I begin today’s entry with another BIG guest blogger announcement.  As you all know, Jamil Walker Smith and Elyse Levesque have your questions and are furiously working away on them, also managing to squeeze in time for their full-time jobs on Stargate: Universe.  So to those of you asking – yes, they’re working on ’em and should have their answers back our way…soon-ish.  In the meantime, while we’re waiting, let’s put another Q&A into play…

Actress Alaina Huffman wants to answer your questions and kick some ass (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Actress Alaina Huffman (SGU’s Tamara “TJ” Johansen) wants to hear from YOU.  Yes, YOU.  NOT that other guy or gal, but YOU.  So if you have a question for Alain, post away.  I’ll be gathering them up over the course of the next few days and will be sending them her way by week’s end – after which I’ll start collecting questions for yet another guest blogger!

Today was Ice Cream Day.  I made two batches.  The first, Vanilla with Shaved White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Flakes, is for Ashleigh.  The second, Sweet Corn with Cheddar Chips is for whoever is brave enough to sample it tomorrow.  I’m sure the first will be very good, but I have high hopes for the latter. Now, all I have to do is remember to bring them to work tomorrow.

Sure, last Friday’s episode of SGU was chock full of cool elements: alien ships, robots, body switching, and, best of all, Mr. Brody’s contribution to future parties, hilarity, and interminable stories…

The concept.

Setting up the still.
Ready to go.
Brody's Bar: open for business!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Paloosa.

Let’s field some questions –

Bryan M. White writes: “Seriously though, I was watching the SGA episode Adrift tonight on DVD and was wondering if the background plate of the two galaxies was taken from the shot of Midway, replacing the station w/ Destiny?”

Answer: Can’t recall for certain, but it sure sounds like something we would do.  If we didn’t – you’re hired!

Craig writes: “1) Does the robot have a name?

2) How are the show’s ratings? I don’t think I’ve heard anything since Justice about how well the show is performing. Has it been doing better since season 1.5 started? Or about the same?”

Answers: 1) Ludwig Honenberger the Third.

2) The show came back with a 1.18 , maintained, dipped a little, then came back last week to match the 1.18.  Internally, we’re referring to it as the “Knepper Bounce” because, last week, Carl found himself on a return flight to L.A. with guest star Robert Knepper.  As they were disembarking, a passenger recognized Robert and called out to him: “Loved you in Prison Break!”  Robert responded: “Then you should check out Stargate: Universe!”

dasNdanger writes: “Joe – just wondering (since you mentioned things catching up with you) if your aches and pains have gone away, or are you still having troubles? If they’ve gone away, just curious as to what you did to feel better (as long as it’s clean and legal, that is ;) ).”

Answer: I did what any grown man would do when faced with a mysterious ache and/or pain.  I ignored it until it went away.

Scott writes: “is the robot going to be doing like fixing up the broken parts of the ship now? so that like the crew can start exploring more of the ship?”

Answer: That’s the idea.

PG15 writes: “1. Since you’re back to being an Executive Producer for Season 2, does that mean that you can give us episode rundowns for Awakening and Resurgence, like you did with those SGA episodes you wrote?

2. Is there any significance to the fact that the only 2 non-one-word SGU episode titles so far are right next to each other? Are they a 2-parter perhaps?

3. Now that Young and TJ are kinda joined at the chromosomes, how will Emily feel about this? Are you guys going to touch on Young’s wife again soon?

4. How far are you guys along on coming up with stories for the 2nd season? Got an idea for the season finale yet?

5. Has anyone in the production seen Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series?

6. Did you actually read this entire, extremely long comment?”

Answers: 1. Possibly, if I find the time.

2. Nope, no significance.  They were simply more suitable titles.

3. Yes, we will be touching on his relationship with Emily some time in the near future.

4. We still have a few open slots, but we do know where we’re headed for our second season finale.

5. Of course.

6. Of course.

duneknight writes: “did you guys chicken out? because of the contriversy regarding the sex scene or did you plan it like that all along?”

Answer: There were some minor changes, but no more than would be made on any script as it advances from outline to and through its various drafts.  The one change that stood out for me was a little character backstory we had planned for the Lieutenant James character.  Initially, she volunteers, makes the switch, panics, and backs out.  Rather than being a simple freak out, we learn that her reason for backing out stems from a personal issue – specifically, the circumstances surrounding her younger brother’s paralysis.  Even though it was a positive depiction of the bond between siblings, Standards and Practices felt that it cast a physical disability in a negative light because James displays grief for her brother’s condition.  As a result, we had to lose it.

imadaman writes: “No hints about when the premiere took place? Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years after EatG?”

Answer: It would have to have taken place not too long after the events of EatG (days, maybe weeks perhaps) since the events of the Atlantis movie, Stargate: Extinction, follow very son after EatG as well (and helps explain why Dr. McKay wasn’t drafted to body switch during the show’s first season).

E writes: “I thought that’s going to happen in “Sabotage”, but it didn’t… Can we still expect clawing-eyes-out-worthy sex scenes in 1.5?”

Answer: Enjoy the teaser of Pain.

RedFlames writes: “If each dive into a star isn’t fully recharging the zpms/batteries/hamsters-on-wheels or whatever powers Destiny why doesn’t destiny stay inside the star until it is fully charged?”

Answer: Damage to the ship’s systems make it incapable of fully recharging.  Presently, Destiny’s capacitors are only able to charge to about 40% capacity.

Curiositykitty writes: “Theres also a bunch of gripes online about the music montages in episodes lately. Ive been beginning to think its just one of those sgu things now thats a stylistic thing for the series.”

Answer: Bingo.

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  1. Answer: I did what any grown man would do when faced with a mysterious ache and/or pain. I ignored it until it went away.”

    And this, sir, is why you haven’t been able to get rid of me. 😉

    Have a good evening, Joe!


  2. Very nice mailbag. And great news on yet another q&a. Looking forward to hearing about the reactions to the ice cream. Thanks for the daily dose, and hope you managed enough sleep.

  3. “…and helps explain why Dr. McKay wasn’t drafted to body switch during the show’s first season.”

    First season hey? What about the show’s second season? 😉

  4. Re: Sabotage

    I have to agree with everyone else that has said the return of Eli, Scott, and Chloe was too rushed. Seems like they just came back as though they’d been out for a stroll. No worries. There should have at least been a scene showing them despairing of ever getting back to Destiny and then elation when Destiny suddenly reappears on the remote, before Eli frantically begins dialing the gate and they pile through. (Cut scene maybe?) Should also have been somewhat more elation demonstrated by them on returning and by the others upon their return. Everyone seemed rather blasé and matter-of-fact about it, though.

    Blueberry aliens are back! Rush looks freaked out at the possibility of them getting on board! Stones “malfunction” again! Franklin saves the day!

    I’m beginning to think those stones are the Stargate equivalent of a transporter/turbolift/holodeck in the way they seem to “malfunction” at inopportune moments lately. I’m also sticking by my thought that the stone the Blueberries have is somehow different than the average run-of-the-mill stone. I particularly don’t understand why anyone on Destiny would use THE stone when they have four others to choose from, especially when they know the Blueberries are probably looking for them and, if that stone wasn’t used but the Blueberries were still able to take control of James in order to sabotage the ship, they either have one of those special stones I posited from a seeder ship, or they understand the technology a whole lot better than Rush gave them credit for.

