreshing. For me, ice cream is all about being refreshing on a hot summer’s day…no…not day, evening. Eating ice cream before sunset is a no-no for me, too. And don’t put garlic, corn, chips, pretzels, nuts, avocados, bacon, or any other foreign body in my ice cream! It’s dessert, not a salad!! I only like chocolate chips, and the occasional strawberry or raisin…but otherwise I don’t like ‘stuff’ in my ice cream.

    Okay. Just like that…my eyelids decided it was time to call it a night. So, nite, Joey!


  16. OK….so I guess that’s proof…you get your present…have patience it will get there eventually.

    Cheers, Chev

  17. Damn, I have got to get an ice cream maker. Maple-bacon, I’m dying here!

    Damn, I forgot, milk proteins kill my arthritis and I’ve given up ice cream. Somehow rice milk ice cream just sounds repellent. Cry.

    I’ve been craving corn chowder, maybe that will do the trick.

  18. Thanks for the recipe, Joe! I’ve got a pint of half and half and a pint of whipping cream in the fridge ready to go. Goodness gracious, 8 egg yolks!?! No wonder everyone loved it.

  19. @das I’d eat ice cream with you anytime! Your favorites are the same as mine, although I occasionally get a yen for butter pecan as well. I’d definitely try the Maple-Bacon, but I doubt if it would replace any of my favorites. The tip top of my list is coffee ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce. I’m making myself hungry…

  20. That makes me really want to buy an ice cream maker.

    My favourite ice creams to date: the organic ginger one from a small farm in North Queensland (Gigi), Serendipity’s Black Sesame, and their Fig, Walnut & Honey, Valhalla’s Blackforest Cheesecake (made with neufchatel) and that other locally-made Spice one (all cinnamon/nutmeg/clove etc). Oh, and Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig Jam/Caramel/Honeycomb ice cream.

    Great. Now I’m doing a Homer drool.

  21. I was drooling so much I accidentally wrote ‘blackforest cheesecake’ instead of ‘blackberry cheesecake’. Slight difference. Damn, I need ice cream, stat!

  22. Blue Bell Creamery (a Texas brand) has a delicious new flavor: “Happy Tracks”. It’s vanilla with fudge ribbons and mini peanut butter cups.

    The name is unfortunate. The Blue Bell carton has a graphic of cows. This former farm girl’s thoughts went back to the pasture. >;-)

  23. Glad to hear Carl finally got his Vanilla with Shaved White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Flakes ice cream. yum. Although given the entertainment value of the ice cream saga for the blog readers (Would that be “bloggies”???) and apparently for you, tormenting Carl might just become a regular feature.

    All this talk of ice cream is making me verrrrry hungry.

    So, to take my mind off that topic, a question about ratings: How (if at all) does iTunes fit in? No cable TV for me but I do have an SGU Season Pass on iTunes. (I just have to remember to avoid the sometimes spoilery blog comments on Friday evenings, since I can’t download episodes until Saturday.) It’s not ad revenue, but surely iTunes purchases count for something. ??

    BTW, I was at the dentist this morning and it turns out my dentist is a big Stargate fan. It also turns out that it’s rather difficult to have a conversation about the latest developments on Destiny when someone has sharp metal objects poking around your mouth. Live and learn…

    – KB

  24. Good news, Joe! She said yes! Just got engaged to my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years today. Celebrating tomorrow by taking her out to dinner and then watching the brand new SGU episode. Hope it’s a good one!

  25. I got some iiiiice cream and you don’t haaaaave none!! (Eddie Murphy quote from Raw or Delirious)

    You said add a can of creamed corn and then strain. So you basically just have the sweetened milk/cream from the can and not the actual corn itself. I had pictured either pieces of the actual corn or some blenderizing of the corn added to the base. (is blenderizing even a word? but it fits, and you know what I mean, no?). I’m surprised that the chips didn’t get soggy.