    The Blueberries learn fast, too. Young got on board through the stones and freed Rush. Rush then freed Chloe, and they both made their way back to Destiny. (Yeah, I know, probably planned that they get returned to the ship, but likely not before the Blueberries used Chloe to get the information they wanted from Rush.) So, to prevent the Destiny folks from knowing what was going on, they drugged up one of their people, put him/her/it in a dark closet, and pulled off the switch with James, then put her back when the “mission” had been accomplished. Question is, how did they know the opportunity was there? Was it through random attempts to connect or some means of knowing there was an “open line” available?

    Definitely need Amanda to return, she’s good for Rush. Loved the scenes with them, as well as the reactions to them: Eli’s incredulity that she was referring to Rush, TJs stunned look at finding them hugging each other.

    I also love that the characters are evolving as events progress: Rush actually grabbing Young to stop him from sitting in the chair and Young’s rather bemused look, not to mention Rush’s “did I just do that” look; Brody and his still (Yay! I knew he had it in him. Go, Brody! Does this mean alcohol wars are about to begin between him and Inman as to who produces the best hooch?); Young seems to be mellowing somewhat, too, as evidenced by his interaction with TJ when she called him out on being overprotective – he actually chuckled, he also chose to risk himself in the chair rather than let Rush do it (okay, that one probably still stems from distrust of Rush’s motives), but ultimately agreed with Rush that Franklin be the one to use the chair. Young also hasn’t commented that Rush is a “lotta work” for quite some time (not since the first half of the season).

    I hope James will get more airtime as I’m really liking the character more and more. She’s tough, but she’s also hard on herself when she fails at something (rescuing Scott, Eli, Chloe, and Greer), she’s able to care about other people, and will do what’s necessary, no matter how difficult, to the best of her ability. She also “ratted” herself out when she realized something was wrong, going so far as to say she believed she was the one that sabotaged the ship.

    Interesting that Greer had his hair cut off. Getting back to basics? Nice touch that the others aren’t cutting their hair as it wouldn’t be a big priority for them in their situation, but Greer is reverting to the more formal requirements of his position, which includes the short hair. Related somehow to his being left for dead after the cave-in? He seemed to take it in stride, but he knows that Scott was willing to take the shuttle and face off against the Blueberries on their own ship to rescue Chloe, yet he doesn’t seem to have felt that intensely about the loss of Greer. Something brewing and going to explode in the future, perhaps?

    Ah, Franklin. Where did you disappear to now? Did you ascend? Did you merge with the ship? Are you lying drunk on the other side of the chair after having acted as taste tester for Brody and Inman (per Shadow Step)? Tune in next week folks and you may get the answers to your questions, probably not, though, but tune in anyway.

  5. Even though it was a positive depiction of the bond between siblings, Standards and Practices felt that it cast a physical disability in a negative light because James displays grief for her brother’s condition.

    Well, that’s just idiotic. Who on earth wouldn’t grieve for a sibling being paralyzed? All this PC crap is ridiculous. Like handicapped people are all going, “Yay! It’s awesome that I can’t use my legs! If I could use them, I think I’d cut them off, ’cause not being able to use them is awesome!” Meanwhile, a reasonable explanation for a character’s actions is disregarded in favor of her just freaking out for no reason. (Which I deduce purely from your comment about it, as I haven’t seen that ep yet, since I have to wait for Hulu.)

  6. Thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions, you have a terrific blog. I really love the show. A few questions…

    Are we going to see even more backstory and more depth for Msgt. Greer? “Lost” was great.

    Will we see a backstory on Dr. Park? Any chance that Dr. Park and Msgt. Greer become an item? Or was it just a one time thing?

  7. Questions for Alaina Huffmans:
    How does it feel having your real-life pregnancy written into your character?
    Was it a relief that you wouldn’t have to spend episodes wearing baggy clothing, standing behind something, or sitting down in order to cover your baby bump?
    Also, how do you juggle having a newborn with your busy SGU shooting schedule?
    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  8. Hi Ms. Huffman,

    I was wondering how did u tell the Producers that u were pregnant and how did they react to the news?


  9. Hello Joe.

    Once again, thank you for answering our questions, and offering us the chance to question the cast. I just have a quick question tonight (kinda a follow-up question): if you reuse or slightly modify stock footage for a visual effect shot, does it cost the same as when the shot was originally produced?

    Is it cheaper to slightly modify existing shots which has been done in Atlantis, for example taking the stock shots of the city rising from the pilot, and adding a beam and ripple for the shield (season 3: First Strike), or would it cost the same if the department creates a whole new shot?

    Along that line, do you pay each time stock footage of the ship is shown traveling through FTL?

    Getting away from post-production questions for a bit… What did you and your sister do for Mother’s Day? My sister had the family come to her house, and she made meatloaf and ribs. Personally I like Bat Out Of Hell (1 & 2) but I HATE the dish (sorry for the bad joke). Too moist for my liking. That said, the ribs were great! Then we gave Mom her gift: a gift card for spa treatment before her vacation later this month.

    I hope your family had a nice Mother’s Day as well.

    Best wishes.


  10. For Alaina Huffman: How do you fill “down time” between shots or scenes? Reading, needlework, hobbies?

    (Same theme as my questions to Elyse…I’m in one of my needlework phases)

  11. Will we ever find out what happened to the Exodus ship from AoT? And is there something special about it?

  12. Joe,

    The ice-cream sounds great – I would try the sweet corn and cheddar chip in a heart beat; care to reveal your recipes? BTW, I looked up the Gelato 3000 – $2799 on sale (but with free shipping) (oh, and it has a removeable bowl with a lid, too) and it only makes 1.5 kg at a time? That has got to be some majorly smooth frozen goodie for the money.

    Thanks for the mailbag – here’s something for the next one:

    1. Is Ludwig an SG version of Farscape’s DRDs or Red Dwarf’s scutters?

    2. Are we seriously going with Blueberries?

    3. And if Wraith have iPads, will Blueberries have Blackberries?

    Q’s for Alaina:

    1. Which is your favorite episode so far and why?

    2. What is the funniest thing that has happened on set?

    3. With which characteristic of TJ’s do you most identify?

    Thank you!

  13. I’ve been a long time reader of the blog but this is my first comment. I came to the SG Uni via SGA, have enjoyed the occasional SG1 ep when I can catch it and have made SGU a priority on my DVR. I have to say that I somewhat resented SGU because I was with the fan-sentiment that SGA was dropped because of SGU, but SGU is such a different show from either SG1 or SGA–and has taken a darker track than either–that I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve wished more than once that we’d gotten the darkness/background in SGA that we’ve gotten in SGU, but I’m not going to resent SGU because of what I didn’t get in SGA.

    So, I think the eps thus far have been mostly hits with, I’d say, two eps not holding up to the bar that have been set. I’m really enjoying the show, especially after the mid-season hiatus. But since we’ve had Daniel Jackson in every SG universe, and you explained why McKay hadn’t been involved in the first season… are you going to involve McKay in the second season? He seems a natural for the pickle Destiny seems to be in. I hope you bring him in!

    In other news: I reallyreally hope the SGA movie happens.

    Also, to reiterate: I reallyreally would love to see McKay in and ep of SGU!