    I think the maple-bacon ice cream would make me extremely happy. The avocado-coconut would as well. Avocado has a rather delicate flavour but would add a real creaminess, and the coconut would be a nice flavour compliment. I have been meaning to retry various cheeses (inc. blue cheese & Stilton). I find that as I get older my tastes are changing, and am finding that I like the extra old/sharper cheeses more and more. So a taste test experiment is called for. I would also like to try a burnt caramel ice cream and also a salted caramel ice cream.

    In search of the perfect banana ice cream….
    My favourite ice cream used to be Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream and then in 2008 I cut out ALL diet pop/junk food, just to see if I could (I could on the junk food, only lasted 6 months on the diet pop). When I started re-incorporating The Monkey back into my diet, I found that I didn’t like it anymore. The chocolate was too waxy, the nuts should have been toasted and the banana base while still good I found it rather weak/insipid. I tried Breyers Banana Cream Pie ice cream, which I like, but I find it ‘fluffy’ (over aerated I guess), and I find that since it is a low fat ice cream it can get too soft in the freezer and then the ribbons of graham crackers get soggy. (and I hate things that are too soft – that was for you Das). My usual ice cream place called to tell me that the soft serve flavour of the day was banana, but they called too late in the day, so I couldn’t get there in time. So it might be a possibility. (How cool is it that the place will take your name and number to call you when they are serving a specific ice cream). So my search continues….

    My other usual go to flavours of ice cream are pralines and cream, soft serve vanilla (from a specific place), English toffee, maple walnut, Turtle, Rolo, basically anything chocolate, and… and… and…

    The only flavour I truly hate is Tiger Tiger, as I don’t like (ok I despise) black licorice.

    All right, I’ll stop with the ice cream obsessing already… I better go have breakfast (yes, it’s late evening but I just got up).

    Have a good one!

  26. Thanks for the Atlantis bits… I know, I know, don’t ask about the movie, if you knew you would have told us… but again, thanks, I’ll take the memories!

  27. That ice cream recipe actually sounded pretty good. Do the chips get soggy though? Maple bacon ice cream sounds yummy too. Good to see that Carl is now a happy man.

    I wonder how they count not only iTunes downloads of shows, but Hulu viewing also. A number of shows are on Hulu fairly quickly after broadcast. I just wish there were some other system of measurement for viewing. The Nielsens are so antiquated. I know the only way shows do well is if the advertisers are happy.

  28. wonder if I could replace the cheddar with mozzarella or parmesan? 😀 . I know corn and sugar are a good mix!

  29. Some old business from yesterday…

    @ Janet – thanks for the Violet Crumble clarification, I’ll have to put it on my To Try list, after all. (Isn’t the name Violet Crumble the best?).

    @ Tammy Dixon – Greyson is unbelievable – probably the next Bieber. He was even better on Ellen.

    @ Gilder – thank you for posting Joe’s F.A.Q. I hadn’t seen it before.
    @ Narelle from Aus. – really great job on writing the F.A.Q.!!

    I spent a couple of hours yesterday reading that F.A.Q. and laughed, OMG I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The weird food vids are some of the funniest things EVER!! If you ever wanted to reprise doing those…*highly entertaining* You could maybe run a contest, have us send you stuff to taste test and the first one that makes you vomit wins a prize. Although you could probably head to the nearest drugstore and pick up some Buckley’s that may do the trick. *shudder* By the way how ARE you feeling?

    Yeah, I’ve said before ratings calculations are an ‘issue.’

    Canada Post woke me up with a package delivery. (I order a fair amount of food/stuff online). It was like Xmas!!

    @ Riley – those are some fantastic sounding flavours as well. Black sesame or the fig, honey, & walnut yummy..

    Rant – haven’t done one of these in at least a week. (I’ll keep it short). Graham James was found in Mexico, can anyone explain to me how a convicted child molester can get a pardon? *sick &*# freak* I hope they can charge him with something, (even if it’s just jay walking) so he can spend some ‘quality time’ in a Mexican prison…. Paid his debt to society *volley of extremely offensive curse words*

    Ending on a funny note. Number 9 is a little disturbing.

    Have a great day!

  30. Coucou,

    Ahhhh la Créme glacée!!!! =P lol Miame, ça l’air très bon, Carl en a de la chance 🙂

    Merci pour ces goodies ils sont superbe!

    Ce soir un nouveau épisode de sgu !! Yah!!!

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  31. I’ve know a few people that use sweetened condensed milk. Pretty good stuff. I’m working my way through “Ben & Jerry’s” recipe book. They list percentages of butterfat. Sweetened condensed whole milk is around 9% butterfat and 40% additional sugar, compared to whipping cream that is a whopping 30-36% butter fat. So in a way, your ice cream is low fat. Does that make you feel better?

    The Vanilla bean you infuse sounds delicious! I love a good cream base, it’s like a canvas. I think I would like to try your corn/cheddar chip version but it’s something that my hubby would not like (being food phobic and all).

    His favorite from B & J’s is the Chocolate Reese’s Cup. Loaded with butterfat and candy! B & J’s doesn’t cook their custard base, so I change that in my rendition.

    Das: I don’t like to drink coffee but that Eddy’s espresso chip is so awesome!

    My favorite is pralines and cream. The creamy base with the crunchy pecans and butter Carmel, ymmmm.

    I found “Prisoner” at the eBook store, yesterday. I’m looking forward to it. They didn’t have your book yet but I’ll keep looking.

  32. UGO ( the use of Deus-Ex-Machina to solve plot problems easily, picking on several Sci-fi shows, including SGU. Here is what they say:

    “What makes a TV show interesting is what the characters can’t do. But sometimes writers get sick of limitations, go hog wild and ruin their show. These are the Deus Ex Machina. Here’s the worst of the bunch.

    By Alex Zalben

    Communication Stones – Stargate Universe

    If the premise of your show is that you have a spaceship billions of miles from Earth, with a crew far from home feeling lost and alone, what’s the most logical thing to do? Make it easy for them to hang out on Earth, right? Through the use of alien stones, the crew of Destiny is able to transfer their consciousness’ over to terra firma, and hang out in other people’s bodies. Meaning they don’t miss home that much. Fans of the show will argue that the stones can only take a few people at a time, and it’s just not the same, because they’re in other bodies – but those fans are wrong. Shut up, fans.

    HOW THEY FIXED IT: They haven’t yet. My guess is this has something to do with budgetary restrictions, and allowing for a certain amount of scenes to be filmed on Earth allows more FX budget on the other end – otherwise, why destroy the premise of your show immediately?”


  33. @Jeff, congratulations and best wishes!

    -Joe my favorite ice cream has to be pralines and cream, mouth watering just thinking about it, does yours go directly to your hips like mine? funny the way that works. Hope Carl is happy. and yeah come to think of it, is he good at cooking something he will bring in to treat you all.? Bet he is. maybe banana bread? Pretty soon we will have seen all of Carl’s faces, maybe, thanks for sharing. He is so funny.
    -I hope I don’t mess up the ratings, I watch SGU live and tape it also to watch again, old vcr still works. So how do THEY know what I am doing in my own house on my own tv,,,hmm, damn big brother. Oh wait, I am not a Nielsen’s participant, not that I am aware of and no one asked me what I watch, so maybe they can’t tell….

    @morjana, thanks for the link, good read.

  34. Hello Joe,

    I’m glad the ice cream was a hit. I knew it would be.

    Tell Carl thanks for being such a good sport and posing for pictures for us. They always crack me up. 🙂

  35. @Das, ROTFLMAO….coff coff.

    @Jeff and soon-to-be-Mrs Jeff, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  36. @Jeff

    CONGRATS MAN!! Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing!! Heres to you two living a long and happy life. 🙂

  37. Got a few questions.

    Did I notice correctly that there was a photo of General George Hammond on the wall on Icarus base? If so, any chance for pictures? Moreover, are the Icarus sets even standing anymore?