    In other other news, I love the food and author part of your blog. I visit Seattle/Vancouver every 2 years or so and am always looking for good new restaurants. The picture blog is always appreciated! I always appreciate a new author to check out!

  14. @ Joe – Is it Alain, or Alaina? You are confusing me. 😛

    @ cat4444 – But that would take all the fun out of it! 😀

    RE: James – I did find it a bit confusing as to why she backed out. At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on – thought maybe she saw a spider, or something. 😉

    In honor of National Hamburger Month, I repost this link:


    And whet a few appetites with this picture:




  15. I just couldn’t wait til Wednesday…. Pretty nice episode 😀 ….was planning to only watch 30 minutes of it… then kept on watching!!! like the end. So the chair accepts human sacrifice ?!!!

  16. SGU keeps getting better week after week.

    I love the work Alaina has done in Painkiller Jane, Smallville, and now SG-U. My questions for Alaina are:

    1) Is it tough being a Goddess?

    2) Will you be appearing in season 10 of Smallville as the Canary?


  17. Questions for Alaina:

    1) Considering Stargate’s past treatment of doctor’s in the franchise, is any part of you worried about your character’s possible demise?
    2) Do we see the baby born in this season?
    3) Help me interpret some of these scenes between TJ and Young. I definitely picked up on some tension between the two characters early on, before a past relationship was directly revealed. However, I’m having a hard time grasping the depth of this relationship. I like both characters and want to imagine that this past came about from some emotional need, but I also get the feeling that it was just a purely physical attraction that went too far. Any hints to their past or what you imagine it to be?
    4) If you were in TJ’s shoes-would you have chosen to stay on the planet to raise a child over Destiny?

  18. hi joe!

    i got a SGU question:

    what happened to lou diamond philipp’s character? has he left the show?

  19. @ cat4444 – I didn’t think twice about it – I’ve had people spell it that way before. Just assumed you were spelling it phonetically, or …you had just been diggin’ into a tub of Häagen-Dazs. 🙂


  20. Answer: Enjoy the teaser of Pain.

    Ah, but I don’t watch any trailers/pics/teasers before seeing the episode. 😛 At least I know such a scene is coming. 😀

    Yay for Alaina Huffman!! (You had a typo – TJ’s last name isn’t Huffman ;))

    My questions:

    First of all, you have been absolutely brilliant with TJ’s pregnancy storyline. I really feel for the character.

    What aspect of your character do you like the most?

    How similar are you and TJ?

    What’s your favourite episode in S1 and why?

  21. Hi,

    As much as I would love to have emailed this, to avoid any trouble, but I am very much interested in the development of SGU. I don’t want to ask you to read my script, because asking you here would just get me a straight, and undesirable, “NO.” But I want to be involved. You are trying to accomplish a certain tone and feeling with this series, something that I’ve been working with in my own writing for quite some time. I don’t want to send you my spec script, because I know you don’t really want to read it. Who CAN I send it to? Syfy and MGM are extremely unhelpful when it comes to this. If it’s something super secret, my email was required to post this. Thanks for skimming, or if I’m being optimistic, reading this.

  22. omg what?? questions for jamil?? where was i??? i have so many! PLEASE give them to him Mallozi! PLEASE. i think you know already how he is my fav actor on the show! si ce n’est que pour un sentiment de fraternite francophone, please done lui mes questions! (ok j’avoue avoir cherche loin lol, mais bon..j’ai tellement envie de communiquer avec lui)
    first: why dont you have a blog? please get one! (you’re my fav char, and for so many others)

    if you had control of your character, what part of him would you like to see explored on tv in later episodes? are we going to see an unexpected side of him (more unexpected than his childhood)

    what are your motivations when playing greer? because i heard you are totally different in real life so, i mean, this is some seriously believable acting!

    would you voice yourself in a SGU video game?

    have you seen previous stargate shows? how do you feel about critics saying there’s less exploration in a show about exploration? (i love it, but i’m wondering how you feel)

    is there romance coming up in greer’s life? unexpected friendships? unexpected clashes? also who would you want greer to interact more with?

    what books do you read (if you read any)? genres/fav authors. what kind of music too? any fav movies? actors/actresses? fav cities? (ok im starting to sound like those annoying obsessed fans so if you think this is too much, by all means ignore this one..except the music part 🙂

    …can i get your email before you slip into unreachable red carpet star actor? SO many more questions!! 🙂 if not then i’ll stick to this (possibly your) blog.

  23. as an aspiring television writer, i’m greatly inspired by the sheer amount of delicious food consumption that occurs in your production offices 😀

  24. Hi, Joe!
    Tell me, in the episode Faith. Dr. Rush said he was unable to detect any external and internal anomalies, which would force the ship out of FTL, hence the ship affected by super-intelligent beings?

  25. A still on board the ship.. making some sort of foul tasting spirit …

    Doesn’t that make the water situation on the ship more hazardous? I mean, alcohol (especially spirits) dehydrate the body. Why would anyone in command allow the partaking of spirits when it would actually increase the need for the consumption of water? Tis not logical.

    Or are they recycling the water?

  26. Il parrait qu’une chaîne de télévision Ukrainienne (ukrainian) a diffusé les épisodes Pain, Subversion et Incursion I et II.

    Avaient-ils le droit ?

    Va-t-il y avoir des suites auprès de la justice (pas l’épisode mais les tribunaux (courts) ?

    Lisez-vous mes messages écrits en français ? Si oui, avec un traducteur ?

    Merci de vos réponse (si vous m’en donnez).

  27. Question to mister Mallozi,
    Do you think that the crew is gaining control of destiny too fast? I think back to Atlantis and all the interesting problems had solutions by the 2nd season.
    Do you have enough cool problems to come up with for the crew to solve, so that we don’t lose this majestic mysterious image of destiny in our minds?
    and I want to tell you I’m really enjoying the way the characters have to really go off on action packed adventures to solve their problems like back in classic stargate, as opposed to a bunch of gibberish happening, and then problem solved in the later seasons.

  28. 4 Paloosa – more hugs {{{around ya.}}}}

    Belated Happy Mother’s Day to Mamma Mallozzi.

    PS…Joe, don’t forget to take the ice cream to work.

  29. Even though it was a positive depiction of the bond between siblings, Standards and Practices felt that it cast a physical disability in a negative light because James displays grief for her brother’s condition. As a result, we had to lose it.

    Did anyone in S&P take Logic 101?!? Lt. James’s almost-immediate panic over being in a disabled body was *much* more of a negative depiction than the backstory you gave of sibling compassion and grief. I had been attributing a scene I disliked to the writers, so am glad to learn it wasn’t your call; but I’d really like to quote Bart Simpson to the people in S&P: “Don’t have a cow, man!” Grief over a loved one’s disability is normal. (How not? Should one feel no heartache over the beloved’s loss?) Avoidance reactions related to such grief are very human, even if not everyone in this situation has that reaction. — Giving credit where it’s due: PC police have a valuable function, but often earn a bad name for themselves by this type of short-circuited thought processing.

    I liked a lot about this episode, but felt that too many disparate issues were being dealt with at one time. The underdeveloped return of Scott, Chloe, and Eli detracted from drama that had been built up very well in Lost. Wray’s experience in a disturbingly altered body, and her relationship with her lover; the disabled scientist’s feelings toward Rush, and his own feelings, plus the ongoing major sea change in how we’re being led to think about Rush; a prodigious amount of hypothetical science; the Franklin subplot (which seemed a bit contrived [IMO only] given his physical condition), with its somewhat predictable but still quite ambiguous denouement, possibly sinister in nature given the score; more development in TJ’s pregnancy and her relationship with Young; and various subcurrents involving others — that’s a lot of serious business, obviously. When a lot is given comparatively little attention, that, to me, starts to feel more like melodrama and less like well-crafted character and plot development.

    – Enough griping. A number of scenes packed a fair amount of punch for their brief length. I still enjoyed watching, just not quite as much as usual. And I realize others’ opinions vary a great deal from mine. Thanks as always for giving us a forum for our thoughts.

    The pics are always fun, especially when beefcake (am I allowed to say that? *w*) is on display. Brody’s Bar is a great idea. And corn/cheddar ice cream doesn’t sound half bad, having been made by someone with finely honed taste buds. It’ll be interesting to read and/or see the responses from those who give it a try.

  30. DO allow me to express that I’d like to see Amanda Perry on board again (or, perhaps even more interesting, Nicholas Rush visiting her on earth). Even if he does end up having to arrange it…

  31. To Alain,
    the writers have written your pregnancy into the show, but are they going to write the baby into it as well? And would you let them subject your child to spending his infant years on a tv set. maybe he or she should get taken away by aliens (in the show) and that way everybody can be like omg we gotta find the baby.

  32. Questions for Alina Huffman:

    1) Are you more recognised by fans since you joined SG?

    2) Did you ever think you’d end up doing Sci-Fi or was that always the type of genre you would have prefered?

    Questions for Joe:

    1) Think the fandom went overboard a year or so ago with ”Sabotage”, did that ‘scene’ get cut out? Or was it part of an original draft?

    2) Any chance of getting Robert Carlyle to do a FAQ?

    3) Is Barbra Marshall going to be doing anymore episodes? Or was it a one off?

  33. Hi there!

    I’ll include 2 parts within this message:

    Part 1 for Alaina.

    Part 2 for Joe & SGU writers/producers.


    Two questions for Alaina:

    1. What was one of the most heart-felt moments for you with the rest of the cast and crew during SGU’s first season?

    2. What was one of the funniest moments for you and the rest of the cast and crew during SGU’s first season?

    Thank you for your response! 🙂



    A couple Lucian Alliance questions for Joe & fellow SGU writers/producers:

    1. Approximately how many episodes in season 2 will include anybody from the Lucian Alliance?

    2. Will we ever (please) 😉 get a major ongoing/recurring alien (nonhuman) race as *friends* of the people from Earth who are aboard Destiny?

    (It’d be great to see a recurring enemy alien race into seasons 2+ …but one thing I really like about the alien aspect of previous shows, like Stargate SG-1, is that there are aliens who become allies with the Tau’ri. Please give us that in SGU! It allows for magical moments among all of the characters and how things develop.)

    Thank you for your response too! 🙂


  34. …erm, okay I can’t edit that… technically my 2nd question to Joe & writers/producers isn’t an L.A. question but, meh, that’s okay. 😉 lol

  35. Hi Joe, still reading the blog entries. 🙂
    Questions for AH:

    1. What do you think was TJ’s (one of the) most defining moment on the show.

    2. What was your favorite TJ moment?

    3. Could you give us some more insight in the whole TJ/Young relationship? What do you think happened in the past between them, besides the info we saw in the episodes so far?

    4. There has been a lot of speculation about your character, TJ, losing the baby. What do you think? How will she react?

    5. Are you and TJ alike? Or are is TJ a completely different person to play for you?

    6. Why did you take this role? What stood out for you? And how did you get it?

    7. How did Joe get you to do this Q&A?

    8. What’s your favorite stargate episode (in general)?

  36. 9. Did you ever watch Stargate before joining the cast of SGU? Did you watch it afterwards? Which episodes? Isn’t it scary/hard to jump into such a long standing mythology?

  37. What is this Standards & Practices of which you speak? I haven’t heard of this before, besides apparently being uber nitpicky about something that is realistic (sorry it just irks me that you had to change your story) – what do they do and how much power do they have?

    As for Destiny’s power issue, sounds like they should have paid for the Black Tie service at Best Buy (I wonder how much the 4 gazillion year option runs?).

    I’m going to be pondering what to ask Alaina…. very excited she’s doing a Q&A!

  38. Questions for Alaina;

    First, I’d like to say, love you as T.J., one of my favourite characters IMHO

    1) I am just wondering; how hard it was to work while you were pregnant? Where the crew easy (or easier) on you?

    2) How do you react from fan criticism of the show? Do you think they were fair? Harsh? Both?


  39. First off, lovin the new SGU, my g/f and I after the last few episodes just have had another Stargate Marathon… The only differences we really found *cause were die-hard fans that love the stories you guys and gals create* Is the music, and lighting… Replace the music with old score and you’d have pretty much the same show.

    But it makes sense you know in sense of story to the lights being all funky and dark, on the otherside of the universe, and it is a very old ancient ship is it run by candles??? not a funny joke.

    Also just got the extended pilot on DVD wow, why didnt you keep those scenes in, we really loved the James and Young scene let alone the Rush and Oneill scene…

    Will there be all extended scenes coming up on the full dvd collection when it finally comes out, if it’s not your department,let me know and ill have a word 😛

    Neway, love the evolution and hope it keeps on coming

    Random questions For Alaina Huffman: YES its a wonderful family, the SG one i mean, but are there any really good friends you’ve made from joning SGU had you previously worked with any before you were cast as T.J?

    Whats it like working with THE MR ROBERT CARLYLE had you ever seen any of his other movies and what was it like meeting him for the first time…?

    On working on Smallville, was it fun to between the two?
    ii) Tom Welling looks huge, tall, huge!! When in scenes with others… ne one on the Destiny Set taller???


  40. On working on Smallville, was it fun to *swap between the two?
    ii) Tom Welling looks huge, tall, huge!! When in scenes with others… ne one on the Destiny Set taller???

    And Mr Mallozzi any other works not SGU related coming our way soon from you??

    And you have me obsessed with taking photos of food, was recently in thailand, Langkawi Malayasia, found this ice cream shop too called swensens and wow…

  41. Have you read Stone Junction: An Alchemical Potboiler by Jim Dodge

    An odyssey of one man’s quest to find his place in a world where espionage, drugs, revolution, magic and murder are commonplace. Spanning three decades, the story follows a young couple who are introduced to the lifestyle of modern day outlaws, and are soon recruited to a secretive underground organisation where nothing is as it seems.

    I know you have a pretty extensive list and collection of books to get through but i just wanted to see what you thought of it


  42. Questions for Ms. Huffman:

    First of all, congratulations on your most recent child (although it’s been almost 6 months now)! How does your real-life pregnancy informs how you’re playing TJ, who (as far as we can tell) has never been pregnant before?

    Also, I’m assuming you have very little background in medicine (please correct me if I’m wrong). What sort of work have you been doing to get into the head of a medic?

    Finally, slightly off-topic from SGU, did you do any particular preparation to play Black Canary on Smallville, such as researching the character’s history? Or, given that this was an entirely new incarnation of the character, did you approach it without reading up on her, so as not to influence your performance?