    SGU 1.0 audio commentaries revealed that actors have played differently whether Destiny is a cold or warm place to live in. Can you tell us which one is it? 😀

  38. My friends and I agree Carl rocks the ‘stash better then Tom Selleck ever did!

  39. the vfx in the last man sucked! i remember being disappointed, vfx sucked, cliffhanger sucked. season 4 was great though.

    that recipe sounds interesting, ill give it a try.

  40. @Mel – thanks! Now I understand

    @Jeff – Congratulations!!! Hope you have a happy and long marriage.

    Joe – Do you have Streets brand Magnum icecreams? The Ego is to ddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee for. I just finished one (Chocolate over dark chocolate and caramel)

  41. @duneknight:

    I have to defend Last Man for the Sheppard/McKay friendship. That is all that matters in that story. Best Wishes.


  42. Congratulations to Jeff!!

    I now need my own ice cream fix. Time to browse the freezen dessert section, cause I can’t make my own.

  43. If I pinky-swore to watch the commercials on my DVR’d episode of SGU (after watching it live twice), would they count me then? What makes them think people are watching the commercials on the live broadcast? They might be going to the bathroom, getting a drink, running to make sure their kids haven’t destroyed the house, or on Twitter promoting the show? We can put people into space and on the moon, but we can’t figure out how to count someone watching a show? BTW, today is the last shuttle launch (sending the Atlantis up there).

    Thanks for the recipe. I’m going to have to drag out my old ice cream maker and see if it still works.

  44. Since many of you all like dream interpretation, here is a doozy I could use help with (interpretation, physiological response). Gives new meaning to “a dream within a dream.”

    I went to sleep and I’m in a state of lucid dreaming (where I can manipulate my dream, go back, change things, like I’m producing an episode or movie of the week in my head). It is a pleasant dream, nothing scary. In this dream, I lay down to go to sleep. And then I start having dreams from that dream (almost like my head has gone split screen and I’m watching 2 different shows except they are sort of actually two dreams layered as if you are looking at two translucent screens of dreams). That, too, was not about anything unpleasant. I guess my mind decided it had enough with the double-dreaming bit and I wake up in the first dream (still asleep myself) and continue on my dream.

    So my first thought this morning was “am I going crazy?” Or perhaps I desperately needed a good night sleep and maybe that was the only way of physiologically getting me there (double REM anybody?). Did I have an out-of-body experience within the second dream that allowed me to see myself still in my first dream? Have I unwrapped the fabric of time? I’m just really curious about possible physiological/biological reasons how this was even possible.

    Any takers?

  45. thanks for The Seed stuff!
    And I agree with Bryan M. White, the best part of Last Man was the Sheppard and McKay friendship and what McKay went through to get Sheppard back. I also liked the red desert scenery.
    One of my favorite episodes.

  46. Totally off topic, but has everyone seen this really funny spoof US soldiers in Afghanistan did on Lady Gaga’s song, Telephone?

    I had to actually watch the Lady Gaga video afterwards so I could see the satire in watching this.

    We need to see our cast do a musical on SGU. Like maybe some weird dream Eli has. Or maybe on a Kino extra? That would be so much fun.

  47. @PBMom

    I still haven’t seen the video of Eric Cartman doing Pokerface…

    Best wishes.


  48. I don’t even know who Lady Gag-A is. Well…I know enough to call her Gag-A.


    But I didn’t know until like…a few weeks ago…and ONLY because she somehow gets on my local news without even trying. I have yet to hear one of her songs (thank god). Really – who the hell cares about this overblown celebrity shit?? Ugh. Only thing good about her – I suppose – is that I haven’t heard a peep about Paris Hilton, Spears, or Lohan in quite a while. 🙂


  49. PS…about pop music…

    I’ve only heard one Beyoncé song, too – and only because of this video:

    Love that one. This is the video I associate with the song (probably because I’ve watched it 10,000 times), but now it’s all in the news because of those slutty 8-year olds dancing to it:

    Ugh. What are their parents thinking??! One [creepy] father on the news today said that people are taking it out of ‘context’… that context being – according to him – that only the people at the competition should have seen this, not a couple million people on the internet. Huh? Regardless of how many people view the routine, it’s still inappropriate for 8-year olds!