  43. More questions for AH:

    10. What’s your favorite food/meal? 😀

    11. Do you read this blog from time to time?

    12. What’s your experience with fans and their reactions?

  44. Hi,

    My questions for Alaina:

    1. Have the writers given you a backstory for TJ and Yong or do you sort of have to make one up in your own mind? If so any clues as to what it would be like?

    2. I’m going to assume there is going to be some kind of drama surrounding TJ’s pregnancy/baby at some point so in light of that, was it strange/emotional/disturbing having to portray a characters emotions/reactions to something that is obviously very close to your own heart?

    3. How would characterise TJ and Youngs relationship at the moment?

  45. Thanks for posting the drawings and pictures of Brody’s bar. I like that the crew will have somewhere to go and relax.

    Question for Alaina,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Here is mine. How did you like filming when you were pregnant? Did you film any of your stunt scenes, or was some of that left to a stuntwoman? I am thinking specifically of when you were “thrown” across the room in Sabotage.

  46. “…robots…”

    Yeah, but it was no R2D2…

    “I ignored it until it went away.”

    That’s the ticket. Just ignore your health and it will go away!

    “…Standards and Practices…”

    Wow, they sound like idiots.


    Pity its a style that all shows aimed at kids do these days. How about a nice bit of dialog instead?

  47. ” Does this mean alcohol wars are about to begin between him and Inman as to who produces the best hooch?”

    Hm, I wonder if Inman is named after someone who works in the blog owners immediate vicinity *g*

  48. So can we call the robot Luie for short?

    As for lieutenant James freaking out, I saw my MIL wake up with a trach tube. It was NOT pretty! She had to be kept on anti-anxiety meds to keep her calm. We had to remind her to breathe deeply/regularly, so it was a constant struggle for her. It was difficult keeping her from clawing various tubes out. Which she did, several times, whenever we turned our backs.
    A sex scene with ANYONE would have ludicrous for that character, in that body. I’m surprised people thought the writers would be that insensitive! I would expect Wray’s character to have nightmares about being so …helpless.

    Seeing my dad slowly suffocate with emphysema and watching my MIL cope with being trached on a ventilator….that is one of MY worst nightmares! Thanks Mr. M! Personally, I would rather have the spider back! 😉 Does the spider have a name? Have you thought anymore of letting the spider eggs hatch on the ship from hitchhiking in Eli’s backpack?

    For Alaina Huffman: Where did you meet your hubby? How does he feel about your acting career? Does it bother him to see you in love scenes? I saw pictures of the baby on your twitter, she is beautiful! It’s not fair that you looked so great right after giving birth!!! Thanks for participating! 😀

  49. Just a short question.

    1) The piece of metal the robot cut from the F.T.L, was this one of the sixteen modules of the drive or just something they could easily replace if they manage to repair this module somewhere in the future?

  50. Questions for Alaina:

    1. Even though TJ is a field medic not a doctor she has credibility that I found was lacking in another previous doctor. Did you do a lot of research?

    2. I loved the way TJ told Young about the pregnancy. After agonising over the decision, it was like ripping off a bandaid. How did you prepare for that scene? Any differently than other scenes?

    3. Do you think TJ has given up hope of returning to Earth? I do.

    4. So no-one else is listening….who’s your favourite writer on SGU?

    5. Do you read the entire script or mainly focus on your scenes?

    6. What’s your favourite flavour of icecream?

    Cheers, Chev

  51. Joe –

    The Volker-Brody-Riley trio kinda remind me of the “lone gunmen” from the X-Files. I want to suggest developing the characters in that vein. Those guys are really hilarious in a “three stooges” kind of way.

    My question for the talented and inestimable Alaina Huffman:

    1. Can you talk a little about your career evolution? From what I’ve read, you are a child actress-turned-model-turned-actress. Is that correct? What’s the story behind that?

  52. @ Tammy Dixon – I left you a ‘let’s really reveal to everyone just how weird I am’ reply about home decorating under yesterday’s blog. 😉

    @ Joe – In regards to said post yesterday, just so ya know…I do NOT have a Wraith room. No veiny membrane walls or skeletal structures or slimy stuff or low-hanging fog. No, no, no…I don’t go to those extremes.




  53. Question for Alaina

    Do you, the kids or hubby participate in any Winter sports activities? Since there’s so many venues around Vancouver.

  54. E writes: “I thought that’s going to happen in “Sabotage”, but it didn’t… Can we still expect clawing-eyes-out-worthy sex scenes in 1.5?”

    Answer: Enjoy the teaser of Pain

    LOL. Graphic sex scenes aren’t really going to bring in viewers you know. They are more likely to drive viewers away. Look how many hated the scene in air. I mean I dont mind scenes, if they’re done tastefully (ex Light, Earth). But if theyre going to be as graphic or more graphic than Air, that is when it bothers me.

    Anyways still looking forward to Pain. Ill wait to judge on the scene till I actually see it.:)

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  55. Just wondering about the music used in the eps. Some shows that use a lot of music has trouble getting dvds made because of the rights to the music. Do you see any trouble with that later on when it comes to make DVDs?

  56. Coucou super Joseph :P, ça va? Moi oui je commence mes révisions intenssive car mon examen est fin Juin, sinon je suis contente car le soleil est revenu??piiou ça faisait 5 jours!!!

    Cooll!!! Je vais poser des questions à Alaina!

    1) Quelle series aimez vous en dehors de Stargate?
    2) Vos enfants ont déjà vu un épisode de sgu?
    3) Pas trop difficile d’allier la vie de famille et le travail?
    4) Un petit message pour tout les fans français qui vous apprécient?

    …bah oui la dernière question..obligé..Frenchie powa!!! =P

    Bonne journée!
    gros bisou!

  57. Das: It sounds like you want the simple times but… Have you ever gathered eggs from hens? They don’t like it! My Aunt used to make me do the deed. Those hens hated me! They look all sweet and innocent but those chickens were “organized”. (love the movie Chicken Run!)

    My Aunt had a wood cooking stove, also. It was very difficult keeping the temperature level. She had the knack for it but I would always burn anything I tried. It did keep the kitchen warm in the winter, though.

    Outhouses are no fun, either. Ever used an outhouse? They stink! I’m glad you don’t want one of those 😀 .

    Fire places are nice to look at but have you ever used one regularly? Have you ever cut wood? Stacked wood? Brought wood to the house during a snow storm? Have you ever seen the bugs jump off the wood, as you throw the log in the flame? Not fun!

    I grew up with on a mini-farm with parents that survived the depression era. That means they saved money everyway they could think of (making our clothes, canning veggies, etc.) My parents knew right away that farm life was not for me 😀 .

    I hear what you are saying, though. I don’t think you are weird. Stories always make those times look polite, romantic and easy going. You are right, without electricity, you have more time to sit and think (as you are shelling peas/beans, of course). You always are doing something on a farm with few amenities.

    As a compromise, you could take weaving, needlework, quilting or something like that now. There is always retirement. You could buy a place near my mom in TN. She could show you how to can vegetables, shell peas, cook road kill (they waste little 😉 ) and such. The winters in rural Tennessee are mild but the summers are hot/humid. Bring tick killer and plenty of it. Going to get the mail, you will be covered with those little seed ticks for sure! Don’t get me started on the chiggers. Awful little creatures (cringe)!

    Give me A/C, automatic heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves and a tv with more than 3 stations.
    Thanks for the letter Das, it was fun! Sorry for it being so long, Mr. M!

  58. OK, Joe, you’ve done it. I dreamed of macarons this morning…and I’ve never had one!

  59. What is Brody making his moonshine out of? Isn’t food too precious a commodity to turn into alcohol? Not that I’d object, of course. If I were on the Destiny headed to God knows where, I’d probably drink myself silly.

  60. For Alaina Huffman:

    1. Do you find it easy to memorize your lines? What is your routine like in that regard?

    2. Do you feel that your character should be using the stones to go to medical school?

    3. Had you, yourself, been in the situation on the Earth-like planet, would you have choosen to stay?

    4. Are you self-conscious about being the most beautiful woman on board Destiny? 😉

  61. Das: I also saw your post on decorating. No worries on your style! I used to watch Trading Spaces (the English version). You have nothing on those designers. My hubby was aghast with the episode where they used cut glass glued to a fireplace. Those people had young children! Did you see the episode where they glued feathers all over the walls? The American version was a little more tame. However, I hated the way the designer would do the exact opposite of what the owners wanted!
    You should decorate with whatever makes YOU happy. I am always thinking of resale value and making compromises to what I really want. One day I’ll have a home that we know we are going to keep. Who knows what I will paint that house! 😀 .
    Did I misinterpret your last post on living in the past? You DID mean with servants and being wealthy right? No way I would want to wash clothes in stream! Or get my teeth pulled by the “blacksmith”. I’m not sure I would want to live without hot water coming out of a faucet, either.

    Ok, Mr. M, I promise I’ll try to hold down the number of post 🙄 . I gotta get to work myself now.

  62. Question for Alaina: Are you pregnant, or just T.J.?
    If you are, how many weeks? (and congratz)
    D’ya have an estimate how far T.J. is? I’d dare to guess that in Sabotage ’twas (after the 3 week thing) circa 25th week, thus being circa half-way through 2009 (July) 🙂

    …Nope, not trying to scoop up information that Joseph’s trying to keep (re)laxed 😛

  63. i get it, so it was an early draft.
    but let me speak for everyone by saying, thanks Political Correctness for saving us from having to watch Lieutenant James’s backstory with her brother, that wouldve been too much. there is no need to rationalize her reaction to the swap, no need at all. alot of people under the same circumstances wouldve had the same reaction. in fact i bet its difficult enough adjusting to being in someone else’s body let alone some else who is quadriplegic. when you switch to someone elses body there is like an acceptance phase where you tell yourself its okay and you are still “you”. James failed that acceptance phase simply because she wasnt prepared to deal with the quadriplegic thing; for her it was like wanting to wake up from a nightmare.
    thats seems to make perfect sense to me and if i swapped bodies even with say Tom Cruise, i would scream at the top of my lungs, ill probably cry like a little girl. you have to be mentally prepared for that.

    and as for the Political Correctness police out there. my grandfather was quadriplegic and my mom spent a great deal of her childhood taking care of him, she never said it was easy for him, it was actually a nightmare. he wanted to die.
    the way i see it, being a quadriplegic, is the the worst case scenario for me, death sounds better to me actually. once you lose the ability to do anything, then there isnt much there to do. its not a life. im not saying quadriplegic should give up, just saying you cant hide the fact.

    either way i just hope you guys continue to take risks, ignore the PC police, they are just bullies and they want a picture of the world that isnt there and they know nothing of science fiction.

  64. Hm, the only couple I don’t mind kissing are Sarah and Chuck – the rest are sooooo annoying *g*

  65. Aww, I love the music montages. I thought some of them were so great I immediately used shazam to determine artist and downloaded via itunes. It’s a great tool to really push an emotion through and make it resonate.

  66. My questions is for Alaina, perhaps she’s been given a peek… When does the character TJ get some shiny new toys? Rush has a repair robot, Eli gets to play with Kinos and the remote, Brody has a still, so when does TJ get an advanced bio bed or some kind of ancient tissue regenerator?

  67. Good evening Joe,

    As i recall you talking about MGM’S money problems and the details about funding for films and series and the different situations they are in.
    I was wondering would there ever be a chance for a new series of Stargate or a follow on of Atlantis series as the films are a bit in the air at the mo?
    SGU is cool btw 🙂


  68. Hey, Alaina.

    Have you ever thought about winning (winning, not just being nominated) the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead/Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for your role on SGU?

    I think you’re perfectly capable and I also think SGU is the perfect environment to accomplish such a task.

    That would be something to strive torwards.

  69. @ Tammy Dixon – I used to watch Changing Rooms several years back. I always liked the Moroccan style rooms…and the one where they painted nudes all over the walls of a bedroom that was once part of an old church, or something. That was beautiful. There were some rooms I really liked (usually the traditional rooms), and some I hated (the modern, artsy-fartsy rooms). I had a little crush on Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, too. 😳

    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, I’ve collected eggs from hens. Open the coop door, sprinkle corn outside, and snatch the eggs when they all run out for breakfast! 😀 I’m just like a fox, I tell ya…

    2. In my grandma’s old house we still have an old woodburning/coal cook stove. Mom wants to get rid of it, but I want it! (Just have no room for it right now – it’s big.) My grandmom made quite a few tasty meals on that stove – AND heated her house, too!

    3. Didn’t you read my comment were I said “flush toilets are the single greatest invention, ever!”?? 😀 It is the one thing that prevents me from totally disconnecting from modern life – I love a good, clean, private toilet! (Air conditioning comes in second, but electricity is needed for that, whereas a toilet can work on gravity.)

    4. We had a fireplace in our house (still have, since my folks still live there) when I was growing up. The house is about 250 years old (give or take) – it was once a whaler’s cottage. Never cut wood, but certainly collected it, stacked it, and cleaned out the grate. I actually loved cleaning out the grate. 😛 We used the fireplace during snowstorms or nor’easters when the power would go out – seal off the living room from the rest of the house, and live in the one room for a few days. It wasn’t so bad…except when dad had gas. 😕

    I love a real fire, and have never minded the work that comes along with it. If it was all I knew – if I had nothing else to compare it to – I think I’d enjoy it just as much. I just feel more alive and connected to the things we survive on when I actually get to do them myself, instead of having some machine do it for me. It’s…fulfilling. It has nothing really to do with romance or polite society. I actually like the ‘down and dirty’ stuff…not so much the fluff. We used to collect cow patties and horse turds for fertilizer – loved it! We used to glean the fields after the farmer was finished his harvest – loved it! I spent my afternoons after school cleaning out the county’s mosquito commission ditch that ran through our woods so our property wouldn’t flood – mud up to my knees and wet and cold and LOVING it! So much better than hanging out with the girls. Blech. My fondest memories are of those things…of really living life, instead of…instead of whatever we do now. I don’t find modern life satisfying…I want to live and experience things hands on, not just read about them. Even now I much rather shop each day for food – butcher, then produce stand, then whatever else I may need…instead of one big shopping spree in the supermarket.