    I have no problem showing it around because – ya know – if the parents have no problem exploiting their kids, why should I?? Besides, gimme that goth parody video anyday…nothing sexy about that!!

    (Deni tells me I’m evil…but I’m not…I’m just an exposer of the evil others do. 😀 )


  50. Wow, all those ice cream flavours, and me freezing my ar– off. On the other hand, who says ice cream can’t be enjoyed in cold weather?

    Hell, all I need is a warm wool hat, gloves, a thick jersey and…
    Nah. No good, I will just have to wait for summer. 🙁

  51. Joe,

    Thank you for the recipe – hey, if you put together a cookbook and gave profits to support the SG1/SGA movies, I’m sure we’d all buy it in multiples! We could have a Joseph Mallozzi bake sale and keep Carl happy for months! 😉

    Other ice-cream ideas: green tea & pistachio, pesto & pinenut, dk chocolate & chile, and honeydew & curry.

    Smiles!, Julie

    @Jeff: Great news! Congrats and Cheers!

    @PB: I’ve had those dreams and then when I did wake up I was so disoriented I couldn’t tell right away that I was really awake. It kinda sets your day on a weird angle – very unsettling.

    @Das: I totally agree – that vid was repulsive to anyone who values the innocence of our youth. Can you imagine what kind of teenagers they will be with parenting like that? What a road to put your children on.

    BTW: just finished watching the entire Farscape series on netflix (remember, no TV here) – now I’m in mourning for ANOTHER show! Just can’t get enough sci-fi!

  52. Das: I hadn’t seen that video before (of the kids). It reminds me of JonBenét Ramsey. Sad. It also reminds me a scene from the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Did anyone see that movie?
    I like the sound of some of Lady Gaga’s songs but the lyrics are obscene in a few of her songs.

    Deeinsouthafrica: I wish I could send you some of our heat! Today was 89F, in a month, we will be begging for anything below 90F.

    Jeff: Congrats!

  53. @Jeff – Congratulations!!! Will it be a Stargate wedding???

    @das I heard Lady Ga Ga was adopting a baby… she’s naming it Goo Goo.

  54. I’ll agree w/ Craig at SyFy that Live + 7 doesn’t represent an ad-viewing audience as well as Nielsen. The rest of it, how you have to have an industry-standard “currency” doesn’t add to his argument. If you have a measure that shows value above what the standard measure would show, then take it into consideration. If it doesn’t show value, don’t. What’s with the loyalty to the status quo? Oh, right, the GE connection. That won’t be an issue much longer.

  55. Hello there Joe!
    Some Qs for your mailbag!
    1-Will we ever see the aliens again?
    2-or what happened to Franklin?

  56. JuliaAhola: Can you imagine seeing the last episode of Farscape (without knowing the miniseries was going to happen at all)? I was SCREAMING at my TV. I felt SO robbed of a proper ending for my loyal viewership. It was so wrong in so many ways. Glad they got the miniseries to wrap things up for the fans.

  57. Hi,

    Just to say, I’m utterly riveted by Stargate Universe here in the UK.

    For whatever reason, I didn’t especially enjoy the original Stargate movie so I simply missed every single thing that followed until now when a friend prodded me into trying Universe.

    I enjoy it so much I’ve been dipping into the previous shows; they’re a lot of fun, I think, but I’m mostly fascinated by how a similar premise, written in large part by the same people, could make such richly different shows.

    Isn’t the fourth spinoff of a movie contractually obligated to be the weakest? Yet Universe is a highlight of the week for me now and I’ve found myself worrying for the characters between episodes.

    Um, I will say that I took one look at the myriad Stargate websites and decided it was just too much for me. Swamped with years of this stuff, I hadn’t a clue where to start. But I’m also enjoying the food stories and the tidbits you reveal here.

    Speaking of which, you seem to be very far into production on the next run; I’d wondered if the UK TX was lagging behind but we’ll have Pain later this week. Have you announced when season 2 will start airing?


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