    As far as crafts go, I do a few, but needlework and such just conflicts with my ADD – if I can’t finish it in an evening, forget it. I used to do Indian bead work and when I was single I made a lot of things along those lines just from looking at old pictures from the 1800s – I made women’s moccasins, a feather fan, and all sorts of bone chokers and similar jewelry. I used to go in the woods and collect old turtle shells, animal bones and all sorts of stuff and make things out of them…and then wear them to school. 😆 No wonder the ‘beautiful people’ (cheerleaders and jocks) thought I was nuts. 😀

    So…yeah. I hear what you’re saying, but I really do like the simplier days. Sure, it was hard work, but it’s work that makes you feel alive – work that makes you feel like you play a direct role in your own survival – instead of slaving away for someone else, getting a paycheck, then paying everyone/thing else to maintain your life for you. Not sure if that makes any sense…but that’s how I see it.

    Thanks, Joe, as always, for the use of your space for personal ramblings. It is appreciated!


  70. PS @ Tammy Dixon – OH! Do I have an amusing chigger story about Mr. Das, and the bathing suit he left on the ground overnight the last time we went camping…lolol!

  71. @RebeccaH: I figure they’re using that bright purple potato thingy – pink alien vodka, anyone?

    @Tammy: not to mention the taste of well water, bathing once a week in a washtub (if that), making your own soap at hog butchering time, and stealing hens eggs is nothing to having to catch the damn things when they KNOW you have fricasee in mind! LOL @Trading Spaces disasters – one American ep sticks in my mind when they stapled bright pink and fuchia fake flowers on all four walls of a bathroom – O. M. G!!

  72. Since you asked so nicely for questions here they are.

    to Alaina Huffman.
    -Why did you become an actress?
    -What is your favourite SGU episode so far?
    -Did you watch the previous shows before starring in SGU?
    -How is it being a parent too a 6 month old baby and work full time?

  73. For Alaina:
    Will we ever get more scenes of TJ with her hair down?
    Also seconding questions about your favorite TJ moment and funny on-set story.

    For Joe/in general:
    Will we ever get more on what happened with Eli, Scott and Chloe and their return? It seemed too fast and too easy, like something got cut for time.
    I generally like the music montages but did not like the one this week. It seemed jarring and out of place.
    The robot’s got interesting potential.
    Loved the Franklin and the chair and disappearance bit! Fascinating and cool.
    Loved the still! I knew they’d have to come up with something along those lines. Brody’s quickly becoming another favorite secondary character.
    James is another favorite secondary character and I like learning more about her.
    I loved the bit where Dr. Perry was talking to Eli and Eli was shocked at hearing about her relationship with Rush. I wonder if she’s ever seen the side of Rush that Eli knows? Eli definitely doesn’t know the Rush that she knows!
    I absolutely adored the scenes with Rush and Mandy. I do hope she turns up in some capacity in the future. The scene with her and Rush alone was sweet and sad and beautiful. Kudos to the writers and actors for that!

  74. Hi Joe,

    First off: I don’t have any problems with the contemporary music montages in SGU (although there have been a lot of them). However, you guys did an awesome, awesome montage in Air Part III with original music by Joel Goldsmith. Are we gonna get any more of those? If there’s one thing about SGU that’s been receiving universal praise, it’s Joel’s spacey synthesizer score.

    Also, when Young does finally get to see Emily again, will the beautiful cue we heard in Darkness return? That was a wonderful piece of music, and I’d love for it to be the “Young and Emily theme” if you know what I mean.


  75. One of my basic con questions for Alaina:

    What is one thing you know about TJ that the fans don’t?

    Past responses, paraphrased:
    “George (Hammond) needs a love life!” — Don S. Davis
    “Janet Frasier has a tattoo. Where? I’M NOT TELLIN’ !!” — Teryl Rothery
    “Adama is a CYLON.” — Edward James Olmos

  76. Joe,

    LOVE the direction the show is going. I was one of the “wait-and-see” people until the second half started to really deliver. I’m now very positive about it, and believe it is starting to have a Stargate feel, or at least a more mature feel. I understand the need to set the tone, build backstory, and reveal the basics of a diverse cast, and that takes time, especially in the sci-fi genre (or is that “syfy”??). I’m looking forward to the rest of season 1 and all of season 2.

    Can you give any hints about how TJ’s pregnancy is going to play out? Something tells me you haven’t quite told Alaina everything yet…

    And for Alaina, how do you feel the writers have dealt with your character? What would (or have) you asked them to do differently?



  77. hey joe

    What’s up with the Ukrainian tv channel airing the rest of season 1. I smell a law suit here… its things like this that can be lead you and the others jobless with the cancellation of SGU due to poor viewer ratings!!

  78. Wow, everyone has asked Alaina most of my questions already, except for a couple (OK five).

    1. What were your favourite chocolate selections at Joe’s chocolate party?
    2. Is your husband also in show business?
    3. Do you live elsewhere and go to Vancouver just to shoot your scenes? Has any of the cast moved to Vancouver on a permanent basis?
    4. You were born in Vancouver is this like a full circle moment for you?
    5. Do you still have family in B.C./Canada?

    Thank you so much, Alaina, for taking the time to answer our questions!


  79. “(and helps explain why Dr. McKay wasn’t drafted to body switch during the show’s first season)”

    Could this be an extremely subtle hint at a appearance of Mckay somewhere in the 2nd season?

    If not, Please excuse me. Havn’t had much sleep in a few days and I should probably not post comments in my current state. (Also gonna scatter my dad’s ashes tomorrow morning, So I really should go to sleep)

  80. Okay Mr. M, since you have not answered my repeated pleading for a TJ hair style vid, I will ask Alaina…

    Alaina question: I admire your up-swept, elegant hair style (as TJ is often seen) and wonder if you could persuade Mr. Mallozzi to capture a quick video of it being styled? If that is not possible, please just explain how the twisted sections stay in place to achieve the overall classy look. It’s so very attractive on you!
    Thanks so much and continued success with SGU! 😀

    …a 16+ year Stargate fan and proud of it

  81. To Alaina, Thanx for taking the time to answer our questions and also for the tweet U sent me on twitter! That made my day!:) And U are the main reason now that I watch SGU! And ever since “Faith”, I have enjoyed your work sooo much! You are amazing!

    My questions are:

    1. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why? (or if you have been somewhere and want to return)

    2. Loved the portrayal of TJ wrestling with having to tell those on board (mainly Young) that she was pregnant. Absolutely brillant performance! What was it like portraying TJ as pregnant at the same time that you were pregnant? Was it harder to portray her not revealed as pregnant yet while you were? Was it easier once it was made known to Young and the others?

    Congratulations on your baby! (albeit several months late as I try to avoid anything “spoilerish”!)

  82. JulieAloha: my parent’s house still has well water. It taste great until it rains, then it gets dirty.

    Das: you have convinced me! You do belong in the olden days 😀 . I’m too spoiled.
    Ask my mom, she still doesn’t believe I use the dishwasher “every day”. She hasn’t visited me in years. She couldn’t leave my dad but now he has passed away. So I might entice her down to Mississippi for a few days this summer.

  83. Question about the whole standards n practices thing- did they make you remove the “offending” backstory stuff or did you just decide to remove it yourself. If its the former, well wow, i didnt realize i lived in a police state! Frankly if someone wants to offend people with disabilities they should be able to, but frankly i agree with several other commenters that the backstory actually sounded less offensive.

    Question for alaina- how much, if at all, did you and louis work out the scenes between tj and young? There were so many looks and other non-verbal things shooting between you two it was amazing. And in working out the scenes how in depth did yall get about backstory and the history between tj and young?

  84. Joe wrote: “I did what any grown man would do when faced with a mysterious ache and/or pain. I ignored it until it went away.”

    You implored an international audience for sympathy and advice first. Then, you ignored it. I ain’t sayin’ any grown man wouldn’t do that given an international audience.

  85. (and helps explain why Dr. McKay wasn’t drafted to body switch during the show’s first season).

    McKay confirmed for S2? =D

  86. Questions for Alaina:

    1) What would be the perfect gift to get from a fan? What is the coolest thing a fan has given you?

    2) I know your brother is a huge Atlantis/SG1 fan. Were/are any of your other family members into Stargate?

    3) Do you have any nicknames that you like to be called?

    4) I know you said on Twitter it only takes 20-20 minutes for the hair people to do your hair most days. Can you pretty pretty please teach us how to do it too? I want hair like yours! You are so beautiful! 😀

  87. since you said the atlantis movie explains why dr. mckay doesnt body swap in the first season. any chance dr. mckay will body swap in season 2? because either dr. jackson or dr. mckay needs to get on the ancient ship destiny. its their life calling really

  88. @ Tammy Dixon – I don’t even have a dishwasher! (Unless, of course, you count Mr. Das. 😉 )

    Trust me, there are times I’m glad I live now – especially when I’m sick – but maybe because I know this world and what it has to offer. If I was born 500 years ago I would accept life as it was, just like everyone else, unaware of what could be. For instance, before the internet, I never once thought, ‘Wow! I really would love to ignore my family and friends and just spend all evening typing messages onto a screen, sending them around the world and getting to know people I’ll never meet. I might even pester the hell out of a science fiction tv producer and tell him everything that’s wrong with his show – and his love life!! Woo! It’ll be a hoot!’ No. I never, ever once thought I’d be doing something like this. But now that I have…well…it does make it harder to imagine life without such toys. And Joe. I just can’t imagine life without Joe now. Really. This blog is like heroin, or something…I just can’t get through a day without my Joey fix. 😛


  89. “RedFlames writes: “If each dive into a star isn’t fully recharging the zpms/batteries/hamsters-on-wheels or whatever powers Destiny why doesn’t destiny stay inside the star until it is fully charged?”

    Answer: Damage to the ship’s systems make it incapable of fully recharging. Presently, Destiny’s capacitors are only able to charge to about 40% capacity.”

    So pretty much like your laptop battery?(thats the battery getting worse over time) or something else?

  90. Questions for Alaina:

    First of all I must commend you for your fine performance this season. Now on to the questions:

    1)Do you prefer the on-location shooting to the filming that’s done on the set or vice versa? How does your castmates feel on this issue?

    2)Considering you are a married woman with children does that cause you to have strong opinion on the affair between TJ and Young? Does the fact that Young and his wife do not have children and TJ is now about to have Young’s child sway you that TJ’s relationship with Young is more solid?

    3)Would you have preferred if the folks running the show had hidden yout pregnancy on camera and not made TJ pregnant?

    4)What was the hardest scene you had to film for the first season? What was the scene you were the most proud of?

    5)In “Water” TJ told Greer flat out that she did not trust him. Do you think that moment will ever be addressed again between those two characters?

  91. Are we going to see anymore of how the 3 (Matt, Chloe, Eli) got back to the ship? It seemed a little abrupt to just have them come back.

  92. Questions for Alaina:

    (and I’d like to echo the sentiments of others re: your performances so far in the last few episodes, particularly ‘Faith’, which have been great…thanks!)

    1) Ok, let’s say you’re in the situation TJ was in in ‘Faith’. Would you choose the planet or the ship? Sure the planet was lush and beautiful and probably had tasty fruit and of course water, but there’d be much less in the way of support as you were raising the baby (fewer people to babysit), and possibly even more unknowns (creatures, returning aliens, possible nasty weather, etc.)

    B). How is your original last name pronounced?

    4thly) Do you think that somewhere out in space, situations like what’s portrayed in SGU are going on, or do you think we’re pretty much alone here on Earth?

    6) Finally, your character shares a name with a sci-fi legend, William Shatner, who played TJ Hooker. How much of what your character does on-screen is taken from Shatner’s portrayal of his TJ? How do you feel about the rumor (that I just made up) of a TJ / TJ crossover episode?

  93. Thank you Alaina for responding to our questions.

    First and foremost congratulations on your baby!

    1) Before your role as TJ have you always been a sci-fi fan or has it been a recent blossom?

    2) Have you incorporated your own beliefs and desires into TJ’s personality or has it been a mixture of the writers and your feedback or something entirely different?

    3) When you were cast for the role of TJ, was the original character supposed to wear military length hair or was it something that you were able to make a decision on yourself?

    4) I would like to apologize for my fellow sci-fi fans that cry havoc before an episode even airs. Personally, I have been looking forward to the series since its announcement and hope that you and the rest of the crew make something that you can all be proud of and can be a part of for years to come. Thank you for doing a wonderful job. Here’s hoping you double SG-1’s 10 year reign!

  94. Hi Alaina! Just me again adding another question to the two I posted above. (silly me for not remembering it at the time).

    Where would be your favorite place to shop and or your favorite restaurant?

    For me everyone tells me I live at Starbucks. Unfortunately I can’t deny that! 😉

    Anyway just wanted to say thanx again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. I really appreciate it!

    P.S. I am always sad when each episode ends now cause I know I have to wait a WHOLE week to see what happens with what you do with TJ and her pregnancy and everything surrounding it. The depth you bring to TJ is far beyond amazing and anything I have seen! You Rock! 🙂

  95. “Even though it was a positive depiction of the bond between siblings, Standards and Practices felt that it cast a physical disability in a negative light because James displays grief for her brother’s condition. As a result, we had to lose it.”


    I have to agree with duneknight here. Especially if SGU pretends the dig deeper into the psychology of the characters, I wonder how you guys will manage to make scifi stories about people stranded sooooo far far away without turning it into somewhat of a fairy tale. Weeee’re up to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of the Ancients!

    I’ll be crude, but I’ll say it: I’d myself suggest the “Standard and Practices” staff try that for a week: get tied on such a chair, arms and legs, with only a straw to get around their office for a week, get bussed to home and have their loved ones feed them, (not mentioning taking also good care of the other end of the digestive tract!) and then, come back to us and tell us how positive they stayed when told on the fifth day the experiment would last another month. Or better, do that to said loved one and ask them if they managed to find some time to get to work on that week. Yes, sure, being a veggie is all about staying positive and appreciating every moment of your captivity and dependance. And changing the diapers is the most precious moment of your familly’s day.

    Jeeezzz! :(((

    Personally, on behalf of all hissing insect-like creatures of this Universe, I strongly object over how we’re portrayed in this serie too!!! We’re not bad. We’re just missunderstood!

    Hissss, screeeeeech, garble, garble, as we say!!! 😛

  96. Hi Alaina,


    1.) I am a ‘new’ loyal fan, having watched every Stargate SG1/Atlantis episode in the last 16 months on DVD. I was vaguely aware of the franchise before but only came to consider it in 2009. I’m now wondering if I should buy into SGU? What are some of the attractive features of the new SGU that should entice/encourage a franchise fan to buy the DVDs/watch the show on TV?

    2.) Does the Stargate franchise conduct marketing research to test story concepts before putting them into practice? How do you forecast ratings/sales, do you use statistical models?

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